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Surrender of Juarez
„ Demanded by Rebels
Formal Demand Served on General Navarro, Federal Commander
of Fortifications—Refusal to Mean Battle.
El, TASO. Texas, Aorlt 19—A formal demaud was made to-night upon
General John Navarre for ♦•*«> surrender of Juarez to the Insurrecto army
of Francisco I. Madero Jr ithln 24 hours. The demand reached General
Navarro s headpuariers wlule he was inspecting fortifications for the city's
defense. ,
This was coiifi.-- ed 1 • jr Oonznles Garza, secretary general for the Insur
recto party, who t*.id'
"Formal deinsml o.’ the Insurrectos for the surrender of Juarez within
24 hours has n-.v • on General Navarro, commanding the Federal gar
rison of Jiiiirtv V .. note was sent from El Paso by messenger to United
States Co&sui £4* anas in Juarez, to be transmitted by him to Navarro. No
reply has been received.”
At 8 o'clock tonight General Navarro said:
“1 have received no notice asking me to surrender.” He turned on
his heel.
"But, General, the Insurrectos' secretary says the demand has been
"I have received no such message.” ho replied, and walked away.
Garza was still in his office tonight at 8:30. He 6nld he did not think
he would leave El Paso to-night to see Madero.
"Our men are anxious for a fight, and I do not know if we can re
strain them,” he declared.
Madero Marching on Juarez.
April 19.—Francisco I. Madero. Jr., 13 marching on the City of Juarez at
the head of 1,940 Insurgents, divided into five columns, one under the di
rect command of Madero, and the others under the rebel Generals Orozco
Blanco, Villa and Salazar.
The Wounded
Put to Death

Mexicans and Rebels Both Follow
Practice, Is Grave
American Minister Given Assurances
That Border Fights Are
at End.
WASHINGTON. April 19.—Develop
ments late today Indicated to Presi
dent Tuft and other administration
officials that peace in Mexico may not
be a drenm, and there is reason to
believe that the Mexican authorities
will adopt a "definite, restrictive pol- j
Icy along the border,' to prevent bor- ,
der conflicts.
Senor Manuel De Jiamaconn. the j
new atnhassador from Mexico, was
M ■
tions of friendship were exchanged.
Information was given ottt at the
White House that the rough draft of
Mexico's formal note in reply to the
s'ate department's demand that
American border towns be not endan
gered hy Mexican battles, has been
placed in the hands of American Am
bassador Wilson at Mexico City. Mr. j
Wilson reported to the president that
the note as drafted was satisfactory,
and if is exnecteii to reach the stato
department In final form shortly.
House to Investigate.
A subcommittee of the house com
mittee on Foreign affairs will meet
the President snd Secretary Knox at
the White House tomorrow to confer
on the Mexican situation. The com
mittee includes (lamer, of Texas;
Sharp, of Ohio; and Foster, of Ver
I telegate Ralph Cameron, of Art
zona, announced that he had receive |
a letter from a business man at Doug
las declaring that Mexicans, both fed
rral and fnsurreetos. who were
wounded at Aguu ITleta, were
ing put to death" by the victors. To
night the Red cross here had no con
firmatlon of this report
declared In Mexico shortly. The pres
ident. in a sentence or two not In i
eluded In his formal address, assured
the new ambassador that this govern
ment was not crouching on the border
PMdy *o sprit ■ upon Hex ro itis
telegram to Governor Sloan of Arl
sona, the president said, explained Ills j
New York Takes Favorable Action On
Federal Proposition
Af.HANY. V Y. April p. —After a
long debate the senate to day passed
the Wagner resolution, ratifying the
proposed Income tax amendment to
the federal constitution by a vote of
24 fo Id
Heavy Losses
In Big Fight
Tamazula Scene of Battle—Ona
Rebel Commander Escaped Dis
guised As Woman.
TPCSOX, Arlz.. April 19.—A special
from Mazatlan. Sinaloa. Mexico, says:
Mall advices from Tamazula. In the
state of Durango, says that In a battle
between a force of rebels under com
mand of an American. William Collins,
and a national command, which rag«d
for two days, sixty-nine rebels includ
ing Captain Collins were killed and
lot* were wounded.
Raynton Itnrbo. another rebel com
mander. escaped by disguising him
self as a woman.
Tho govt rument force greatly out
numbered the Insurrectos. of whom
none were either killed or captured.
The federal casualties are not
The force engaged w as the Seventh
battalion. Mexican National guard,
augmented by rurales.
Rebels Take Town.
WASHINGTON. April 19 —The cap
ture b> the revolutionaries of Santi
ago Papasqulare. In the state of Dur
ango. was reported to the state de
partment today. The total losses on
both sides exceeded 100, including a
federal captain, two lieutenants and
25 soldiers.
State department nritlres from
Hoag...*. Art/., say the federal* at
Atvin I’rieta ere still bringing in dead
bodies. Three American* have been
found among the dead revolutionist*.
Bold Rebels Fire Station.
AfJI'A I’RIKTA. Mexico. April 10 —
Shortly after daylight today a tlarfng
band of insnrrecto*. numbering only
half a dozen or so, stole Into Agua
I’rfefa and set fir*' to the Nacozar!
rndread station, which w.,*- destroyed
with If* valuable contents • The fed
eral* flr»-<| u|ion the. Invaders, and
two or three of them were killed.
Attack* Rebel*.
X detachment of 278 federal*. In
cluding forty cavalry, left Arm* pr,.
o*n late today under order*. It I* he
lieved, to attack Juan Cabral'* Insur
reefos. rep*.rtc| tr, tM. a„„rh of Nac,
pr. paring to attack that town. The
federal column marched directly west,
Pillowing the International Hn<*
Kcr*r of a renewal of Innurgenr
efTnrf* it. capture Agua I’rleta I* pro
•b'thly respor.rlble for the failure to
send forward large force.
Owen Ravage, a member of Troop
K First I'nlted Rtate* cavalry, la *
prisoner In the bull ring ID* eager
new to gel Into the fight wn* too
grraf for Id* loyally, and he deserted,
taking with him an army pistol Tied
(Cortlnnwl on Wag* wins.)
May Drop Camorra Prosecution
informer Vay Be Aoeempliee and New
Inquiry Will Be Naeeaaary.
VlTKRflO. Maly April It* The
♦ rial of *lm Neapolitan t 'amorripf*
friay he hailed and a new Inven'iya
lion I util the murder of flennaro I'mr.
Colo and Inn wife order'd on the
groand that the Infornmr, llennaro
Ahhaternavirlo, waa an arromptlre In
the erltne
This potaihillty real* on t|m truth
of a aenaational r. port . ir* ilat. | on
the reaumptlori of >he rape today The
report ia to the effoi t that If the e-Vi
dene* already prepared l.jr the atate
appr-ara tnaiilflrmnt *r» eonviet the a*
• need, Abhntemafticlo wll! ronh ,„r,
1*11'Ity In the aaaaaainatloti of « w
eolo. It In aal'l that he am nwear
that while he wan not one of th>m»
who atrurk the death Mown, he w|t
neaped Urn proeee<iln«a n the role
•it a p|rk« t who win ponied m ,rn
* art up I an aealtia atialnat Inferrtip
tion and to h« |p them In making their
ear ape
If till' ronfraalon |a made the trial
Will Ire a topped, an a new inquiry n,a,
".e fa* la of th* Crime will lie oerea
m *"r
Crlmlnata Entar fcage.
Alter a re«pn« dur.ng Holy Week,
u*w **»»d of ahaekted Camorrlata
'moped into the court of flic Aaaltea
Urflay nnd mitan faced their neroaer*
iro.ii within the biocI bar* of the
,ni* a which or. upy the rl*;h■ irm of
the li.ti'e eroaa that aha|e a the inter
ior of the ancient fh.treb of Hat. Kran
Vlroaii* lawyer opened the pro
ceedlny-K trebly with a motion that the
eo.irf order the production of the war
n.nt« for the nrr< t of. hi* client and
of t.larnmo A Merit tore, wbo. the eta.e
■llcRca, entered |r.to a ?on«piracy to
denounce f*c Atm. Ila «ti<| Atne.ieo an
the murderer* ..f the Cuov color. tn or
der to nave the real aanaeMln*. lie
■n-riaie.! tha. hr- wiahed to demon
atrat* that the Carabineer* had l» . *t
ftimlahed with order* of arret In
whlrh the date had heen lift t.lank,
arid were empowered to make l|*e „f
the warrnnta on any occasion that
wrved their p.irfe.ee The rourt re
fUMc.l the rer|i|eat.
I.t.lirl filed, who la denrrlhed aa
tiie fl. ft them head of the t amorr.i
ylien a nominal oftlr.. In order to pro*
'e.t Knrlm Alfann, the aulldlria aptrlt,
*»' called for In'errOr itlon fuerj
averred that he waa neither the real
nor the nominal head of the organ!
ration, and fnrther denied that ho waa
• van a < a morn al.
Coo r*T Y
- /V
I QjRsinarto
ear RtL
You e/i//.
April iy.— i ne caninei nan
concluded the Mulshing touches on the
decree of separation of church and
state. This -sill be promulaged on
Friday or Saturday. The njBtn points
of the decree are:
The state concedes entire liberty of
all creeds, the Catholic creed ceasing
to be the state religion from the date
, or tno promulgation Henceforth all
churches will lx* maintained hy the I
, faithful. The benedced clergy will
continue to receive stipends until July
| 1, after which they will be paid
' pensions The property necessar/ to
the celebration of public worship will
he ceded to the clergy engaged In re
ligious work who continue as hitherto,
hut all others must obtain authoris
ation. All -the religious property
which Is proved to helon* to private I
Individuals, either Portugese or foreign
will be respected. ItrlUsh and other
foreign seminaries w ill be allowed to I
remain, but persons connected with the ]
seminaries will not be allowed in tho
streets In clerical g;irb. As five Catho
lic will be no longer lie the Mat-» re-i
liglon. Priests may marry. In case
of death, pension*- will revert to the1
parents, widow or children.
Kick on Foam
German Court Rules Giving All Foam
and No Beer Is Punishable by
I Mt'KICH, April 19. Serving short
measure in beer nntl the deception of
the public by filling ‘‘steins'’ and "scl
delB" with froth so as to form what Is
I popularly known as a ‘‘collar," has
! Just been Judged an offense punish
1 able by Imprisonment by the Criminal
j Court here.
The tenant of a gigantic beer house,
j who was charged with defrauding the
1 public In this way was sentenced to
1*1* v eeks in Jail and n fine of |75h,
I and five of his waiters to terms of
j from one to three weeks In Jail.
[ Evidence showed that if has be
! eome customary to serve glasses of
i beer In which the liguor did not reach
tho legally stamped tnnrk Indicating
| tho proper measure, the drinking ves
sels being filled with froth.
Public indignation led to the suit,
which was in-.tltuted by several cus
tomera. Jt lasted more than five
month*. .
Attacks Them in Speech Opposing the
Canadian Reciprocity
WASHINGTON, n r. April r< \
bitter denunciation of newspaper In
fiuenee in connection with the fight
.over free print paper legislation dtir
■ ing the last national campaign was
made by former speaker Joseph O.
Cannon In a vigorous speech In tho
, Mouse to-day In connection with his
oppodtlon to tl.e Canadian reeiprocl
j ty bin, wi
Bella!re and Wellsburg officials to Go
to Grsfton Bank.
Special T iaj.^trr, t*,0 totei;|**n-»r.
OKAFTON. W V*. April 19 Fri
day baa l>e*«n de*iKnnte,| a* the day
| for the posimnaters al Wellsburg and
llellalre to route to the <; raft on postal I
bank to receive Instruction aa to the
operation of the Institution The two I
new banka In the mentioned towns
»pen May drat, and the postmnster*
will tie Instructed hero In plare of go- j
Ing to Washington.
Woman Smuggler Repents.
I WASHINGTON*. April |» \
i woman Mitutiglcr, conscious stricken,!
I sent lo Secretary McVeggh todav a
ten dollar bill, with the suggestion
i that the treasury Invite contribution-,
'of that sort and relieve many a rest
I leas sou! of a burden
l The woman, signing herself "I, 1) ,*•
wrote from ftgllltnore.
j Contributions to the fund of "con
science" on the treasury book*, be
gun In Iftll, now totals 9420 onn
Hurt Firs* Day In Min*.
*|er|a1 I ftspetrti t„ the l„«*|t|>rn.-wr
FAIRMONT. W Va. April 1»» -
Sanford Morris, a young man front :
Simpson, la at tba Miners' hospital
with his left fool amputate,| and hi* I
right llmh broken i„ two place* Ve« 1
lerdav wa* his f1r*t day lit the mine*,
and he waa caught hv a fall of sla'c’ |
Woman End* Llf*.
Fpe* t ,| l'l* ,i . to the |, ..
Ift’NTlNOTON, AV. V*. April 19 -|
AVord ha* I-, -n recetyrd here by John
Strait of the suicide o,* ht* daughter,
Mr* flr.up. at Montgomery, W Va I
Itefalls are lacking
▼ •••r*„ gutter y>ms
I I" Tatlt tilt April It <,tc, I ,
<" rear* a erw.pepcr
editor 1ft this city atvt w'Uel,
d *.t to nijhf vtr ta.. ke t* the f„u^|
v..!.”!. •*■* r"'«,rT ,r ,h« nit-tem*
Sttlmil Irgiir club; , St.trla* I J, I
M*r?r *'"* * *< -o snd Hen-'
l.md it. »rspher in IS* stats
i *•>• ,*« of representatives.
Ohio Passes
Canal Bill
Third State to Endorse—Commission
Completes Inspection of
Spei-isl*Pisj ntrh to the Tntellleen-er.
COLl'MIH'S. O . April IP.—The Ohio
senate today passed by a unanimous
vote the bill to permit counties
through which the proponed lalcea to
the Ohio river canal will pass to ex
tend financial aid. The action of Ohio
makes the third state. West Virginia
and Pennsylvania having already
Complete Inspection.
PlTTS’MCPO. April 10 —After three
day -i’ Inrr-stljMtlon of the proposed
latke Erie and Ohio ship canal project
and the Pittsburg Hood commission
plan for Hotel prevention, members of
the national waterways commission.
Senators Tlurton. Lorimer and Clarke,
and Congressmen 1). S. Alexander, of
New York, and Frederick C Stevens,
of Minnesota, left to-night for Wash-1
Muring the stay here the commls-1
sinners visited the watersheds, of fho
Allegheny nr Parker and Tlewed the
proposed sites for reservoirs with
vhlch to Impound the spring freshets
To-day a special train was provided 1
by the chamber of rnmmi-m> and th*11
flood com IB I-‘slnn which took the com
mission fo A htnbuln over the vicinity
of the proposed canal route The
commissioners displayed Intense Inter
rst In the project hut pointedly an
1«e«l. (lie only feature the members
having to observe being the feasibility
of the plan
Rain On Trip.
Ilergtiae of a dmnehlng rain that
fell all day the eotnmlsaloners did not
visit Indian creek, one of the prod
l*osed canal terminal* at Ashtabula
harlmr. but an Inspection of the har
bor was made from a tug. Penal or
Horton assured the flopd commission.
hnwcTer. that he would come from his
home In Cleveland some time soon
and bring Senator Wm. Ablen Smith,
a member of the con-mission who was ■
not on this trip, and also Congress
man ptevdns, end visit the Indian
creek site.
'"i the way la laMafeata stops,
wore made i# ltenver. Rochester ,
Youngstown. \||.- *nd Warren. O.
where delegations joined the lilts-1
Berger Insists It Is Old Fashioned 1
sod a Hindrance to the Coun
try’s Growth.
WASHINGTON. T> C. April Id.—
Representative Merger. Rorlallst. '
wants t’ongr «* to have power to call <
a constitutional convention. Today
h« Introduced a resolution proposing
sn amendment to the comtltutlon.
granting that authority and iharacler-l
lre,| the constitution as •antiquated
and obsolete ••
"Our constitution," said Mr. Merger.
"Is realty a hindrance to any reason-,
able growth In our public life, nnd It
should h- changed Th.-re Is no other i
•-sample in history of a frown up na- i
flon being romts-lled to weer the !
awaddllm.- clothes of childhood '*
tub watrani
W<st»rn Bsnnsytvsnts *s4 OMe -
C1m,4 y T‘.i.r.<t»v wttb m <4s-sts to brisk
K.rtlvte waits; M|S< f*|
_w*e Virginia -Cl.iulj, sn4 cooler as
Thurso*/, Friday fair. .
Vole for Bonds
Wetzel County Electric Road Propo
sition Carries by Big
F pedal Dispatch to tlie InteUlgen »r. |
April 19.—The proposition to bond
Magnolia district, this county, for'
$100,000 for the construction of an
electric railru-id front this city to Mld
dlcbqiirtie, carried to-rtgy by a big ma
jority at the election. The road will ,
be part of a system to connect tho
river front with Clarksburg and a
warm fight is In progress between this
city and Slstersville, both of which
towns seek the river terminal. The
majority given in the election to-day,
was 720 for the bonding and 84
against In Magnolia district, while the
vote in New Martinsville proper was
017 for anil 27 against. The vote was
divided as follows:
Precinct. K„r. Against I
-V M. < ourt House.;•:] s
Brooklyn .1ST ||
X M. Hose House,....... li:» 7 i
Helen <*lty. ,M 37
la wman . 5.1 *.)
"Batata . 73* gi
On Saturday a bond election Is to
bo held on the proposition In Ells
worth district. Tyler county, the Mid
dlobonrne district, they voting on
si ;t
Officer* for toe Nest Three Year* ,
Cho*en by Son* of Revolution.
WASHINGTON, April 19.- General '
ottlcers of the Sons of the Revolution
to aerve during the ne* throe years 1
were elected at th- triennial con voli
tion of tb’ organizitlin here today. I j
Edmi nd We'more, of Nwv York, was ,
chosen president; Juni-s M. Mon!
goniery. w Him, vic • president; I (
Representative John V, Weeks, u.n
saehuscttA. second vice-president; I
ICev. Hr. Knndnlph II. McKiin. district 1
of Columbia, chaplain general; Wm. 1
Llbbey. New Jersey, secretary; Htch
ard M. Cadwallader, Pennsylvania,
treasurer; (ieorge F.. Pomeroy, nhlo.
registrar, and Marshall Haywood. ,
North Carolina, historian. a com-,,
mtttee will b<* appointed to consider
erecting here a statue to Francois '
Marquis do i.rasee Antiiltv, a French '
officer, who fought In the American
Parkersburg Man Victim of Serious
Special tbspateh f.» the Intelligencer.
PARK KKHItr lilt. VV. Va . April 1<>
Upending down Murdoch avenue In
Mecrhwood lute last ntght, ihe auto
drlvsn by Kenner 11 Stephenson, s !
prominent young business man,
struck a telegraph pole and was ,
wrecked Mr Stephenson was thrown
out and rendered unconsclnua, hut 1
soon recovered The auto caught j
fire and burned tip The machine was
worth fS.Oon.
One Killed out Othe-s Injured Ini
Storm In Kentucky.
LFXfV'iTtiV. Ky. \pril 1*» One j
person wav killed, several others wefts I
severely Injured and large property |
damage was wrourtH by a wind and
rain storm that swept over Central
Kentucky todsy.
Kj III t H af>v f c|| fn Ihe fntelllgencer
CLANKFHCRCJ. W Vs. April l» ^
Idm man Maxwell, a resident of Hod i
drldge county, while handling a gun.
k'-cMentally shot hlrusMf. and Is In a
a« rlous condition Three brother*
from hers wers summoned borne. i
Improved Artificial Gas
At 40 Cents Per Thousand
Fall Breaks Neck
Weston Man Tumbles Down Flight of
Stairs to Death.
Fprrisl Dispatch to the Intelligencer
WESTON. W. Va.. April 19.—Thos.
J. WofTindon fell headlong down a
flight of stairs in the Citizens’ Bank !
building here this afternoon and '
broke his neck. He was dead when
found. Woflindon, who was a hus
band and father, was the son of
James Woflindon, once a well-known
newspaper man and the editor of a
paper In Weston.
Under Fire
List Would Reduce the Revenue
From Tariff Over Ten Mil
. -i _
WASHINGTON, D O.. April 19.—
Former Speaker Cannon, Hanna, of'
North Dakota; Nelson, of Wisconsin,!
and Sloan, of Nebraska, attacked the
Canadian reciprocity agreement in
tho debate on the reciprocity bill In
the House to-day. Some rapid fire i
speeches were made by Republicans
Irv opposition to the bill In reply to
'Re speeches made by the Democratic
dnd Republican supporters of that I
measure, headed by Representatives 1
Underwood and McCall. Speaker Can
non discussed the fight in the last na
tional campaign over tho free print
paper bill whieh had been introduced
by John Sliarpe Williams, of Missis
sippi. then leader of the Democratic
party In the Hons.- Mr r,..
ferred to the House supporters of the
reciprocity bill as "a Tammany and
Dixie combination against the welfare
r>f the country."
Tile general dehate oti the reciproc
ity measure will continue to-morrow,
but Chairman Underwood, of tho
ways and means committee, will en
deavor to get the bill before the
House under the fivr-mlnutc rule be
fore adjournment.
The majority report of the ways
nnd means committee on the so-called
farmers' free list bill, submitted to
the House today by Chairman I'nder
wood. is a merger of Democratic po
Ifticai argument and an analysis of
the proposed duty exemptions.
The report shows that the bill
would reduce the tariff revenue 110.
M6.495. based on the Importations for
ihe last fiscal year, an amount de- j
icribed as "Inconsiderable in eompar- I
ison with the great saving and advant
tges to all of onr people from the ad
ditions to the free list provided for."
Two Families
Judden Death of Octogenarian Re-j
vealed Dual Life He Led Half
CHICAGO, April 19. Two men met
<May at tho inquest over Michael H
'hern, S3 years old. a former i^nl
•state dealer of Creeton. la., and
earned that Abren for fifty years had
>ecn the father of two large families,
teither of which knew th»‘ existence of
he other.
At the Inqpeyt each of the two men
Hepped forward and indenttfied the
>odv as that of his father. A con
them died suddenly at a Chhleago
iotcl on Tuesday. The sons who met
oday for the firs* time are Wm.
them Bn years old. who lives in
'hirago nnd Matthew Ahern, of Cres
on. In.. 40 years old.
Not Guilty.
SKW ORI-KAXS. April 19—A ver
llct of not guilty In the Hornet fill
watering ease was declared by a Jury
n the United States Clreuit court
ate today In the trial of J. \V. Iteer.
ormer owner, ar.d Captain .Charles
lohnaon, former master of the steam
•r Hornet, charged with violating the
lentrality laws In reonertln.i with the
ecent Honduras revolution.
Enormous Waste of Gas and Labor
at the Present Plant.
Interesting Talk With Mr. Baehrw
Gas Plant a Valuable
The Board of Control has taken the
first step toward the rehabilitation of
the city gas plant by closing a con
tract with Mr. William H. Baehr, con
sulting engineer of Chicago. Mr.
Baehr is to design a new plant, and
to supervise the construction of same.
Mr. Baehr is a very eminent engineer
and has had some fifteen years' ex
perience in the construction and op
eration of gas plants. For a number
of years he was superintendent for
the I.arlede Oas company of St. Louis.
Recently he established his own en
gineering firm at Chicago, andi he is
now expert adviser for the City Coun
cil of Buffalo, for the Public Service
Commission of Chicago, and for a
number of other important interests.
Mr. Baehr left fbr Chicago last night,
and very soon will advertise for bids
for the construe!ion of the new plant
along the lines he has proposed.
Speaking to a reporter of the Intelli
gencer yesterday, Mr. Baehr said:
"I have not the slightest doubt that
with a properly eohstrneted plant we
may be able to manufacture and de
liver gas to customers in the city of
Wheeling at a cost of nqt more than
forty cents per thousand cubic feet.
This will cover every Item of expense,
except Interest on the Investment and
depreciation. Thus your city gas
plant can either reduce Its cost to
customers, or it can nccutnuiate In
a few years a very large surplus that
will enable It to extend its mains. In
crease the number of its customers
and make it an enormously valuable
property for the city. The gas which
wo will be able to furnish from the
new* plant will bum with a clear white
light, and will be superior in every
respect, either to the natural gas that
is now used by a good many people,
or to the present artificial gas. It
will have an illuminating capacity of
nee.ii .1 mnui'i |H>ncr per euoic loot,
against about 16 candle power which
Is now given by the coal gas." |
"Don't you think it would have I
been practicable for the city to have 1
purchased natural gas. Improved lta 1
mains, and distributed natural gas to \
its consumers at a price to compete
with the natural gas company?" asked
the reporter.
"No,” said Mr. Baehr, "and for a
number of reasons.”
Cost of Repairs.
"The city gas plant's service pipes
and material have been •constructed
for n pressure of about one ounce.
Natural gas could not bo put through
these mains and pipes at that pres
sure. Natural gas Is generally distil
bnted at a pressure of about 8 ounces, i
and.to reconstruct the entire system I
»f mains, service pipes and meters I
to make them suitable for natural I
r.is would cost approximately $20nt. I
imvo.oo In vies- of the fnet that the )
supply of natural gas Is certain to '
diminish, as the competition for it
become* kpencr, I do not think Ih# ,
city of Wheeling would have been
instilled In going to this expense as a
business preposition.
"Another thing Natural gas la al
most odorless. A leak from It la ex
eedlngly difficult to detect, and
therefore It Is high})' dangerous. Even
»lth the greatest care In reconstruct
ing the old plant for natural gas pur
poses, we would be almost certain
lo have leaks and defects develop,
ind any one of these might cause an
■xploalon. costing mnny lives and de
stroying considerable property. I
s-otild no? wish to undertake the
moral risk of putting natural gas Into
'he city's mains and service pipes,
mprove them as much as we might, '
tor do I think there is any necessity
'or it. 1 propose to equip a gas plant
liere In the city that will furnish a
bright, clear, pure light of superior
Itiallty at a coat not exceeding forty
•enfs per thousand cubic feet. I do
not mean that the city will sell It
'or that pr'ce. but they will tie able
»lther fo sell It at very close to forty
*ents. or to make a very handsome
(Csntlnasd on Tenth Psgs.)
Terse Telegraphic Tips
TRENTON. N. .1 -Oowarnor Wood
o»- Wlleon won a hard fought victory
oday when the Motive of the Aaarmhly
>* ed finally the law providing for
id lea I reform In election method* In
■Jew Jer-ev known a* the (Jet.in
lection hill.
TACOMA. Wa«h—I. Knntaon to
lay fell a even atorlea to the concrete
■a*onicnt of an otflce building and
tea cnljf alightly hurt At the flrat
lonr he eraahdd through aotne one
nch hoard*.
NEU YORK Victor Palmer, a
onng Inventor. w»a killed early to
lay In hie home |»y Ihr lateat device
ic had evolved, an appliance to keep
'al*r In a haih tub at an even fern
PORT WAYNE- Henry Trough, a
armer of I .ail range, Ind . haa Invent
d *220 at the rate of lid an Inch for
unian akin, he buying It from neigh
ora to replace that be loat tn a fire
KANSAS CITY Recauae hla wife
imd for divorce. C A Harbor ahot
nd killed bln w fe and fatally wound
d hlmaelf at the residence of hla
itother Indaw In thla city today
PARIS Parte retain* It* poaltlon aa
ho third Urgent city U the world.

I the census taken h.st month showing
a populatl n ..f ?.<U6.:»S6. The figures
In 1*06 sere 1.763.1*3.
r.ANHIVO—Tli* senate today hy n
; ntellratly rnamltuoua vote killed Ow»
I by the Hoang
r r •hlMtlng eorp«rn| punishment In the
J state prison*.
WARRINGTON — President Taft
. has signed a proclamation setting
aside 301.360 acre* of land In Hum
holt county. Nevada, as the Santa
Ro«a national forest
f.Ot'jRVIl t>'. Four year old KlalO
Snyder thrust her head through tha
fence nslinffs to see a turkey In an
adjoining vsrd and stranced to death.
oHtvrno v r John w Roc**,
the oldest known survivor of the
Seminole war In Florida, died here
ASMFVJId.F, yfrs. Hattie Fot and
her Mind husband perished this morn
ing when a store hul'dtng tn which
they Jived was swept hy flame*
CHICAGO Threw Ice c earn eon
corn* sere Indicted today for selling
impure cream
GRAND RAPID* Detween «gen
' > trtM ..n a
atrike here todav for a w«go adrsac%_

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