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1 Indispensable to*the house- ,
ffl wife who takes pride in her
1 baking
With no other baking powder St
can biscuit, cake and hot- /'
IJJ breads be made so pure, health- rk
in ful and delicious |R
The only Baking Powder
IS Made from RoyaKirape Cream of Tartar q&k
If —made from grapes— to
r'~ Si
New News of Yesterday |j
'•> t- *■ («w*r«aj
— "
The Ward Heeler Who Helped a Creat Politician
Win a Hard Fight
UT M ' /.* *“’• 15“ ot »k,*I ki.* bee. able to get
[ ' V - .
ifebiaat war! ■* .-rker* at..: ' •k~-p:ag
• . 1!** 4 Tfc,u’*<>w *••*. the great W ki, ah 1 Repnb .a po i'H.ah
...» tork Ktntr wnett be a. tlv'ttg about tb- d aappcio'tnriiia or fan
ure* of oertaia poll'loan. whom be anew
,'Tl®' r1 y,M* ““ “‘“••'■Hon. the ..or, Of try friend b p »ltk On..
*.,»4 Italy It »a. a friendafelp wbteh Bad. po„lble the retention of at
m...t ntaJ to ■« that I ahould keep a, (rip upon th«
puiftaca! titiiatloo in the nt>
One>.,e«l Italy »a» . true produ.’ of the ri.er
roc* or A Urn How he ..*»t . ie e.y ! do hot know
hot Jf !t waa eeiell, bright with the one that remained
o hlpi. then he fad a pair of about .«» bright blue eyea
a. aD» n,i# I ever knew It- waa at home among the
origcuoremen and the rough and-uimb.e i.a»» whowe
' omea were amng the rlver front I never kti»w why h
beeame attached o ire bu* I do know mat he waa t.i
moat faithful and In h.s wa, affe. t.obate of u r.i
• >ia in Albany H« had the reputation of a tighter
..•! '... ■ ■ old bold l.ia own in a rough and tutab e aertm
maga wi’b any of the long^h.-rer:on. go that 1 ham
| »«y» thought that hta prowe,, «, a tighter eip a.ned In great tueagute h.*
1 ,*c<* .eaderaMp He >a. widely known ka a great ft land of Wla,
*' J 1 they railed him one of my heelera. although he r.eref a»k-J
ale for a political place.
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Puh|tfTi»d (hillva l c> *i»* rv>day. »•> »'•
l^Utl!|in«n J* *bll - >ri.
■i l*i
fttBlait l*r#i 4.• 1
Poll|r. >»«)■ l . r V\r.. I rar |
tMijr, MU Monti.a 2 <tu i
Thro* Monti. 1 l,j j
poily. t»aya I'af \Nr»
BUfy. To#. I 'ay4 Par W*>rk 2 v»
iHUljr. Im* M.ir.ti «
Wnafcljr. Uni t *nr in Ad <#<> , ! o
W*«fcl>. HU Monioa <0
ITIIK INTHI.Ui.l \ i »f a • •* **
11* Mvarai oditiu* a « t | m *►
pnatnffl.# a' W,..t • \\ «. ..
•>«4- Iim fitaftrr |
■ t ___ {
Kdiloriil Hmona !U1
Uditoi tal Kooma N.t . .
Counting Itootti It.-,t ,
Counting No.n. Njt|..i ,
Tlio Intalll .an #f .a * a , i,
•lOy *uj Iilgm rtn Ui* of 11.«. \
< US’'.j' .. >
ThufMlay, .\owmU-r !t, 11M1.
represent lor 'hr Halt! wore 4 ohlc
ra Irowd, *ald in rIT-rt that Maryland
welcomed Mr Watson »» , g.f rn,a
tlie state of West Virginia • Tin
business houae* of Haltluiore know
Vr Wat Son Wall street kuus c Mr
Watson, but for many years Weel
Virgin;* did iiot know Inin.
In the rm'ed state* 'senate It, i
today tli® representative of the |,n
Interests that put him there, th*
Standard Oil company, the Kalrnion
foal rotniwny. the II. 4 U railroad
and ibe interests bark of lbe.it 1 Is
ih in no sens., a representative of ih«
puopie of We# V rgtn.a
It* far *•» ga' oual Importune*
i* to lie attributed to Tuesday's eire
tinn*. the r. suit* ar. ilistuu-lly > u
eourai-.iliK to Hie Itepubll* an party
I hey indn lie a decided reaction from
th® l® nioerailc wave which #w®p'
over the country In ll»|o. Mass*
< tiiiriet is re elt-ctril Governor Koss
Democrat. but hy It rery much ra
duced majority on th. other hand
•tie Kepubllcaua regained control o!
• be leglaiaturea of both New V orlc
*nd New Jersey I loth these boll lei
were Democratic in Initi, anil Iiot!
eh t led Democrats to the l.'uitet
State* senate in that year Thu repuill
attou of the Det.ifx ratic legislator.:
hy lit® voters of these two w’atcs Is o
uioro thau usual significance
In New York the Taiuninny tna.or
• t> Is nn almosi in two lu a larg*
la C. \\ Wateori a citizen of v\»
'Aliaa Mr. Wntaoti waa nominal* d
(or the Cniteii State* aenaie by tin.
Ueinooratic cam iu a lt.«*tiinore paper
Ul •** •‘•laay of glea exclaimed Hint
C. V. Wgtaon would |„ the tb id u-n
ator In the I nite.i Mtat*- en,11t. u,
Maryland For many year* p. li <
'Unexpected appear a in.- it,,. j,., •
'of Wait Virginia, t W Wfateou waa
a resident nf Italtimore and \e>»
York lie maintained offi. et Mii<l
home* In both piece* lie *..< tar*..
If over aeen |u \\>«t \ rymia W l.it
lew visit* lie made to tin. alate uitc
.•I k purely formal and luiaiue.* na
lure If he toted, lie d.d no tote 11.
Weat Virginia
The record* of tlie auditor • office
ft Ike »tate of Weet Viigm ,i«
that on June 27th. Iklo, the Northern
,Coal A t ok« company of tab land.
Ky.. Illeil it non reablent corporation
ptatement In which It gi\.. the name
and poaloffi.e nddre** of it* prem.i. nt
aa *X. W Watson. Italtimore. \td
On Juno 22d. lull, the Northern
loal A Coke company attain fled a
•tVrin. ut a* a non resident corpora
llaa; again it ge.» the name of it*
presiden C. W Watson. and again
gavo hi* poa'ofTi. .* «*iir « ... iui
; more, M.l
Whatever may tv ilie technn ji t
latlowahlp of Mr Wat«*>n to the t.,t,.
af Waal Virginia. pr<u tical’y ai d in
* spirit h* ta not. and ha* not been a
citizen of West Virginia for man*
yoaffw In a public ad.ire.. tn rhe city
of Fairmont, tkr orcMlon being . t»*n
ggnet given In honor of Thnmn* V
* FlUgoreb. President Murray, -h n
are more or less mixed and local is
I' *. »» is naturally IU« rase, fixture.
In dri'lilltiK lue results The t'oi mi
4 bine was I .eaten |q Cincinnati. an.
the I’enroae machine In Philadelphia
Good t linens generai> ate uoi likely
to mourn over these facts The con
ditions that lit.e.tint about the o.er
throw of tars.i municipal machine!
•ere local and tn n«» x lm connect*
• Itli nationul lann
rtidotibleilly there is a decide.
tendency on «hr pari of Republican!
situ left Ibe party last year or fatle.
■o Ko to the polls, to return *o th<
I'Hrtjr allegiance. That tendency wll
become more and tuor» dec dcd a.
Itetnocrattc policies and Itemoerofti
leadership ate developed.
ouc especially altcniflrant result o
Tuesday s elec Hon* was the Keptth
llcan y in.try In .Maryland Then
Arthur fuc Gorman. bead of tbc Iteir
ocr.it i. machine and e.*n of the lab
A I’ Gorman, who was for years die
lati.r of Maryland politic#, m ca de
feated by about S.now majority A
the same time the constitutions
amendment, intended to dtsfranebis.
the ‘negroes of Maryland, was over
• helmlnifly beaten Got men repr«
seated 'be sorst element o' htu'y
land polities lie was a machine mat
ptir«*,xnd simple, and he won hla nom
Ina'lou to the irovernorship by mi
r Uncle Walt ~
The Poet Philosoph::
Methmks that wrestling might be made our finest sport, already
, ^ athletes working at the trade 'elied alone on strength and skill
I , There a nothing finer than to see two mighty men Ir
| *,ern •w,**r*sc. ca.h striving for the victory* then
WRFSTLL.RS movements fraught with tiger s grace There s noth
ing finer than this game when it is plaved bv sports
men true when neither tries his foe to lame, or push a fist his feature*
* watched two gladiators sweat, upon the mar. while sports
men rased: alas my friends. I shudder set, when rhmking how rhr*s<
men behaved One gave the other s |fg a twist until it like a co'k
screw seeme d. the latter bent toe Hr«t one s wrist until he threw i
At and screamed I avh frieJ to gouge the other a eses and jolt hitr
* lAitlf tbe neck, each seemed to think it good and wise to make thi
other man a wreck The game would certainly be grand a game foi
bmoev brave and bold, if all the tutcher piavs were canned am
wrasile:* wrestled as of oj.j Tt ALT M \coN
« eernaai. .*ii c* .su*..
V \
.pouurai dsti.# :n tn** stmt**
n : i** »-mr'v forU*« W> Whlf* wmn'etj to ft**curo <ontrol of th* « anal bomt l
J AU:fiff *** *-r* able »o <lo that or not d#p*nd*d m gootl deal on the minD«*r
ii "M'h fL* < try of Alban? **-nt on nloctlon day \V»* \Yhtjgn had to over
! I onie the prestige and »!ie Influence which tile dietri but ion of the patronage
i i>f th* Democratic administration at Washington under President Polk had
given to th* Albany Democrats
■ ar.e evening -One Eyed- Daly called at my hmi * and told m* that the
( hlgw »?rr going to be b*at*n tn Albany unless something was don* Then
1 h* ‘sit'd me if. a tav or two later, a nquesi cam* from him to me that I go
) to the p.,jre eourt and ball him ouv to refuse angrily to do It.
t*. hv, <a:U I you know 1 pould ha., you out If you were In trouble
But I don't want you to get into trouble’
\stsr you mind. Mr. 11 #*1/ he said ‘Iton't ask me any question?
All I want you to do is to refuse to bail me out ar.d refuse to advance any
Ujouey to pay a fine •
\ day or tw> later a messenger came to me from the police court aay
■ rreeti . »-r assault and that he wanted me to come
d<>*® aud hull h.nt out lt*ineftiberlng wtat Daly bad said to me. I declined
to do If I afterward learned that when r»aJy was told that Mr 11 eed relused
to help him In any way lie swore fiercely, lie mid that be had befriended
in* in many ways, and that now I had gone bu< k on him h* was going to get
even Then he appealed to the Democratic leaders, saving thst he would Jolu
j their organisation If they would had nlra out or get him out of trouble. They
, wera only t(e> glad to do this, and 'Dtie-Kved' Daly straightaway was accept
1 id u a leader among the Democrats tn the riser ward They knew that b~
| was active us a Democrat for the purpose of getting even with nu—or at
, I'-ast thought that he was
••On elc< tjnn day 'One Eyed' Daly worked from morning till night bring
, mg lottrs to 'he polls, among them a good many repeater* I atu sorry to
. say. He had. I afterward* learned, privately ask'd the Wb g Inspector* no
to challenge any m< n he brought to the polls. And every one of th<-*e no-u
voted the tick'-t Daly gave him. and "hen the votes were counted it was
found that we bad tarried 'he ward ny over two hundrtd
"The next day I>aly came to see me ‘.Mr Weed,’ he said, now you know
i why I wanted you to refuse to go hail for me | got into trouble on purpose.
| and I fooled ti* whole gang down there on the wharves'
ftne-Eyed' Dal.'s P'-cullar politics at that time did a great deal to save
I n.v political reputation and pre.-. rve my Influence, and I have never lorgoiten
• Copyright. 1911. by K .t Edwards VI rights r>- ‘*rve«i >
T'emorrow Mr Edwards will tell of ' An Incident of the Prince of 11 ales'
i Vi*.i to America ”
th.ne methods Ilia deteat tinder the
circuiustaui la a triumph for th«
lieiter t'.iui' nt* iu Maryland public
I life
_ , _*_
, It is hard to believe Inal Cbiua i*
I ready to try the experiment of a re
publican torn; of government. To
step from perfect absolulelstu Into a
self governing deniocrucy, to tako
Mjat step successfully and laud with
equal balance, seems out of the range
of possibility I'ndoubtedly l ulna
' bu.< a large uumlier of educated and
< ultureo men. These m u have studied
abroad They have absorbed west
1 ern idea* but It Is to lie feared lhat
' ih> ir effort to graft western turma of
goiemmeut upon tbs ancient Chinese
system will noi prove sun essful witb
I out many disastrous and cosily mis
I take*
mayor wyckoff.
Some nervous citizens, who have
become wildly t x> ited over the elec
1‘tion of a Socialist candidate for
mayor of Martina Kerry, might have
the r fears dispelled if they beconia
acquainted with the mild, meek and
very sensible gentleman selected. The
, Intelligencer lias a aoroewbat extend
ci| p, juatntance with Mayor Wyckoff,
, and it has no hesitancy In saving that
lie i» a euuselenllou*. upright man,
,*who wul strive to do hi* duty He is
| Ilk- ly to prove a good deal betier city
1 official th »n aovne of bis predecessor*
,1 have been
Extra L«vy for Schools Carried In
Flushing Election On Tuesday
by Good Majority.
'I* x. I * x | v • ■ t> In ft* tnt*ll.-rr*r
f'Ll'SIIIXf! f» Nov t—I'mlrr thn
new valuation of property as flx. d s'
•tie recent quadrennial appraisement,
•oid at the max.mum levy allowed hv
the lan for school purposes the citi
zens of Flushing found that they
would lack rtf leant 2'3 mills of hav
ing enoueh to support Mietr schools
at their present h;rh standard The
board of education decided to ask for
this additional levy of 214 mills tor
four vear* and allow the people to
say If they approved of maintaining
so cosily a svar.m of schools for a
village of the size of Flushing. The
result of the election was an over
whelming vote In favor of the In
creased levy and a decid'd approval
of the present school regime In tho
village The vote stood almost 2 to
l Tn favor of fhe levy.
Several years ago the people of
Flushing erected an up-to-date school
biilldlug and Installed a first grade
- tat# of < '•*. • ty of To|»hIo, l
I. • «•' ••••iiuiy ( **
Vr »r k .1 » ‘ y him*'## • all t* nt ka
*'• **n»> 4r « » <l"!n| in in# rnjr
■ ml t Ml ♦»•# • .5 1 flrrn will |<wy t •«# m ,m
- f «>NK »M’M»IU!> l •<»!,!.\kh f..r #«r*
M* tl ~\*T. r#*. ,» 'Mdri i. Ihm . nrr.ft
# .*#•! hy t # 9* f ||«;i> rnt«im
* I to 1.#for# ra# *• .1 «< Of rj| ns,I |f|
it*y i»r•<•*»»• «*. If.is it t flay «»f (>•**■#rn*»**r.
A I* 1**«I
.?<#»! * A. W UleKAfM *V.
■Notary l»uM r.
Il.«l * < ararr'. ^yr* ;• |nt#r
v **•«» a* t* «iif# t'y or t..# t.:<»*sf
«f*'i vrt'M • *• #urfar## t»f ,# •% :«m.
f*»f t#«t nt«>niata
by m|J liru|fft«tf 7ft
Tak# Mall# |*amllv MIU for forstl
C ecttd Lonmer Declare Two Wit
nesses Before Investigating
. fill' All*'. No* * —-State Ho;.re
i •• n<a(l*e florae W Kofliwh of Vl
I enna. Ill . to-da' t«-*Mfled before tbe
' roitisnin. e of I nited States eenators
ln*estt*a’ tig the Lorimer election.
Ihst l.ee O'Nefl Hrowne threatened
En* '*h *fh t'b' sieal »i«»|enee be
cause of what the Vienna |eKislamr
bad aaid retarding Hrowne s actlrlty
for l/>nir.er
The wlti**as said while he conld
naii.e no spec lie Instance of rotT'ip
j tion la relation to tbe election of
which he h* Id personal knowledge,
j fh*t be beiiemd then and now that
corruption controlled -he election
Korn>»r do due fob rad ftchul, of
Mount Vernon Ilf toot, ite w|:news
, • and »lie a Kern sh had ronrlnd-d
I s<hu! declared thtt fergt-r stta'e Ke;»
| resen'ative Charles ft. I.uV.e boasted
, tUa* be was going >o get money to
1 ! rom f«>r a lievubllran for fnired
, **t»»es win'iir I. ike la'er *ote.| for
' Ur:tnrr
Another Socialist Victor,
NEW ( AflTl.►' fa Nor * -Let,
re urn* from o tj.ng rre ,n<ii make
'.sure the election of ttaiTer Tyler,
■ j Social at. a* mayor of New Castle
j Ha led :ba independent candidate py
»ore than Vn»r hundred *otes Tba
r-'-uor . wiii Tie *■ idtd namrt Amis,
j »th tie, ltd can* Sid In lepende#' s
Tha plea* ira of • t>hoa datiafartmn ’
•til ha four* itir. if >ou p|aa» your
f-at Inaiija a pair of our k'nd of ttbor*
ktary Sho» ta a mo-lfi of parr art
8b« a maV.iiMl -'ba proiliMi of tha b* at
Manufar’urara >o1 »po»« ita *»*>)
, nata
$3.00, $3.50. and $4.00
"a -III ba plaaaad to t:»r>w you tha
rt'w fltyi** and atary !*boa para
■ otaa in "
M. H. & iU.
I'M. Main SI, W barline
New Jewelry
Almost every day new
items of exceptional value
and beauty are arriving.
Sterling Thimbles
Three special lines just r
added. They are heavier—
more silver in them—than .
my you have before had at ;
he price—
I Finer ones also, up i"
I solid e‘»ld ones. $3.63.
Magnetic Invitingness to These
New Serge Dresses
Showing Autumn’s Latest Styles
( harming new One-Piece Models, faultlessly tailored
along style-modes entirely new. A suprising diversity of
clever etleets in all the desirable colorings.
Plain-tailored models as well as prettily trimmed
trucks. Most of them w ith the new set-in Kimono sleeve
in three-quarter length.
\:id you'll like them all the better when you find how
small are <*ur prices, l:\tra value at each of the special
prices ot
$12.75 $15.00 $17.50 $25.00
high school with a splendid corps of;
college graduates for teachers There
whs considerable opposition to Mils
| move hut it h.is gradual!v nutted
away until now the people are happy
n the possession of one of the best
• stima of school^ in easte-e Ohio
s.ip« ntitendent Moody feels j istly
run I that his five ve.irs of *• i v < e
have been productive of so tmtch good
j in the Tillage
i f'hnmberlatn'a K'..nia<h and Lirer
I Tablets do not sicken cr grip*, and
| may Is* ink* n with perfect safety by
the most delicate woman or the young
•■si child The old and feeloe will
also find them a most suitable remedy
for aiding and e*rengthen!ng fhetr
weakened digestion and for regula'ing
♦ he bowels For sale by all dealer*
-- - #
J. M Ch*n#y El*rttd Mayor by S^aM
Mojonty—Full Roport of
Y«»t«rdiy'i doct or
! St*#« ml fH«pof h «h» fnt*IH|r*'>'*rr
I* AFtXKSVli.T.K. Nov f _Th full
vof»* in ih* ftorfloii y f.
Mayor—J M rhan*y, 475; F !'
* 74T
rlrrk-HlHtf 6f»i Upprri, *4*
Tr* iu t- Mm '.m'I, ♦ Mlrh»*al.
. . f | .!'*’•
• 14 f U i!***fi, 14J, Ili« kmnn, 37
*Y»*n< 1.rruu> If 1 k*mor< 4?If..I- ,
H . | .
4. flUIUlF 1 . OocNtllUl .41 Mar
rl«. 247. Hlrvln, 241, ytohhr. ?14
Wftttf W'»v « r • , ■ .
Ptnr Mf 4 • 1 Wtlkr-o 421. HhafTrar. I
« *
IVwr.1 **f F*lM< n»'*tf » RMrlld *!• J
« ■ nn**r 6!l, Griffin. ] 1
' ■
TnuM 444 4T$
S»f<r. 41 T Iv»iic1i*o |trr» *
Ault. If; J4rhfr!#*o. 11; f« tfi 4«
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('ontMl'Im Taylor 4 1 Van fhri*. (
Kll kfoor* HR* # :ei*4rrl *«M«f f of
pd»nl I' IT' I I r«l pr
. met. w >4 nr*rx in soenii h i.
IMnvd In Third »S*o T N'i*nm In.
Fourth tnth*»ny Hhnnnnn In WHt
and J M ►•.Ml. -rd In h •! f’r* r.«-t
luNfi'* 4 ■ Cn paflfuf t a I # .n »n*
tlnn- Katun. MS: llama. l»d. Bailer.
1 •«:. Tollman •.* '
Raxtmnary t #M c«
«,.# .al Iilapale*, i*. t|» In'fi.i*. -»r
HTBI’IIKM' I T. No. *- Of
ficial r*4urr« el»ct for < .MfHntlaBai
d»lew»i». Kr«nk ll Kerr.. Republican
mnlinar l ■ • fh> r ir.l
.M »r I r. '• r • d .it praK 'MiIon
arid who lav‘»ra i|* * r>»- eubmlaainn
i' 1
fh’Clallat fn»vof
IHIV-nv m rlM'd *" ' hlerlr
^ rr.i i »a IM' r
Mao mao «Evts wives
To !'.«• I 1T ,r 1 . I •».!.»»r, ..f
Earley, a >ini<|ua rbaracter in fhta (
* outsfy. la dead »• th» »»a of *>2 yea**
I II" aaa rick only a fa* nr* -r* lla
! * i« a proapcrft'ia farmer of » *e Rc* k
I I an> rf**V d airjci. and *»< mar
rla-1 anten tir»e», marry n* ope of hi*
flTWfai wire* a MMl ttwi It'
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tarioda hidtnr p'.ar-a op r. • farm
(HI* of |l|r<e contained $: of
*hlrh ro-arly t*<v> waa In r >ld Ju**
| how mwh money rho df*'f man left
11* not known. *>pi it# «. low bi< re
covered from two fd t* place* lad'
in *o'1 in on* and lAOfi In a/ewpharkr
In ao*,,b*r R»* Henry E»' ~y ,« a
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.7, * 1 * "Tj * • '",r'r * nf I*'" I ran naan ro*
hnoai~i*r rrwoTf. It .mmr |ia'• iy without fha patina’ *
M;1 0> “°.r <1* **,°'1* tlf'iB. nn<1 <ion* to'
' . ;.,fr" ’ *rr w,jr 1 h*,‘***- " mark
* ; • irgnry
. r ,IaVs» ' *° '""V ***•*» In all Of Ik*
atniful in a aiagia I"
1* ■ '*>' J am ..’Ion. an-i on.y a f-% attain it
E.tract ~g Boaltivaiy Pala a,. ty Ar. Ga. or Aool.ration • to.
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