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_,,, l'y "•’■ ■•••'T '” k*7 •« «*“•• *•**•• **»« »h‘rh Worry rw Wa
Wtll advance m «• much aa rev Deed ee you ran yoar tadobasl
«• mm rw»iraltaad »#«. hews aaly the oaa place to pay tf ywu awa
household (nati. p'anne or ether personal property, we rea mat. poe
*l«* To- car. pay ns beck to email aitliiy or aMtklr Mrmrata
We Will allow ywu ear time from one month to owe rer end tf
p PV b*,r>r* »«" ul" yea a liberal rebate. We will rlra you
the full imouat ashed far la reek, erd 'a raee of strkneaa or mis
fortune treat *> tension of time wltboat eatra met If you have a
loan with Boat* other company and fled the paymmta tee large or 3
went more money, it wll. pay you to see ua. ■■ we can guarantee
•a giro TOU lower rates. with longer time and a me tier parm-ma.
Bear vth fag confidential. Leans made in Wheeling. Bridgeport Mai -
tlna Tbrry. Bellalra and al» aurmuadtng tywna
•Oe each week pope Wk a RUN leaa la M waaka.
•1« seek weak papa bank a RUM toon la M waaka.
otkar amounts In name properties. I
If you need money and ran not cavil, fill oat tha following bleak.
. mall It tc us aad our agent will ana Wo loan*, no charge.
Rama ...
Otty or Taws..
amount Wanted.....
Call us ap. Ratioaal phone im-Y. Ran lRrlk..
\ Mrs. Dingman Grant /
is ready to serve you with I j
■NA High Art Dressmaking A4|
r\ \\mported Materials g f'
\ \ and Trimmings. g /
\ \ Call and g I
* \ inspect g /
\ them. g
Grant’s \ / Grant’s
Novelty Shop \ / Novelty Shop
1105 Main St. \ g 1105 Main St.
Bell Phone, 1861 -J. \ g Bell Phone. 1861 -J.
Reliance in Electric Power
Becoming Universal
Our facilities enable us to make necessary
repairs promptly.
ATORS making them AS GOOD AS NEW.
Nos. 18 t° 28 Fourteenth Street
“A woman's crowning glory is her hair.” If you have not
been so fortunate as to have a wealth of beautiful hair, you will
find this the best place to secure what Nature has not provided.
We arc the only hair manufacturers in Wheeling, and we
guarantee all our goods to be exactly as represented.
Hair-Dreasing. Manicuring. Fare and Scalp Massage and
Chiropndv Parlors.
Natl 1092-X1109 MAIN STREET Bell 307-J
IN figuring on that graduation 1
' 1 picture count us in—
It'* a specialty of
our* - wi»h pries l
that is interesting
Becker Twentieth Century Soda Fountain. 10 feet long n
Draught Arm*, heavily silver plated. 2 Soda. 4 Mineral and 20
Syrups. Refrigerator Base, Mahogany Back Bar and Counter,
large Mirror. Soda Counter. 20 feet long. Marble Top Mahogany
Front. Work Board. 12 feet long. 2 Enameled Sink*. 2 lea
^ ream Cabinet*. 2 Marble Drain Board*. Metal Work German
Silver, one 2D gallon Electric Automatic Carbonator. Stool* and
ill necessary equipment; co»t $2200 00, will sell for les* than half.
OfEcers Elected »er the Ensuing Year
Fret. Erl lt«« Dtllign inter
esting Lecture.
PraeMant— II Lea Halley.
Macratary—Kmma Koerner.
Traeaurer—Harry Bond.
Sergeunt-at-Arme—Charles Roerner
***»■• Vice-Preaidants: »«. Baa* U(
Oranltan: *»». Made# Murlan. 00 Ornca!
Haul!; #1. Stalin Blo-a; '•*. Dora Omar a.
'•A I mm Rone. **4. Varm Strasaar. **. I
UUvar Orahu: **« Rena Warner, ’Or.
Haael OuAtead: **«. Beaa Moore: *0».
Vert Krauekape. *|# Chnrlea Eskey; ’12.1
Wendel Ladue.
Last evening at the Stratford hotel
In Woodlawn, the annual alumni
banquet of the Wheeling High school ]
was held, and the merry ring of |
the voice* of the young people could 1
be heard In the spacious dining room
hall, where a most delightful even
ing was spent.
At* the conclusion of the dellscious
menu. President H. Lee Dailey. *02.
delivered a splendid address of wel
come to the class of '12. of which
fifty new members were added to the
association. In a short response.
Ralph Gordon, the chosen class orator
spoke In glowing terms on behalf of
the incoming class. Miss Gertrude
Brown, of '03. was In excellent voice,
ahd her rendition of a vocal selec
tion was merited with applause.
In a short hut brilliant address.
Prof. C. 8. Brllles. principal of the
High school, spoke In behalf of the
faculty and was equally merited with'
applause and cheers.
The following program was ren- i
Welcome to the Class of '1J . !
H. Lee Bailey, '02, President of the '
Aluml Association.
Ralph Gordon. * 12. President of Class
Vocal solo.... Mies Gertrude Browne. *03
The Faculty.Mr. Chas 8.' Brllles
Election of Alumni Officers for Ensuing
School song...•The Old Gold and Blue"
Fried Fillet of Sea Trout..
Brurnalse Sauce Long Branch Potatoes
Gherkins. Small Onions.
Fried Chicken.
Creamed Potatoes. English Peas.
Waldorf Salad
Graham Bread. Plain Bread
Chocolate Sundae. Fancy Caka
Cream Cheese Sal tinea.
Small Coffea.
i nor* present were:
Grace E. Howell, ’00.
Mary E. McKeen, *00.
I-oue Hastings, *00.
Ella Mae Bowers. *99.
E«*u E Davis, *01.
Mrs. Gardner Danvers Malloy, *01,
Mrs. Essie Ellsworth Rogers, '01.
Kstella tfcharf. *01.
Ethel R. Tlsher. 01.
Gertrude C. Browne. *02.
Bertha L Miner, *12. |
Ruth K Mason ‘12.
Harry H. Schneider, *12.
Edna E. Fette. oft
G. Amanda Gillespy, *oft.
Emrna Korner. *lu.
Tho. McCollogh. *10.
H. E l.adpp, 09.
Margaret Wood, *10.
W. o. McClu*key. Jr., *01.
Ruth Peabody, *10
Katherine Algar. *10.
Meta Froyor. oft •
Mary Hleater, ‘0ft.
.Marxairt Tillmei. *0«.
Grover Bremer. *60.
Bill Metzner. Oft
Elizabeth Cook. Oft
Adelia Hrandfass. *uft.
Myra Ann Pracht, Oft.
Rena Wagner. Oft.
Margaret McNabb, *0ft.
Alice Wilkinson, oft.
Amanda Gillespy, ■'us.
Edna Kette, *oft.
Helen Garden. Oft.
Emma Wilkinson, *07.
Hilda Huf. oft.
Harry II Schneider, *12.
Ruth K Mason, 12
Bertha L Miner. 12. *
Gertrude C. Brown. *02.
Paul Workman. 12.
A«la Caldwell. *12.
Eleanora Stein. 12.
Charles Boerner. Jr.# *12.
C. Earl Crook. '12.
Adaline M Root. *12.
Mary K Alexander. 12.
J. Ilervey (*lark, '12.
Averlll Pfeifer. *12.
Eleanor t lark. "12.
Morgan Ott Tsylor, *12.
Ethel D. Metzaer. *12.
Harry Garden, *12.
Anna MacGregor. *12.
George A. Neal, *12.
Magel F’arshftll. *12.
Clyde 11. Ruble. *12.
Charles F. Schramm, *12.
Walter Regale) M vUm. 12.
ttscar F. Wagenhetm, '12.
Elizabeth W Hugos. *12.
Wm Hay Chapman. 12.
Catherine Jeffers. *12.
Irwin II. Baer. 12.
Nettie H. Gutman, 12.
Wm. ftalph Gordon. 12.
Azele p Btlllsrd. 12
Kml| I* F Vans. 17
will Mr A4am. 12
Tina llnrhmann. 12
Warukll i.«r»ur. *ir
H*r* K Metzner, *12.
Metzner. 12.
Nellto Wajrner. 12
Philip i*. Smith, 'll.
Jennie Holton, *12
Jennto \la» »».4|. J2
Kllzaheth ikhrint. *12.
MafiMn Hfhmrf. 12
Marnnret Monroe. 12.
Horn Henry. ’12
Ktlzaheth Hrntrermon. 12
All** Marie Itrnwn. 12.
t»ertrmlc lioherta.
Kiln VI H«.»er»
4*har le* H fltlll**
If l*ee L*ille% 'ft:
Mra. If l#e# lot.lev. 'ftj,
Klv» M. Franks, to?
John J VItnkemeller. to?
laahella if Wllkinann. 02.
!*>refte PC tirtfe. *02.
K1l*al»eth IfltilnA
Kllzaheth E«k«>
A Surprise. I
Quite s few friends of Mr Henry I
N'tebeims, the North Msln street tip- *
hoisterer, greatly surprised him Thnr* |
dsy evening at hi* home. ‘If Main!
afreet, the occasion being ihe annl- I
verwary of hi* birth The hsck lawn
waa heaiitifully decorated with flag*
and lantern* At a seasonable hour |
refreshment# were served after which j
all wished him many more happy re .
furea Those present were: Mr. and |
Mra Stout. Mr and Mr* Marshall. Mr
and Mr* Summ, Mr* Carroll and son.
Wilhelm. Mra. K Trager and M>sa|
Jan* Toting
Ulfrrt Modgaon.
With only member* of the congre
gation and friends of the Immediate
famllle* present, the wedding of Mlsa
Martha Vlfert. daughter of K-v and
Mra W. f» Vlfert. and Or Wm K
Hodgson, of McKeesport. Pa . will he
solemnised nett Wednesday afternoon,
lone II. at 1 in o’clock. In the St'|
John's chiwi-h. at the comer of Chap-|
line and Twenty second streets The I
ceremony will he performed hv the I
father of the bride. who la pastor of'
fhe church, and he will he assisted bv
ZeT fl ftcthmldt of McKeesport. V*
The wedding will he one of unusual
Interest as both voting people aye well
known Mies I'lfert Is one of the most
rharmftig and accomplished voung
ladles of this city, while ftr Hodgson
Is n prominent and successful pby
1 nder the ausptcm of the Pr—br
t*rtM church at Bialua. o. a-1
and literary entertain meat will -be
V*— ,n' Toeeday evening. Jane 11.
te the church parlors, a lengthy and
interesting musical program has hasa
,IT»nged and refreshments will be
Flewsr Mission.
The Flower Mission Department of
the South Wheeling W. C. T. V. will
give an entertainment at the Third
Presbyterian church. Monday even
lag. June Id ifij. The following
program will be given:
|r,jrtl*1 ■ ■vang^lietle Hi1T>r
graiBty^....story of Jennie Cavslday
HKiUtion. .. . Tht Drunkard** Dr#tm'
_ M Haaal 8ondtrm«n
Poet. ■ .Mieses Ruth Morrison and Mar
Sentiment Maker. Mrs PM Rteele
Recitation. .... Ancels in Dis*u'»«
>!*#■ Helen Rowers
M.^.wirm* K * V **;-Mlnm ^ Fulton
Remarks by local pastor*.
AU flowers, ftult and jelly received
will be distributed to tbe sick and
Invitations out.
Announcement of the coming nup
ials of Miss Jess Lace . of Bellaire
and f'arl Serlg. of North Main street
were received Friday. The engage
ment of the young people was an
nounced formally in the spring.
Pleasant Lawn Fete.
Last evening on the spacktia lawn
at the home of Mrs. Digby. at 64 Ohio
stree. a pleasing lawn fete was given
under the auspices of the girls of
Mr. W. E. Wolfe's Bible class. The
proceeds derived from the lnwn fete I
amounted to a neat sum. same being
given to Sa. Luke's P. K. church.
Banquet at The Oaks.
The Wheeling Branch, of the Pru
dential Insurance of America, will
hold a banquet at The Oaks, near
Wheeling Park, to^lay at noon. The
members of Wheeling and the neigh
boring towns will be present and ta
bles for 90 will be set by Caterer
the members will journey to the Park
where a ball game will be the feat
ure of the afternoon, after which they
will take in the vaudeville show and
the other amusement devices.
St. Paul’s Concert.
Sunday evening, at St. Paul’s church,
at 7:30 o'clock, a sacred recital will
be given. Following Is the program !
that will be rendered:
Prelude—Mrlcxlta Nocturne.Hewitt '
l"..Herman A. llun.lt]
Anthem—Praise the I^rd.kllmnrs I
Soprano nolo—Eternal Jov. Woller
Mr a. Forrent Fankliauaer
■ ■^mn ••••••••••#*•.*** ( 'am.._
Soprano am! Alto duet — Ifurk* llark'
My Sou!. Imnk*
Miaa Freda Sfroelimnnn. aoprano; Mils
<’arrle Strnehmsnn, alto.
Tenor aolo—Tl»e Way of f*eHc e. . Hewitt
Mr Thomax Byrdlt
Tenor and Alto Duet — !,ova Divine...
Mr. Thomas H.vcott. tenor. Miss MirmP?
, W 111. alto.
Anthem—Exalt Ye the Yord... Rockwell
. .. HI. PauI’m Choir.
•••••••*•• Herman A. Hundt
. >prano solo Teeth Me to Pray. Groff
.... _ Mrn. \\. A. Foster.
Sliver offering.
Hymn .. .p_reaaiij.
Soprano aolo-^T>pen the Gate*. .Brockstt
Mr*. Charles Nortcmann.
Anthem—Grut Hr With You.Lorent*
. *** * aiil'e Choir.
Postlude—Spring « March.Prc.or
At her home on South Front street.
Mrs. Fred Srhmeichcl entertained
'he Modern Prlsci.la Sewing club on
Wednesday afternoon from 2 to 5j
o'clock. Sewing was the diversion,
after which luncheon was served
Those present were Mrs. Wm Meder.
Mrs. Henry Brelitenstein. Mrs. Wm i
Metzger. Mrs. John Selbold. Mrs.
Henry Hafkman. Mrs Henry Kal-;
bitter. Mrs. Louis lliierkse. Jr.; Mrs !
lohn Gates. Miss Ullle Schmidt. Miss1
Tlllle Llpphardt. Mls» Josephine Llpp-1
haddt. Miss I.oret'a Seybold. Miss'
Annie Breitenstein and the hostess.!
Dinner Dance Fete.
The country club will give the see I
ond of a series of dinner danees on
June 12 Mary are anticipating a
very pleasant eutertalnmen'.
Young Ladies' Circle.
Ijist evening the Young Indies''
circle of the First Christian church
held a meeting at the home of the
secretary. Mrs Marmduke on Six- j
teenth street. Business matters were
rransae-ed. after which the remainder
of the evening waa devoted to social
Give Plate Shower
Tueaday evening. Mlaa Mary Joyce I
will entertain a number of tv’r frl-ndw
at her home on the Sonh Side with
a plate ahower
In M*a« O'Ma'Icy'a Honor.
Mlaa Katelle Vneillnger will enter
tain with a China bower for Mlaa
O'Malley at her hame Monday even |
Meet Today.
Thla afternoon at 3 o'clock at tlie,
board of trade room* the art depart
ment of the Women'a club trill hod;
the final meeting of the year
Invitationa laaued.
✓ Inrlationa have been received an-1
honoring the engagement of Mlaa
Oleta Howard, daughter of Mr. and
Mra Char. V. Howard, to Thomaa K.'
Coetlne of thla cl:y Roth are very
To Give Luncheon.
Thla afternoon at the Fort Henry
elub Mlaa Alherla SMfel will he how-.'
teaa at a 'utuheon In honor If Mlaa
Marie S ewart of Council Rluffa. la
Alan Schwa Id returned yeaterdav
rrtdn Angoela. Virginia, where he haw
been attending college
Thomaa. Ileehett. of 1'nlyeralty of
Virginia returned to hie home |n th
Kuaf Rnd. for the aommer vacation
Mlaa Cadd'e Matt, of Ritchie ache*.!,
ulll leave today tor Terre tfaute
where ahe will apend the aiimme- ra
ratlon with her perenta
Mlaa Grace Schwarm. teacher of
Ritchie achool, will lew re for Spring
pays and cheerfulness replaces
much when stomach,.‘liver,
kidneys and 'oovelt are helped
naturally to do-their duty by
Held. O.. where she will spend the
summer vacation with her parents
Miss Gertrude Roberts, teacher of
High school, left yesterday, tor Bqc
hannon. W. Va.. to spend the vacation
Levi G. Nutt, or New Tork. is In
the city, as a guest of Mlaa Nettle
Gutman, at her bohe. on North Main
Miss Florence Jackson, will leave,
to-day. for New Haven. W. Va.. to
■pend the summer vacation.
Miss Rlanche Olin left, yeeterday.
for home In Akron. O.. where sha will
visit her parents.
Mlsa Fannie Clara left, yesterday,
for Concord. N. H.. to spend the va
cation days with her parents.
E. E. Spanabel will leave, tomor
row. for East Palestine. O.. where he
will visit during the tummer months.
Prof. H. B. Johns will leave, to-day,
for Zanesville, where he will spend a
few days with fnends.
WlJliam O McCluskey. Jr., arrived j
here, yesterday, from Pittsburgh,
where he has been attending school. J
Ralston K. Byrum. assistant secre
tary of the Board of Trade, was con
fined to his home In Edgewood, yes
terday. by Illness.
After spending a few days In this
city, looking after business matters.
Captain B. 8. Pope, of Parkersburg,
has returned.
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Suter.of-New
Matamoms., Ohio, are spending a few
days as the guests of their nelce. Mrs.
Clyde Hash tier, of Harrison street.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Miller, of Clays*
vllle. Pa., spent yesterday In this city
with friends.
John Quinbv. who has been attend
ing the Ohio Sate University, at Co
lumbus. returned Thursday evening,
to spend ihe summer holidays at his .
home in Kirkwood, t 4
I-aw son Worrell, of Rluefleld. W
Va.. attended yesterday's sessions of
the Supreme Ccuh, which is being
held In this cltv.
J n . Hannan of New Martinsville.
«oent yesterday in the tbla city, or
A. new boy arrived Wednesday, at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Fell.
of\ \Jickory street. Martins Ferry.
A. Middleman, of Elkins, was among
the business visitors in this city, yes
Oeorgc Ui. hardson returned to his
reni* at Hofi^ya Point yanterday from j
leona K<«*a«*h. Chi., to attend the funeral 1
hie mother.
—An appeal ease from 8qulre Rom
per s court was filed In Clerk King
born's oflJce yesterday. It being the
suit of the Photo Play rompany vs.
Athenian Amusement company. Judg
ment was entered In the- lower court
in favor of the plaintiff for S111.3A,
and from this the defendant ap
— Frank Simon, aged 29 -years, a
native of Hungary, but now residing
at No. 64 Alley lit. has made applica
tion for natura'lzation papers in the
Vnlted States court.
—A meeting of the creditors In
tfie case of John Kacinskl. the bank-1
rpnt Hen wood saloonlst. was held i
yesterday morning before Referee j
Henry A. Nolte. and the costs .of|
the court were ordered paid. The |
declaring of a dividend was deferred j
until a later date, as some claims are
being contested.
—A musical and literary enter
tainment .will be given Tuesday even
ing. June II. in the Blaine Presby
terian church. An excellent program
will be rendered
—An interesting meeting of the
Woman's Foreign Missionary society
of the Wesley M E. rhorrh was held I
yesterday af'ernoon at Moinrt Park,
and waa w ell a Mended. After an ex
cellent program had been rendered an
enjoy"Me Inle was had by all pres
The regular monih'y meeting of
•he official board of the Wesley M.
E. ehureh was held last night In the
church parlors, hot nothing otitslde
of routine business was transacted.
Planned In fslndbit to Oo«t Qairttr
of a Mililom OollAra.
41 |>|*patrh to the IntfiiimtFP
FMRMOXT W Va . JttM T - new
Tidcpr f*lty hotel. to tout completed
nd furrdrhrd IH« oo«. li promt***! tho
i Ity In th* near future committee
ompo»rd of nifTihsta of the Kulrmont
i •’urnbFr of commerce to-day held a 1
iri*«|ltiK At whlrh Unit plan* to Rrrurt
fh* new hoatelry wer* mad* The new
► fd*l will b* known a* "Tb* Vaitmoni ’
b»#4 Will b* Hfhl Ntorirs ai.<f r.intiln
°<t room* chairman J M »lartl*> of
’ n* commit!** elated thr monrv would
t aland at one* amon* Fair moot hoat
*.*•# m*n. a charter o*r«»re4 and tho
loll Min* C»tn«tr»»r t*d It will b* »o
ratod on th* corner of Waantnpton and 1
,!• ffmtttt.fi atrcct* In the hoatnea* heart |
•I the riff, and wilt be modern la every
particular $ |
• '"RfHiVA, Alaska, June 7.—C«|. '
■ ante ashes Is fstllna thlekly over I
this rMjr. shew ins that the heavy de
tonations hesrd in the mmintslns sit |
Isst night, wss I he nelsr nf a vnlcan- i
le eruption It Is believed the vol- I
rsnn Is the Redoubt nf the lltamna I
Mountain In the r«>h Inlet enuntry. |
Special tnansfeh «n the Istellteenes, i
FAIR Most. W. Vs, Jon# 7.
Pgyfleularlv sad are the detafle eon**
• mlng the deatli nf Herbert Phillips. .'
»h« wns hilled by a fatl from lb
fourth .Ion nf the V"«l buildthg late
'set eight. If Is Ssimm, Mias Ma<id
Moggess Sa pros, rate from thn shook
if thr death nf her Inter and serious
rear* as tn her sutssm ieai rsw>i I
r-ondl'tnn are entertained bj ph s|.
Isas who are treating her.
The couple were tn have been mar
ried Wednesday nf nest week
When a man peer (aims ta a tend
enter ibat he Is a gentleman It'a a
*afe bet he Ian L
^_ _9_
It you’re toothing for
■ ”otter - money’s Worth”
and unusual style in
Summer Clothes, see
these Wonderful Saits at
$17. , 1
$17 $17
Head to Foot Outfitters.
Fourteenth and Market Sts.
Millinery Bargains
1 ■■■ -
Some Special Bargains
every day from now until the end of the season.
Why pay S4.50, $6.00, $9.00, $12.50 and $15.00
for Hats when you can purchase them for one-third
less? Save your $1.50, $2.oo, S3.00, S4.00 and
$5.00; it is good money. You can use if to purchase
something else.
And Save One-Third.
\ . . ’'5
Abercrombie Bros.
1125 Main Street.
_ _—w
i Eleventh Hour buyers i
' - of Commencement gifts ,!
will find the proper gift 2
article for boy or girl at 5
j this store. !
If you have a wedding gift to pur
chase, please make note of the fact that |
BLukens’ showing of line Sterling Silver ■
is excelled nowhere in the State. |
“ the au.vKit shop. J j *
5 IV. c/. Luhens Co, |
J 131+ MARKET 3T g
High-Class Dressmaking ||
Alont wltb my Ladlaa' Tailoring, my Draaamaklng Department U I
dolriR eplrndld work thle reason Mv titter and doianer. who la luat II
lam of N«w York, can «l»a >011 all aorta of ideaa and .uacpatioti* for |
your Rown*. All eke'rbea are from heat imported Modela. I
Ju»t now tbe Graduating and Wadding Gowna arw a aperlaj fa*. M
turn < nma In and Irt ur pul up your Rowna for you and am 11
you will bo mnro than pl-aaed.
Aftarnoon Gown, Evening Gown*.
Lingeria Warb. Fancy Wrapn.
Eaney and Tallorad Waiata.
Ladiet Tailor and Dminuker.
320 Sdwnulboch Budding.
Dancing and Free Vaudeville
Roller Skating Daily.
Learn to Dance at the
Becker Dancing Academy
Open Itailr at Carroll Ctoo R.tiie
ina Pel raw* l»aor»ua alvra anr tiuio
to a tilt. Call Nat. Phone 1*00-r .
triar. Sdumr Light watgtn
rtl four In Hand Mr*, ran la r M
ralua at » rants rarh
ftaftirgay only gaa lltyjiy In than
mar at main antranra to ntir at ora.
O. Oaaginf g Ce
iTha horn* of gtain I'oe* C'othaa)
I McLuro Bu'iSIng.

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