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Tuetday. April 25. 1911. STONE & THOMAS The Weather—Fair.
Season’s Smartest Models in Millinery
THE Millinery Store is abloom with the smartest and most stylish effects in Spring
A and Summer Millinery and Turbans, Toques and Bonnets, Street and Dress Hats
, f°r women, misses and children are selling at a lively rate. All the most effective color
and shades are included in the assort
ment here ready to w ear, while the range
of choice is fully as w ide in the Headwear
made to order. Children’s Hats from
$2.50 to $10.00—Tailored Hats from
$5.00 to $15.00—Toques in black-and
gray and black-and-white effects, the
smartest Hats for those favoring some
thing small, here at $7.50 to $19.75 and
Evening Hats of the most fashionable
sorts here from $25.00 to $70.00.
at a Saving of 25'/°
TPHIS is an economy event not to be overlooked by any woman or miss needing a new
& Suit. We offer choice of our entire line of Tailormade Suits (except White Serge
and Mohair) at a fourth oil the plainly markt low prices you find on the ticket. As vou
know this is a one-price store and the reductions are made from the figures which vou
can see tor yourself on each garment. The newest and most desirable models, the cor
rect materials and colorings are embodied in these Suits which vou can choose at prices
like these: '
$15.00 Tailormade Suits, less • 4 -j
now cost you »MIiZO
$19.50 Tailormade Suits, less -| |
now cost you L4*V)0
$22.50 Tailormade Suits, less ', ^1* 1 Q O
now cost you 1 0.00
$25.00 Tailormade Suits, less '4 (fti n
now cost you .. vlo. 1 ♦)
$29.50 Tailormade Suits, less '4
now cost you.
$.■{2.50 Tailormade Suits, less '4 tPO \ QO
now cost you. <9m4«0O
$.'15.00 Tailormade Suits less '4 OfT
now cost you .
$10.00 Tailormade Suits less '4 ^qa aa
now cost you .
$50.00 Tailormade Suits, less '4 PT/A
now cost you. yu I »t)l/
$69.50 Tailormade Suits, less '4 Vi*"'*) T *>
now cost you lO
1 T -
Second ©©k of tlhi© Rug Off©rijnigs
From the Big Mew York Sale
second week of the Rug sale started off yesterday in a wav that promises to eclipse tlv first
, „ whcn we S0*J more rugs than in any precious week in our historv. The Rugs are fiorr. the
McCabe jobbing house in New York and were slightly wet when fire on the McCabe p.emises was
extinguished recently. The Rugs are practically as good as when they came from the loom, but vou
can have them now for less than the cost of manufacture. A number of the oflenn-s here for
your choosing:
Special lot of Tapestry Brussels
Room-Size Runs, '.txlut^ feet
usual 911.7a grade; " sale
price. $£45
Very Heavy Seamless Tapestry
Brussels Room-Size Rugs,
feel; usual III.U'i to
grades; sale price. 99.50
Heavy Axmftister Room-Size Rugs,
'.>\I7 let-t, ? - -Me grade; sale
price . $14.95
Best Quality Smith's \xtuinster
Room-Size Rugs, 9 x I I! feet
$.T> " i grade; sale price. $*5.95
II* avy St-amlt-ss Tapestry llru.-sels
Kttoir Size ltiv;n, -'jxlKij. teet.
$14. jo grade sale prtce $9.50
Heavy Se unless Tap. .-try Urns
sets Utiiitn Size Hugs, T'jXi* feet
Sll’.e't grade; sale price $8.45
Heavv S*..*titless Nipperliim lira
rcls lioom >:re Itilg.-. *.\ll feet.
Ha le prll .■ $5.93
Heavy \\raliiHier Kootn-Size lings.
*»' * x 1 •*1 e pet. good line oi
I a'terns. J17.n0 grade; sale
price . . $13.95
l’*‘M .lakes of Koval Wilful) Kooin.
Size Kilts. 9* IL* feet; $ 40.01
tr."l>. sale |irfl. $31.95
Kin.- Quality lloil.v llrussel*
Kotnii Siz.' Kuts. :• \ 1; it el.
and $"vm> trades; sale
price $22 35
Heavy rniun Intrain Ituom Size
Kilts. 9*1; feel, I7.e. trad.
lad of Kill.' \*minsl"r lie;.rili
Kilts, size "7x54 iii. tiMs.
trade; sale price *1.53
Ian of larte A\iriinster llenrlh
Kutts. slz" vT; inches, fi.*..
trade, sale price *2.85
$ll<SoSO Art <Ga>s Domes for $10.90
■TpilNK r.f Retting a fine 24-inch Art Gas Dorm at such a savint;’ This Dome is made w.th ciaht
, Panels ol hent gl iss in the bod) and ei ■ . ii tin own in variou bcaufi
rnamcntcJ u:th ■'-inch bead fringe fo match complete and rcadv to ii*
han ol U**/i>
—— — — ___________ _____________
Continuing the Lace Curtain Sale—manu
facturer* -Broken Lots" at prices which
mean great savings On popular Draperies. i-g. /r, *
Sale on the third floor, AItCwV j
Amended Filtration Ordinance to Be
Dp A ■}am—To Vote on Nerv
Election Piec.nct*.
The 1*1 . all for ||H .
In* nf ' i. 1 * ,,
fanned l:,-t .Mnilt.*, h- Mavor r f
fiehTiijil' i 'An *»rv imfMirtanl mat
fir*, the n.-w fidtraiion Imrid nrrfln
• tire and the e(..-.|al »tre«*t let y «,r
dlnanre. an* to |f. ronetdnred In ad
d 'Inn to thi • I-o|T|t, jy . .
Wry ft at action t>< taken on the re
fa,rt of the election comn It fee and
ttie n«* r>recmf« ordinal'" Tin
Ifnard of t in*ro; »ii| preeenr a nntn
-»» ---- —.
l.cr of Ihimiic/v matter* fur consul-»
• ration.
The nltt item oriliuaui a* amend
• il. * .11 foit!|i| with Hie . it,, law . on
Imit.iI I-a. iic ordinance* The original
ordimmee, .1 w ill l»- recalled. w ,i* nul
lileal through 1 ho fan flint th.- date
for lie- t.ou.1 election was the
“attic ;is the general . |tv election,
fi ’ 1 , 1 ... | ,,
I' Th. pri vi-don of the law w hich
fe'iulrc • that .1 li.itid i»«ue ordinance
trurt I,.- ...» dere.l iii a regular meet
:m ..! council, will te coin idled with,
us lie- meeting tonight i> an ad
jounici Heeling ot tie- regular *.•*
“Ion held tv.. - e.-ks ago.
lie >-1 r.-et l.vy I otnl ordinal ee. pro
ild n. tor i| . *t|M *ii|iti:^git $| _■ (.»<>»,
will he r.-eoniin.'iid.-I In tie- . orrinilt
tee till str.-ete, alley* and grul.-x Ill 1
its origin.I form, with th,. .-. nudes
“Iihmltted hv fit. Ki.glfiea r C...-K That
ordinance provide, for the improve
.nent of , nmnlx-r of the principal
M onei: id .r. witho.it r. . ard to ward
line* Tie new *.r. eini t onllfiaii..
provide* f»r thr.;.- 1(. w .n„„ |ir,
It r..- tin- lotiriii.
s*«-v«-nlh iiini Kith'll ward*
• >i.i J.m, ■ .. h..»».• UH...I r,.r tn.
* lvhi.-< n >. urn in ... m,. M
».f tl). I* «: rtf r * ..* f i n i; i r i ll.ih.-rv •*.
■Ir< |>|•• • I > . »t. r.lnv in..i i.n. »hi,.
drn«inn tl..- Hug..n i.n tt,. .
Th> itiur.il h i.I i n in . .n ,.||,i
r..t li h'.-.n irn m.i , K.,
i.|..\.i« . f -tl, firm Th.- anirrml hi I
with*.ill .|.|.i.r. nt ...m
0. Ed. Mendel & Co.
ro*t*Ai. MArcToia aid
*IA. Miln *irMt Woopnr *•»
r«ll Ul»hl or lar 8Utr»*r MO||
zzjZmi?: mmits.i
Oeo. E. Johns Co.l
Special Waist Sale
Lingerie and Linen Waists
f-or y2 the Regular Rrice
Oond% are fresh, clean and desirable. Mich Neck and I one m..-v . i v
»">« sk'T' Mnw. stride III,I,cl.,- "k Skf'"' 1 v*
- wfc ’ . nIZ
^fw tailored and Trimmed Serge Suit*.
SIS.SO to $<*5.00 Values for y2 Rrice
Half-Sick People Abound. Say* Fam
ous Expert—Wants Direct
Talk With Them.
The success of I'rof. J. >!. Munyou's
plan of establishing headquarters In
Wheeling for ihe purpose of getting
into more direct touch with the people
who have been using bis remedies has
become tlie talk ot the town. A con
tinuous stream ot people thronged
Boe tie's drug store. T well 111 street, all
day yesterday, taking advantage of
bis ofler ol tree advice tor the sick i
and all lifted. Many who were present
in the store stated that they had been
much benefited by Muuyon's treat
ment, but that they were not willing
to give their names for publication.
In an interview. Professor Munynn
said: "The hearty response which the
peoplr of Wheeling have made to my
printed newspaper appeals has given
great pleasure. It makes me feel that
Hie trouble and the expense which I
have ini until in Wheeling has bet 11 i
worth while. I know that my remedies
are the best ever cotn|iounded for the
ailments for which they are prescrib
etl. but it is necessary to get them into
the bands ol the people lor the people
to know tiieir value as I know it. The
way the public of \\ heeling has Seiz
ed upon my free oiler indicates, how
e'er. that this should be the least of
my troubles.
"I belie ve there is a cure for every
direuse. I do not claim that I have
found them all. but 1 do believe that
in my forty years of study iu my
chosen field I have done as much to
ward that end as any one man can ac
complish during Ins life on ihis earth.
The great trouble witll most people of
today is that they are Just about half
sick, tired, droopy and ‘all run down.' I
Tills is usually due to an Inactive !
liver or stomach out of order. Many
people will drag through life in this
manner, getting worse every 'lay. and
yet their is uo renson for it. A course
of treatment, mild and gentle in ac
'ion. extending o'er several weeks or
a month, as the case may require, will
make a new man or woman out «>f this
kind id a sufferer."
It was announced that Munyou's
hours at tloetze's store. :;7 Twelfth
street, would be from lo in the morn
ing to 8 tit night.
plavground may now be
Plan* Being Complrted for the Open
ing of South Eire and Eatt End
Vi'!, ’i tin* l-l*1 addition was
! id mil .* I'«ai|iitn| hit!*- prove was
a-nl*' l*> ill*' promoters of Hi*, sale,
and ii present pint's materialize this
'■ill ho i ol" a play; round lar the
Island ■tiil<|i-*‘n ai.il will h* fully
*"|i!'lij**'i| with no* -s.-ary equipments.
\t til** ii*'\i in* i fii*— of the I'lny
-routoM a .(.i ,atloti this |tr(i)H l v III
•x taken hi*. : 1*1 i*i all probabilities
ill*- pround* \ ill I u|»-r*il iit ih*»
noar ftiiur* I’ratnrally every resi
de it o’ -lii- Is I e 1 IS Inter. Sled ill the
iday cronnil im*v * ia* r,i
\rrat uetueiits tor Hi** nper.inp of
»he (-'.I.-1 raid at;.I .-•...i !i Sale piny
-.omul are now I e*t;t made by the
‘ ■ i itV'ii 11' l.i *v II lie opi'iie.l in)
mediately utter .-* bool elos.'S. and
eiTorta will also in made to have the
M'hnul yards < me t ried Into play
.rounds i r the i hildren dnrinp the
to *■ sell. ids are i lou d.
"Ill | l •: ill In*' rnusl ill' PIVi'H to
I II- * hililr* " II -hoi.1.1 I- id. a-ati*
’’si i I null i Iain's i'ouph Hem
* dv h iti.ule from leaf sup irt and liio
t* ■ • - II . o in IT- pr. Iteration plv-e it a
"aver similar to niapie -ynip. maklnir
’* pi*' a nl to lake li h is no superior
or .oh!-, rro'ip tnd whoopin' eonph
For ■ ■!. by all dealer*
VfPtlilri ftf 4 It* PlniKlsr O^iitara IA> . I I
Be Melt) in Ff* Days—New
Car Cold.
Wiihti.: i i merlin* rtf OH
III- Kill' till r < a n> I III fill* 1 ii Hilly
will Ill-Ill. ;«f it Im h a Itnfithler '-lull
will In- nir.iiii,.-.! Tin- mifilnit • im
dr lav* -I iiwim* to .1 iitnnln-r of the
on Ill-Ill of I If. to-t *11- ale.tit from file
• 'll 1.
M in i.*-r fi nr,-.* ll.ivtm. of the
\\ Ii*-. Iiinr 'I , f'ofn|i»ii>. v Im |- ar- nf
for tin ha ru III- r i.ir. >i-.-Vr-|*> > li| ,1
* *-• ime 1 1. - . linn 1111: i ar to « linr'i;,
1 * Uff**it» fVantt lor flu- «-n i*t|i n of
Hu- iiioiHii-.il v. . H.-inilili-r "iimne ir«*
mat. rlnlt/ltm- nil viorii w II I..
•-I within .1 fi- ila■ 1. oi- the holMIng,
win* It * 1 I*. * i.i* of tin lar, 1 iti
lo ;•»•♦ ;i fljjfiii m;U*hlfM», |.i*\ j
<• nh k of it?ii** Kl«mr.
Comiriniwr* Irifruct Sheriff f0
Prevent Jail B.lltt Before
Fir»t of Way.
tin- nm. t.n, «if fit.* rnitnfy rom
flu a n* fi ■ . ti-rdat fnortt.io; the
aln-rift w a a ■ inn i.-il to j.r.n 1 all
J ill ;o * i.iiiifii for f fli-iii.-tif before the
flt-t tif ktji 1 The HHtfll rotirf tin'ii-n
aftil mil hill* were a milt.-I an.I nrrl
••*■« i| |i,ilil
ytf.it It II . aVlor of fhe lloaril
" I ran • v. fnlrit all Ini Hatton to the
1 * 1 I fn 1. |.fi nt with a* many
i- |M hh I.Ii- *tf a In.
*»f *»• I 1- IV* fl In Slat.- Ifni.| font
" -Mint I'liarlm I I .Uhl on tin.
*-- - It t*|c of 1! iv n|l fill*. *|../i n Her
I If a iitniii.tl ir nf ft * Ila ffi-rr fotr
rha- < i| for linn In Ihn * ..fififi nlHiTH,
1 , ,
Picturr* That Plra«r.
In tv otii-«* iti a while jon tiail !
fiiaitif f.-tit* |il* lure mlling for many |
thou---i*i.f i.f ff.iilarH. lint ton <an tm !
'•n* " Im .ftIfni r< l.rrHlta-tlon of *onm -
lit the Win .| ma»ter|tteeei. ready for
rr-tmitiK. atiwolnlely rrnn. bv wewdfni:
Mm Mi 1 'i Brother*' snafi Company, ,
I* Ion f tltln. a rwn-CMI ala tfi an.I
'<• nil nt hi -i fmr* 11. ik-ti J
*■*. ' I
white laundry man. ,
Blanket* and Lace Curtain*.
Lutz Bros.
WM. J. LUTZ. Prop.
1069 MAIN
Alex. Durst &
I Summer
Fellowcraft Shoes, made in
Brockton. Shoes all union
made and guaranteed.
John Dinner
■ Our Repair
' Department
Is Complete
In Every Way.
At Moderate Prices.
Quick Service.
All Work Guaranteed.
H. E. Hillman
Jeweler. Sil\er«milh and
2S Klescnth Street
T. M Haskins Battery Installed Of
cer* .at Meeting Held Last
-- -
t\ itli . large nMi'tii|anre, the nirai
lvr« of T M II. skins llatterv \ ,
KtiiahlH nf I’MhlUH, held a meeting
i.isi * i • mi t- ,,t Mi. ir |.>dg. rooms m
III.' At-ms hiohlim nit the Island.
• Mol |.o-t ill.-.l nffi.-er* I'aiifnin Khan*
n I ha'I of Mi Merhen Knights nf
IMIn. « -as the Installing «.ffl< er
III* follow me o's.ers were in
•*v|’*-| \\ ’t. 'l. m.-nt, rsioain.
l \\ *.|illti:sh. senior li.-uiennn'
' A Itrowtt. minor lietiteitanl; t .1
i nenlnw. s.-nior so.-n t lieutenant .1
I t\ hit.-sail, junior see..tn| lleijteli
nt.r t Itarles M Adams, reenrder
< hgrles U heavy treasurer (soils li
Iijanu. :iard and A II Hawkins sen
Mnel \\ ith ih.* etre,-turn of the in
.Milatinn only rntlilne hiisiness was
transur ted It tn*- t-lnse of Min even
me refreshments w.-re served
I V'lien mil ron.e a.-ross with an
■ rsTtler. th.-n Is when We hate In I
I rotoe arrows with Mo- servlets
■ w.- |irnnnsr-d vim. and the best
1 |>ari id li la
J 'lodiriin-s ordered from ns are
J l>»11 • 11» rieln .. niisut’-le.l with
Ihe crew lest ear- and skill nnd
delivered lo you rtutekly What
do >nu Haul Tmlat*
John Coleman Lo.
Ctitmltla »rj Druggist*
intli sect M.'liay. 2.1th
Geo. R. Taylor Co.
“Our Policy Is Good Quality **
Extraordinary Value in
11 omen’s Silk Dresses
Striped Foulards ]
Striped Taffetas 1 $ 1 4.95 •
Plain A Tessa lines I
values up to $20.50.
All have lace or chiffon over all-6ver lace voices—
some are prettily piped and have self covered but
tons—kimono sleeves a feature.
Black, blue, brown, green and lavender.
L„"S Coats 1 .
for Juniors
Nicely tailored and finished throughout.
Sizes 13, 15 and 17.
House Dresses
Porch Dresses
1 acat ion Dresses
of Calico, Percale, Gin git aw, Eaivn,
Dimity, Egyptian 'Tissue, Etc.
At $1 00 "* ^Iac^ an^ White Checkered
(;a|iCOi a prettv, simple stvle
square necked and short sleeved.
At $1 ot ^rale, >n dark blue, China
blue. Navy blue and Black
checks, also black and white stripe. High
neck and long sleeve.
At $2.00 sB,!cLanJ uhi,e s,ripcJ s“r
Bulk.i dotted white Percale, trimmed in
polka dot band.
Chambra Gingham in blue, checked
bands, all have square neck and short sleeves.
Black and white, blue and white, laven
der and white, and pink and white barred
Lawns with polka dot borders. Very dainty.
Black and white and blue and
white Gingham Dresses with
dainty embroider} yoke, low neck and short
$3.50, $3.95, $4.35, $5.95,
Others dt j' 56.95, $7.95, $8.95, $9.95,
$12.35, $14.95 and up.
l\m broideries
Sew Swiss I/oti firings
in Mind and eyelet, large and small designs ap
propriate for children’s and ladies’ dresses.
From 48c to $9.50 the yard.
IS-inch Swiss A //over
suggests itself as the correct material for smart
kimono waists, in Mind and eyelet.
From $1.95 to $4.98 the yard.
Hand l.rnbrotdring on line l.inert
11 atst Patterns
M."5 and 55.00 regulars.
^or $2.43 complete^
Small Priced
White Aprons
llarred I aw n. sheer. Round and square,
neath rutiled, round sheer w hite law n, some
with tucks.
I5c 25c each.
ay lor 1 horofar^

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