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| -
For Anf
of woolens at. vf>Z j
l ined with ^itin. guaranteed tor two se.iM»n>' weir
—made tor you and made to tit. Ladies who have al
s ready dealt with us tell us nt the ereat Mtisfaction in
having their garments made to order.
Sec our window display of Ladies Woolens exclusively.
THE TAILOR. 22 Twelfth Street
VW-J citnf Nl CO
You Arc Invited to This
^ Silver Exhibi.ion
* At Luken a you will find what we con- fys
B fidently believe to he the largest and
* Snesf display of sterling silver in Wheel IT
i hr
j Hollow wars* from lt.o *mall**t size T
* "P t“ complete t.-a and toff* set a. a.so
# « tray*, meat dlehe*. «t, V
Flat ware, or knife. fork and apoon set* V
f In a lnr*e variety of pattern*, also Souvenir »'
J spoon* at 40o. f»c slid 11 00.
J Mayonalse *poon*t lion lion spoon*
« Susar she1 Is. Ollre spoon* and fork* U
) 11 00 each.
i Siher purchase* conducted In «>ur prl
ft Ip *ai« I'ver booth
I ’ iieravln* without eitra . haras
IV. ci. Luhens Co. I
* ’ -r-sfajw!wtwiw=»le:-|-|«S»y aS. i^r«^T .-j
of Wheeling.
With Assets of 83.ooo.ooo.ch>
its Patrons and Depositors that Security and
Service which is possible only in an institution
ot lar«e capital and conservative methods.
r Open Saturday Evenings 6 to 8 o'Clock
4'. Allowed on Time Depo*<t*.
tnkor Ofkin BmUim Win Man
»♦«<*•' Tint *«< »- o*j
■« #*1 P'diini
<rAWHIMOTON V r % r ,.t « Kill
Ml* •* »*t A r • « ■ •.?*»» a a f.-tl
pnnan ol.l « .a - i ■■. f
pi«jrnr» I.l l-lll*. i.r.*
rMtl. A *»• • \ , a
M"M' . **f Ilia I-,.,.
"Tba man nhatta -* t,
tin nan Ivnrn I m ,j ,
" 1,1 ~T+r*r,r* ,, ,
,| . , . , - '
• *
* im r»r% • r . #r
%',«T/iV, V* ■’.
4 m< )•« «• ,s 4 t *f
’ • * - 11
' I i tht tUi • !«
•»r •‘•4 44U4tr*
A Warm Bathroom
F.vrrv mother should be careful I
that the children take their baths 1
in a warm room, rhe chill of a U
cold room is clang-rous after com- '
j ing out of the hot water.
A f'ede In Stnocexta OJ Heater hr n«’« bit none or txdroom
to poal the <vin* c4 warmth you want iu h\- <r t»r. rr.jH.ie* ,\!1 vou
Have to do ** to lowh a ir.auh.
Hie P-rlttboa Hea'et burr.* note Ikuiv or one H.ing and it
, *»•*• ready ft* uae You can fr.ove ,t anvw! -re it » needed.
0 There ■■ no hade ot hxi and heat w »rrrun< urnccu^-d lontm.
the heat you want, when and where you want I*
*fhe f erf-rlyiti w tilted with an automate - o * Pa.n— tptftdrr
tnat prevent* die wrk hex.« tur.eo h.*h rr^lk; to .m e at J ,t
* ea»y to remove and drop bark wh-n dean.n*.
['re** f art or1'- m lnq-vvh«ua oaael r- a .m . ..
“•Ota ■ T* •-1* and Or.Me- eo’ai-e tnv uy --an « .1 > no«a»
• tWei -owe . « nu t> Ha . a ua
Standard Oil Company
Ga-rett Bradford.
*' * » ' |*o»n .«r#n rf
CURKSIll RO. W V , Vov S —
R m ».. • .. r» Hhr i and
l William (' i.arr-ti r-er. married
j nlirh? a* the home of the hr: te a
. mother at Hroad Oaks h> the Her
! 1 lr W r. Taylor Mt»s Mary Ogden
Attended the bride, and I'erry Hard
nan was the be** man
Check System Wrorg
Ther. Is considerable d.seat.ac
tion with Oie (-tin'll s' stein of pay
ment adop’cd h. the < trv r. renfly,
and t’lr> Treasurer Sainiiel K. John
s<>n states that lie i» unable to |.a.
anc.. his tsMike iiwIiii; to th. fact thaf
some of the checks are always oaf
Kmplovea ri-celv.ni; them ns.. lie
Cloaks pay their own hills .and in
this mauner the) sometime* p*».
through numerous hands before he
tng deposited
Water for Edgwood
Tlier.- has twcti some talk of the
city supolylnK suburban towns. ,t:d
j In (he opinion of Hr T M Haskins,
of the ts-ard of control, the plan *
I perfectly leasable While the city
I c—tild take In PM* wood at th*. present
, time ultimo* crippling the water dc
purfmen' nfter the*new pump Is in
sialled and In rood work’uc nr.'* r
there Is li-> reason why the out the
Pike disirici could not he sapplied
rate chicken dinner »!i! l**> ttnn| |.
a committee of ;suite- Fu* fire w.
•*** played and man) !, ir.dsor-.* pru
Will be presented '.o tie u i utter* Til
affair will conclude with a yrand tali
in tt:.. evening, and **.r *!*i> t’rof
Fennel m render .» t:. imm pr
Makqusraue Party
M *“ Melvie Hreust**r «tit*-r'au*
n number of friend* at her heme In
hdgwood with ,i masquerade party
Th»< borne a.m suitably d-cora.d foi
the otca .on and a pita-ant •vrnlni;
•«a* «pcm with game* and music
Til- prise offetul for th* per -on wear
lug I he tno-t iititi}ii*. ostutnr was
taken bv Mis* Rum tlaiv n Present
were Mi-ses V.hlaide Stolte Ktli*
,;r *fi. Ilu'h < i " Hor . hv Mean
HI Irate tl. Sun. r Kllralteth Mean*
Marlon Hthherd Flia Sole*. Main
Port* r Nellie l.«.* lair* tta Straub and
Melvie Mr. water M*-sr». Howard
Warden Howard laity. «;*•* rce Means
He**! Sauver. (ieorirc \h ('» island
**.* ' c** | •), *• Hobart Nickerson and
Kusrell Warden
Social Affair
Ti. • fnl .wlM:; * ards h ive h* "t: *< t,t
f.» th-* member* of th»* Fourth Str-ef
'* K rhun-ii. inviting Item t*. » **.
i-'al r.iMierlnie to h. Iield »t th- rhun- i
Friday cvcntnc
Tii** off.* ‘.it hoard uim** with tu* n
rordtallv In* t<* < you to meet all ih«
in* tubers of th*. Fourth hi rent M t;
chpr* h at a so* la! to he rlv**u In th**
S'ln.la) school r**tun of the churt li
f. <liy e* enlns V •v* tt.l»*r luth a’ *
n. Us k Hey. F Oliver, pastor '
Holbert Haymond Wedding
Sf-tnt l-1-t..i i.- ir Intetl • ..
HIHMlKT. W Va . N'ov «.
Thi-i evening at 7 o'clock at the
home of Judge W s Havmond ■ ■
< erred the marriage of their daughter.
Mis l.ury llaymotid, and T.-lward K
Ilolhert The wedding was a ijulvt
a.tair and wan wrltner»«i| l.y (],<• im
mediate f unity and friends of the
bride ai.d tronm Tt - hri-le wan at
tended by her tde'cr. Mina Mary I l.y
mend, an maid of honor, and h-r a.t
ler^ Martha and Iram-en aetod .«•
flow— Birin Mr Hollo ri nasa-ten!
■ <r by bln brother Samuel It Mother'
Father Hoot loti. of St. tvte»-n t'atho
1-- chtirrh. wan the offirtatlng mints
»-r Mr t-oilier m \ J.-s i.r to left
a't-r I tie reremon* I -r an Kastnro
w eildlng trip Ml-— May tnotid In thn
dd-nt duuehter of Judy an-l Mr* \\
H May mond and In t ( t smiths young
, lady Mr flolbert In a prominent In
j Mirante man of thin cliy
Kafte# Visile
I Tb« second rt ent of the season, n
knffee tt»il« wilt to. held at the Arton
hall thla evening and will he in rharg-»
of the women of the rluh The hall
t tian t-«*en decorated for the occasion,
and during tie- afternoon an elnho
Do »’t Have a Stomach
Indigestion, Oyspeosia. Heartburn.
Sou'ness. Gassy Feeling and Bili
ousness Made to Vanish.
Absolute and Permanent R|l;*< in
a Tw-lnfct-ng by the Use of
Maclean s Castapepsm.
Matiree Psdy
The voting ladiea of M< ilp ('hartal
\< a I nr. wII: . a vp . lal rfort:
.. of th«- pretfv operetta \ Van
'leal Knot ' to he t vi-n In the audito
riutn Of ih. I'oluqiltia t Itib The party
Will 1.1 i lApi'roued l>> S.etet Jol'SII
Farewell Pirty.
Ifowe Mart Interim. of South
•'hapMtte afreet. et.'.>rtalf|.-*t •, number
of tier frtenda tvith n ar. well pnrtv.
hi* **he will aooti leate for f'hleaicn.
where alie will make her home Thrive
preaent were Miaeea Hilda Multi
«n«r. M«ta Ib-rts. h>. Vlma Hilton. M •
• •• Killeen. Mar'e t hapniati. MIMr—l
Klwher Flora Hunker, Hh..«la Hlltl
brand \Vf!1-t lathae Walter
Htun.p. Harry Ko-ver- H.tri M.e.r.v
head Arthur M,...rM.e.„i, lam* - t.l
martin. Kwln* ’i»d*» llcorf Voider
ami Ttletrleh Krne.t
Home Mieel^o Sate.
The member* of the heme mf*ah ti
r'rrlr of the Kins a I >rt lahter* of the
K'.rat ITeabyfenan *hurc.i are arramr
Ine for n cake and hatket aale to h*'
he'd Saturday afternoon. |>e* -nth *
!*. In tire parlor of the Hrvt I'reahy
terlan church The proceed* of the
wale alii lie for the hepefft of e* oir
rl*. and tea and refreahmenta will t»e
on aa'e in connection with the affair
Entertained fr - fritadl
M »• MIMrc ) 1 [ : ri « n'* rt;.in* :
VV* dficaday ereniOM a‘ 'icr home m
Harwood, in honor o» a r imlwr «i
*ict t- »htt ar* ' *’ Ina h* r *,.fe
Steubenville •••» and dancing were
flic ditcrslona rtf the et-nlna
• *f» ««nf i line !• i . •* it**# »;''i
['«»•» wl! *l«n* Iav nff-r ,j«y uni r -r
* * «’. r t «t *' ■ m i r
l * >• ■■ .mnm *4% r«»t - j#*» ■» « t*n
h* • ;*#: f< t : m « f
'p i ■ *V* • it ful *.. in* aft#
if #«r*’- ,m. *!.■• i*« « tr*n i *
f. ■ - «t**n ♦ ' * .k -t
H* in n# n »n • r*t
' * it r*. * 1 • ,r » >
t #•* WArffr** » . »’*nit c fcj ««. «
''«#c • «r«*rM « piturM r .r #ii
, hirf. # •tmr,. ,mm. »r1 i»o*.!
it »»•>«.
I1* »' ** <• 4 «; :..fj }'»(,' f 1
It <f«# n«*f <* tfi# H'nn 4 ■ wnfli
I B\n : v BbiB #tr»r. » uni tx>tr,«
•n Jo t* 'W !h#> i ? ? •» *|rt
• y tl ' m# »]«*• I*r>n'« i J ^
with p- wrrft | dniff 'fo t • «t„.. .
% ■ • r* f - y * y i* ihw ■ # .
I lit# fo*» I t‘ Up < r frti,| | ‘
M w>*n « « # « 1 ‘
pit •* H4«V •• ’ f' I - - • * I
P' • i.nm#*# *• » • « t * f.jit■
f n *!1 *n» . # • -# ,-#* *• i« \ ■ f , j «. . .
rwt ;i# 4# * »nt|> o?
* f I'MM * »W r#»- - hr <\| » •«
~4I ••** »r 1 4tfttr#«« «l# tifMmwwn
** ? *>“••# 4^ *«i«t 1 % * 4#- a
<*« M <*l»sn • • am; i|>«frn u *p t
It ih# h • iw af t (1t«« j
« f'» if f h>l« f . • * 4 f |
* k«P * f •’•#! t I! miy, i f
’ %wu Thou**- t of (.rr,'.’i> r* . ■
*• r #*«• if • , |'M>*T1*
' T *• r. « . .St ^ , • .c‘ ,
.■til n#|. hif»|L w
’At " , f # - J
# »*# « hy ! <»»r a ##*
U-wntii \rr »*.| r€
MAt • r ««<AM#r« r *» I If. i T#r.
* ‘#v* • i ' 6 fli ( M « Pl .
I •••• *-*>'»%'' a nr mnt ,i0«?
l»Ur* IMA from *1.1 pu*r ~m, mm I
Spooner Dance
Mlaa Maude Spooner will me )i#r
reisu'ar dunce fYMuy evening a* the
I* d>.| club rnoma fur advanred » u
denf* and former pupil* Tire r«-g i
lar program dance win he given from
• »■-iorg until 11 Jo. Including ail in
latent dance*
Literary Enterta nmtnt
The Young laddie* S-.daliry of tic
\ it of St ' rath* Iral
r* ndered an ettee lent program ol
literary and mt»*ir..| nutria r« before
a large audience a- she < arroil rob
andttortum Vtednea.lay evening Th«
afTa r »*a ghrtl for fhe benwtl' of
the Horae of ihe (iuod Phepherd and
a large mm aag r.*!ij..j
Surpr*»e Party
Mr* tv I, \t ol e of Nona Vrops
gtfeef was the vp'ira of a pteitaan'
- rji’.«- at •’ ha’ • of a parti •
h- - friend* la** n gl • it honor of hn
birthday .not efrerv Tl... affair t* .
p'lumed by Mr* tto'fe* < ,>r \|r«
y. II Idgon. * he gue*'* gathering at
tire itigon home and going to th.
ttoi’e home in a hodv The . v-nin*
• a* »(ie*it with mus'r and game* .»(
< Hglsiwe.-i na*nr f.,ght r-frerh
ntetit, were gerr-1
»'or pnin» In the * dr rr ,
medicine **» gf»«t for *hooping rough
*r-c. Mr. . T urptn June on
t’fty. Ore Thh* r-n.«d |. a s., on
*urpa«e<| for cold* and croup. j ,,r
•a'e bv ali d-a.eta.
> * t v-/ » c p y, i ^
* ‘
About People
'*-»« farts *f Isaocal't ta a 'a
»ntm ik# c«jr
ft V » Aar ut itcu O. «ai i
bua.nrs# >., • r in the city > eater da >
Member* ot she «v«! lodge*. Mod
• ra of Amen. a. a..» Iran
'a^ »*ru.u* for I'lUeburg to attrn<
!b»* tn atale toavt If of tfc# order
Jcba l. Stwliao of llurleatva aai
» b^aiueaa t ailor m the city iaa
t earning.
W ubur Uriel ta« » • 11 anoau ful.
: e » - t alrmoet Normal scnooi
-a epenum* Mierai day. aitk fr.endi
I aer*
Jal!:.-a t. till .eart of (IrtlfoD U
speed.ng a* term daya in this city .4
* bue.uass matters
Attorney slid*acre of Mouuiliulli
wa» litre ot. bua.neaa yeaterua;
1 afternoon
I*r l A Harms ;>aa». u throng!
thia city toil etenitig eiiruute ti
Sieiic. r l>r Uar1 •» la noa anpem.
1 ten^ent of the tipencer asylum
I Joseph tjkl.auer of Mouudsvtlte aa
' siting IDi lels in 'he city laal e\eu
J..ine» Harr.eon of f larkaburg. 1
prom me v attorney of ttarrson conn
■y > r. tittered a< the Mcl-ure
M'.ki ldgon of Ka»' Wheeling 1
eout.i.ed to h'a home a !th a set ere at
ttua of blood poisoning
fclmll Uoaenberg of the Wheelim
Mold A KMuudry company has return
ed from a short business trip to Van
chen;. r
, .Mr and Mm a I. Sink and daugli
|ler Ltn.ua. of South Tenth street, a .1
.elite today for fit teland to »ak‘
their hum'
•*r • i' ■ ..ope ha* announced
meeting of th*- < red 1 tora of t! \s
Kdw.ir.J ami s S I'ettlcorl for Vo
i temlw-r _ ii.I Ttita will be • »i.- flra'
limetiug imi aereral nutten a! nu
!*>r'm e will be transacted
, The w *ri- o* preparing Klfteentt
atr-ei from Chaplin* to KofT tor th*
uephul* i ,i’ iik r progreaalng niceiy
ali<t *111 tie flnlahed to ityr Th*
arphalt *!.l | rohably b* pm on :o
morrow. weal her permitting
| - ToUav la county pay itay. ami «
renueei l.aa been made by Clerk o
• ft • i- J ■' 1 ummtantoner* Oldhan
that all peraom knowing the count
indented in them cau promptly an
r* i in he wartana for the atno ju*»
•lie them Th* v. arrant* ahve a I
l»e< n made out and much Incomen
ence would lie a\oldei| if all woulil
rail promptly Mr Oldham ainteu
j.i-wterda fhv he haa warrant* ir
' It.a ofT.e,- which are a year old. th»
•rraotia to whom iln-y are due havIn.
The Marshall county cirrtip court
yesterday found for the defendant ir
the ua,. of I* |i llaihtnan \a I T#
I Kalaer, a an!' for n gambling debt
W:rk of Circuit Court Z« R*nrif Endsfl
Oalf Oi*s Ua« Bduf I*«ft
I •• * *11 t*rm of fir*"i?t • nirt «*rd» t.t
r * v *| .* Klr ifl dam*** «**•»
«* liT.M • 4 \V •»*! 11:«; Tffc. nunp nr
• *•*■•!
* I h*4r rl»* urip . to.marrow on *
t» t.fj.ift t » .»« le* f, r* verdict 4r*’»
u»wn»M f,.w r.r* e %| f, f , HH#- f
». •- » M.*>i.r« *%:?.*t It II vt I’m
* * »«' » "*»#T *«\ ..Ml t . . MM
imk+n «indf-r hdvior-ien!
John Persons.
’ 11 ,V- 1*. I'MSf! IMV
• I •
' f Hr- .* * z * - - *r t:
1 • ■* *** Ti*r ii«>» - 2 •• < m««.iJ Wgf
I I •
• - i* » » • r\ I w It] !*► ».#!.] ftl
. ?••-»>> n't ■*? . r.« i h
,ri- T, .ii Ti - i.n \r l:r ..ad*, will
1 •»*■■• -1 Ii II te. ! w 'll |.e r.w ■
Mi H — • ..iii
atari Work.
« ft '•••e.i j.-'.r mart r,
'** 1 • * »• Jit.* t .*» t .*
•• *f*. • y Will !»,-♦ »’] In plat *
- f t
■' tht*1 h > * nnt Vt • rr. ml i • *
. * • ’ i
TKankarlvtag amui.
• do • , , .
■ e..J In ■ ’ I’nit. I’reshv
u\-'. %tii t .* irrmofi
ff#*t w.#*.
*' '' <mir..n*. yf V *»* .r*
* l* . • f t‘ .fp.i1|r,f| fr
* *• f'* f * W in t Mound r*ny ir!r«
I*re.I In 1.. oi;rf at V e*|lr g r.,«|. -l
Goodbye, All
You Pimples!
*t 'Jt-x * Cucum Wafers A l| Dn««
Them A,ay—Cream* Will Never
Do It: They Can't.
Trial Paekvge T*«t Pree to Prove It
Vo or*i| foe any one i,, have a run
plextnn di*flcurid r,y pimple*.
I liiirrh*-*. liver *|e't or blackhead*
•In' r 1* ir ihe bloi.J of imp’irKir* ani]
In >11 Hi ana,
>»"tart'» Calcium W afi-r* clean**'
and clear Uie b'«Kx* driving oil ail
l*. * -r,* and mporr •* Ami yo*rii
nevi-r have » good eotnpleilon i.n*:i
be binod i* (lean
T • «e little wafers may lm uacd
w!*l. imr'i t fre»dnfii Science kno«i
, no more power'd blood cleanse*
Tim re c;i*|rely free from harm’ll
dr.ig* nr opiaiea Vour doctor pte
aenbe* tbe*e hundred* of l.mn a
.d'uof’ • c*iri> Wafer* go righ'
into *i»ur Wi il Their pori'ying
lr nefii . i| * ffect iii-cii *re blood ifl
felt hfoiyboiiT the bod*, no* in \
,y* ir or a month h .■ In a few Jar*
I " I feel bet ’ey ail over because '*(|:tr
’ od. * be ife giving fl.j.d. la do u*
. .»* * or* prop* ri>
\o matter bow bad yotir complex
on !• tr» l < aic<tim Wafer* win
•• ifk » i ler* w:*h It > >ti can *< ■
•he»e little wonder-worker* at your
dr-iga'ei* for .Vi cent* a trtmr 11
> i wo-nd ' ke »o try th*m tire* a»o1
t.r vour r*tr.e aid addre** and a trtai
I package will be »ent yi*ti wt'boxi- covf
. Addr*** y \ nt,,ar- «’o, lii *• iart
ift.de. Marshall. Mich.
Shoes For Men
1 he >hois this. -tore orter> you are stylish, com
tortaHc and Guaranteed for Satisfactory Servtte.
....What more could you a<k in return for your
PRICES . $2 to $8
f .
Head-to-Foot Outfitters
Fourteenth and Market Streets
• I
'-—-- J
Apply Business Principles
to Your Home
If b\ invading electricallv-driven machinery
in vour factory vou could save time, labor and
moncv and increase vour facilities for handling
• larger volume of business wouldn't you do
it' Of course vou would if vou're a hustling,
up-to-date, business man
Uh> n.«t apple the same methods in vour home- Have one of
our Electric Home l.aundrv Machines have vour maid do the wash
ing at home save the wear and tear of laundry work on wearing ap
parel also the expense The machine does the work while the maid
goes about other household tasks; washes and wrings the garments
ready for the line in one fourth the time it takes to do it in any other
w av Ml e have tested this machine and know ita merits
«»rr a Hnarp b* fh* J-fTrira Manh!**
< » «»f C*oi(ifiit» t«a from n! ciu ti t
* , «rta f t»r » «*.• J |* us . t
«I* • tr!• r'.nm* ntfti'lilnrt\
‘ • • • •
* " •'»•>. *?*«*! v. ftirnli)- t>*» I# fin
rmf i*. i T * M| pointnirnt of vt* » .mil
! • • . . » : ««i pr»f»rra<|
' ’ * * * * • rffrirfa of r^.j! ,r •'Ml
«*1M A* I r\ H-n«, ,r Ho** Mr M ,.ro
m I • tf» r . ; M*'n*rai |p wit Wtor
**•' Mar*.I an. f Wt #— *1» a I • r **w ntm
»•• ia »nomi* a* Uai.dlan ati-1 Moor*
M'•anflaTllia Ftn .rail
Via* I.»orn» <*oa|| plaaaantiy *nt»r
J 1 1 t • • • |
V W*P1 f r mtfrgf f afiP-ac
1 •••trr of <*#«far »uf|u». |a
f t . • I/-IF# »1» ab a’tA'ti nf
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Department Ceiled Out to Put Out
T.re m Alley C Last
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"Wimd l.r Mrs. Aline Itralford.
•. ind occupied (ijr Jim Nel
'I II and family, colored. eaploded |«ut
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Trait4, on fh. tVhe*-!ft|g Tia. linn
lln« delated fnr nearly an hour.
A Hindrance.
Wm ilon l you get married V
(>b. It would be absolutely fate
( t<» ini literary work "
"Whet do you write?"'
i "'Love stories.”
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IflCII a the only wtaa aeee*
tary wlA. mean Wotne ... whtcje
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-N»T» »ttt «."" (larhabere. « U
j N**r1/ Two Mundr*-) Lad *t Attend
»ha IicIun at tt>» h C.
F'a"ihe:m Stor*
Throughout *h«* tnof r.g *r,.| «(ti.,
' noon .i-afnf^at fh* ?*r-*'it* room ■ in
h* || »• Kranrh*'m »for* on Main
*rr**t *«r* tlirotig*,) with *om*ti who
aM*nd*<l th* l*roir*v and r]i 'nonrua
tior.a given b Mr» t>«r»li T hort r
th* j»**r of alt American rook* |njr
lor 'ti* morning Mr* f«or*r ari«a*r*d
tnor* than a hundred «|u*»*iont, at!
pertaining to th* pr< paring of variou*
d.vhe*. a hit* In *f e afternoon «i r
g»v* a »*ry ini*r« »tir.a itginritin
. tlon on th* rook.ng of iri*sit»
H*r tnpP *M on* that prot*>l of
»r**< tn'er*«• to th* ho •*w!r*» wf
Wh**ttng. a* owing to the h gh rn«:
of m*at a’l were aniiou* to l*«rn Jn»*
how to pr*f>*r* m*gta with th* '**••
K'ftlbl* 'Of' Mr«. Hor»r prepare.)
two tl.4i*t wt.ioh ar'rtl a* th* k*\
•'on* on whfeh fh* hou**trlv*a ran
b I'M tnor* than a >lox*n differwrit
* 41*h*» To-.ia. Mr Kor*r all) <t*l|r
*r it t**t ir* on •*!*>!• Il»r )*efur*«
»..I h* h*T *:• h t|i! *hta t»*-eg *r I
t* fh* .»:t*r*-' i* in'regain* daily, th*
attendant** ro-da> w II no douht ht
»*ry larg*
t\> bar* often wonder'd .nw many
; wire* doiomon had a< n***d h*for*
j <t'acwv*riBg *hat her# * ao’hlug a**
| iud*r tbc * ,a.
ever given a wav Absolutely
bree in W heeling.
Ve it in our window. (>»nte
in or phone tor particular*.
Bell 190. Nat. 868
Davis, Burkham
I & Tyler
1420 Market St

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