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Ijffine Wheeling Intelligencer Has the Largest Morning Newspaper Circulation in the State of West VMnia<n
W-twcT H
Judge Robinson Iwuts Ruling
Prohibiting the Appointment
of Receiver*.
wt caz. r. TOUNO.
Charleston. W v»„ July 10.
Possible conflict between stare
court* was forecasted to-night when
the appointment of three receivers
by Judge William R. Iiennett. of Kay.
ette county circuit court, to take
.charge of the affairs of the New
River company was followed by the
Issuance of a writ of prohibition from
thf supreme court of appeals, return
able July 18. prohibiting Judge Ben
nett fro.V making the appointment of
Buch receivers and from entering a
decree permittiiii the receivers to
take possession, control and manage
ment of the coal properties con
trolled by that corporation. His in
itial 'action against the New River
company, the second largest coal
producing company in West Virginia,
*'■8 taken in a suit filed in the cir
cuit court of 'Fayette county by J. W.
Bmiley,, former secretary trea.*irer of
the company, and other minority
stockholders, In the petition of the
plaintiff Fraud, mismanagement and
a w.-yte of the properties were al
leged. and the court wa» asked to
appoint a receiver to conserve the
Interests of the minority stockhold
ers. The rase was argued last week
Late this afternoon Judge Bennett,
who heard the cafe, appointed Samuel
Ihxon. William Deegans. of Fayette
county, and William Carver, of Boston,
receivers for the New River company.
Al>out the same time. Judge Ira E.
Wells Goodykoontz Expended
More Money Than Any of the
Other Aspirants.
XntaUlrancar Bturaao.
Washington. D. <X, July to.
j The majority of the congressional
| aspirants, both Republicans and I)emo
j irats from %'est Virginia, have filed
with the clerk of the house of repre
| senta ives lists of their campaigu ex
! penditures.
Howard Sutherland, Republican can
| didato for congresstnan-at- large, ex
pended $725 before the primary, and
1 has expended $190 since the primary
I to further his candidacy.
The expenses of t’harles F. Teter,
defeated bv Mr. Sutherland for tho
nomination for congressman a.-large,
have not been filed.
Benjamin H Butcher, aspirant for
! the Democratic nomination for con
I gressman-at-large, states t^iat he haft
i spent but ft.", in fur Iterance of his
, candidacy. Samuel V. Woods, of Har
' hour and anti-income tax fame, has
failed to present his expense list with
the proper authorities.
(ieorge A. Daughllu, successful Re
publican contestant from the First dis
trict, expended $799.04 before the pri
mary and $12 75 since the primary.
His op|>onent. Alex R. Campbell, spent
$2<wt before the primary and paid bills
I amounting to $240 f|nce the primary
ni>uin«a. oi ine supreme court or ap
peals at Charleston, was hearing the
petition of ihe c!Cendant corporation
for a writ of prohibition directed
against Judge liennett. The writs
j»ere issued tonight, sixteen in num
ber. representing each of the com
panics opera tog under the name of
the New River company. The New
River company is a thirty million
dollar corporation operating largely in
the New River coal fields Robert H
Gross, of Hoston. is president of the
company and the majority of stock
Is alleged to be con rolled by eastern
capitalists Samuel I>ixon. of Mac
I*onald was formerly president and
genera) manager of the company. The
conflict between the stockholders be
gin several morfhs ,-ien following the
appointment of S A. Scott as the gen
eral manager of the company's projier
Meet Virginia Mill lYofit by Its
Passage—Many New Federal
Buildings Here.
Bpeiial Jeer t’h to tte Intelligencer
WASHINGTON. I». c . July 10.—
Wes- Virginia will benefit by the sun
dry evil appropriation hill’ reported
out of senate appropriations commit
tee to-dav Th" rn-nsiires pertaining
to West Virginia reported out of
this rominit-oo have already been
passed bv the house, and to-day's ac
tion means they »tl| almost certainly
questions a recommendation of its
— no «|i
| position for renominatiou. flled no ex.
t pense account.
In the Second district. William G
I’rown, who was unopposed for ro
r.omination, expended $15. Attorney
General William G Conley, who re
ceived the Hepubliran nomination,
spent $794.50 for the coveted hognr
Representative l.ittlepagc. who was
renominuted in the third district, filed
a statement 'to the effect that he did
not expend a cent Prosecuting Attor
: s- I* Avis, who will run against
■ Mr I.ittiejiage as the Republican
■ nominee, expended $238.60 to bring
about his nomination
I Representative Hamilton, of 'he
I Fourth district, ha# not filed an ux
: pense account Judge Hunter Mows.
Jr., the Repuhih-an nominee, expended
K'hT '.'i to secure his nomination
Wells Goodykoontz. of Mingo conn
tv. according to the expense lists, was
the deep^pt plunger and y«A was de
cisively defeated by Representative
James A. Hughes for the honor of
1 being th • Republican stardard bearer
in tlie hiith district Mr. Goodyknon'Z
| expended $1.772 54 while his sucre**
jful opponent. Mr Hughes, expended
lll.Okd before the primary and has paid
' bills to the amount of $24 ko since the
1 primary.
I The expense of the several candi
dates were pretty evenly divided be
tween traveling expenses; postage,
stenographer hire and the cost of gen
eral campaign literature.
NEW YORK. July 10.— Young
Thomas Franklin Manville. who was
disinherited by his multi-millionaire
father. Thomas Franklin Manville,
Sr., the head of the asbestos tmst.
because he married a show girl, may
lose his life because of his devotion
to his young t ride. The young man
has just undergone a serums opera
tion for appendicitis, ami his physi
cal condition has been so weaio-ned
by work or by the iuck of comforts
which he enjoyed before his mar
riage to pretty Florence Huber, that
his physicians hold out a very slim
hope for his recovery.
WASHINGTON, I) t\, July 10.—
President Taft has signed the joint
resolution extending the thanks of
i <'engross to Captain Arthur Henry
Unstron ami the officers and crew- 01
the Carpathia for their heroic efforts
at the ure< k of the Titanic, and the
resolution appropriating $1,300,000 foi
I the military maneuver of the organ
[Ized militia.
And ln< irlcntailv Ihe “Water
W agon” Brigade Ila\e a
l.ittle Scrap
ATLANTIC <'ITY. N .1, July i<» — '
Tin* eleventh national prohibition con
ventlon got under wav here today hut
.if three session* j>r >yr« *. <| 111tl« b*
vend the preliminaries of organization
There were development* enotigh. '
however, to Indir.ut* a nir'g'r under
current of "Insurgency" In the party. |
In the hope of ovr rtbrow my a part
of ihe existing order'of thing*. It ■*
raid, a light will he made on the ti.m• r
I for the election of a i nf tonal < hair
rr»n by the eonventlon
The feature of the day wa* the
nddre*’. of Ihe temporary chairman of
Hie cenv* ntien, (‘Union N Howard, of
Roc heater. \ V . known a* the '‘little
giant" Mr Howard denounced Col :
Knoacvelt and the ft. publican and
licraocrailc panic* In reneral f|e |
claimed that th« Prohlhl ionlsts were i
the real progressive* in politic*.
\V. already have whisky par 1
, flea and don't need another, he about,
cd Thla arouae.l the deiegatea who,
J cheered Ihe gentfnteni* of the » h .ir I
man When he denounced Colonel
Roosevelt as ‘the least desirable of
CCwwtlwnsa on Swonit g»fc |
Espeetsd fn the Canady Potto* Cats
at Augusta— forty Fiv*
•till flf. .
At'tJT'ST \ i.a fiilv lo I'hyslelana
working over number* ,.f he Cana.lr !
famtlv who were poisoned July by
eat ing food |.reoared m /in. tub, to
day feared there mlvb’ l-e addition*
to Ihe death I t of three Three
P*r*<.n .on.ioue danger.aiil. ill
Perl, ftvo were , -.l.on.-d They were
a* a famtlj reuni.ui when th.y at« life'
ci'rrmiMro on appropriations to far
as tfioy alfort xtato itonm
1 ■r a” nw<4 |7I. fur a
frdoral bnildtn<r. Morgantown wa* nl
|f>wo,| f.'n.fkio for a fodoral building
pirpuro an I f'har|o«fon allowod I7R.
f«u. for r 'palra to lt» fodoral building
A pprt'prialit n was also rooommrndod
allowing fa.Rno to t'harloaton for
main’onanro of toinforary rinartora
whllo ropair work I* iti prngr»t<* on
tho fodoral building
Within I hr Nexl |x |fntir<* fhe
Srmnd Imrwtiiration Will B*
< onrludrrl.
WAHHIItliTOV .Idly 10 Tho right
«f William l/.riuu-r of Illinois. to hl«
»oat In tho I'nltod Stair, ronato will
ho dootdod within ho non 4, hours
Thla murh loom, d rrrtatn aftor to
\ dav » aoyon hour* dlar i«»t»,n foatnrotl
bv a poor how bv ftonatora Johnson. of
Alabama, and lono» of Washington
for tho pm-?,orim« r forros
fiopld" tho rInning plon of Mr fytrl
tti»r, tho program at III Inrlndoa apoor h
making hy Honatora tsm. of Tonnovaoo
and Thornton, of Isonlaiafia, and poa
alhlr a forthor grnoral diaruaalon of
h* logal points tnynlvod 'lononM
dlar-ua ion la llkoly to pr>ai|jono art lot,
until Friday
Mr *lohn«ton, llko Sons'.,r liming
ham, dor la rod that ho wnnld votr f.,r
f/orlm»r ovon If it ooat him hta own
trat fb-natog Jonoa aaid tha tho
f'roaldrnt a “yloldlng to putdlr namor
la a blot on hla rornrd a hlrh norrr
' <n bo offa'ad ' Tho aomtor rnntond
'■I that l./,rlmor roold not pro|*.rlr ho
auhlortod to a aorond trial hit i>,«.
toatimony a* tho aoonnd lnvo«tigati»tu
ttnl- dlarroditod what had Ik—u
•rooght bofriyo and that o varato our
"ortror donaion would ho to fl\ Inio
ho far».g of all iho rouria of ( hrMrg
Former Attorney for Thaw Says
He Wanted to “Railroad”
Him to Asylum. •
_____ _
WHITE PLAINS. N V . July to —
|ThA last^of the npirt tr immny by
h leulata was given In the llarry K
Thiw bag ring today when l»r Will
iam A White, head of the Ki'der-il
asylum for the in-.'no at Washington
and tit. Charles K Mill, a k mr<<r at
, i oiumbla I niverslty on mental dta
*»r» j$»ft guv#* uh fhrlf opinion*
fha* the slayer of K'sufonl White ‘a
I now sane.
The Thaws felt that they had
I scored a point in the afternoon w hen
i It IPImn M Koleotf. formerly Thaw's
lawyer, tes'lfl. d that |n I'm.; he hid
agree,I to the Idea of sending Thaw
*« an Insane asvhim without trial.
I The TtpiWa contended that *ht« ,id
j mission dissipated Thaw's alleged de
I Ins ion Thai his cotinasl and his albn
!•**» were in a ' conspiracy” with tii»
district attorney's office in ileus to
send him to an asylum without trial
Anthony Comstock, provident of ihe
Society foy the Prevention of Vice,
told on the stand of his Investigation
of reports of mistreatment of young
women to him hy Thaw He said
'hat com:*' ona were as Thaw report
It Is believed the rae will reach
the summing up stage Monday
Will Call on Woodrow Wilson at HIS
Sea Girt Homs To day—Govgfd*
or Returns Horse.
st v <!IMT N I , July to -ttoxern
or Ml I-on reach'd tore at 7 o'clock
to-night from Iflantir City At his
summer home h« round Senator Hard
r"r ftf Maine, awaiting him The gov
"nor disc .. e.| With him the general
political situation
llaiw-y Oarher, former National
committeeman ftom min and lohn
M Met,raw Nmicn-iI committeeman
from West \ irginta rent word tu it-'
governor t|)Mt ,h>y would tall on him
IUt morrow.
State Railroad Commission Re
reived Report FYom State
Marshal Yesterday.
HARKISBI'KG. Pa.. July 10.—The
* tate Railroad Commission to-day re
ceived a report from it* marshal.
John P. Oohoney. who Investigated
thv wreck of July 5 on the Llgonier
Valley Railroad, in which 27 persons
were killed. Mr Pohoney reports
that the wreck "was the result of the
reckless and inexcusable methods em
ployed In the operation of the line,"
, particularly in the manner of running
l a passenger car loaded with excur
I siopists ahead of a locomotive.
Marshal liohoney says there wore
. ample facilities for shirting the pas
i senger car behind tho locomotive,
l which, if it had been done, would
I have caused the engine and not th‘*
j car to receive the shock of the cot
i listen. He also criticised the manner
of giving orders to engineers. In this
j case h« finds that the order to the on
] glneer to hold his train until the
! Height inilli hail —^ sed was not a
I written order, but merely a verbs!
| M essage, which the engineer either
did not understand or forgot.
[■ The railroad commission will give
the company an opportunity to an
swer before taking action on the re
! port.
General Orosco States That the
Rebels Mill Force Madero
to Resign.
i WASHINGTON. July 10.—Thirty
! Krag Jorgensen rifles and lft.Oon
rounds of ammunition will be sent
immediately to the American consul
] at Hermosilo. Sonora. Mexico, by the
: Wur department. The guns are to be
I used for protection against rebel
j raids.
\ II.1.A A lit MADA. Me*., July 10.—
I liouth no- dlscloting his imtnedlata
int. ntlons. General Oro/.co tonight ex
I pressed absolute . in fhe
1 ultimate triumph of the revolution.
It must either be the resignation
of Madero or tbe prosecution of the
revolution." he said
Kverv bridge and culvert on th"
Mexican central railrtiad north of
f'hlhualiua Is being destroyed The
wt>rk of destruction thus far has been
i completed to a point fifty miles north
lo. Onhiiahua City It will 1*. con
tinued to a point a few miles south
I of Juarez."
War Between the Two Foreign Na
tions Is Said to Be Nearing
a C lone Now.
is stated on reliable authority that
there is a good prospect of the con
clusion of peace with Italy. The de
parture of the president of the Coun
cil of State. Said Uaren. for Vienna,
last Saturday, is supposed to have
some connectioif with peace negolla
, lions.
LONDON, July 10.—There Is no di
rect confirmation ol the possible set
tlement between Italy and Turkey,
but the Idea prevails In Berlin and
other continental capitals that Mah
moud Shefket Pashas resignation is
perhaps a prelude to this.
It Is rumored that Turkey Is In
clined to yield Tripoli, provided Italy
i renounces claim to Bengazi.
Robert Brown, of Louisville Will Re
main Chief Justice of the Elks.
No Action On the Goat.
PORTLAND. Ore . July ]0.—Robert
W. Brown, of Louisville, Kj\, past
grand exalted ruler, Renevolem and
Protective Order of Elks, will remain ;
chief justice of the grand forum for
the coming year. The place on the
board made vacant by the death of i
1 John F. Donovan, of Milwaukee, Wis.,
will be taken by Edward W. Richter.'
* of New Orleans, present chairman of
! iho judiciary committee. The ap
pointments have been made hv Grand
Exalted Ruler Sullivan aud continued
by the grand lodge.
The rommitteeou ritual recommend
ed in ils report that no action be taken
in ilie matter of the lodge goat.
-!- '
| The executive order which will
| completely change the design
of .he United States five cent
| piece, probably will be issued
| h> President Tail within a few
' weeks.
J W. Frazer, the New York
artist, is working out the de
The figure of a bwffalo
has been selected for the
nickel's face, to displace the
Goddess of liberty, because It
! 1b explained rho buffalo is
] peculiarly an American animal
l The thought of the buffalo sug. j
gests the Indian, and for that
reason an artistic head of a red 1
man will adorn the reverse of
the new piece of money.
J_ _I j
I i —rji
^_ m
YORK. July 10.—His friends
n New Aork, who were nsrounded nt
he r*c«nr suicide of Nelson Taylor,
he millionaire publisher, hanker and
awyer. at his beautrul home In
*outh Norwalk, Conn., have learned
lis insane^.ct was t.ne result of a
ecrct grief which he has bee nurs
ng for moj-e than two years, which
>ogan when he learned that his pret
y and talented wife had eloped with
in officer of the Russian army. Mr.
raylor brought a splendid surprise
■ark to his American trends alter a
our of the world. At £2 vests of
ige—this wit i«v kit..; nobndv- ever
ireamed that tp. wealthy, wnddle
iged bac helor would give iii:i«Fim>nv
i serious thought. Nevertheless, he
ell in love with Mile. Allette de Car
■iere, whose father owned vast cs
ates in Kischineff. Russia, where Mr.
raylor met her The young nrlde did
lot take very kindly to America, and
nude several trips to her old home
ind back again. Hut the last trip
'be did not return, and afteT hiring
Ipecial secret agents Mr. Taylor
earned the terrible truth.
The States Have Scored Seventy-Two Points to Great
Britain’s Sixty-Five.
Duke Kahanamoku Outswam the World — Army Officer
Outpoints French Fencer.
10 Th< fina,s 'n s'x events were completed
at the Olympic to-day. and of the points, the United States scored
M. Great Britain, f.; Germany. 6; Canada. 3; Australia. 3: Finland 3
and France. 2. ’ '
The United States and Germany had the honor of making a clean
sweep in the weight-putting and 200 metres swimming back stroke *e
spcetivcly. I ngland won the greatest race of the Olympic s0 far
the 1.500 metres run. in which the Oxonian. Jackson, broke the record
hv more than 6 seconds Finland won the 5.000 metres and the fif
teen hundred metres swimming contest. The 1.500 metres race was
a gruelling contest from start to finish Abel R Kiviat and Norman
S Taber, the American representatives, came into the stretch to
gether Jackson all the way around the last lap went a terrific pace,
passing three in order to get up with the leaders. With Kiviat
slightly in ad\ance ten vards from the tyif. Jnckvin fairly leaped
ahead and fell exhausted into the arms of his friends
New Committee to M«t at Park
ersburg—Electors Asked to
Give Expre ssion*.
BT CAL F. TO no.
XatalUgsacar lnrnn.
(TharUaten. W. Ta., Jaly 10.
Twelve of the seventeen member*
of the Republican Stare Committee
were either prevent or represented
by proxy to-day when It wound up
It* business Bn,i adjourned sine die.
nfier a motion had been adopted call
ing a meeting of the new comml'tee
for 2 o'clock at the t.'hanealior hotel.
Parkersburg, on July Mth The
committee canvassed the vote of June
primary and declared the tesult. The
< nly contest before the committee
was from the Third Senatorial dis
trict The candidate* w.jre T A
Rrown and P H Markey. of Wood
county, and W R Meservle and W
H Lent*. of Rltchlo county. Brown
and Markey received the highest vote
with Meaervle third As the commit
tee caJI provided that no two candi
date* rould come from the same coun
ty. the Committee derlared Brown
and Meaervle elected
Attorney Gregory. representing
Marker, thought that slnre Markw
received more vote* than Meaervle, i
he ahonld be declared tin* of the two
. oBimitteemen from the Third dis
trict, The same situation existed in
the Eleventh district but Mr McDer
mott did not raise the question Rv |
unanimous vote the committee adopt
ed a motion that Chairman Highland
request an expression from the elee
as to whether they would or would
t.of support President Taft, and to re- ,
port to the Parkersburg meeting of
(CsitUMA gar as* Fwga )
WAMtntOToa. Jnly IS—fForsraat)
Waatam e-nnaylv isls -Ovaarwlly Fair
TbsvwSay sag Fntsyi ssotarata waat
»»* Worth weal —tags
Ohio Oaasrwlir fstr sorth, show.TV
sosth porMea Tbnrs-tay siorwlsa fsl- ,
lews* by fair; FrMar fair; meUsvwt*
wsst sa« sorshw.st —tags baromtaa
vsrlsMs Frtaay
Was- Ft rglala—toawi ghewara TktM
Aai. folio wag ha fsit truss
■ •« II" -iciiym* T rwi *ne
•cans nre disappointed to-night . this
Olympic proving that tirrat Hrita'n
an«J the I tilted States must waive
th« traditional monopoly of held
tint's other nationalities have
cet themselves rapidly to demonstrate
that they are possessed of as murh
muscle and endurance as the pioneers
In held athletics The two calamities
under consideration, so far as the
Americans are concerned, befell in
the ma'ter of distance running, and
seemed fo demonstrate that British
sportsmen contended that, however,
tinronqoersd Americans mav he ir.
I r' rr n.*s requiring q.i knr
'hey are apt to meet thety superiors
when If comes to th« test of endur
The meeting shows that the veter
ans must he reconciled to the young
er men faking their places Dhepard.
wl.o, r1 Ixmdon. was king of the
track . Mind that the youths were hts
'** •' • • In the 1,400 Ralph Move, a
fon»-r Olympic winner and record
holder, had to give first p ace to f*
.1 McltonaM »• putting the shot ihost
hand). In which the winner eg'ab
Itahed a new record of approximately
.*,0 feet 4 Inch* a
Kverythlng conatdered. the Vnltsd
Htxlea had a auceessfnl day Three
Xmcrh.rn d igs went up again for the
shot put Kight of the eleven who
qualified for the finnl teat in 'he pole
vault are Amrrtrana. and the two
rounds of trial lu the *’ihi metres
Following la the correct
• landing of the various conn
Irlca mat are competing In the
| oiymptc areata:
Points. ;
United H'a:es. jj |
' Orcat Itrltaln, Including
t'olonie* . t.t I
1 Rtiaaia. Including Fln
NM 24
j Denmark . 7
j I Norway . 7
I «»»»r . ft
(.Hungary ... 4
Oreece . 3
I Austria .. 3 I
I Holland .
•print gare the United Rtatea four
of the alt men In ihe Anal romped
In the evening Ihe Hawaiian. Ka- '
tianamok'i. outawam the world tarl-j
dent-illy l.leutenant Patton, the only I
American officer of the 42 contestant*
In the modern pentathlon, outpointed1
the champion of the French army at
fencing, and Ihe Frenchman la reput
ed to tie the heat In the world at thla
diversion Pal Ion trohahly will he
among the Aral dozen when th* Anal'
incurs la mads up. (
longmsiTun Reilly Takes* Issue
and the Two Men Nearly Come
to Blown.
WASHINGTON. July 10.—A fierce
political debate which came perilous
ly cloae to fisticuffs created a furror
In the house to-day. The partici
pants were representatives Hill and
Reilly, "of ConhecUcut. the former a
Republican and the latter a Democrat.
The trouble began when Mr. Hill,
without warning, launched Into &
political speech criticizing the labor
vtewa of Governor Woodrow Wilson.
He said Mr. Wilson. In addressing the
Princeton university graduating class
in 1!*0*. assailed labor organizations
on the ground that they made for1
“unprofitable servants” by hamper-'
Ing the individuality of their mem
bers Mr. Hill declared that the re
election of President Taft was as
“Mr. chairman.” shouted Mr.i
Reilly, “the gentleman ts much more
confident of the election of William
Howard Taft than he whs at a re-'
cent meeting of Connecticut post
Mr. Reilly held aloft a letter which
he said he had "providentially” re
ceived tt*s morning. His informant,
who had heard Hill address the Con
nre-^cut postmasters, quoted Mr. HOP
as saying there weild be many
familiar faceB missing from around
work In the nezt election than they
<1I<1 In the last," and admonishing bin
hearers to “take off their coats and
work openly for the continuation of
the administration.*’
Angrily advancing down the aisle,
Mr. Reilly declared that Mr. Hill
had personally attacked him In that
speech He r.'ioted from Mr. Hill's
alleged remarks:
“Flehold the man you have sent to
Washington to represent tnrs district.
Do you know what he is doing? He
is voting with the southern Demo
crats to destroy the manufacturers of
Mr. Reilly vehemehtly denied that
his vote was cast for tariff measures
that would jeopardize the manufac
turing Interests of the country.
“I am sick and tired of hearing tho
gentleman from Connecticut.” ho
cried, "the know-all of tariff legisla
tion, compared with whom the dis
tinguished gentleman from New York,
Mr. i*ayne Is a mere piker. No ono
knows anything but this man from
Connecticut. I say I am sick and
tired af hearing him under the gulso
of protecting the American working
men getting sip here and feeding them
with speeches on the tariff.”
Mr Reilly referred to Mr. HIH’»
speeches on the tariff as "buncombe *
Through his arraignment Mr. fill!
vainly sought to interrupt. When ho
got the floor he was trending with
anger. Standing In front of tho
speaker's desk. Mr Hill shook a
menacing fief in his colleague's di
rection and charged him with having
unfairly and knowingly assailed him
in a speech last winter.
The two Connecticut members,
with eyes ablaze, were close to each
other. A number of members shift
ed to positions nearer tL» theatre of
action. The assistant sergeanta-at
arms took up positions of vantage.
Mr Hill, however, turned on his heel
and sought bla seat.
a ■ ...
Democratic Presidential Candi
date Delivered Two Addrewes
ATI-ANTIC CITY. N. 1.. July 10— •
Governor Wilson talked for half an
hour to BOO men tbla afternoon on the
necessity of working to-day for re
sults fT-morrow, and on the evil of
Individual and national extravagance.
The governor'a audience waa com*
po*e,i of delegates to the national
convention of the t'nlted S'a teg
Ituliding and Loan league. Earlier
In the afternoon he told 1.000 resi
dents of Atlantic City and their
frlenda that fhetr town waa In need
of moral pride, that a man waa
■shamed to be caught In a dirty trick
and that a community ought to he
ashamed to be ramgbt in a dirty prac
tice "l have sometimes heard men
say that poIMies must have nothing
to do with business." he told build
ing and loan delegate*, "and that
business had nothing to do with poli
tics. vet when you think of It serb
Misty there can he no separation bw
tween buslneaa and any other Inter
est In life
"The reason we are Interested In
the fostal savings bank* snd hop*
that they may develop very much be
yond the present meagre beginning la
that we want men wbo have only
pennies to save, to save theta.
"America, among all "the other
countries |n the world, has cultivated
providence, and I think It needs a
cultivated providence wtth a hlg P.
America Is recognised as a *pend
thrift country because m America wo
think We have Inexahustlblo rw
sourees. but as our prviletton thlcg
ens snd our resources are more and
more exploited sad the difficulties of
our public problems Increase, vesta
more and more aware that ws ar#
In need of a providence la the fw
MtW.” ^

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