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_ -N * '■*. *
Fair Monday; Tuesday Fair, Warmer.
Jerry Westlake. Assistant Foreman
at Richland Mine. Is Mysterl.
ously Killed.
Wurder Theory Is Entertained by
Some—Coroner's Inquest to Ee
Held Today.
A case that promises to develop
•onto highly interest log features
sprung luto existence yesterday In
the death of Jerry Westlake at hist
borne in the coal mine settlement at
Richland coal works, at the south
end of Loveland. West la •*«< death
was duo to two bullet wounds, one
In the temple and the other in the left
arm. The question bothering the
county authorities today is whether
or not the wounds were self lnlllcted.
and If not who else ha 1 a part In the
Inquest Tooay.
. The shooting occurred vesterdav
afternoon at 2 o'clock and at 3.7A
Westlake was dead. A post mortem
examination was hold over the re
mains at the Mendel Undertaking
parlors last night by Coroner Nichols
and today the inquest will be held.
It is anticipated that tho testimony
• taken by the coroner today will shed
some light on the affair and o|<eu the
way to clear up the mystery now en
shrouding the ease.
Westlake was assistant mine fore
man at the Richland coal mine, having
hi"-fi employed in that capacity since
the first of the year For six years
prior to tlint time hi* had been employ
ed as a pit. boss in the coal mine at
Kirn Grove and lor a period of several
years previous to his cmplovnient at
• Kim Grove he held the office el State
Mine Inspector for the Pan Handle
Neighbor Hears Shots.
At the time of the shtKiting there
was no one in the home but Westlake,
bis wife and his six year old son .ns
tar as is known. Nick Gole-r. a
foreign miner who lived next door to
Westlake heard the two stio's and
immediately ran to bis neighbor s
home. To an intelligencer Reporter
last night Gober said that lie found
Westlake unconscious upon the
kitchen iloor with Hie blotwl stream
ing from the wounds in Ills head and
nearby. Gober could remember noth
. ing deltnlte about the location of the
revolver when questioned closely
Westlake never regained conscious
ness and therefore no statement of
anv knot eonM 1.0 oV. .i.. r-. S
Dr. Haning on Scene.
!>r. N. A. Kanin?, of this city, who
ii.h! rull»«l fo Ki<’hl;iinl to »Att»*ni|
a patient, was in the vicinity at the
time, and heard the two shots tired
lie was one of the first to reach the
dying man's side, and did all in Ins
power to restore him to consciousness,
hut to no avail. After the death for
crier Nichols was called, and after
viewing the ho<|y he hail It removed to
th« undertaking parlors for the au
The Post-Mortem.
The post-mortem developed the fa, *
that one bullet had entered the |el>
arm almost at the point of the (-i
low- and ploughed upward into the
fh shy part of the arm. The wound
in the head, which was the fatal one.
extended from the left temple in .»
. downward course to the i im
brain In the hack part of the hr.itt,
and here the bullet lodged, failing a
bn >k through the ha< k i,,ir of i ,
Westlake win living with his ...
rtid wife, to whom he had Ik-, n tnar
ri<- I but little more that! a month, the
i* e«lding hav nit occurred on March K
i.- ' 1 he second wife's maiden name
w IS Victoria Woodsock. yhc Is f.t
I’olish Mr” hilt has lived in \ ...
i since girlhood. Wh.-n --en ye •, t
d . aft. moon after the death of l-.-r
b ' ’.d 1 i, . too • . r, ■ ;■ i .,,
t: I- f irthi r >1 ti to - • t ,i h,.
ml*te.| suit jrl* |t Is t aid that Wm
1 -d his wife uuarr.-lled, and Mr
Wes'lake maintain that It w Is lin
taedla-. ■ « er th. .• had ouj*rel|cd
•bar h. r has! and took t! . revolver >n
” " r *< to • I 'it.t h*t f If. ’ r
eaul that -I I he reached the V\ . . •
''•■f hearing the ! /it ....
< Make I. lug on her t . .j
In a h; - | , oft" dsloti.
G- / C.'.urrw Qu*rr*l
Th.. c tpi.. had ,I, *.ed - * hi* mine
•*’,,b "* < '* I Me Ini • .More
d ' I.In* (drove until that
' •' re •*«•..' II.k. |, i
b . . - r old hoy, and this
'! be t. home Up the river
j* ' |f ; ' * * ft i nod. 'stood th i*
1 *• ' work it Pi Id ||,..i he
' e of His workmen
b "I whipped Ms child
* rr • r- d la.
: dtbco-.f'et
: .
fO'intlnnsu on ears wins >

Wh-;> Will He Pay It?
two competent boards of auditors, conducting
difi- ren r«y estimations at different times found:
l^r.rs, Kress debtor to the county of Ohio, for
money illegally overdrawn while serving as
county commissioner. SI,021.35
The first report was made nearly two years ago.
The second r port was mr.de nearly a year ago.
(•eorge Kres-. has repeatedly promised to repay the money
and to help bring suit to cause other commissioners to do
" hen will he do it?
Police Prevent Lynching

Expected That Deith Will Follow In
juries—Assailant Makes
Good His Escape.
Fpertsl m*i>-i»eTi to tne Intelligencer.
Cli^HKSItrKR, W. V i„ April 2a —
In North V iew addition tonight Lewis'
j Romino. i.f liurni.int. mil. ■ tor for the
j Fairmont liriwiM; I’o., was chut four
: tint.-* by an unknown ni.in. lie was
rushed :n the St Mary's hospital and1
It Is expected I. Will die. Just W ll.lt
' UUSt'd th" tronlilu between the two is
not known. The assailant, who w is
un Italian, boarded a street . ar for
Fairmont but alighted I.eforo reaching
> his destination and es< «p«-d.
Two Die in Fire
Gasoline Explosion Fttal to Woman '
fnd Man Who Tried to Rescue
spe-lat fe-pafch to the I .tcllnren.'er
I’AHK KRSMUKO. V.. Va., April 2it.
—Nothing new developed today fol
lowing Saturday's terrible tiugedy
•'hich cost the 1 i.-s of two of I’ark
j ersburg's prominent people. Mrs. \V. .
u. < asKHj an«i w r. i urry.
The authorities Intend making no
unlior Investigation into the matter,
anti it nay !>•* regarded as a closed ,
incident In this direction. Will fas- |
key, son of one of the victims who ,
« .is badly burned In the disaster him- '
self, made his t rst public statement,
'olay to the effect Unit he was walk- I
IK along the street, when the ex-'
!> oslon occurred hi the t a.-key apwft
t: > nts. and rushed u when be heard
the Mfrtnti of Mrs. t osluty. itia.
'an< li as the official int. ’.-J mak itiR no
fur’her. Iioiuiry Into tie matter, no .
i inher details regarding the occur j
r--n. e will lively be brought out.
The fun* ml of Mr. Currey was held j
I rum the family r**si*|eri* e at four
o.-ltick this afternoon, and was In I
* iisrge of the local lodge ,,f ►;!)<«. It •
was attended by several t.nndr* I p*-o.
< i a ■ to I
' i'.n of t l*o*ly. due to l|.<> Icir-.s. ti... I
* isket was not 0|*cne<l.
Th<- funeral <>f Mrs. Cartm will b-- |
he| I Mot -lav afternoon. She will be '
t. ir .it hi Mount Olivet cemetery, but
a short ill-*..nee from tbc pot. w here I
t' e remair.s of \|r Curry were laid, j
One K h#d >nrl Anntber ratal!? In- '
jured »n PhiUditph.i,
PHIt.AM'I.PHt \ April s-*—!,,,.,'
t*- -w lt.-d ut. I t noth- r prot.et.lv .
f"' lt*J ■ d wh»-n tw.. m.-ti-r evcl*-*
"bid* *1 • ti ..I «'r- t. n» •> . ,*\ hall
Th* *1. ud ni-.r. is ri.-erg- p. ||. ng.-d
* • r< II. v-*s riding northward
■ n n * rrii-t-.ln- wb- n .b.hn
» HfM»* 'h f i* »*ftf ■ \p|#*, In nf f#-f»i|»r n*
' ■ i .fti • »n ft »•'* ' f. fh- In» nfw*» # • *ri (
1 I f»r» 1 f! t tlf»p rati* f-.i'fth r!
After Otlsrrel W *h rian-e, G r| |n.
ha ' « O.ia Wnlts f arn \y tv
st Church.
PIMT.At>i:f,pmA April 2H fie
spot»d»-nf b* cause sti*. had f.<. n nn
st.1*- *o * fT*-c» a r*-cofie||ist|«in wilt, i
b* f ftlHlt r Ounce with whom she
had <iunrr*de4, Margaret Itastlan,
*g-d 20 ira. < ndetl her life by In
' r IH*.* litntlne n« today while
it... other mernt.* rs trf her fsmt’y
w>re si »hurch
Burglar’s Shot Kills Pilcher
L»f»/ Succumb* f« Inj,,, .. p„
C«'v*r1 ,n Slruggl* W.lb
Intr u<f#r
I M *1A M'.I.i

A- »M' I . nt -it tt-n, . I,
» I r-xlvwl m » Htr irr: • *i„ ,
I ' h* * M , ,| ,.r,, , (,
*• iri.if.ib* t, irt.rm «>f iv rlui, , ,r
II • rn i.-or b*rM.«v Mpht
I h' *•••!* !'•> - •« « n iinnlil* fit ,1

yy*. * f'*** ' *Ui» r #.*• ni*ar)f« ».f fr,*.
a.f.i Ai*.ik«nr<| j .at tlur iuia
’ 1 ' I of ft ft' |ff|r xr.'l ft
' 1 • # Itl .
ih. do-.r of hla
' ■' in'M In *h«- n. fin i„i,|
, ' 1 u'• " • M> to..! » -n
«i. • i ,-i.f on a man * .-air. i.
|'o- Mft .1 ‘Mr. ||. « >h in.
’»> « l*"I' <1 Mm info IN i,„i,
’• I ah" I n TV- man IN-n . x.
1 hr»»., a- »» .1, r|r, ,r „f if,,. I,,,,. )
• r«i ft Nn. in l'Ml"|.|„hia.
" n- i.. ,hi »,v IM- Io*111- - *rwit a
• f' n, IM Tr ni n, N j I-,.ft
til *'"!•< I'"arm W«l a- aftoit. II*
i vwui 21 }o>ri »,i'i I
Mob Seized Foreigner Whot Shot Lit
tle Girl, but Philadelphia Police
Save Him.
PHILADELPHIA. Pa., April 23.— ,
Enraged at a crowd of buys who liud
been teasing him. laid wig Odomsky.
aged 32 years, emptied his revolver
from the second story window of his I
borne at 23|0 it »r*T street, nut* of the
ballets striking 3-year-old Edith
Sehrib«r in tlie neck. Infuriated
neighbors rushed into Odomsky s
home, dragged liitn from a closet in
which he was (tiding and were about
to hang him to u nearby lamp post
when in* was rescued by a agnail of '
policemen. He was locked Up to
await the result of the little girl's1
Injury At ihe hospital where the
child was taken it was staled that
she Is seriously hurt.
Jumps in River
Fore.gner Who Went Insane In Mine
Tries to End Life in Stream.
Fie'-in! Olsnatrh r.> the Jnt«I'k-enrrr
FAIRMONT. \V. Va. April 23 —j
teiye Gaysoke. tho Pole who on Fri
day was made crazy when he was
' •ken Into tlie i haft mine at Farming
ton. and thought he n« (n hell, came
tear drowning in the river here to.
tr.ght. It was w!»h difficulty that he1
was rescued by railroad men Ho is
now in tbo county jail and will be
pen* to the Insane asylum.
Tin- Pole, who is 2"> years of age
was a farmer boy and hn,| never seen
** He arrived in this country
for the first fimn last w»« k and was
rushed to the Farmington mines
Physicians nay !„• will recover his
mind ja-er, but ho Is now a raving
32 Die in Wreck
Railroad Horror in South Africa
Tram Plun-n Into 250 Foot
Deep Gorge,
' "I;.” of K.,:th Africa, April *"
r' *" the lait-r •stiniuos :i2
" w r. k1.t..<I |n »':■ wreck of i
p;s foter tr.,tr ,.n • K..wle
down 'ft I i, "" “ f,,t
• *n- "t'o I' was mieiv hours t.< f..re
" *'r‘ fefnov.-d fr .n the dun ,iit
■ • •*s ..ml h. < .. i tn a... king in..
Ilp of fh. gorge
1 o.e little gr)rj „ miraculous
■-Stale Fh- • itutllit It, r fork of the
•■ridge I -I h.M I. era f . ,i „v,r »». ,
r • In- Tit- i„ , .. . .
** r'b is ... Ihe height nf f... , .,
lug her d 'Wf
Henris Himself in Collar,
hi' Ploh P-1 April ‘ ta, • h
1 ■ ■ H" ’ '• ’■ s man an.I
r " ' , . rnmlflmt
' ' V h . i-ifi t.lrr *r|f |n f|i»
k’lonn ftif ih. M'ii#
Chicago Detective C.airss One of the
Union Men Under Arrest
Told of Outrages.
Men Being Taken to California by
Secret Route—Gompers Says
Arrest* ..re Outrage.
CHICAGO. April 23.—Captain Ste
phen Wood, cine? of the Chicago de
tective bureau, said to-night that a
full confession had been obtained
front one of the men arrested In De
troit in connection with the dynamit
ing of the l.os Angeles Times build
The alleged confession is said to
cover !i0 typewritten pages ami to re
late to tlio Movements of tlie men
now under arrest and others sought
by detectives.
Acording to Captain Wood. It de
scribe* In ib lull the dynamiting of
buildings, railroad trains and facto
ries where conflicts between union
and non-union labor existed. The loss
of many lives and the destruction of
property valued at almost $2,40A.ood
Is <-aUl to bo detailed
The chief of it e Chicago detective
department said the confession was
placed in the possession of attorneys
representing Hie National Hr* < tors’
Association, and hnd heen sent to
I.os Angeles lo lie used in the trial
of the cnees against the men under
arrest. The eonfession was made at
the borne of Defective Reeil, of the
Chicago department, in South Chi
cago. paid Captain Woods.
More Arrests.
More arre 's in the cine are ex
pected ami any disclosure of the d«v
tails of the confession at this time
would make them almost impossible.
The "plants" of dynamite found
sineo the Indianapolis arrests were
told of In the confession, and the
D imes and whereabouts of other men
now being sought are known to thej
Rush Prisoners West.
r.OS ANOEI.KS. April 23.—On sep-!
nr.-ire trains and hidden away in
•' Mill -i < mpartitient*. under
tli*1 surveillance of nrmo,l guards,
John .1 McNamara, secretary of the
International Structural Iron Work-1
err Association, end his two alleged I
confederates. James McNamara and
Ortie McMantgal are being hurried I
Intre to ansv • r to 'he charge ot hav
ing dynamited the l.os Angeles Times I
building October 1. IftlO, and causing j
the ile.ath of 2| men
Tty what routes they are helngi
brought is a secret When they will!
arrive Is also unknown.
At la! or Temple, I.os Angeles
union headquarters, there were hitter
denunciations of the way in which the
McNamara brothers and McManlgal
had been arrested, hut these came
on'v from ihe rank and file
It la not known how many indict
tuent. it,,. McNamaras and MeManl
cal will have to face, hut I* Is regard I
•si as probable that more arrests are ;
to c*or.!«\
1 p to yesterday only three men had
be.-tt named |n connection with the
Mowing up of th«. Times plan' and its
operative- They worn .1. It Bryce
M A Schmidt and David f'apian
John McNamara is said to resemble 1
Typos Denounce.
BOSTON, April 23 Vigorously'
title.finning the methods t ni ployed in'
"spiriting away to unknown quarters-'!
"f 1 1 McNamara. Boston Tv po- ■
craM ir. ! Fnion No 1.3. „t session
today, passed resolutions rl mluring i
that the renditions were such as to
t ills- ttsplelon that another Outrage1
had been perpetrated against organ 1
i/-d labor similar to the kidnapping I
n few war* ago of Moyer. Haywood
..ml Petflhone. ef the \Vc«fern Frilfir
tit inf) of Nfinor* **
.. ... B™1** *'1 Seircd
IMdANAPOIls ind. April -i
Investigation that was expected to
"h..w according to the police nn,,
A a 'ter I mean, attorney for thri Nl
t onal Erectors' association t|,,» t„
dlanapolts for two tears has h. e„ lh.
headquarters Of a conapiraev that has i
7;; so ... ^1..^:!
I> namlte. cans ng ■ property loss j
fCentlr nsu on TMnJ g.## ,
Bui man Makes New Record
founq Racer Loerer* Barney Old I
field-* Rrr rd f„r a Mil* ,n
f’AlTltXV tti Avrll fit,'
'nrti.in << inhr.it* I hi* i«< nlt wr i
n'h birthday In maiint no. nut,,
'Mobile rnolnir hlatorv »« Itaytot,
-,‘Mrh Mr- f Itpp* I *l»n mil, re--or I
l> »ti i<» : to eerntid* and (ho HI,.
’• * » imui,la, nnd lower* d
•irti, V Oldriold a ftto mil" „.,rtd
'"•"rd of r, *7 a* ronda fo I _-t
li>irmi,n wan In km ?MMinra*
'Itr, n lleti/ lie I .d planed Ike mite
nrk v •< rdav n» i<l I.- and the Ml,,
n* 't ,t; li. 27,
With the co'iree none ton rood f«,i
r l worF. but *11. <ir|v faai-r
ir«f*nl»v. wh”fi h« I,tint up n,
*’*rlil i reror.la. fhi Intrepid driwr
t«1v for ;itiofh< r battle with lino
\ Imrite rmwd ana on fbe heart,
Ihtrmnn malntninod a ape.-d of fr,n
ulle< ,,n hour In hla tin. tnilo frlnl
>r a frartlon b aa than tlml In hla
I lie Ml..motor trial«, nhtrh aol II
»rk don ti to |,o ti r„nit< wer,
nude ai nppm*lni«le|y |r,*, milea n
",,,r !*0‘l riven Iho ii.iinr pilot t| ,
Mntinrtlun of traveling fnater than
nothing heretofore driven on whenla
fe '
Of Shool.n, N,„ fairmon. and No, '
Hor** Oovaloptnanta Show
11 *'• "«» ,.T
MflM< »XT. « Va, Ai-rll Ji
«’ f "lll.am
h< Mor'htfnfi.n nn lri.|.v
• n r.« ... , rhotn. a.. m
’’ ,h' rh.w.rv tho. n,„ i |
' 1 J Vl1' "f w,,,Uwf»h rh. mi n 1
■tnnf ruir.l I,»..r dm ah —
, , , ; 'Irl.i n i. \\«,|BW<.rlh
•f #>f n» r« .for-* rArr..
v.'n’nT: »«'."Inii
* !’ ..Af’.-IH*.! and ha, . rhnn*..
II, .».! Th.irti |. at Ml In Ihn n.iml*
,y wl" HOrtr h iv> a hoar. I
tots M in aun
Aw.o M.la T-a.n and L.ttla Onaa I
Pariah—Achilla Encana Sar. . !
Olit Hurl*
ATLANTA. .... April 2% A f..„r
'tfnlha n|.| tiatn «m kltli.il arid
’ ■ r an. alt . Ml 1.1 fnt ,ilv iniur. f at'
• iliii f.rk thin m.irn.na, ah. n an
*' in»i» .it | \\ t ti is.in* Tmln ml||<t«*«f
with in ant. i.ft'il Mr md Mra A
l fitranrt ttw fafhor and m'dlmr of I
ih«» hll.ii an were badly ah idea n up, |
TJiooro aormjQ Kt>EV^roRCJo&5";c/i i\jmsjon <*? M£.x vca. “ *
' he above picture*, taken at the aruiy <-iiup In bau Antonis. show that l ucle Stun * army Is ready t» in
terrene In the Mexican situation should It be deemed necessary. Acconllr - to report, the troops will bo sent
the border if the live* and property of Amt'iicatia are endangered.
lari!! Fight
On in House
Congress to Take Up “Free List" at
Session Today—Long Battle
Underwood Expects to Equalize Loss
of Revenue by Economies in
Washington, April £3.—The
lirst a I lark of the J'cnuK ralii Hour..
of Representatives upon the st-hed
idea of th.- Payne Aldrich tariff law
will begin tomorrow. With the Can
adian reciprocity h*|| disposed of as
lar as the hou.-c i- concerned, the
lines of hnttle are being drawn over
tbe bill Introduced by t h.iirn.au l'n
derwood of the Ways an.i Means com
Iidttee. and approved bj the Demo
rrtitlc rauens. plncim; on the free list
many tnannfie tnre-i articles ralcu
ia'ed to be of h« nef;t to the farmers
of fho country.
I hat flu* hill will f»r»v.* tho hnisn
•* onqti«'itionmll hut there will h« n
turbulent and prolonKwl l.dntr*. and
•he division of Hie I’nnl vole will In
far dlffe'otii from th*- rot-* on the re
ciproetty hi|| KcpuMlean leaders
declare that at least tin.fourths or
the sixty x, von Republicans who vet
cd with l ft .* I ten • *c ra f ic majority for
the reciprocity bill will he found flux
time standing vnl mlly l>\ ih*> minor
lly and Hie Kepuhii an protective pol
Th. I'emoeratte I- i«|.*rs th-m«. Ives
admit that upon th*- free list bill the
alignment will I* closely partisan a* -I
they .*sprat that t ■ discussion will
continue for poaslblv two weeks Then
there will he a lone lull In tariff re
vision activity )„ if,,. Hons. whl. h
uminnh'.-div will adjourn from time
to time waiting the r. port of th.- Way-,
and Meting committee on the r. • jsed
textile sell, flutes Tho CommHte. '
real work on the revision of the wool
and cotton s< h.-lul. r will not he un
dertnken until the farmers’ free list
l.tll has l»e«-n pa .-.I,
Tariff Revision Session.
This extra *' ■-h n, raid Ib-mocro*
th lead, r I'tldcrweed le lav. "(* t,, |>e
e set,ttalljr „ t« tr revision session
"" have passe.) the to Ipror ;ty lull
and next w.-rk will take up the Tree
list Mil. I-suing It up Monday is s „,n
a- sen.- apl-rr print ion r..otters are «||s
p. red of Th. re wrtil „ mil r
hOl. Some eorr. ‘lor Mila and then
»!.- dehate on the ft... |IIM „tl|
•nken up.*
The renpporllonmr nt Mil |R almost
certain to I- railed ,p , . ,t We.|ne«
•lav In an .ff -rf to i ass It. hut opt
alt Ion ma y delay fin . I vole The new
Mexico- Arizona Slat, a o.J hill also la
on the calendar I aid -, these two
measures, the program Includes llllle
of Importance except the tariff
"I know that h. rev,-Inc the pro
MMtlve grliedul s.ild \|r I’ndrr
w.swl. 'We wilt Ml -n the mark.! to
emuirh new tn.tferla) to more than
. otrp.tira'e otir revenue* for lie r |
vised duties We . ;r not a.lopt a pel
Icy here l.y rutt.ng off revenues St a
wholesale rate with, nf providing -ome I
other means of ral I - r. venue for th -
government Tl l.r'T revisions we I
will propose at tl- - time will he vfrp* |
In th< fight dire 'Ion. hut will not In- '
as sweeping n« the I'nmocrattc party
ultimately will r.. k to lav.- . |
Into law
economy tr. Make up Loss j
'The free list lull will cut oft shout
lin.ooo.otu> rctcnu. hut f.'.ono.ooo <>f
that is . ntnpens-i'.-d for In the reelp
roclty Mil, and w.- can see now where
we will save to the government more
(Oosttawed ox Third Fmwj
Reyes Recalled
Believes Mexico Is Natural Ally of
United States and Not Japan.
PAULS. April 23.—General Hernar.lo
Reyes, the Mexican ex-minister ot
wnr. has received a rail from Presi
dent Diaz to return at once to Mex
, ieo. Diaz aslts tiis aid In the at
f tempt to settle the revolution. Gen
eril Kcvex ex;wets to sail for New
I York within a fortnight, perhaps
within a week.
This. In brief. Is the distinguished
soldier's declaration to ihe ssoclated
i'ress. For many months General
Roves has been living the life of a
retire.I officer, quietly engaged In r< -
search work on the Important prob
lem of reconstructing the Mexican
General Keyes expressed the hope
that the United .States would adhere
'o its decision not to Intervene.
In my opinion.” he said, "that will
no* k* wcwiiry. if the rafted
States intervenes, it must he expect
.■d tlist tlie Mexicans, forgetting their
[internal quarrels, would unite with
'tie common aim of crushing the in
| vader, lust as they did against the
Itiirtng the conversation General
Roves alluded to what he termed
| the ahsurditv of the legend" that
the Mexican government had a pri- .
(arrangement with Japan hostile to
tlie United Flutes Even a slight ex
amination of the situation between
I..* United States and Japan, to- m>1
[ o«l. would sugvest that if the United
States were menaced h> Japan the
uatural alls of the United States,
would he Mexico He would Stip|>n»e '
that the Untied States government
would consider Mexico ns having the
surne interest ns the United States
In respect to a non Xmcrtcnn nntng
onlst For this reason he thought i
that the United States and Mexico
should he allies
Rain at Catep.
SAN ANTONIO. April 23. Imspite1
a heavy rain lh|s morning, the man- •
eqvers camp was filled with the usual
Sunn ij visitors this afternoon.
Although man recrnlfs have been
received by the division, it is reach
inf war strength hut shrwlv The en
♦ y« division now numbers not quite
IJ.Ofiil men.
txs weatvev
_ w,*,Ty Pan isytrsnla—r»lr Monday;
Tuesday fair: slightly vinos
Fair M 'niay. Tnssdas fair at* i
Wss* rmnli-Fair Monday, Tuesday
fair, wsrmsr.
Madero and Diaz Representative
Agree on Five-Day Armistice.
Government indicates That Conces
Will Be Made to Secure Peace.
KU PASO. Texas. April 23.—An ar
mistice of Jive days, beginning at
noon today and affecting the district
between Jnarez anti Chihuahua and
west of the latter city, was made ef
fectlvc tf day in an exchange of iden
tical letters signed by General Fran
eiseo I Madera for the rebels and
Genera! Juan Navarro for the govern
The trtire provides that there shall
he tui movement of troopa of either
side during the next five days, and
that pro. Hii.ns and medicines may be
brought to either ramp from the
American snic without payment of
If is note! that OJInaga. where a
small federal force is berth-god, is not
covered In the armistice, the lnsur
recto activities in that district being
largely independent It Is expected
fhai in the .vent or »r.e settlement
o' the rebellion in Chihuahua, the
situation in OJinngu apd other scst
t» r- I p!in h throughout the republic
will receive attention. The moral ef
f.. • of the cessation of hostilities In
Chihuahua Is regirile) ns certain to
' parts of
the rountr simple
Actnsl i -vee r.< .dl.Tl.ms preceded
the armistice it was of course known
tb i* a true.- was agree ;Me to Madem,
and a telegram from the <’lty of Mex
Madero that
General Navarro had I eon Instructed
by rrrsl.i ’t I la/ to enter Into ths
D.az to Concede.
The concessions w hb-h the govern
rr.-nt ) s b».n willing to make hsrs
been known for i.u weeks to Gen
ernl M idem, iv. r since Frederlco
Move, a business man of Chihuahua,
visited General M.olero at Knnrho
luiattllo* They were d.sc . esed at
the meeting todav by the various
leaders and memh* rs of the pence
mission Those present at the meet
ing. sere
Fnnrl-ro Madem. Hr. father of the
r. b< I lewder, flic latter* brothers. Al
fonso, Gust: vn and Raoul Madem,
I’asciml Orozco, the origins) field
tender of the revolution: Rancho Vil
la. former b.’ndlt snd present st.. -«|
supporter i,f Modem. Giuseppe Garb
bvldl and General snd Hetiors Ms
dero The Inst named is accounted s
• arm supporter of Inking Juarez and
then talking peaec Hotnew here In her
irf-i’flons she fears that her husband
would he better In a position to tall!
(Cent Innod os Sooond Pago)
Terse Telegraphic Tips
rHII.Anri.rnU- Harrlcoa to root
inamorato tho !»2d annlveraarr of tho
founding of tho Indopondont Ot'ler of
tMd Kollo w* woro hold In aovon
ehitrrhi-a In this rite today Tho or
der w»* founded In Kaltlmoro on
April ?fi. lain
NKW UtllK Vernhor* of the Now
York shoo l>-*l«T« Aaaorlat Ion d«*
elaro woman'* foot aro growing hr^
,-r oaoh »o»r. and that a aoorot code
°f klroa haa ho. n roaortod to to ploato
woman** vanity
I .IMA. O Whin Sylroator Ttonlfaa
awoke ard apoko to hta wtfo aho
•it I led to roapond, and tnroatlgatlon
■ bowed that aho had dtod In the
III KKAI.O—Walking along tho
atraat. Arthur Dnrar waa ahot by a,
atrMi car. TM oar diachargad a cart
ride* on I hr ir«k br paaalnt ova*
I'AHRONrl, tV V,l JilM Mr Fart
drp and William I'llory. prlaonora in
•ho Tnilrf oontitv jail, oaoapod hjr
pr«ln« out Para with a rud front a
< I.ARKuni RO. tv Va -Tho Motif*
tain \t Indow OI ««« Company a plant
at Court, ratiorl. P* will ho romorad
boro and a btow.-r tank plant oract
AMnov, China Putin* tho paat
two wooka twonty nlno doatha ham
o,r,trr. I 'torn tho (daana and ntnw
from amallpox
WASHINtlTON A joint dobato '«
to ho held In tho National Ptvhm Club
Mar i hotwoon Honator John W
Korn. .Toaoph Cannon. Nlrholaa Lon*
worth and UUtw Id. Jam**, of Km

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