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Thg W'hcc,lln<iJn(g|H||*nccr Mas the Largest Morning Newspaper Circulation In the State of West VirginiiP^J
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VOLUME L X., N O. 285 WHEELING, W. VA M O N D A Y ] r r v 7^ T7T7 ---
=------ - a w a tj a i . J l L ^ 2 2, 19 12. PRICE TWO CENTS
“Bridgie' Webber, Sam Paul,
Jack Sullivan and “Bald
Jack" Rose in Toils.
However, the I’olce Announce
That They Have Not the
Men Who Shot Gambler.
NEW YORK. July 21. — Louis
("Rridgle" I Webber, keeper of an up
town resort, and Sam Paul, head of
the "Sam Paul" Association." at the
outing at which last Sunday threats
were made to ’get" Herman Rosen
thal. the gambler, were arrested of
night on the charge of suspicion of
homicide in connection with the kill
lng of Rosenthal lust Monday night.
Jack Sullivan, alleged gobetween
Police Lieutenant Charles Keeker ami
“Bald Jack" Rose, the latter already
under arrest, was taken into custody
as a material witness
The arrests were the result of the
activities today and tonight of Dep
uty Police Commissioner Dougherty,
wdio has assumed active charge of the
police hunt for the mudrerers of Ros
enthal More arrests are expected at
any moment, the commitstoner as
serted. but as to the nature of these
arrests he would sav nothing.
Murder a Mystery.
When pl ed with <|ue*tlon» as to the
real significance of .-c-ght's work »fie
cemmi-Monei whs reticent T-,is inurti
lie eatd definitely
■Webber and Paul are not . ' urged
with being tn the 'murder car' ar * e
time tr- fatal she's were fir. k
t o men who a-pi,il e nd t .
in custody, the arrests do not
tie u»* l.y a lug mil.' altho
poli< e have made ina ertal pro,
sotting the i-iold m which :..i* been
use.) by file poll,*. department and dis
trict attorn- v s - ffi. e for a w.-ek
\\ “flier the ,1 i-1e-.ee obtained today
lead, to Ward-1.tent.-nunt C ir!>, lie. g'.
Jf, dutpl bf n • exaf ng
tribute from \e* Y..ri4 g,„iM.-rs - ,.m
tniemon- r Isiug-ip d.. lined ttattlj to
discuss Mr I •oiic'ienj- a-tmitte.) that
He. ker wa e
b»ii , ... lieutenant
liatl n^.t arr#wv«Ni.
Pecker Is n-.t lnvi.lv eii mere now
than e W tw.-nt, rnur hours ag..,''
laid lb..- . missioT < r an.l wth that
dismissed t subject.
Berber Implicated
H'*h ■'‘finals ,,f poll, e de|Mrt
l.ip'jt* n*rtr Itt-k-i #*>rin-rl \ h-.iil «.f
ihr strong .u rn ««ju&«l an*l a« - ! hy
V oaovithal of hkvtr* h— n «n ptnn-i
iMr w;th him : . M g.imhlirg bvj*»nf-s
iommtvKion-1 1 ••>iKh-rtx in-11
cat-«l tin- w n-n in r-pl\ t#» h QUMtlon
*• to wh-th-r B-. k-r had b— n »-nr to
Kar Kookiwn to bring in b:M mrk
Bo*. \\-dn-sda\ night r«pli-d ! ..nil.I
n*. tnoi. **-nd o it ft—k-r t., arr-»t a
man in • **nn-x ?n»n w ith th- Vc >*• r.thnl
murdt than 1 «oul«l H-n<i ..it
Tin.t I»o,iK»..-rt\ !>.• 11<> \ i- h is
an important fig or* :■ th. -a*. fr—lx
admitted b th- i,.»nimiwl"ii.M I •••ugh*
-’t' t .1 - impll-d in a st.»t-ni-nt that h
that b» wa** not In —.ntrol ..f »h
' murcJ-r . ir th- tim* B.—r.*h.»l
wa« **h*»t .low* !{•»*• is .t fii. r*«X
of I.loit» n.«n» It-* k-i *n*l .-ai*l t*»
lax. b—n wnrkiic for » -< k- t*>. r *ht
I-for- ft.* murd-r .\r * th-r witti-sj. ..f
th* a«»tfO'nrition wa- found »a:l\ t...
day. H
nthal .1 t»at« h of morning n- w-i aj*-»w
J’ltl f.-for- th- tfMril'l* i waM nh.it t »
•l-ath In fr«.r.t . * tr M »*• j*.i. H-.t-l
Th- n-w box* i tatb.-r vagu
Mr.rx of th- HlT'l-r < I • x • t i I — -
Ii-v-d t<. hav- iriv-n llttl- ir'.rniitlon
ot iinporfau* *• t-.»rt up*»t it
.lark Sullivan is rrgardfd an thf
man who ran throw tht* mowf light on
Bor kora part inpation tn thr mao
Whothor lir» hax donr this alrr.tdy in
a rnaTtrr of mnjfrturf. but <*ommtP
alonrr Dmifhrrt^ admitto.j that Sul
llvan had told film that h«* loft l.ini
tfnanf Bf< kf r*a automohtlf in thf vj
flnlty of Broadway and Kort> -rrond
ptrfft otif hour and a half l»« for* thn
as^aa*. nit ion on Tuesday morning
Sullivan waa alro in “Mridgir \v#»h
br-r p plan* brtwfpn 1 !.% and 2
c» clork
Was W'th Roaw
Wh*»thrr thf r* t of thf mm who
arf Irrpliratfd wm* in \\ * hbf r * thf
COTT'*: * * if *i r -• ' • •! t . *
Jix.tn • •• *• • ft . . .f, Mft-r
1-* x in.* |> k-* •%«« v . »*» s «m
! * "r «*.* * * r • • v f • . f r. ♦ .
font '-*■
r v
Deposed Senator is finned l nucr
Machine But Escapes Any
Serious Injuries
_ i
When his machine skidded into a:
I' <l*trh and turned *urtle Sunday after
n.w.n on the historic old National i
pike two miles east of Claysvllle, J
Senator Lorlmer. the deposed slates- :
• man rr.*m Illinois, was t>a«llv but not
seriously Injur. ■] With his s.-crc- i
I tary Senator la-rlm.-r. was driving'
i overland in his machine to h.s home.
I He was assisted to his feet after the '
I accident and driven in a buggy to j
* laysvllle. where li.* and his s* ere- !
tary caught a tram for < incinnatl.
The btg touring ear was "hitting I
her up." at about thirty-five miles an
hour over the w>*t highway when su.i
denlv a horse b.-.-am.* frightened and
start.*1 rearing in the air. Th.* Sen
ator ordered his chauffeur to step
the machine and In doing so the ear
started skidding. The l.rak.-s were
applied, but they broke and th.* steal
ing wheel snapped. Th.* machine
then w.nt over an embankment Into
a small guile*, overturning and ptn
nitig Senator l^.rlin* r beneath It. His
face was badly bruised. The car was
I -
Western Pennsylvania Taught in
the Worst Storm for Many
PITTRPt'RtiH, Pa. July 21- A
| h<-avjr, steady rntnfalt cause*d consul
erable damage throughout the country
districts of Pennsylvania today ,.\i
though no damage resulted In tilts city
adjoining t>oroughs suffered Indus
t trial plants w.-re flooded. ul.ile mam
| houses located along runs and creeks
, were surrounded by water. In the
country sections live stock was
drowned and crops ruined.
No a< < urate estimate of the dam
Jcge is obtainable t«> night, but It is
jrlaimed It Will be many thousands of
Boy Drowned.
Kslher Young, aged 17. fell in’n
j Chanters creek at f'annonshurg and
j was drowned in sight of many per
I persons who were watching Ihe swol
j I n stream
• Pr.-b.i If ti. heaviest >].imag.. e ur
■ re.| at Turtl. Creek. BrutHeck, Wiimei.
I'hng. Kiel Plttsbutg . Oakdale, i ..,r;.
; "tut eevera ■ 'Hi it towns near thl*
I ' Itv 111 li e Turtle Creek valley tbe
u i’er spre 1 over tbe lowland* rapidly
' vi’.' n any fumbles to top floor* At
J " dm. r I • g. the plant of th«- VVe-flt .
t Vlf brake I ■ n pativ Mas f|»V.*|* 1
nod the loan the concern m*v be la re
•* < h ..a houses and .5 »t ,re» iii VV ||
i In.-rdin* are parr: tirsler water
In .0 parts of Vllerh.rtv roiinfl
• . „r ».-rvte<> w»* . rippled for t ..
•> * de »> number . f bran. . railroad
I*ne* set. pi.r ...it of . oriimissif.n a
..ore ».f *rn.ili f.s.t bridge* were swept
| a wav
l.nte t nir t tuo addt.i.insl death*
repor*. , |F.dsyt - aged T
w 1- .Irowrne.t a i .1. n It iffalal*. n. ar
’ ... I and I an t., | -e T I .
!’ oiinei.avuie, »-a
B vsv Bo D*«n
dl l . ns . ai . ■ ro j
Mr# J
f.o I fr m
t*4 * - »
9* .
• .0*4
! \
Many Killed During Ih-spcrat?
Engagement on the Desert
Sunday Afternoon.
M1SRATA. Tripoli. July ;j—Gen.
Kara attempted to-day to dislodge a
large body or Turks which has been
harassing the region from the oasis
near Mtsrata The enemy. however,
made a tenacious stand In the desert
beyond, nttd a fierce cngHgcmenc cn
sn^d. The Turks were forml to re
t'eat after four hours of sharp fight
ing They suffered heavy losses. The
lealiau casualties are 1!» killed and S7
v. ounded.
Delivers an Address in Which lie
Says the Socialist is the
Party of the People.
MILAVAfKEE. WIs . July ;i—Eu
gene V Debits. candidate for presi
dent on *he Socialist ticket, address
ing a meeting here today, outlined his
views of present political conditions
and contrasted the principles and
purposes of the different political par
He declared that the Republican
and Democratic parties w.-r.- repre
(tentative* of the capitalist class and
ihe Socialist party alone represents
the working class
The great capitalist* are conserv
Hive, standpatters; they have a
strangle hold upon tho situation wl-ii
ao intention of releasing their grip,”
mid Mr Dchs -Taft and Roosevelt \
ire the candidates it ,nav he oh |
leeted that Roosevelt is a progressive :
That is mere buncombe. Roosevelt
*HM president almost eight vears and!
his record is known. When he was !
in office and had the power h.< did i
nope of the thing* nor attempted to'
do any of thw thing* he is now talk- I
ing about so wildly.
•‘Woodrow Wilson is no more the
candidate of the working class than
Mr Taft or Mr Roosevelt.”
Announces That He Will Support
the Hull Moos?
Hut Will vupport the Slate Re
publican Ticket.
Itotemor Tries to Straddle Third
Parly Movement—a I .ate
Word .
• •■IonaI I...> .m-t,'
iv... ,J 4 .... -
**,,l'*f t return .
' *' “r'" fn'r' n n
' »> «...| *11 * .t |i 11 r> ■ ^ f< ,h..
Tt« rt?<« f fn.*»V,r.r|ti |j t,t f( f f. 1
K*fl. If!**** ». f ff,. ’ifrl, ,
’•j ;,;.,Vr .V-iV-er';^'
Mr Vi in ttrtwrt r it* _ 1
«ii i |#t
• t ' H. y X,
tO*ttt**«4 r*« - f g |. t
t*i tn rwwn
• t 'f '♦a lr - « • »••• a #
•• t^Maf fM' B• < Bata^t
» r«a*«ftea. »« #!#-*.« f f
, TsaMay •« !,#►• y
^ 1 " fair
r*#*‘** tariBBia viBdi
u—i '
After n chase which started at New York and included Gibraltar nnd
successive port* along the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Indian
«)( .-,HI. Hector Fill er. »Tir correspondent and soldier of fotrune. has at las*
cauuh' up with Iordan 1-awrenc Mom. Jr, heir 10 the millions left bv his
grandfatlier. founder of the MoM Iron Works at Hong Kong China Fu!
ler was engaged by Mott. Sr . to art as a kind of gmirdiati over the vounger
Mott, after the latter had become tnlyod up in a number of escapade*,
among them several af trs of the heart Bn* the young man gave Fuller
the slip a . nil. e of months ago and eloped with Mrs Walter Bowne. the
1 ' g I • ii.i r.nl estate dealer. The elopers shipped as
steward and stewardess rn a tramp atecmship U.und for China, and had a
eek v star* .■ m Fuller and the Mott f‘,niily before their whereabouts were
ascertained In mod«a1*ly the young man's father offered Fuller (25,000 if
h" could catch the runaway* and Induce his son. either by force or per
suasion. to leave Mr- Row no am! return home Now thin Fuller has
caught up w ii j the e.o|H*rs there is considerah'e wenderment as to what
course he Will pursue, as Mott. jr.. ha.* announced his intention to settl >
in Japan with his latest love.
Hope Is Abandoned Since a Turn
for Che Worse Resulted on
Sunday Afternoon.
Has Been t nahle to Sleep and llis
Heart Action Has Become
\cry Weak Now.
TOKIO, July ”2 iMondayi More
favorable new com •mine the 11100*11
of Muimliii... the «tn|mror of Jnpn,
rM,,io frm the p.il.ici this morninc
The aecretary of ih- imperial hoti*e
hold atM.nn. . d .,1 s • • rl.H k tint the
« nr dlt Mil of hi' turij. »ty w.i* eonkUt
'•r» I impr-t • d .it d that 111- afe dlnr
•ourt ph *1ei:tti, «rr< m ire hopeful
The .mperor '•■!! jod-.p .,t nit.lnicht
and tiail nearly *i\ hour* undi .’nrl -d
re*t \* •. a III 111* lent pert are «j.
|.*tt 4. cree*. .huh a •> a 4r..|. <4
Kartter p-por** cit- the y,u 1 ■*. aa
t a*, t alt! ■••■h
s mpt.tin* rn.p w r n n|. ml alarm
11 Ian.
Mk • A u
1. a ■ t.n
*r*•«.■ an ,, t |M| r*s* t ,
The Extreme Northwest and the
Eastern State Will lie Affect
ed by t he W rat her.
\V.tSI||\,;T<.N\ July ;i j|n,|,.r.
«».• Irr,,,..r„f„r.-s will J.rrvull m-r
«lm n-.rih.rn half ..f th- ,..„nrr\ d.,r
IhK fh. r.r,» ..f ih. . mtnK >..,r «r
• "f.llf.a I-. ih. w-ath.r hur.au hull-l
in Infildii. \Vnrn..r a.afhar win
f-a- h III. • \l . m. n Mha.f! • n
Th.ira.lai « \lrn .ln« .xataar.l • .h<
'•"ft' «”*♦ fh- fr-t*»r.u,r on
In ih. a-u lt ii « ,j ... m -lrra».It
varm It will t., ,, , ,
.hw,.* lulu Xtnn.u. ..in * h
- •
W n.air » Wal i .
w * r r * » -Mir
—#fc ’ +"»- •** '.. r «r ....
■ » . r
r «■ f »4
r f
f * «« If
oo.*i.r wido-h is
A COCK f »Ai»itt
» +
Her Daughter Was a 1 cador in
Society and Mother Stole to
Buy Her Clothing.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
PARKKRSBIRtJ. W. Va.. July *|.
William Hockingberg. a Pinkerton
detective, of Pittsburgh. arrived here
this evening with Mrs. Cgrrt" K.
j Wood, a prominent woman of Marl
. ettn, whom h- look to St. Marys on a
j t hare, of fonctn? checks on a Pleas
j ants i ounty hank. While walilne for
. a tii.ln here th<- woman was wh-nti
I lied bv officials or the Second Xat
; loral and Farmers and Men hants
I National hanks ns having given Ihrm
••ad checks •luring th- past week.
! She wag also identified by (ius Snlin
1 a*r. w*. K. r»o« m. local merchants
l victims. Di tiled to keep her daushter
In goiletv is alleged the cause of ner
j down fall. It Is alleged that lad
< hecks were given bj the woman at
other points.
Important Steps in the Fonr.atim
of the Third Parly Will
Be the Result.
OYSTER MAY. July 21—An tm
, portani step In the formation cf the
| N'Mional Progressive party will come
up for decision to-morrow at a con
ference of Colonel Roosevelt and ex
I Senator William Flinn. of Pittsburgh.
Tile Colonel said to-nicht that he had
; received word that Mr Flinn had left
Pittsburgh for Oyster Hav and would
be there tomorrow-. When he ar
rives colonel Roosevcl* will giro his
final word in regard ■bo metnods upon
which he will insist In the selection
■ of candidates for presidential elec
t Mr Flynn and E. A Van ValVcn
| burg, of Phtladcljhln. were reported
; to have proposed reccn'ly that the
j same candidates for Presidential elec
| tors he placed cn both Taft and
j Ecoscvclt tickets In Pennsylvania,
j with the agreement that the entire
| electoral vote of the state would go
(to the candidate for President whose
[ticket received the larger popular
vote. CokmcIRooserr-lt rejected the
plan 1ti so far as It Involved an agree
I ment by which under any rlrrum
stanecs candidates supported bvhun
; might vote for Mr Tnfr
It was understood the mstter would
t-r let r open until after th. National
p-"gre»»|w. contention Mr Fl>nus
' *Mt At this title however, is sail to he
prompts | t*y the desire of the Itepuhll
r*n ampAtgn manager* In tvnnsylv.i-.ia
fo ri ike fl . (r i |gy s At nn.p in,'e,,i ,,f
postponing final action until *ft.-r the
\Atp.nal 'ontetitloo t 'tilitnsl ttuosevelt
ma-ie It known |,c would from H e
■rani he has taken nn.l that a plan
, agree.! to must he one which will permit
I him t« make n stralghtmit first to the
, •' f,n « genuinely ndependent ticket.
with no suggestion of lu.rrain or on!
I promise with any other polltl- al org.tnl
».- *lon
I ' Her Hie Republican or Itemocra
■ or*«-ization of Pennsylvania or anv
• •• <r state is m contro' ..f hi* support.
I era «l" Are ante t. place th« Roosevelt
I c-1 n*1ldate* for etc tor* itp-n their 11. kef*
t without compromise, the colonel will
i offer no oh)* - tion*
*Jf,**,*l ^^pHt h ff* ♦it#* !vtf#l;iff«fv pt
.»»%??>. **r«\ II Vm »M| !
a Al n* !.#• . n t
1 * * Ka«.i* ) a Yg let If I) ,t« t r . (• V
While Taking Prisoners to Jail.
Monnnjrah Officer Was Fired
Upon by two Foreigners. -
Mortally Wounded He Kept Up a
Running Fight and Then
Sent hPlIct in Brain.
Pp«-*ial f'isintrh to lor 1 ntellicenrer.
FAIRMONT. W Va . Jul> 22 —Ah
though the |>oliee dragnet *ai thrown
I °ut within a few minutes after OfB
rer Shaffer wbs murdered, no trace of
his assassins have been found The
foreigner who did the shooting Is a
member of the Mafia and has killed
several persons. The police say that
Shaffer I, a victim of the Black Hand
and that the murder was pro arranged
and the officer lured to the shack,
, where he was shot down.
Fairmont, w. va . .tuiv 21—po
liceman Otis Shaver, of Monongah
was fatally shot by two Italians In
a fight there this nfternr-m. After
reee1. tpp his iwo d*ath w ounds from
behind. Shaver fought on until he
had but uno shell Irft in his revolver
He fell to the ground, got to his feet,
toppled over, rnlsed himself to a »|t
ting porftlon and sent his last but*
lot crashing through his own hrain.
A incur ago an Italian had trr*ible at
Monongah and a shooting affray re
sulted Thhe Italian escaped I.aat
niebt he returned to his former homo
together with his brother The two
mop were drinking In a shanty when
an Italian informed Shaver they were
there Shaver without regard for his
own danger hurried to the shanty
and entered (t and got bis prisoner
and started to fail with him.
The arrest was made at 1:30. dur
ing a hard rain As Shaver started
down the mtidiiv road towards the
bridge. at the foot of the hill, the
brother of the prisoner ran up be
hind him and fired a bullet tn his
hark Shaver staggered, recovered,
and turned to face his assailant. The
pris' nor jerked loose an<t as Shaver
shot at the man who had wounded
hin the prisoner emptied a revolver
Into the hack of the toliceman Sha
ver fell to the ground, regained his
feet and started after the two broth
ers, who were running towards the
Office Suicides.
' As Shaver staggered after the men
he fired at them, but through weak
ness and pain he was unable to hit
Shuver soon fell, exhausted and
then killed himself Just before he
fro.| his last shot Warren Davis ap
proached him "Keep away, brother.'1
sa:d Shaver. “I am done for and I
will end It all.”
Then he placed his gunt to his
head and fired. The ball penetrated
his brain, going In at the right tem
pie and going tut the other side of
the head
Immediately the company blood
hounds were called out and a pam of
constable* and miners started In pur
suit of the Dalian* They are follow
1 .ng the trail late tonight.
Trailing of Murderers.
Telephone messages brought the
(Continued on Fad* Eifbt.)
Admiral Vial* O*.cr.be* F-nht of th*
Dardarafla*— No Italian
Boit» Destroyed.
R‘•'tt: .lull ?| Admiral Vial*. In
a wir.-l. «* report ..n th* raid nf the
Itardanellr* In Italian war-hip. an a
'•n th* nlrht ..f J«!v i«. -o the
torpedo •"•at. »pl, a. «*nt*i.rn. Aa
*nr*. <'Ilmen-. and IVr.e < rapt nn
■ n t hr ninth th.- >.p. nine nf th* I>ar
d*n*t|.-a t.ul W.r- dlwrnvrrrd h*tnr«
»h* . had | roar. .«*d far In.id*
I"./ *. ,.f .ear. hli-h'« ftnahed on th*
.. .p...l-. boat* .nd th* Turk!.k fnrta
npr t!*d a hot nr* Th* flotilla h..»
■ ' *r rnntlnuad •'* ateam . n at th* rat*
••f ri kn»ta in . in** format inn, hnf
atne th* Rtimpran ah«r* tVh»n
th«» r. a*h*d Kind t’ahr th* Pplra.
>ahl*h wn. Iradlna. ran tntn a *t**l
- ahl* hh* dl.*n*a**d h»ra*lf hut
«. n r..t Inf ■ an.-*her r u» nf rahl*a.
Th* .. wr-hltaht* then h*- a me a* daf
aim* that it tmr~.th|* to a"*r
• i* rot- and r.mm.ndant Mum
. Id' d *- f. I If* Thl* * .a *ff*e.e,|
' T1 -i>*d,, boat*
•n.erH .*>lt .iNrht dam.**
ir«« . m » r« •• .«*»-»•#*•
|T* • "« v va r
4•*» !-»<•*•■« «o. »►■»•« MM
tv '»«• o •« m «*'*• •
^ • to ‘- V* %N «* • tv
I* •* rlfV *<M
•* !*• to tkf-■*■ iK I
r* »—4 4
W| ■ <1 %•
~ • ' • %- * %
• - •
* >• «r«> *4
► m4 •«
• |4
* 4 «•! u r 4 4 ,*t Ik

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