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Fair and Cooler Saturday; Sunday
Unsettled, Probably 8how*re
* in East Portion.
Rebels #eek Recognition of U. S.
^ -»• To Establish Govcmirten* ja
Prieta, Captured ir ^
. of Thursday. + ,
Mexican Insurrectos Hope to Pro
vide Source of Supply fur
Armv to Coast

14.—A force of Uilrty men nnd
a Maxim gun from iho British
man-of-war Shearwater were
landed at San Qulntin. Mexi
co, to protect that town against
a threatened attack of insur- 1
cents. The revoim ■ ary
movement, however, did not
materialize. The British ma- |
lines and the gun were with
drawn. The first actual land
ing of foreign forces on Mexi
can soil in connection with the
present revolution was report
ed to the State Department to
day In a telegram from Ameri
can Conptil Schmucker, at En
senada. The telegram did not
state Just when the landing oc
~ “
ACUTA PRIETA. Mex.. April 14. via
Douglas. Arlz.—In full possession of
six hundred armed rebels to-night,
Agua Prieta Is to be made the head
Quarters of rebel operations In Sonora.
It Is openly said by the rebel com-1
mnnders that they expect to establish
here a provisional government f •
nora, and that the Inmmoto officers
• re now In Douglas waiting for the
word to cross the line.
With "Red” Lopez and his band
holding the town, following its cap
ture yesterday, the rebels are hurry
ing their troops toward this place.
With their men all assembled, they
expect to have a lighting force of 1.50Q
with which they believe they can suc
cessfully withstand any attack.
Expect Second Battle.
The hardest fighting which the Mex
ican rebellion has afforded to date is
expected to take place soon at Agua ,
___ Prieta. The first rebel reinforcements :
,l’ arrive—14
1 ere tills artemo<
by Belasarla Garcia, one of the 1.*-’
known leaders of the insurrectos In
P morn. He had brought hlv fores in1
not name rrom the Sierra Mndre,
mountains to lend all possible aid to j
hold Agua I’rieta. Included In the '
command la a email band of Yaqui
The arrival of Garrla's command
riding at top speed across the plains 1
and raining great clouds of duet, taken
together with the firing of shots by a
detachment of rebel scouts sent out
tp Intercept them, led to the belief
that the expected attack by the Fed
erate was on.
Both Agua Prleta and Bought* were
thrown Into a fever of excltenlent. In
.Agua Prleta the rebels made ready '
to resist an attack and In Douglas the1
citizens, remembering the disastrous
occurrence* of yesterday, sought
places of safety. Tite apprehension
was lessened a little by the knowl
edge that the approaching band were
rebel reinforcements.
Whether rebels led by Antonio Gar
cla, Juan Cnbral and Juan Candalarla
are marching northward and arc ex
porting to arrive in Agua Prlefa with
in a day or two is not known here
Federal Forces Massing.
throughout the country south of Agua
J'rieta and at- ‘
operation against the town. In
cluded In fliei«e are the commands of
Colonel Ojeda. Commandante Barron.
Prefect Ch upa and Lieutenant Colo
nel Diaz The hnad'iiisrtsfs of the •
troops have been in t manea, but for
the last five days they have been In
the field In operations agilnst the
rebels. Canmnea dispatches glv«- the
total of these force* at 1.4'*0 men.
Aside from the evidence of anxiety
B id eipr-i- tM| cv. the r- he’s are #on
, ducting themselves quietly here, and
tip to tonight none of them had
eroased the line into Douglas All the
saloons w> re closed.
Confiscate Start Stock.
The re ted commander, lx*pea, |t is
claimed, baa a private grievance
against K. I*. Mendoza, a leading nmr
chan* her**, and trwi.t hfs store -uyd
s'oek was confiscated by the rebels
Mendoza hlrns* If fled ytsterd y to the
t'nlfed H*-t*ee side,
Ixite fins afo ru'Xin fr brought
, b.s fiftv bone* from Casultone
rot>elB have g femfiorary supply of
f<-d and buy for their mounts, whl* h
L. x
r .n '.rs «„ in* .o„u, fi,„ f*a* oarl
railroad will |i* used for this trana
* t On* M mart «* r. gh«k Pag* )
Sensation in Blackhand Fraud
Mor# Arreat* to Follow T»Hno |„f<>
Cuatody by Government af
Prrblne Detective*.
TTTTHMI R«. Arrll tt Several
ennferen* »■ • fodav |vtv<v>n » nl*rd
Htate* 'Harrier attorney j„r n II Ior
dan rn|t"i H'a'ev |v.«t<.|T|.,.
r.ra and flllbert il Per’.lne. e| , f „f n
private «1e»e. tlve* aveney only -« r e«|
to deepen M« mvetery a.irrOMmlltl*
*h« arreat* of Perhln# «, d hi, *on
Walter, t.v H,n Fritted ffta'e* author!
tlea at Indtannpnlt* yeaterday „n a
rharee of Main* the mall* to defraud
Oiarle# If. H*r>»n«. multi mlilionarte
of F.rln Pa White the arro.ta of »h„
Per bln*' and t'harlre Franklin. heid
• fllaeb Hand - leftera whlr-h followed
*Aa» deae. rwlnn of lb* nurenlnii* of
N' w I MitcrilL
Two Divorces End In Wedding
Of Sen. Miller and Cfiarmer

Double Domeitlc Tragedy at Alder»on '
Brought Separation In
That Action Grounds for M. L. Kersch
. . leaving Wife and
O .orces Came.
Special rdspateh to the rntelllgen'or.
HUNTINGTON. W. Va.. April 14 —
The marriage of ex Senator Alex Me
Velgh Miller and Miss Alice Thomp
son. hf Aldcrson. W. Va., at La*
Vegas. Nevada, yesterday, ends a ro
mance and tragedy of domestic life
whleh has heen nceorded a proml
nenee rarely attained by nny similar
occurrence in which West Virginians
have been principals. Miss Alice.
Thompson, the bride, wns until quite
recently Mrs. Matthew I,. Kcrschner.
of Aldcrson. and defendant In n suit
brought |>y the r.rsf Mrs. .Mex Me
Vetlh Miller, in which the authoress
wife sued for $r.no”rt for th« allena
*lon t.f Senator Miller's nffeeiions
Tilts dual !e domestic tragedy resulted
In two divorces. Senator and -Mrs
Miller being '>epara»ed by the Nevada
route and Mr. and Mrs. Korschner
having their matrimonial bond* *ev-,
•>rcd by due Intervention of statutory
B»gan at Alderto".
T1 e nffair had Its beginning In
Alder an more than three years a- o
when a ‘-prouhnr afflnltyshlp b*>
tween Senator Miller and Mrs
Ker«ehtier disturbed the peace of two
households and inflamed th<- first Mrs
Miller and the recently deposed Mr
Kerschn»*r with Jealousy Following
the in titntion of alienation suit by j
the authoress. bo'h couples separated i
Ijtter Senator Miller took tip rest '
donee at lleno for very cogent reasons!
and about the same time Mrs Kersch *
Iter f dnd It convenient to < banco her
address to I .as Vegas
Senator Miller was at one time a
powerful figure In West Virginia poll-1
ties, being tbo It :el« T of fpe Repute \
I'etms In tl,o state sennfe Mrs
Miller the second, late Mrs Kersch-|
ner, Is a member of a high'v r<- pact-;
able and wealthy family As far m
th< records made public shew, no'
open S'andal has been attached to th« !
long drawn out transaction and the.
affair has drawn Its sensational as I
poet from ti e i xtrofne prominence of
the principals.
To Talk Peace Term*.
F.AOr.K PA S3, April t4 Iffer
many delays, Francisco Mad»-ro, Hr.
entered Mexico tonight and in Hun
day will Ik- in f'httiuahun to talk peace
terms to hi* eon, leader of the r- solu
M,e !**e ronrre*«man William T, |
8* oft. In the Krlo fMnr’erjf Inatl
P« lif'iarT. It h-ia not t>e.-n r|ear aa tot
til** «r»f)*t method* behind the entire!
till erf prrkln# arrived here today
from Indlannfiolt* where he w.ia re
l< aa d on fl/rfM) hall and later *hw
Itfatilet Attorney Jordon
Poatolfl'o tnafiertora from rarlmia
part* or the a eat eonferrcd with
Jordon and late tn the afternoon the
rerret aervlre ofprers here were rail
rd Into the eenferen' e. |t waa Ifill
mated that additional arreata may he |
fortheemlnff tomorrow Mr Jordon
raid the- - I«e *■* a ' \Jllthtr hi*" ono.
lull idd« d he did feel at III -rtf to
tnak.- a afatement at present Imrln*
the day the dtatflrt attorney talked
with offi- lala at Wa*htn*ina over the
Damaging Evldjrce Against BlsnPan
J ahip Introduced—Testi
mony All In.

(tpo-'n' Ttp’Psfcti to th* Intel ltcsnrsr.
HUNTINGTON. W. V*.. April 14.—
Th* evidence In the case of Willie
Itlanknnahlp. on trial in the Criminal
Court at Williamson for the murder of
I>r. Wayne Hatfield, was closed this
afternoon nnd arguments will be
heard tomorrow. Th* Ftat* Intro
duced a nun:her of witnesses who tes
Hhe'l to havltiu beard Blankenship say
that ho Intended to kul Hut held when
the proper inn* tame. |i also devel
oped In th* trial that they had had
homo previous trouble.
The first w'Ttje.B Introduced hy th*
defense w.i tie- prisoner himself He
testified that Iir. iintfii-li| was enter
In- h. lion •• • :ih a drawn knife In
hi luii.d. U»r> itenlng to kill him
I loth th • defen.-« tint! the Jtfate re
fu-t-d to put the mother of the priton-1
it. who wn«, an eye-witness to the kill-1
Inc. on the ••and. nnd 'he attorneys
for th” ijcfrri?* requested the court
to do so rhl was don* In accord-.
an»e 1'ih a Supreme Court decision
In this At.ute. which laid down the law
that where a i«art v was an eye-witness
I * a Kii ;• it and neither side desired
to Intmd'ir • in* witness. It was the
riuty of the court to do so when re
quested. Mrs. Clnnkenshlp corrobo
rated the story told by her son, the
Big Merger
Traction and tight Deal at Eatt Liv
erpool Consummated at Meet
ing on Friday.
F|»C'-lnl T *1 ; at- l> fa ttie Votrltigen »e.
Kn-I I-lv,rpool, O., April 14.--The (
merger of all traction ami light In
icrstat* In tlia upper Ohio Valley was
romplet# <1 here tonight when lha Trl
SL»t« Ittillwpy nut) t ie. trie company
"ompleti-d |t* orgahixalfon l>y the
l«eUon of the following o',cere:
President. J. <). Whits. of J. o
While A Co., Inc, New York.
Vie** pre-ldent, J. II. i'ltrrlen, name
Her on d flee provident, Kdwnrd Me
Donald, of Fast Liverpool.
Treasurer, it ft Marrt and, nf J. (i \
While A. Co., N< w York
Her re - a v y nod r**|etant treasurer. '
Ocorgo It. Faulk, of Last Liverpool
Assistant secretary and assistant
' reaau r*T, T. W. Moffttt, of Whim A
Among Die directors am four local 1
men. the officer* and W. faryl Kly, 1
if Knltalo, N Y. and lloratlo C. j
Lloyd, of l*reve| a Co.. I’hdadetphla.
The merger tnrludc* the following
Itiev Denver f'otinfv Light company.
Denver, I’a; Midland Fleetrle i.ighf .
vnd I’tiwer company, Midland, Da ;
itltlo Hirer Daveriger Hallway com '
I>any; Fa-t Liverpool Amotion and
Light company. Hteiit.envltle Hallway |
tfid Light company, Hletihonvllle, ft .
Meul’cnvllle and Wt-Dshurg Traction
•ompany, Wcllshurg. W Yn.; Trl- ,
Mate Traction company. Steulwrivllle.
1* ; HteohcnvItlA, Wcllshurg A Wler
on Hallwuy company. Htenhcnrllle,
D.; Wcllshurg Klot trie Light. Heat A
I’owt-r company, Welishurg, w Va.;
itteutianvllle and Middle Kerry Itrtdgn
ompany. Hfcuhenvllle, O.
J II While A company, hankers
d Ne w York, and Itveiel a company.
I ld'ndclphiit, are al Urn hesd of the i
9nance* of Uia road. 1
Hill Resigns
Action Comas As Complete Surprise
In Diplomatic Circles of
Two Nations.
Will Remain at M.s Post Up to the
First of July at German
WASHINGTON. April It—David
Javne Hill, of Rochester, N Y., am
bassador of the United States to Ger
many. has resigned his post. The
resignation has been acccpt-«d by.
President Taft. ^
Neither In Mr. Hill's letter of resig
nation nor in the President's lettVr of
acceptance is any reason given for
tho ambassador's action The ITesl
dent thanks Mr Hill for his services
at Berlin nnd says that he Is glad to
know rhut he will remain there until
July 1st. when the resignation goes
Into effect. u 4
Ambassador Hill was ordered home
from Berlin several weeks ago to dls
eiisa. according u> an annour-ement
by the state department, at Gie time .
the potash controversy between the
United States and Germany, which
for a long time has been the subject
of diplomatic Interchange In which
Mr Hill has been intimately engaged. '
Mate department officials declined to- !
day to discuss the resignation.
Twelve Years' Service.
The retiring ambassador has been
connect* i| with the state department
for morn than 12 years, entering the
servlew as assistant secretary of state
October 2r*. lle.'V He wa> appointed
minister to Switzerland In tltos. and
two year* later transferred to the
Netherlands. Since April 2. Pm*, h"
has been ambassador In Germany
While Ambassador Hill's resigna
tion was a great surprise to official
Washington and to tho diplomatic1
corps here, it was argued today that
trio rant mat no l* to remain at hta,
pout until July Indicate* that there
»»« nothin* urgent tn tho amba*
aador'a action
The belief I* general that Alohas-1
sador Hill * retirement I* In aet-ord '
with the custom of pant ndmfntatra- i
t|ott« to appoint new ambasaudor* to
all of the Important port*.
Surprise In Germany.
M5RI.IN, April 14 The resignation !
of Itr Itnvld Jayne lllll ae Vnlted
Stale* AtnbioMuidor to Germany, the
new* of width became public to-dnv,'
catiHed tiller aurprlno In both Amerl- *
• an and German circle*. There had
been no hint previously that Itr. Hill j
Intended to relin<iul*h hi* po«t.
Y. M. C. A. Debt
Sum Sought f*r Institution Eseeedsd '
by Srven Thousand In
PARKFRSnHRO. AV Va. April 14.
A whirlwind ten day campaign by the
Parkersburg Y. M, C A to lift a debt
of 144.700 on the local Institution,
riot, d tonight In a blase of glory
The total amount raleed was t5A.ll.A7,
the total t*ln* swelled at the last
toon «nt a rheek from Mr* John
sou M. r amden. widow of the late !
1'nlfetl States senator from West
Virginia, for |A two The workers I
want wild wit henthuelasm following '
the receiving of ®e laat reports and
gave a big street parade wtth fir#
rss snuTtma
Wsotsrw fWiiwvtvtiUa-rvlr Pater.
«e». ranter tB scatter* perttew. taMM
probably fair. F
ohl" »e*r Pelqr«ey. center la sowtt
east pirtt»»| PaiitSf ymhably r*tr
Ttrglale—Pair sag earner Sat nr !
ii-Arrtrnr*"^ ,
Girls Leap
From Fire
Two Hundred Have Narrow Es
cape FYom Death in St.
I»uis Factor}' Blaze.
L>ne Employe Burned in Structure,
While Fireman Will Die
FYom Injuries.
ST. LOUIS, Mo.. April 14.—Flro
ate to-day, due to an explosion, the
:atise of which has uot been ex
plained. endangered the lives of two
tundred persona mostly women and
drls In the building* at 817. 819 and
iiM Washington avenue, lajfts, used
principally hr manufacturers of men's)
ind women's wear.
Ail escaped except one youth, Robert
flayer. 19 years old, who was found :
lead from burns in an enclosed stair- •
'ay on the fifth floor of the building
it 819 W.ishin; ion a\cnue.
A fli> man. Captain Thomas Oor
nan. of the Sth age Corps, was
tnocked from a ladder by a billing
»r!ck and his skull fractured. Ho
irobably w*ll die.
Policeman a Hero.
A patrolman, the first person out-!
tide the bill).ling to l>e apprised of the j
ir«*. climbed a fire escape and by ’>el-'
ow irg threats and entreaties to tho
panic stru ken men and women,
cr i.rbilng out upon the w indow
*<lge*, turned them back to the safety
One of fha women discovered an
"xii to a roof adjoining on the cast,'
a few f.>et la-low tho level of the sev
»»»< h floor, where nearly 100 women
in<i girls were lmproslned All leaped
io this roof und a few minutes later
jescended the fire escape, some by
themselves and the more excited and
timid assisted by firemen.
Those on the other floors de
scended safely and with little confu
sion. The report that a girl had
leaped from the second floor to the*,
’tree! and was Injured proved er
The loss to the buildings and the
Mock and machinery of »he half dozen
Or mi occupjing them will not excewi
Prove Arson
Scores of Fires in Last Fif
teen Years.
Si <■ lit I* i I f.. »';<• Tnte!l!j.-ene»r.
' IA1 L.ESTON. W. Va.. April 14.—
Convicted n* arson afier a trial last
Inc Hi" itcjs. ('. H. HutTmnn. a
senlihy farmer of Nicholas county. I
tins 1m i n sentenced by Judge Sic
rt'lioru r to an indeterminate term of
ot ten years ln^*he pea
t luff man baa been accused of being
■ci-pot -ible for many Incendiary fires
r0.Mrl.ohi . «• inly during the past tlf
'•••n years, but not til! Eire Marsbail
Kllison. together w>th the county offl
•nils and detectives, took up the burn
inc of a granary belonging to J .1
Reynolds. In March of last year, was
Huffman finally arrested and placed
an trial.
While a numlicr of 'persons and
•••viral lnr*-'o corporations have lost
mticli valuable timber by Incendiary
Ires, as well an the burning of school
houses. residences, fences, hams,
•tores, etc, the greatest loser was J.|
t Reynolds Mis first losses were as:
'ar bark as fifteen years, but during
ibis time bus suffered the loss of a1
•tore and warehouse, residence,'
bams, H-.- stork, hay stacks, fences
• ml finally his well stocked granary
Huffman, however, was convicted of
burning the latter.
Birdman Killed
French Naval Expert Fatally Hurt)
When Aeroplane Drop*.
• 11 EVERT*. France, April 1 —
[.li L.tn.ant Ilyass-m of the navy, white
making an aeroplane flight here Uy
lay. fell w’th hia machine and was ter
ribly Injured.
I.leu»cnan» Myaason died later. He
* ts ninfieiivcrlng a monoplane over
the field here wlc-n the machine cap
Believed Van Who Was Found Dead
on a Bridge Waa a Suicide.
Freda! fi|-ro*-h »M t's Tnta1U«efirer.
I'arkerslmrg, W v*., April 14.—
The rcroner's Jury In the raae of '
I'rlsh I'rovlnee, found dead on the
Neal Run brl Ige at midnight teat '
night, and who was believed *® have
been murdered, this evening rendered
• verdict of sub Ide Province, It la
believed, cunningly planned his net So
»» In make It aprear that he had
been murdered. The motive for self,
lestrurtion waa found by the coroner
in evsrnlntng th« body and finding
that the man waa auffertng from an
Incurable disease. Members of tha
ratnlly of Province atilt contend that
be waa murdered despite the verdict
if the coroner's Jury.
Ask Immigration Oat a.
WARIUNOTOX, April 14—Wigns
sntAtivo Maker, of Taltfornta, today
Introduced a resolution calling upon
Ihe president for all correnpondence
in possession of the president or see ;
vtartes of state snd war relating to I
lapancse Immigration to tho I nlted
* tales and Its possession#, t
Human Flesh
Sold for Food
Awful Menu Reported by Tokio Pa
per* a* Seized by Au>
SEATTLE. Waah.. April 14.—The
steamer Kamakura from Yokohama
reported today that Kumataoo Hasa
hara, in charge of the crematorium
In Endzuyabu. was arrested March 23,
charged with selling human flesh.
According to the Kokumin and other
Tokio papers, a search resulted in
finding a large quantity of human
flesh, either toasted or Baited, and ten
human tongues preserved in pots.
Bill Reported
Chairman Underwood Bring* In
Canadian Treaty—Passage
Is Certain.
WASHINGTON*. April 14.—The
Canadian reciprocity hill formally wa*
laid before the house just before ad
journment to-day, and after general
debate, which probably will continue
for three days it will be passed.
Chairman Underwood, of the ways,
and neans committee, called up tho
Canadian bill at 5 o'clock. While no
time was fixed upon for general de
bate. a motion was adopted dividing
whatever tune it consumed between
Mr. Underwood, who reported the bill,
and Mr. Ifalzcll. of Pennsylvania, the
Republican member of the ways and
means committee, who will lead the
opposition to tho measure.
Mr Und* rwood announced on the
floor that be would yield a few hours
of his own time to Representative
McCall, of Massachusetts, author of
the reciprocity measure. which
pas-ed the house last session, and of
which the pftiding Democratic meas
ure is a counterpart.
In the report of the wav* and
means committee recommending the
passage of the bill. Chairman Under
wood said t
"There has ho< n no delay or sug
gestion of delay on the part of the
President in connection with this
legislation, pending the collection of
statistical data by the tariff board.
On tie contrary, the President has
urged immediate and favorable action
by the congresa. naming reason* fnlly
in • rnod W4th lone e*tablKh«l Demc
c’a'lc prlneip'es
"This reciprocal agreement is in
the Interest of the greet majority of
the people of the country ar.d Is in
necord with the well established
Democratic principle of guarding the
welfare of the masses. The commit
Suicide Wave
Six Try to End Their Lives All In
One Day In Philadelphia—
Two Succeed.
persons, five men and one woman, at
tempted to commit suicide here today
Two of the men were successful.
Ptn'.l Stehe, aged 4* years, a dealer In
artificial flowers, hilled himself with
a revolver lie had been In III health.
Gustave Ofberman ended his his life
with gas because his wife deserted
James Straub nr.d Charles Carr
each tried gas hut failed.
MUs Blanche Waldc. aged 50, «
wealthy woman, also tried to cim'mit
suicide with gas. She had been In
poor health. *
Thomas F Bailey of Camden at- '
tempted to hang himself In his cell
when arrested for Intoxication.
McVeagh’s Scalp
la Sought by Washington 0 A. R.
• A# Result of Attack On
WASHINGTON. Pa . April 14 —Wlb
llam A. Templeton post No 120. o
A R.. adopted resolutions to-night,
calling upon President Taft to request
the u signs?ion of Secretary of the
Treasury Franklin MrVeagh, because
of his speech at Philadelphia In which
It la charged he criticised the present
pension system
Aviator Injured.
RilF.IHS. April 14.—A monoplane
driven by M. In-large collapsed when
at a height of 100 metres today and
the aviator was seriously Injured.
Terse Telegraphic Tips
1,A HAH I1C. Kanena -The aeaelona
r>f the La llarpe city council will be
opened with religion* aerrlce If the
plana of Mayor elect Peter W Jury
are carried out following hi* Inangnr
atlon next Tneuday night
HAW DHDOO. Cai -lieutenant Com
mandera C. P. Owen and Hilleary Vt II
llama, of the cnitaar We*t Virginia,
will conduct the detenu* «t the court
martial of commander M. K Hlnee
for the loee at eea of the big naty
heating target
CTMTIKRUAN'O. Md- The fifth
murder title year traced to (he black ,
hand occurred thla mornlna, when
Dominick Mnreellatne aged 3R. warn
killed with four pnlleta on the Wcat
»rn Maryland eaten* I on through Sae-|
age mountain*
OHirAOO - Senator Iarlmer haa
again ataled he haa no Inlenttnna of
reigning from the U B Rcnate.
NKW VOHK -In remembrance of
the fact that the a*aaa*tnaflon of Ab
raham IJncoln occurred cm a Good
Bill Passes
Democrat* Force Hacker Bill
Through Hounc Without an
Amendment, Has ('low ( all.
Bill Provides For INiblidty of •
(ampaipn Contributions
Before Election.
WASHINGTON, April 1«.—The
Democratic party met Ha first serious
trouble In the House of Represent*
tlvea today. At the close of a session
marked by Insurgent In the Democra
tic ranks, by reason of which the Re
publicans narrowly missed scoring a
triumph, the house passed the Rucker
bill for publicity of campaign contri
butions before election.
The fight arose oxer the entent to
which publicity should be applied. But
for the vigorous and continued use of
the Democratic party whip, an impor
tant Republican amendment extending
publicity to the individual receipts
and expense* of candidates for Con
gress would have been retained In tfie
bill when It finally pasaod.
As It was. the amendment waa
adopted over the protest of the Demo
cratic leaders by the support of 62
of the Democrats, who voted with the
solid Republican strength. Resort to
a parliamentary move enabled tbo
Democrats later to get rid of tbo
amendment; but 28 of their number
refused to change their attitude, and
•Huck with the Republicans In oppos
ing the Democratic majority.
Stormy Session Before Victory.
The Rucker bill passed finally by a
unanimous vote, but only after a
stormy scene. The amendment off
ered by Representative Jackson, a
new Republican member from Kan
sas, required all candidates for con
gress to file statements of tho source
and use of their Individual campaign
funds, in both tho primary and general
The amendn ent met Instant sup
port from the Republican side, and en
countered the opposition of tho Demo
cratic leaders. Mr. Rucker, of Mis
souri, chairman of tho committee in
charge of tho bill, asserted that it
would so change the form of law that
it might endanger Its final passage.
This did not deter 52 l>emocratn
from supporting the Jackson amend
ment. They, with tho solid Republl
ran forces, gave the amendment a ma
jority that resulted In its adoption. 173
to 131. and tho announcement of tho
vote was followed by a storm of ap
plause from tho Republican side.
Squeeze Amendment Out.
There was a hurried conference of
Democratic loaders ns the progress of
the vote showed tho success of tho
amendment. As soon as the vote was
announced. Mr. Rucker moved to re.
commit the bill with Its new amend
ment to tho elections committee with
instructions to that committee to send
the bill back to tho Houso without tho
Jackson amendment. This parliamen
tary move to squeeze the amendment
out of the bill brough* about a split
In tho ranks of tho Democrats who
had favored the Jackson amendment.
Twenty-eight of them stood by their
former action, and voted against the
motion to recommit the bill- but the
Democratic loaders mustered enough
votes to carry their point. 157 to 149.
and the bill te< Imlcally was sent back
to tbo committee.
Mr. Rucker gathered the members
of the committee around Mm .and
without leaving the floor they In
structed him to report ihe bill again
without the Jackson amendment As
soon as the vote had been announced,
ho once more reported the bill to the
house with the Jackson amendment
left out of It. und this motion carried.
D>4 to 139. The Mil, In Its original
form, then passed tho houso without a
dissenting vote.
Democratic Insurgents.
The Democrats who stood ont
against tho efforts to party leaders to
dispose of the Jackson a mead meat
Aiken and George. New York; Msa
ander and norland. Missouri; Root*,
anan and Stone, Illinois; Rulkley.
Sherwood ami WThltaere, Ohio; liurke
and Konop. Wisconsin; Tog and Gray,
Indians. Dupree. Kstoptna). Pujo',
Ran sdcll and Wlekllffe l<o*tfMana;
Goodwin. Arkansas; llamltl. Tnwnal
end and Tuttle. New Jersey; Hardy,
Tesss: pepper. Iowa; Raker. Csltfor.
nla; Swset Michigan; Thayer. Massa
chusetts Wilson. Pennsylvania.
The Rucker bill, as finally passed,
(Ooattavsq om I iMh vwgw)
Friday forty at* year* ago. flag* wrr*
at half mart her* Friday The anni
versary of the shooting ha* not fal
len on Mood Friday *lnr« |»?fi
OOMHICH, Ont.— Reran** hi*
seven-yearold son eonld not spell «
word rorrertly, Moors* Vanstonw boat
him to death with a club He was
given a lift* sentence In the pent
ten Mary
Aked. former pastor of the Fifth A ve
nne Rapt I at church. New York, who
ha* arreted a call to the Pirat Con
gregntlonal chnrrh here, arrived to
day and will preach Faster Sunday.
NK\t YORK—Mrorg# Cary Fgglea
ton. author of Civil war and southwrn
stories. died today of a complication
of disease* at the home of hla son tn
this city.
C1.KVK1.AND. O—B. N Van Va»
kenhurg. for three year* holding thw
rowing championship against Kng
land, attempted suicide last night
while hnaeltag oa thw Second I Tee by
to run ehareh steps.

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