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Mr ••••■». *** tbo!r""wa* rUa?"owtaw? iTtkT Wp
S **.**-'-**!^>*^*~*i,,7jVJ >*»»«» w- ft
ft ’• ®ur "*•*'* »*yt»«wt pUn. which para^aTta ft
5. nun...*.,fj™f.I
W‘ ADDRESS ...........":V..V.V.".V.7!! H
2 crrr or town—.*..!"!!!!"!!!!!!!!" ft
a . amount WANTWD....!'"'!!!!!!!!”" m
1 «iJ*2?2S7;iT.wJ•B<1 •VMV wo%lvo a written state- Hi
HI BMM of ’Jts coot of hta loan to a ponny. also a copy of bis contract. M
4 214 SchMndbRch Building. Wheeling, W Vn. »
1 Bell Phone. 1335— Private, Reliable— Nan Phone, 1335 ft
Id Warwood on Terms
A nice frame house of 7 rooms, reception hall, bath, attic, lann
dry. furnace, tile foundation, slate roof, hardwood finish, cement walk
to car, nice level lot. Price *4,250—$500 down and the balance oi
easy terms.
°l*'n|„g. F,°°r »Ch"’ulb*eh »ulWln* Bell 47*
If You Would Get Ahead, Buy a Home.
Farms to Exchange for City
3309—162 acres, one mile from West liberty Normal School; A No. 1 farm
very productive; 8-roomed brick house; fruit of all kinds- m
miles from car line. Only $65 per acre.
1783—69 acres of No. 1 farming land, two miles from Elm Grove goo-* lo
cation: adjoining property Is laid off in lots; a bargain.’
Call Either Phone, 566.
Money to Loan. Fire and Plate Glass Insurance.
Why Pay Rent?
When you can secure a home by paylne Ilka rent. We have a number of eood
home* we can **11 you for *ma!l caah paym*nta. or *ood
A brand n*w Honvalnw, « room*, ar Park View for.
Another at Kdg* lale for. . f'T”
Another at Warwood for.. ..V.VVV. P*®0
Another at South Warwood for. . T? 500
Four room* on Island for.. .]**. 2?’000
T-n room* rear Thirtieth *tr*et tout of flood*)'.V.V.VV.. 21*12!
l\ta* «-r m«Ml corner lot, Warwood.W!.
And others too numerous to mention. They all no like rent*. *3'000
Real Estate Savings Company
Boom tia achmulbach Bull dine
__ Net III
' v. about loU ,n the J B r*«rd',n Addition to Wheeling, located oi
North Main street. Sewerage, gas, water and concrete sidewalks Louatloi
good. Prices right.
301* Bchmulbech Building.
• i
' Of 360-A.; in Leabanon township.
Meigs county, Ohio, fronting haif
mile on Ohio river; 65-A. of all
bottom land, balance rolling. Land
in good state of cultivation; plenty
of fruit; well watered by springs,
wells and cistern; 9-room house,
all plastered, .36* 108-foot barn,
with capacity of 100 head of cat
tle; boat landing and R. R station
on opposite side of river, and farm
is near good town. Good reasons
for selling; price right; terms to
suit purchaser.
Money to laaa 1520 Market
Echo Point
Modern home of 7 rooms, hath,
a me laundry cement cellar, large
house and well built, all brass
plumbing nice front porch Lot
ca. i ir.
Let ( '• SIM* Y«a
*• f.i.fah. a-a*.
'J*. _ •**»■ ** tfmmmt Mn. M
*•***■ *■’-»»•"« a» •>«•* ~ i - H
**?2.*rt w’ ►'«*
**** • •* a>fM
fmmtmm »w»i I’unn < far ir.
Nmv U* aa Art *■!«. M
■*P • *r Ml a MfM
M «W (■ »r— My M
>*—« w nm. mtm
% ]
"ON f+r f «f all naM ^ fa.a. |
cZL,2*.. *M - *"
►..!!!* "-roomed brink houae. .tool
, f"; nor»»‘ barn and many other use
ful farm bulMInc* flood ..,pp|y m
fr.,-t freer Klrh „me,tone land-pro
•jure anythin* ,ro.n ,h).
”nr mile to West I.lberty Nnrma
,l% mile to atreet mr line, i
Hill# (Ik* to WflhburK, W V« If »0i
.nant « arw%ti fmrm th|# |a y0uf rha
!•!> p*r acr#
21 art**. 4-r"om*l h<*iM. »t«hl# M<
ta*wh*«.frilt p,k*,rf»rn
22UJ,,n*' \ miles to street ran
at Hhnrt freap Jl.u* OB quick wla
Great bargain. M
G. O. Smith
Both Phones
National E*c*tnge Sank B'dg
C. A. GRAHAM, Rep-essntattve
5 Acres
Vmr Elm Genre erne.. fre. fh(
M.aua, Training *<Seet abo.t
hisa otter and front. w t ^ t
frtre file per acre
Tee me Small ptrsett dears Talan-I
MS re Me monthly
TV WVHIa« Realty Ca.
Tsars near
Bett. Ml
hnlUM * ■ in *7 -ft uft ■ i ; —_
7 f»« '■•••*. HMmMm• |
■ •Nlftl*, iW—l T«m
• ••• -ft* r—m
J '—* *•* f ——» VtlK,
• W4 **lf as t .rMM
i* H«n ftflftl ftftftt Ita ■«
• —I a»4 Wlk ilU ctMte
r —•!: ■»««»»»»
■• »•- * ».
I»*ft ■ • ft
North Huron Street
•4 V
**■* 'WWW- H« was operating s largo
•sal rutting machine, which Is rma
by tltrlrlrlljr and tn mm
th* machine' rtalled and when he
reached across ta start It. his hand
and arm came In contact with a
hrav.ly charged wile, which waa cx
poaad. hilling him Instantly.
The body was removed to the ua
dertsiting parlors of D. K. Walters,
on Main street, where Is was prepar
ed for burial, a sad feature of the
case la that hla father met death tn
the same mine about a year ago. un
der a heavy fall of slate. The young
man was working In place of a fellow
workman, who waa on the sick list,
and *ouly had five minutes more to
complete hla days work. It !a not
known at present what arrangements
will be made In regard to the funeral.
Mrs. Henderson's Waist.
Mrs. Henderson Isn't going to west
that pretty white waist of hers again.
> because It came from the wash all
streaked and spotted by the rosin
I that waa In the common yellow soap
. If Mrs. Henderson win have il
) washed again with Easy Task soap
which has no rosin In It to streak and
rot the fabric, ten to one It will look
like new. Easy Task doea wonders
I for the clothes and for the women
l who work. Coats no more than poor
Foreigner WUl Ml Given Minting.
Pedro Iranovich, the demented for
eigner who »«* arrested about two
months ago on a charge of loitering,
and given ten days In the city Jail, and
who afterwards was re-arrested on a
charge of lunacy and taken to Mounds
vllle, and afterwards was released after
having barn confined in the county Jail
for thirty day a, wad arrested on Thurs
day afternoon and placed In the city
lockup. Pedro was sent to Moundsvtlle
to have hla condition more thoroughly
learned, and he was released on orders
of the prosecutor and was put on a
Moundavllle car. which he rode for sev
eral round trips during the evening and
was Anally put off the car by the con
uuctor. Me was standing on the street
™r track In front of the office of the
Riverside guard when arrested the laet
time. He w ll likely be given a hearing
before Squire Paul Reidel tc-day and
sent to the Insane a-ylum.
Board of Xduoatlon to Meet.
The board of education of I'mon dis
trict will meet in special session this
even'ng st the t’entrsl school building
on Water street The report of the board
on the trip to Chicago last week will be
tiled and read It Is likely that the mat
ter of advertising for the sale of bonds
for the new school building to erect
ed In tha near future will he taken under
consideration and action taken
first M- I. Church Services.
First M. E. Church. Main street. Rev.
8 R Hart, pastor— Services for 8undav
£uly 21st—Sunday school at !>:3» a m‘.
Preaching b> the pastor at 10:3« a. m.
Epworth league at 7 p m Preaching
services by the pastor at 7 Jo p. m All
are cordially Invited to attend.
Try GLOSSIT and you will us« no
Democrats to Meet.
Tne Democrats, of Pnlon district,
will meet In mass meeting this evening
at the city building for tne purpose *.f
electing two candidates for justice of
the peace and one conetable also «
tmher of the hoard of education The
meeting will likely be largely attended
•'■ Matthew s German Lutheran Church.
Servircu for Sunday. Jul\ 21st. at St.
Matthew a Herman Lutheran church
Mafer street. Rev. H K Hutaky. paator
Sunday school at 9:»n a m Preaching
by the pastor In Herman at 10 30 .1
: l'u*h*r League at 7 p m There
; Will be no evening service until further
, | notice All ate cordlall Invited to at
Itend the morning servlrea.
To Meet This Afternoon.
I-ocal lodge. Kona of Vulcans. known
ss the puddlers of tne various mills
1 In this city, will meet In regular seaston
this afternoon, at two o'clock. In the
Jim Smith Hall at th# ro»-ni»r of Kiihtn
1 an<1 Main *tra»fa Many matter* «»f
i ImDorUnr* will ha up for concM-ration
, . »n*l ail tn^mbfn ar# rrquratfd to at*
J tfnd
_ t B««w©od Brlafa
I Pr.llra court »•« another black laaf
7 " mip n#inc *r»e VMM evening
In mmrr+nmion ttolfi v»«k
-■" 'mi w 1 l",'lr ^ on
**•"/ f,n" •*"» »» f nlrtvl Park,
f r*«M*t-4at rn4 mw ,h.
Imt a ttn.iMa h.a.I.r
«W.r*a 0>.n4|wr win rat am hia
•* Plit.awrak aft*r •fwiwtinw •"*
rnat r.w 4a t a wlfh f'1*t*4» aM r.la
Nw In llila ally
. T>* "wnwtial afatntttanf af th. t|ty
• ***.. I“*B r*«»lW «"4 |>wkll>k*4 ac
*" **w Tk* '*»>< kalanww la
• I ink tlr natal lay than last rta'
*»!«• Mtaau (toil win ktt. a r.w
, ffvTAtrsSitycrcur,
For Sale
Fdwood Lot
'***«• «a la* la l».a~| am*
Itw.tw— La* M aaaiaa lata Mr. oww
a* *»«w# «a aatt a* mm aw* kw. rw
*a »I 4* 1^** ,««. a* at
*—1 «a W«aia
Chart. Mia N K.
»«■■!>. Hn a V |x -
! Darrell. Mrs Clara —---Iteag
► -wit Mra. v.ml JotJhTa.
WbitMy. Mra
Bough nor. Harry MuSt/Jl B.
nargu. Jas Mullen K M
•*<•« MetrovU. M.rko
fj****1, '^Ja •* Natter. Whiter
lay ton. Harry Noaaaha. mere
craytoa a H. I-arkar. Frederick
Doran. IMCk Price Chaa.
Daaaun. George Run/oa. Ed.
t^V°tJ»lL **•?*. a
e. R. ^alftlck. prank
DUtman. Harry E. Smlth J.y E
r^rU?*5'. **r' Behoeberl. Jacob
French. Elmer Tumsen. Jacob
51*"!“- «hrence H Thorn. A. N.
Herat man. Christ Welt John
'^rl w. Wilson. H. B.
. "ydd. Geo W.
(Hedrlch. Earl WundeU. W. R.
Keener, Al tVhmeke. c. W.
Eyla. Jack Yost. Frank
Foreign Lin.
F°rncm Ml“ Ftor' Hanf«1'1*- Gertrude
FlaUey. John Williams. George
Allied Printing o. Procter Milling Co.
Government Band U. 8. Publishing *
Gu. Premium Co.
to Com tractor*.
Bide will be received until 12 o'clock
noon on Monday. July 23.1. IS!*, for the
construction of the new city Hospital.
Bids will be taken srpuretely lor the
General Contract, the Electric Work, and
the Plumbing.
ttl.la shall be addressed In seeled en
velope* to Mr. H. F. Behrens, Chairman
Huilmng Committee, Neurslgyllne Co..
n reeling, n Va., end acrutnpunled by a
certified check for an amount euuai to
2% of the total of the bid.
Plan* and specifications are on ex
hibit ion at the orftoe of Charles W.
Bata*. Architect. Hoard »t Trade Bldg,
Wheeling. W. Va.; end also at the olflce
of the Superintendent. Mr. Clark, st the
Nurses Home. )y-lu-m
M OTIC ill
I Sealed proposal* will be received by
Clerk of York Town.-tup, lielnmnt coun
|ty, Ohio, st Steiners vtlJr. until I*’ k
I r.«mn of Wednesday. July list, 1912. for
Binding, furnishing materia! and tr.a
i tjKlnmlzIng 2 4-10 mile* of roud in York
• Township. All bids to be Arconipaiiiril
ty a good anu sufficient bond or a
certified cheek to the amount of thrc»
.hundred dollars. Specification* with
1 1,1 VLk on n,*“ with Township Clerk.
. The right is reserved to reject all
bids, or accept any bid.
By ?r<**r of the Trustees of York
. . ,_ _ ** dvaaii,
*- D *»«• 1. 1‘owhattan
I olnt. Ohio.
i .ei^kHahed the first time, July 16th
Jobbers. Mas.
wVtJSft.S**1 0,1**r WlMlMtlf Dealers
tl^<t *o * .HKIUiilV til V BN. that
I '>f Control of the State
lor ^sst Virginia will receive bide daily
a* r*B •' Charleston. West Vlr
Ctbla. for furnishing sullies for tna
I rt'rr*1 8:a'« Institutions. I i.c financial
management of whLh la vested in said
. SSi,rmeta *1,1 n» awarded to »he
I1,®?*'at. Wilde™, quality corWid-red and
| other things being equal. West Virginia
<l*al»ra will be given preference.
-.ii,ai* ®f Slippllea tWeded Will b fue.
Dished blddne on rroelpt of requests
slating 'he line desued
btatk boarh or control.
_n I — Chsr'.st >n. We.- \ ,r,;lnlv
bankruptcy.-' ~~
Wo tics Of first Meeting of Creditors.
1 mted Stares of Ameitia. Northern l>ls
trlct of West Virginia, ea
In the t'nlted Slates IMatin 1 Court In
and for said Idatrlct.
I" »he mattor of Abraham Bedway.
Bankrupt, in Bankruptcy. No. *12
I To the creditors of Abraham Bedway.
I In the county of Ohio, and district afore
I »ald. a bankrupt:
I Noth e la hereby given that on the IJth
I day of Julj. A n. |<n:. the said Abra
ham Bedway was duly adjudicate,! a
V'Ankmpt and that th#* flrat rn^Minir of
creditor* will h# held at K<»om* MJ
hf *7 S« hm.ilharh FlulMln* Wlu-rliriK \V.
I on tli# 27th day of July.
At H> 00 <i rU>. k in th* forenoon,
I»t which lime the eald creditors may at
t t^nd. pro re- thatr c’aIttia. appoint m trua
I tee. esornne the bankrupt and transact
any other hualnees as may properly
tome before said meeting.
11*■.•!■** in rteB'ilcrupfry.
T'^> jy-20g
_ ITS SFI'KR TOO MOT at Mountain
•a»« t'ark On th» rraat of |bt Alt*M*>
,n •* wh,,# M“ tnrr.t IV ntir* and
Hatton* In the Ioik» t*no> lime Kotor
Inr. Boat Un*. Trnr la. tin If . ampm-t
• n* July tth tt» lift ChaatautiB*. July
•*»" u Aniuat Hih Rummai •-bool,
lu’y l«S»i to A >*uat l»th. Mia.;..nary
InaMfuta. July lath to ?»th Hilda
f»rntva. J .I, Silh to Atwnt «»h Ow.|
lot* Brtr<liii| houNl, « u«
#•••1 V Pirlpm
Mumt ##* homr« mc »•xiw.r.ftld* («rma
F.l' Irir nttijui mtuoiUB
Iwpr i f\g vat»f, «#«#ri
A<Mr-m «><# I*
-Til I.AhK P iHli. lift
Mountain Lake Par*. Me.
I WOW ' >rrs Motor a rantaalaatta
. t aran. * lh aoitnmna p~*> krallai
a»l*|f* and y«l a.tna «*«U. font..
**■**■■ r.araiu at n ,a r Son lay
M Ifar'ai rataa for Ida na-ot Book
l B C Lt«T. * ifruii.
■ Wi MAY HOfl
•**** lAfaTrm at« Mar <ar«««
j IW yrar ok- aorr. rtaait.
aa'aa *>•'•■ H*" ai *0(104
•• *frm-rn •- w v%r|»
• «
_HOTE1 j_
!ullu •* attract loom; wtM
•Itrsior- private
II™;. Tt1'1* —drtea etc ; superior table;
fj*w W ■» It up dally; beek
^_ M- A. SMITH.
A jrplaie At*., IH feet from or ran Baths
and running water. Excellent table. 7th
season. Peine management. O. L CAKE.
So. Carolina ay. * beach Private bathe;
watsr la rooms. Elevator te
■‘►set Icy^. Spacious porches. Opacity,
.The leading and moat modern hlgb
O'-ys hote1 at moderate rates.
New throughout; capacity X&O; private
laths, elevators. «.ouu feet wide, cool
porchoe; exceptional labia, white eery.
weekly. It up dally. Hklt. J. P. COPlS
D ^ wiasaaiau.
South Carolina Ave.. 2nd house from
£••***-. “•■« equipped modern price
h< tsl In Atlantic City. Elevator, bath
>?« fr""> hotel. Booklet. E. A. BEN
DER. owner.
.****AAONT, Rhode Island Ave.. near
Beach; surroundlnr lawns. Elevator,
private and sea baths, electricity and
massage. t’t.Sa up weekly. Booklet.
Bell phone »J»-A.
__M R. SOMERS. Mgr.
ra*Wp*TH-On the ocean front.
i1?!nl“ Ave., overlooking famous
Stoel Pier. Capacity 600. Special. 112 t>u
If1,0 extra charges for hot res
water outlie: elevator, spacious porches,
P-Ly*** Orchestra Auto meets
l alns. Booklet. Wm. Hymuii. Prop.'
_►rank M Phoebus. Mgr ly-16-1
.. „ . *** COLWTB. ~
Irni..?°'"h A'h'hlgan Ave.. splendidly
n7i,.oe".'*r Bench and amusements.
,.r ,,«htfuf rooms, open surroundings.
Cg ,«•* « station. MRS
riEROEN. Prop., formerly of San
,^°,n the rnont popu
li'ilh*' rn,r a“ a»*r»«tlon«: m™“ ti
i i!in. «. k',U very ane. tal i
I ncUidm. !? up *’.SO up dally.
eSevatof * J r?' “ r*" room*, me-al b-d*. I
wfth whi.1* h*\ Pho,”*B. "uperlor table,
rm.o ,<IT’ ,:,bl' direct
BoardW.lk;Ct^k£.V*rw!>kK* W.VTTS1
' irefrl* Av. n*»«»r Heach an I Steel pt«r
^>r€iawV/irr0jnd,ni,S,,‘ #'*,raclty 500. Hof 1
aouftiiern ca,nB- l-»rge rwmr I
Uv’ . L " Elevator to Street
ratei' c- ?c . oioctal week I
m^? tf;,>„VUP BOOkUt- C-e-Che,
, *®t*nn» atcivi.
s.rr‘.«na .hou’’*. ,,rom “teal Htcr. Highest
CUn.(Did In lutalne and Service. Booklet, i
___ •*. <*• X. U. BOTH WELL. I
trkS?** fc*.* V*k allSv.*1' up •K> |
* 9«N.GtO*GU **T.ATLCrrT.MXa\
... ^ *• LI L« »• M. a I Ler.A.x.
?{*ECTRJ'- UtJHTKl) TriHi i* OHOUT.
v ,2'.J,a,I> *• at>d ** weekly and up I
ioikl iLOQtioia.
Co i arcltna ev and tl.srn, centre of i
ell attraction* Capacity 4no one of I
\- e nimlern un.l Iin.te. .lee. «A« I
O' mn-rMr Irivatr ba'ha, runntnr :
»at». in rocira Elrarator. Munir Kin*
prr hra tthltr *rtAlr« Early nraaon |
raira. 114 up wmkly; |* $n „p <1«'ly.
(..•■kirt w V SHAW.
•* . *'«r **•<*» •:«»/• Mta| |
rtoratai. lIC.I
**n%r9 -ip 4«|i* §lr ^ ||- 5..I
•ki* \loa p I# |WMM.
M%9GklirT 1MIJW i.r\rA» |
Btit MoJarata Bata Natal
A»d f tff »rwr*f T«^n •« . M«r Bwrk
MMnl. P* '**■*'•• Ppnt inH < «'k,
Ss^r t rvTTTi *•* *• *
•**"**"' t* to t*l
41* BhJt I tarn y *Ma a i Lmi, M t
— a^taM JE!* -SLT«Mt
• »*4ita9 I •» «pf tom, Im»«w «Mk
|4k* toXtr 9*4 potato toavtal i«fM
II 49 •»<* •* * •»» 99 *m 9* f M
1.-1^! tfnr. -r»77> _.'•—
{•7 ~v— ;rr— «—a>T3
»■ »i i « t«toMt i\a
9L9T » fm rtR . ifn
kttoflnr |Md. FmSliwu ki|,
HM to tlT MawU,
I f " —
hail9yStoart W— afltotoato |
rom un—Furnished or unfurnished
1 lore* front ruomi, fine location,
close to business part of city. Cheap
It rented at once. Call Nat. Phone
1*»2-Y. _)y-l*-h
roh un—New house, 7 rooms, bath.
pantry and laundiy. 500 South York.
Inquire 4028. York. Nat. phone 1I17-K
Jy-12-tf ■
YOB un—New, modern *-roomed
Ikium. in WuoUIawn; ill conveniences;
Cas.'cssion at on. e See W. H. Nichols.
catherwood. Bell phone 2St-J Allen
FOB BALE—19 acres, all tllable land.
H mile west of Blaine, Ohio, five
minutes walk from Bl*‘rar coal mine.
J. A. Wilson. Blaine. Ohio. Jy-301
FOB SALE—Kifb grade, first
class and »O'* later
changeable cornet; leather case,
good stead, mnslc rack, etc, la
eluded; beet qnick cash offer
takes It. Call oa Me mi ok Barn
hart. 3638 vretsel St. Bell phoaa
1881-1. Jy-3-tf
FOB SAXE Hat Ire stock. hardware.
blacksmiths and wood work tools. ,
4.000 feet select wagon lumber, new
spring w&xon. rond wagon. new buck
board John W. Criswell, H. D. 1, I
Adena. Ohio. Jy-23-T-t 1
FOB SALE—Three lots m York. Jeffer
son Co.. Ohio. House. blacksmith
•hop and stable. Shop 35*44 feet. in
*<mkI repair, slate roof. Water at door. ,
e*o*ilent fruit possession immediate
ly Three acres land Joining the abore
houi-e. good spring, fruit. ot No 3.
good building 1**34. good fruit. Lot 13,
with new si* room house, elate roof,
cellar, outbuildings well ut door, fruit.
Pike under construction through town.
John W. Criswell, H. L>. 1, Adena. Ohio.
7CM SAXE Ot T&ADZ— V^*o^'aeven
room house, and two lots, with wells,
barn, shaded lawn, and otfcVr Improve
ments. Will sell cheap, or trade for a
small farm. Address Chai’es VI Miller.
Cameron, U*. VsJe-22-tf
TEE 3EVE&2V - Furnished rt*oms. wttl
t'j.'TA *4f. \min >t ,♦.46 '
WAliTJDX—T«. buy I.OuO old feather bed#
nt n.ic# We also make the fo! ling
feather mattress. Address A. Word, care I
Columbia Hotel, 42 12th tit.. Wheeling.
W. Va. Jy-12-m
WAVTU)—To buy some practical floor I
show casea and other store fixtures. I
such as rounteis and tables Must be in 1
pood condition and cheap. Address 8. 1>. I
Huffman, Box 474 New Martinsville. W. 1
WAITED—To buy 1.000 old feather
beds at rn v. we also make the fold- !
»njf lea*her mattress. Address A. Word,
cars Columbia Hotel. 42 12th street. ,
D1E D r
"n Wnli»jA*y, July 17. 1*12.
■ t ».«*« a «n. LTDA A. MI'RKI.V
wlf* of tb* lat* Frank II Kr»b*.
lunvrrl wrtlMl at th* bom* of hor
viator, Mra Albert Krvh. 2«lt Jacob 1
•tree, Krutoy owning at I o'clock. 1
Intormont Mai unlay morning at
liroonwipvt comoiory at !• o clock.
Krtrndo of I ho family lantod.
HIIAH—rin Ttiura.ta, Jul. it ltit
»1 la IV or r»k I m. at t!»r FMlllMK*
of har aonm-Ia*. t-aosold Millar, at
Kim «iro\a. Kl IZAfiKTH a Mow of
tha lair Hanrjr Millar. In t:ia **th > rar
of her »f«
roii<-* »r«aft«r.
Louis Bertnchy
1122 and 1124 Mp.n tlmat
—Cal la Anarrad I aa of N.(M—
Stafa rVart Iti
V*e L Imnartj. noil Phoaa m2 ■
C- |. BtttMki. Mat ritai u»i
Bruemmer 6 Hildebrand
i he latest magazines
mm 4M1V an par* a.na ram
araa -lal—rry ta latm aat 4a
>ar at var*-«4ma*a M tha r«ar at aa»
• hHldtf |f rt
■otm s^i ^ u^trvwaA lmi
' WANTED—Male Help.
WASm* Men for firemen snd brake
“?,** naarbjr railroad*. |to to $10*
monthly, promotion, engineer or eon
<.uotor, eipcrience unn«ctu&ry: no
«rtk*. ag. ion. Manyf"?
competent men. Railroad Employing
Of man sent
to nosttlons State age. Railway As
sociation, Box Intelligencer
Wimp—Agents make big money sell- ^
Ing our Metallic Letters for office
windows, store fronts, and glaaa signs.
w5' fj* c,n Put them on. Ham plea free.
MetaUlu Sign Co, 426-N. Clerk c!£
WiUmi>—M^n for flremon and brake*
m^n qn nearby ranroads; $80 to $10$
monthly; promotion, •nySna^r-oonductor;
liPli,M,Ci5..Vnn‘!fe*"arsr; strlk*i ago
.**:** - «M»r»a4 employing headouar
tera. thousands of men sent to posltlono
!.*?• official call* 8fate axe
Railroad Association. Box Intelligencer.
___ Jy-d-4t-aat ,
aoMiw Ton va«i£ *
«e need Machanics and Jobbing Mill
Men ; Rougher*. Catchers and Heaters
Punch Prasa
and Drop Hammer Hands, and will nay
more than other plants, state definitely
experience, salarv. etc.
• _July i*. ii. i*. if.rn^to.
WASTab -Boya for shipping depart
tvE"1?.1' 1** »*"• or *g» Apply
Wheeling Can Co.. 47th and Water SUL
_ jy-U-1
WAIITaB—We ITS vs a good thing to of
fer to energetic men. short hours big
money, selling household goods Call
1140-1142 Main St.. Wheeling, W. Vs
* l«-2
WAITE)—At once several good deliv
ery and sales boys to work before
ment, lnte!lig«nc«r# between 4 and •
p. m.
WAJVTZD—Men and boy* to make atowa
pipe*. Apply Wheelinr Corrugating
Co., xartlna Ferry Department. Jy-17-m
WAJITCB—Men and boys for packers.
Can I>e part me nt Apply Wheeling Can
Co., 47th and Water streeta. jy-19-t
Why. Hold & Foonory Co,
A*a*Ta—Juat coin money selling NEW
mill with our bl, advertising niter,
lou can make 125 00 dally. Everybody
buys. Credit. Sample, in leatherette
case free. New Improved Knitting Mills. ' ,
Chicago. jy-JO-g,
«i>TM—Young men and boya to
operate machinery, apply Card Pall
Department. Wheeling Can Co.
_ Jy->0-l
WilTID—Why longer endura Inside
drudgery? He our representative do
ne o n.lde healthful work Own bosa.
■W daily profit not unusual. Exper
ience unnecessary Davie Toilet Co..
>70 Davis Hldg. Chicago Ju-fo-g
VilTIS—I1M monthly and exper
ience to travel and distribute sample,
for big manufacturer, steady work. S.
Scheffer. *11 Sherman. Chicago.
**■**!>—Mtn to learn the barber
trade Here (a an offer that Includes
•""is and tuition. A method that
oaves years of apprenticeship! posi
tion* waiting In city or rnuntry abnpe
Write Moter Barber College. Cincinnati.
Wanted"Mate and Female Help
Wiiribeleiliir or gentlemen for
bouse to bowse canvass Salary paid
Weakly Apply at owra Mr. Oowld.
Ill* Eoff street, between t and I y a
•Afflb—whit* firt who rmm c«4
H*#1 phn«* || Alfob*lm )v.|4 |
*»»•> Mr* 'W anwkofa. M lit*
m. iTnTr*
tlfTft—-T» (Will • tta.i «* *iw
•* ■'■■I ■ tfea '■■<■« X Ika Wknt
f>« iMtfcMWk vtM aPNM r»Wv
mrr It I HI Ttw )i»ml M( p*~tmt*4
*rt I» iaatMl a*4 !•.•-%. il
>a4 It na«4 far Da Mala tHhta a}
5_»«r '■»»■' ^ a aaa* af la
aw r>'fxa a patfw a»maa
W >■■■■» '■<»«• axtk Ik,
>«"' f mi Waa n»m Uaik
titiufi Clitlin Ik w Ta
__ if-IWitt
:i »-* ~taa~waai- •» at M
j* im ymw» jara xxi*r*
* »””*r* ar^amaaT

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