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FAHU Jaly 1» —Tkiwlwrt Wk k»
Ik* civil JM «*f Ppegn. IM llfwu KkM
'*• >• planning to uk* a lactate eewr la
Amer: a. This la virtual.y bar reply la
I ha K as of Spam who several imoa '
haa threatened ta eav tost ah# aw rah
•letau pennllesa uhlans aha-- ta |
be a thorn In tha aid* of tha royal fata
I urtnvr tfetaila aarv forthcoming yes
terday of tha trouble between tha pna
caaa and the royal family
II la very evident tha wound made by I
th* publication of her booh. Tha I
Thread of Life" baa non haaiad. Tha
that publication aba upheld tha pnaci
ple and theory of 0lvorea She now I
proposes to eaerclae and plan to fro* '
herself from Prince Antoins D'Orleana.
’e whom she was married twenty-sis
vesrs ago
The Prince Is willing. They have
►sen separated for twelve yeara. la that
Bma they have met and have been cor
llal In their greetings The pair. In or
der that a divorce may be obtained, hav*
•added to apply for French cltlaanshlp. i
In criticising the King of Spain, Kola
IU nays ahe merely haa tolerated bar
naphew. She knows full wall that a di
vorce will cauaa a braanh that cannot be
healed and 1s looking to a lecture tour
In America to make good the income ahe
expacta to lose.
__«m Twenty Tsen Ago.
yeara ago ahe represented
8Pdn at the opening of the Chicago
World's Pair, and feels that aha will be
*rU received in America, lecturing upon
social questions In which she la Interest
Orest surprise and Indignation haa
bean caused by the announcement that
ahe Intend* to divorce the Prlnoe. Ml*
belongs to th* senior hranah of BoJr
boao and Prince Antoine to the house
®f Orleana. tha Junior branch Thla Is
the first time in the history or the
oldest royal house in th* world that
one of Its member.* appealed to a dp
coroe court.
M. Brian!, former Prime Minlatm.
now Minister of Justice, has bean ap
proached on the question of citizenship
Although a man of broad vlswa he la
worried, as he cannot find a prece
dent for the case and th# common law
doe* not apply, as the applicants he- |
long to royal houses B Briand has laid
the case before his colleague*
It Is stated hers Eulaile means to
marry as soon as she gets a divorce.
Tto agplranta after the hand of Lha
fhlr Princess sre mentioned, one is
fount de Orununi. who haa been her
admirer for many years, the second is
a FVvnch literary man. Jules Hols, who
helped ehr write her book Hols was
ones eecertary to the Lafayette Society,
founded In Paris by a brother-in-law
of the late Cornelius Vanderbilt.
■as Another Booh.
Prince Antoine fsvore hi* wife's di
vorce. chiefly for economical reasons
Although forty-eight years old Eulaile
marry Her husband Is two years her
Junior Ktilalie’s im-oma consists chief
ly of the amount accorded her tn the
Spanish civil list Kin* Alphoneo fre
quently has threatened to stop thla
when the Princess's Independence of
conventionalities asserted Itself The
Princess is sure to lose this Income. It
la thought, for. whlls It depend* on the
vote Of the <’ortes. the Kin* will ha
sble to Influence the Minister* to »top
Ktilalie is about to publish another
book on philosophical religions and
moral questions, and It is predicted that
the King's cudgel all) fall heavily on
her this time, and Prime Minister’ <•*
nalsle has given out s statement that
neither the Kin*. Premier nor Spanish
Ambassador In Paris has approached
the Vrencti t.overnment on the subject
of Eulalie.
Will Build a Railroad Through th«
Philippines—Hot Fight In
the Senate.
WASHINGTON. I>. C. July 19 — 1
A provision in the sundry civil ap
proprlatton bill authorizing the con
struction of twenty miles of military
rsilmad In the Island of Mindanao.
Philippines, gave the Senate to-day1
the basis for its annual discussion of
whether or not the t'nlted States
ought to retain the I'hilippin* group
The item In the appropriation was 1
forced to a vote hy those who op
posed any expenditure of g permanent
character In the Island*, but the sup
porters of the measure were success-1
ful hy the narrow vote of 2H io 2«
Senators Overman. Bacon. Culbert
son. Hitchcock and other Itetnorra's
atlarked it as inronsis'ent »Ph the
ultimate purpose of the l ulttd Sta'es
Senator Bar op declared 'he Philip
pine Islands had already cose the
rnlted states a billion dollars
The short railroad which would run ;
from the eearoast u> an Inland for*
was defended hy Senators Warren
#nd ia»dge as a military n er-ssl y
The emit of transporting supplies over
thla rosj'e now ro»t* the War Iw>
iar*aten- tiunonq annually
NEW York! Juy 19 htgh*aec
res r old laijii Ore. nspsr who sen#
newspapers on Ixtng Inland m roed
tea ns succeeded n r *p' ir-a* a man
for whom de’swr tea base lest,
• e charged U|f ,, ,ger,t fOT \,w
man • Ms l«#i, of *j « I||«m *r-.w*
Msr.hs- a- «r* « ranee .mi. *e
scROFUzcirs mavBfFx
•«• h t ;*^r ~'Tr..r: r-~j
'-“*«* —’ > • p*-fSE£t?$iZ V^TXS -2S22
i-a,?aasg trr'^r “rsr
2TT~*fcVfcTT^,»rJ« r™,’.. tw rnr.|Mm,
• 4 nr *•• ont a, I arr^,W>a« ««n*r aa4 «Wr>» U
- o. ^ * *Tjto tK* ®* tka tfoaM* an.1 n.w,.rv>«
_ . m ami r<«r*i U# .iiVIV a M -
L iH* hark, an* W*, £7~r ^u JUl ZZJL
"0,L w. ua ^ . a . f. *. z rr: ZZr—«
ntt iriFi snaru. com atlaitta. ca.
ET^Iiris? ?s>3S*Jr j*
the ceaetructlaa of in« kulid'.n* mm
|rfo«1«»r *u made far a water supply
TWIs little detail apparently dtd aat
•ater lato the preparatory plaae for
ll»* routnirttea of the bathhouse or
lato the .perinea l tone (owrnlai lia
-onet ruction It waa not until the build
l"« »M aimoat ompleted that tt waa
V^nZlT* **y ■»—« connection.
ha«| b#+n ov#ri.kok«d
Th# n#w bafhhou## t« th# tnumt aiMru
■IV* of tho mnif built by th* rlD**Znd
rjE'*5*2*» “ oatlajr of |«e ddd it w>.
Irfir.4**._!?*"•„u wiu'ppad With th*
aad appllanoee. but th*
fa.lure to provide an latake or ouUat
fsl iT^!*r W1M. b*r ,f *• *" »sample of
th# laat word In publto batha.
Insurance pollctdp. which h» railed to
turn over to hla employers or account
for. One of hla alleged victims was
Green span's father. Bennett disap
Yteung Greenspan saw Bennett en
ter the Jamaica station and purchase
s ticket for Brooklyn. Greenspan fol
lowed him to 46G Pulaski street.
Brooklyn, where Rennnett entered an
olTIce building Greenspan ran up to
two policemen standing nearby.
*Bay," said ha much excited "I
want you to arrest that guy that Just
went In that office; he’* wanted for
grand larceny?*’
Th* policemen did not bake him aert
vualy at first Finally on* telephoned
to Jam alow and found the boy was right
while the other watched to see that
Bennett didn’t eat away Whan Ben
"V* <**n* f>ut fc* ftrr##»#d H» mnn
JJ**? b#rk to Jamaica. arraigned h«for#
Magtatrate Conway and bald In lleo
®*Jl rnr »umln#ifin
Vt&n on th# Ponca Biyardlaf tha Pn#|.
danttal Situation—will Jump
oft SBouady.
CHICAGO. July 18 —With 10 a m
Monday, at .Springfield, fixed by <k>ver
nor Deneen a* tha time and plane Iter re
celvlag a committee of Roosevelt
supporter, appointed to aak him
concerning hla attitude toward tha
presidential andidate It was an
nounced at l’rogreastvw headquarter,
ticket la to be put out In Illinois would
remain unsettled until nest week The
governor * answer. If be gives any. la to
be made public by next Tuesday.
Moonlight Excursion of SaDtlet Tonne
People*' Society East Evvniof
W*« Orewtly Enjoyed.
I-a»t evening the newr Steamer t.lh
*rt>. < row led to her utmost left the
~ * ,rb*rf Mt " 5" w"h bet carat, „f
moonlight evcurcionlst* fr,,m the R V
• t of the Flint Haptlet church anti
* moat enjoyable time was client tn
music which w»* t.eailtlfunx' rentlered
!’.r .h "Tr " an'1 member*
or the church choir.
_ T.h.r evenlna waa most enjoyablv epent
x'UhK and old mltialetl toaether
and made the evening all the more
plaaaant. On the cabin deck man*
ordm,a‘ndW7r "“'l"1 ebV ,h" >"»ng 22d'
,,ta x4 I'"'". ,h" ?ron' <’r the boat
J'M'* »he beautiful nrchestra
tltinc wa renderetl bx- Metcter'c
eeTurn.d°Vx, W:P,x.b,'low •,'»whataii. and
to rh2 hp b *J of water added
to the trip, aa there was no danaer ,,f
Jr*"* /rounded. The weather condl
ttonc were verx pleasant although the
limT.t VvU! . C',°l^ R<*fr*»hments were I
r • »,'r'r Thurber. assisted by
tnr >»unjr p*opi*. ' I
Sutro Protest, to 6an Francisco 0f
flcUla That He Does Not Want
to Be Civilized
HAN RAKCIHCO. fal July f*>_!
Knew,, known a. "the wild man of
' . Hutro forest.” brought to th«,
fity jsil to-day to answer on* of th*l
p*riodtesl protest* or society to hi*
csr* free existence. protested feehl.v 1
tliSt he did not Want to he Civilized
Hfniggling with vocal port}* rusty
from lack of use. Itecae admitted that 1
he n-v*r knew the lime of day or
year, that h* had never heard of!
the high post of living; that It waa'
immaterial to him whether House I
ve|», of whom he had never heard.;
ran for President, whatever that was
"T srd that ha had never married
and knew no more of women than he
did of Wile he*
Raws*, has passed hfeen vaar* eg *
eept 4 few teem* of l*n of Iwen'x *
tlb)* In jsil f'ty -aaratify, tn Sutro
for*#* on *hw hills overlooking (mid
► n tret* park and fbe city h* live*
in a cr x* and 'ox.te* stng hi* nigh'
,» liillahy Hie trtpw *<> jail are *n
dfired patiently, leaf* h* r«reives *
rr.yeh need, d , n,tfll of eloihiii« with
te a «e<ret be has never divulged
aamra raorner ou>
pot asaon r«a assart

1 ■Hllon dollar loo* would have re
sulted. as the burned sorttoa was ta
the heart of ibe wholesale section,
surrounded by wfcoleaa.s fruit, lumber
and supply housas. as well as scores
of reetdeacoa.
A huge Uuk of gasoline of tbe N
A W Halfway containing maay hun
dt«d gallons, threatened to explode.
Hnd It dooe eo. hundreds of live*
would have been lost. Ldwe wires
threatened the Uvea bf firemen and
onlookers The loss will ranch *300.
nno, partially covered by Insurance.
The burned section will be rebuilt.
The Denver Will Leave San Fran*
cisco On the Last of the Month
For Coast of Mexico*.
WASHINGTON. July IS.—Announce
Wont Wat mad* by tho Navy Pepart
">»nt to-day that tho crulaor llrnvtr
will Iomvo San Francisco on July 3n
for a cruise down tho woat ronot of
■Moxlco. and will atop at tho principal
Por,“- Thoro la no political significance
,n..,he trip. It la declarer! The crulaor
Will visit Attain. Maxatlan. San Wan.
Araptlco Sallna Crux and Manxardllo.
•topping at tho latter place on the re
turn trip. Condition* are quiet in tho
cute* to ho viol tod. according to official.,
of tho Department of State, tho unroot
occasioned never*! month* ago by tho
rebels having dtsappeared.
Moslcan rebel* are causing trouble In
the State of Sonora and reports of de
predations In th# guerilla warfare car
r*ft* J?n by General Oronxco have reached
the Department of Slate No Americans
have yet been molested
A band of marauders attarked the
town of Jalapa thl* week and killed
the Jefe politico and three tiollcemen.
who resisted them The town was plun
sad the outlaw* escaped to the
hiila This 1* the first Instance where
murder has been committed since pil
l**ffe was begun by Orotcn
I'nconflrtned rumrn* f..r K1 Paso
Texas, and Juarez ar. to the effect that
a new rebellion Is being shaped by
tormer heads of the Orosco Insurrec
tion. who have deserted him The re.
ports state that the same unknown In
terests which furnished the financial
backing to Oronzco s cause behind
the latest movement It Is known that
hundreds of former followers of Orozco
l ave refused to enter th- guerilla'wai
far** • mer. 1 m ranori.fi i—.**.
the opposition to Omico
°/nct«l* of the War Department *ay
that none of the troop* will be with
drawn from the border until order ha*
• Th# opinion prevaa'1*
" *" on<* the mo*t critical
Period* on the border, owing to the law
of. rebel* and the threat*
that have beeti made against American
live* and propert>
A dyiiantlttng crew of rebels whs 114
Z";* ’°oeh.h *' «»nte*um„.
»o-da>. on the Mexlran Ontrnl rail
road It la he]lev ed that Ueti»ral (•«« !
r,u"' r-*oo w,„ MWB„ lhB con,plM/;;. |
M ruction of the railroad up t«» the in. <
terriathmal l*ne before ordering the
abandonment of .Tttares *
NEW YORK. Juno 19 —Aftor a con
foronco «f a sub-committee of the Re
publican National committee lasting
all tho afternoon and well Into ov.-n
tng. Secretary Reynolds said that the
names of those suggested to serve on
the committee and the nam. aucge.t
ed Tor treasurer would not be made
public until Monday The names will
be submitted to fresld. nt Taft said
u. _■ .. .._ _ ' .
approval the men will be notified of
their selection
Purlng a conversation. Secretary
Remolds Intimated that a southerner
might he chosen for the treasurer
London Sees Reunion of foe Marlber-'
rutHa Dueness at Windsor Gsrdeo
t,OVT>OV July 1* —The effort* •« I
effect a reconciliation between the
r»uhe and Ruche*, of Marlborough
tfonsuelo Vanderviitl. who b see been!
living span foe sis years, are being
renewed bv Pnglish friends of the
diihe. and It la understood that mn
s'derwhle hop. ta enrer*alned that the
twitiple may fie hrough together
’bough the American fatnffx of ih»
4webewa Is bet-eyed tn be ae atmngi
o*P"S‘#l as even m * reunion The
*■*"’ that both ’he duae and the Twer
ess recently ftaee rent rec. ve.i t,
the Ring and Queer lend* color tnthe
be'.ef that there will he a rngglllH
1 loti tw 'be near Ri-ttre while fi se.iw
’hst special pressure . t*c,rr hrnocht
•o le»f nw the dwrhews he the royal
tmn» if 4* pf • fit ki«* ifnit |*g.
,,M* Wartbomugha King Id
ward refu.wd 'a allow either wf them
'* be revetved at riwP aaT rare a
taben m have over her of
* hem present a’ f tbf mb* w n ere *hetr
msjev ms wme tn attendance (m in.
"saoti sear the am T of ’he late
Klhga ret gw the tmke raf kt .r'hoe- ugh
was present at a ’vwr ■ -w «f -s. «wd-r
"f '*>• r*wr*cr W-adeem hwt he was
*me*.ktt iMro 'met A. >ea »• e*
by the King for «he ...»
been wf the order
The Kwsa. g »g ,.g t^veer
«nlh»wed the .vary • wf K'wg Rdwaed
aad R has beer aadr I at mill tha*
“*''*** ‘be f*whe war tj*e fygeftas. of
Mart hoe- .gt- cow'd svyer* 'ha rrrral
fa»ny aga** •m*tl 'beer was a tsnwrtl
**’*"W Snr owlV has tsta et'.t'ma rt
bn' tw al aorta. .g..w 'he m,*.
•*d 4 whew, have gone <hwtr asperate
The, hate hat th# same .
friends sad have heme a.hed tw 'he!
same ho- te. hwt ktr at rha same *
*** Thv* tya,e »ed spa" 'he
-twe We.. >« Wwnwerland ttoyyae asd the j
duhe a t.rswt t oHf> a* fee k (
**» TOM. Jnif i» -item Wm*
•m-a ml atom's* who -went
tto wir «taa ImmII Ortewold
• ctorus toy better knows aa -bote-'
lamb.* IW4 her for IH.to of tto'
mllUoa and a half left ter by ter
fbtber bwcauss be geclnr* bis boy lob
• Sections had been damaged. is going
to take another flight
Thto time M Is not one of fancy'
with the Stamford Ttmnhlldos 8 leg j
fried, but a truly material one She )
Is haring a monoplane built. It la not '
one for Juat two persona either Thla I
time Miss Smith will take more than '
one paaaenger along The aeroplane '
le calculated to carry four people, and
already many of her friends hare beg
ged for the first ride
Miss 8mlth was sued for breach of
promise in October, 1911, by young
Griswold, who made public letters In
which he was addressed as "Ruzzle
lamb ” He lost the suit, but not be
fore the letters of Miss Smith signed
"Brunhilde.” "Hellle-lamb" and "Hen
nen" had been dragged before the
eyes of a smiling public.
Miss Smith, divorced wife of Homer
Cummings, twice mayor of Stamford,
and daughter of the late James D.
Smith, who was president of the New
York Stock Exchange, declared In
court that the love of ‘Kuzxie-lamb"
was puppy love.
At any rdte the soul flight waa not
successful, and as her spirit must take
occasional jaunts into the ethereal
regions, she has determined to become
an avlatrice There must be no un
considered. hurried ascension of the
heavens this lime
The monoplane planned by her is
of the largest type yet constructed.
She will sit at the wheel herself when
It has been thoroughly tested Ir will :
have an enclosed body like the cockpit!
of a boat, and to avoid the sometimes 1
too-loving caress of the wind—a wind
Miss Smith intends to sail from
I.ong Island across the Sound to her
home in Stanford
.. m v ummonoro ?>m!Tn i*It 1
n!» daughter the major nhare of $1,
:.OO.txm a number of motor can, and a
large estate at Glenhrook, known as i
Unden tgJdge She lives there with !
her thirteen year-old son. Dickenson
Schuyler Cummings
During the Past Ten Years. 2.614 Men
In the Austrian Army Take
Their Lives.
VIENNA Austria. July 1!».—a sur
prislngly high percentage of suicides
In the Austrian army is revealed by
official statistics Just published. These
show that L’.iiH suicides and 4f.t> a*
tempts at suicide of officers and en
listed men have occurred In the last
ten years The figures „re the high
est for any army |n Europe and the
proportion is sixteen times greater i
than that of the total suicides in the
entire population of the monarchy
Motives were ascertainable in only I
about onp-hiilf th*» mir*. Th»» records '
show that the most frequent causes
were fear of punishment, love affairs,
unwillingness to serve In the army '
and ill treatment The hieh
r>r nucules is nil the more remarkable
because it is cenernlly considered ihat
Austrian soldier* are well treated in
comparison with those in some of the,
other states
t»i.po..d of flllaol. BrpubUcan Count,
Cummin*, rollowtu* tbs
sS5'.W""s VKS-Z
In s • -i hrm.gii r.y |
listle- \ .villi „, ,t ». ,.rd Viil I '
from ,h' 1"h »«t<i Th.
*{%" """ •»» the central. ..m.
*•"* Distinguished Viaitora Arrive «„
Copenhagen to Attend Opening of
Danish American Park
lori.VHVIKN lonmark lull |U
IT May He0,i,. „r rh learn has
irtlred wfh Other Impish tmer rap.
to a'tend the npenine of the Huni.li i
Vmernen national park In ihe Heh
htid Mil. in Jutland. Aupuai m.
"*'* pis" hn. »he .uppnr’ of hia
rnun*r»»tien If, the I nted m*i*< The
park a ill he the firs* gathering place
»n»wherr designed » »r people .ho
hste eIti crsiad und where 'he et»|
* **f 1 he old and ihe new world
w III me.- • on one ptetse of and
panes, eypre*. Ih.nkfqlaee.
for *hH ne« (root iSsi * tvwtr eye era ■
ed rmslftw-tl nte is* mother and
'luii Vh# hll>| • l| pf
‘ *1*4 ’ t# t,| tl|# p9*b
\l V M tflf Spt% I# #p ,f [r a.,
ls,iJ • * • **•*•«•*»# ■ »>.| ,»> i tpf •
•• *•'- N. )ww! . |4 w 9m
**4 *» »<•* #***i«0 mm4 m ,\p .*«
■kmai> loyal
•'ONCTi.NTtSOPU Jaiy it-TV
,r*’' Of the fOidUMt • git
•rwlttad id rooMldd la • proclamation
of the Suits a to the »nn> which wm
«o the nrruoe here to-day Af
ter announcing the appo-n'neot *|
T""" Paaha ae grand rider, ho proc
la mat Ion rem-cda the troop* of thr'*
oath of loyalty, and referring to de
mands made by certain other* an con
trary to the conaUtution and supreme
light# of the Khallfnte exhone the
army not to mix In polities, hut to
denote Itself esetuetrely to the de
fense of the country
The proclamation was provoked bT j
* meeting of the officers nt the war j
office which delegated Nazim Pashand •
Hadl Pasha to submit to the sultan !
the officers demands for the dianolu- ,
tlon of chamber of deputies and the
apitointmcnt of Kiamil Pashaas grand ;
Press despatches from the Dar- i
denelles assert that after the Italian I
torpedo boats which attacked the
entrance of the Dardenelles war yes
eels were sighted from the straits i
steaming in a southerly course
LONDON. July 19.-The mystery J
surrounding the reported attack on
the Dardenelles by Italian torpedo
boats and their repulse with the loss
or two vesHelg and damage to nix
couI>'e^ w-lth the proclamation
of the Sultan exhorting troops to re
main loyal suggests the possibility
that another revolution Is brewing.
The -Italian Government denies
knowledge of an attack by Its tor
pedo boat upon the pardan.-JIs and
while .ndepend.-nt dispatches confirm
the fart that a cannonade of some de
scrlptlon took place all reports con
cerning an Italian attack and of th«
damage inflicted upon the Italian
torp.-do boats come from official
Turkish sources are not confirmed by
»*»•!*«* nippatrnr'ft.
The suggestion is made that the
bombardment was engineered by the !
Turkish <Joieminent as a means »f j
Influencing the Turke. h.v reminding j
them that the enemy wax at the
doors of the capital, thus eounterate
ing a military revolution and assist
ing tn the solution of the political
‘ r‘*i8- «: icia
GIVEN ovation
Asquith Made Eloquent Address
at Theatre—Su (Travel ts Were i
Thrown Out.
I’l BLI.V July IS—Premier Asquith I
again to night was the recipient of;
another ovation at the hands of Ihib-j
Unite*. Moth Inside anti outside the
theatre Koval where he made an ad-1
dress. Mr. Asquith, who was aeconi i
panted by his wife, was greeted be ’
enormous crowds who repeated the i
welcome they gave him last night 1
Mr Asquith s speech was interrupt-1
ed at times by male and female!
suffragettes, several of whom were 1
violently ejected The speech was a I
warm defense of the Irish cause
While the meeting was proceeding
extra ordinary scenes were witnessed
outside the thrrtre Suffragettes who
attempted to make a demonstration
were set upon hy the populace, who
tried to throw them In the river Lif
rev The police Interfered for their
protection, anti in holding back the
crowd frequently urged the incensed
men to he Irishmen The suffragettes
were thoroughly frightened by the
onslaught of I he crowd, and wore glad
to seek refuge in street cars and the!
lobby of the general post office
ST l’KTKHXHPt(<J. July 1* —The *
- mature is Impending of a pact estah- I
I aching a defensive alliance between!
ItueslH and Japan This moment...is de. I
errm r»* « <»nnr< t#>.|
eiht th* approaching trip te f(Un«
• *1 »f Ihc Japan*** •tiitearnan
F rm. * Kataum. but hi* \i*\t
Narraganaett Pier Res.dents .n Grip
of a Band ef Burglars
Who Stol Jtvtfli,
Pn*>VH<KN K. f; I Juls 19 Ths *
»»■! h| s mrn#r r.rldrnfa ..f N'arra
aana.lt f’.rr nr. auarm.tl nrrr rhr rt*h
•ul-t nf 111. r. I|s«r nf . Tlarti-a p. hit,
ntrfcns. «.f f'h,iadrl|>hla. .41 U . <ln>
».t*nt. Iiam.n.la rw» Ir a„d
'lmn»> Klurd at |i; a«a ». rr at..|.n 1
Thr mi|as*a m th. ruhht-rs a
r.nraal .if th. arllMtV nf iff aatua
fwn«1 n• I1,|... ahl.fi nftr rai.il ai
■1' and ■ ...aafulfv a- ha*ra«...
•rn Pi.r ltr< aranHH Man. nf iti
• •n.rir i*+i<t. t t» ha., hna..,, ...
aiatm.it 1 h.• lh.t ha • itriailrit art t .
am* a!. a. • ai> .fun altj hr 1, art
aa a ai m». 1
Thr Iff pi>if. at d .hnaa in . Hat
ha . I.. a iinai-P ••• a. »ra
• ‘Chfr-.i i- in, Hmahkai.n
' • a a a at
- r aa a aa
'* • . .... ttmhl. a
F*' • *#• 't'*4 IB. ttf^l
t * - > •*’ aaa 1 • . mpaaialurir
..I - . a... H. aiaaaSsaii
• an ml aa alaa hat f a — -■ -.
a ta a mmm4 mar a fa* ~f ***
►*•' aa*. *r- s lia.ni — iT-11 r alii
lata .aftli -MB haaiaa. a,r,
►*—' « **•»* •• a •• a am -d- aa
a aa aa SMI* -« t
jr. m
- • #
• »
"* » V*.. a«. aa - —-f j
•■.y Fashion Talks
«* — —*• Thb
•bher cUtt ar
colorad. to be war*
htamth tha frock
of tnupamn ma
terial. It caa ba
coma a perfectly
plain, simple slip
or a vary dainty
garment. accord
iag to tha mannw
in which It b
treated. Os tha
figure. tha slip b
made of mercer
ised batiste with
trimming of em
broidery and bead
ing. The floaaca
makes an attract
ive finish but it b
not necessary, for
many girb like n
plainer slip either
with a hem or a
narrower frill. Tha
back can be mad*
in habit style or
with an inverted
For the id year
size, the slip will
require 6^ yards
of material 77, 5^
yards 36 or 4 yard*
44 Inches wide; with
the flounce, a* il- •
Ijstrated, I yard
27 or >4 yard 3d or
44 inches wide with
3 yards of embroid
ery 4 inches wide. 9
Design et Mat Mawton. and 4Vi yard* of
7486 Seven Gored Prinresse Slip for Misses and Small beading
Women. 14. 16 and .8 years The Mayr M.n.
ton pattern 7.86 is cut in sites for misses of 14. 16 and t8 years of age. It
•ill tie mailed to any address by the fashion Department of this paper, eo
receipt of ten cents.
rhat Have Suspicious Ring. Colum
bus Authorities Asked to Locate
Black Suit Cate.
Charles >|. Kelu. the California man
arrested by the local police Thurs
day on information furnished by the
police of Columbus, Ohio, that he
»as wanted for embezzlement on the
oast. *».« arraigned before Justice
Lee K Dobbs yesterday morning on
b charge of being a fugitive from
justice, and was committed to the
rnunty jail nnd held pending the ar
rival of officers from the coast.
On the Information on which Reid
was arrested the authorities werein
•tructed to release him under $5,000
bond. IJ.iMM.t in cash and the rest in
collateral. •
On Reid's person when searched
were round pawn tickets for diamond
rings, ear rings, brooches, etc., to
lallnc $17,000, a note for $1,900,
several money orders amounting to
lifoo. all of which had been sent to
Frisco, $:i9 in caah. a railroad
ticket from Chicago to San Fran
cisco. and a bank book for a Cali
rornia hank. I’apcrs found in a
hand satchel indicate that he was
mtx<-d up In a Texas land deal of
Borne sort with a lottery connected
with It.
It Is t-cil that fioi! was rmisd up in
some k >1 of n ■ heme in which th#
sinners In pom# k.tvl of a lottery prepo.
■ 111 of i nlH either tske their prtHe* Is
ash or merrh.iawi «e ,.n l it e said Reid
■ sippet out a c - -.th sft'i this a- 'turtle
»r» him
Va*iar*9af KfH w *r*-.| |«t Mr* A P
r.ai'V hi t,*« Alt**!** f*ai who ha
IA r -J fo b# hi- rfof* m* thar, a- fol
ht* Htf# a law *ar i«« Pan Kr»r^»f«
if -r • TrotjMr |Hm'l know «h«l
hara > » «i»a homt for mf
• t poi » o» aa* Via if and I will a«nd
»0*1 Hr moo# H muff no aarhnr*
*♦« r law »ar w * i» a j-orfi* nlara kwvo
’*•" . ► r' of |m. i, r
%r » a|#*m»r rant fr Ja/+
korwrfr at «h*r# f» arh.no him
' *» •*» * aa4 *ai 9’ and
•W- to W Or n|
»a % Iff l-ff | Ilia h|ti> ham «»ka*9
-*W ua I* - »W*t #- ami on •In'
♦f.rmatWw ' -a ik* » r*-.,Ma ft# |
-■*■ -»•«»** ■»* a hfW' k aWlf '■#* ha laff
w a « •ifwNa hwfri amt fHa • .mhwo
» r hot' Ha# ark* 1 t« Ittral* fhr
I r» — «# m r Aa# * a* *wnt>nk
• •#*• rO I ho *«r*i j« r will or.* # a.
NNi«r Hm* *i»i. fk*«f»f i k* ««4Va* r |o • *
fVfra * *'WW
A *ai.*l *♦'-# •- *r. * mm f i — 1 kWwM
>•* mmt^m^tm •* ' tw *n4 * M
’**“**• -f !**• — ~i »* —-n gi4
** -*■*»*' #*».♦ *►# VTPggf* .«
•»»' » nm p -«> a
TtafOl Hi*
•» »~P*-*» •* I •>» fr.Jg.,,
•• •• ' »# II MM Ml
■gf'M* Pup ft* *.•* an aflrtai «§>
"**• *| • if# !• »-• ««<M! a» iM4
^ . #••,,*». .... «m M.ff*r:*«
Sa^taaat'-aaa •>*tia*a
r.f v» ra . .. imt t» j »• n~r
'• "M "f *fc» p»«r#»atfira t*f * ftrp
’** a»P « It. kt. part nr #
H II T.app.«-n I* 4rtan i.pt tn tiHr|
• J< ittrtpaiiM «| am ,tm |«..,«M
ii •» I'.ian imMM Inbi
■ n a Mmk * .rt.pt ... rtt h Inttl. I
i iA. HHaln iift an.*.m. raanrrtppt
nf ..aprt, H-'ti'U t»»f. Aatd at |1#M«
Breaks All Records for Speed foP
Big Gun Battlesnlps Along
New England Coast
ROCKLAND. Me. July 19.—All
speed record* for big gun battleships
| were broken to-day by the new Unit
ed States battleship Wyoming,, sister *
ehip of the super dreadnought Ar*
kansas. during her standardisation
trial. Her speAd of 22.045 knot* Is
declared by naval experts aboard to
be the fastest ever made by an bat
tleship in the world carrying 12-tneh
The Arkansas a month ago made
21 t!d knots an hour.
The Wyoming, it Is expected, will
put in commission about the mid
dle of August.
Gaston Stroblno.
Tk» tarn* nttm mnaar of Ana'll
' Pa’iaraoo. SI J. Oho n|k*M 'ha baa
ora of tba Aarrlm tram la tba
Marathon ran a' lb- Iwtnmatmna!
(Hapt taatoa la •*/» ktlolm Aoadan
A It hooch hla Itch' raaatac aboa* vara *
tora to ab rad* by iba roach n«d>
KoTora ba rad roaarad mora Ibaa half
• bo dtataar*. Atmdtaa (Mdf k*y‘
aa. Cnlabmc third la tba hlator.r
aaaat hi ml.in,, taf. a trail of Mood
. Mr m'W M id him for bla faa*
1 oam ,«»■ alakoai to tkrrda af»ar 'ba
• boa. |iia oat
Too •M*i>n.M>n k-ldfm for uaa In
Abtalnaia ba»a raraatu baat! laban
in band .a hb»rioota. Kc*p*lan Aon
dan liar baa alraad* baan .ant to
t,an K- * SI- hillrr, ok* kta apant
■oma raara a Ad'« A Nr ba, la la
4cbarcr of aa-.r arariloa.

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