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New York Plans
New Waterfront
NEW YORK, April 12.—Flans are '
now under way and are likely soon
to be adopted which provide virtually
for the remaking of New York City
as a port. Commissions composed of
engineers and city officials havo been
studying for a long time the problem
of providing for the more efficient and
economical handling of the treuiend
out commerce which centres In this
city, and which has made It the great
est port In the world. This investi
gation has resulted this week In the
submission of two reports. While
these differ In details, they are alike
In essential particulars, and both pro
vide for the practical rebuilding of
the entire North River water front of
Manhattan. The plan generally fav
ored provides for the replacing of the
antiquated surface tracks over which
the freight Is now hauled along the
river front by uu elevated road to be
devoted exclusively to the handling
of freight and to have spurs connect
ing with all piers. Rack of the road is
to rise a solid row of giant ware
houses, connected with the railroad at
the second story level. Rv this means
communication between any part of
the waterfront and every other part
will be direct and convenient, and It
Is estimated that the cost of handling
freight will be reduced forty per cent.
The great system of giant terminals
will make a striking change In the ap
pearance of the city from the North
River approach, and it is expected
that the cost of the Improvements
contemplated will he Sloti.ni.iO.noo or
more, most of whleh. however, will
be expended by private capital in the
construction of the terminal ware
houses. In this way the capacity of
the city for handling commerce will
be greatly increased, and It Is be
Jieved thut the loss of business with
which the port is now threatened will
be averted.
Historical Facts.
Following the $r«,0oo,ooit fire in the
state capltol nt Albany, ail sorts of
little known facts have eonie to light
concerning the erection and history
of what is believed to !»• the second
most costly public structure in the
country, exceeded only bv the
000.000 Philadelphia <i*y II ill. Al
though the construction of the capl
tol was begun In 1»*S7, It has never
really (»••. completed The sum of
$4,000,000 was fixed by the original
act as the maximum cost, but as a
matter of fact nearly $i*7,«i i-i.h-io has
been spent *>n It. or at any rate paid
for It This costly building suc
ceeded the eapito) erected in l *» io at
a cost of $110,000. and the announce
ment that If wa to be erected
brought strenuous • Tut* * on the part
of New Yot
rifles to get the cn: Itol away from Al
hany Stem after the ground was
broken in the latter city in 1867 ell
sorts of demands for expansions in
tlie original plans began to come in
to the committee having the matter
In charge and various changes In
architecture, size and expenditures
were made between that time and
1879, when the building was first oc
cupied. The Interior of the enpltol
w-as largely the work of a commis
sion. each member of which hundled
certain rooms Independently of the
others. As a result, the papier maehe
cel 11 iig sctyidal arose. When the as
sembly chamber was finished. It re
sembled the interior of a church, the
celling being of sandstone supported
by four columns of Tennessee marble.
It proved unstable and was removed!
It was then decided to substitute
quartered oak. Tlie contract for the
new ceiling was awarded at a figure
amounting to $228,000. In 1889, how
ever. a newspaper man discovered
that the "quartered oak" was peeling
off. He made an investigation, which
proved it to be papier maehe. but
thought the indictment of the contrac
tor and the men associated with him
w as recommended, nothing ever came
of it.
Whether the much-talked of harem
skirt is to become the leading feature
in tlie city's summer feminine cos
tumes remains to be seen. Meantime
it is likely to become a political Is
sue. tlie subject of police rules, trnf
fle regulations and a cause of excite
ment in many other wavs. Already
several minor officials have been ,
called upon to declare their niHtnde
regarding 'ins torm or dress. Its ap
pearance on the street is sufficient to
collect a crowd of proportions great
enough to block all traffic, and the
problem has arisen ns to how the
matter shall be handled. One mem
ber of ilio police force when called to
explain why he had not*arrested the :
wearer of a harem skirt who had at* !
traded such a crowd ns to block tern- I
portrilj the i u .. -• - ■ • . ■
answered that he did not know that it '
was a misdemeanor to appear In such
• costume, and that he would rather
Ion* Ills job than he seen making
such an arrest anyhow. Father Knic
kerbocker may or may not be forced
to make various hir* rn skirt rpgula*
•l--ns. but they will have little effort
cither way. Whether or not they nre
which will le derided not by law but
by feminine decision
Mr*st people who nre w tiling to
loose the strings of their purse know
In advance that It Is empty.
Most young men who Inherit money
also Inherit a fuculty for getting rid
of It.
. Ar.tor io y
- 6
* '** '1.~‘,;;r* ,h" r""“' *’ K,n *,,,'‘r’''» »»•** bnnii k»n« t„M at
rr? ■'iv'r •■**:?";• ',r''1""f>»* ^«*»ur •owi.-r. «>« h,* *„»
»,v. y''• * ' , ''*' .’ ’ v w,'f ',,,> r "r't' ** *»r»l tho'iaand m*n
r° *rc ,ho',’,*,,< "»•» OT>I in vnptn
-^k V

Large Delegation from West Alex
ander Interviews the Washing
ton County Commissioners.
A large delegation, consisting of
about BJO voters and tax payers of
West Alexander and vicinity, left at t
1.47 yesterday afternoon for Wash- j
ington, Fa., to interview the county ,
commissioner In regard to obtaining 1
an appropriation for the purpose of
paving the Burnsville road. Wash
Ington county has given the commis
sioners a large appropriation for the
purpose of bettering the condition of
ltB roads and thoroughfares, but none
of this amount was spent In this sec
tion of the county. The residents of
West Alexander and neighborhood
wish the paving to start at the cor
poration line and extend at least
three miles toward Uui'.iesvl’le. A
petition was presented to the commis
sioners signed by ht! prominent tax
payers urging that their influence be
used to secure the Improvement I
Business was suspended in West j
Alexander In the afternoon, as most
of the business men were in the dele
gation. All banks and stores were
closed. This is the outcome of the
movement started some time ago, to
secure more improvements to the
roads In that section, by the West
Alexander Board of Trade.
The "Rexall' e-.nre offers new sta
tionery. fresh candles, kodaks and
supplies; also a new lot of gas man
tles and electric lamps. Just received,
(j. W Dudley & Co
Looking For Site.
The members of the congregation i
of the First Christian church of Elm
t.rove are looking for a location on
which to build a new church The j
committee in charge has three sites '
in view, bur has not derided definitely I
on any oue. A deal will probablv l.e
closed this week for a lot. and It is
the intention of the congregation to >
stnrt the erection of a new church
as soon as a suitable location can he
For Satisfactory
Concrete work, call
60S S-hniul!' ch Building
Bell I bone 16;5 ». Vat phone 113:-Y
New Residence.
Work lias been started on the foun
dation for the handsome new dwell
ing which ft. Mull, tiie local but"
cber. is erecting t,n Hlto of ,lig
old one. Tit.- new residence will he
of veneer. ,i 1 • • k. and will contain
eight room I he contract has been
awarded to Int lion a Lehman. The
old dwellli .-. »; I; t* being w , |
f.\ »fi<> y.x.xx I . i .. ... .
hack part of the lot on the National
Revival Service*.
The revival nervine* which are be J
In* hold In the Stono Church at Kim
<lro\.- each evening thi.- week under
th- direction of f|cv |> M r„tl„ , -
r.ot.-d (rugellit, eoatlnu* to draw
l.inte crowd*, anil are training the
< hurch many new member*. They
will he brought to a conclurlon Sun
day hv the obaorvance of quarterly
Much ^pterci.’, f» l» lay 111 .'life*....I,
I" 'he revival* held In the Mct|indi*t
church Trl.id.dphl • R#y. 7.
Nanna, conference evangel!*! |* nn
• :;,r' •«' worker, and toe efcwrft i
V|. e* Will he Otuierved Bandar, which I
will elope the revival -
Meet Tomorrow.
The meeting* if the Hrv,,nt nnd
Excel* lor l.lterarv poeletlc-l of the
lo<n! public pchord. which were pout
I»otied from lupf Friday afternoon. will
l » held 'ontorrew afternoon Th.- In
ant poc|,.m will meet in room I '. and
*lie Kxce|p|or rim lety will meet In
room » lntere«»inir program* have
... prepared, ft,eluding dehat,* in
each Roc lety.
Realty Deal.
A realty deal ua* «onwumni ite.l re
cently l.y Nice Itrother. relit o*t,,f..
agency, tn which the farm phuated |n
IJti*rtv dWrlrl ht-|f»niflt»r tr, ||d*nr
I umh. of U . pt XleXHlider, wnp *ol.| to
■derw In Eorctnpti of Elm C.rove The
«l«>n Will he riven at once Mr Core
man Intend* to rah* fruit on the
Placed Light*.
The t (fy and p;j,n r.rtim Railroad
1'e[.(,in Rlarpd rear r..,i Mtta ,,n
I it* < nr* on llie th, idkc qit
*lon rcMterdav. and thev wer,.
r f*ie fir ' time laat ntcht The
*■ 1* front an o I In- p for the
i’ur|v»» of *lgn.>ltn. d-inrrr tn c»*e
the power I* of th* line and the e|e.
•tht* reftrpe to work
Lefture Tnrtlght.
The lion E W Mill*, of Enlrmottt.
will <1, liver a '■ -mperunce torture In
III. Klrpt M K Church ffcfp .vein.
id the | ui i ctterallv I* Invited to
t - .r him Mr Mill* ha* ppnke.t h. r.
Imfore, and I p very forceful and on
teftaiapiy pponkr r. and tin dontd a
lit*, audio to e w t| !*■ pr. v-nt to h> »r
Will Rudd
r nud Plmn *. local crwttr*.
tor* have Pecuri d the contract for
building a l.ir*e realdenc* for John
H Hand In letting place Work will
he Ptarfed pt once on the erection of
the ft v, which will <qntnln^
The New Fashions
-or M= Are Sensible
new clothes for men have
used brainsinstead of **
whims. They have achieved results,
I in the light-weight suits for spring
and summer, that will make all men
glad; that is—all men who like to wear clothes
that are sane, and still becoming.
Geo. W. Fox
1310 Market Street
--- /
eight rooms, and will he modern 10
every respect.
Elm Grove Briefs.
Hoberf Jones, of Steubenville. <>.,
was u business visited here vester*
I. est.*r Henderson has started the
erection ol his new residence in Lor
•tig place.
Clive White will leave today for a
business trip to .Majorsville. W. Va.
J. t . Woodruff, w ho recently moved
from < alls. W Va., to lia'ilr Hun, was
a business visitor yesterday.
Kmerson Showers has returned to
bis home iii I .hi ton's addition after
attending the wedding of his brother.
Kcv. J. Maimer Showers, a prominent
minister of Layton, Ohio.
K. C. laigari. of Pittsburg. I*a . was
a business caller here
The lot of ( harU-s Kitnmlns In lair
Ing place has been sold to John r'.
Carter, the deal being made through
the Mice Mror. real estate agency.
The spring delivery of the Miami
Valley Nursery company will be made
A men's meeting will be held in
the stone church Sunda> afternoon
at four o'c|«a*k. Her L. M. Conn
will address the meeting.
rv§ o T 8 o E !
For pure Crystal ice. delivered and
put In >..ir k <• Is*v with care and sat
isfaction guaranteed, Itetween WheeP
iinn i Im «irova. applj to nut lor
Proa.. Park \ law Hall phon«, IT.’J
K. <;
Llttl# Item* TMJ In •
Faw Liner
Them i« n < |<h k now hwafed in the
r#n« e #»f i ,»v Auditor who h
wee mu f»> have nlrri<>«f human Inteih
^enee# In tfmf It efhlhlfa n very dr
r |*rofer* fjee na to where It worh«
I he uncanny part of the timeple* e la
for vi ral yrnm before In inn
h mint lit to the .iirdltor'a olflra It wna
»li ■ »• off i.nri'tlahle one In the «*|fy
hioldlnir. f it airiee then ftaa kept
flrti« that would make even old Sol
tdfiah ft*r *• • aroe Jtiaf prerlona to ! «*
• f»r appropriated to It* prewerif uae,
' «• i h■* k v\ m> |«h afed Itl the Sec ond
-.torfi e«t irtefl ehamtN'f, and although
if nlwnt «eemed to fie tr> in* to keep
time, the etTort wa*» In
tin v a<Min m If wm nmorr.i to
'he ludlfor'p ofTI* *\ the < tnrk aeanted
ehe* r up nt on re, and n hrirhf look
• '"fH a«re*t #.n »fs former prlocvmv fare
1' • - 'K*t l own wh«fhar tha at vnir* t»
'**•*' Pi »».-• pri • n> «. of Paul Wln
. • —t*r or whathar It i« a;iti»a<l by tha
'a. I ttmi \u.Mor tial«af wln<la If up
" Hi« ■ • iniiar that ha aranka
Mr fa mo in anfomoMla
T h» t hrlrtlnn WotnafiV flnafd iff
•*1 "!*•' of fha Plr»f f'hrlatlan ahtirah
»'ll hoM t| pruj ar no at inn Ihla atari
Itif nt Ilia h rri> of Mr« llanft Horan
Twantv fourth nlraa*
'* i aMa wif-- of ilia paator
of (hr i n i. will land fhn mart inn
t art nlalit ft -■ prurar no-atlna af fha
' liurch wan <>>ndu>'ad hjr u»e 1*. W. I
H M . with Mrs. W. XV. Echols as
— The Wheeling Tumbler company Is
'o hold a meeting (n the near future,
at whirh an organization will be
effected. The stock of the company
now for sale has been placed in the
hands of .Mr. C.eorge Chrlstleib. to
hi- disposed of. The company will
build a plant a Warwood.
-The parochial schools of Wheeling
dosed yesterday to remain closed un
til Easter Tuesday.
*■ I nances to defray the expense* of
..ivantloo .if ihe North ftmrrl
eati Kriegerhund society, which is to
hold Its annual convention In Wheel
ing this year, are now being soli
The state convention of the Knights
of Columbus Is to he held In Hunt
It gtoti on May s. and the local lodgo
Is now making arrangements to send
a large delegation.
Today is Holy Thursday, nnd will
he observed by speeial services in
'be Catholic churches of the city, fte
ginning at U ocloi k this morning,
holy communion will he served every
half hour until 5* o'clock. This after
noon the children who attend the par
ochial schools will visit the repository
In pursuance of an annual custom.
—K. Eckert, of this city. Is
negotiating for buildings at Chester.
" • ' a • f°r the purpose of remodeling
them Into a theatre.
Senate Increases Membership and
Proposes to Make New As
WASHINGTON. April 12.—Both the
Republican nnd Democratic commit
tees appointed to arrange the senate
committee assignments for the pres
ent congress, began business In
earnest today by holding separate
meetings nnd taking tip the pre
llmlnary details of the work In the
readjustment of committees arranged
by Senators Gnlllnger and Martin In
behalf of the two parties, the commit
tee on agriculture has been Increased
from 13 fo lt» members, thr Demo
cratic membership being enlarged
from five to seven, and Repuhllrana
from eight fo nine. The approprla- j
tions committee Is Increased from IS
to 17, the Republican representation
being made 10 instead of eight, and
tho Democratic seven instead of live.
The commerce committee membership
continued 17, but one member Is taken
from the Republican column and
transferred to the Democratic, giving
the Democrats seven instead of six. '
Finance and foreign relations are
each increased from 14 to IS mem
bers. the Democratic representation
being enlarged from five to six In each
case. Interstate commerce jumps
from 13 to IB members, the Demo
crats Increasing from five to seven,
and the Republicans from eight to
nine The judiciary committee Is In
creased from IS to 16, the Democrat*
getting the additional member, making
their representation seven.
The naval committee which Is now
composed of only eleven member*,
seven Republicans and four Demo
crats, will have fourteen, the Dewww .
erats six and the Republicans eight
There will he seven Instead of fir*
Democrats on the postofflee commit
*ee, the Republican representation of
nine being unchanged.
The Badge of Honesty
Is on every wrapper of Doctor Pierce’s Golden Medical Discov
ery because .1 full list of ingredients composing it is printed there
in plain I nglish. More than forty years of experience has proven
its superior worth as a blood-purifier and invigorating tonic for
the cure of stomach disorders and all liver ills. It builds up the
nan-down system as no other tonic can in which alcohol is used.
I he active medicinal principles of native roots such as Golden
Seal and Umcn’s root. Stone root and Mandrake root, Bloodroot
and Black C herryhark are extracted and preserved by the use of
chemically pure, triple-refined glycerine.
Send to Dr. H. V. Pierce at Buffalo. N. Y., for free booklet
which quotes extracts from well-recognized medical authorities
such as Drs. B.irtholow, King, Scudder, Coe, Ellingwood and a
host of others, showing that these roots can be depended upon
for their curative action in all wreak states of the stomach, accom
panied by indigestion or dyspepsia as well as in all bilious or liver
complaints and in all "wasting diseases” where there is loss of
flesh and gradual running down of the strength and
The '• Golden Medical Dlmcovery •• make* rich, pure Mood and
mo InvIHoratem and regulate* the mtomach. liver and howeln.
and through them, the whole mymtem. Than all akin a fleet In no,
hlotehea. plmplea and erupt Iona an well am mcrofuioua awelllnjim
and old open running more:, or ideem arc cured and healed.
K"j|k'lmS?ufc'T|£!SItaIV,Y,'R' ,T " K • ?' Y- ,Vrc'- Hotel an,I s„r
y„„ l,y reX p.,y! ' “nd * ljrR' ol Ihc " AiMlditig Sake " .,11 reach
^ ou can t afford to accept a urrrt nostrum as a substitute for this non alcoholL
mcd'cne ,,f known <osm>S,r.„N, not even though the urgro dlaer mt:
make a little b.^gcr profit. Though he offer, tKc s„b,r,ti te for a IcT pr ce vol
«“«£s,J5rr~ ',,h yuur l’c,l,h- ,hcrt •»* «~ vou .h.,py" ss
sugal’;Ua'';j;';,u,g;ri,X,v,xli'Xrigor'tt “d ^

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