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It never seemed to be necessary to ring a bell or blow a trumpet to get
Ueus an audience He went up into a mown am aad ibe people came to
Him. He opened His month and said “Blessed"* He went down to the
tbore and tbe people thronged upon Him until He stepped Into a boat and
made a pulpit of It. speaking from the lake whose placid bosom was an •m I
b em of the peace His doctrine produces. ... In three Incomparable psr
mblrs Jmui directs th#* minds of men to tbe transcendent I y Ifnportsnt fsct !
that when man. individually or collectively, operates in harmony with law
be can rest assured that all the forces ot the universe will cooperate with
Him . . . Jesus doe* not minify the humsa_part On the contrary He
magnifies It. For example, there must be wise -election of seed and soli 1
Tbe latter mu«t be prepared at the right time and In the right manner So'
•Iso the sowing. This Is man s part. Dut this done, the sower can cease
from labor Hi ra* even afford to sleep For In the meantime there will be
that noiseless, inconspicuous but mighty germinating springing up sod grow
lag The powers of the universe are pledged to It and Insure It. It Is the co
operation of Hod. Inexplicable It Is true, but none the less certain and be
neficent. . . . By another parable Jesus, teaching the same truth In gen
•ral. accentuate* one phase In particular. He contrasts the Rmall beginning
with the gre.it proportion* of the kingdom finally attained It had gone In o!
a proverb that the mustard was least of seeds. That is not literally so )
Jesus was not talking a* a forester, but as a moral teacher who uses lan
guage with which hts hearers are familiar. A mustard seed is smaller thHn
a grain of wheat, but produce* a growth large and strong enough to support
birds which the wheat stock casnot. , . . The final parable use* that uni
versal. domestic miracle, familiar to all. and to which a dignity attaches oe
cause It has to do with the making of the staff of life.
Jesus likens the kingdom to living things: wheat, mustard, yeast. He
. "a8 not ,he teacher of a metaphysical theology or a philosophical dogma or
the founder of an ecclesiastical establishment. He said. "The words I spenk
•re Spirit and Life!” Accepted, they create a character which yields tho
fruits of a right life. . . . Jesus’ teachings, however, need to be dissemi
nated as seed Is sown They need to be cast Into the soil of the human
heart The means of accomplishing this are many, but among them tht
, Christian ministry is easily chtef Any mtnister who does not recognize this
as bis supreme function msses the mark. . . . Subordnate to this are
Bible teaching, conversations, literature, and that silent but mighty power of
example which Jesus describes as "salt” and "light." . . All arguments
from the mere rapid spread of Christianity are fallacious, for some
■on-Chrlstias systems have also had rapid growth. The question is not so
much one of quantity, but quality. Whar are the fruits of the svstem com
Pigred? The effects ot Christianity being such as they aer. humanity is to he
felicitated upon its phenomenal spread. . . . The obverse of the parable
Is true There is also a principle of moral death as well as moral life. It
can be propagated in the same way. namely, by precept and example. It
constitutes the kingdom of darkness and death, in opposition to the kingdom
• of light and life.
Modem science has failed to find the slightest explanation of what the
life In a seed Is. . . . The special mental capacities for which certain men
have become eminent were a!l acquired . If It had been possib’e ro
have examined the brain when he was tour vars old. there would not have
been found one of the singular brain-folds which he has when he is sixty,
because' e made all these latter by persistent exercise. . . Habits are
due to pathways through the nerve-centers . . . We are apt to estimate
the merit of our good deeds according to the struggle we make in doing
them, whereas the greater our virtue the less we shall have to struggle in
order to do them Accordingly, he doee no duty without being goaded up
to It is conscious of much more virtue than he has. while he who does every
duty as a thing, of course Is unconscious of his virtue simply because he i
has so much of it. . . The leaven works by personal contact. A box of '
* leaven on a shelf never leavens and meal.
Jesus Always Got an Audlesce.
On Mountain-top or Shore..
Three Incomparable Parables.
Direct to One Transcendent Truth, viz :
Operating In flarmony and Law.
All Forces of I'nlverse Co-operate.
Human Part Not Minified.
On Contrary, Magnified.
Sow Seed: Nature Does Rest
Mustard Small Beginning Great Proportions.
Domestic Miracle, Yeast in Dough.
Young People’s Devotional Services.
July 21, 1912. Proverbs 4:1-9.
A student with only a certificate—not a diploma—form a certain instl- i
» tutlon met the president on the campus year* aferwards and said "Doctor 1
I don't seem to he doing ns well as I ought to; I wish you would tett me
what is the matter." The President said, blankly. "I thlpk vou lack common
sense " Some time afterwards the student met the President and said "I’ve
corrected fh*»-«ttle fault you old me of!" Common sense (g an endowment
If nature has sot given It, there would seem to be no remedy Once pos
sessed, responsibility Is entslled.
In the Churches
8t. .Tame*' Kvangetiral Lutheran
Church. 1409-1411 Chaplina ntreet.
Rev. A W Werder. paetor The *er
▼Ice* and meetings during the week
■will be Sunday. *eventh Sunday
after Trinity, 9:30 a m, Sunday
•chonl and Tllhl# cla*a. 10:30 a m..
German »errice». and on Monday, Sun
day achool teacher*' mee'ln* at <i p
m All are Invited to attend the*e
aervlee* Com* and brtn* your
St Jintu Bvanaeltral chapel, Kim
Grove, w V* The nervine* and meet
Inc* dnnnc «he week will be Hun
day *evepth Sunday after Trinity, la
a m . Sunday acho«>i *nd fttble * !**«.
and on Tuetwlav evening Sunday
•chool «e*rh»rw’ meeting Thurwdav
ever 11,* rhotr r« hear**! All arw in
▼tied to attend thew* pert ( m
7*t*e street V K church corner
Seventeenth ard Jptnli »»Crete Hev
Millard f l*r tehard, t*wntor |«
e'eloek a it j- M|> wrwvbip eohyret
of eerr- on The Hoiow• ,n o' -1>.
t»ad II a to Surdav echo'd we#
^ I TR<»H t |l
7 f» * «*• t.Mr* John
A Lnt+mu. *»• %*!*•* : I . ir M-rmran
bv tfce peetor ewfc-er* i.ieM t.f
• U N* »*i* ftfvp* *-• r%rw*i |
r»c rp«' r*h
t e.. g g^rr*
Hmt it *1* A rw«ft*
' '%•(*' > Afs»o v p « ,rr fc
nbgplhN »»#^ ll^ I# A Mim»fiM
isst A-v«w*« V »•
II li • A tM “ « I • # mmm
Nif II I It | » « * Ui » r
V *• * *’*** *• #Fi* * * '•?
__f n# • «
r'TlaL''^ *—
Set feeder • * f None paetor W rm
W* aerttce at ;a la r-Ce»rk C, Kt .be
ffvsfi fkf 0Sf ▼* .• |f 7 V »Mh|Sd« T S*>
Rea * ku cow»«a. -V a* ikttd >a a I
arrtrs of addresses entitled "Men Wo ■
Meet," will be given Sunday school
at 9:30 a. m , and Bpworth I/O-agtie at
p m.; mid work services at 7:43
Trinity Rvnngeliral Lutheran rhurrh
33315 Ruff afreet, Hov. < baric* |» Kit- |
ter, paator Sunday school. 9:30 a. m.
Preaching aerrlce |<» 30 \0 evening
service Thla will be the laat aervtre '
rondurted by the pastor before leav. !
Ing on hia varatlon.
Klrat 4‘hrlatlan rhurrh. Rev W H.
Field* patter Crnhlna'lon aervlre.1
beginning with ftlhle arho>>l at 9 30.
It I' Tn*ei|, superintendent. com
mun:on. lo 90, aervlre clone* *t 11. I
J P S i K, 0 43. evening service j
. 4 autijeef • Ml|ati ", praver aervtre
Wednesday evening 7 43 July 2*th
will h" the las' aervlr* In the old
rhurrh Special aervlrea on that day
< hr1»» l.utheran rh irrh. Pleaeant
ll*lah!a Mezar* Rev R f Sn.der
paator seventh Sunday after Trtni'y.
S’indav *>hnr.| a* 9 » a m . chief
•ervlce *• 1” * r, They* win he
a la an fe’e end rofieer* oft the rhurrh
lann im Monday ever.’ng On Thura
lay July r'th. the S .n-lny school w|l|
P a* Pane?\ gr t» Special car*
will Hour r 9«i a m
r,fW Waprirt t li .ft Twelfth and
a’ree*a f K Itrtaiaaiaol ywtrit
4ihle erboni 9 • In morning wot
•h | 1* 10 t ilrtn .ad r.w manuet
' 1 nunc People*'
tnrrttna g I event** a' fatty J aft
T'e (water will freerfc t* mec*
;r* ard M'a# I ■ ra Pa''*fva r»f
ttaata Op*' will .peat * . ** even
ft M>aa Pa’temm ha ■ 9a4 a ta
markable Mgedear. >* the ana* and
with rtwra and (rawer *f >he
- eeia eater rg t* the earn**
i ngdem tew *v »e •.. hear her
The («t.. We. a*-.r Zaadtt far
a brief mm and a art «aa ’t>*t *|
mew ter* ad he tkar 4 he in attend
**'* •• 4b* wteatva ewe ant* bd «bm
'•w*“b will tvwt ftae «■:•*** fbe ab
" " V f»'«f he.* wealds and
Third Ihi abt'eel** ekatrk
7 t*« ♦ *4f * t h and Irow free a J P l
■ * .hha.t J. . n*» an a. f ..brw
Peraehtftd a’ ta I a *1 and yehh.-h '
itppH rnfn,f
il liana iwatwr dabbai* ecbuo? i
"Jmmt 3my"
Tfc» r mi hhk tm m lew.
«r C+m.
A «ad hack pnpmJ is • mimtm.
T*k* - ■Itiri,. AAkrHOELKTS.
MT Other* arc mWfnfin—
9 Jo a. tn Edward Roger*, assistant
superintendent. In rhargw; worship.
10:30 a m and 7 30 p m sermons by
the pastor Morning topic. The Be
liever's Hidden Blfe.“ Ths evening
•ervicw is In charge of the young
women of the church Subject of ser
mon. "Our Girls; What Will Be Their
Choice-'; Kp worth league. «:45 p m.
topic. "The Advantage of a Religious
Home." Miss Caroline Spargo. leader;
Boys- Brigade. Monday 7:.to p. m ;
prayer meeting. Wednesday 7:45 p.
m.; class meeting and choir rehearsal
Friday 7:4a p. m. All arc cordially
First English Butheran church, 35
Sixteenth street. W. S. Dyslnger, pas.
tor. 71 Sixteenth street. The usual
worship at 10:30 a. m and 7:45 p. m.;
Sunday school, 9:30 a. m.; prayer
meeting, i:45 Wednesday evening;
Sunday school at Wnrwood. 2:30 p.
m. Welcome.
Second Presbyterian church, corner
of Chapline and Fourteenth streets.
Rev. J. H. Bittell. D. D.. paator. Tho
pastor will preach at 10:45 a. m. No
evening service. Tho Sabbath school
and Bible classes at 9:30. Wednes
day evening prayer meeting at 7:45.
Hope M. E church. H. W. Flana
gan. pastor. Sunday school. 9:30 a.
m-: preaching service, 10:45 a m ;
class service. 7 p. m At S p. m an
address will be given by Hon. W. P.
Robinson. 1 stial Fevlces throughout
the week. All are invited to these
Vance Memorial Presbyterian
church, J M. Potter, minister. Ser
vice at 11 a. m. No evening preach
ing service Sunday school at 9:45
a m. Subject at morning service, "A
Righteous Plea Before a Wicked
Court." Young Peoples’ meeting at
7 p. m.
First Presbyterian church, corner
of Chapline and Thirteenth streets
Rev. W. A. Cook. TV D. minister. Ser
vice at 1^:10 n. m. No evening ser
vice. Sabbath school and Bible class
Hi Q-ir. a m M___1-1 _. .
Eighteenth street at 2:30 p m Prav!
er meeting Wednesday at 7:45 p. in!
Zion Lutheran church. 2118 Market
street. Rev. A. L. Henze, pastor.
Seventh Sunday after Trinity Sun
day school at 8:15 a m. Chief service
at 10:30 a. m. There will be no ves
per service until September. T^ie
lleneficlal society will meet on Tues
dav evening The Wheeling District
Luther league will meet on Wednes
day afternoon and evening In the
Lutheran church at Moundsvllle. A
good program will be rendered Sup
per will be furnished by the Mounds
vllle league. The annual outing of
the Sunday school and congregation
will be held on Thursday at tllanev's
grove special cars will leave 18th
street at 8:30 a. m . and win stop at
every corners coming up town. Spe
eial ears will also leave Mozart Park
at the same time A band will furnish
music all day on the grounds.
Preaching In the Simpson M E
ehsirch, KolT street, Sunday 10:45 a
m subject "The Chosen few" 7:50
p ni suberf "tied our light, and
abundant giver ” Sunday school at
? 30 p m P M P A. Jefferies, supt.
Epworth league at fi:4*. to 7:f.n r> nt.
Jas E Moe, prest Prayer Sunday
momlng 0am llr W Wright,
leader Class meeting Tuesday anti
Thursday nights Wednesday night
the personal workers and prayer meet
ing. the instor will speak on the sub
ject of remembrlng Jesus" C W W.
Jenkins, pastor.
St Johns E v I Tot. Congregation
W i} I'ufert. pastor Next Sunday
service at 10 .:«• and Sunday school at
3am No evening service Next
Wednesday picnic of the Sunday
school In Planey's grove Extra rars
leave the cpy at 8 a m . from corner
Chapllne and 18th streets n-i.o
round trip 20 cent* can ho had any
lime, capecially on Sunday before or
• Per th-aervlre from th<* paator or
Prof Hhimenberr. Wm n H„*e. and
t imer Kmnaki.pt Pur'her announce*
menta In church
^arwoc*d f'hrtatism church corner
Richland avenue and 17th afreet Rev
J C Pryor, paator Hlble arhon! at
9 4ft a m Sermon and f'omman'on
at I* 4'. <*hn»tian Ktidcawr at 7 11
p m Sermon at 9 p m nectar
midweek prayer m-etlnc Wcdneati.y
Running Sores Vanish
*ae Cara D,«te».t atooa Taeetfcla
•*"« I«cn LlWa Mafic_Caeaa
tcl»»* halt *Mwe a>t
Maata Litcaea.
W, IM ma aa*4«d»t Me-.ee* ae
•a«t a
Ttw-oaaeda hare h leveed im dar
the. heard of Sen t .,ra f.w a
•h aar.de «# knteoa ia 4aoV> |fa
Woadarhil quick Mtkt| baa n« r <-f
kaa tr«ed fr*.* teerihle ifitriwa -a
c* Snf* | ■ fin
*•**’*! *• iuptf m
**•» **"* m»<kn ea —at*.,
aara tee, tee t aa tarad <a»H
•*'*< <*—»»««’ aMe It* Cara 0*eq
h 'w» s Mtrlt a ad wltfcnw* teat
T7 Twelfth era.* na W II If* nt.
me .r tlh 9- * free, narte-t *
*0* •»» "• the Itaakht atatlaael
ahe*. aad fer hare, hmtaea arahte
'rrwtad fer* rh ih«a na hetla car
hwm-laa ante a n ea l«rk*na pt.ee
•■met hark if at* .«• ailed
Saw I wa nmiaer ta *. and *tkr a
lar irawire a ad* „l««ti ,
-k w ht aa t a Haa t „ j
ftw-ea the hea* a* IWe»*l anar Jft I
cca Huh|e« M«4k«I Ca, Ttlaa |
*Uia. la
******* 8 b "» Sunday arhool
Tburaday July 25th Member*
and fner.da Invited to attend, pteee
of holding picnic will be announced
Best Sunday
81 Matthew a Church, corner Flf
'eenth and Chaplin* a:rwe»*. Ho*.
Leonard W S Stryker, rec or. aer
Tlc** for the Seventh Sunday after
Trinity. July 21at- Holy communion.
* a. m . Sunday arhool. *:15 a. m.;
morning prayer and aermon. 10 30 a.
ni. Rtr. J R Mathewa will conduct
aerrlcea at St. Paul ,. Kim Grove,
evening prayer and sermon. 7:45 n
Warwood Preabyterian Church.
Twentieth street, near Main Kdgar
W i>ay. pastor -Sabbath arhool at
S 45 a. m.; morning service at 11 a.
m. There will be no meeting of the
Endeavor society until the first Sun
day in September. The temperance
meeting announced for Sunday even
ing has been put over until a later
date, and instead Rev. W. A Cook
D. 1).. pastor of the First Presbyte^
nan church of Wheeling, will preach
rraver meeting Wednesday at 7:45
P. m.
First Presbyterian Church. Elm
Grove. Teaching service at 10 o’clock
Lords Supper 11 to 11:15. No preach
ing in morning. Y. P. S. C. A.. 6-45
o’clock Preaching at 7:45 by Rev A
T. Cos Subject. A Demin Christ or
no Savior.
Second Presbyterian Church, cor
ner Market and 12th street* nev
Charles 11. McDonald. D. D pastor
Services at 10:30 a m . and 7:45 p.
tn.; Sabbath school Bt 9:15 a m ;
t hrfstlan Endeavor meeting at 7 p"
m.; Prayer meeting Wednesday at
’ 4.6. p- m Thp pastor will preach
Sabbath morning on Faith, ’’the last
discourse In the scries on Aids to
< hristlan Living. ” And in the eve
ning ’ The Dower of the few "
OIL TneTgas
frlelT fn.2mhr- *u- Of the Blue
field In Kanawha county in ntlll
furnishing Home good producer* «n.l at
! * C“m' “ B,x”1 ,rjri> are not bet
ter than light pumper*. On Klk r'ver
the OhU IMe, Ol, Company ha. comp?*;
located A ‘‘ ,Uv" farm
located 1^0 feet west of tha Walnut
ronk N° 3 on rail
*a Jfht 0f Wa>- *n«* ‘he well nro.
The' imMal'3"'1! '"f f'"' ’•«’-» hour*,
i Me IfUtl&i production of thu w.n
any Ufe ron»P*etion in the
norihwifft extenalon.
In the northeast extenalon. between
the railroad and Klk river the Walnut
reek oil < nmpany has completed No t
on the Coni A Coke ft. R. rlirht of way
pumper h*V* b,>l,er ,h“'‘ a ,w barrel
"0"',!W4“9t extension. Iwlow
Plnvh creek, the South Penn oil <om
KVp-%°n ,h- f'rr l *! *f>n- r farm.
, /.’.'e * north of ,h« » retiden
?! f" 0,1 Company a No i ,.n a part
V tk* Car in. produced ttiu barrela
the first twenty-four hours.
Blua Cr**k Otofei.
The product ion of the Hlue Cn+k field
has settled do*,, to . pretty even pace
The new wells are „f B t„at pre
xenta any noticeable decline In the dally
output of the f.e,d. The wells .tld
farms producing 60 or more barrala a
l*.o 'In' n“ a0""** Oho' K'1-1 CHI Noa.
1 t » 10 Rarth-Si hwurtr., 1*0 barrel* v0.
1 and 2 K K * W K Myers. 70 barrel.
t e, ‘}r.“r!-K M>*"C 65 barrela;
I. * J *nJ * J N Keeten. ion harrela;
Nm 1 ? tVhtte. 4.16 barrels.
• I. - and « A I* Hava 2«n barrela;
< nine < openlaver fattn <16 wellsi. ajo
J"" 1 *° 4 Thumm heirs. 390
b!rre r S'”* J J M Youn*- »»"
e, N , 7, K‘!,M rrtr* .I4-' bar
rel. v , '? * 1 •" Newbouae, to bar
rels. Noa I to 4 S s Moore. s.,0 bar
rela No 2 J N Price. 76 barrel.. N„ .
W 1. Booker. 24o barrels. I’niled Fuel
M biTV'-" 1 *° * K-"b belra
N,.'» 1 »" -I I- A Wise. 109
1 ' y ‘ ‘ 1 *" 9 James F Itrnwn,
1 ** • b*rrcla. No 1 .1 K. Hays. ,, -
rel*. South fvnn Oil Company N«»* t ■>
and 3. Albert Myer*. 1.45“ barrel* Voa
1. 2 and 3 Jane K <1—. :,a barrel.'. N„.
I to 4 and k and 7 ftanlater ehlra. »r,7
barrel*. No. | and 2 W. H .larrett 446
barrela No, 1. 2. t .nd « r „
“? barrel.. No 2 Fre I .iardner. 4«a bar-’
res. Nor I and 2 < • M J.rr»M 1 »i
Parre.. No 1 Hears It Mvera. I3« bar.
rele. Huvldaon A Hair. No. | t„ > ,,,
ytdsnn nate, J1P barrel.. Walnut creek
..H - om|,ar,) No. , * ,„.| * <y>ttr
H rl«»i „f may. ;40 barrel. fjrnAa.no
Hummed A Schwabe Noe 1 to « r,.v)(1 j
Jarrett, 4<in barrel. Morrell rrtl a Ha,
4 nmpany Noa | and 2 ItoSertaon- far.
re" «« barrel. Fre„denber.er c„
* ° J | re | <»«rdner 3tf. t>arr*U \n 1
SU. k heir* 4* barret* Iv,,., ‘.a_
rmrli.r, N... , « ^n. M,or. tin
1 ,n* • War hair* lot JO..
”*• *' * **"•'•*• Ifl .-ompary N.„
1 to # tlra'am hotra tan h%rrola vM
1 to « r. H I .t o. «i „ r.a .4 ,
*“■ 1 t<» * r. * ton.a iota I la hnr
BnMm |. BoaarldtT. «l ■nrrlpon.
Writ f- rk . » . , „
«Httr|.l ItraVtrlrt** .0.01, !►,. fhilntel
shla - otot-ary ha a -trltlort ... .... fh,
'V’*r,V i«|a..«n.o farm t.. . ,t.,.th .f
t »te foot a tot footirt nothin, hat a !t«r. t
aho» to .ho to* In'on formation |t
mi; a hot at! im.; fr...n ,**,
I.tatt raaaara tart rt.oon ... rn«
tfor'r 4a from Ira . ... nt«
Wr.t rofk r ..or tn * Itna MIlraMH
rttatt o-i th. Hop. Mat ••rnt . «m,.a,
,r' a Wat or t . ' a. ra ft ,taa
•■‘f '« all *aro«a a. rt haa . rtoatar
f».t Th. war rompanr a. rtrllVort ita
•oar n 'hr Thomar * . -ortr farm
« •►.r rift r.rrt .at . .. , ....
ror > m th. anro. a.roato .hr -am. .
"*> * Ma t a04 lrta.r
’I*’*’'1 fnrma arr I at#. 4rr ta tn*
r>»" aa. t
BtfattHa in ■ -ml
■-..ft fort 'tat. .. rr. na.tr
*" • ~mr»«a ‘aa oarir.rrt tta n» t on
*”• fa • OnrWr farm .04 k.. a han
.. r. . . • « mart m a. t not. «*
• “ t«”a aaa ««rM rm> r a tmt
.o ant o- mrt fa, rot. too
• '•on. tn • Vo mol
- .O. . , ...
rate proto or tn t». • 1 to too mol In
tn. n.atoon on 4 or .a. r-.trt tn ratta
• •
B.onaor MMI • n. * <roo .mtt, no
W i 1 T1 ** _ ^
»___■_ i -_
You can get choice of our
\ new Spring and Summer
$30.00 SUITS, /tk* A AA
$25.00 SUITS, yr-! II.UU
fo2r00SUITS: <plU=
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I M~n ~ -- ■ II ■ !!■■■!■ hi !■—nil_—
I romplefed and ahnt It* No ( *»n the II.
K Htarr farm and haa a »how for a *0
f barrel produerr
j In MopeatH trt«n«hip, l>kinf mm*
Ijr. Ih» Arh*n«a* Furl f'H| «*ompanjr haa
l'*»f »♦.#- (fall ,n !?.•» led MU ttw J \
Parr farm and ar*» iklddint tbr n* and
win atart a net holr In fh# Plum Hun
dlflfrtrt. Harr won «*o«*ntr »hr Niairara
<»1l rnirpan) haa complete*! i«a N«* l •*«
tha «’ II Creaap farm and har a k bar*
rrl pumper in lha Brrra *nt.
»»*•"« In R.v K |. t.lloro pl D.
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■»■«♦* •* V«»Mi Mol.all. at. 1 ;
Just returned from New York, andd we are ‘
goin? to show some new goods this week.
Specials This Week
Ratine Hats.75c to $1.00
f.enuine Panamas. $4.98 and $5.96
l ntrimmed White Felt Hats. $1.50
Intrimmed White < -hip Hats. $1.50
One K*t of White Felt Hats, handed, regular
price $1.on. sale price $1.75.
Specials in TrimmeJ Hats at $1.96, $2.96, $3.96
Abercrombie Bros.
I12S 1127 M.m Sc. W. Vc
|«W. «M tka trt» am Ha
t” riaruwta* aa>4 p*t«r* All
•ra r.i>4i» i m>M m tMa*4
»x«ir MU r>«|M
t»> Ia4<aa »>4 IHrlati nf I •,» f A
li'faau Mliaak.H af 'ha Mr*' « R
■ «4 4A*« a 'f» am r malar I RMr
• *r* 7 Maul fhfa «raa)«f f t*a
A'rrr ~a*Ha-a4 »a ri -a, MaaaaM v '»<
Taa -aiaftlar tat raaffr Baa lara rwa
'a*t»a««»a i rr-para- .r. fa* fBa af
fair >b4 all aa- rafRnll) IB > >1*4 to al
»ara4 _
•o* laa a rafu»a4 .aat araama (i am
r rkm Hr ik< paa* f*w
4a-a alia fra an* rntntiran
r*- aaanl rhwrk aaarVna »1I ha a*<4
•" M..'|, ’*rfa*** <+**• <■•*»
T. » '• «i»l» taf» laat irawif Par
M«Mir«<na •»«rr >a w ;l afrafwl ra*.
aral <an > ‘ninn* Ma brrlkrr
*••••»• Inna aa< M-A J Hawaii an*
t»ra li'la'M M»»4* laft laat nalM
far iManttr -Hr ahrrr th a. artl| avMM
•naaral 4ava rial line
A Traiat mmm Milan bw a
anaka aavaral lava and ha.| k’a4
pmaan la art In la aMa la ba about an
lha atraala afa'n,

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