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Mciety b-c" c
The annual |»ralr and outing of the
"“•»» • Hon» and Fiemt Mission
•ft society of the TklN 1'rcsbvtenan
cbttfxb wtU be be.d Thursday after
noon at rb* rmnirt boot* of Frans
Patterson. at Moiart park The mem
ber» are look Inc forward to an ro
toyahle aftem<e>n and a feature of tbs
occasion will be a luntbsup served a
the evening
V. W C. A. Outing
I’cder the auspices of ib> fluting
club of the V \\ (' A. a delightful
affair will be given this evening in
the nature of a chicken and waffle
•upper, at the Stringer hotel a' hay
land Judging from the number of|
member* who have registered, the
affair will be well attended The
party will leave the Wheeling traction
. car office at 5:30 o'clock
Outing of Mcn'i Guild.
Th eannunl outing of the Mens
Guild of St. Matthew , chinch will be
held at the Oaks Wednesday evening
of this week and promises to be large
ly attended Powltng will be the prin
cipal diversion and an elaborate
luncheon will be served. The invita
tlons for the affair have been Issued
by Secretary Frank W. Powelson.
Scottish Rite Reunion.
The annual fall reunion of the
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite
Freemasonry or the Valiev of Wheel
ing. will be held in the Scottish Rite
cathedral on Fourteenth street. Oc
tober 14. 15, Ifi and 17. Several Im
portant business sessions will be held.
Including a ceremonial session of the
• Osiris temple.
B°at Excursion.
Arrangements are being completed
for a boat excursion by the Men's
Mible class of St. Paul’s Evangelical
Lutheran church and the affair
promses to be an enjoyable one The
steamer Liberty has been chartered
for Friday evening. July 2«, and a
short trtp will he taken on the river.
Marshmallow Toast.
The members of the stone church
Sunday school classes taught hv Mrs.
Elia Weldman and Mrs. II L. Mowers,
will entertain Wednesday evening
with a marshmallow toast, at the home
of Mr and Mrs Will flrandstaff. at
\ lew Point, on the Stone church road,
near Elm Grove. They have invited
, as guests the members of the Key.
store Mible class, composed of young
Anon Ladies' Auxiliary.
Catjds and dominoes will form the
main diversion of the social session
of the Arion Indies' Auxiliary on Wed
nesday afternoon After the games a
delicious luncheon will be served The
committee in charge Is composed of
Mrs Henry Weimer. Mrs W. T Sad
ler and Mrs Daniel Reeves,
Espanlta Dancmg Set.
The Espanlta Dancing Set will
dance this evening as usual at the
M hlte Palace at. Wheeling Park, and
Unlike many Other*, them M no health-d-siroytr* mcwdx-r-- m
It contains only pure, wholesome and nutritious
bodv-building ingredients that sustain life,—that give
to foods a most debcioua flavor.
lM«t os h«w|iL AM (.r«.n mUIim willf o« h (or rT,
• n up-to-date procram of dance muatr
r.aa been prepared by the park or
chcetra for the occasion The floor
i» one of the cooics: in the entire
Ohio \ alley, and a large crowd will
no doubt be pru*«-jit this evening.
Cotillion Club Dance.
The popular Cotillion Club will
uance Ht the White Palace at Wh«*-I
lug Park to-morrow evening, and. a
large crowd will no doubt be in at
tendance. The hall Is beautifully dec
orated for till n. . . xi-n. and a pro
gram of the latest dams- music will
be rendered by the- park orchestra.
Camp Fire Girla.
The Girl Guardians of the Camp
Fire had a delightful bathing party at
the borne of Miss Sheppard on Friday
evening. About twenty young women
participated in the fun while others
prepared the camp Are on the river
bank Another party was planned for
nett Friday evening and as msnv
girls as would like to enjoy the water
are invited to come.
The Camp Fire Girls are planning
a picnic at Mo/.art park for Monday
evening. July 21. and it is hoped that
many will plan'to be with the party.
Victrola Recital.
Monday evening another concert
will be given at the Aquatic club for
members and their friends The fol
lowing program will be commenced at
8:30 o'clock:
l>wellers In the WbMfrn World
. Sou**'* I land.
It « a Long Lane That Ma* No
Turning < from N-w- York Hippo
drome . i'-erie** tuuartette.
Perl* dll llrextl—Rrlllli.nt Bird
- • • .. I-ouNa Tetranzinnl
Lt*b*traum. Victor Herbert*
I re«rn* --f t.--ng Vg.i Caruso.
Italian Street Song, front Naught'
Marietta Lucy M.u.-tv
Vision of Salome Walts. .
Bohemian Orchesim of London
Rlgoleito—Woman Is Klckl.
... ■ • ■ Coiuiiantlno
I onie Along Mi Man-la
.i«rk North wood and N ., Bar**
*-a I’alonui .Soudan I’and.
Since the eitv is being swept by an
intense heat wave, various citizens
have been Interested in the condition
of the newly paved streets, and sev
eral complaints have been heard as
to the poor grade of asphalt used by
the city.
City Engineer Cooke stated that it
is only natural that the asphalt would
become somewhat softened, but the
marks which are made will not make
permanent ruts, as the same thing has
happened before and Is nothing un
About People
Movements of Individual* to and
From the City.
Mr* Nora Ferguson au<l daughter^
Misses Mary and I»rena, have re
turned to their home In Wavnesburg.
Fa . aftej- visiting Mr. and Mrs. T H
Morgan. <»f the South Side,
i Howard U Ray. president of the
K«in Club of the South Side, Is at
f'leveland. O., on a business trip. He
it> accompanied hy Edward Uaughan
Roy Jubnson. La-land Morris and
j Henjamtp Morris, all of Farkersburg,
will bo enteriained at the home of
Mr and Mrs. Frank E Armbruster.
of Woodtawn, during their stay hero
i to participate in the tri state tennis
I tournament.
Mr and Mrs Walter Stockiey. of
Fairmont, who are here to attend and
take part In the tennis tournament
Will be the guests of Mr. and Mrs
Jesse llloch, of Pleasant Valley.
Miss Emma Allen, of New * ’umber.
Pnd. W. V*. is spending several days1
J In Elm drove as the guest of frtenda. j
Mr. and Mrs. Ilenr^ M Russell. Jr, ]
ar. so.-tiding two weeks at I.och- I
! I.ynn Height*.
Mr. and Mrs. e»r«nn Brown of
Pleasant Valley, Marshall county, re
turned home last evening after a visit j
with l»r. and Mrs. A. F Ruble, of Elm
Marry Halbtt resume* hts dud. a
at th-- Atlantic and Pn.lflr Tea store
this morning after enjoying a week's
i vacation Iti ramp tip Big Wheeling
■ ere* k.
Mr and Mrs william Hague, of We*1
Elnlev. Pa., nr.' iyx n.ling a few davs
In Elm drove as the guests of their
daught r. Mrs. It K. Kevser,
Miss Tennb* Neff and Mis* >f*ry
Beattie, -if East Liverpool, spent Sun
d iy ns th- gu-sts of Miss Ethel Haw
ley. of Patterson.
Mr. and Mrs t'barles Bell returned
la.-t evening to thejr home In Cam
bridge, Ohio Mrs. ft*.;; ha* been
spctuljpg a w-.J< as the guest .>f Mr
and Mrs. Joseph Warden, of Elm
Hiram Foret, of M/mtpeller, Ind.
Is spending several days In this vlm-ln- {
i Itv. visiting relative*.
; Francis I. Ferguson hss returned from
a three days auto trip through Wet lei
'county and the western part of Pann
Man It. lateok. of Huntington. W Va
Is visiting friends In Wheeling for the
next few davs.
.Tories R. Wlllison. of Fairmont. Is
the gueet of hts sister. Mr* R J
Tbrnmas. of .'■hapim* staeet
Harry T. Harrison, of Providence. R
T. trill >»\ e te-dsy for hi* horns after
spend'ng a few day* In the city.
James Hartley, of Threndeth street.
A “Step Up”
Waiting .
v\ hen somethin# holds one hack the
cause is often found to he an unsuspect
ed habit—such as coffee or tea drinking.
Caffeine, the drug in coffee and tea.
interferes with digestion; has a destruc
tive effect on nerves and brain and
causes various ills which handicap one’s
physical and mental power.
If this is found true in your case,
the thing to do is to quit the cause—
coffee or tea ami shift to
It is a palatable beverage made of
wheat and contains rich f^Hnl elements_
including the* natural Phosphate of Pot
ash. especially required for rebuilding
the tissue cells of nerves arid brain.
P'rstum is a rebuilder.
Head letter to right.
For quick convenient serving, try

It Won the Banker.
"At the age of seventeen I was
thrown on mv* own resources," writes
th. eashler ..f « Western Hank, and
being low In nnarw eg j itv.-d at a
1 heap boarding house where they
served black c oTee three times a dnv.
At first mv verv nature rebelled
but I so *n became aeruafomed to It,
and after a while thought I could not
get along without It.
T worked hard during each school
Mm ff was attending cullege» anil
taught country school between time*.
"At the ( nd of three years I had fin
•shed mv e.,urse m■ nerves too. and
I went back to the farm to rest up
This did me some good but I kept on
drinking roflTe# rot realising thst It
caused mv trouble, utid Irter accepted
•» position In a bank
"Abou* *hte time j was married and
n»y «e.| i.ilntan* es • ailed me Slim
i'r. the ndvlee .f a friend, mv wife |.e
gan to serve | irn and she made It
I ft ■' il |b *| • . nitn -
utes after telling actually startsi. I
Hked It and hav. used it ga-lustveiv
* * r tfiiee - ears | sru no linger duh*
<1 slim, n* *•!«»' has In reused
• " pounds aed T hs'e nei • es to s*atid
anv s*ram w fftr-it a dlf*ch And I
ha*» In-r. i*e.| m- sa'arv and rm
s'are* *.f t ens a I an w -rfc ti
hti'ift A -t** •' 'Hlj fof
uf v
v%ft - r>* 'f. • * V «♦ -tr* . f »tfj«
P ■ I T
*»•**• li*«, if. ^|«
I There s a Reason * for Postum
Pamtvm C C nf ,H). I mm+'4 K.rtW (
~ — ~ ■ -—■
L' • Lawwbyw Taw#* rPa,i
Cfc“r** ** N*» Piain'ia Cceti
re»m Imi L.varpaal
le It- IcWf IjT^ f rHl-f pr **' Y
,h' ***"c**n4 Presbyterian church at
°h,° >'»’T4a> rr-ach
C4 him Ina ..sural sertn.n a» th. pastor
the Mon, church at Elm *ir..»e.
arid he w*. ar.et.-d ,h. m..rnin(
^ero.e b> one of ,h.. Ur«e„ ,ui||rn^
in the hi<t»a> ,.f ,h„ r„ ,r. h. Taklrut
for hla teat Mark ,s h(J| .,rm„n
wa» very eloquent and lmpre.au e.
and was well received by the ...mere
,***'' '* ,h' bf'h pastor of
the historic old Stone church. The
congregation ha* le-en without a pa.
tc.r since th.. rt signution of Rev \v
E. Allen now of New I umherland!
■ ast October. Ihiring that time sev
eral ministers have preached hi the
church as candidates and among them
was Rev. letw.lbn He Impressed
the congregation favorably and as a
result a call was extended to him a
fc w Weeks ago. which he accepted.
No arrangements have as yet been
made for his Installation, hut It will
probably lie held In September He
expects <o remove his family of a w ife
and son. to Kim Curve ihls week and
will enter upon a months vacation
A -rust l. Rev. l.ewellyn Is about “IT
yc irs of age. and has a pleasant dls
potlon and strtkjng appearnnee. He
has beqn pastor of the Kast I.tverpo..|
church for five years and during that
time made a host of frlqnds, not only
In his own congregation but through
out the town.
KNPORTTION Park. PA. July It —
1 Topping ion feet when his engine
stopped running In a high gale. Karl
Sandt. a Well known Erie Pa . aviator,
was peyhap; fatally Injured here late
today. ||c- is suffering from concus
sion of the l rain, two broken ribs, con*
THfiinn* or * n<* and It i» believed
internal injuries.
has u epteil A position with the Balti
more ,v 'Hilo Railroad Company.
Ml" Maillil.i Krb nn<l Mr*. Mary War
npr. of this city. will leave to-day for
a three weeks visit with friends in New
York, lloston a: I Atlantic city
Mr August Itempke. accompanied hv
hi. wit- and family, left last evening
for New York Clt
weeks at the eea shore.
Mr and Mrs Weaver and family, of
Kollo P»lpt. are spending a few weeks
at River View Heights. Letart Kalis.
<‘hap Watson, of tha National Tube
Company, of Benwood. left last evening
to open 1 a few weeks vacation at Atlan
tic City. N. J.
1'nimet Vermillion and Dirk Pratt left
Ratrudray afternoon for a vacation on
the t treat lakes
M's# Nell Loehman, of Kourte«nth
stieet. ta visiting hew brother, Harry*
l.oehman, at bis home, at Youngstown.
Jesse Mlpkins. Jr. will leave thla
evening for a few days visit with rela
tl'es at Zanesville. Ot.lo.
Mr and Mrs. Robert Marshall left
Saturday afternoon for a few week*
vacation at Atlantic city
Miss • arollne peter will leave to-day
for a e .rt visit with friends at Buf
fa.lt*. N. Y.
Mrs Ralph Walters. • f Fast McCol
lnc)i street left Satruday fur a vial!
with friends at Ml Lake park
Miss Janet Moss, of the Island. Is
spending a few days the g'lest of rela
tives at Akron. Q.
Clajenie Ree l. „f Fast Wheeling, will
leave to-<lay for a few w eeks i tsit wild
friends at Atlantic city
James ikN.llius, of Sjencer. is s bust
news .alter In the city for a few .lavs
Harry Rond Is re|H*rs- 1 to |.e iniprov *
Ing very nicely at his home on R|\.
teent.1 Street, where he has been mu
fined to h'*me for aevrswl »lays ill
Mr anl Mr. William A Helfenblno
left <sfiir*lay for Atlantic Oty. to spend
H f **« X.vat >n
Harry Neuman. * f I’tttshiirgh. is
Spending a few day* the guest of rela
tives in this Ity.
II rrv Howard Is *p. n l ng a fswr days
the guest of relatives on Fourteenth
street, and wi'l leave the latter part of
the w e. k tor 111* home In * levelun |. II.
•.***** .0
• — °- 9
By Rulh ( am«Ton
w- ■ ■ ■ .......... ..0
father mi>< I ran '
an I »ay
“Util fa'hor ray* ——*’
ll.nt will do. I’biilp Htin ri*h» along now and don’t rav anv*htn*
for- utilera >«mj wart m«- to take you right home"
T’ ’’ To'iriartor turn oil iway wuh an ohwMnate look op Ida atna’i faro
w <h -o«vrii.,| •„ «*,. Jurt wait tut | t..f father to bark mo* While u*«
I'* I" r- w|"‘ *at tiOMl.lo mo on th.- bom b in the park ga\- worriod
*i«li I* waa apparently a fami'tar «|tnation with whirh
rto- war do t inn and <| i *o o\|y id* w tui h r* o d' J
not Pko
• 'an you l-latne her*
It )* in * tb« ..*)•** »hit.y In tho sor d in thou*
— •
rtoi i « aknP-nrr »tth a'. *bo ,.f >ho<r un"o-|
au t.onty w bat i* k* . •. taipv : iher »hoft to
! »o • dn tod aria'*- y .;>•
s ,||Kt««> * * *-. «rf» , «j;rr^tf.< rt .r* m t* 1*-.~
I *• W Itr« »1*» + rtm * * • \» ••• «• *
\K* . • 1
Jr t Probac. wtriun of tbs
JVrvooo. Work -**•*• of ikf Y M
*' *• ««fim d a largo audtsar* last
cxeamg to the bccwsd PnakrtfriU
church H'a talc «aa iat*m(tag and
■*• Mali rwoml
t»**'i«g of a <00101 it too of tho 1
Ohio Valley Auto clab wtU bo bold |
Thursday ereatng la tho o«Vo of
'l°w*er A li>»l»t to confer with a
1 nDlmI*tee of M<>un<l»vilie autotata re |
girding a mass meettag to be beld at :
Phillip# groce. Marshall county, in
the near future The meeting will he
hebi In the Interest of the good roads
A force of men are smpleted at
present by the He*! K.tate Saving*
1 "irpim, Eleventh street, between
Main and Market street remodeling
the property recently purchased The
, new bank Mill he readv for business
I about the tlrst of October
- Th- annual outing of the G. A P.
' will l.e neld at Blaneya Grove at
i Roneys Point oq Monday. August 12.
1 The Wives and the member* of the
Womens Relief Corps Mill *1*0 be in
■ittendenre. The affair will b- on the
ordvr of an old fashioned basket
picnic. Special ears will convey th*
1 veterans to the resort over the city
| and Kim Grove lines,
i - The juniors and Intermediate* of
! the Wheeling Y M <\ A., will be . nter
| ,alned Mlth nn outing tomorroM- and
will Is* .n charge by Clarence N'ew
land assistant secretary. The party
will bav- the building at S>:30 and
will go direct to Moiindsvllle M-h<re
th*-v will visit the penitentiary, camp
ground* nnd the historic Ind an
-Installation of officers will be h-ld
Thnrsdav ev. nlng July 25 by Excel
sior Council No. 4 Daughters of I.lb
<rty, the meeting will be presided over
by .Mrs. Kate Put*.
—Today is general pay day for the
city employes, the members of the
and hte ctiy officials will receive their
pay at the office of City Auditor
i lelger.
—-MIss ox, who has been directress
at the TM'enty-sIxth street play
grounds for the pagt sev-eraj months
has been transfered to the new play
ground* on th- Island.
—The Paxton Memorial fountain
Is getting a complete overhauling. rt ;
1 is le Inst putot. d. anil the l.aeln is hens: I
« ir-.m'-'j. i in* n iik.iutm ar« peing
kept in a l»ox during th«* cleaning. j
It ^ Hk«ly that the Wheeling ;
i lodge of odd Fellow* will hold a boat j
H thl* year Im U ad • f tlM Kr awn il •
j picnic, and arrangement* are being
made for t at pr. rent. The affair will
be gjven »'»m* time next month, and
J it Is thought that the steamer I.iberfy
will In- • bartered for the occasion.
A meeting of the text book *• »m
| rnittee «*f the Hoard of Education will
j be held thi* afternoorv The rommirt-,.
1 on salaries will al*o hold a meeting '
- this e\eriing. when several matorr^t '
will ■ • thw comoiti
On Saturday . Attorney K. P. M>-- i
N» app* *r d before the hoard of
review and equalization and presented
hi* appeal f«»r the rehearing for a re- ;
duction on the estate of E j Stone. '
The property t* situated on South !
Front street and a reduction of JT.Dfto I
was asked and $2,500 granted. The '
! board granted the r# hearing.
A liberal reward ha* been offered
bv lteutor Brother* for Information
I roncernlng the shooting of their little ■
fox terrier dog Spot.” The ranine*
w-4* .a harm leas little creature and
wa* never known to molest anyone ’
and wa* a favorite among the people !
who knew* him. a* he wa* eonsidered
one of the b«**t little rat killer* in the J
e11\*. The shootTng oc«-urre«| last Frt
dav and everything I* being done to ,
save him. but it is not thought po**iM«.
a the*phot * red the ahouldpr Xn
arrest »*f the guilty party will mean
severe punishment.
Canton Won.
AK1:1 o lul| I' Canton lefeat
e*| Akmn to-day. 5 to 1. Score
Fan...100200500 — 5 * j '
I f 4
Batteries lloimquist and Texter;
I*roJi and Fohl.
A Great Year.
"I « I not llr« alwat * said he.
XVtfhln this w..rld so drear.
But ! am gla-l f ! j\ #• to *#>e
Tht* |-r«**identlil year.**
— 3
Seconds of
Men's Porosknit
Porosknit Underwear sells
the world over at 5oc the
garment. These we offer
you are seconds—that is, *
slightly imperfect or soiled.
They’ll wear good, though, *
and are an economical buy
for you. Shirt sizes 34 to
44. Drawer sizes 30 to 42.
The Hub
Head to Foot Outfitters i
14th and Market St.
I _.
Dress and Suit Sale
r---"T|— -7|
Dresses Suits
Women s $10 and $12 | S7 50 , inen Suit*. $.1.73.
''a* q-iL r'>!'!en ,rRenc Practical, cool, summer \
*nd f\k Drosscs- now rc* Linen Traveling Suits for
u c outing or everyday shop
$4.75 j; $3 75
Choice of the Finest Silk
Suit in the House
Former Price*, $35,00, $37.00, $40.00, $45.00 *
now $18.50
.. .
Waists Linen Coats
$2 00 Lingerie WaiM, in || As attracfjve Summer
htgh ..r low neck model*, i c, ats as thc makcrs kncw
regular value $2 00. rc- j, how t0 de5iRn. Pon(tc.
duccd in Linen, in Cra*h $fi SO
Cl OCT ping wear. ttO 7^
O 1 ,Z*J reduced I O
jEO. landmesser
’lO»T«lfT »rttvm MAP »ltl
arrrt Lmoitiio ai.m«
• *« * • ' • *
m •« «
r»'«l mt J
^ ft* **’r\4t 4ft IX
i-*‘‘ * ’ * ' I *- • <*1 » *►. W ' »«
• k ■»«» <t. irM*.
Spring Chicken
;MtC r» S
| (JJ MUTT r.lirvrrj»

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