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thejnteu.igencer_has the largest morning newspaper circulation in the STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA
wJ'fM ll (IfUffr I THE WEATHER 1
w ^'W ^ F*lr Thur*d»y a,,d Fr,«,*y. Ri»ir*g
y .^k ^ ^ T»mp*r*tur*.
VOLUME MX., NO. -W H eITT^G , W X~ATTh U Rll> A V . ~l U N R- , , , 0 , , , PRICE TWO CENTS
Governor in Interview Insist* the
Fight For the People Has
Hist Been Started.
Believes Nearly Whole of Next
Legislature Will be Personally
Pledged For l.aw.
._ t
, Xnttll'fencer Bnretn.
ChwrU«*on W ▼*., Iff a 7 31.
Tn# first public utterance made by
Governor Glasscock since the special
session of the legislature was eon
vened wuh made today and In it he
makes It very clear that the people
will be given an opportunity to know
Some of the reasons why the lletno
ernts did not want a primary election
law cnActfd at the special (‘»*('tdon.
‘ I am disappointed but not dts
courage,!.” ||f. Raid this afternoon In
discussing the action of the icgi*.
Inture. The fight for the prlntary
election law is not ended but Just be
gun." he replied
When asked what tourse he pro
posed to take he replied. "I expect to
go Into every count} of the sta'e just
as soon as possible and explain to
the people the best | ran. what this
fight really means to them When the
people are once fully aroused to tne
Importance of the subject the r. suit
w ill not be In doubt. The issue has
now- been ntnde and yon will see all
parties declaring next year more
earnestly and emphatically for a prl
mary law than e.er before We are
not defeated, the time for the reali
zation of our hopes for better things
1n West Virginia has only been post
poned. I venture the prediction that
more than seventy-five per cent of all
members of the legislature elected
next year will have to make a per
sona! promise to favor a direct state
wide primary law The people will ,
not he trifled with any longer. At,
soon as I have time t-. prepare it | ex
peel to give out n more extended
New Trust
Architect* Have Comb "e >n Restraint
of Trade That W»ll Be
WASIHV'iT' »V M.i' 71 Si(p*r\l«.
Ire ArrMtrrt Th'I»t. of the* tr^asr/
d\pf:rtntent. t• • 1 *1 th** h.»»»***• t ommitt* ••
«n exprn lit»ir»'« in the' d* partm* fit
to-dny »h«t *h»* .\rr*,l*.»n Inatltut* of
Architect* *..n» • prlr< iKm-mfut •>
end that th* f* «|r rat *r»»\ ernnvnt nfr*»n
* *i* aff^rt. d • it
Tht* n •****. taM *n. Mr T;» i*»r «*!*!
has r. atra*!1n*t rule »h *t n«» nvn r
mav Md hrf «n |»«*r rfn* f >r th* r*•• s|
r *Pt #»f a .« »|M re f--r f :rnsh*»..
p’m*' fh*r*»f«*r. m* mt » rx • • u» -m*
iiibj* r:. to fir>.- . rd * n
f»*m fh«* iu»r'»rlatl*»n.
lb jdvir*: to th - ••mmi*t. • « m- .irv
?!i ' ior xi‘i th** * «•*« «.f »h* j r; .k
eh atr.r S* r* t»- AT . v. j, . j
trrrlM In f:i** ?r* * r\ r h!«
Cowen Bums
Thirteen Bjilding* In w Va. Town
Are Wiped Aut by
i'WKV . W Va . Mav r.l \n . *
plf'i.i’ir lairp I; -i nlphf tailor) a ' r>
whirl, |>rnr- • |> 11 > rii|t th." li ;-i
ti«»« •irtmti of ho town ri’.i-mnn
bulldlr«». ttirlu'liii* tl.n p..,»».»ft.« e and
fhn naltln'f.rn a d Ohio railroad i!»f.nf
arr* deatroynd ■
Scramten to Eto Have P-tts
burj-Scrxul'tr B i| Declared
A'-f: A\T» *.V »•» M • ? • •» lr
r if; ||"l /Jl 'ITII' • ' *•
r a * »h.‘ t 1-1 f . rrv m* *
th* t ar* *.f th* l*.« ul * »♦ f«* « r• .#
f'lftetiurir ^■ rerton • sr*i* *l b.
f ,> • rtvT T* n* r thl» m"in r *•
T‘ * * •*. »n » ha* • * * * • .1 i >*d.
H ‘ i 1
r> r f r • . • • ond fl f i .ir*ofh- f
vi.-t ' n * * * »• « nr* In 11 ■ Mfn* r|,,^
MAVAM'A Vlrarar », Mi IT
Th* f<r'-*«‘i I In a h ■ * af I
end nth of bonding* nr-arli wofn
damapr-d A 'onridrralil#. a-a of |ifo
la r»| Iif’orl
May Wheal Corner Tame One
Tr*4#ra B*omrt Mop* R«lr*#*4 Son-*
G*».n and »n* Short# C#c#s>#4
f’HK’VJO Ms "t Thr-r • „
p‘rrijr»ar|ii<» fin *h iinln, »<.r •) .ti
I*#*! iom*r in 'll iKrn-, hit th*
► rfir fan not <»f th<* «rtrt tl t * m
*ll*tt*rj Inert*') r(t h imtft.i. <,f ».
r '*4 hrok*r» *' r < nr it- *a*ti rithtr
in th» tratl o# it - f t*n rhanc* th* rlnn*
• « n* Wh « 4<tf*r*o' • i4 that
•nan* fh# ffartapii
for-ahl* r>n th* *t*p» an t nhliPtj int
»h* tin * l.o talilnp an4 jnkin#
Ina<*a4 r.' «lit>r'« twin# 1
«) hoof rr*r«\f. )h* final pri** for Mar
4***'»r> *ii a r1»* of onlv
IV <-< oiparnij UPh thn B('irr* at th*,
Bank Vault
Nearly Empty
Surprise ir» Wellsvlllt Failure When
But Little Coin Was
, Found.
Attorney* From Other Towns Arrive
and Thorough Inquiry Is
Fpevlnt T’ispntr- t • Mi* Intelligencer I
WELLRVILLE. O. May 31- The
deeper Assignee A t; McKenzie iiws
into the affair* of the Silver Hanking
Company the more complicated the
business of the 'nstltution becomes
The Vbults of the bank were opened
this a'tern non and practically no rah
at all war fotind. Where all the
money has got-.c that was deposited
Saturday night lx considered a mys
tery 1l was reported .to-night that
"the cash was taken to a I’ittsburg
bank for safe keeping, fearing that a
run might be made on the local bank."
This report Is not being generally ac
cepted Attorneys for the II Silver
Company at Lisbon are reported to
have stated to local men that the fail
ure was a had one.
Attorneys front other towns have
started to eotne here to protect ell
ruts The filing of a motion In the
Cnlted Slates Court in Cleveland to
throw the concern Into bankruptcy
will. It is believed, lie enough to have
the government go to the bottom with
the lr<p iry It Is common talk that
the bank was never known to have,
made a "hail loan." «nd that nil paper
w a> compelb-1 '<> he rent wed prompt
ly or i'si- paid In full Tht? bank was
started in ! "4 n a partnership affair.
Miners Ask
For Inquiry
File Serious Charges Against Penn
sylvanla Coal Concerns Where
Strike Exists.
WASHINGTON', I* C. May 31 -
As .i n -ill of i larges laid before the
House committee on rub- to da* fly
miners and labor representativ.«
against the coni mine companies and
th« Ir repri sentat \ is In the West more
land coal folds lit IVntisy I* nnia. th
committee wi.l permit representatives
of the coal minim, companies *o np
p< T ;it-.| win att.-n pt to vft opt some
ttf the facts connes-teu with the'pend
lug sl'ike in the coal district
Whether an Investigation will he de
mnnde | will dt pend largely upon fur
tlier fact. brought out In suh etpien*
hearing- Th- legation of roal mi
n* testimony tn<la> to
show fhnt irwi.-ffiminafo mo
Icnrp, conditions of ponnaiso. tnterf'T
one. with iho I nitc»| State* rn.tlh and
•h»* v. <:♦ pr«*d *«I*iiho of tho authority
of »T'*• lan had tntrko.j f|.- ontlr**
f.roirr* of tho mrikp In tho Tvnnsyl
* inia coal district
La BeHe Cuts
Reduce* Price* to Ve*t S’* » Cttab
l.»hed by O .nee Steel
vf. mi r<' : •■ ■ •• e | I. ••.. -r.
J*Tni ItKNVlt.I.K. n M • :i a*
•he r '*.*110*: of tho »i rectors i.f tho
!,:i‘tol|e 1 roil ^ *o|r iuttA , held !*-re to
•It', i i it .ti |*rl« • i.i ■' noun. cd
It.* <•' II " recent r< . on ir.ii|e hi
•he l ' - 'ru • ■■• •••■" |.r"■!':"•*
The rey t'-' r ?'2 |M-r "' lit iju r»orl\
dlv 'lend '’I* nnnminceii Th> rt'er1
- 'i ■ .
tr.K ■'•••> I or Iron t'o i.ii not oui
No Adjournmei!!
O- ^ *• fn C->**'p'at*
It* Bus rtit L»i* N• qht
Th** t ihlo
•*.- * n * f vrirdtntf i-h,. m
» • ••• H f nn ..| ;ff . t,*
O •; If f., .f . ,n,. fll. ,Tl f*
T* • III * » I. ♦»,. ror tti Wnd
;*"»«»* d
• 1 Ha '• it #*f ih« d« f «♦ ..f t h*
* » o • I i.f • cf. ? *i
' '»*>•> »* pr* \ *<t i <i ,t trifling
*.\t, »* >rp* i > mnrhof f- rn maring
i« fh« fai t >h •; n ;.o > • ■ > r,
ibn in»*»rr»i« ■ «• an<alfrtl
’ ' TO'T lr| o' < nnnrh . ...i in a.,p
(ill all itnn.nnfln »* .1 ■ « rr ft ..firmtr
H*-.«.fi» rinltff o' »ho |..m mn.rn- |
■ i n.«fr 1 Ifir llrrnl kii liiniii 1 „ o' |
• SI 1 •!« ami arfp.n .r l«»nr<1 '
if ‘rniti’ ii r. ■ firm in appoint!*.* ,
i» fnttfrr in iivi'ni ig.if •• .ill Irrrmi nr
•.« In tin- irnto horn « rrr aarrlhril1
*■> Mil ..rlf.rijinl rrna .'ia »ht tbr Oii-O
nili'i I Kith rnntrnlllr.a th" mnrVrr
Wirr tllllna tn rrlrnt unit ahnw that,
»vrn in thr whr.it pit 1h1.fr |a anrh a j
'h.Mi na fhr ' r<nw of rraaon anil j
mrri-- Thla. at Inn**, wna ihr pro
‘ailing flaw.
• I
Deposed President Bids Farewell
as He Takes Boat
For Spain.
Tears Stream Dtwn Fare of Diaz
as He Addresses Followers
For I a>I Time,
\ ER \ CRT’Z May
I’orhrio Diaz so 1<I hi* farewell to Vex
lio today. With hi* wife and other
mem her* of the Din? family he hoard
e.1 the steamer Yptrnnca hound for
To his country (Jennral Diaz deliv
ered a warning Speakine to the little
croup erf soldiers who hail nerved
a cttnrd on his irij. from the capital,
the old e-->n who s’nuuud Mexico f. r
more than thirtv veurs to mllltuty
strenirth deelr-ed that the ;.r. .s>t
Kovernment in -r vet resort to t '»
n'r-tt * -I* it peace I to ho re o*t ih
cannr th»* ~ntne urihirm* they had
o;i when t hr* v f.rvr.l ;.s t|w. error *1 s
Bunrd, tl •• oldier*. verr* ttndr-r cent
man*! of tjeticral \' torlano Huerta, an
old v arm personal friend of fleneral
I* ’
*T t •..*'■ tu * rh-aplnv a* h as *. ;.|
h- arranrt *1 for an In portion Sorn *
■ ' ' ■ ■ It • • r ■
and none would have caln*»l praise
for neatne**
Wl .n te-tierai Ida? stepp.-d forward
or «he v* randah there was a hu/z of
inter* t, hut not Hpphius>
In the name of the ,rrr<>. <;>?*?•'
Huerta addressed h!rrt. t111 rttr ' Is rd.|
r|* » f ‘hat > *• and 1 *. tnt n end he
arte* In ;:r-n**rnl wor< rnrr> *o (ren< ral
Diaz leave Mexh o
Veteran to Tree*.
I r<"irn i or i,e..-ra> inter* a « ' .
I> r a too-1 tike ri soMler on | irn>,
»l"i mm front nr>-! r-vi-r a twt* h
o' tlt<- ' ■ii»rlM •. h. in hi
r«'| li bill before mtitit nlniltn I e
»i> bavin* irr. a' r1'lflr>tliy in m.i ' r
Inc Me ■ million
am crai* 'nl in f»,e army.” be aalit,
• i ni I rnntil rnnnl on It mm he htat
mom t nf li line Meyb an lirrliiiiv
|i I the on’ ri -il .Ji f nr- of ih- m in '
*rv. pnil In reeaiahlt h pe-ire in ihla
repiihllr It arrvlna will have to i,e
< illnl up on In Ifa er1M«”
Tenra were alow v rnlllne ilown rh»
obi mnn'a line now, ami hla tolre a.u
broken Ibi* h<- i'or • • iei|, a*vurinr
hla hiarera lliil tho'tM h'a rimntrr ■»!
anv lime lier/.nn* n-olvml In trioiMe
he wihiM be wlllln« in return
I’oin'lnir In lb- I- I• T- nt M‘ tlm 'in
ireneral ml.leil
I woitlil then plane mv-. If nl if e
bea'1 of the < nullin'* boat form iml
unil-r the h hIiiw of that fig I « ml4
know bow to rounder »» In Ilmea fill •
f.iprrul lliieria »rn«|n-.l hla han't,
and *hrn the two otit "i hter* *r
brm-. <| On«- bl or - the minor ofTb . »•
mo* ml for- iril an<1 eaeh «a* t-m
hrarmt by fle.irral l*1ar an<1 tol l g.imt
b vr
tl\WF/ Mav If K ir Mnl'in
a'a'ea >o il i» were firm -I over to *"“•>
protialonal rn . m<-re nnmnt bi Fran
r'lrn I Mailer-, tr , am or 1' n* I o re
|x-r*a rmelie.1 h-. M a item Thrr re
Sonora Sinaloa tjiieratarlo and I air
anco. am-nt the moat Import mt fr,
ihe ronntrv
Ciiatrm OfF.nat at Ph-laitalph.a Pa
I'HH.ArtF.I I’MI V Fa. Mi. I
K- tl -win* an Inv. a*'raih-n nf nfleareif
-laioma lrrr«ilartrlea ai ihla port
ll.nrv i-lnr Marrhnll, rht.f anlrhrr a'
the FM'a-lrl|-h1a rnaf-ri hmijn wna
thia ifirrnoon an*|>rndM from ilniv t. •
Cheater w Hll^ eellertor of the poft. I
Reject Bryan
And Free Wool
Democratic Ciu.j» Today Expected
to Force a Reduced Schedule
WASHINGTON. May ?.1 Follow
ing th*- de. Ignition of war over the
s*-h« dui«- with Nr Bryan, h prn
f* 'it f **1 • • r* venue -id and Kep
r* H.-r.tatB* Fruh-rwood th.- majority
1*» <!• r of th** h»ni«- commanding th«
r* \*nii»- for*-* s th. opp-t.. nt«* of free
i *v\ Wool tonight. . 'ter a day of «-c.n
f«r«.no-s, d'-.-lar- I •♦hat Mr Hr; an
woiiM f..- ovorwh«-lmed in the party
canons tomorrow
' Th.- Issue rr-.rled b\ Mr. Bryan
h 5 been me? s ar-ly sahl Mr I n
dervorn!. k*h-iJrn.ur» n- th. ’.Vhh and
M.ar.s o. tnmlfe--. which drafted th
"'•l- n hill "nntfl I hate thoroughly
«• u vanned th.- situation to-ls v Mr
Bryan's stt.mjt to dlctat.- to the
h*»»*se what it should do has made
.or v. its our .a ise Th* r»- nre rn *r*»
\ .»t**s |<1«-.]gcd fh»* . .-niniitf..- m^as
ui t- ni rht than »h. r* w*r. last night
Th * issue pr**s-nte.| h.,s s- r»t t«> us
« m- I •« r-iocrjiti«» m**r:»h« r* v. ho oth*-r -
wi- wo. id hi»i • wd.d ag-ilnst ns'*
1 ■ n i I to order
no..n ht th*- . me h *’>. irnmn, H**p.
r* sentatlvc Burleson. of t. \as. It
Tf ir I-.- that the df«. USftton Will 1.0
l-t» l**j.a* d vo fir that a \ot. will not
•*. a. h.d .1 ring th*- da\ If p*.-. s
• r th* eg:, lx wl l !*.» continued
ill' '• ?>•*:: r • •) I !• rs are rot
dlvp.od t • * » off d- 1-Ht* it! fh*» o#IU
• ** aii I want i I th* j artv disputes
Mi ro Mix Hired Im for,. »»».• lull i* r*
!*• ft- -1 to *h. h*.*i, •
B- |»r nfsti Harrison of Ne w
rh a !r. . i t* w-.o| m» mh# r of the
ind .'I* aus - '»et:x.♦f--,-. who has
v* 1 st* adfastl■. Mr Itrvsn. to
da \ . r -v • i • -f ' Ir l n.h rw. • d's stat.
f* - * t , i st* r.ia Mr II irrisoti d* -
• . d ' 1 11 r - • • . - - •
► • h* dill* K to f- ov. th- Wool I.
' tel*-r». and h- estimated tha» a re
' T • *i in om -n duties would bring
an Incr* ».<«• In r.-\*n.|.. of
U h th-Ti ' I:, ask.-d. fr »m a rev.
• r ■ s*af Ip- Mit. is |t r*«*-s4ar\ to
I* » c nt .f • . % on t »w v of
Mi 1 i an ••• r •* ir n.g to dictate
t th- M i*. e and M* • 4 ..-n pdtt*. 1
I »• ti 'i r,.'V h«*»}?••• * ti *b- fin*”**
»’ •* It * la in**r* Iv '.teh* irt* f.»r
- •».. .. • .ambit**.. 1 .|.rm .craft.*
j i » '
Jumps Into F nn* in Big Air Race
From Paris to Rome.
KOMK May TI Andre He-nini'inf.
In the fare of Innumerable itilTleult Ire. i
l t I I • . - ■ • • "ta’it- in •
day In flie til**«ry of evln'lon and la f
ar dn the lender In the great Pari*
Home Tourln r.icr Pr**v, the Herman
r« |in -•nmilt". and Mol.ind Harroa.
n lui wii■ firm to rr.ih Henna, are :
lion !i • be)," .| Ihev are both ai
Great Damage Caused by Wind In
Bradford Field
’ll AI if < ill l». Pa M iy TI \ ler
r'i'-e »'nd 9'nfm e'r irk a aeettnn of
l.-Kean ii.-inty for fite minute* ihi* j
afternoon and did fbniwsnde of dollar*
daman* to oil proper*i fiver Ml nil
derrick A w ere wrecked. *ree* were up
rr~.il d in I fence* leveled \n (n'all
ties were reported
Inclr Z<*b and the Wrathrr
Mf M«l of a
flpfcrr wtthfpit m
rim I# • !»• m»n who
tmrrtmm a p*>r kat
c-mh And mlmp.
T*tB wr.ATivr.fK
Mf*f 91
Ohio and
F«*in«v)VArttA FAlr
TMtrHftf and pmk
Ahly Frida ▼.warmer
Fri 'f.y wo 'mtnim
w»«t *1r i# h#c»m
tAC VArlAhlA
W*«t FtrFhtlA —
Fr.l%f, rttlnf
Hrttvi. •
Hold Biff Campfire as Feature
of Celebration of First
Civil War Hattie.
Indiana. Kansas an/ Oklahoma
\ eterans Arrive to Attend
Hiir Reunion.
Spe.iai tuseni, 11,** Intelligencer.
PHIMPPI. VV. Va.. May .u -Today,
though marred t»> ra ti. wan one of the
biggest days of The reunion of the
Mine and the «lra> ner* this week in
i • lebratlon of the first battle of the
' Mil war There are many out-of
town Veteran* here, thev arriving
from oi i Indiana. Kansas and Okla
homti. where they journey ed after the
war Prominent amor; the visitors is
Mr F. II Huron, who was In one of
the Indiana infantry regiments which
w.-.s here and participated in the bat
He of June J, 1 • i Hi- with S# nntor
" K Chilton, of Charleston, address
ed the veterans at a lug rally here
•lit* afternoon In the court house, the
"I" n air m.etlng being postponed bc
caus* o' ram Senator Chilton spoke
along non p .rt'sun lines, telling of the
progress of tg.. s*ate sine*- the war
and dwelling Upon the value of re
unions sueh as Is In progress at Phil
tppi that affords an onportiir.lt, for
old friend* and romrades of tin- six
ties to me**
<>ne of the features of the celt-bra
tlon toilnv was .. cavalry parade, par
tlelpated in l*v horseni.-n fpim all over
Harbour county, and it was one of the
fiiest thing* o' the kind ever held
here A ball grim*- was plated be
tws.-n llmaddus college .mil h*> Pair
.. " "m mrr 'inniny
I t.'i 11*1 runrert«, I • 11 - uxeenatona
and vaudeville w.re feat urn* of the
da*. while t . tRipflre w a* held by the
ve'ernna to ntichr
Th" mllttin arr'v.-n tomorrow and
w III I" ein-imped hi re under ronimand
ot i.enor.il •' l» Klltott \ parade I
w II he « feature to-morrow- a'ternoon |
f»eti ('ha*. «iroavenor. of til :o. »k>v .
vernor tJInaeeoek and other protni j
nent m<tf .ire d ie h< r<- Krldav. while]
•fudge lauoti, Senator Itallnv, of
Tevaa Mai K ( • i.i-<■»f. of II inline
ton. and oilier prominent people ronie
on SnMirdav. the h b <ta- (*-irtlaa, the
aviator, la to make an aeroplane flight
End Strike
lodicatmev Are TintfiWN M.aer*
Will Accept Cnmprem «e
W»jie Scale.
tifll*' T't«evi. 'i In Die t i.it c ,r
'■"l.nil'l H «• tin t Indn a
tti.n« in th*' th • ronni «.f the t. f. r
. n*lurn till .rtf: n<nv r* In Ih<« Tna
• iltetrlrt wtii.h «i|| I..
plet-d .toil' * will tai.r th- . -ompro
mia. w . t reeenilv mm.l t.. hy
•'-mfniite. - r> pf..i-ntli.g die mimr*!
it’d '*P* ' * ** a nil In • . ■ *i Mill' the
fcetl Will lef'irn lu work ,1 Iir tl r*
•" tl -or \ .-nr from th< ilmi they1
wit ..n atr'k. Th. •-.mpfomlee aettle 1
' all" f'<r l«’, enot* a t .n f..r wide
■ itting nd nta -. r • arrow rut- I
tine Ion'!. r« t th- a. .tie * n r, .itn1
. on. t. n for wl.|. rt,t . i xx i
fpflfp f*‘T Hirmt t mil Th T'fff
'"f,w pfrik *rht» h #*» la I r% ji 11 * threw
3ti.r»i. .. it . f » fv>i • « nient. Imp • r. », the
?n »h*. M«|n * «*f th« %fn*
Ml UiVII.I.K, !'a , May ;i Th" I
hoard <•' frttwieeg of the Meadvtlte
m hrtr*] hetd Itp pnnnpi I
m^flnpr «fpi find th#» |iropo«ttlnn I
»o motn \h*' prh<v>| fr«»m thtp ntjr to)
I’hifpMo fo t>i*rii|np f» hrpftrh of the .
I Btvpr*liy of ritii'Hftn mi dptpa'fd
Strong Case
Against Nye
Flr*t Ohio Legislative Bribery Trial
Nears End—Goes to Jury
Attorney for Defense, However, Scores
State Printer—Finish Argu
ments To-Day.
COM MIU S, O.. May 31—Indica
tion* at adjournment to-day of the
trial of Representative George It. Nye,
indicted on a bribery charge, were
that the case would go to the Jury
tomorrow. Arguments were begun to
day and will he finished to-morrow
An noon as the court delivers Its
[ charge the Jury will retire.
Prosecuting Attorney Turner. In
j addressing the Jury, declared to-day.
i that the testimony of State Printer
I Crawford that Hr Nye had solicited a
bribe of $nt>0 from him, stood uncon
I tradlcted The effort to s&npeach
| Crawford's testimony, he e;W. had
| been unsuccessful. The motive of Hr
N'yo In souudlng Crawford, he de
Clared. had been established by evl
dence concerning other aollcltitlons
of bribed.
Attorney Conrad J. Mattern. of Hay
j ion. speamng for the defense, declared
| that the assertion of Crawford that a
bribe had been solicited from him was
not corroborated. He urged the Jury
hu this connection to observe the
i golden rule in making a verdict for
the accused legislator.
Mattern dwelt at length on t h^est!'
mony Impeaching Crawford and spoke
scornfully of the atnte printer
Two P. 0. Banks
Martinsburg and Keyset- Designated
by Postmaster Hitch
WASHINGTON. May 31 —Post !
muster General Hitrheork today an
nounced the designation of seventy ,
four more second class postoffiees,
scattered In <1 states as postal sav
ings depositories, effective June •>;
Among them are the following:
Nile*. O.: Brownsville. Pa.; t'on
nellssriilg. Pa.. Johnsnnburg, Pa ; ^
Ridgwav. Pa; Shenandoah! Pa.
Martlnsburg. W. Va.. and Keyser. W.
1* Planned by U. P. Church to Carry
on Mission Work.
WASMISr.TON. Pa.. May 31 —The
watchword of the I nlted Presbyterian
church. " A million dollars for nia
»!ons and JS.nnn souls for Christ this
year." was forcibly Impressed upon the'
delegates at the session today of the
hfty-tldrd general assembly in the
speeches and reports or committees. |
•T Porter, of Pittsburg, cbalrtnnn of
the ways and means committee, out
lined plans to raise the li.non.ouo e0r
missions Reports on the men's,
nio-. • ment And the state of relig-on
.»lso dwelt upon the present campaign
of the church The report of the
board of home missions, held over
from yesterday. nlsgi was under dla
oum Ion
In its rinsing session the general as
semble disposed of a case that has
conic before even' general assembly
for a score of years This was the
adoption of the report of the commit
tee t»n judiciary In the rase of the Rev
T R Wnllaee, of New Sheffield. Pa
The report was on a memorial present
ed by ftr Wal’nee relating to a decree
of the Supreme court of this state. dU
reding the church courts to carry out
a decree r+ the civil court l*r Wal
lacs was removed from the pastorate
nt Tamestown. Pn . twenty vears am
nnd the state court granted him hack
pav for twenty years and reinstate,
ment In his pulpit at Jamestown The
Committee today reported that the
terms of the decree of fhe plvll court
had been fulfilled
Seattle, Wash May 1311. was se
lerted ns the time and place for the
neit general assembly
Boy Murders Bov.
NKW YORK. Vav 3! -The hodv of
an e'even yMir-old hoy who was mur
f’crrd Ms Plivmates say. hy a rota
ponton of 13 sears, was found tonight
with a bullet hole In the breast In a
dusty coal bin of a Chester Street tetie >
v ert where It had lain for twenty ft ur
The dead hov was Identified us John
P O. Appointment*
pc-!,l .. in ft-e Tnteflge.- -r
WABflfNOTOX. May 31 Khen I,
1'nt» wns sppotnted postmaster at
1*cep Valley, vice S It Strlckllng re
signed Atphns Sfnrkev at Rinehart
vice M n Martin, resigned Claude
ti Moore appointed rural carried at
Terse Telegraphic Tips
VI \Kf!fY«*T'»V Reftoa of jireal
• fenta w ho • amr fr.*m • *hl«* m.i\ l»e I
*athere*| fr m »h# While ||o*ia» for
• wtlfhtll'n in the ot4 htillttlng at XlVf.
«*. *n whirl! Wm M Klnln wow bom
WASIIIVOTmN Aaao. fate Juaflre
J» i n Wurahall Mnriar of *he R'lpfeme ,
• '•iff f the V*nlfe«| s*at*« tomorrow
trill rrlehrate I la Bet ent r-eighth ;
I*ITTSR1' R«1 Merhanlral *ngln
r* rm fr.»m throughout The entire roim
tf\. r »mher!hg more than Tan, are *f.
• • r-«tfn« the a|»rltia meeting of the
t metuan S *e«ety of Mechanical Fn
glnoera «h!» h opened here fo^lgt
PITT*nt*R«» -The Rev a 0,1
Shan. fhl*. of am hr! if a. Mu% wag
Terrific Storm Swept Cleveland
Inflirting Damage and In
juring Many.

Factories Inroofed. Balloon at
> Pleasure Resort (turns
High in Air.
* USVELANU. Alay 31.—Four dead
and a acore Injured was the foil of 1
the terrific wind and rain storm
which swept over Cleveland nnd vicin
ity today, wrecking hulldlnga. over
turning boats In Lake Krie. hreaktn*
down wire poles, tearing up tree* and
smashing windows and signs on the
streets The storm was general in
northern Ohio, and very destructive.
Three lives were lost at l-oraln.
All of the dead were In rowboats
w hich were capsized b\ a sudden wind J
which sprung up out of a calm. In \
Cleveland. Henry J. Render. 40. waa
Ashing In the lake at the mouth of i
Rocky river when the storm broke.
His body was recovered Anton Mall
eo. Calvonl Ctnlnlco and Maranl Olo
vannls were rowing off Kdgewater
park. All went down hut (ilovannta
who clung to the boat nnd waa rea- i
cued, onlv »o die a half hour later
In a hospital.
Rescued From Lake.
A half dozen more rowboats were
caught In the storm on th" lake, but
their occupants were all rescued by
savers and park police Twenty
bathers at IJdgcwatcr park, who took
shelter In the hath house.-were hurled
when the roof fell on them. fjeorgo
Richards. 14. and Fran,, lleinherger.
11. were so seriously Injured that they
will probably die E. \. Wright had
both legs broken when a wagon was
blown on him .iolm Cravlnl was
struck by a pice* of cornice blown off
a eleven story building down town
and his skull was fractured .Several
were injured by falling signs. Three
other men were hurt when s scaffold
on which they were wording, collapsed
In the wind.
Balloon Hit by Lightning.
The wind reached a velocity of AO
miles an hour and pluved havoc with
irau nuiminga in the park*. big
balloon broie iiw».j from its mooring*
In I.una'park. ..ml dying l.lgh In the
air til Minck by lightiilng and burn
ed up. Roof* of factories were car
ried away and score* of s’gns and
plate glass windows wire wrecked
The Tudor village at the ideal home
exitoairlon was partly demolished, hilt
the show opened this evening ns
usual The storm lore down poles
and w ires all over tne city, and halted
street traffic for hours.
The loss to property in flei eland
and vicinity will amount Into hun
dreds of thousand* of dollars.
Triple Drowning
Skiff Capsize* Off Lorain With Fatal
Result*—Others Have Nar.
row Escape.
I .OR AIN. «> Mai .".1 Mrs Ethel
Earlv and her two brothers. Itavld and
Thomas ly.ngsfreef, were drowned to
day when the boat In which they were
fishing off l.oraln harhor In l-ake Erie,
was struck l»v the windstorm which
swept over that section, and over
turned Mrs. Early's body has been
Two other row-ho»ts with two men
In each, also capatred hut the occu
pants were sated. \\ \Mlson and
Mat Ilryan. both of Elyria, swam
ashore while the other men were
picked up to the tug TanersP. which
reached |tort snt--l> a'ter having gone
ashore shortly after the ri-mur IJfe
sever* arc searching for th« bodies of
the l.ongstreefs *
The s-orm did th tusnnda of dollars
worth of damage In l.oraln county.
Pittsburg Swept
Team Blown to Orath In River_Heavy
Property Los* Caused.
riTTHULJtC. Msy U With wind
blowing if I mile* an hour recorded hr
the weather bureau and rain that f"dt
In torrents, a storm swept over this
section of the state late today, dealing
death and damage In Pa track Fthe!
Makrauer, aged ft while approaching
her home, was whirled into the door
by the wind, where she dropped dead
rrom fright P-eorge A Martin, presi
dent of the l*1tishurg Tnbe company,
I* dying In a hospital with a fractured
■knll can*"d by a falling sign
In Rewlrkley the roof of the First
(Ceatlnne «» Tenth Fage )
•!« lad modorafor of Ih* |i< nM of
iha Hrf.irmH pi-ah. torlan rh.irrh at I
ih>> rtrtlti aaoond animal •••anion to
rnTPHPMu tt imam Finw.ra. I
• plain ,.f .' I. , tis a* taalanad today
of! a prraion aft. r in nti va*ra‘
■atrloa ilia aiimnaaor ha* not 1*4
haan na#n ad
NTTAV Ti’RK Antl-truat pnami*
Ilona In Nrw Vork hrroaftor wilt i.«
illraoiad antlrotv toward Individual*
arlth otfort to pul tho «tillt> in prlaon
RAl.TIMt'RF nftaon h n n d r * 4
union rarpamora hava hann ord»r»d ta
•trlko to-morrow haoaiim of tha oon
'ranora nrfuaai In a. r*dn to thrir da
mn 11 .la,

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