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Jf. ' * ^ - _>
for a series of meetings In Parkero
hnrg. They werb successful In sec wr
ing a tentative promise from Mr. Sun
day. but no time was fixed. A dele
gation of prominent bnstneea men
from Wilkes-Barre. Pa, was also In
the city yesterday for the same pur
pose. and met with the same success
aa the Parkersburgers.
This srsnlng Mr. 8unday will
preach his famous ssrmon on ''Amuse
ments" and the tabernacle wlU doubt
less be filled to oversowing. Mr.
Sunday announced that he would
preach as soon as the people arrived
and aald he expdcted to be on the Job
aa early as 6: to o'clock. In announc
ing this sermon last evening he said:
-I will pay my respects to that dirty
pool room you have In your city."
"I am glad you have a Municipal
Improvement league.” said Mr Bun
| I
12* *
Brilliant bahts of the saloons at*
tract men to them, Sunday tart. The
church at barctice poor oconomy by
having dimly lightad buildings.
day, “for I hare It on very good au
thority that the United Stales Steel
company lutenda to move ita mills
away from here nnlesa vou clean
thing! up. I am opposed to anything
that drags you down and any man
that stands up for the dive keeper is
no better than the.dive keeper, and
any man that votes for him Is lower
down than he la."
for local institution.
The collection thie evening will be
for the Evangelistic association and
later on a collection- win be taken for
Ute Associated Charities and the Anti- i
Tuberculosis league
Saturday eventsg the employes of
the National Tube Company win at-1
tend the services In a body. Thev
will meet at the Y. M. C. a. and
march to the tabernacle, headed by
Summers' military band.
Sunday afternoon Mr. Sunday will
speak to men only on "Boose: or. Get1
on the Water Wagon." At 2:30 the
same afternoon meetings for women
only will be held at the Vajice Memo
Ha! church, In charge of Miss Mac
L*ren. Mist Miller will be at the
Fourth Street M. E for the business
girls, and Miss Saxe will have charge
Of the meeting at the First Prenbyte
n*n charcb.
Rev. Mr Sunday received word yes
terday that Mrs. Sunday has been 111!
and unable to leave her home, and It
la not known at this time just wbeu
she will be able to return here to
take up her work with the women
Next Monday Mr. Sunday will RO
to Wellshurg. where he will conduct
two meetings, one at # o'clock la the
High school auditorium for the school
children, and the other at 10 o'clock
In the First Presbyterian church
■rtSftl of the Sunday party will ac
company aim.
Evening Perm an.
With a powerful sermon last even
ing Mr. Sunday held the attention of
an audience that completely filled the
large tabernacle HU a abject was
Conversion." and he handled it la n
manner that waa both latoraetlng and
convincing. Several special dalgatlona
ware la the audience, and Mr. Sunday
Alerted his theme as being one that
would be appropriate for all. and hla
Judgment proved to be right, for at
Ita conclusion and tha Invitation gtven
many from each of tha delegations,
"hit tha trail" and gave their handa
•o the evangelist.
Mr. Sunday took hja text from n
portion of the fourteenth verse of the
second chapter of St. Mark: "And he
arose and followed Him " Mr. Sun
day apoke. In part, aa follow*:
"Some people think a man cannot
be converted unleaa be attends a
camp meeting and cllmba up to tha
mourners' bench and haa some old,
brother rant and pray pver him, and
he finally geta into the shouting hu
mor and becomes converted.
Work Is 8lneere.
"Some people say the work done
here ts not sincere because I don't
have you get down on your knees In
front of a mourners' bench and pray
and rant around until you feel the
Divine spirit. I don't do thla because
I don't think It is necessary. A man
can be converted In the twinkling of
an eye. X don't find fault with the
manner In which any person la con
verted. I don't care how you do It
Just so you do It. If you want to
throw, your arms around your daugh
ter and shot and dance, go ahead, for
I won't turn the hoae on you or put
you in a straight jacket. •
"Every case of mtraculoui healing I
In the Bible was the result of conver I
■ inn Wfcnn t H.. f I ...u
vilifying God's work la thstr nami
efforts to serve the devil
"Ton soy you ore s Christina, aad
I sal's Christian, hot what have yo«
•vor dons for JeeusT What have you
ovor suffered for Jesus? Gook at tho
llfo of Matthew, sad If yoa would
stand up alongside this maa yoa would
look like a piuged copper coat agalaat
s twenty dollar told piece.
Mstthow Was s Business Man.
‘There was no crooked path la Mat
thew's Ilfs. No one dare say that
Mathew was not converted. He was a
business, man. a tax collector for the
Ionian government; he had a soft
snap and plenty of opportunity for
graft If the conditions then ware the
same aa now prevail the world over
to-day. •
"I wonder how many of you have
had Jesus come to your store. Josus
went up to thst big building"—(turn
ing around he aaked what the name
•aa of that big building on Market
street and waa told "Schmulbach")—
"Yea. that’s It, but that’s a bard name
to*say even when yon’re sober. He
has gone to Taylor’s store, Bursts.
Bione h Thomas and. In fact, every
store, office, factory and manufactur
ing plant In ths city and said some
thing to every .one of you. He ssye
to some of you. ’Here, you are not
running this bulness on the square.
You are
Giving Short Weight.
You are giving short measure, and ths
wealth you are piling up Is hot yours.
Your home ta not yours. Thst hand
some structure you erected was dona
with the money you stole frojn the
poor people by short weight, and It
Is not yours, but belongs to them. The
devil is a passenger In your auto It
he helped you get the money to buy
the machine.
• • 1 stood on a street corner one*
and saw a madam* from the rad
light district driving by In her
**.000 car and nodding to peo
ple she knew, and I said. ‘Madam,
the devil Is driving your machine.*
"There is blogd on your hands If
you rent your property for a saloon;
there is blood on your hands'if you
rent your bouses for the purpose of
proititiitlon, and 1 directly charge you
such with living on the, proceeds of
prostitution You take that money
and you buy your daughter fine
clothes and a new coat, and she goes
down atreet and meets the girl from
the re«L light district that sold her
virtue to secure the money with which
you bought that'coat. I tell you, you
have blood on your hands.
Blood on Your Hands.
“There is blood on your hands
if you have girls standing be
hind your counter from ana
week's end to another and pay
ing them starvation wages (Ap
plause.) How can you expect
these giris to pay cahfara, buy
their lunches, buy a# new shirt
waist now and than' and keep
decent eh $6.50 or $7 a weak?
(Mora applause.)
“There |3 blood on your hands If
you sold mining stock that you knew »
was worthless when you sold It; but
If you bought La Belle you had bet
ter be liberal, for tomorrow night
she Is going up so high you can’t oe/
"Jesus comes Into your place of
business and fays. -Follow Me.* gtop
lying, atop booting, trot square.
Matthew was a business man and Je
sus whispered In his ear. Follow Me.’
while In the other ear the devil
whisper* *No hurry.* Matthew knew
he would have to give up hi* .business
and his Job. In heaven they can see
what a fool a man la for a few dollars
be Is making out of a dirty business
man. Taka up thy bed and walk.- he
■imply did what the Lord told him to
do. Take the Mind man who aaid
* know.’ He waa ncd like a lot of old
backslider* who said -I think.- or 1
feel.- but he said 'I know.’ And every
body that came near him knew it too.
I wouldn't give the reap of mv An
ger for the man that didn’t show
» , _ '{
"If you can take an insurance agent's I
aZ -y°“ “k* th« werd of
Qod, states the evangelist,
somethin* he didn't have before
W hen a man become* converted
be goes to work for Jesus because he
^ntV" *h* p"opl* »° Bet the some
thing hr* received. Xicodemus went to I
work on j
The Hidebound Pharisees
that reviled him He pnt the ques
tton squarely up to them--What win’
you do with Jesus? I challenge anv
person to aay that the people who
come down the trail are net con
verted. . .
W hat synagogue, lodge or churca i
have you been kicked out of because I
* Christian? Have you been!
browb#nit#*n and metred at b*-'
cause yon are a Christian ? I pity the
miserable. good fornothlng Uod-for I
saken people tbat come out and anoer
at me through communications tn the I
newspapers, and they are such cow. I
**• ,h*’L*r* *fr*ld »o sign tbetr I
names This la the only way some1
people can get is the limelight by I
A Hot Porridge
combining the fUrory goodness of wheat, nee and com
1Mb food was fine served exclusively at the famous Poet
Tavern in Battle Greek (noted for its culinary excellence > but
now is offered to the genera) public for home use.
For Sale by Grocers IS eta. the package
L?" V*'™ Staten mint tn
ymndsee one* had the Ufa
out 01 w» when a ton of
cold fall over an him. and Matthew
taww fhn money he was maRlng from
thw Roman government wan ruining
Thing Wrong Te Do
know It le wrong to Mm and
1°". don\ k*T« to go to church to
And It out U to wrong to do many
things aa you know and you don't
hay* to go to ehurcfc to And them out
It Is true with conversion You may
know down deep In your heart that
you are wrong and determine to do
tight, aak the Lord to help you and If
aincero your conversion will
.'7?*,*“ Your boy up beae
and tell me he la the beet singer In
town and that le an honor. Or that
b**t aokotor Jn the school
and that Is an honor but la Is no hon
or for you to come up here and tell me
?* ca" out cues any other boy la
Wheeling. When a man sees hlmaelf
as Ood sees him he will not hesitate
to get right.
Don't you tell me there can t be an
,or th* conversion
**at7h*w pror"« this. You alt there
In that seat and you are not a Christ
ian but the minute you Jump up and
come down the trail at the Invitation
he ceases to do evil and starts to do
Ifn/Vi and i__a . .
- --ui* tuuvuriion
Struggling With Devil.
«i.k *? *,mV? “ruggles he struggles
I**J* ^**at. He don't struggle with
wk' ^ . struggle* with the devil
When Adam and Eve ate the forbid
den fruit they yielded to temptation
Some say didn't Ood know it was
wrong for them to do It? Yes. but
he wanted to give them a chance to
"1'^T *n wrong A man will say.
Dont God know I‘m going to helir
*.**• but he wanta to give you a
chance to do right.
Pl!t on on* *ld« ot th«
n«. fcJLltf® ^ w*® "*ln«- his busl
_)?)* r l^'ttlon. everything, and
then put Jesus on the other side and
Jesus outweighed it. it was right
there that the sinner died and Mat
nf*M.oh dl*1Clpl* *** hom The story
v ** ,0,d for th* Purpose or
five ie5rih*i W® d°n 1 ***** l° ’**“
nv# years for conversion. Think
what we would have lost if Matthew
Sunshin* should start in ths hems.
'* •j*"?*1eommsnt. Fathers
should toko on intoroot in thoir sons.
bed refused the cell of the l.ord and
think what we gained when he ac
cepted Him. Matthew wrote the first
hook of the New Testament and It
contains the best story of the life of
i Christ sear written and all the writ
Inge on the life of Christ by histor
ians are haeed en the
Writings of Matthew.
Finney, founder of Oberltn college,
noser knew bis powers until after h*
c°nr*r»ed Jones, mights
for God. started th* mighty temper
sore was* that drose the aaloons
from the south, and Jonee was eon
ra"*d *' ,h* daa,h b*d h,a father
wheneser a man s conversion com
I pels him to lease his position God will
•»se him a better one Yen do right
’rot square with God and H la God s
dtrty te see that you don t suffer—
you 11 win out
"Amen dost need te he Is a rbunrh
^«sro ths word ef Ued will roach him
7* «•* »•» s» a wall and keep
M«*» different this world
’"a" As It Jams had sold to Matthew
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