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Tender Feet
A I. .. -c i.IHU u.'... .i. t tablet
Draws Out All Inrtamation and
Thl« remark..!.'.. rrmrAv •*
Superior to Pow<l*r. Plaster ur Salve
end le guarani Coma
louses. Bunion*. Kt .atbit ■*. Chilblain*.
Ingrown.,' Nall*. Ttre.1. A. hln. s n n
.-..a. Su . sty. H.,,| Sm.' -'n* K. • t
Smaller Short Can 2e Worn l.y u- ng
TIZ. bccauar | itt and k*rpa tlm fro"
In perfr t rcmllrlnn.
TIZ Is for • at nit .IrurglatN. 21 rent*
prr box. .,r .1 ro- t if . , *•:»:» frnn- Wnl- |
ter I.uthrr Donee A- Co.. Clilcuro. 111.
T russes
lAre a godsend to persons needing
them, but If not properly fitted they
are also an Instrument of torture.
We fit them so they are both a go*
■end and comfort to the wearer.
You caa wear them dally without
suffering the Tenet discomfort. IV®
have Mr. Gordon do this work, and
he know? more nbout Trusses than
any man in Wheeling. I’ricca are
Logan Drug Co.
Elaborate Prcgrsrr Marks the Annual
CoTimencer'ert E*erclst3 at
Reynolds Hospital.
With .in elaborate program Mm an
at .. • ■ • • at tl Ri»j
nnUl < hospital at Glendale ttrrfi hell
last •‘•.••nine, anti three r.::rr.e.< rr
fi'luil their diplomas Those trend u-t
!. run • • re M, is .ti-o funtilneham.
of Moundsvlllo; \r,rn '.'‘alters, o'
Martins Kerry, and Mary Hart, of Kim
Tho program was opened with in
vocation bv Ties. « .1 Fotfon. followed
hy n solo by Mrs Fir—, WilMaim Th«
rddfeos to tbo rla-r was made by
Dr Pneo Ji ft irlop' r f MrM eh'*n.
while f ■ • • • of Part *n
bare, pri-ent.-d ». ,< ■ y.r . M
Milletlo nd r\r ■ pres Hod 'be
gradtinfer w'th elr a pit* Rev ;.r
Aga'e pron e - I e.l the |e re.prtlon
. I
Chief H,*»“ nm Prturris From- C'hv's
land W th Won Wanted cn
Embezzlement Charge.
f • ; : ' • .
lnpt t M * rn m 4 -» j
P T.vl*» »!.«• for* ' r tpilk uner n
«• V.i. - : , br> • : r!»»
fy ‘ frr m #hn ?>-tv r-,in|ni,k
!<)> md«» no »•' !f rind tn r^m‘. z
bnrV *itv .-if ^TT- rllfJor i»nj
T , • ' r ‘ I .• 4 .-p ;• t .
brforr* Tu*t !<••• If t*r.r. ]. rn
tto •• irrnr.t v »«* *m out. and wPl
prot»f»Mr 1»r* » * M .
hiry Tbc police hiv< rerrl-cl • r> >.
forrrH'on tp ro*ar>I to Wellin', On
Prop<is»l Made to Taft by Peligicun
WAKOf.vr.Triv. r, r \|„,
A (ini', .at Mo nil tin < <\r<' ■ - In
M" 1 111-' I •< ® 1 1 .1 In . t
to |rp J • r, •*' ‘ r 'be re . I * d
rnmlnntie- <■» the world to ... u-o .■
♦emetlor- i ji-nrn v ■ —
Idopf Taft to dev by fhr . ,.r p...,
'V fitters I in |i* • "• <
Vrstand M.,. t>r„ d«nt ■» >| ho v ,®
• 1 H.ter le-j
“The Novel that has t?i» Vital Quality.” ,v. r />,.*
“The hook that sucre d« is the book that has the vital
quality. For that reason 'The Prodigal Judge* ia sure of a
cordial reception. In its salient characterization it is unique
among works of current fiction. Closing the volume, the
reader is touched by that rare feeling that he haa left a
company whom ho has known intimately, and, for the most
part, loved.” — .Vrw* ) vrh HrraU
/If t'lqlu />!' r. /Vrtufn I f rr- Irr. f t !."> fft
JSZZZZ twbodis mu^ri ll com pan y
New York Firm Toll of Organized
Fight Against
WASHINGTON, May 31—Public
V arlns* >n th<* Canadian reciprocity
Mil practically w r- concluded by the
senate finance c .mmlttr* to-day t.nd
n* xt \\ - luoaday was fixed as the time
when a vote will >..• taken on the «tue*.
tlon of reporting the measure. No
ndmnsts to tl MB other than
that offered b> Senator Root on the
psper • i.tuse will have «nv chance for
consideration. It was authoritatively
Staled by a m- mb*-r of the committee.
The Root amendment. It was added,
will have to t*o materially modirlcd
It was d. elded to rorjmst officers of
the Associated Pr. kb an I American
Newspaper l* ibltshers Association to
app. .it next M..n<lny to answer some
questions m retrard to the paper and
pulp s* ctlon of the esreement.
Lumber, papnr and woolen manu
facturing Interests, ao.-ordlng to t.-stI
mony cb en lo-dav by Jos-ph If
Allen, of tho firm of Allen a Graham,
New York, offered to contribute to
the fight belnir made against recipro
city by sent*' of tho officers of tha
Natlor.nl Granqe
Y\ hidden Graham of this firmwhl h.
he admitted, u-ur not n law firm at all.
notwithstanding the claim of ,\ p.
Hull, m.iat.-r .»r the .Michigan Granite]
that It w ,.s employed as the turns rs
heal advisers, was asked If any Inter
ests other than the Nation..! Granite
contributed for tho work they were
doing against reciprocity.
"\\e haws been promised nothing."
h« replied, • but we do • xp. > r that any
manufacturer who Is lot crest.si in this
matter nn.l who appreciate* what we
an doing, will pav us for our work.
If the' do we will be very glad to
take It.”
Mr. Graham acknowledged hi* firm
*• id bun employed In the past l.r
■ arlou* manufacturing concern* to
further or ..p|K>-e legislation.
Mr. Ali.-n del.led that h.« was con
nected m uriv wav with the Atn. nean
Protective Tariff League.
Fins m
(Continued 1—cm Tirsr Png* j
Nntlornl hank was Mown Cho feet, tnc
chimneys falling through the roof of
■ • ■ hboring I adding Th< d.. t lllngs
were < n:. hod like n box of cards line >
electric signs of glass were torn from
roafs and went clattering to the pave
ment. while wood signs floated throuch
'b. air to the great danger of pedo*.
•rlans. a fcotv of whom were reported
hurt from various hospitals
, .u- .---..-a
h'latc St. .-1 corporation had four ot
font thick* blown over, which crushed
through the roof of the mill, s. vcrcig
n steam supply pipe and necessitatits
a hut-down of the plant. An ice
Wilson that stood on the Monomtnhela
'■ htirf v. a* blow n Into the river and the
her--. « drowned The large skylights
nf the < I;y hall were blown in rrd went
crashing into the corridor, four storey*
helow. AH the windows and part of
t’'e plats roof In fho train shed of ih.e
Vifshur* nnd I.nke Erie s’ation wont
before the wind, nnd 1Vi»ri« k Whs'«n.
t'dot on lu>"k end lnddcr truck, was
Idnwn from hi , sent .among the ladders,
fracturing n
Tlcporfs nf damnge are coming in
fr m all n'.tr th state. especially th»
oil field*. where hundreds of derrick*
wire wrecked.
fjOVllOS*. Vtijr ?T The orroptlnn*
ally 1 i-tli tetr.pemtnre that has pre
Tailed during May « dminafed tilts
e'. -uy .1 t.-rr-.T-c th’inderstorm In
t • nil n an ! Me- s tth.-rn end western
t'tih rhs
Pev* ti pecs t.s ere killed hr light
nine which i so terr.cl: numerous
churches . t d other hutldinr* \n
electric wire feed In 'I Roval Kr
chirr ■ rr. 1 started a fir■> which, bow
cv'.r, ■••..4 spc'dily nuci’che.i
Rev. John Shc'rrr-J. Native rf Steu
fceeville. Called Suddenly
by Death.
PlTTeTiriMJ. Mar "1 -p.v To*,n
rr i .oil 1*1 '*eai died tiwlry
of apr pi. v i* li - * • r In IV.'kins
Here, a hurl,
H< • Mr Hhcrrard « i *. II known
' it '' • 1 t ' . " rit.n rhurch,
’ ■ v r* ire t fr. - active ««nrk
*f 'h ■ -t *rv $r* 11" t. after scrying
" ■ r'cri • t pa.Jlor;.’. q for 411 year*
. 1w«r ... q a' T! omton, lud
1 nt . -»r ■steuhof|y',1e o.
I tut tit a tb tt d< r ■ •ore, if |tn-r‘ «•. jt|«
*; •'•*••• - I -ft! ■'»•! student
"> .. ...
n.rc t ime In on On •• ir- The |,.,tr
J i I ) H ' . • M r*f hi r
" * ,r B'* » ndl 1 t]fnm| r.rir!
a Hfflp rif an Inch *!„„
f *T ’ r-nM to h#.f
•f* »/,**• 1 #*| t ^ ,|ft
»•« will nvfr,
Republican Legislators
Return From Charleston
Say Wataon-Ctallton Combination Waa
Responsible for Defeat of Pri
mary Legislation.
i T'ttorly disgusted with the methods
employed by the Democrats to defeat
the -passage of a primary election bill
the Republican legislators from the
northern Pan Handle, returned home
last night. Ther$ was a remarkable
I unanimity of opinion among the re
turning representatives to the effect
that the deteat of all attempts to pass
a primary bill was entirely due to the
tnliuences exerted by the Watson
Chllton combination. The Republicans
in both branches of the legislature
presented a solid front in favor or
every decent measure introduced, but
'hey were in the minority and of
course could not force the adoption
of any bill.
Among the Republicans who return
ed home last night were Senator J O.
He'rite. Delegates Fverett Moore and
Dr. ('. A. Hnrlotv. and Senator \Y. f*.
tlrln.es, of Marshall county.
Hearns Talks.
" hrn Senator ltearne was seen by
an Intelllg. neer reporter he gild:
"Krrry possible effort was made by
| 'lie Republicans to secure a frofl prt- j
I raary MU, but the Watson-OhUton
combination controlled the situs lion
and all efforts were effectually block
ed. When It became clear that the
DrtWHtata would support no measure
! * ff- red by a Republican wa offered to
i t upport their measure IT they would
eliminate the negro disfranchisement
provision. They refused to consent to
; this - mendm- nt and of course the i
Fli pub.leans then refused to support i
il.ilr Ml), it is rcrialniy no fault of
tht Republicans that a primary bill
•hat would meet the needs and de
mauds of the people was not passed.**
lion. Everett K. Moore, Heptthlit-an
I floor lead- r In the house, said The
I ' levtr work of the lieutenants of the
j two United States senators blocked
I every attempt to pass tv decent pri
mary bill. I’tovernor Olnssock was
s'udly disappointed at the result, but
I -s ill continue his good flirht for more
i Htrlne- nt laws to fruard our prl
l inaries."
Dr. (* A. Barlow and Senator .rrhwps
uh. n seen l«v the r- is.rt. r, voiced tla*
-it-, sentiment expressed by Delegate
! Moore anti Senator II«arnc. i.lke tli«
< ’.her Republicans th-y lent their sup
port to every K' "d measure presented,
• * it the Watson-i*hllton combine
wanted no primary legislation, and :
' riel th' lr confederates saw to it Ui.it
I there was none. F I
June in New York
JV are bvthe Met a ' Ccmpanv. Ne-v
'i t.., I^e-ieners anj Makers of McCaii Patterns.
r leenting r.naaisn a: tnarity
Vaudevilles —Girliah Group* In
fa»u: errnfe*Tea Rooms.
All Sorts of Wrinkles.
NK'.V May :t! lire For
sythia with If* ban Mom* gay with
teilow Ido* Mims mm tin. emerald In .*
of the t..rf, at* will a* forty *rnn!l
IdratltiK lamln in tlir \V. i*t Hold 01
•'•■ntnil Park all prortaini Hint May
h'To. and pay crowd* of to::.., y r
, nnd tlodr attractive chapi ror * crowd
j*l*f I*allu room* of fn*loiii ali o h.i. .
any afternoon In *.*an h of an u . f*« r
.watching a Fbni.iv WndoflV. |. ore*
I.r the bull room, a*la rr tin *t of m n
t nf. rtalnmi nts are mien
Raney ranging.
Pnnrv dancing la* I, .*n n rraz.t
w lih the younger m-i ; I \V,nt. r nnd
at the *eni! p iblir . i*!.. r i k* tt..*re
or connie.*raln- nan*.- are r, ... i *. r
| ho*jilt* 1* and . thor ! ej(,f ,| ln-u*
• loot, i ll v«*r an in ur< y. • tli*-ir It
aim * and have .1 ta**,. . f th< i an." r
'h.it trior** 't;tli a real main* and
roi'l footlights, liefnre audicni * < not
dlspro-d to he ..v. r rrltirel.
Light fabric* ..nd C ./ Color*.
V !!>i ihe r it . * * * |, „r.;, . .
•tod idncofl ttje Inhiiv | * rformei .
a: 1 fh* r a i H« : ,r.< • . mi . . *.
tr***t|ve Nov, ih* • ar. h.win.;
fl .tie* Ilk* I In | *:•*, it l.al*, ylove* ant!
■ ten »ho *i and 11. «*fv ori i , rt * rainy
f earer* till* . e. ... »,„g‘
1 •" ' ’ *»I Pet • I .,* *
"■•t nirg*. id i .< r.,r w|.< •• in.*
iudio* no i •• ,..*r r**ttm i • i
i ' i'.i*l*i It* i .* |* %i general Fnriev
’• of • ir ., .,.,1 In li . |, .H.
a It ..nr . • *n *t . it-i it ,,*, *h *.* *i
I’fr •n* fast . i *, .i rirF* f *
.. •• ann a
*Ir-v-It • n-mi I r»t «1<|. r.ib!"
!• .pi of I r n
Hh ’ » |>f" m ■» Hr t> a
*Mtrt 1 'i I r ir ■ - in fnir tl .
f”‘*.tnln* in Iw » i ti > h tii. ,h
' n|v#< font x. ar I rlfn- I i» « iflt.-f,
■t. \i!t'«* -ir nr | «< ir, , ,j n i
«l» r 'I v . i . in i nffonl
* 'i Mir • ci t r ■ ’
Stin* Fatrr (ityio*
•f < • III. '*HO rotnr irr
■ • < .. > “ r
r i n> | t r ito*J lit t
' ' rn J , i| -.nn | f. f •?« \rW
•r’ irT i | i tnr |f. a
* • ' «»f 't rt ■ i » «r1th mo
* '• ! til ' Mm fro* ro
aim r »•» mntr a
titrifiol 9f|*< Mualioa.
■ In, l aiik mualtba, ton* a and or
ipiir.dlos nre fireflies with the pirlr '
mi i ini s-ir's o ' plays are tnmle on j
• • » • In and hits striped ]
■oil - • : 1 II perleri. » to |to ’
. "Ith it. *'i■ * r > .1 I . shed v. 11li tiny
1 * *' 1 Til to Is .1 ]w nt , r »!:e Y t k
ro- ' s arc * ,| and ra’itcht down
"taler t! .- l« it !(ordered i .atcn.ils 1
:i :.>• t of -lie prettiest frocks
it*! l-orilen <1 eff' Cts are produced hv
■ -oail*jt inc tv o materl.ds. snipe* with !
' • ' I or ill 'ti ll p.itfertlB. etc
A 'r o' e.'1-fl pe.' ; inli rut is is.
■< I ' il'i ehifT.'it • loth of a delicate
espier I .• There Is a Klrdle ol j
■ p irp!" satin r'hliou. .,.uj th*
ho lice i.n.il.irly v. " I h is a touch
O. sli er lute. A small round yoke
• purple chiffon ch,,h is lined with
:lx<r let Bil l hoiii d With two folds
• 0 '* n, ofi»* lilfir, oun pg le pink. A !
e I *ter of - .... I , ■■ <t, pink man re
•tid ;■ ir;de Is tticl <1 tuto the belt
FAXNfB Kli:r,D.
Fills to DeitH.
I'ITTsnt it;. May !1S. Walking In
■ ;> '"it of .1 il 'rd story window,
'*‘f! • 1 . lit' .-I It Melli uln«.
up 1 7. an ntf «rm ; . 'ell and rei eln d
*< ii v , rallied hts death In a
, hort lime.
Indl-f Twenty-Sis.
■ I f>M X , 1. p ' 'nr HI T» efity.
'■ v I . . r- returned hy the
• I"' -'••* 'I trv lei'iv. In rntineo
' I’ ' •" ■ ml ci ■ mis fra nils. !
1 rii,*i • incur f"rs in Tacoma
returns No names were
Kir 1 fait.
Spou*« of Murdorpd Woman Ailogos
Mo Wroto to Sign
ing Anna.
NEW YORK. May SI —Detectives
delving Into New York's latest sensa
tional murd. r fure.l a deepening mvs
tery to-night with the reading of let
ters In ihe rooms of the woman whose
decomposed body was found, lira*
eaten. In a bath tub early yesterday.
There Were two sets of these letters,
• na ippunently from the fsther and
theutht r from the mother of the vic
tim, each writer addressing the mis
sives to a differ nt person at different
address* s.
The bod> has been identified as thsl
of Mis. Lillian Sehlob by the vleftm'i
hushund. Henry \ schbh. whom the
polte,. have locked ,1P „n a technics
charge of driving his ■ mplov.-r'a auto
mobile without a license.
K< hteb Is said by detectives to hav*
admitted that he himself wrote a let
*; r addressed lo htmself ami sign-l
Anna, which sus taken from liu
"I Wits going to show that letter to
my wife when she came back " he ts
quoted as having told his inquisitors,
•to prove that other women liked me"
HIS hundwrplng tallies closely with
tlmt of tin. person who penned the
I h- coroner has fixed to-morrow
Hfttrncon for holding the Inquest Into
. . ' uuae of the victim's death whUe
f. ni b's attorney to-.lry procured a
vrit or habeas oorjois f.,r his produc
tion In court to-morrow.
Taft Declines to Act.
WASHINGTON. May 31.—Presld-nt
Taft told a delegation of negroes, pre
sented to him at the White House ny
Senator Curtis, of Kansas, that he
would not recommend that congress
rnnkc lynching cases triable In federal
Itistead of state courts.
Claimed to Have Served Through Civil
War. But Didn't.
WASHINGTON. May .11.—Mrs
l-nulsa E. Illiss, of Augusta county.
Virginia, and other places, will get
rlnlm that, dressed ns n man. she
xerrod ns a member of Company t»,
'3rd Illinois Infantry, during the civil
x-nr. Commissioner of Pensions Dav
mport said today thnt an investigation
had proved the woman's widely cir
culated story untrue
Prominent Men to Appear Before
ASHIN’flTON'. May 11 —Inunirv bv
be Stanley Steel Trust investigating
•omnilrtem-of tbo house" will lie re-i
■ timed tomorrow, though, owing to the'
"hmoeratle enures, it Is probable that
he session of the committee will lie
■hort E. If. flnrv. M*. IJ Hickson. X
’ Ttoetn and I’erelval Roberts are ex-,
jorteil to testify, ’ohn Kambert. for
turly of the American Steel and Wire]
•ompanv. has lieen summoned to ap
pear Friday.
Old Iron Man Dead.
SHARON, Pa.. May 11 John J.
=nearman. n retired Iron manufacturer,
xnd for 19 years nresldent of the Vital
A'utioral bank, died today, aged 87. I
Flag Exhibited That Was Taken by |
West Virginia Troopers.
PITTFRVRO. Mb'- 11.—Exhibited In1
Ihe window of a drug store in Taren |
turn, this county. Ik n battle scarred l
I’onfedrate flag of the Fourth North j
Carolina regiment. which was eajv
limed at Atonterev flap on July 4.
I8fl1. h\ t'aprnln John licit xer. of font-;
(•any L. K'rst Regiment West Virginia
,-i'.’'r^ Mr Ib ltrer, after the war. j
settled In Tatvntum
Haek»d Throat In Dream.
VOINGRTOWN". <». May 31— Pat - ;
r:ek Hcffertinn woke up after a nap,
tite to-day. liackcd at his throat with
x razor and then yelled for help 1
Prompt medical attention saved his;
He "I*ve bad a nightmare." he said
‘I've no intention of committing sui
,le. end don’t want to die "
TtKItl-TN. May 11 Twentv-flve per
•enr In all perislted In the floods
flitch followed a cloudburst jester
lay in Routhcrn Germany. Greet
■ done to crops.
| IVmc'rs Difrstoaflwtfi*
Opium Mnrptunc nor Miaa-A
Not N’akc otic.
— ■ «••»—
I 11
Apctfc-i Remedy forCo^sHta
i Ion. Sour SJomoii.Dlarmna
V.oras.C 1'imrisions Itvtrislr
ncssend Loss or Sleep. (
FttSfcdt Sigr.iwe of <
E*»a Copy of Wrmrper.
For Infants anj Children.
The Kind You Have
' Always Bought
Bears the
Signature _
For Over
Thirty Years
Is Opinion of Congressman W. B.
Franc's—Fight Will Be on Free
Wool or Low Tariffs.
Congressman W. n Francis of tho
sixteenth Ohio district was at his home
In .Martins Ferry for a few hours last
evening while on ins way to x\ .i.-.tini-,
ton. I). C.. from Columbus. He was
anxious to get back to the capital to
he pr< sent at the Democratic caucus
this evening.
The caucus, he said, would !>o on
the wool schedule, and it promised to
he the warmest the party nas held
during the special session. Sirring
pressure is being brought to hear ou
the members to favor, free woo
Congressman Frnte is does not fnvor
free wool, r.nd says thai It would
throw the wool growers nt the merry
of the buyers ami manufactures. He
says the industry is entirely too Ur* •
and importfint to be ruined. Congress
man Francis left last night at 11:10
o’clock for Washington D. C.
L. Bersan. of No. 1105 Main, to Move
L. Stern's Stock to His
T. Tier si -ii. the local merchant, who
recently purchased the entire stock of
!.. Stern, h s just • bout complete 1 the
work of moving all nt ti•.- ponds to his
establi .him it at No l nr. M.:|n stree*
This big stock, it will he remembered,
was ordered sold by the fn te.| states
court an ; it is tho pun bast
Hon to hoi I a Mg s: le of th- f trnlsh
ir.gs within the next few days Mr
Person's add will nppeir In the In
tdligen **r anil persons wonting bar
gains win find It to their advantage
to watch for hi* announcement
Name Commander.
WASI IINOTOX. I> C. May 31 —
*l thre -division rcorgnnlxa
flon of the army goes Into err«>' .inly
1. Major General Frederick lb Grant
will < mniaii l the east* rn division at
New York, ami Major General Arthur j
Murray the western division, at Snu I
Francisco A commander for the Fen
tral division, at Chicago, has not yot
bene selected.
Execute Rebels
Captain Tony Vegas Light* Cigarette
As He Is Shot Down.
SAN 1*1 EGO. Cal., May 31.—Cap
tain Tnnv Vegas, of the rebel forces
at Tijuana, low. r California. Mexico,
w ho f hot and killed a Mexican named
Puchicho during u row «:i. taken out
and executed by a rebel tiring aquad
soon after sunrif.e todu>. The firing
aquad was composed of Mexicans, ho
cause the murdered man was u Mexi
V» gas refused to lie blindfolded.
II • light* d a cigarette then faced the
it: •!(.• squad and to'd th>'% to atm
carefully. The execution was wit
ne. sed hv a number of Americans.
CASAS GRAN dies! May 31.—Pas
run! Orozco and 2,Otto armed inatir
reetos. aeeompanted bv nurses and
do. tors and errrjirig food for men
and beaw in wagons drawn 1"’ ten
mules, left here !:i«t tii-rht fo- Chihu ev
him. Inrtirreeto troops are to take
charge of the state capital. They will
ramp oi|t-|de and await the arrival of
Governor Abram Gonzales from
Juarez, and then, if necessary, force
their w ay in.
Man Stabbed at G-ant Town Dying.
Assailant Held.
-i r. .,r.. „ rn*..tttPer«*«r.
FAIRMONT. AY All, Mav ::I.—At
Cook le.wplt.nl It was stated tonlrht
that AATRiam Smith. the voting miner
stabb.-d at Grant Town yesterday In a
fight by Janies llooker was expected
’ i dir. at env moment Hooker Is still
In 'he county Jail and will not he
g.v.-n a hearing until the extent of
the injuries to Smith are known.
Miner Clubbed to Death.
P1TTSRCRG. May 31 —Frank Erllk,
n miner, was found clubbed to death
•n t'.e yard of hts home at Snowden
station today
Oil Man Dead.
MERCER. Pa. May 31—John A_
Gnylr r representative of the Standnr^^
Oil t .uupany in Mercer county, |g
derid. following an Illness from pto
maine poisoning.
Do You Open Your Mouth
Like a young bird and gulp down whatever food or medicine may
'c offered you. Or, do you want to know- something of the com
position and character of that which you take into vour stomach
wncthcr as food or medicine?
Most intelligent and sensible people r.ow-a-days insisC on
knowing what they employ whether as food or as medicine.
Iff. Piefte believes they lime a perfect right to IVSIST
upon such knowledge So he publishes, broadcast and
on each bottle-wrapper, what hit medicines are made
of and verities It under oath. This he fee's he can well
afford to do because the more the ingredients of which
his medUnet arc made are studied and under*.nod the
more will their superior curative virtues be appreciated.
For the cure of woman’s peculiar wnaW.c. ,„A -- .
’ . V " '‘^'C'ng-doirn pu n or .listres and le ered svmptotns o VeTkW _
,)r J,cr,c«» VV,,r,tC Hrcv'r,Pno" •» •» most efficient remedy. It is cqJSlIy eftSSTS -
r.vu.g strength to nursing mothers and in preparing the sys/em of the espeefa t mothi?
rcf1,,cr,rg Childbirth safe and comparatively painle« ThS^F '
C re script ion IB a most potent, strengthening tonic to the general system and ♦.»
the organs distinctly feminine in particular/ It is a soothing JndTJyigJJatTni ner2
St VituVs d ‘ n'e “«r»7of 1/T’ ncrVOUS neuralgia,hysteria, spasms, %orr«
and o'imh c « ofnervous symptoms attendant upon functional
anu o pan e siisctacs of ,.ie distinctly feminine organs.
, A ° rr,c‘lufl authorities of all the several schools of practice, recommend each
cl " J V.™ rr"-Ur!;’p ,'t ,OM “•* S“rsic*1 “«**'«• N. 1* md h rtl
l ' S }'i''X a ,f* °,lcri dangerous to experiment v. :h ncr* or hut slichfV tcs»rd rred.
1 i
Cormnun ttlMKSi-- JSS -

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