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Intelligencer Publishing Comieny
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tTHE IXTKI.t.KlKNr KR, embracing
It* several editions, la entered la tba
poetofflr* at Wheeling. W. Va, aa *#o
ond-claaa matter !
rE'tnrial Room* Bell. Ill
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The Intelligencer receives both lb*
day and night service of tbs Associated
Thursday, July 20, 1911.
Auditor John Shermau l)aret gen
•rally knows what he is talking about
and tells what he knows In a clear
End Incisive manner that leaves no
lingering uncertainly. In an inter
view In the intelligencer yesterday
Mr Durst punctured the ridiculous
claim made by certain Democratio
papers to the effect that the allege^
economy practiced by the Democratic
legislature had enabled the state
board of public w orks to reduce I ho
state tax levy from four and one-hair
cents to two and one-half cents on
the hundred dollars. Here are the
fur the biennial period of 1909 and
• 1910 the legislature appropriated
93,450.154.54. Of this sum tlie Re
publican administration used only
$3,092,537.85. In other words, eco
nomical Republican administration
saved to the state $286,433.97, from
the estimates used in the legislature
of 19"?.
The last legislative session appro
priated $3,376,991.82, or over $200,000
more than the Republican administra
tion Had spent during the previous
two years.
Where is the Democratic economv
in this'.’ If the appropriations author
ized by the Democratic legislature are
entirely spent during the next two
years the state will spend over $125.
OOo a year more than it spent durnu.
the previous two years.
As a matter of fact, the reduction
in the state tax is the logical result
of the tax program, enunciated at.
enacted into l lie law hy succeeding
Republican legislatures during the
past eight years. The reduction from
thirty-five cents to two and one halt
cents has been gradual, but that en
tire reduction has been achieved un
der laws framed bv Republicans and
administered by Republican adminis
Mr Durst jilso calls attention to
snother f.iot which should not he lost
sight of by West Virginians. The
direct s'ate tax this year will raise
about $265,060. This year also the
Aratf will trunsfcbp ♦ it... »An.e.i
school fund over |4<>'*,"<»0. In o’her
words, the tax legislation framed and
enacted by Republican legislators will
not only pay the expenses of all the
•’ate Institutions, but will turn into
the general school fund of the state
about |13.V<tOQ. Kvery cent of tlie
money raised by the direct state i.h
will be returned to the counties
through the general school f ind. and
J 13.1,000 more will be added to p.
This Is a monument to the wisdom,
the statesmanship and the public
spirit that have controlled tax legis
lation during the past eight years
It la a record that may well he point
Ml to with pride.
West Virgin.a has taken a front
r,iDk among the states of the union
In the matters of taxation. Today
the state government is practically
maintained without a dollar of direct
la* upon the people of the sta'e. Th*
direct taxes are raised by countie
and municipalities, and spent by
the officials of the counties an*1
municipalities In and among th*
people who pay them This Is th*
Ideal that was aimed at by in*
authors of the tax reform program,
ao<l Its practical attainment la a
cause of gratification to every one
who believes In equal and just taxa
The Intelligencer yesterday told the
stories of two distressing casts re
sulting from the sale of property for
taxes. In one case an old man own
ing property to the value of about a
thousand dollars was deprived of all
his savings because he had failed to
pay taxes for one year amounting to
less than Moreover, his failure
to pay thrf" taxes was accidental, as
he had made a reasonable effort to
find out what his taxes were, and to
have them paid. •
Employes about the county offices
can tell of many cases of this Hind.
It is perhaps unnecessary to com
ment upon the character of the men
who will seek to make a profit out of
misfortunes and mistakes of others.
It is sufficient to say that the laws
of this stale should be so revised
that property cannot be sold for taxes
without positive and direct notice be
| Ing given to the legal owner of the
'property. In other wor*s, the pro
ceedings should be so public and so
safeguarded that no man could be de
prived of his property by tax sale
without being informed of the charac
! ter and the nature of the proceedings.
Mistakes In the transfer of property
on the land books are not uncommon.
Property Is frequently assessed
against one man when it belongs to
another. I'uder these circumstances,
men ntay easily think that they have
I paid all their taxes when they have
failed to pay the taxes on a certain
■ piece. Such property should not be
sold for taxes until the authorities, by
| personal service on the owners, hav©
given them ample notification that rh©
sale is to take Dtare In the absence
of such personal service, a tax sale
Should be redeemable at any time
w ithin ten years.
The business of speculating in tax
titles has almost reached the propor
tions of a-scandal in this county. It
! is far worse in some other counties
in the state, and the laws should he
changed to wipe out these abuses.
New York city has si.mod a deter
mined warfare niton the short rate
huckster and storekeeper Women
inspectors are going a Unit the city.
They dress and act like ordinary
shoppers. They buy all kinds ol
products in all quantities They bu>
iruil at the fruit stands, vegetables
trom the produce dealers, eggs, but -
, ter. milk and potatoes, and they make
. c-t'eful note of the hills and of the
weights an<l amounts of the goods
furnished them.
Some very remarkable results ha\ ■
been obtained Some enterprising
grocers make it a rui<* to weigh a
heavy piece of paper or a heavy dish
with a piece of butter, other trades
men continually give the customer
short weights, and tricks with the
variably it U the poor man or
woman, who has to bu> in small
amount*, who gets the worst of such
deals. The larger buyer ran ami does
protect hlttntelt by purchase* in quan
tities and b> carelul measurement* of
bis purchase* ,\ pound should be a
pound, whether sold to a poor man
or a rich man. a bushel should be a
- bushel, and a quarter should lx- a
Protection of the public against
jo tty dishonesty, esjieelally protection
to that portion of the juihitc that is
not strong enough to protect iself, i*
something worth while .New York i*
not the only place In which it is
In «ine thing tho new masters of
Mexico have shown high wisdom
''•me*, the mini ter o the Interior,
Mas proclaimed the freedom of th“
press and ha* made hi* pnx tarnation
more than a mere m<x|ory. The or
gans of the old trim machine hue
bc»-n quick to tak" advantage of
their new privilege*, anil some of
• hem hafe viciously assailed Madept
and his adherents. In a eountry where
free speeeli and free appeal to public
1 opinion have been suppressei) for
many years It would b<- unnatural »f
Uncle Walt
The Poet Philosoph;r
I have a little hohhv and ride it every day. and if is fine and
pohhy and swell and resher<-hay If people would hut heed it. this
world would brighter he. for all the nations need if as
A LIT I IT. much a> liberty. Hut when I would expound it the pen
HOBBY pie all disperse; I hear them say, 'Confound it'" Some
times they even curse And when a friend I visit, he
whisper, at the door Here comes the great what is it the cham
pion village bore"' No matter where I travel, the same old tale is
told; I see men scrachmg gravel when they my form behold They
taisc their um he rollers th* se timid, nervous souls; ihry crawl info the
cellars they 'hm up lofty poles Old wormn always dodge me. like
wise the village belles and *»v thev d like to lodge me m fails or
padded cell* Th- roads jv rough anJ rutty on which my tnlhys tread;
f en children *av I m nutty, and throw things at my head And so I'm
tad and sohhv irv voice to sorrow pitched. I can> explain mv hobby,
'or folks won t stand unhitch* d WALT MASON.
(.•err ant, ilia ta (*•» Matt*** */i* »*.
^ J
Grover Cleveland's Gospel of Wealth Accumulation
(By E. J. Edwards.)
After Thorni* F. Ryan, at the time of the fa
moil* life insurance Investigation of several
> ears ago. bought a majority of the stock of the
^1 Equitable Life Assurance Society. fifty-two share*
I o; tii. par value ot fifty-two thousand dollars.
I for nearly three million dollars, he created a trus
| teeshlp over it. The three trustees were ex
| President Grover Cleveland. George Westing
I house and Chief Justice Morgan J. O Brien, of the
I New York State Supreme Court,
j One of the duties of the trustees was to se
ll cure from the policy holders recommendations
I upon which might be based the selection of men
I to till such vacancies as might occur in the »o
I (lety's board of directors. The object of this was
I to secur’ for the policy holder* representation
I In the direction of the affairs of the society.
1 Every recommendation that was made to the
trustees Mr Cleveland personally carefully ex
g j rnwiona amlned. I*, was a prodigious task.’ but he was as
e.. j. tuwsHDa, faithful iji the performance of It as he had been
j In his oversight of every detail which came to
for official action or judgment on Ills part.
In response to th*» trustees' request for recommendations to fill a cer
I faiu vacancy In the board of directors a Tennessee policy holder forwarded a
Utter recommending a leltow Tennesseean. The policy holder, after nar
I rating the good qualities ot his candidate and vouching for his integrity or
characti r and ability, continued
"This man began with nothing Ills family was left penniless by the
i v,nr He went to work am! worked lor some years with his hands in the
I fields He saved money. Hi bought a little land He cultivated his iartn
He was patient and frugal At last lie begau to accumulate, and he is now
| worth about one hundred thousand dollars—every penny of It earned by
| honorable toll.”
“That Is as fine a recommendation of a candidate as any policy holder
has ever made, so far as I recollect.” declared Mr. Cleveland to his fellow
1 trustees.
“Milt." said Mr WesMnghouse. “if you are gauging the man s ability bv
the fact that he is worth a hundred thousand dollars, I don't think the" test
amounts to very much.”
Mr Cleveland looked up quickly. It seemed to him that Mr Westing
l ouse measured ability possibly by the millions rather thuti the thousands,
although this was not Mr. Westinghouse's point at all.
The * vPresident brou-.-.h’. his hand firmly down upon the table He was
! much It: earnest.
“Vr WesMnghouse. !e said, "if a man in the South found himself in
powrm at the close of tin war. If It,- went to work, laboring with ins
rundr. it by frugality aud industry he began to accumulate, and if with Ins
i’cctimulations he enlarged his farm and thirty years after the war he finds
that h* is worth one hundred thousand dollars, it seems to me that thut one
hundred thousand counts lor more than millions of Inherited money or i
billion made In speculation In Wall street. Other things being equal i javor
tn« election of this man a* a director of the company '
And in that brief statement is to he discovered the entire gospel of
wealth accumulation in which firmer Cleveland belo ved. *
'Copyright. VI1. bj .1. Kdwards. Ail rights reserved i
To-morrow Mr. Kdwj-tm, will tell of “Three Trout and a M; hop.”
at the lirst opportunity freedom
would not degenerate iue> license
Some of the writers and publicist* of
Mexico will undoubtedly abuse the
freedom of the press, hut the correc
tion for this will be in the develop
ment of an enlightened and thoughtful
People who will eventually learn to
appreciate abuse and its real worth
Popular government cannot be suc
cessfully tarried on without free
speech A free press is the greatest
factor in th** information and instruc
tion of the electorate. Without a free
press, absolutism may he (Hissthle
With a fr* •• press it is never possible.
Tiie i Though:'" goitl mine at
Calgary. < .hi da. has .lust been sold
lor js.niMi.tn o Second thoughts may
sometimes lie her* but with that
amount of coin in h s jeans. th<- lucky
si Her of this holt* in the ground will
in* Inclined to doubt it
That the l*:i> regime was not the
whole trouble hi Mexico is shown l»y
the continued strife among tlm M< \l
can people A lark of stability in tin*
i haracfer of the (tcopie seems to be
the r«*al underlying cause.
l'nionville, Indiana, now possesses
the distinction of being tb<* center of
population of the I'nlted Hta'es fen
sus staMstle* and patent medicine ads
are fine im dlums for securing news
, paper fame
W. should not look lightly ujM>n tiie
AlbanlntiM. whose motto Is freedom
1 or d«-ath," in their struggle against
tiie Tur! s That was once our mo'*o.
and we were very unimportant Mien,
Perhaps the congressmen are delay
ing adjournment in order to let v.u.i
tionijt s gee how fine they look when
engareit In the exalt.*| oeenpatioti of
manufacturlnr national statute*
X X>» ler*. v minister channel hi*
denomination because los salary was
l.to small. \\e have no doubt this
wa> true, hut Ins religious Convictions
must have smaller ret
I.lohn f. Sullivan, the former pugil
ist, Is to he a candidate for the
Xlaagarhnsetta legislature \*» one
can douhf that fohn I, has the hot
air qualification* at any rale
There is something wrong when our
i delinquent tax laws allow human
* bloodsuckers to rob the widow and
j the orphan
Is Itr 'Alley wllv? V\c shall ate
German Lutheran* Held Picnic Yev
terday at Glendale— Other
New* Note*.
A K"»“l time was enjoyed hv the
members r.f the Herman l.utlo-ran
Sunday school who attended the pu
nl* at M* Meehen grove, in Uh tidate.
ye terdav. The program consisted
prln* Ipally of the hall games between
picked team-, which nrntimd much
Interest In the evening tho crowd
was brought home In the two spe* tal
car* chartered for that purpose
A team has he* n organixed in lower
Kenwood, consisting ot local ama
teur... u tiii li would lik< lo try conclu
sions will) the loam troin th“ Central
linrlier shop The form)>r team li.-is
chosen as their name ihe White
Fronts, arid think thut they can hang
it <<n the Central* if they will meet
th‘-in ai the loon around* next Sun
day morning Ht a oclock: 'Inc line
up of the White Front* is: I’otiner,
Klirke, In-cgan. Study. Ilriscoll, Want.
Curren. I leegan and Tonner If ac
cepted. answer through tills column.
Committee Meeting.
A meeting of the committee ap
pointed to i ake a report on the mat
ter hr i ight up I*, fore a r* cent mer
it g of enitlli-ll pe.-talniliK lo the dt
vision of ih • expense 01 rep.mrin the
•■ridge over the run between Kenwood
and Mi Meelnui will he held this cv.-ti
, ’"k The i-xpet ■ -<• of repairing the
•tritine will h.- horn - **y I ten wood Jtc
Mecheti ami the V. I,--cling Traction
hv e.i- !i is a; question.
Benwnod Briefs.
loe Taylor vis,t-ul 'it Kenwood tor a
r.-ui-:- 01 days from a fishing camp
do. n <!:-• tivir. where he t* *tj>in:.
\ m-vv i i.i t room will lie opened
soon in »»i<- tiuilding formerly oecu
! <- I by iIk t;. n-v:l hoti-l.
Th- Va. at.on Stars derean I the
S-'iiii-* ..f .Mi-Mcehen yesterday at
•he hall I't ri. by the score ol 4 to
Mr- Tliotni-s Johnson and dangh
••■r- Mi -• .Margaret and Alice, of
Vt-lo. lie. T un. are visiting rela
tives here
The n main* of Mrs Seller*, who
dietl at the C-le||ilale hospital mi Alor,
-lev. were shipped lo per linlin- at
• ■lover* t;»i> yesterday
Tl- • I- ) • < i.-rr* In fhi* *e • ..
‘f t e ' ll'lo fan ..II I.tp.-i -I, s> .*«.*
I •• »••*. ‘ l I •) HI lli- lei f.«
S .« s-ipi y. 1 -■ >., |n, urnhtc F,.r
<";■ '■ . ' ' *•■••• |.r..» ..TIT . - I It
I— . I -o*. . -Ti I |o- ri’-- II- *1 1. m
t-It--. »n : l.j • .--latitly falling t- -tr
with l'--al ).- il» - - f*. pr-.n.-iin---I it In
• i.rul.l- *■ i* a . i proven (iviarr) t-i
I-— .-fis-t- if *.»• ,| ,i,w« .*, iisi 1 herefr. y
’"I ■ •• - | ,| ).,,„, | trot :i,.rit mil,
).•-•■ • Cut. -I. . i'. .-fur-* hy I 1 11.
**■•. 'I -»l« . »M',, I* t »■ -,nly - up
r M ■! • i-... i n,arm-. |t —
in -oi .r * —rr.r. I - v .f! I— — fr--r . I - :rot. ,
' t* • ] • It • 11 t, *11rr- flv r»n t ,
r. . • .... t fM« .. , r Ma- .* x n
*• •• T • \ ' *' • * »n» ’ «r tlr#* i i|.»*l.»rji for
;t:iv • ife If fall* to ' it** yi# t •! for r i -
* of * *»» I f • >*f |*f o». , , *
VI lr. .
* » *11 i:s * v .x • TmI«*(V oi»io
-I f »•' I *r .a: t-f*
T«H** IV •f|*9s * ..•«•!!> PlIN for « off t ii.j*.
Sample Oxfords
SIZES— A A— I. I'j. 5
Y—If. v,, I, |I2,
II—% 3*,, I. I'j, 3
Twice a y»ar after the Salesmen
have rcturneJ from the mad. we
■ scsttre from one of the hest manu
, facturcrs his samples. We serve
them at a price far less tt.au their
cost to manufacture, and while
1 they last we givr our ratmns a
'great shoe hrnefif.
M. H. & M.
1017 .Main Sf., Wheeling.
Just Because
we want to clear away all broken lines remaining from a
busy season’s selling—make the clearance a complete one
and a quick one—for Thursday we announce this special
sale of -
Misses’ R /f 1 *
Ladies’ Muslin
consisting of dainty Cambric. Longdoth, nainsook gar
ments—prettily trimmed in tucks, laces and Embroideries.
Gowns Corset Covers
Skirts Combinations
Drawers Princess Slips
You will be surprised at the selection we afford in first / W j
II quality garments at £ !
i Sale of “Slip-Out”
Collar Supports
A special table in the Notion
Department gives choice of
th<se serviceable COLLAR
SITl’ORTS in Black or White,
j in 2 to 5' > inch sizes. Card of
Four, regularly 10c, JT
Sale Price.Wv
One-Half Price
Pretty Taffeta, Mcssaline and
Foulard Silks 59c to Si.25 the
yard values this week —
Vacation Accompanists
Of Practical Value to Travelers
Three new arrivals in the Toilet Goods Department find a need
awaiting them in every traveler's trunk. With them come news of
savings not likely to be secured away from home:
Neat fancy black and white covers; close securely with a
Rubber-lined and supplied with pockets for every necessary
toilet article. Clasp fastened. Have the appearance of
Cases costing twice our speeial price...UvL
Indispensable fbr miladi's preparations for enjoying a dip in
the briny. The best grade of soft elastic rubber, in red or black.
Scores of Wheeling people who
have that common practical mis •
Which guides them in all their acts
;.-.d concliit ioi.c .ire lot.iiic, out unre
servedly with statements regard im
Hi • new tonic, “Tolu V ita." the re
11 ..rKutilo • urative properties of which
i:r<* lie.ng daily demonstrated at the
< I,as k 'Imt/. i Company's Mri»»:
smre, in a manner that is ca'i-di.;
general siirpri.-e In iln- eil;
Well known among the recent en
d.,r. iis o; this i c a in• ic:11< is Wil
liur liol.it . residing r.t Iota l.od
1 have been n poor health the
past three years. being under the
i are of physicians most of the time,"
said Mr ihdun today "My condi
tion vrow grndoaliy worse, ami dur
ing the past six months it has been
bird for me to work at all Kvery
thing seemed wrong with me I
didn't *at well or sleep v.ell, and had
i no energy at all. My duties required
tn> standing a goodly portion of the
time, and often it seemed that my
back would break I have often been
! forced lo sit down I had no life in
| me My stomach was in bud shape,
and I suffered with intense nervous
ness I would become startled at the
slightest noise, and my heart would
i b .t rapidly at the slightest exertion.
' I ratio* to fids store to try the new
| tin dh *ne. ami one of i|ie specialists
told me I had nervous debility I got
ihe medic1 ns. and it is the beat on
earth It In Ipeil me right away, and
; bus made a new man of me I can
heartily riHumniend 'Tons Vila' to my ‘
friends as well us ihe public In gen
| oral."
I l'has I! Hoot/. A Cii has secured
• be agency here. % ml specialists are
always on hand between th« hours
>'i ■ u in arm > |> in ready In ex
: I’IhIii the nature of the remarkable
i»-w remedy
! There rpeciahatg claim that a large
percentage of the population, egpc
dully anion ■ oil; people, are afTerliit
I by nervous debility One of Uie ape
ctallat* raid today, In datcuaalng the
matter "The Nymptornr of nmine
debility are unnilelakahle to lho*<* *
who know how prevalent thin trouble
ih A tired. drugging feeling of the1
body, a aliigglah mind and dull mem
ory, depreaalon of eplrlta. nwrvoua-1
•tee*, stomach trouble, weak hack,
i cold feet, hi'jdachc and bowel trouble
'1 he«« ur(. sure Indleatlonr of nwrvoua
d< hii tjr, and modern Ilf.- in big etttas
produce |t in untold tbouranda
Iona Nils w ill poalttveiy remove
thlr condition If It doesn't. the trial
coni* nothing. a> the medicine must
do the work or we don't want the
money for It We betleve we have
a preparation that I*- worth lit weight
In gold to the man or woman afflicted
with nervous debility”
The terrible fatigue and rptrlt of
larrttude. rupertndlired by ||ie extra >
ordinary hot weather we are having!
them daya. debtlltatea fhotiHanda 1
' Tons Vila will rarely mold one up
In *n< h a rhape thHt he can at and the >
ecta of tbase hot day*
Killed in Railroad Yard*.
Ppectal I" • «f t l ■ tli. hli'lln-nre
STKI HK\Vlf,|,K O. July 1 •» .
August T.iipone, aged ?t, was run
down and killed by cam in (he Pan
Handle railroad yard* at t'olllera. W.
| Va , lo day.
■« nnMsunHaBKsa aaflEaMBMW
ihc success of the Pianola Piano is unparalleled in the his
j torv of musical instruments. Today it is sold in every civilized
coun'rv of tht world. Just as surety as you have adopted other
Jj developments of modern progress, such as the telephone, the
S automobile. etc., so you will eventually own a Pianola Piano.
The very logic of a piano that is a real musical instrument
in everv home, that everyone can plav. and play well, and that
in addition offer.' every advantage ot the older types of instru
ments for practice and handplaying will induce you to its pur
You should investigate the Pianola Piano NOVI'. Your
• s’lent piano will never he worth so much in exchange as at
f present. Intrinsically, it is sr adily depreciating in value.
H It is built into but five pianos The Steinway, Weber. Steck,
I Wheelrck. Steuyvcsant.
■ Vtfe ate sole representatives for this instrument in this ter
H ritorv.
a — — -
j F. Wo Oaiimer Company
1416-16 Market Street. Wheeling, W. Va. ^
W. A. MILLIGAN, Manager.
E _
Will Be Held at Rock Spring* Park
This Month—Will Be a
Union Affair.
(*n Wednesday, .fuly 2<>. Ihe innu::t
picnic of ihe I,utherans of Otilo. West
Virginia and Pennsylvania will lm
held ni ISock Spring* park The af
fair Is in ihe nature of a family picnic
and a large numln r from this section
are expected to attend \ special
train win have the Pennsylvania sta
tion at v *, in and the round trip
fare trill be cents.
William Shelley. Who Pell Prom
Trestle. Succumbs at North
Wheeling Hospital. x
William Shelley, the man a ho fell
from a trestle above fllentmv.i on
Monday night, died of In* injuries last
evening a taint 4 3** o'clock at the
North Wheeling hospital Shelley sas
found earlv Tuesday morning after
having lain In a *eml ronwtou* ron
dltlon for nevrral hour* Hr *<■»
talnrd Internal tn.iurie* in hi* f»'* an«i
thrrr wa* no hnpr of hi* rerovery.
Thr iltrramil wa* a native of North
Wheeling, and wn* well known In thr
rlty and vltlnlty Hr wa* not mar
rled, toil ha* a alatrr. Mr* MrNrll, .it
tte North Wheeling lio*i>ital. and
othrr relative* rentdlng In \<»rth
Wheeling While thr funeral arrange
nient* had not hen romplnfml la*1
night. It will prohahly he held Kr'day
morning front the Marred Heart
rhnrrh. with Interment at \lt Calvary
Mhortlv after a woman marrie* her
ideal man *he diarovrr* that it wa*
a vas« o( tuiKluk' u .drntitv
W ASHINGTON'. July 19.—Vigorous
support of the t'anadlan reciprocity
agreement by Senators drown. of .Ne
braska; Stone, of Missouri, and
Works, of t'altfornlk and a short
speech against lhe measure by Sena*
lor Kenyon, of Iowa, made up tie
day's debate on the measure oy the
senate. Senator Slone arrat* i the *
interests, which, he said, hud hi-ca
using the farmers for the purpose if
attacking reciprocity. He declared
I'einoiTats could find no excuse for
not supporting the agreemrut as .»■
I rod med by Ui« ITc- dmt.
Snake Strikes Girl.
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III NTINGTON. \\ Va . July 1?—
While playing m ar her home at Three
Mile. Just aeross the river from here,
little Mary Scarberry. aged 11, was
The father rushed to the Guyandofto
host Ital with the ehlld. and It is be
lieved Site will recover
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