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gitetly worried. ‘ Me beard that a
MM w»« work! a* among tba people
ted be seat a aarvaat to ask tf be
tea Jeeaa. tba Hoe of God. or whether
be waa to look for another Serious
Jssus sent the maos anger beak aad
told Mm to tall John that the blind
could aee, the dead aroaa from the
gravea. the leper was beefed aad the
crippled cured. When the msent riser
told John. John said that Is the true
Son of God. or he could not hare done
Saw the World.
“Jesus went to XL Olive and looked
down on tbs city. He looked down ;
just the same as He would on Wheel
ing. and waa moved with compassion
Copipassion. that was the Ufa of Jesus
“If I ever tofi^e Interest In trying!
•*° tees .the five# of sinners then 1
will le*v«j the platform He'saw that
filll dewed crowd, some of them that
shook hands with two fingers. He
saw the multitude# and saw what the
world would hp If they werfc all sober
men and women. He saw the multi
tudes apd saw what the world would
be If they were all aober. He saw
**“ wlU My. why don't they all rot*
for me u4 I will wake the other cow
d Mates look like the also rans U
Too took aa m»eh la tercet la tko U>m
of the raulUtudeo of life for God. there
would he more converts,
“The churches of today don't car*.
They neveg pray
Aiding the Fallen.
“h wm working in the Chicago T.
M C. A. religious department some
years ago and used to pass tickets
around the saloons Inviting men to at- i
tend the meetings Why. von could
stand on the roof of that building and I
with a revolver shoot the tope of 7» I
aalodns. - |
"It was my privilege to select a man
to accompany me on these trips to the 1
saloons and bellevd me 1 did not pick !
a fellow who was afraid. I did noli
want a fellow with cold feet for some
time you had to fight your way and I
wanted some fellow that would stay
with me.
“J picked out a young fellow who i
was a friend of mine and he could go I
so fast yod could not see him. One j
day we held, a atop watch on one
saloon and In (2 minutes 1,004 people
walked In. net counting those that I
Valked out. I walked In a saloon to I
pass the tickets ons day while he
[ 1107—MAIN STREET—1107
|ft«e Our Window
hair arid'we
can prove it
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•nd Beautiful Immediately
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L fkt beauty of your bail—No difference bow dull, J
•king one small attand at a time. The effect it I
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•uffy and wavy and hare an appearance of a bun- 1
rascei aa incomparable lustre, eoftaeae and luau- '
i ’ fiance, the beaofy and shimmer of true hair health.
Try aa you will after an application of Dander ine,
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•r falling hair and your scalp will not itch, but
wbnt wifl please you mote will be after a few week's
•aa when you will actually see aew hair, fmc and
• downy at wet-yea—but really new hair—rerouting
all over the scalp.
Ihadarini it to tha hair what freeh ahowere of raia
and maatune are to vegetation. It roee right to the
roots, mvigontea and strengthen* them, he life
p reducing properties cause the hair'to grow abun
dantly long, strong-and beautiful. 1
Get a 25 cent bottle of Kaowiton’a Danderine
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hnv« beautiful hair and lots of it, if you will just
try a little Danderine. Real surprise awaits you.
(OMHaiM from Sixth
nod* I’m afraid-1 wcMldn't get there
*o«jn enough. *
> “Experience* In religion differ the
•ame at In other things. The sober
mhn nenrer has the experience of a
» t **u» —-——
Faya Hla Respects to People Who
Crltlclaa Mini—Says He Is Not as
Sensational as Jesus Was.
When it comes to diahing out the
tobaaeo sauce you have got to hand It
to ••Billy” Sunday, for he has all the
other evangelists looking like a two
apot in this line. Did you hear -Bill”
at tha tabernacle yesterday afternoon?
Well, if you didn't you certainly
missed a warm one.
The baseball-evangelist naust hare
stepped on the toes of some of the
ones that have strayed from the
straight and narrow. Judging from the
way they walked out o^the building.
He did not spare any words in de
scribing the four flush methods qf
sonie church people and hla flow of
oratory made them all hike to the tall
* and uncut.
Parkersburg waa represented at
the afternoon services by s delegation
of 1SS people Each >rore m badge
with the word Pyk^sbutu on and
also a red tone A bos of roses was
presented to Mias Maclsren and Mr.
Rodeheaver by the Wood county dele-,
gat toe '
Services Open.
Following the singing of a number
af hymns Rev Mr Sunday opened his
sermon taking hla test from Matthew
> flth. nth and 27th. In opening bis ser
mon the evangelist stated that you
eaa bank on it that Jesus Christ was
apt a Christian Scientist. "Mother
Edgy said her work was inspired
*fcy did she have It cony,
righted** (Laughter!
••Jagutaflfrt told His teslve disciples
te HTforth aad preerh He told them
net to ge to the house of the flood
Samaritan bat to go to the Jews, and
as yea preach tell them the kingdom
of heaven la at hand Jesus t»M them
te tell the people of the hestttia of the
S’eb, the Carlas of.the leper the rats
fag of the dead aad the Mind being
a Me to see
■wag vpa ieerawee mf rhsri h is in s’
tbea pea mm live as He l vsd Yee
PMM mas ee baaebiaa -m me
m . e
boose fighter: the virtuous girt never
bat the experiences of t\je one 'who
has sold herself to a life bf shame.
You muat believe in Hitn to be saved
There .may be different**. -Some may
grovel for a week, and others see the
light in an Instant. But 1 want to put
the question squarely to you to-night.
What will you do with Jesus. Will
you do like Matthew did? ,
churches, the preachers and people
who are working for Jesus.
Are Backsliders.
"You say. well I am confirmed
Yes some pf the worst old lobsters In
the country bare been confirmed.
| You eay, well I h*ve been baptized.
Yes. tho worst old scoundrel I ever
i knew was a Baptist, out weat. You
i »*>’. I waw sanctified. The wont
old hypocrite I eyer beard of was a
Methodist who said he was sanctified.
"If you are a Christian, you
would bo doing In Whetting, just _
what Jesus Christ would be do
ing if he w^rs here.
You Just go through the Bible, and
; see how much of It you can blue pen
j ell. Why dop't people grow to the
] church? Some people are obt as much
: Christiana today an they were when
I ihe were converted Some peofdg
are not worth as much to God. now as
j ten years ago.
"Some of you Just go to church
oe Sunday; drop soma money In
the plate and return home. You
I v nevtr pray or alng. Just sit there
I By using the Ilfs by the faith
* y«« 9«* Jesua Christ, you
Never" Do Anything.
■ "Suppose i he man whose hand
; ,MU* cured, would have wrapped It
I up and os Sunday's gone to the syna
gogue sad unwrapped It. look «• It
and wrapped tt up acalh for the rest
of the week Hand would not bSve
keen much use to him would It*
' That ie Juat whet eome of you do
when you go to church. Unwrap your
religion and then wrap tt up again
for the remainder of fbe week
There has got to be spirit us! life
by faith in Jesus Christ, be tore you
cas do anything that God approves
The worst thing people ran «a ta to
work to the rhurrbeg before they arw
roclmtt They must be converted
before they can do any good
| yoo remember west about
he.)lag the steb * bee He west
***** pioet to place Be M w tho net
modes m o ike msHiisdos saw
themselves If tho multitudes hod
ss» 'hamsalvos as Oe* saw them,
'hey wnald aat have beea atgaera
“1 the church sew tael* aa
*Ga N we»<d eat he turned
e cere ploying, oaernty sNHrt
beam dmmiug «e>c -a Oe
gseorottng Wees of Tn so , H
•e 't*e I Hue to the ttoah g far
-- "uuiu oe ii me i
worn*® were all prostitutes and he 1
saw what the world would be If they !
were all virtuous.
"If some of you can see stop biding
behind a church membership and
rush tip to the mourners bench and
be converted. I would not try to
analyize the agony of Jesus Christ,
when the shadow of the cross was
always before him.
• • V“The man who sins today goea
to an early grave. Sin Is the bit
ter enemy of man. All uplifting
of man comes through compas
sion. But that compassion will
nAv«r coma by going to church
with the devil.
As To Knocktrs.
“Some peoples eyes are so low that
they never see anything but th® stump.
But when you see the multitudes you
see the same aa Ood . - When yon look
as the Devil looks then you stand
by and knock. No man who believes
in Jesus Christ ever stands around
and knocks on people who are work
ing for Jesus Christ and doing God’s
| “Remember the proman who came
1 to Jesua Christ, and asked for aid,
| saving her daughter had the devil in
- her. Jesus would not even answer
I her. Did she turn away and become
angry No. She went to his disciples
and asked them to have Jesus help
her. The desciples went to Jesus.
; anij asked him to put her out that she
was worrying them. Did this anger
j her? Ne. She returned to Jesua and
asked him again to help her Jesus
turned to her and said, be would not
give meat to the dogs that belonged
»o the little Children Then she
turned to Jesus snd said. Jesua. the
, dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the
table. Then Jjsos made her daughter
went In the one next door. When 1 1
cameiout I found him crying, leaning
Up against a post. I said, w hat's the
matter, did some lobeter insult you?
It he did lech go in and anil Into him.
"He said, no "Bill.” I was Juat
thinking of nil the Christians in Chi
cago, there are only me and you trying
to save these people for Christ. That
never occured to me befote.| That
Mlow had his heart in the work and
had compassion for those sinners.
Heart In Work.
"There are so many that don't care
whether the work is done or not. God,
don't want anybody whose heart In not
In the work. The harvest Is a plenty
but the labors are n few.
Hits the preachers. * *
"How many of you preachers sitting
over there go out to work among the
congregation to save souls for Jesus?
I have seen fifteen of twenty of you
go out and you walk to the rear 4f
the tabernacle and hold a confab. How
many of you do personal work? Why
you are lying to.Jeans. Things like
that grieve God and 1 would. Just as
leave have you come to me and lie
as to do it. *
“If the church had compassion the
members would run over the backs of
the seats to come to Jesus. It's a hard
Job to get people to pray and to go to
prayer meetings. What do some of
them care for prayer? •
“Prayer is the result of compassion.
Jesus did not pray for the crowd,
neither did He pray for the World. I
PTay to the Lord of the harvest, and ,
He will send forth workers.
Must Be Saved. , j
“I have heard preachers come here '
and pray God to bless the oasaved. !
Now God will not bless any of the un- ;
saved. They must go and be convert
ed and ask to be forgiven In Jesus’ |
name before God will .bless them. ]
“Old the Father say to forgive
• • ' ■ - • • • ■ ' A
• Girls’ Shoes 98c
of «ko calibrated
Bkoon for Otrla fo oa
Onw is patent and dnU
or button mod ala. Mog
nlar or blpb ont tepa.
Boys* Dress Shoes $ 1 Cn
tional preacher that ever preached. He
did net let thgm make doormats Out
«f him. He putftped It Into those
drrty, low down mutta.
“Yet some of you women will come
here, and after hearing me preach willi
leave, eaylng *1 am shocked.’ Then
you will go out to some beer garden
and hit the booze at some Dutch lunch
The Theatre.
“Oh. yea. you will say ha la vulgar
(vary shHIl). I would not go to hearj
him again. Than you will go down to'
some choap akata thaatre and tee
soma woman dance without enough
colthes on to pad a crutch.
* “Jesus Christ drove the gang out of
the honiAf worship. He did not let
them make a gambling den oat of It.
That wee his way of doing business
“You stand up and preach for God,
and then let some old society belle
who goes to the dances, hits the Dutch
lunches and goes to ths theatres gov
em your word# for fear of lining
them. You aro afraid fhet soma old
monoy bag will shut up his bag and)
leave. You preachers Just 1st thsse
mutts ge out. end see the hundreds
that will cents In te see how you did1

Postmaster Hedlett Quickly Arranged*’
ter the Meeting m the Car.
Hera' Ream.
The employes of tbe PteieSn Da
garment a ad of Ibe rdftrea la ttw PM
«rel building were yegtardar St eons
h seared >10 a vtaR from Rae Nr
KbeSav end t Theriot er Rodebeever
▼be rail wee eaeap.Had bat wee (
none the lees appreciated by the em-!
ployes. all of whom enjoyed the Inter-.
•sting address of Mr. Sunday and thej
songs of Mr. Rodeheayer.
Entering the postofflce building at I
12 o'clock. Rev. Mr. Sunday and Mr,
Rodeheaver met Postmaster Hailett,
and arrangements were quickly made
for a meeting to be held In the car
riers' room of the postofflce depart
ment. With the exception of a few
clerks, ihe entire office force and
the employes of the United States En
gineer’s offloes and other offices on
the second and third floors of the
building assembled in this room, and
to an audience of nearly a hundred
persons the noted evangelist spokt
for at least fifteen minutes.
God and the Employer.
Pointing out the difference between
right and wrong. Rev. Mr. Sunday
■poke along the fines of work In the
department. Illustrating his address
with several well taken arguments.
Me stated that serving* God was like
serving your Imployer While you
aerve your employer to the best of
your ability, things will he ^1 right;
hut If you do not nerve your employ
nr. then things will go strong. In the•
same manner. If yon serve Qod every
thing will be njl right, hut It in wrong i
to serve the devil To nerve God beet,
he said, one should love Ood m ons
•oeg an employer
Chorister Rodeheaver entertained
the aodimen for nearly ten minutes
■ Hi songs and n number of trombone J
•otoe. winning merited applause
Among other hymns. Mr. Rodeheaver
rendered So *1. and the entire and)
•nee anag the c borne The employee
of the betiding were mstnnm In «*
p rse sing tbetr a pp recta Hon e< the Me
lt. and both Mr Roadey ml Mr Rod*
hearer were well pleased with the
ta the aft era sea the elnrho la the I
r—effics prsseated Mr Randay with,
•a immense hneaet Of fruit, a
>he erasing el who peeeibly
see Mr ferty la all. attended the
lag at the tihantnrli m a body
Deftnda Unitarianism.
Editor of Tha InteUI*,ncer
Dear Sir—According to what ap-.
paara to be reliable reports. Mr. Sun
day has repeatedly said In his eer-.
raona In thla city that Unitarianism la
“a rotten and erroneous doctrine
which leads men away from God and
to hell."
The following were believers In and
products of Unitarianism:.
James Russell Lowell, who wrote—
“Though tha cause of Kril prosper
Tet 'tie Truth alone Is strong:
Though her portion be the scaffold
And upon the throne be Wrong.
Tet that scaffold Sways the future
And behind the dim unknown
ftandeth And within the shadow
Keeping watch,above His own."
Oliver Wendell Holme*. who/
»«>*•— *
"Lord of ail batng. throned afar
Thy glory flames from sun and star;
Centre and sail of evary sphere
Tet to each living hetdt how near!"
Grant us Tfly truth te make ua free.
And klndllna heart# that burn for Thee.
TUI all Thy living altars claim
One holy light, oae heavenly flame."
That beautiful hymn. %
"God la Love His marry hrlghtane
Att the path In which wa rove."
was written ^y Sir John Bowriug.
the Unitarian, who was else the
author of
•Te the croee of Christ f glory
Towring O'er the wreeka of ttasa!"
And another T'aHartan. Sarah sn<jw
*f Adams, wrote that hymn ao dear
to every Christian heart —
-Nearer my Geg te Thee."
Are the thoughtful people of Wheel
tag reedy to accept the eo-ealled -goe
9*r which condemns such map ead *
woeaep. together with Bryant, Long*
Fellow and Whittier, the t'altarien
Junker te aa eternal heU*
Teeiu very truly.
Minister ef fird I'nitnriap Society
W. Ya» March 1* ISIS
mm. Per mtm by ifl
"Bill" is net strong for thot devey
i lovey dope. Ho has impressed hie
congregations with tho fset that their
children need looking after more
pur*. 6be ^ad compassion and Jesua
was Just trrlng hor to aoo If ah* had
Whan your heart aches you worry
for that compassion
Wooing Bin.
"When I was touring with Dr
'hspmsn wo »jpt to Altenr one time
|,n* I »* old gr*A haired man
walking with a cala aad his bead beat
io the ground I asked Mr*C hapman
why he always walked wfth his head
down aad ho told me that he had a
ana that waa very aureeosful In boat
neao aad the old nan lowed him Ho
started la ike path of sin aad kept
going down and down Finally the
pother member# of tho firm railed him
[ '* and said he would hare to atop his
.wny of hr tea. N was raiatag their
1 ‘■wwdlt He kepi on and ftnnlty one
sight was streated la an latonleatod
rwndttma when a house of peootite
Han was pulled
Tho Bern raped him end said lank
here yew w I IF e*t her hare to Swi or
[•ell Me ooH «nr >».«•* and then
' Fiwnaed Ssapsr in sin Two wee so
*•*•* Me body was found In the Hud
een riser That rather had-III
am for kfe mm
, Ta the rhwrrh. « you #— the nui
ins jcws. no. me Romans,
the Pharaaaa, that I bunch of
mutte, cut throats and murderers
are tha paopla ha was talking
■'Some people pray for Jesus to
send somebody out to save a sinner,
but pray not to send them. S’eo, save
that man but don’t send me, Jesus, ta
some of their prayers.
"Cbmpasslon will make you pray
and It will also make you get up aDd
hustle. Would a man pray for a good
harvest In September* No. He would
need a binder then. He would pray
for men to go ont and reap the har
vest. *
“People taday can’t do anything
bettar than pray for tha church.
If God nave you calvatlon, don’t
sit there and net try to save
others. Don’t alt there because
you are saved and sea others go
to hall.
“The more oyster soup It takas
to run a church tha faster It goes
to tha devil whan It gate started.
Home for Poor.
"Tbe church should be a retreatfor
lb* wicked It should bo a home of
Welcome for the dowa and (Altar. Bat
la If*
“If a *.r? from the red light came|
Hi. you ^roald not speak to Her or
•bake her hand If a working man
cam* to church with his overall* oe.
you would turn agalaal him That to!
tha reason why these people don 11
oorne to church Thai a why the work '
tag man ceases to hear “Ml.“ be;
cause he knows that I will pump tliate,
7*** Pharisee* Me knows that I will
also gtvw it ta him
“If pass 'htak the aply wav ta heave*
I* tbrr'Mch 3net year aoe little rbarrti
yea see la need of beta* ra*verted
■^bs* Jams* want lata the temple
he Misd the paapi* trad tat ptpaaaa
sad tarw1ng M tWto * gambling huge.
He knacks I ta* pttlara 4swi
nnomer Good lime Nipped in the Bud . . -> By “Bud" FisheT
4 jC*"\

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