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Far \**3-<*aday; TXyfxMt C'awtfy;
Praaao * Rain
Gov. Foss Carnes
N«w V*ra Electa Republican A*
Mmbly, Tnue Depriving Go.
Die of Support
^•turno In New jersey ^njicllc Keg
•stature W II Re Republican by
Good Majority.
NKW YORK. Nov. 7 Kin Hum
• ere hr id >ent. rday n, many states
and dtles throughout the country,
•bowing iary In* resulia. with little
Indication of a widespread wave of
public sentiment
In Massachusetts liovcrnt.r Kuss.
Democrat, claims hu re election by a
rpdured plurality of about 1 J.OOO. but
ihw election la not conceded and the
renult will be open to doubt until mom
complete returns are received The
first returns showed ' nurUI mi..
for lonli I' Proihtnghain. Republican,
which were gradually reduced
Meager returns indicate that other
Republican candldatea on the slute
ticket are slightly ahead of fheir le-iu
ocrelic opponents
In tthode Island early returns indi
cated th* re **le* tion of tloveruor
Cotliler. Republican, over laims A.
IVaUnun, Itemocrat. by an Ittereaaed
New York state elected a Itepub
l Ucan aaaeiuldy, tliua depriving lim'
ernor l»lx. Itemoerat, of the aupiairt
he haa heretofore had from a legis
lative Democratic majority of "Jt The
newly elected ana* inbly will have a
Kepubllran majorliy of 'n
Tammany Vote Cot.
In New York City t Manhattan and
Bronx, the Tatnmany strength was
materially reduced, but Its candidates
for Judicial and county offices acre
elected by greatly reduced pluralities
In Brooklyn the fusion Judicial and
county candldatea sere succensful,
with perhaps one exception.
New Jersey elected a legislature
which will he Republican by a con
slderablo majority.
Gorman Wins In Maryland
Kavly returns from th>- state elec
tion In Maryland warn inconclusive as
between Arthur I’ tlorman. Itrmo
trulle candidate fur governor, and
1‘hilllps lam tioldshnrougli. Ktiflib
11 can On the first meager returns
Republican Statu Chairman Hanna
claimed (he state for tloldshorough
Mtsslssfptn elected a fiemocrallc
governor and state officers hy derisive
Result in Ohio.
The municipal elections in Ohio n
suited In the • lection of Henry T.
Hunt < Democrat I as mayor of Ctn
clnnatl; Newton I) Raker I Democrat t
as mayor of Cleveland; tienrge J
Karb < Denote rat i as mayor of Coltim
bus. I’resldent Taft cast 1m sole at
In Kentucky, lames It McCreary
(Democrat i was elected governor by a
majority estimated at SO.uOO to Iff.noft
A Democratic legislature also was
elected, which Insured the choice of
Congressman Ollle James as Cnlted
States senator from Knignky
The Aral election held in the new
stale of New Mexico Is still in doubt
e'bolh the Republican and Itemocratlr
candidates for governor claiming elec
tion on meagre early returns Indira
lions point to a KepuhHcan leglsla
railed State* nenaior*
' Sorlallai aalna marked the election*
] to-day and gate that party poaer In
i dlatrlet# where heretofore tt had been
* nnabla to Muater a count -ik tott
In Schenectady the Soctaliata elected
a mayor, all city official* escept one
and a maiortty of the county board
In addition. Ihe aaaembly dlatrlct in
which Schenectady I* 1.waled re
turned a Soclallat aeannhlman Ohio
waa another winnlna around for the
Social!ala The return* aectired In
•ome of the elite*, in el*ht of which
they elected mayor*, alyea them a
total thou»*ml* in advance of any pre
rIon* ahowlna. and put* them rloae In
order, numerti ally, with the two old
part lea In Ohio, aa well, where ar
tual Social!*! candidate* were not
elected. pro«rea*lve# „f mnr« „f
radical slew*. were returned by th-‘
Itealdca Hi heneetadv. Cleveland. Co
lumbua and Imyton were the moat f*v
arable eltlea for the Social!*? party
la the aerond Kanaaa < onrreaalonal
diatrtct. where a auceraaor to the lata
Conare»«tnan Mitchell waa elected, ihe
p tOaatlamad aw Tawtk e»«. >.
Margin of Victory *or Democrats the
Narrowest in Years—Result
Hung in Balance
RepuOiicans Lose On« State Senator
and Lam Ten Seats in
tri« House
K'MITOX \nv 7 Tlw Irrmocrsta
• on llm Slain rirrtlun today an I
knpf M «m>ar-htis«*tls in ilm par'v rol
mnn by coni in mutt (iovertiur Ku*mr
N Fom iu uBine fur a second Irrm
Til. i luplrfr rrturns um F»*s, l».
Fnitbuisham, K , hhi
Last year the same districts ga’e
Koss. |l, 201.324. Draper. It . 1C7.4U7
The margin of victory today was
the narrowest in years, and for hours
afti r the close of the polls the result
‘ hung in the balaars
| The makeup of the remainder of
; the State ticket was still in doutd at
j midnight
■legislative returns Indicated ibat
‘ the Itepuhlii ans had lost one seat in
the Slate Senate hut had gaiued ten
places in this House
ilia Republican candidate for lieu
I tenant governor was elected by 7,txx>.
I IIOSTON. Nov 7 — Returns from
■ *1*7 out of t 070 voting districts. In
eluding Itostoti, give Koss. [vmn
crat. lo| ::ss. Krnrhtngham. Itepub
llcan. 07.072
The same fatlo. tr maintained
throughout the state would make
Knas' plurality ahour a.WNi
IIOSTON. Nov. 7 Returns from
about one fourth of the small towns
‘twothirds of Hoston and none of the
i other cities in Ihe stale, indicated
that the contest for governor between
Cover nor Kugctie N Koss Democ'at.
and Lieutenant tSovernor loin* A.
Krothlnghatn, Keptibllcun. wag tin
j usually close, and that the result
would he in doubt until a greater part
of the state had reported
HOSTON. Nov 7 Cover nor Koss
tarried Hoston bv a plurality of 51.
Mm or Klt/ger.ild cellmate.! at 7 4.S
o'clock Mint Finn had carried the
elate by from •> .»K) to g.imo
Major, tie* in New York City Are
Reduced —Republican Mate
B g Gam*.
NKW dOKk, Not 7 Tammany
hall's hold on New York city wa*
shaken today In a* battle of the t,o|.
i Iota In which local office* were mainly
at atakc The |teniorra#p aur. e*«fully
defended th»ir a act* nt e'rona hold* of
Manila!' hh find fh** Itmnt. l*tit hy
greatly reduced pluralltlea (Jtieene
county also stood by the Itetnocrata
but the Republican fuaion eandldatea
made m arly a clean *«e,.j. »f firook
j lyn and probably divided honor* in
the little borough of Richmond
k >cgr ago. Manhattan and the
Rr.in* borough* gave Meiernnr Iili a
tOoatinneg on Teath Page)
r Morgan County Sheriff
Is S hort Over $22,758
# -- -
■ Audit »f Account* #c Jotapn p Hawrermale owe* Morran . »«a I I
Hawvacmaia Show S, Sum iM .... .
Oua mm and CounT,
_ _ 7 tl.tMSI. or a a rand total to both
■partal In.nat. t. to .. „ ?”?*■?«_ ?*'" nf *« »• " ' « h-n
ft^KKMCT ftPKIK.)* W V..N*,I,W Vmo.nt li Mc'uX' t\u
T—The audit of the a< count* of ex * la the larceat -.m. n- .*> .. T,
Sheriff Joueph P Hax.rrm.lt. of Mor ami t »*, ,, . ,
•an county. who re*i«ned aome time Kvrrr it \ m„ ..
a>o follow In* thn rwftiaal of hta held «ork hi i.en'w H- ..re W w
miroty to lonaer continue aa hta bond* l^mlr. an,t ,t y .j,
man. and after the county court of rointanr*
that county had demanded a «ett1e
■mat with the county haa been Sled Account* ineempi.tc
here The audit rotrr* the period be **• »>id:t doe. not cotter
tween January 1. ISO*. an4 I •” ”** account • Some of th-m the
1911. aad la conflned to the sheriff a »'**ountanta rouid not at thl* time
aattleuienta made in 191« and 1911 for ** 1 *,!l n«** ^ »Me to make
the «a«ea of 1W9 and 191«. aad ale.' 11,1111 ** ■" P»**lhle to learn the
payment a made to the ahertff from *m,>**n! °* '*•* miiu.eUaneou* receipt*
n • the Morran ooitc.tr trenaurt *n<i of which no record
* ThO .how. that exffhc.ff, l0..UlH, u ^,
r——— ---
Socialist Vote Shows Cam—Columbus.
Cleveland and Cincinnati Elect
Democrat Mayors
Results Iti Ohio III Tuesday' seine
Hon show many Kepubitcau victories
The Socialist vole lu the municipal
elections truncate.! a substantial in
creased, while in eight instances
Socialist mayors were elected t'olum
t«s. I'inriniiatl and fie vela nd elected
Democratic mayors Newton l> Maker
elected in Cleveland be ng a native of
Martlnsburg. \V Va The result In
tillin' low 11 M Miss
Wsllavillt Democratic,
nt" • *.i li.stsvu n r.. tn# Intslltger, «r
WKI.I.SVILLK. t>. Nov 7 lu a
spirited election here today the I»en»
ocrala succeeded In electing on a
close majority W II Moore as mayor
The wet and dry issue figured in the
campaign It K Steiner was the Me
publican candidate.
- 1
Lsston*a Republican.
■ *f« I it tu*| ••• b tOe Inlet)laen.. r
i I.Kt.TiiNI \. o. Nov 7. Leetunia
1 today elected II \ llalleniine. It. pub
; I lean, as mayor The fight was dose
and full return* are not available to
Htnnacy Win* at Labor
I Rt.ec al l>l«| lie I | , 1 tie In'elllgen er t
LISBON. O. Nov 7 B V. lien
| nary. a liemoerat. w ns elected mayor
|of Lisbon today after a red hot tight
John II lltnchsliffe. Hie prevent
; mayor, was defeated for l.i* second
term HtnchclIlTe was supported bv
the church and reform factlnn It
| was charged that K.ist Liverpool
| hr. series supported llennacy
Labor Candidate Wins
1 Rpe, .4. i>!»! «• . t . «h. Ini. II V ft
Psrry Tettow. progressive, of AVash
ngtnnville, (he labor candidate m
Columbiana county for delegate to the
'Constitutional convention. at II
! o'clock tonight appeared to lim. won
uni over i> n i n«». r.-pre
sentative from this district. Whole'
return* from the country precincts
have not he.-n heard from, hut tt is
about certain that Teflotr will finally
pull through Tetlow is put down «a
i a liberal an-l favoring Initiative, refer
Iendum and recall.
f>r J It Marshall. Republican, haa'
won in this city for mayor
Cleveland Democratic.
rl.KVEL.AMI>. Nov 7 t'leveiand.
1 « hlch two years ago w.-nt Republican,
electing Hfminn C Itaehr mayor over
tOoattnsed n Tents Psgsi
Cnaliaeges Remove Aaven Talesmen
From McNamara Jury for
1.0* ANGKI.K*. Nov 7 The jury
ho* In the Me Samar* mird.r trial
was filled today with tale.men and
accepted »* to cause, and peremptory
challenge* were e*<*rci*ed by both
aide* Tonight but five of the twelve
men remained and the defense bad
rcaerve.1 the r.gh* to challenge some
of these tomorrow, if |t d-slrc]
*hoiud it not #o challenge, u cann..’
«-*r'i*e • heve men la*, r on
Th« defense lew* every *ppr*<
able point for which It corn nded w>
The five men left n th- bo* to
n gbt wwre Robert Rain. carpenter,
who organ ted !.e firs’ labor union in
! l-ft* Angeles, r I* Grwen, orange
grower, who said he had read maga
prejudicing hi* ra.nd Byron l.iak. a’
1 retired mill owner, who swd he had
n» opinion a* to the cause of the Lou
Angelew Time* explosion Sam Mr*
denhall. orange grower, who was
: without an opt n on . William Clark.
1 * ho as;d he took sides neither waj .,
Taken From Cuttody of Oeputy
Sheriff Near Lockhart and
Put to Death
MKKIl'nA.V Miss \„. ; Ju„s,
Mos.-el,. * negro, was take,, from
Ijepuly sheriff llrown near Lockhart
this morning l.v . mob of slum 400
per-o,,, and limned l b. negro s
boil) was bnffT-i rilili,-,| Mosel> as
saulted ,| H. fovlngtoo. wiute. wiih;
a atirk at lairkhari >e»terda>
Warlike Tr.net in Portuguete Pot
tettiont IS Africa Slaugnter Eu
ropeant After Awful
LJSItOX. xJT : - Serious news ,s
received Mail) from Angela. Hie |»or .
tuguese possession In Western Afr
•a A revolt among the natives Is
spreading rapidly and the blacks an.
burning and pillaging everything in
ihetr path
In the region of the t'aeezers andi
< as-.11 warlike t * 1 bee at tack "d it,..'
em«nt* and aiMatml a ntimfw r
of Kuropenns alter subjecting th< 11
in terrible tortures
The number and nationality of the
t '
abandoning their propeptie* and. *r
• on>| an:ed lij ihetr women an<l rh*l
dren are finding refuge m the town*
where, entrenching th»mKeive*. the)
await the attack of the ravage?
Marietta o and w.fe Suie d©
Wttn Cyanide ©f Potassium in
Sroarate Cleveland Hotel*
' l.KV Kl. V S it. Nov 7 A* the re
•u" 01 ®**"* t* believed war a *uind*
l-act. the body of II I. Werterman.
a machinist, wan found in * hotel
room here today anon alter he had
learned that III* wife _•;, had root
miffed auiclde in a room at another
hotel. I loth died from rtanidi of
(•otaaaium poiaotunv The W enter
man* are thought •• have Itv.d in
Marietta. O
I'rom hi* hotel Weaterrnan tele
phoned hia wife* hotel aeveml time*
duping ibe da awking whether hia
Wife waa in In replv to hia law! rail,
he waa told that hia wife had been
found dead A little later Writer
man* body tit i|i*>ov«red
Mr* Wearerman 'eft a letter am
ria hat her h««!nn1 waa in flnaix.ll
Woman E.p'-e* ,e Her 10«tn V*ar
TKMri.KTtiN Mar*. No* 7 T»tl
ttouaand relative* ar* mourning for
Mr* Caroline Hodaon. who died her* ,
in her on*- hundred and fourth year j
tlfncleJZeb '
- BB
t** wurgn
• a«*»OTo«,
»•* » -rmctai
We*»wr« Per. »»n
t'jIhII! n< w*"‘
VHauuy Thar©
, 5?-ST* —■.
Wait Vlrgiala Ana: Cmtin
alil r. mm I III OL
I:*** extent and wcopr lft f|)e < ele
bratlon of the SetubCeuieunial «,(
u'* Virginia I* largely nitiund* r
lltaai b) the )f.»|tie of "heel l in.
Illullv III I hetil being under the nil
preaaion that It *,|| only a one
d.i) affair Tha' 1m true mo far 1.1
the official celebration 1* < tiueern**tl
Iiider the tliret tlnn of th* Semi f **n
tentilal t -o min I mm Ion. hut the City 01
" heeling w||| fmt,, „ program ex
tending over main day# ptior to to
MUft ceding the ila'e *>f Iuhe .11, IMT ;
whitti commemorate* the admiaidou
of Wert Virginia into the ijuoii in
Other wordM, the Semi-Centennial
1 otuuimiuin'M plana of rdlebratton
haw onh to do with June 30. while th«
1 Hj of "’heeling-* program w ill b»
relative but no dotiht equally a* tn
terming Furthermore the Semi
* «*nf**nnlal ConinilMnlon'ti program
will be State wide matured by natiw
patrtotiMin and State prifl*- and en
*irely iu keeping with the Importance
• if the orcaelon That program It
now in the tnnking. and a« If pro
grew wen the public will be fully In
formed of it* ..ignlftrance
In the meantime the people ol
"heeling may rent aM-ured that they
will have ample opportunity for e\
pandlng their celebration when It n
known that |t 1* In aurh competent
hand* a* the Wheeling Hoard ol
■ !»** IHTOinpilNIlfq Aflil IIV**
*»re wr*u»ry. Mr K B Naylor
Pre»ident V«tti at Cincinnati Than
Spend* Busy Day in Old
«'IM INN ATI. Nov ; President
1 aft * second il*> in l inrtnnafl |e.|
him 10 me poim like 'hoiixanil* ol
hi* fellow citizen*, made him the
*11* *1 at turn Pf.n of the local Manu
facturcr* flub, where he raid h<- e*
peeled to come hack to Cincinnati
come day to practice la*, and gave
him an opportunity to *p«ak on peace
and arbitration to the American So
ciety for the Judicial Settlement n|
International Dispute* To-night the
President wa« the ta—t and prln* I
pal «pe;»k"r a* the banquet Of the
fommerclal flub At the cone luaion
of thl* epeeeh -M*- Taft retired on
board hi* private car. and early to
morrow morning will leave thl* city
tor Frankfort and lmui*vllle. Ky.
During he day the l*re*;dent n»ci
»< ore* of Dbloan* Governor Mar
nton. ho tame down from t'oittnibu
tn vote, md the l’r**ldent and >af
with him at the Manufacturer*
Club lunc he.-»n, and later on the pla*
’orm in Mwwlr hall Former I'nltH
J'ate* Senator I B Foraker. Mayor
Imnlw Schwab, four I nited State*
jtwlge* and many other well known
ihtoan* also had rhata
Body of On>* Scnool T«ach*e Killed
Cl twhin* r tec* W.th Gun,
MiKi-rrv <1 Nov V vlh-a’h*
w !ri a bui Ct hole -hro'iah hta temple
t'nroner Tver rendered a verdict of
*ccid»n al * hoofing, the g .n diacharg
nc m fK* r!:niM a
LtOfcd* Celt L'f* S*nMne«
FDKT t\ aTNK, Jnd , No » —James
Nolan pleaded guilty to th« m irdet
of hi* wife, who, a* a washerwoman
had paid for their borne and a bowse
neat door Nolan wa* sentenced tn
prison for Ufa.
Governor of Shan Si
Slain By Manchus
General vs u Siam a* He Stumbctd
n Hie Tent by Hi* Own
Pew n StH Held by Imperial Part. ~
Royal Family Have Not Vet
Taken Fl jnt
SHANGHAI. Nov. 7_Of Mu
T.ng Fang, at one time (tmete
minuter to the United State*. In
a »tAtem*nt made to tn* At sec
ati d Pr*t» today, announce* that
h* ha* join, d tn* movement to
eetabiisn a **pubncjn govern
ment m China.
I'l.KlNC. Nov. 7 lieueu \\4
brilliant juuiiK niililarv .iffuer. wro.
w.i* recently appointed governor ofi
Shan Si provlucv. sat aaaatalnated »i
1 o c lock thi* morninr Hr to asleep
Hi lite lent Hi the nillltarv encamp
timttT at Shlkta i hoang, tlini thirty
Manrhii votdiem rushed tn pact the
guard and Murdered him
When off inert of the geiietai t tiaff
arretted the M.tntlui* the latter stated
tl:a: V\ 11 h..d gone over to the revolt!
t.ouarlea and tan v.v tell) tietrayilig
i lie Man. hd
tinner*I Wu w.i* etlin uled Iti Japan
aim had riven rapidly Min hit return
to I'hlnu lie w.t« literal ib lilt view*
atid wai always .redded ailli tv in
pathy with reform movement*. al
though lie a* a* not an ekfretaltl
R* purl* that this city ha* fallen
into ili« hand* ot the revoiuiloomie
are without toiuiija I tuu There .iat
teen bo nghiiug whatMeurr here anil
ilhete it tio e\ t.lenee that the efnperor
eg the regi nt have fled I’ruie.- rhtiig
(ontmuea i«> *.t ..a premier, lending
■ hy arrival of Yuan Shi Kai
Throne Toppling. Court Official* Pre
paring for Flight at Almost
Any Moment
PKKiNi. Nov I .
consider that the end of me Manchu
dynaatv m immlneni There teema
. no hop. of taring even a nominal
throne The province* norm of the
YangTte are now declaring lor a re
public The oal yforre of Man< hu
troop* large enough to cope with the
.ocal eiluatlon 1* in Peking hut there
l«rs Indieal.uti* to b.gtii that tk*
.eapiial will be MflMSM heftiri
I many day* by I'hinew aoldterv
Where the court wlif take refuge
* duration I here an* e* ittrnre*
'hat Ibe court Intended to proceed to •
irhang Kla Kau 'Kalgan • Troopa'
guarding the rout eto thai loan.,
| which lie* in the province of • 'hi I.i.
Il’i mile* north a eat of Peking, were
••*l»ected to dwiamlte the tunnel after
the pannage of the train hearing the
••mperor arid lit* houaetudd lte,»ort*
haw now lem received that t bang
« Kia Kau la nnaafe
I rlnce t hing a palace seem* desert
ed It i* believed he la in ihe for
; bidden city
Rebel* Mo»a On Peking
The t'limeae retain that the Kal '
gan railway ie in the hands of the
revolutionary a while a rebel tone
. *• proceeding* apparent!* in ihe dire*
Mon of Peking a: a point on the
railway about seventy miles from ibe
i capital.
It I* e\pe« iei| foal the assassins
fion of i.emral Hu |.q < heng will
ead to the revol* of the remainder
of hi* old sixth division, which |» po
with 1 uan Shi Kal Ibe government
re|K>rta however, that two 'rain loads
of imi>eria laoldler* are now on their
" V Hankow and tb* ae mar be
sufficient to i-icvent a mutiny
\ hundred «*r* left Peking lonigh'
for Jehnl. and two hundred mounted
Munch us proceeded in the same dire*'
, Mon earlr mi the day The t I,.neve
believe this pany is preparing t|ie
way for the flight of the court, hut
many Manrhus are fleeing and tronpa
are *onatantlv moving in the vicin' *
n* I'eklnr The Man* hit troopa her*
number 11.mm im:>*rial guards 7 .*u,
tmltce 4 m*fl, and banner j«olMe etiniit
I Mm, -
The cltv la ipuct io nigh' ami there
la no sign of an* intended movemeni
Medium Foletold War
A AHHIf^iTOv, >ov Friend*
of I it H ii Ting Fang, w lien ihey read
today that the former mints er from
t'hlmv to 'he I nlted S»a*e*i i^en
| chosen rnlmat* r of foretan relation*
In 'he new c’hln* «e fepiihllr, fe*-alled
with considerable interea* a spiritual
latlc seance in which he f«olt part
lObailixM o* Thirl P*«* y
P» Republican State Committee Mem
bers at Secmt Meeting et
Chairman Matthews Calls State Com
mittee for Neat Monday at
Parkersburg to Act
r *f ■* t*i the Intel u#n • r
' I. ikkSIUTdi. \\ Vo Nov 7
•** ret era*Ion. the state aide primate
subcommittee of the KepuMIt aa
atMte executive committee got down
to nal business today, and drafted
the rule - and regulations for the state
wiib- primary to l»e held June 4 nwyt
to Ihe |uitt) with the state as ttin
unit It was announced, however, by
the c ha rtnan and secretary of ths
suit committee that ihe plans adopted
would not |>e himile public until they
were submitted to lie full committee,
a meeting of which Samuel V Mat
thews • lialrtnan. will call for Mou- *
•lav. November IP., at » o clock at
mghl in the Chancellor hotel at Park
It «.is dee med best not to make lha
plans known at this time as they must
yet be adopted by the state commltte,
«n<l as changes may be made In them,
possibly contusion might result.
The subcommittee went into secret
session this morning lu Judge J it
Saunders' room *t the Waldo hotel,
the public heatings in the assembly
hall having been ad)ourned An aft
•riioon »an held uml final ad*
)ourn**iurnf v»a» fnk*n at & o'clock
Italian Fleet Bombards Akabih Fort*
and Fleet—Full Estent of
Lost Not Known.
■ 11 BTA.VriNOl'UE Not T - An
Italian cruiser bombarded the town
of Akaliah i Arabia, on Sunday, altiL
!tig the Turkish gun Is,a t ItalldJ. which
was lying in port The second ofljeer
of the gunboat was killed, but thn
"He i on board escaped Subsequent
ly llo- cruiser shelled Ihe hilly por
lion of Ihe town The estent of tba
damage la not stated
COVSTA.VriNOPl.K Nov 7—Ths
r tWl dot no* i '.atm 'ha'
Turkish troops have re occupied
Hen,.i Trn.ii Vn ..Widal •...
from that quarter, however, report*
that the Turk:- Son m hi* victory, BOO
liaiTaha lie-in* killed ami in guna and
lar*e qiiantltp a of ammunition and
provlalon* liein* cap’ured Tha port*
haa d**i>atrh'-d u pro'eet io tha
power* apninai Italy • < laim that ah*
haa annexed Tripoli and Crrenalca,
•etiina forth Turkey* u.t. rminatloa
to rental
W ASHINGTON. Nov 7 The pout
« rutoer < fleeter. w hich eent Iron
AlePa to Trl|M>ll bv the atate depart
went fur the avowed |n nx>*e of aa
lertatnna the extent of the cholera
outbreak, ha* completed her tuiaaloa
•'nd i* on her way to Maraeiilaa.
American (omul Vt <x>d a' Tripoli.
ml lie *i, h| In n > need of help and
rather than Jeopardize the health of
'he whip* company. Commander
le leer Mailed |«r Mareeillea whlrhi*
rejiorted free from cholera Ma *111
.•waif order* ihere
Mi* Sarah Havameyer Topplea fradl
Window in New YorM Down Nina
floor* to Streat
NKAV ytiHK Nov 7,— M r* Marsh
' ordell* llaiemeyrr 7o veuve old. S
danrh'er to law of the lata. William
1 llavimeyer. thrift mayor of No*
A or city a a* Inatastly killed lar*
'"day when eh* fell to the pavement
'rtmi a window of her apartmesr ow
the m nth r#tif of dx New t'enfwrv
e|>artn:ei, houae on A\e*t Knd
•ri.je yfr* liavemyer who was
ie « fe of Jane' Hnvemever, a ra
ttled Hirer manufacturer and broker,
had teen *n invalid for more thaw
twenty ten re. e-iff. ring from
tieiir-,e'henl» Hiring the ahaear*
from the rot>m of the trained nuraa.
Who conetaml’, a Mended hey, aha
mad* her way -o the window and fall.
Terse Telegraphic Tips
KTO< KHOI.M If * announced and ma la a near of ,t The neat ...
tha1 *he Nobel itiw for th<»miiitrr diaewaered arid the mo'iae , aptorad.
haa been awardr I to VI rue Man* f**,r** n*®** iohn l» Korkefellar"
... „. . by the rlerk•
Mklodowaaa « dria. r hlef pro'ewaor Of • .•
*'ka»caa in tbe l airervry of p»n« «. iajniion Pram • r Aaq.utb an
A* ana 'be n,d ..mar,.r aim her h'’'*** 'ntwmoa*
huaband Profaaa..r Piarr. r.iria r,f |bta V’',r*'»on govern a»«al
radium Irtandad ro Introduce a manbood awf
k. -H.W Kmii*:. *' ** «"*•
and the a;..,,on . .a h. ,d up until "f ,h* p»b,'«
another praetec( could be ik irad , * **k ya»f». and prww
VirMPIMy T.O., T». . "»•»**<«•« editor of »i*e Phlla
MKMPMIK 1-nri The ateamer deTphia Tima*. ««d today aaed
l.irhrwood bit a tii*( In the Arkanaa* wear*.
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