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Worth Wheeling
Ponalion Pay
Linen, Bedding, Towels
and kindred lines will
• be in demand.
LINENS, etc.,
90c Table Damask, 68* yd.
65c Table Damask. 50* yd.
$1.50 Table Damask.
91.12 yd.
10c Linen Crash. 8* yd.
12 Vic Linen Crash, lO* yd.
12Vic Buck Towels, lO* ea.
25c Turk. Towels, 18*.
$1.98 Napkins, doz^ 91*48
59c SHEETS FOR 45*
72x90-inch; bleached; seam
less; extra quality; % bed
k-hats -
Hats of Pongee Hats of Panama
Peanut Braid Hats • Milan Braid Hats
Leghorn Hats Wash Pique Hats
^Natty upturned brims; hip crowns.
Pleasing down-turned brims; shaped crowns.
Ribbon trimming and quill trimming.
Hats to match Coat, Frock or Hair.
J Juvenile shapes required by Juvenile faces.
Hate for your boy of 2, 3, 4 or 5 years.
Hats for your girl of 2 to 14 summers.
More Hats—prettier hats, better hats than can
^be found elsewhere.
Silks that sold for....,... 90^ pnAirr
Silks that sold for.$1.00
Silks that sold for.$1.15 l ^
Silks that sold for.$1.25
Silks that sold for.$1.35
Silks that sold for.$1.50 j
Suiting Silks, Dress Silks, Frocking Silks, Waisting , •
Silks—Silks for travel, street, afternoon, Motor
ing—Silks to complete your wardrobe—69c yd.
75c SHEETS FOR 50*
• 8lx90-inch; bleached; torn
and ironed; seamless..
85c SHEETS FOR 58*
81x90-inch; full size;
bleached; seamier; torn
and ironed.
90c SHEETS FOR 65* ’
90x90 and 81x90-inch;
bleached; note extra sizes;
8lx90-inch, “Anchor,” “Lock
wood” and “Utica”; seam
less; full size.
*1.00 SHEETS FOR 78*
81x90-inch; hemstitched;
seamless; bleached (also
60* Unbleached Sheets,
81x90-inch; seam- An _
less. 4lC
40c SHEETS FOR 29*
Pillow Cases
Bleached; torn and ironed;
42x36 and 45x36-inch.
12*/ic ones, 9* each.
15c and 17c ones, 12* each
25c ones hemstitched, 19* ea
Bolster Cases
42x72 and 42x76»4-inch.
35c and 40c ones, 29*
42x76 and 45x76-inch hem
50c grade for 37*
55c and 60c ones, 45*
Bed Spreads
*1.00 Ones for. 79*
*1-50 Ones for. ....91.19
*2.00 Ones for _$1.50
*2^5 Ones for_91.69
*3.00 Ones for _92.25
Any $1 “W. B.” in stock— ^
Any $1 “Royal Worcester”— FOR
Any $1 “Thompson” Corset— *
Any $1 “C.-B.” or “G.-D.” Corset ^ Pyn
Any $1 “Kabo” in stock— / Hr
Any $1 Ferris Waist—
Your size? Certainly.
Any $1.50 “W. B.” Corset— Y
Any $1.50 “Royal Worcester”— r UK
Any $1.50 “Thompson” Corset I ^ ^
Any $1.50 “C.-B.” or “G.-D.” [Cl 1C
Corset— y IslU
Any $1.50, “Kabo” in stock— J

SALE - Single Blankets
3-4 bed size; (60x84 inch);
pure white; half wool—
% - _
SALE - Wool Blankets ] ^ sq
11- 4 and 12-4 sizes; most i
every color in plaid or border. I _
$5.50 and $6 ones— , J £ACH
SALE - Single Blankets
AH pure white; 11-4 sizes—
12- 4, splendid to launder—
SALE - Comfortables . ^ _
72 x 84 inch Comfortables, ^y
light and fleecy like a dowri,
silkoline covering— J ^
Harry Taylor r» a* loan. Mo. and
lam Honor, *1 « lana«ioe. O.
laH* Oruaai. I* am Paallaa Pur
you *a. kmh m wh*oiiaa
Mary Haooi •*• ayymaioO oaoro
rrts of 1*0 <W<> or Moryam lam
Hr—» SI m*
>> 0*4 o fo •« Mor
<o> Xo m to rora
I »*•
I *9» >o RoOolyfe
o» too' moat# to
OonoaO r*oM«n to ft yr
Toy M Ho 129 -uni
lap** W «a IT1 U m
•ko Pko. mmMhi'o 9io
*a • 9*r of oaua ooorr ot<o(
■■«» Mr «ao* mod ky 'V rOft to
ao4 ao a '■* •» 0*0"! »• oa
•m tor* a ■ » root mi
Ttrao >t» «* room am tap tor
Caaaa Ayamat Altajad lnafUfttra
Will A« Heard la Cualral
Card March 22
CrlMtaa! rvart iwarmrt a* tba,
uaaai baar Taaiarday annilH and >ba !
raaaa af <br Hair aaataai L*rla4a
flirt altar Bliabrili Or**»w aad
Ka«* (May. altar ram* Kn vara
'•Had aad >b* trial rat far frtday.
Harrb 12 Tb* raaaa vara artctaatly '
•a- »ar yrarrta. bar vviaa «a lb#
¥. & £ ^
AM t%» 4 fM» | U |« a
•%» Af* •%» prsmbki # 0 <Mrtr|» mr
AMflplM MT» (Mr
MMn Mtf • »■>*■» «mi fto
»>—(A M A> TTIr A . WW
■ pm — rnmmm ^ mm <K» t»grt>. i
•• MM IMA nxHMfl iH h
MfWl («»>• Af (H* rf— 4 (to
■l— M A a«m MW M MM mM rtMfl .
Far dtatan>« »i»<1 «pm1 will ha hrld
Ihirtna tha k>mr dlataat raraa
win ha map thmuah tha rouatry and
rriaaa rfferrd Mr Marriott haa pur
r-haaad a fin# whorl hi mar if ajad la
(rt'.ma la trhn for Lha hum.
Waa Wimata MlNar. Cat a rad. la Hta
Mama aw tha hawth h.aa
I mam »at ta ha Ma*d
•a Vm rmam M Mw M Attay l«, lha
hwdt ot WMtiaa Mtnar ralarad waa
fwwwd rwtd la dawth Thawhay arm
'•« »*nr I W wrtwrh hy a aatchhar.
Tha hwdr waa lytw« aa tha haar ha
•ftawr fa«r pot oatrt ad Parra
Who* trad* a I rata tha aaaartaf r*ar
.adad far ir. |*U. .aa «Mh tha
l atlad htatra.
Tho Ltagio Bay Bain* Dismantle* at
Jeffereeeville—Niver (a Riaina and
Oaad Stag* la Pram lead.
Loaded with thousand* of toaa of
eoaL a number of ooal boat* aad
barcee left Pittsburgh yesterday oa
the crest of the present barge stage,
aad they are expected to peaa down
the Ohio river at this point this af
ternoon. Operators sre anxious to
get aa much out aa possible while the
st^e exists. The steamer John A
Wood and the Valiant, with several
tows In charge, are for Louisville. Ky,
while the steamers Monitor and Helen
White, each with * tow of barges,
are hauling for the Diamond Coal
company and the United Coal com
The Ben Hur. a former well known
packet on the Ohio river, been
attached at New Orleans for wages
•due the crew amounting to $600 The
Ben Hur waa built at Marietta In
1887 and was formerly In the Pitta
burgh Wheeling Parkersburg trade,
was sold to SL Piul parties and was
later engaged In the SL Louis trade
The packet Llxsle Bay. for several
years In the Plttsburgh-Charleston
trade, has been towed to Jeffersonville
to be dismantled.
With a stage of 10 feet 9 Inches
registered at the local wharf yester
day afternoon, the Ohio river was ris
ing slowly, due to the recent rains. A
still greater rfs* Is expected to ma
ture soon.
Thursday’s boats.
Ohio. Cincinnati. 6 a. m.
Sonoma. Marl<\ta, 11 a. m.
Indiana. Clarinffton. noon.
Friday’s Boats.
Greenwcgd. Parkersburg. 7 a. m.
Queen City. Pittsburgh, noon.
Indian. arriTe from Clarington 6
p. m.
Sonoma, arrive from Marietta 8
p. tn.
Saturday’s Boata
Sonoma. Marietta. 11 a. m.
Indian, Clarington, noon.
Sunday's Boats.
Greenwood. Pittsburgh. 7 a. m.
Kanawha, Pittsburgh. 9 a. m.
The Marks.
PITTSBURGH. March 14.—With
over 1,100,000 bushels of coal, five
tow boats left today for Southern
points. Stages tonight follow:
DAVIS ISLAND—9.6 fact and sta
tionary; cloudy.
OIL CITY—2.7 feet and stationary;
MORGANTOWN—13.3 feet and fall
ing; cloudy.
WARREN—1.8 feet And faUing;
PARKERSBURG—16.4 feet and sta
tionary; cloudy.
STEUBENVILLE—11.1 feet and
rising; cloudy.
Frank Yoet Injured In Sewer Cave-In.
Frank Yost, an employe of the B.
F. Sweeten Construction company,
who la engaged In the sewer work In
this city, was buried alive yesterday
morning while at work on the corner
of Fourth street and Myrtle avenue.
Yoat was In the ditch when the braces
used in keeping the cribbing apart
gave way and the sides of the ditch
caved in. catching Yost in the fall.
Fellow workmen quickly came to the
aid of the Injured roan and released
him from the dangerous position and
had him removed to his home on Fjrst
street. A physician was summoned
and upon examination It was found
that no bonea were broken or serloua
Injuries had been sustained.
Yost to Bs Brought Back.
Prosecuting Attorney Chaa. E. Car
rigan and Deputy Sheriff William
Nolte of Kenwood left laat evening
on the 4 o'clock train for loosing,
Mlbh.. where they will take up the
matter with Oov. Osborne of securing
requisition for Gus Yost, the Kenwood
saloon keeper who wan found guilty
of being In hia bar room on Sunday.
Republican Committee to Moot.
The Marshall county Republican ex
ecutive committee will meet on Bab
urvay irirrwnn at I o clock la the
Marshall Count- Rank building oa
Rerenth atrsot and taka up many mat
•ara pratalnlng to tha party aa a whom
la thla covaty Tha moat (mportaat
■•attar to coma bafora tha committaa
wlU ba that of Ik* commit!** appoint
*d to confer with tb* Rnaasrott man
to prortda for a paastdaattal prefer
•or* prtmar* 1%* committee la root
H«*< «d Maoerr H W h'ataoo. C M
Hob tar and Arthur Millar Tha call
lor tha cowoty primary election to ba
bald 10 con)nactum wtth tha state prl
mmry ao Tuesday June 4. wfM also
Probably ba laaaad at ibta--|Rg
aa tha cam outlaw, rwmpaaad of C. C.
Wrtght. Choo R t arrlgaa and A U
llaot to. wilt aloe maha thatr report
WMOgatil C booty OMRcoca' lawm*
Maaart James A ftmafaoas |. g
Rite, f M Tate. W H Lopor aod
r. W Praam the naal"o appdPat
•d hy Rbe Morahan < sooty Ooad
catmadte tootl ttertHl *11
"■Pud* aorh sterna. owh a atom of
| aod & J >ynp. hmoty at
] thla dif, hot pot ad MarUo* ferry
A Trial N»ta|i Pram
dJeeUoe mad* hledred'alhnllil ^ Um
dlgaadva organs carries around an nb
sohit*Iyoseloss si—neb a daad load.
orders The muscles are eesmtacly
wyra oat. tbs mucous ttniag bas lost
Its seodstlve power, and food taken
Into the stomach lies there and fer
ments, causing sour eructations, beleb
logs, heartburn, dtsxlneas and other
distressing conditions. Many sufferers
have given up In despair .until they
have been Induced by some' Interested
friend to try a box of Stuart's Dys
pepsia Tablets.
Stuart’s Dyspepsia Tablets are tbs
dyspeptic's hope. They are a natural
restorative of healthy action to the
stomach and small Intestines, because
they supply the elements that the
weak stomach lacks—pepsin, golden
seal and other digestives.
If you are afflicted with any of tbs
symptoms above described, be assured
that your digestive organs are losing
power.—they need help and there Is
no mors sensible help to be given
them than to supply elements which
will do tbs work of digestion for them.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets have
been found by test to have digestive
powers, one grain of the active prin
ciple of these tablets being sufficient
to digest 3,000 grains of ordinary
food. It Is plain that no matter what
the condition of you stomach, or how
far your disease has Drnereaand nnanf
Stuart’s Dyspepsia Tablets taken at
meal time will do the work—give your
stomach an opportunity to regain its
lost powers, the muscles will be
strengthened, the glands Invigorated,
and you will be a new man.
It coats nothing to prova the effect
iveness of this cure. Send for a free
sample package today. F. A. Stuart
Co.. ISO Stuart Bldg., Marshall, Mich.
All druggists sell Stuart's Dyspep
sia Tablets, at SO cents a box.
O.. .died yesterday morning at the
family residence In Martins Ferry, af
ter a short illness. Tbe funeral ser
vices will be held to-day. Mrs. By
rnm was formerly Miss Mary Peters,
of Foilorla avenue, this city. Rev. C.
O. Dodge, pastor of the Church of
God of Martina Ferry, will have
charge of the services. Interment will
be made at Mount Rose cemetery.
Near Two Hundred Mark.
The Moundsvllle board of trade Is
rapidly growing, and with the end of
the week it Is thought that tbe mem
bcrshlp committee recently appointed
will have the registered mark up to
100. There are already about 160 In
the organisation.
Moundsvllle Briefs.
Te city ordinance committee will
meet on Monday evening to take up
the Important question of disposing oi
the garbage In tbis city.
The young ladles' chorus of the First
M. E. church met last evening In tbe
Harry Hawkins, or New Martins
ville. is transacting business in the
city for a few days.
George Koontx. who has been con
fined to bis home with pneumonia for
the past week. Is Improving slowly.
Mrs. Albert Rosa, of Fourth street,
who has been confined to her home
with an attack of grippe, is Improving
Mrs. Robert Rodocker, of Jefferson
avenue, who "has been confined to her
hofhe for the past two months with a
serious Illness. Is reported as being In
! a critical condition.
P. O. Heacock. of Philippi, who baa
been visiting Rev. Stewart Wahl and
wife for the past few days, returned
i to hts home yesterday morning
Mrs. Harvey Rtgga returned to her
home on Fifth street from Columbus.
Ohio, where she was vtatting her eon,
Cecil, for the past several days.
atrwatk la onnflnad to bar homa with
•a attach of grip pa
Tba dactalou of Proaai1 uttog Attor
ney «'hartaa K t'arrtgan on Sunday
ha aa hall at Ban wood will ba found
ataawbara In thaaa rotuataa
Tba fuaaral aar.toaa of tba lata Mra
1 FYaah Htrlmar. who 4M at bar boaaa
la Ulan da I a an WrMueoday. win ba
bald today Tntarnaat will ba and*
at Mount Roar raaiatary
All of tba afraat oar an af tbit
eNy attaaod tba "Billy" Honday ant

Hu KM Y* to* Alvtfi to|tl
He uses Ixxui LT.jr Cream on his face, after shaUng. and It «
takes away the razor sting and redness.
» *s# ~
Try it yourself, men! It’s the best sharing loUon on the market.
If you have a tender face, or an extra heavy beard—use LUy
Cream instead of lather for going over your face the second time.
25c and 15c bottles for rale at any reliable drug store.
-— . — . — . -
Confident of the Nomination and Elec
tion—Haa Friends In Both
Quite a number of Belmont county
citizens yesterday expressed them
selves as being very much In favor of
W. W. Cowen’s candidacy for the of
fice of prosecuting attorney of Bel
mont county since his formal an
nouncement several days ago, and It
la their opinion that the well known
attorney of eastern Ohio will be nom
inated and elected by a large major
ity. as he haa many friends In both
the Republican and Democratic rsnks.
Frotn the fact that Mr. Cowen
served one term of two years in ths
office of prueocutor and made a splen
did record, be is believed to be the
man for ths place. Because of this be
was renominated two years ago. but.
as will be remembered, be was defeat
ed in the Democratic landslide along
with many other capable men la hie
Landreth Garden
A fresh stock of
greatest variety to
select from. Our
seeds are grown and
tested by Landreth’s,
the oldest seed grow
ers in the world.
Good seeds cost no
more then inferior
ones. Your garden
will depend on the
kind of seeds sown.
A full line of Garden
Tools, Rakes, Hand
Spades, &c.
All tip ■■■>!» of tbo Uaaaia MMo
daao of I bo Flrot A g rboA-h ara ro
1 "WortldT*!* IbaToaiwor oTIIdil*
Mnx a»A Marabou Tbo olaaa win tabo
a apodal car tboro for W bodies. wnoro
Urop will taho pan M tbo PwaOap acbaal
paraAo ,a tbo eMoraoea
A pa. antis n4 I on*. Von rapt Vila
"tab 4a f ar 4t Spaa, waa rwrati
•aM at partaai w> Vow 1»1 fa, far
fpiaaa >br tarpon prw. nor pod IP
tar a pwiwrr hr tip* art.w It
h aawl rbat Cana .n*"tally ad 4th*
M'taiat tat 9I.M
H. F. Behrens Co.

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