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SU^iac of CoRtcaduta Up to 4 P. M. Yaaterday.
. Mas Mary Death. 625 Mala. Martina Parry.^EoflSSaa R*a*b*ck) T«4aa
K Laura Waltera. 4161 Noble. Bellalre (Mlaa McKetrny).‘.lslaa*
There*aa Philip*. BJ6 Chaplin* (Mlaa Osborn). 11 4tNl
MMa Claud In Sol*. Now Martinsville (Mlaa Myers). paj#
Mlaa Nana I* Ogleree. Cadi*. Ohio (Mlaa Patton). * a'ano
Mi*.,J. W. Stamm. Elm Grove (Mlaa Stamm I. *** 7’jno
Mlaa Mays* Connors. 3118 Eoff , Ml** Oillooly). .*‘oio
Mlaa Maude Curtis, Went Liberty (Mias Jerome). *V
Mlaa Ban 8chr*!her. 808 National Road (Mian Efaw). ' 4^
Mr*. Prof. Anna R. Bourne. Bethany (Mlaa H. Phillips). * 4 7S0
Mlaa Bnlen* Short. Martins Perry (Mrs. Bradley). * 44*0
Mr*. W. H. Sawhtll. Waat Alexander, Pa. (Mlaa Lewis).. 4 250
Mlaa Bessie Bowman. Barnearille (Mlaa Kate Stephens). .s’aou
Mia* Mae Wiener. Bridgeport (Mlaa Cook). ' 1
Mlaa Loons Behrea. 4461 Hhrrison. Bellalre (Mlaa Hoch) . .2 -00!
Mins Burns. 3207 McCoUoch (Miss Corbett).. ..,’Z^
Mr* Daisy McMillan. Loatherwood (Mias Ewing). . l’aoo
Mrn. Clarence Plahar. Palrmont. W. Va. (Mlaa Roberts).”! 600
Mlaa Mary B. Thomas, N. Fourth. Martins Ferry. Ohio (Mira WUttama) ...
Island. Clly Limits from First street to and Including north side of Eleventh
street. Warwood, Loveland and Olaanova—
Candidate’s Nam* and Address. Vett*
Mlaa Oartrud* Fhhey, 413 North Huron.
Mlaa Mae Woods. 2» South Broadway.
Ml« Virginia Parker. 216 South Broadway.. "'T™
Mine Jew, Pell. 1 OS South York ” . . . !i"
Mies Esther Conner. 21 South Wabaah. .MS
Miss Maude Jtmeph. 722 Market _ !. J’l™
Mias Marie Damsell. <3 Eleventh street...
Miss Margaret Brunner. 604 North Trent street.MI.”"!:”! 2.186
Ffmr south side of Eleventh street to north side of Creek. Out the Pika to
and Including Elm Grore and East Wheeling—
Candidate's Name and Address Votes.
Annie Grandstaff. Elm O^re.2«JU
Mias Grace Lee Stamm, Elm Grove.
Mlaa Genevieve Owing. Leather-wood. I'laSH
Miss Madeline Hague. 1*9 Und street.. . . . ...?!£
Mrs. H. L. Heck. Stratford Springe Hotel. Woodlawn.4,435
Trom the Creek to the north side of Torty eighth street.
Candidate's Name and Address. , Votes
• Miss Beulah Osborn, 2517 Chaplins street. ~
Mias Alice McCord. 2346 Chapilne street. .?7:‘,
Miss Gertrude Huch. 4209 Wood street...r.,!?
a, Mias Ruth Wallace. 8510 Eoff street. .
r Miss Sophia HofTmeister. 3318 Eoff street. .a'Arr
Miss Mary Burke. 2412 Eoff. .7,1*
Miss Alma Ttelvar ev.w .. V..
MIm Alma Kuyuti. 841 Market street.5^85
\ Ben wood. McMechen. MoundsvlUe and Glendale,
i ^ Candidate's Name and Address. Vot ,
Vtn. Mary Bradley, McMechen. W. Va. .......
Mlsa Lulu C. Efaw <R N.). McMechen. W. Va..i!**™
Mlaa Stella Hlbbs, McMechen. .
Mlaa Carrie Naber. Ben wood. W. Va. .
^1** Nevada Ernst, Courthouse MoundsvlUe. .-'..77
Miss Marie Brown. Glendale. W. Vs..V/////. ‘'“I?
Mias Lillian Callahan. Second and Jefferson, MoundsvlUe r
Mlsa Olga Olson, 13 M.rshall street. Benwoid... . ...'.*.'.'.'.';;;; % *'^
411 ToNot Named ,n D1«,r,c«*' One Two. Three and Four
All Rural Route Territory, and All of Southwestern Pennsylvania—
Candidate's Nam# and Addraaa. y
Mlaa B€sa Myers, New Martinsville, W. Va.T . ’
Mis# Alverda Jerome. West Liberty. W. Va. .7d,'?d
Mlsa Wilma M. Lewis, Valley GrovmsW. Va. ..
Miss Harriet Carroll, West Alexander. Pa..•’
Miss Hasel Phillips, Bethany. W. Va. .!!'"”
Mra. Elwlna Sample. Cameron. W. Va.*..
Mlsa Dot Lazear. New Martlnavllle. W. Va. . -'ii
Mlaa Ruth McCammon. West Alexander. Pa.. I'l??
Mlsa Lorraine Lucas. Wellaburg. W. Va.'. ® *7?.
Mrs. Grimm. Weat Alexander. Pa. . .
Mlsa Alice Thomaa. Flrat ward. Fairmont. W. Vs! IIII ” III"! * i'm
Rellalre, Shadyslde, West Wheeling and Rlvervlew.
Candidate's Name and Address. v .
Miss Kate Fry. Eighteenth and Belmont atreets. Bellalre. Ohio. 14 6;-,
Mlsa May Corbatt. 431 Thlrty-alxth street. Bollalre. Ohio..|7
Mlsa Jessie Manchester. 3230 Belmont street. Bellalre. Ohio s i*,,
Mlaa Blanche Morgan, Shadyslde. Ohio. .
Mlaa Blanche Oodman. Rlvervlew. .
Mlsa Clara Riley. Shadyslde. Ohio. .*.
Mlaa Gertrude Monahan. Weal Wheeling. OMIo! .. "II*. ™
• Mlsa Praxadese Lynakey. Bellalre. Ohio...!!!!!!!!!!” i'515
DlftTRirr ficwriu
MErt^^.nd:rrf Ahri,ni' cr**k- Bro°k,id* *** Aern.Tt,,..
Candidate e Name end Addreee. u,.„
**• £*‘»y ;?oodh,^*°6 Hickory atreet. Martin, Ferry. Ohio. .2 #7b
Minn Mary Cook. Bridgeport. Ohio. :' L, yi..
Bw,nm Bridgeport. Ohl&...7 7!i.T.
Mra. Viol. CM Crawford. Martina Ferry. Ohio. . ’*!?*
MHe Opal Roberta, Martins Ferry. «>hlo. .il’TTr
Mlaa Oreoe WUIIama. Grant etreet. Martins Ferry. Ohio. ,7.7.. ' ,
Mtoa Bee—Cooper. Ml North Fifth atreet. Mnrtlne Ferry. Ohio. .7.77 « ♦«
"**” *•••• Warth Flftt atreet. Martins Ferry. Ohio . '
Was Marti Phllllpa. Bridgeport Ohio .. . •.,*Y?7
Mra. Catharine toilsome. 17 North Second. Martina Ferry. Onto 777 slug
Clalrerlll,. BarnesTlI'e. Barton. Betheada and Mtrnant
Candidate's Name end Addr.M M.ynard
Mlaa Camp«>« Halley. Barneavtlle. Ohio . ’Vf*
Mlaa Alloa B Hall. St ClaJrsvIlle. Ohio . . I’ff*
Mlaa Rate Stephens. Uameavllle Ohio. ....,17'
Mlaa UIMe A J Stephen,. HarwearlMa. Ohio. ..
Mlaa Viola Sheppard. Horton Ohio . .. ,77*
Mlaa TMs Magera. Rame.nu*. Okie. .1 !?*
i. MM
pm Vetea
'7** _»_f n 1 Marties Ferry. Okie
g>» ° RlSdli R F O Re i. Maniaj Ferry ON*
£2 jm
—- . l lie
"" gL„ _ \M*
I \ Tfc 1In malting our Spring and Summer selections we
^***^*^^ have put forth our utmost efforts in choosing
C T1 1 T r f°rOUr patrons garments that cannot fail to give
A ll I I V satisfaction to the wearer.
_ ^ _ (Second Floor.)
New Silk and "JS1
Serge Dresses
An exceptionally desirable shipment of
Dresses in messalines, taffetas and serges:
• some are plain made, while others are trim
med with lace or striped silk col- aa na>
lars and other improved elabora- XX l|5|
tions. Value $15.00. Sale price.. vWHrW
Ladles* and
Misses* Coats
In tan, grey and blue mixtures, whipcords,
French and domestic serges and gv —
fancies; excellent values at $12 M
to $15. Special..
Men’s Underwear
Ribbed and fleece lined, good 50c values at, a
garment ..39^
Odds and ends in wool, camel's hair and fleece
lined, $1.00 and $1.50 values, at.69^
At $Q fiS SUit* *" worsteds' serSes and novelties
/It VV*UV 0f exceptionally high order, consider
ing the price, favorite colorings and pretty effects, in
cluding also a sample line from which you can make
your selection^. Anyone of these suits worth $15.00.
- "
At SIS M W? h*Ve SuitS in EnS,ish and French
• Serges, whipcords and mannish mix*
tures, m ail of the most approved shades and new ef
fects. Splendid values at $20.00.
Af $18 SO ThCS* Su‘ts inc!ud« both plain tail
fit flOrtPV ored and trimmed models in every
prevailing shade and fabric. Tuxedo and three-button
and large revere styles, the very best that sells regu
larly at $25.00.
Tailor made and trimmed
hats in French patterns; a lot
of new arrivals for women,
misses and children, now open
for your inspection at from
$1.9$ to $9.1$
Black Sateen Heather bloom Underskirt*
$1.25 Skirts for.87£
Ladies’ Dressing Sacques—
50c Sacques for .37«*
$1.25 Sacques for.98^
Ladies’ Purses—
In many different styles;
$1.50 values.98^
Ladies’ Raincoats—
in all of the newest styles, better val
ues never shown here—the $4.48 kind
Conet Covers—
25c Covers for. .19#
50c Covers for. .39# I
Silk Underskirts—
In all shades, for.$1.96
$3.98 Underskirts.$2.96
Ladies' Kimona—
$1.49 Kimonos for.$1.19
$2.49 Kimonos for.$1.96
Ladies’ Muslin Drawers— *
25c Drawers for. .ia#
1 50c Drowers for. .39c
- —-I I
At $22 SA ThiS U OUr StronffCSt 5^«lty. In this lot arc very fine whip
cords, imported suitings, serges and mixtures. These suits
must be seen to be appreciated, as all are exact reproductions of the best
Parisian styles. They are worth every penny of $35.00.
' ' • 1 —^ _"
J Republican* Bombard Propoead Bill
In Stormy Session of the
ents of the Democratic "free sugar"
tariff revision bill today directed a
heavy Are aga'nsi it In general debate
in lhe Houae. The bombardment wan
brought to a sudden end at «:0»
1 o'clock, by chairman fader wood of
the ways and means committee The
debate against the measure will be
resumed tomorrow under the rule
limiting speeches to five minutes
each . The bill, which was Introduced
today, then probably will be passed
I before adjournment.
" h*n Mr, Cnderwood suggested,
shortly after 6 o'clock, that a recesa
! be taken until 7:30. Mr. Mann gave
notice that they would insist that
a quorum, not only of the House, but
of the ways and means committee, sa
well, he present throughout tbs con
Hnuance of the session.
"I withdraw my request “ said Mr.
Underwood, promptly “It |a per
fectly apparent that the malntanancs
of a quorum Is Impossible and I more
»h*l we adjourn “
Tbe House promptly adjourned
; Tbe action however, arouned tbe Ire
of a number of Democrats from sigar
Rtateu. who bad prepare* .earthy ad
drees*, la oppns *lrn to tbe bill
»ss msch muttering and
charges 'bat gag rule bad been in
vohed were made, bat f
Tbe l Bdr-.ood aerti.a* _|
8pecl*l Dispatch to ths Intelligencer.
STEUBENVILLE. O.. March 14.—
Baptist* Zane ra. Wolf Run Coal com
pany. ault for $10,000 damages for in-i
juries sustained December 1$. mo.I
when be was employed as a trip rider
to couple cars to the motor locomo-'
live. White standing In front of the'
motor in line of duty, it was started
and he was permanently crippled. A
defective motor and negligence Is al
Elisabeth McCoy and William Gar
rett va. National Amusement company,
suit to enjoin them removing scenery,
electric wires and partitions I nihe
old National hall.
A mandate has been received from)
the supreme court which afftrma the i
circuit court In the case of E. E. Shaw !
va. Jonathan Long et al.
John Moore va. Eupbemis Groves et I
al, sale ordered on appraisement. |
George F Grimm vs Albert Grimm
et si, partition yrderv rd. with William
Hoot. R. W. Dodds and W. K McCaua
land aa commissioners
Marriage License '
Georg# Wiltshire. 21 year*, and
Jennett Jenkins 20 years, of Berghois
Divorce Granted
Florence Campbell was granted a
divorce to-day from George J. Ty
clooe 1 ampin .1 became of grn*a ne
glect of duty
Reelty Transfers
J P Mackathor* to Rneeei, Heflin.
II.ten •man feet, flpnagfletfl town-,
***' »hep * Ibaugh. *s»r . to J F Rea#
u nceen. Rons township
9 _
Say* Six* of a Corporation la No
Mark of Criminality—Ha* No
NEW YORK. March 14.—Theodora
Roosevelt has an editorial article In
the current Issue of The Outlook en
titled "The Conservation of Business
Shall We Strangle or Control it?" It
Is as follows:
"In my speech at Columbus I tried
to develop two main lines of thought.
First, that the people must govern
themselves, that they have a right to
rule, aod that we must obtain social
and Industrial JdsUce through popu
lar government; and. second, that our
sim ir'ist be to control business, not
to strangle It. In other words. Jwst aa
we aim at the conservation of our
physical resources and at the oonser
ration of our manhood, womanhood
and childhood of the people, so we
must aim at tbs conservation, that la.
at the wiee control aad development
of the business. upon »n- existence of
which the prosperity of the whole peo
ple so largely depends la business
•• mum conserve Men*, conserve of
•cteaey. omogpve np-to-date' methods
lust as w* conserve our forenta. onr
streams, onr natural rest • ice* "
Referrlag to big corporat on* Mr
M*mm Fahay, Myars. Patton and
Daach, Chaperon. Step to tha
Frpnt Rank In Thalr Districts.
Contestants Advlssd to Loss No Tima
During tha Rapidly Passing Dia
mond Ring and Hlgh-Vots
There are four new loaders In the
Intelligencer's big European tours
voting contest this morning.
They ara: Mina Gertrude Fahey In
the first. Miss Bess Myars. of Now
Martinsville. In tha fifth. Miss Nelle
Patton, of Falrpolnt, O., In tha ninth,
and Miss Mary Daach, chaperon for
Mias McKelvey. Miss Nannie Oglevee,
chaperon for Miss Patton, came up
from seventeenth to fifth plnca. Two
more chaperons entered the race yes
AH the other leaders managed to
Increaso their leads, but some of them
are holding oa to first place by scant
The offer of tha two diamond rings
as special prises for the last two
weeks of the present period which
enda a Week from tomorrow night, has
greatly Increased the enthusiasm of
ail the contestants and tbetr friend*,
and there to going to be n warm fight
forjho boa or of carrying off rbe dto
Every owe wbo baa aeon the riaga
I la tbe display windows of tbo Baum
and l.ukina Jewelry stores anya rbey
I are worth the estrs effort that win be
jUkeo. 80 are YOU, If you feel that
way about It.
There are several real ••live” con
teatanta In the race who would be
pleased to accept a good -working
partner” (gentlemen barred, at least
In this Instance) for the remaining
day# of the contest, as chaperons and
If there are any snch looking for lots
i of fun and excitement, and Inci
dentally • good chance to .go to
j Europe without coat, they are asked
to phone the contest manager, and be
I will endeavor to place them with one
I of the enthusiastic workers for the
I tours and diamond rings
1 If you haven't been thinking about
It, It la time you were doing so. Per
| Itspe you have been thinking about it,
but don't know how to “Join ”
Ask the contest manager. He will
tell you about it. Don't wait until t©.
Uo It today.
Only eight more day* la which to
win a diamond ring and make success
rr*sonably sure for winning one of
the totirs
’ Special tnatairh the Intelligencer
MORGANTOWN W V«_. March 14
Minnie King, heiress to as ee
|t»te of tv.n oon left by as ancle
George Keller of Trias. a rest
I ** ,M« el«v Effort* to And her
1 — i ■■in »•»* ran**
t*wa*fc aka baa t*a a.a'ara mm4 a
bar. Hr* Kia« tafi bar. far
Ntaaara Kalla S T.
Tba ' baab.tWt M> «b> Rih—>ra
Maai* Mall, a laaka la aaM •« ba
«rf <ba laraaai ia tb. a~rtt b. ta«
I a* alarM* tuaaa mt baa-f >T- -
■ —r
Hk •#
r> Ik*
> fcr—
>• *■
p» mm4
l*r» »
«. a»
■rk •
i (k»
mm am
m *m
ma at
* mam
* •« If (ft*.
Ktoi i0«Mkif>
«•»*•» iWflf 10 H K
CtMttrlll, I MM W|W0w.
'•■» ■ HMtoM • *. ctty
««! "*
f • Mm. an al l Car** Ml i
l-'Mtt f >«ir> to ■ l» MaiMl
*-• ** _
T* M LM «• Cm Mr Ml MMM*
om mm
T~iuirwm M wra r a— ring*
•r* worth all aarf Mr* than th» Mi
^ —*» *f thwia It la ax aa
»*a rtagi *wi ■■ wit feat * rank

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