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After I Had Tried Pills, Massage, Wooden Cups and Various |
' Advertised Preparations Without the Slightest Results.
en oo i Know the horror* and In
tanaa humiliation of being riat-cheeted.
®> having tha face of a woman wt on
tha form of a man, and 1 cannot find
Worda to tell you how good 1 felt, and
what a terrible load wan lined of my
mind whan I firm *aw my hunt had
really grown atx Inrhea In alse. I fait
Ilka a new being, for with no buat I
realised 1 waa neither a man nor a wo
man. but Juat a aort of creature hair
way between
with what pity must everv man look
at every woman who prraents to him a
flat cheat—a cheat Ilka hla own! Can
suoto a woman Inspire in a man those I
reelings and emotions which only can
be Inspired by a real and true woman, a
woman with a beautiful, well-rounded
bu*»t? Mont certainly not.
I The very men who shunned me. and
*ven the very women who passed me
i carelessly by when 1 was so horribly
riat-ehested and had no bust, became
\ rn> moat ardent admirers shortly after
I * obtained such a wonderful enlarge
ment of my bust. 1 therefore deter
mined that all women who were flat
chested should profit by my accidental
l discovery, and have a bust Ilka my
i wmmj* wmu
Keep this picture end see poor on Bast anderffolnr the seme transformation.
“s" x naa oeen impoael upon by
charlatans and frauds, who sold me ail
sorts of pills and appliances for en
larging my bust, but which did me no
good whatever. 1 therefore determined
my unfortunate sisters should no longer
be robbed by those “fakers'- and frauds,
and I wish to warn all women against
The discovery of the simple process
with which I enlarged my bust six
Inches In thirty days was due solely to
a lucky accident which 1 believe was
brought about by Divine Providence;
and a* Providence was ao good to glva
me the mean* to obtain a beautiful
* ,wl * ahnuld give my aecret to
all my aiatera who need It. Merely en
rloae two 2-rent etampa for reply, and I
will tend you particulars free by return
I will poelttvely guarantee that every
lady can obtain a wonderful enlarge
ment in her buat In thirty .lava' lime,
and that ahe can eaally uae thta pro. ea*
In the privacy of her own houae with
out the knowledge of anyone Addreaa
Margarett* Merlain ( Pept 1(30) >;
•reat Portland atreet. I.onddti, W., Eng
r*rl cooto* roi UAons or the wreliro ijite llioer.
rntltllnic th# a*ndrr to full information regarding thia marvrlmia
,o°H.v"'-iVn"' '‘n'1 »>-“ «"*!«>«. ths buVt. tut out thTi rou^n
aru] Mnn to-dny, with your name and ad<tr«**i* to Mart'irrttr j
tDopt. 1«J0) 8S Portland Strret. London. W fcniland Mfrlaln
Name ...•....
Addrrsn ......
_ ..'*4*“ wbo wiah to obtain a larffa and boantlfnl bast should i
writ* Madam* Marlaln at ones, aa tha abovs Is an bonsat, straightforward of
'’ZJZ.’JZZ*' for *h*‘roo<J ot atsSssu, and ahol n noway °pioma by
a: £rsss-jr, rssss^z
«Topn^nt’nIlMlrad"t<)P tr,atm,nt M ■<*>■ u tbsy bar* obtains* all th/aV
The Blue Creek field In Kanawha
county ia atilt furnishing sensational
producers. The latest completion in
the gusher class is the W.S Kdwards
Oil company's No. 2. E. S. Jones one
acre lot, located 175 feet west of the
Ohio Fuel Oil Company's No. 5 on the
Chloe Copen haver farm and Inside ot
the gusher zone, produced 450 barrels
the first five hours. The size rather
than the location is important. The
new well will give the production ot
the pool another boat, sending it
above 10.000 barrels a day.
There are a few other completions
of some Importance. Southwest ol
the pool, located west of the Mary E.
Morris farm and south of the (J. \v.
White and F. P. Myers farms, the
I'nited Fuel C.as company has drilled
in a test on the II. A. Wise farm and
It produced 25 barrels the first two
hours. This location is north and east
of the Ohio Fuel Oil company's test
on the Thumm heirs' farm, estimated
to be good for 100 barrels a day. The
Wise farm test will make about the
same kind of a producer.
Gassers to the East.
On the east side of the pool, and
. "bout one mile east of the I'nited
Fuel Gas company's good producer
on the James F. Brown farm, the \V.
S Kdwards Oil company has drilled
Its test on the Goshorn farm, com
prising .?4H acres, through the Big
Idme and has a gasser In that forma
tion estimated to have a capacity of
3.000.000 cubic feet a day. This loca
tion Is on Rich Creek, about two miles
east and north of the pool proper.
Bue east of the pool three and one
half miles, on Fallen Rock creek,
Weir Bros . have drilled No. 14 on
their own farm through the Big Lime
snd has a gasser with an estimated
capacity of 4.000,000 cubic feel a day
several year* along Fallen Rock creek
and gasxers have been the usual re
ault. Some of the well* when drilled
into I he squaw sand showed for oil
producers but they did not make good
"'etr Bros • operations and the vv. s
Kdward* Oil company's test on the
Ooahorn farm show pretty conclusive
ly that gas la the most that can be
hoped for to the east of the Blue
Creek pool.
Blue Creek Gauges.
The gauge* of the producing wells
In the Blue Creek pool are as follows
Ohio Pne| Oil Company No*. 1 to fi
Barth Schwarts 540 barrets; No* |
and 2 Chloe fopehaver, 30 barrel*,
and No. 5, 1.1*5 barrels. Nos I. 2
and 3 .fi W White. r,r,n barrels. No,
*. C. C. 4 W. K Myers. 141* barrels:
James Jarrett lot. inn barrels. Mary
Keeten lot. 300 barrels; No. I * y.
Price. 3*n barrel*; No I John Mitch
ell and No. I J. N. Keeten. Kin and
* rrel*. respectively; | nlted Fuel
Gas Company No* I to 4 Keeten heirs
4!*5 barrels; No. I Jame* F Brown
•To barrel*; W. K Cart lot. 20 bar
rela; No I B A. Wise, 00 harrela
Steinbeck A Wll-on. No I, Wiley lot,
*0 barrel*, fiarldson A Gate* No* 1
2and 3 Itavldaon Gate*. 2.V1 barrel*.
W S Kdward* Oil Company No* l
to 4. K S ..lone*. 450 barrel*. No*
I to *. Graham heirs, 1,4*0 harrela,
and No | T. S Jones lot, 1.400 bar
re/s To the southwest of the pool
the Ohio Fuel Oil fdmpany'a test on
the Thumm heir*’ farm bas been shut
In awaiting thv erection of additional
Light Dumper to the Southwest
FTar In advance *nd to the smith
west of the pool more than three
wiles, the W H Kdward* Oil com
pany ha* drilled In a fe*t on the N»
thanlel W fa vender farm, located on
IliienM creek, and has a show for
a ten barret pumper Karly In the
teyelopmen* of the Blue f reek pool,
'he same company completed a light
wimper on the Bosnians Acre* farm
The new test |« located about *«» feci
•eat of the well on lha Acres farm.
On Henry* Fork. Smlthfleld dt»
trict, Roane county, the Carter Oil
company has completed it* No. 31 on
the p. A. Tallman farm and has a
five-barren pumper. On Long Run.
Grant district. Ritchie county, the
Rando Oil company has drilled a test
on the Cain-Reider farm through the
salt sand and has a flve-barral pump
er. This location is 1.500 feet east
of No. 1 on the Caln-Chanceior farm.
Gassers in Lewis County.
On Brush run. Court House district,
Lewi* county, the Philadelphia com
pany has drilled a teBt on the \V. G.
Cunningham farm through the IWtb
sand and has a three million-foot
gasser. On Butchers' Fork. In the
same district, the same company has !
completed a test on the John Collins j
fmwn and has a light gasser in the I
fifili sand. On West Fork river. Free I
i man s Creek district, the Hope Nat
ural Gas company has drilled a test
on the W. G. Bennett farm through'
I *he fifth sand and has a light gasser
Bellaire and Y. M C. A. Basket Ball
Team* Will Clash for the

On Monday evening, in the gym- |
nasium of the high school, the basket- '
ball team representing the local Y 1
M. ( A. will play the Bellaire lode- ,
pendents for the championship of the !
Orio \ alley. The teams have met
twice, and the Buckeye lads were the
victors in both sessions, but since
that time the local team has devel- j
oped and succeeded in defeating some
of the fastest teams in this section. ]
i tfinre that time. Manager Bisley of
I the Hellalre trpm has been trying to
arrange a game with the local team, I
and yesterday afternoon Prof A. E. !
Marriott, physical director in the as- ,
social ion, got in touch with the play
‘•r*. and it was decided to accept the
' challenge. The game will start at g '
o'clock Monday evening, and will no
. ■urmion or in*
fans both from thta city and the Ohio

Wtll Be That Alleged Victim of Chi
cago Woman Suicided: Wae
Not Murdered.
CHICAGO. III . April 4,—The defense
nt Mrs I ouise Vermltya, on trial for
1 ihe alleged murder of Richard T.
Smith. Is that he committed aulclde. j
This developed today for th» first |
• tme shMi Russell K. Thompson testt
Red that Smith threatened two months
before his death to commit aulclde !
Thompson exhibited a bottle contain*
ln« chloral which, he testified, he too*
»»ay from Hmllh
Thompson a statement waa unes.
pected b ythe prose, ut ion
NKW TOHkr April" 4-I nofficial
! announcement was made at Repuh :
Mean atate headquarters today that!
the four delesstea-al-larse to the Re 1
publican national convention to be
elected at the Rochester convention
(n-xt week probably will be Senator
, Kllhit Root. Vice President James R
Sherman. William Rarnea. Jr., and
Nicholas Murray Roller, president of
t'olumbla university, who >s to be '
chairman of the state convention Ia
rayetfe R Weapon secretary of the
I State committee, anld the four del*»
nstesst targe would not he Instructed
for any candidate* for president.
double tragedy occurs
f»r.TR« .IT. Ml« h April 4 Miss
Marshall. fcn employe of „
* *odwsrd avenue *h>* pt t. ws< shot
I and kitted tonight by Jam. •• ItNMMtn.
who Ih.n t.imed the w. ap»n upon
if afit) 4 rul+ti hi* own Ilf*.
Iprtitf Fancies In Mate, Stilts. Gowns
and Wraps Soon on Fifth
NEW YORK. March 22.—“It's sim
'ly bewildering." said the girl from
it. Louis. “Everything seems to be
he style here In New York. How is
me to choose?" .
Styles certainly are varied enough
o confuse almost any woman. One
mporter brings in hats plmost atl of
ough, irrideacent straws and silks,
ind a neighboring shop of even great
ir prestige shows all flat straws. Ml
ans. tags) hemp. hair. Leghorns and
me-toned silks made up with dull, flat
traw facings. In one stock the great
•»t use Is made of mallnea. both for
rhole hata and elaborate trimmings;
ind in another this material Is nota
ry absent.
_The above design Is by 1 he McCall
Company, New York, Designers and
Makers ot McCall Patterns.
Long Waists and Short Purse-Slings.
For tbe woman whose wants are apt
to exceed her resources this vanity is
most comforting, for It enables her to
tiring a last year's hat up-to-date by
iddlng such of this year's touches as
ire adapted to its material. The best
ind most expensive hats are simple in
lutllne and more slpiply trimmed. A
black tagal bat seen at a Fifth Avenue
shop and priced at a figure prohibitive
to any ordinary purse, had only a
small facing of royal blue velvet and
a pair of blue velvet Mercury wings
in top of tbe crown In front. The
frown was quite high and small and
the faced rim turned up close as in
many of the smartest new shapes. At
he samo pt.JP a new spring "Sailor’
was built of black Maire silk with a
racing of black straw, and had oly an
upstanding silk pompom at the side.
The crown was low and round, the
brim rolled all around and bad slight
depressions at either side as If the
matreial had been cut out. ‘I he hat
with allki upper and straw- tarings
will be in excellent vogue for general
wear and almost any becoming shape
may be selected. An all white talieta
turban with big white wings Is reck
oned especially chic and girlish
Silk TailOrmades.
The silk tailormade is to be more
than ever worn, and in shown In more
variety of material than heretofore.
Tailormade, now mean dre«,e, quite
As much as two or three-piece sultB.
For the right sort of figure, the street
frock is pinch prettier than the suit,
but if one has doubts as to suitability
or becotnlngness. It I, better to choose
I he suit, for a coat helps wonderfully
to conceal a too stout or angular
fljmr*. Taffetas In plain and change
able colorings. Failles and serges and
a variety of rough silk Including the
new "Towellings" are all employed Tor
tailormade attire The towellings
bear some slight resemblance to the
material used for Turkish bath towels.
Cotton Ratine.
Cotton weave* that more closely re
nemble the towel* are’ known a*
ratine*, and are extensively used for
trimmings and for whole suits and
dresses that will appear when the
weather permits Cotton etamine*
will also be much used
New Buttons. •
Pearl button*, white smoked or In
combination wllh pearl of a different
color or with hone are very good
style Crvsta Ibuttona and white
bone button* are also popular, both
in ball form and In the flnt atyle that
sews through, the latter having the
preference. Fancy buttonhole* of
white braid are much used with
theae, so the vogue for white acces
sories promises to continue until fall
at leaat
Bans and B*lts.
Page wllh handles not e> tong as
formerly. In leather. suede, and em
broidered linen and Mu rame lace kte
all amslhr and bargain counters «re
heaped with the fane/ velvet and
tapestry eoneoel|»ne that were seen
everywhere during the Kail end Win
ter whleh means of morse that they
are passed.
KANVlK fiki.d.
Husbsnd of Victim of Negro Plsnd
by Pleat Saves Man From
Mob Vlolonco.
BJTOS, Ky , April 4.— Ison Talus
ferro, s thirty yesr old negro probably
escaped lynching at a late hour Iasi
night only through the pleading of
George W Robinson, upon whose wlfo
lb# negro la alleged |o have attempt
ed a criminal assault near Fair view,
Ky. yesterday
rtftLAWARF.. ft, April 4 -a strong
Sentiment In favor of I -anl-l a Poling
a* a candidate f<rr the governorship
developed when the Rfnte Prnlhltthn
eon\ entfe.o npe-n- d h* re lodav Aaron
R. Watklna. of Ada. ft. W Vatrm of
Fa nr av file, and j ff IfendArvon,' of
f*avlon. were i'an eogteested j g.
Rrbmldl of r olumbua ,-r-side . at to
day s session.
— - - f ■ —■ . • ■ ~ • ~ " • -»_
[ Real Shoe Maker |
... , - 1107—MAIN STREET-^—1107
Women’s New Spring Styles
In Sboes, Oxfords and Pumps
New showing of Spring styles in cravenette,
-uede. velvet, tan, patent and dull leathers.
Come with the high Cuban heels and short
vamps; lace, button and blucher models. Smart
styles in Oxfords; latest new creations.
Seamless Pumps that hug the feet and
fit neatly. Regularly $4.00 values. '
; — $2.45
Men's Spring Dress Shoes and Oxfords^
Book’s showing of Men’s Dressy Foot
wear is complete and the variety is large.
All sizes, in tan, gun metal and patent
leathers; button or blucher. Swagger
styles that are snappy, but not freak
ish—plain styles that are always in —
style and always look good. $4.00
values. Book’s Special Price— *
Made of the best White Sea Island Puck'
nifty, natty «nd neat—1912 models. Have high
heels and short vamps. They would be a bar.
gairffat S3.00. but Book’s Is selling /** >
them at the special price of.W I *w0
The most complete 11 so of Women’s Dress
■hoes ever offered st this price. Come In Velvet
Tsn. Patent and Dull leathers. Cloth or kid
ssu.fi1 TvT?
SiosT'* ^ $1.95
Girl's White Shoes'
Tor our Easter trade we have |ust
received about '400 pairs of Girls
White Canvass Shoes, made of best
double thread white canvass. Come in
high or mediurtV tops. All sizes up to
2. These shoes sell in most stores for
$1.75. Book's special price,
V- - /
-/ V_
boys' uurr shoes.
A fraud clean-up of about
GOO palra of Boys' |145 Army
Shoes. Made of rood stout
calfskin leather ta blucher
models. Blses • to 13 V*.
Boob's Cl~a-up. 69c
000 palra of Child’s Donf ola.
patent tip. Kidakla Shoes,
rlth leather soles. All 90—
sizes. 75o values .
One btf lot of Women's Bef
ular 1145 Juliets. Hade with
soft donfola tops, leather soles
aad rubber heels. Flexible
soles. All sines. cq.
Book's Fries. 0»C
One Mf table of Olrl's Oood
School Shoes. Done la Don- •
fola kid with patent Up. But
ton or lace. All sixes up to 0.
tegular $1.90 values. 7Q,
^ Book's Clean-up price ....« •'C
About 903 palra of Befular
90c soft sole shoes. Come la
all colors, styles, aad sizes.
Book fives them to you Batur
I Bay only for 1 n,
per pair.* t/t
- ■*
Another large lot of those 1t-button velvet
. •*«>•• that sold so fast last week. Short vamps
and high Cuban heels; all sizes. They are
really wor th $3. Book's gives them m • c
to you Saturday for .M>|.0U
All the latest spring styles In men's up-to^ate
footwear. Come In tan, patent and dull leathers.
All sizes, all widths; styles to please young or
old. Every pair worth from $3 to a , nr
$3.50. Book's sella them at.$1.95
V ' " _
..Mess heavy 3 *
Work Shoos.
• t-onj. service- '
able appers and
ro«d heavy sewed 1
aad allied soles.
Oome la tea aad
blaek leathers. All
Girl s New Spring Shoes, $1.50 BOY'S NEW SPRING SHOES « l ea
t-VKTLri* sar £r^°sr $2.00, $2-50 «„d $3.50 v»iu« *p 1 .DU
sswaai oUssr jar .rs,.*350 ^^7^“ ia.°“2.£
_ regular HM and S3 Shotf for only SIM Com*
. -- - J *m P*taat and dull l*athera. • Button. lac* or 1
$2.00 Values, $1.00 ;“Ev:“ “ ~ “
About 500 pair* of the celebrated BOYS’ SCHOOL SHOES 3
Hi *1 Wportan «iop» for Cilrl* go on A grant rl.-an-up of about turn pair* f
dun l£r£VI°7„ ,1 "T k ,pa,,'n* /’V ?.f B,,ya' b"" waarlng Srhmil Shop.
RpI.i IV ,1 . I ? hul,on • oma In paipnt and dull lpathara. In
Regular or high cut topa. button or lace *AI1 «lz«* from » to
Will Be Taken Up by the Supreme
Court Monday—Involve* Legal
ity of Two-Cent Rate.
supreme court of the I'nited States
today took the Kentucky rate case
under advisement after long argiy
The case involve* the validity ot
rale* on diHtiliery supplies from Ohio
river pointe to sixteen Inland cities.
In< (dentally the validity of the Me
Chord act. giving to the slate rail
road commission the power to tlx
rates was attacked as unconstitu
• >n Monday the validity of the Wedt
Virginia twoeent passenger law will
be argued.
Will Be Effect ef Message Toft Will
Send Cangrete Today.
MAMIIINGTmX. April 4 President
toft's answer to the tvslii- resolution
I ■ ailing for Information as lo the re
leirted establishment by Japan of a
naval hose on Magdalena flav In M*xl
1,1 *111 be designed In get at rest the
I ' 'instant rumors of Ji.panes* r-olonlsa
| 'I'm In North America and will he a
dlotIt.rt blow at the bugaboo of a war
with Japan.
Th- President's answer probably
; Sent lo the HeluU* tomorrow.
»le#*is. s^eir' § - • -** ..
WASHINGTON. April 4 The elrrla
| of presidential candidate* harbored
| wlihln the rorporate limits of Wash
tngton la the last four day*, was made
complete to-day when Governor Wood
row Wilson, of New Jersey, spent
eight hour* in the eapltal. In confer
enre with friend* *nd Democratic
Within the week. Governor Harmon,
of fib In, and < olonel Roosevelt have
paid abort visit* to Washington, while
all of the other candidate* In both
imrile* are temporarr resident* of the
Governor Wilson left thin afternoon
for f’hlcngo. aftee * dar spent with
prominent Democrats of the house
and senate
taking examination.
spe' isl Diapeteh m in* lst*lll**n<*r
MnHGANTOW N. w Va . April 4 —
In Ih* at taking th*- Plate teacher*
examination* here la Ijvrenae Russell,
who Is sixty years old. he has been
teaching for the past forty - on* y cars
Prominent Callna. O. Man Waiting
for Car, Klllad and Robbed
by Thugs.
CKMNA, O., April 4.—The body of
Dovid Berry, aged 61, a well known
resident of tbla city, was found to
day in a traction waiting room near
• he Nicberson club bouse, east of
here, with bla throat cut and skull
fractured It la believed Berry was
robbed and murdered In Ollna and
then carried to the wailing room, lie
was laat seen Monday evening about
to take a train for Ponetn. Okla. and
I* known to have had nearly on
him at the time. Bloodhounds have
been employed to track tip* murder
era. Two ex convicts are suspected
Pin cushions of fancy ribbon, velvet
or silk of oblong shape have three
plain plump corners and one that Is
trimmed with two square double
leaves of silk which rail over both Its
sides and. when their baby ribbon
strings are untied, reveal several In
side leaves of embroidered flannel for
holding needles of varlona sires Al
the other end of Ih*> cushion and set
directly at the renter of Its shortest
i are ribbon loops by which the
; cushion may be susi>ended Thla la
the ideal steamer of traveling pin
1 cushion and makes a most acceptable
bon voyage gift
Mow Ws Oot tbs lethal we.
fir* Beach ih« scene of whose latest
i£T'!’..wLh' Ne-er-fm-Wel1.'" is laid no
| **2 l»thmu«. shares the opinion of the
i ' Mlnf«f»r who## rw#nt
declare that Ihe revolution In Panamn
w»# viof •Hojirth#r of |o«*aI origin Mr
I ■» •" "THS Ne er 1*0-Well- mokes an
American woman diplomat the hralna ot
I Ihe affair "It ,«,» of the cleverest
leiplnlts on record. ■ *he declares -i-ol
; ”mt*la wool.in'i le* us hulld fhe canal as
Panama seceded War waa declare.!, hut
I the | oiled Stales Interfered in time tn
^'""dehed tme t'hlnaman waa
(killed | helietf, hr dropping a flat Iron
on nia foe. or something, and hv the
time the evcitemect hnd died out wa
' had, begun dlveins '•
A hiwiin of Bad sen's Bey.
I , Tlawer of the Norm.” a novel hy
Jamea Oliver f'urwood. la announced for
• immediate pu*dt< allot, oy ine Harpers
i It telle the afory of an amhtttoua youne
i American whose work aa managar of g
i area I company formed lo '1m Cap the
I Mudaon'a Hay tegton la alrangely thwart
ed hy oppoaltl.m and tree- he, > The
heroine, whore rare refinement and cut.
I lure In her barren anrroundlnga suggest
a mystery, la kidnapped hut la rescued
l hv the hern and condncteed lo her hld
i den for ret caefle Hramailc epl • ..lea on
I r"'d her secret and lav hare the plans
I of the enemy.
Return East, an Ex-Communtcatad
Clergyman and Hit Girl
HEMPSTEAD. L. L, April 4.—Flor
**<« Whaley, who eloped from Hemp
■tead six years ago. when 1C years
old with the Her Jere K. Cooke, rec
tor of St. George's Episcopal church,
of which August Belmont Is senior
warden, returned to the home of her
grandmother here yesterday. Uater
i she joined the ex-communicated
clergyman In New York.
A hat which, though large. Is
quaint and attractive, la of leghorn
faced with changeable pinkish taffeta.
The same taffeta la formed Into two
double box plaited ruffles with pinked
edgea. one going around the brim and
the other around the crown near the
top The brim la slightly raised In
front lo reveal the facing and a clus
ter of very small flowers underneath
unriLN nocuma
f’AXj'X TTA. April 4—DUrwtchu
from rivansc Thibet may (hat the Chl
neae hare ertahllehed a representative
council at t.haaa. the capital of Thibet.
| and pruclulmed a republic
l1 J"r ,a,**t rom#r to tmk# bin ninr*
br the aide of I*.mll* IHmom . o.Ct
Blanche and Music" Ro. ll*!: a>rrH
Baltic, and (he Dog of f-nndsn^|f*Tlii
51* Skye terrier called (IreyfrUrs Bohhi"
Ml. loyalty I. attested by fa, 7" f
?'?:* «' 5.1- life I. entirely true .. V.
iff -riJ Eleanor Atkinson In the m/m
span. .
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Gas Plant ta Resume.
CLARK SBI'RO, W. Va.. April 4~m
Announcement was made today by tha t
j management of the Clarksburg Olwsa
! company that tta factory at Adamston
! would resume operations Friday mld
| night, April 12.
Pairmsnt W adding.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer,
j . FAIRMONT. W. Va.. April 4.—A
i bolllant wedding occurred here thin
Tevenlng when Miss Ixila Belle Nay
| married 8. M W. Burnside, of pitta*
| burg tv Rev. |f. C. Howard performed
1 the ceremony.
Fom«t*m tontioa
Btas mirao irraoa
j RtllMrNaHAM^Ia. April « -While
I *y**wRI *1 a local theatre to nlgnt,
Ooverwor curio H Ay ova. of Xorth
« arolina. fell dead.
Results from Advertising
The advertiser who uses the daily newspaper
repeatedly achieves results. It is the frequently
reiteration, day after day, year in and year out,
that irresistibly attracts the public. It is the ap
pearance of the newspaper every day that reminds
the manufacturer of the evil of procrastination.
It is every present—ever suggesting its usefulness,
and every man and woman must see it. That is
why the advertiser in the daily newspaper gets re
sults. If you have anything to sell, why procras
tinate your offer ? Why wait a month, or even a '**
The Daily Newspaper Club, with a member
ship of sixty leading daily newspapers, provides
advice as to the best methods of advertising apd
the disbursement of appropriations. The Club
does not solicit business, and charges nothing for
its counsel. It will pay to consult it.
The Daily Newspaper Club

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