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X^The Wheeling Intelligencer Mas the Largest Morning Newspaper Circulation in the State off West Virginia
12 1 She @Sheefot£ 3nteUi$encer.
C. D. Hides, of Ohio, Was Named
> Chairman of the National
Committee Yesterday.
Members of the Party Who At
tended the Meeting I*redict
Republican Victory.
WASHINGTON. July 9.—The cam
palgn for the re-election of President
Taft will be formally launched to
morrow in New York. James B.
Reynold*, of Massachusetts, who to
day wa« named a* -secretary of the
Republican national committee, will
do the launching, and C. D. Hllle*.
President 'Taft's secretary, who was
selected for chairman of the national
committee, will Join him in New York
Monday to help sail the political ship
Mr Reynold* will secure rooms for the
New York headquarters, probably in
the Metropolitan building, and expects
to have them ready for Mr. Hllles next
Mr Hilles issued a statement to
night declaring the confidence of the
Republican party in its cause and Its
candidates It follows:
The Republican party approaches
the presidential campaign with confi
dence In Its cause and in the integrity
and ability of the candidate who rep
resent* that cause. Progress with
order is good doctrine for the Repub
lican party to-day as it has been since
the day of its birth
"Rea! progress is not a theory hut
an achievement. No American citi
zen should h*» decieved to an ex
change of his birthright for a vision.
Th-- progress cf ihe nation toward bet
tor things doe* pot come from dec
lamation. but from .ifttrnt results.
More has been accomplished in the
la** three years under the adminlstr
lion of President Taft than was ever
before accomplished by an American
—■ ■ -
Prominent Republican leaders
From This State Endorse
BT CAX. T. TOtno.
tatsUlgsncsr Biirna.
Charleston, W. Ya.. July 9.
Unanimously endorsing the admin
istration, renomination and randidacy
of President Taft, and asking the
State committee to call a State con
vention In the even} It was ascer
tained that any of the electors chosen
at the Huntington State convention
did not favor and would not vote for
William Howard Taft in the electoral
college, was tbe substance of a mo
tion made by former Congressman
Gaineg at a meeting of Taft Itepuhll
>cans here to-night and adopted and
a committee appointed to take the
matter In hand and appear before the
State committee. Some discussion
was occasioned when speakers raised
the quest inn of The loyalty to Taft
on the part of the State and county
candidates, and some, while voting
for the motion, reserved the right to
apply the same restrictions to such
other candidates who might not ox
press their preference for President
Many Kepuhlican leaders have ar
rived for the meeting of the State
committee to-morrow. |>r II. H Hat-1
held arrived early this morning.
Prom the southern end of the Slate
there,also rani" today: K It. Bern
helm. 1> J Strother. Senator M.
»ni'p, i nano* wool lord. Kdltor
K A MacDonald ard other*. Kx
I ('onKressman Hurry Woody ard, Thom
as (Jarttand. J S. l*ofst«n. F. I* Smoot
| anti many other* from the northern
section of the State are also on hand.
C harle* \\. Dillon to-day xuve ex
| presston on the presidential m'nation
hy declarfhK Roosevelt nutiht to re
main out of West Virginia, while a
| similar expression was also made by
( harle.* \V Sw isher and other* here
for the mee'lng.
I P"RTI,A\r>, or. . July 9 Amid
| denf.-nlna cheers Thomas k. Mill., of
i Su|« rlor. w a* . halrman of th" hoard
| of firand Trustees, was elected firand
: i.xalfed ruler *»f the lienew.|*nt and
Protective ord.-r of Klhs. hy acclam
I atton at the Armor, to-day to succeed
John p. Sullivan, of New tirh-nn*
Rochester. X. v.. was scle. ted hy
acclamation for th- l■«13 convention
Patrick II Shields, t larkshurn. w.
Va.. was elected firand Tiler.
Ponontd Food Couftot tHf Death of
• Thrt« «nd Th-rty Stvcn
Ar® Vory III.

l*#*raona nr*' ffr-n#I and .IT ar»* 111 apt :»
r.unJt < r,M»v !•••»* n»*d food at th**
I “inc ••f M»f t'aniuh, n« »ir *I»rfW I«l.
i * *h « n »hs Knnrth <»f Jolv grr-ording
r" Inform itlon r»n«hing h»*fp f*».night
**irr«Mind« rh«« Hh*dr«n|o
l*rdlining cf «'«nnd* famlh, whh*n
had rath r#*d f*»r n rp'inl -n.
All t '•«* ill nr* inrmttffa of f\ m <*an*
;»»!wy f» ly. af.d th,'t^n Af
Mp< **an»i»?®y hran^h arp In a »**rlrMia
Mr* daughter Af Mh< *'an
! O'lv an ! »ni> *if ).#r children ||*d
fAfdlV. while TillMlHf! rgn;ir|y HlPi| Hat
Sl« 1>1®; Thraa lnir|<l«.
i riflf.Af »f:r.f'lf I A. .lily *• hi* d*®rh«
#1 f., «h# rcpdffn! to day and
•ihrpp f.thrt r-rp'-n* . mlftod » >t'id*.
• ■--.-■■■•-iii m ino Mime permo oi time
"A distinct lln*> of demarcation he.
tween the Republican party and the
Democratic parry Is revealed in the
platforms adopted at Chicago and
laltlmore One Is an earnest of fu
ture progress through record of ach
ievement; the other Is a pTomise con
taining a denial of the good that has
-teen done.
“I'pon the solid rock of the rights
af the Individual as granted by the
^institution, the Reptibllran party
builds Its sti'ictur** of optimism. The
Democratic party, on the other hand,
in the opening sentence of Its addn-ss
to the decorate betrays its recessional
quality by denying the right of con
gress. a right again and again con
firmed by the supreme court, to estab
lish protective duties for benefit of
American industries If declares as
false the vital Issue of the constitu
tional liberties of the Individual."
The sub committee of the national
committee announerd the seteci ion of
Mr llllles and Mr Reynolds to-day
after a half hour session with Presi
dent Taft at the White House, and a
(Continued on Pngs Eight.)
Is Now Nearing a Close— E ■ perty
Testify That Thaw is Not In
sane and Never Wee.
WMITK pt.AlVH. V V. July !» -
Th. most ,'rlklng t,-alimony brought
tf' da In thi* flam Thaw Insanity
hearing hen was given by Dr John
« It >-- ll h. ad f th,- Matt-asvan In
San, as< lum. win, admitted tha* un
der pressure if r> leased from that In
stitution ard allow ed to r, turn to his
form- r mode of ll'lng Thaw might
Mil another (rrson l«r. It.I said.
h'Wi'.r. that he thought Tbnw could
snf i b. r. was. d in custody of a
S|»e- ini attendant.
It \d.dph Mey.r, one of the Thaw
• Herts's, ■> as ,.n th- stand thla af
t-moon. Me said Thaw In hi opin
ion was ne'er of unsound mind
Then "it thmV h» was a murderer
when he shot White?" tVm T. Jer
rn' e’torne' for th- state aaMd
| do." was the answer.
it li hrlieied the IW,' will rloae
this We-K.

St*lr lewlfr« Aware Him That
West Virginia Will Remain in
Regular < olumn
Intelligencer Kirean.
w»etitngt..n. D O . gulf a.
Fnr oijragrd o»e r in'ormaflnn which
he haw rerelyrd. Indicating that a
third party la not meeting with Ita m
ported pmgreep In \Vr*t Virginia.
Froelden* Tatt to-lax railed Into con I
rotation a* th<* White Hotter, \\ f j
HI**, of Huntington, Sherman I ten
ham. of Flarkwb'irg. and Sta'e t'halr 1
man Virgil Highland of F|ark«b'irg
ad member* of the Wc»t Virginia!
wate e»ec'it,vc commit <r and I" ic
T Mann, of Hramwell mentioned a»
a randlda'e for the genat-, to woe
reed r'lgrerre Wataon
Th<- font Meat Virginian* dl*ru**ed '
» Ifh the Frealden* plan* o bring ■
atenit l^aubhi an anrcei'- in the moon
ta n •Into lhl» fall, and oi.doavorod to
dovlra and porfort a Hopnhtlran or
(rar.lra'lon that will ho «-• «ffl. Ion'ly for
mldahlo to ■ nflo iho third party movo
tnont in tho *«at»
Tho I’roridont » a* doopty ymtlhod
ov«.r tho roporta tha tlovornor t;ia*a
oork and Nat.onal ( ommlftaoman Kd
Ward* fil'ttt to rotnaln loyal t„ tha
r-*.ilar Moi.ihlirjtn party Mr l»on
ham and Mr tllahland rtatod that tho
eroator portion t.f f'otntial llonwotolt a
anpitortara In Wort Vlrelnla aro not
tnffirlontly dovotod t«. tho f'otonol to
ra*t aaldo tha rloak t.f tho party
rognlarlty o promt.to tho individual
f'irt'inoa of tho fortnor prt«idont
If hi* fftond* *i« ak rnrrootlr of
Mr Kdwarda In font Ion to rtay within
tho ro«..iar lto|.tihMoan rnttkr. I'roal
dont Taft ha* yainod a dtolalvo ad
varnayo tn Wo*, Vlrelnla Mr Kd
ward* toyothrr with Mr vt ill ^
^•vt.n of t'ltiahnryh. *oro mi»i proml
hi nt a* |<00*0vo|t loadorr who avow
od fovolntion»r> pr.-oo»inro tn brine
ai«.n ho dot. ,t „f pro*idont Taft in
iha pre t'ottvotitton ...
rneoto .
' flYTRA^A I
/Vo w .
o/scrzoiteo f
(tr \
l^yr /*•£< )
1 «A
War Declared on the Fly in Wheeling
XntslUgsncer Bureau.
Washington, D. C., July 9.
Governor Glasscock stopped in
Washington for an hour .-arly this
morning rnroutn to I'harl-ston, from
Berkeley Springs. He did not an
nounro his intentionn to remain a
regular, loit He. retary of Slate Stuart
i. !(■.•!. wtie bH been with iho Gov*
ertior at the Kprlngs aays that Gov*
party r. irlt v 1* more to d*-str*<f
than a ru •; n of in.lH Iduul fortunes
ot * •lei.el Roosevelt.
Mr. I:. I ai. i other friends of Gov
ernor Glasscock sa\ that state exa
ruthe is now tlrmly i-orninced that
ho should support Mr. Tnfu
Hfld Stanley Shoots Kentuckian
and Hundreds t>f Deputies
Search for Him.
SlfAWNO. W!S. July <* — Northern
Wisconsin Is Trtnir covered by a horde
<>f special deputy sheriff*, and thou
sands of summer reporter* in the
Northern woods nr*- being terrorized
bv the search f<» Hud Stanley a West
' iginla mc«intnln-od. who Is accused
* f shooting Frank t'rlsp. a Kentuckian
•n th<- revival of an old feutl l*etw.-en
'he Iso families who ha*l left their
old haunts to avoid feud murders
The murder was In the Kentucky
se-tiemcnt thirty miles north of here,
in KV>r**st county and followed a fight
between the father of Hud Stanley
and f'risp.
Bud when his father was being

Scries of Explosions in English
Mine Yesterday Claims Many

CONISROROITOH. England. July 9
| —The bodies of 69 Victim* of a series
| of explosions in the Cadeby colliery
this morning h**e tieen brought to;
I the surface. It is feared that a fur
j tlier search of the mine will increase
the death roll to krt. Of the killed,
, Id were mine worker* The others
) were men who went Into the pits to
, rescue those entombed.
King (ieorge and Queen Mary yes
| terdav visited a colliery adjacent to
that in which the explosion occurred
| today. The presence of tlieir majes
ties in the district greatly minimized
the fatalities, because the miners
were celebrating and had taken a
holiday. Therefore, instead of the
usual 1.16 men, only ?.'l were working
in that par' of the mine w here the ac
cident happened. Thirty of these
were killed outright, and one, the
manager of the pit. was brought up
olive, but died to-night.
The first explosion, which killed
the miners, occurred early in the
morning It was followed by un ex
1 plosion about o’clock in the after
i noon.
Th*« King and Queen visited the
scene to night ami personally ex
i pressed their sympathy.
Dr. O'lyane of This City Was Made
the Presidential Elector From
First District.
< I.AKKSIH lid. July P—Democrats
or the first congressional district in
convention today in ihe Court House
hero n nominated John \V. Ha vis. of
Clsrktburg. by atclamation tor con
prpKHinan anU nnmed f»r J. J. O Km*
vf heeling as presidential elector
Mr. Ini vis was brought into the con
vent ion nail by a committee and he
delivered an address in which he
nwedt Upon the record of the Iienio
crane house of repre sentatives during
the .ast two years. ,\ hear, v rccep
tion was given him Resolutions were
adopted indorsing the national pint
form, approving the work of the lower
branch of congress and especially on.
proving the- i N it course of Mr
.vie. Henry Zilliken „f Wellsburg
placed Mr. Iiavlss name In nomina
mad.* by delegates from all otn.r
counties of the district among who
were la w Is Dennett, of Weston;
*»?•. " Robinson, of < larksbnrg:
, . B*vrn<*». of Fairmont. J. J
I‘. O Mrl* n of Wheeling was made
(ConMnncA on Fas* Eight.)
Wban Large Barn .« Destroyed Near
Philadelphia—Gasoline Ex
plosion the Cause.
DHII.AI'DI.I’HIA. fa.. Julv a In
n fir. whlrh destroyed th- h.rg.
sti.i l. s ,.n the estate of Wlllh.m
r.iwii .nl \\ right, at st. Iiavlds. near
heie, r.t-dMv Janies Stewart, ,ix u.l)M
..Id. the eoaihtnan employ,,) by th.
death. The fire la nnpiiowett to have
• <rn (|i|. to un ripimlnti of « Kum.
•d" • !»i th- partmenta ..e. upie |
*■' ,l" Ht.-watta in • he upper part id
the I.ulldln* Tl.e loan la IJO.Wiu The
U r la ha wailed lor Korop.. to-day an.l
do not know ..f their |..wa,
Hpe. at I dnj .•* t<» ti .* Inteiiiaen. rr
■ I foreigner name | l.aia, «M lw’
M«""» hilled at the afterp,..,,,
»ml another .. ,n Identity i
>.| f .en I. .r-. I « >a perhaps fatally
in i. « . . n an • m. nr ,it tl.e .lam ititt p.
M the track
x|.\\ A oil K. .full :• An are ..tint*
lr.i fit# | in 'h» Uprem. court to .lav
In Andrew I'r.i.lmnn, custodian of
Ho- propertv of Ml. I.la Ha«l. r wife
of II. nr . M. Mauler, the Standard . It
tnllllonalr.- shown that Mrw trailer n
.«iate te val.o.l at II,«««.<»»» ATr*
Muali-r. w ho i« .onhro d In a nanltat.
t i"i was ndjudr.d an In* .>m|.ent hv
ihr- Supr. tn. .. .irt in la.14 lte.au>
of th* in. t>aw. d ...at of lit Ins. Jonttca
I’Neti..fT, ti iprovlna the aeeottntina
allowed fln.non a j.nr adlllonal tn
the aurn of t 'e,a..'t nlr.-adv pr.it Id* I
• * "rlv f.»r th*- m.ilntenanee of Mr>.
ITadlr r at the .nntiarotn
Italians Win Battla,
R >AIK. Jillv y The Italian Iroopa
yeater.lav afternoon foa»*i't * severe
hattle tn Tripi.'i ends a tn a brilliant
% 1 torv nn I the rapture of the town >.|
At twrafat In hta iteapntcfi rcfi*.rfinn
ti.e t.attl.- tier* A Ittorta I’amarnna earl
Ha» it « Italian ft.in «..a placed on t "«
-tatf ef the e't.idet amid the ar. lama
linn of ti.e froope. |,,,f fi. p..pMtail>>n
consisting <.f aho it a,non persona re
matned eidlen
WAwmaoToy J«ty t.—fnrtraati
West Tlrrlais Unsettled Wednesday
and Ttinrsday, wttli aersstonsl sh'wsm
Westsra Pennsylvania and Okie Un.
settled Wednesday and Ttinrsday. with
"era atonal thnnder showers, mMaraU
winds mostly sooU sad sontbwssv
wmindod |t.|f| as Hud M a rift.- bring
|>lnrr,| m h»a hand* by nth»rw of tho
< rlsp family whllr thr Hfanbv* hrid
tho ptiraurrra at bay until liud had
rrjtrhw! ihr tlmhrr
Alatit 2bb sprrlal daputy ahariff.
hava hrrn a»nrn In and wtit aftrr
Stanlry and all railway wtnflnna ar«*
niAIMVM Hfn VARS r.. Kratirr.
■>ulv #. Rrna Hrdrl. ntia of thr moat
raprflrnr. d alt m>n and tha ho I dr r of
| ihr pMimarv rup for >tM*. country
fl-Ine wh* h h» Won ft..m .llllr* Vt-d
1 rtnaa. mat hi. d.ath thla morning t.r.
f.'tr tho .fra of thnti*nnda of tnn.h
| fr 'Op who w ». ttramhlrd on tho
frr b wing rrmnwta at Mniirmr|«n l.«
* Hand n. nr ham
Hrdrl. who had *rimr in hla mr.no
Plana from \ III*. n»ibh. t. n«nr f'tri. to
|.arfIrtpat.. In tha irranr iji r< arrtvod
alarvr thr tump aft* T 1% tin.- flight Ha
waa ahoht to d.a.rnd whan hi. mono,
.plana atr'trlt thr folrgraph «Ir. a.
whl*h thr f.fri .tiling ham atidmily
pmtanfad hint fr< in art Ing If la mt
’ rhttrr . ap.imd nnd Modal waa throw n
1 to thr ground Th. motor ..f I.la
arroplanr fall ..n In. hodt and hr w >ta
I * foahrd atmoat h. tond mrognltlon,
VfTirm Vrrtfirf in th*
A l> flow? Mtrhinr Cam.
Mf»»r|»l I'lapafrh to tha Intalttgrn. *r
Wt'IIMnMi, Va . .Ittlv n Th. J-tlv
.a of ti > ■ • i m . i. ,t
ro.irt of ftpia .•'• . ..nt.tird h. r ■ to dll
with rlf, on .f.tdara Valhan tb.fr. *n.l
I f f* frit, hotd and l.l-irlft .tod*, a
t:dm ind \t ad.lllf, fr and if. nrt A \f
I bmlth in aft.ntlt.ro . t opinion
»•« hnn.f. .1 .toon a follow* A I'.
| M-.w. Mb. hm. to • > < .ftp |,| Motor
|V. a.ti.t i .. appral t m th. . lr< ult
7 1,1 'Vbor'fn* >.\ I,, opinion l.y
I J ala I: ■ aft it in..t nuh t>. ii^
Makes an Earnest Plea for Party
Harmon y and One
Intimates That lie Will Not
Stay in a Factional
(Special rrr.,. n.|. n. r Infellgenrer 11
MAMMON, W V* , July 5 Thr Mr
publicans of Hoone county held (,<■ r
ronvrnfIon here yesterday. and among
ttm fraltirra of Ihr day wan an aridrr»h
hv Hr II P. Hatfield. Hrimhllran ran
dMale for governor. Hr Haiflcld
spoke ag follows
Mv y, l|oV Rrptihllt ana
'I am glad lo he with you nn this
I orraaltm W hllr It was nnl (hr plena
•irr i f ihr good elfi/rns «f tour county
my candidacy in ihr primary, I went
I m say to these who did honor nu* with
I .heir support, that I »m deeply ap
prri latlve of their rnnftfk'lter. anil to
assure them that It shall be my effort
i *« carr, out thr prim tplrs of a rrallv
progressive administration lha’ will lm
In keeping with their confidence and
; r„,relation And lo m» fellow par
i tlsnna who thotight It lirtter to give
( I heir support to one of my opponent a,
fCostisnsd on Third Tags.)
rMff.AHK.f.riit y pg, j„tv y «.P.
| position so heard In .Its hs|l to rtnt
to arantlng the request that the
#rt» Hell ts> pls< sit on eshltd'lnn nt
, the Tanatn.t the Itlr esposltion tn Kan
Ktamlsro In Isli. one of those op
1 p. «« d to it l« the chief of th hur« .i i
of ritt tiron, rty, whi. h has charge of
the lien The question of taking th«
| I•*-11 mi of th. elt v rests entire Iv
| w th C ft > cnimi Ill A ri unesf to take
the historic hett to the l>wis and
• t lark esy stilon at Meattls a lew
l yiars ag • was refused. I
Consideration of the Impeachment
Resolution in the House to
Be Resumed.
WASHINOTON. July 9.—Counsel
for Judge Robert W .-Archbald, of the
commerce court. against whom
articles of Impeachment have been re
ported in the house. Issued a state
ment today asking that public opinion
in the Arrhbald case be suspended
until the accused Jurist has had an
°PI*or unity to present his defense to
the senate, which, sitting as a court,
will try the charges against him.
Consideration of the Archbald Im
peachment resolution In the house will
be resumed Thursday. The sta ement
made public by his counsel, the first
public reply from the judge, and indi
cating the tenor of the defense in the
expected trial, in part follows:
“Judge Archbald's counsel state
that he emphatically dentes that in
any of the transaction) referred to
In the ro|>ort of the judiciary commit
fee or which are embraced in the
articles of impeachment which the
commit-eo has submitted to th<> house,
he used or attempted to use his influ
ence as a judge Improperly.
■•Conscientious of his own Integrity
it never occurred to him In any of the
transactions referred to that others
might suspect that he was acting
otherwise than uprightly.
"When the original charges against
him w ere presented to the President
and the Attorney Ceneral. he was
given no notice and had no hearing.
(Costumed on * gbtb Pegs.)
America Did Not Compete in lha
Events Yesterday, But Will
Start To-day.
STOCKHOLM. July 9—The United
Staton leads by five point* In all th«
events contested at the Olympic •
games, including swimming, athletics,
shooting and all other kinda of sport,
according to the list compiled by the
officials here. The score reads:
United States. 59
Sweden. 54
Great Britain . 36
France.. 17
South Africa.. 11
Germany. ft
Denmark . 10
Finland .. 8
Norway . 7
•*»'y. 5
Hungary. 4
Ruseia. 3
Austria . 3
i Greece.. 3
Holland .p. 1
Australia . 1
| There was every prospect this
, morning of an off day tn the Olympic,
, the only finals on the program being
the ton-meter relay flat race and
throwing the Javelin. The curtain
fell this afternoon, however, on sev-'
eral thrills almost at the same mo
ment. The relay race proved a sen
sation. The finish between Great
j Britain and Germany was so clostr
' that it looked like a dead heat. Th*
Knglishman Applegarth undoubtedly
was a few inches ahead of the Ger
I man, but to make assurance doubly
j sure, the committee felt compelled to
j disqualify the German team, as they
did the American team yesterday.
The Finns won the Javelin event In
. one, two. three order, and succeeded
j in breaking two world's records.
Seven preliminary heats in tho
j l.r.on meters flat race furnished good
• exhibitions Seven Americans, Shep
pard. Madeira. Taber. Klvlat Jones,
I Hedlund and McClure qualified for
I the final.
RESIGNS as commander
Orozco Abandoned His Htadquar
ters—Mormons Still Safe_
Americans Held l'p.
AOI'A PR1KTA. MKX. Ju|y 9_
General GuUeppe Garibaldi. Grand
son of the famous Italian liberator to
iday resigned a* commander of the
Vo.unteera recruited hv the Mexican
I government to rc|.el the rebel inva
sion of flic Mate of Sonora. The In
Jeldent revealed the *oriou* plight of
.the government defensive camp-lgn
in Sonora.
July 9.—General I’aacual Orozco
abondoned hta headquarters at Knetti
allas today. He expect* to reach
Juarez early tomorrow. He did not
announce hi* plan*.
July Telephone me* * age* rrom the
' Mormon settlement* at f'olonla Oaxa
ca and f'olonla Moreln* earlv today
j Mated thnt no rebel* had put in their
i appearance but that the Mormon*
were nervously awaiting their ap
proach. f'onalderahle friction ha*
ariwen among he colonl*t* a* to the
be*t manner of drfem-e to avoid In
ternaiional complication*
it \ii" ' Mex do • •• TtraaQr
five American*. Including American
I'onaul Tbotna* K Kdward*. were held
I In lb'* office of the Mexican North
I w estern railroad here to-night for
nearlv two hour* while ail armed
1 guard of rebet* prevented 'hem from
i \ -U- -be Midi
| I no rroncnman Bouin who gave thr>
cleanest and easiest exhibition of
: distance running yet seen at th®
| Olympic, is likely to make a great
battle of If with Kolehmatnen In th®
I final heat of the 5,000 metera. Georg®
V. Bonhag. Irish American A. C„ and
I-onia Scott, of the Sonth Paterson Y.
M. A., who finished first in the first
and second heats, respectively, are
also to be reckoned with in this
■ event.
I Th- commit!® arranged a compro
mise in the matter of the Semi-final*
of the 100 metres swimming compe
itftion which all accepted In a sport s
| mans.iip like spirit. The Americans
hy a misunderstanding had failed
! 'o appear for the semi-finals of thla
event which were contested Sunday.
! The International Jury decided this
morning that an extra heat consulting
I of the three American". Thike-’ Ka
| hanamnkti. Kenneth Hussagh. chlrv
| A. A and Percy McGilllvray, Illi
nois A. C. and Massa. of Italy ahould
be swum this evening and If they
beat the arbitrary standard of on®
minute, six and one-fifth seconds, th®
first two men should qualify for th®
The great Interest in the meeting
! to morrow centers In the 200 metres
dash when the American, sprinters
will meet ihe hope of the English,
Ilarrv J llehner. the American
swimmer won the first heat of th®
loo metres, bark stroke, in 1 mlnut®
and 21 seconds, the fastest time In
any of the heats.
Sj„ It t“-r«lrli in the ln's'.i aenrer
WASHINGTON. n r. J„|r »_
Serr-tery of War Htlmpscm to-day
sianed an order making 'apt win Geo.
". Graham, of Harpers I'.-rry. super
tniendent of Antletem Haiti® field,
with compensation of li.xno p®r an
num. t’nptaln Graham »»n sii in th®
Colon armv during” the Civil war
Earnout* Cnntw) ( aw of lllinoi*
Statrwman Will End Some
Time Thi* Afternoon.
WASHINGTON. July 9—Aftar an
j (nrffaottiai atiampf to rnnrltida rnn-,
• tdoration of tha aaaa again*! William!
Ixrlmar. of lllino*. iha «anita thi*
(aftarnonn rarargad until in o'olork
tomorrow morning to allow Mr l<orl
mar an opportunity to aloaa Mb own
dafrn«a J oat bafora tha day'a *a»
*l«»n rlogad lh« ganafa wa> on Iha
large of a rota on tha rogohiMon da '
■ Hiring tl.a l^-rlmar *aat rarant. hnt I
(an agraantanl wa* raarhad allowing'
:\irthrr dohata tomorrow
; Whan Bonator fulllngham. of Var
mont. rimrlndad hi* thraa day'* gpaarh
'In giipp*>ri of Bonator l<orlmor shortly ,
! aftar lhr>'a o'rlork Ihi* aftarpoon. al !
'though half a doran gpaaham warr
| or parted to addra** thr ganata, no1
ona am*o Bonator ilatlingor In tha
rhalr. had alraady hagain to p*it tha
|<jiio*ih*n whan In tha mld«t of row
{fusion Kona lor Ixirlmrr, gacurad rac-j
ognltlon and pleaded for llnw to get
hla notes together for the final * peach.
Senators t-ea. of Tenneaaee and Kan>
>on. of Iowa, both member* of Jia
l-orlmer Inreatlgallng ennimttteo and
both rrhednled to aprnk agalnat Lnrf
mer. were not preaent. A thirty mia
ute rtweaa was taken to allow tlmw
for conferences The anil I-o rimer
leader* endeavored to secure an agree
ment to clone, debate at ) o'clock to
morrow afternoon but were unsuc
cessful. The conference* werw
without result and when the senate
reconvened no rone vision had been
.reached A receim until tomorrow
was then trken.
• In concluding hla speech defending
lorlmcr. Senator Dillingham attacked
the iioo.ofKi slush fund story of Own
er* I Manager Kunk. of the Interna
tional Harvester Company He aald
that this story had hern known foe
some time before Knnk made It pub
lic He asserted that Punk a d*a*w
to keep It secret grew out of his fear
of l/trtmer's power a* a senator
"This story was never need whero
It could be subjected to legal Investi
gation.'* said Senator Dillingham, "ft
• a* u*e.f eveept for the purpose of
bringing death to William Lori mar."

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