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A Urr- loartfic <«r 4r*vth bjr Kd■«/ 1 |
Uru*». uf < uniH>ri«iiV. Ml. turti* I up
•14. down on th- Xuiwti road r ealef
dai afi»t n-e/a. at a |wln( near Itee-t «
Mill*. east of \ alley lime T • I or
was traveling at a moderate rat* uf
•peril ansa the a -rblent hilitnt 1 a- d
was the fault of tha wat fad* The
drlaac Jempel and was unit, urwii. anu»
th* airefitton of getting a mint ball ,
Tha aaatatan* e of several farmer* and
A t*AIT A il# y to pAt * Ir>r n .«•
• hire hack on terra firm* lu running
■went lu tare ry Social.
A liter ory and a.e tai w l.l be held at
the Trlaelaipbla MeUiodlai church this
aven.nx- The program that t.aa been
prepared la out of tha ortltfinry and the
talent that will taka part all! have a
treat la a to re for those attending The
proceed* anil go fur the benefit of 1 hen
Clemen*, *.io has been on the *!■ k list
for th* past several months, a well
kuoan resident of Valley Grove .Ticket*
will bn disposed of at 15 rent*
Knights of Pythias.
Mystic Lodge No. ft Knlgbts of Pyth
ias will tine this eveiling In regular ses
sion In their l.xbre funis In Kim Grove.
Many matters relating to thu lodge in
general will be brought up at thla meet
ing . All of the members of the lodge
•re earnestly minuted to be present at
thla mealing as matters needing their
attention will tie up to bs voted upon.
Woodmen Lawu Pet*.
Tha annual lawn fete of the Henry
Clay Camp No. 7IIS Modern Woodmen
of America, will be held on the Ktm
Orov# fair ground* Friday evening. July
J6. An elaborate program has been pre
pared for tha occasion and a record
breaking crowd bn expected to be in at
tendance. Tha proceeds taken In ut I
tha afyr will be donated for the bene
fit uf W. W. lsirr •tn. an-! a In
vitation iff t'xpendffl to the »c**!i**rai pub
lic to Attend.
Try QLOSSIT on your auto.
Win Dispose or Old Church.
Thi* old church formerly nsel t*y the
Methodist congregation of Kim Grove
located on I Ti ger street, will be offered
for sale at public auction by ltev. J w
Johnson. Wednesday evening of this
week. The lumber Is In good condition
and no trouble will be found In dispos
ing of It. Tne new str-4* ture w«a open
ed to the public yesterday and there will
be no mure use for the old one.
Miller Funeral.
The fuper.i. eervl -s over the remains
of Mrs. KlUubeth Miller, wb*.«e both
occurred nt the residence of her son-in
law on Thursday evening, wil. be 1 ojd
this morning. Itcuulem l.lgn mass will
be celebrated at the Saint Vincent 1 >e
Haul's t'athollc chur h. at 9 o'clock, and
will 1>« 'n charge of Uev I'atlier I'flcger
pastor of the chut dr Interment will
be made In Mt. t'alvury cemetery.
Mew Coal 3Clne to Open.
^ larg- for. ,* of men are employed at
present l.y I.ong and b'e rni.n. prepara
tory to oriening a. . .ml mine - *-ar the
Storch ndr.* on Kdglt.gt .n I.ane. All
r.ew machinery la b-lng installed by the
compai.;. Tw o m .. motors are being
put in and a new slope, dug to the coal
vain V h~n completed the mine w ill
be one of thi most up to date in this
section It win be opera*-i by atrb'tly
union workmen md be aqulpped with
the latest electrical equipment through
Kodtrn Woodmen.
Henry <T»y l amp Mn|-m Woolm-n
of Amiri-a, win meet in (egular w.ekiy
srssino in their lodge rn-uns on Main
•treet. Klin Grove S-veral new mem
bers will **. ailtnltti-1 to the order aril
other business win hr .11.pos. I of re
lating to the lodge AU members ura
requested t*. be pr-s. nt if po<slb!e.
" Complain of Mad Street.
Several ornplalm- ! . beer, h. ,r*l
from aitolsis !u re.- ,r.| to tie l,r. , ., , , I
o, u . streets f tha town f ti
phtv. but as A rule th-y do no kt...w f r 1
wn*t purpose tl.-y wera placed there
Tha rthp- t of having them 1h to stop *
ihn ;ra« fua of *j eedlng through the
twi. and :t ts «!«ilm«*d by the officials
t; at they * tl Iitln »e to Ulv them on- j
til the : »w Is obeyed In traveling |
through 11i«s town
Trladslphla 1 .O. O r.
4 : • • • i I
ml 4 iccet to-HtoVTow evening in regular
weeklv session in their lodge rooms or*
Al n street 'r» :»•»«, bust rises pertain
1 • .i • d *<t r by
the order and several new members will
*«• adn.'tt.-l to the ..rder t ft her bust- 1
r ess relating to tli* loJge nesdtng the !
at ten tt,m of th* members min also be
brought tip for disposal.
Adult Class ▼*. M. E. Tsam.
\V ill l i • • eh t'» t»«* Hti Interesting
hull gam** will .e j. iyed Tues lay sven
*t g on tho f*i;o t»M>ve fair grounds. be
tween t*» Adult llllde lass nine of the
•d l Htoi»» « ur< li as.d the team repre
rat . . :
' *r«• ve M ». !, lr.t«i «*st Is being taaen
and a large crowd Is expected.
Watches on EshlMtlom.
The two a dd watobe* mhidi mill be
awarded lu to* u j iwnteat* being ron
do *d by Henry t lay camp. >1 -d« r »
\\oodri»n of Amanca, at the Annual
lawn f«- m Ktbhf. evening on t: m lain
'Irove ra.r ground*, ate on display in j
‘' - * *• "f I * VI.« *■ ■* Pharma, y.
an 1 ur-i atlia tit.g const lerabl# interest. *
Work Progressing.
The w.-ra «-f preparing t) •• r»*d»ay
*‘«sf of t.rn dfov* f r paving .a pro- |
grs^*tf.g v*i> » e!> uni «*'*ntra-•• r 1
• M ** f * W *fk d* « i-ge, f *■< t
» tM a f ..• ir . n , the T •
Business MssUag of Bali Team.
IB tear, .f t» . . »|d m - .
i*ti r*- irr r« , 1 • • m*. » t* *•
*• *•' V\ ;*1 H) *i i-fi k«*ya 1^
• af*«r «a < a f ,» •* r* ■'». » *
.* .r ! Tf *» * * I r- * ■+' + • • , f * j|.
Far* a*, a mi Sriefa
♦ • * * . *■* -• • - r i • a . r. • * f I
•. f»* Hint a I *»ti >n
•f1" «'’<*• ¥*r <ta a \ M»n *Mh
• # w • '♦ .nf * a
♦ r r- •*'**# el »
• * • ’* • -‘a*#
;«-H\r u -ii!<irr>.w f,,r a few wroisa h,,.
**';• *-u‘ *e»ativm ui ltr»w tram.
* '• rt lirrvt-y. of rtvlmlirii vv \ .
-.■•••■-*'• .
or. *r art* rat 1.:- I.otn.- ..n t «• N.ti.i .1
it**iul at I ..t■ .11
•Ml-a i.Uliai. l*na*i I,art r. turr..- !
( • r I ..ti.« .it K'ltcina ton luitir af . r
■I’tmllr g n i«» .In> . •• KUri>t i.f
I»v..> n Mittal.urali. Iv
Maori II.in.tn.ind ar. l Ml". Min
*1.1 An -tri.i.r iPl.in.rl i . t ,.ir
“* »a«. I ictor*. l a aflrr -i-n.l.i,*
,r* "* *>.. MlM an.l rrla
Mtrr* ..t t.lm (iruva.
A larar. imml..r ,,f , , nl( W3t9„,
‘"•el «hro««h Kim <ir..vr yraranlav
aril iutnpr.1 u,. Wl.rrllna , r,., k , ,r ,,,
'■'*ly a fra of tl. ator.a )n
wrr.. • i—fi yr. '.-May. t -
fl.nii olwarvinc tin? ,,lur w r,
t-r,m i-rl u„ tin- fimay ’arlirra' in
tlltt? t'lWIi,
Mr- A W «'*irti ., of .Slnrranl Mar
..‘r'y. I» •i-n lire a f a . „
\n ! 'ir • • « *■* «f Mr. nti * m ,
J li Haul, t.ri Main -rrir!
Marry .linn, of HMatiurK’i
vr-'. r lay t ... , . ,jf ,rlatlv.N'|„ ,
*.r*. .. ar. I ft. t I',. (.11.. .JIMrlit.
■Mr- j V Oarvrr. of |.m rni-.n, j,,
I" a Vlaifor lit the out tl,« , |„. .Main t
i'.r a f. w ilai a
'* '* M.-rfa lfait.lr.raor. ..f |^,r
M « >. trim *!r>.%». I. ai m ilt v , r. ,
» Mr rfurat • f * ir.»ra*. 1. ar.l
f*,r,-IM. ..f i,r»r I’lit.irna
M -» H.. II. Marxian.. „f M»,,.
.- .|r. ) ..a a fra *laya 1h« . '
u' " !i M•< l**T . ..|nr
Fore'Boer P.cl-rd Up by Police Cn
South S de It a Bad Actor.
OfHer Arrests.
'f,! \ T» .* furviSTis r w ho h ***
' " *'•« ■ - » ' 'll « - Klflh « ,'•)
f^r mom*' i*r4,l who is
tj* w ,t jtrr.tf. ,| |,y ||i
f" i Muri.y t \»,.r tn . .,ri, 11 .
• • a Mir « * t‘.. »intti .. <P
i i > iitq hr k« « f.a r ».f hand
I h.ir«. « I.f , |, a an r.ftlr. r
’ **■' > *••** let «rf« p!ar~l
ftepubl a /„d »• C V»'» «t
Septe-npa- * a* Cc«,.-r an
THF. LAFt^r ViA(.A/INf>
**•"» •••* » mm§ • ft •-sw r «’
s A » f p* • •« •
• • » • *• * » IS
C H <7t IMRY
Ankil »-> • v i \r« i...a . |»
nea maim iTitn
Ever Eat
Tuna Fish?
It 1* the moat dHIcloua fl*h
!n tin* Wry white and of ex
ceptional fine flavor. r*«*d in
■ trad of chicken for naiad*.
i TINS 20c and 30c.
Reliance Coffee
25c A ROUND.
Order a trial pound and
learn what enjorment li
good cup of coffee cun hrln*
Reiianca Flour—89c a Sack.
Cape Cod Whiting, ioe
252 E'ther ’Rhone, '044 Market.
Not a Month
Later- But NOW
Tt> • *uif «al< a ■ J fa irt t
*''# to v O' tjnf <♦ ku • Mt*
»h. t O <ri. »■ u~b 'Vaf . j
t**T' ’ a> m -n'h f* i •
■ *1 Sf ir>
*>f» rtw f lar « j , >e
Geo. W. L ox
<Wrfhwr I urr.i-h< t and llatlrr
N»* | .IO Marltrf M.
|V*1 \ ( «*/« ( InUMnp
Monday Special-lla.sement “
35c Special on Monday for.Ai/l, I,
Suita Neatly trimmed suits—shirt and pants— 9
for 19c red or white borders--regular 35c values I
; on Monday for 1D<* a suit.
Monday Special—Middle Aisle
Shaving Special on Monday for. .......
3c The genuine C olgate Mug Shaving Soap
on Monday for 3** a cake.
Monday Special—Shoe Department
Elkskin Special on Monday for .. f
Shoe* . . , ,
for <1 AQ l-lk'kin uppers with leather soles or elk
* 03 skin s les. regular $1.75 and $2 \alues for
SI.3D a pair.
1122 and 1124 Market St., Wheeling.
new Martinsville, w Va.
21 Hat unlayr moruioc «%• a,
tmd Mm* >or the dog* of this city. I
»!><» »r* apt to stray away from their
homes, sad as a result of the d..« la
'estimations of them are dead
and several more are very slrk from
poisoning As usual, the worthies*
CMr* es»ape«l and the harmless pet*
an.l good, dors rot the benefl- of the
poison. “Tod", namer after the ter
rible one. bemuses of his Inclination
b> run thlnrs. the propert yof Master
Joe* Morgan. *•* one of the unfortu
ng‘-* j-et« to be poisoned and "Ted"
'ri* admired by everyone for his iW
votlon to his little master Wher
ever little Joe was "Ted” you Id be
found and he wtaiid no almost any
thing that his master would tell him
to. In hte past year there have been1
no less than ten or twelve fine ca-'
nines to be poisoned In this city and
in each case, the parties who put
out the poison, have escaped detec
tion. alhtough in one case a reward
of 1100 was offered for the conviction
of the guilty ones.
The voters of Magnolia district.
• Iving In that pan of the district
near the Rockport school house, will
not have to go so far from home
this Kail to cast their ballots as that
school house has been designated as
precinct No. 6. This Is a new pre
cinct and it Is a long felt need at
a late day, but nevertheless the bene
fits to be reaped in the matter of
saving time to the residents or that
vicinity will be enjoyed Just ns much
as If precinct No. R had been estab
lished for the last ten years.
GLOSSIT Is a furniture polish.
Last night saw the completion of
the big trestle of the Clarksburg
Northern railroad through the lands
of the heirs of the late Kelix Aber
sold and while the track Is not laid
the entire length of the trestle, tt is
so near laid that it might be called
finished. The residents of Mtdrile
boume are expecting to have the
trains running inton their city by the
Mine they hold their fair in October,
and If the road is completed by that
time the patrons of the Tyler county
fair will witness a better fair that:
they have ever seen in Mlddl-boun.o.
T he owners of the good horses do not
re,i*h th« ten tniie of roading that
the present conditions call for and
many good- horses stay awny from
the Tyler canty fairon that account.
Already the residents of this c uni
ty are beginning to talk or the l.ig
fair at \\ heeling and are speculating
as wtiat sensational features the
management will have this rail. It
would be hard to find u set of fair
officials that are as populnr as the
Wheeling get lenten anil tin every
hand one hears them praised for heir
courteous treatment of owners and
exhibitors. Wetzel county always
s.-nds her share of patrons to the
Wheeling fair, and this year will be
no exception, unless it is the num
ber of extra patrons.
There was a small freight wreck
at Hard yesterday morning that
caused a delay of an hour or two to
the passengers ef the Short Line and
a little misunderstanding ef orders at
” ‘ at at Ion At • - **-r train
"as made up at.-I s-arted out, itr
alHuit one quarter of a ml!*' from
this point After the return to this
«:tv. the transfer tmtq again ]..ailed
tho passenger* aboard, hut was attain
recalled after it had readied tlte June
f'"H My this time the regular short
l ine pass.-nt-. r hove into stghhl ard
after tin lading iheir | .< .-eager* and
express, the passengers on the out
""in* tram were no* j.ttt to any
i Turther itteonveniet re.
i Mi-s latw'vada M or* » i***r*am**d
|a parly of (or friend* Friday evening
d. honor of her houae guest, Miss Te
f'-s.« tUtley, t.f Hastings. The other
jctt of town gtiwsts wer. Mr. Francis
Mttrphv and <Sett HofTinait, t.f N»w
it astle. |ta
Mi*h Italy was handsomely gowned
hit mi., green voile, w hile M h * Moore
looked charming In pink cre|e ,|e
fhtnt . tile houses Wart profusely d**e*
' ra'etl with tut flower* At a Jgte
I < ur th .it intis him li was serv.-d an*!
■ '!; departed for their homes, voting
.M m M ore a most 'harming hostess
Frauds Murphy and Keorge ihfr
II .11. of New Fast In. Fa. and Miss
ils'iivr-da Moore, of th* < it>. and
' Teresa Mailev. of Hastings Stn
Hon were the Week-end k*ie*i* of
friends sti.l relatives m Wheeling
',rt 1 1' M rgnn and children.
M -* !.o: .in** a* d Master .loMeph. nr**
visiting Mrs Morgan's parents. Mr
ami Mr* Jacob llrumiiiigc. at their
home tear Hlllithfleld. for the next
few days.
Mr- l.«* ti Krt u/la r t.f Salem,
who his I.*-, n vi«IHi.g |.. r par-n
Mr and Mrs \ M Fran. i*. s- n.dr
lioine on the Smith St*!**. Is at F.lr
iiiofi' v'xr t.g ft **r * at | relatives for
the next month or so
Mr- nig, I» 'Uglier* v stal *ht !r*m
* ' I rv h* r •!.. r
Mr- M |{ M rrl* .r.- <t,e „ ,e. of
,r ' ' I '* ■ - ve. t I, tie .
»l* ' • for IJ.e *»<-x* fw.i week*
*"• -* tl rue kef sod Miss Vnna
" * ' ' depart-*! • t <'leveland n.
•M* morning f,, *p. , » few weeks
» as far I W - tig
Mr in.I M- « >{ M*rr*;n *.f
M v
ft* ,
. _
Many D**o y Puii tO Ov*r Wang«rful I
Cura of Katf»ar<na
Paoileas. B od »ii Treatment leased
• Graat Dlacovory.
Hardly a day passes but some un-1
fortunate, despondent and almost !
hopeless sufferer goes to the United
Doctor*, who hare their Wheeling In-1
stItut** in the McLain building at 42
Twelfth street, near Market street, in
search of a cure. The modern
scientific. ri"n surgical methods of
these socialists has proven superior
It Is a source of constant surprise to
everyone. Katherine Henssel. of 20J
South Third street. Streator. Ill . was
treated by the United Doctors and
has made the following statement for
publication: "I have differed for the
last twelve year* with gall stone* and
pain In my back and doctored with a
♦treat many doctors, but obtained no
relief i heard of the United Doctor*,
and after deliberating, decided to go
to ’hem. which 1 <1ld. This whs eight
weeks ago. and although I suffered 12
years, mv pains have already left me
and I feel strong and can now do *
my work gain with only those two
months’ treatment.”
Katherine llensei was cored In the
Illinois Institute of the United Doc
Anyone suffering from any ailment
or disease can do no better than to
Immediately consult these specialists.
They treat among other troubles,
diseases of the blond, nerves, kidneys,
rheumatism, epilepsy, paralysis, gall
su.nes. goitre, tumors. stomach
troubles, rectal troubles, raiarh, deaf
ness. neuralgia, dropsy and diseases
of women and diseases of men
The Wheeling Institute of the
United Moetnrs is at 42 Twelfth
street, near Market.
Work to Start Soon.
'The large f rce of men who hnvo
bo» n at Work in Glendale l»y the |
Whn-lim: Traction company laying
the limit.1, track throuirh that burg, i
h.n. ionu.bi.il their work an.l will'
start this niernlmt In laying the ptn
I "« I new double tra. k on Marshall
str* i-t, tills < It y The double trick
will extend trorn th. switch «t the
Mi M.. ben .a mo lory to the t_Vntr.il
si l.ool building at Mivrntli street Kol -
•owing tb. completion of the laving
of th" trai k w irk • tt the |.m rment
which will b»* ti* ne both by the rlty
li a. tion ■ iiiti|.nii>. W ill be started
nnd rush. .1 to completion. Many lab- !
or* re will be • mphor*! on the work,
whi'h will reunite several weeks to
Oo#n Bids To-day.
Hid* f#.r the * r#*« tton of th*’ pro- *
P«i.s»-d n* w # him h buildtnr by th**
itvm’i.rs of th. First *1 K. ohi.rch
wt!l l . op« n*-.l at th.* nice tin# to !»♦* [
h* Id this cv.-ninir by th»* budding ’
< •riirnltti.. Ar» htit.-rt M p <;«>is*»v. :
of W h.i lliiK who has char#** of th.»
bonding of th.- t dirt# »• w ill look ilf'ir
thr mutter and ha* of th**
work. Work on thi n# w blinding will
i lik.-Jy b*-iein »•* f.»r*- th.- first of Aujrust.
It s th** L» m for all wood work—
j Kn«ghts to Mtet.
I I .ora I lode. N*». 14 4 Knight* or
1*’ fhlas w ill rim* t in r* rular u*.»**klv
! h* sstofi tomorrow eN-rdrif at tfc*dr .
j h» j'lart. im In th»- MrMo h*n build
in h*dl*>w!r;i? th»- transaction of !
t'.dth.i* bust?)*'** t class nf several
*t.did.it*s will |.» Initiated Into th. .
• rd.i. All tr.mb.fs are urgently r«*
«iu* st* d to !•• |.r* «« tit.
Fr#mht Wrick.
1 .. ttli.-r.- In th. *-♦ «*iiitnf'* w ill hs
four i a full in .'oont of th«* fr**i|tht (
wi.*k whl. h hiipp. ti. d !n th# l#**nl]
’ >ar«is l*. low town ■ « 'irrdav morning
| about *.-\*n o < !#.< k. Vhtin |#»c*1
• K |d«* w#r* to th#» s'.-n** >« Kfi nlav 1
i«ft» rn* ti hi .1 watch***! th#* wr»*« k
• r. nv fi..m It# nw ««*»#! at w *rk < F arina
th#* <F bri* from th-* trm k.
Was a Succsts.
Th- N\..klv social iflv.-n las* Snt
■ r I in • v» ntmr t»v th.- P A. I#**r< nts |
Hr* th«*rh«.o#| and th# \j dF s Aid j
« i* t • ..f th. 1 ire.* M K. * h»ir* h prove#!
a s»n . . hi fr**tn . • r\ standpoint All <
dnrinir th. «*v#ntrff the «. nintht.*#« tr
• hare, w • r» k«*pt 1 jsy In serving th«* |
Clearance Sale Prices
On .All Nunnrr (kmb
20# Discount
On All
and lee Chests
M^r,y *ef,ri*eritor»- regular price $121.00. reduced to $95.90
\I5r!y |?e.fn*er*trS- re*ul,r Fr’ce *87.00, reduced to$69.60
Mk5 'y Refrigerator*. regular price $75 00, reduced to $60.00
McCrav Refrigerators, regular price $52.00. reduced to $11.60
McCray Refrigerators, regular price $38.00. reduced to $.30 10
McCray Refrigerators, regular price $34.50. reduced to $27.60
Bohn Syphon and Herrick Refrigerators at Similar Reductions
A?!nm‘!,C j*r[n*eri,fors- regular price $42 00. reduced to $3.3.60
Automatic Refrigerators, regalur price $36 00. reduced to$2S SO
Automatic Refrigerators, regular price $27.00, reduced to $21.60
North and Refrigerators, regular price $25.00. reduced to $20.00
Northland Refrigerators, regula rprice $14.00, reduced to $11.20
North and Refrigerators, regular price $12 00. reduced to $ 9 60
Northland Refrigerators, regular price $ 9 98. reduced t- $7.98
ice Chest Refrigerators, regular price $ 8 00, reduced to $ 6.J0
Ice Chest Refrigerators, regular price $ 5.50. reduced to $ 1.10
all garden and lawn goods at big reductions
Lawn Mowers. Garden Hose. Reels. Garden Tools of all
kinds. Vi a ter Coolers. Filters. Summer Ovens. Gasoline and Oil
Stoves. Parch Furniture, Porch and Matting Rugs, Porch
Swings and ecrything in Summer Goods at 20'T, DISCOUNT.
H. C. Franzheim Co.
1126-28-30 Main Street. Viaitor* Welcome.
Nine men. each a specialist in his department.
That explains the hi?h class of work turned
out by the Hancher Jewelry repair shop.
It also explains the promptness with which the
work is delivered.
1223 Market St.
tier.pi. who attended. a neat sum
wu» realiz'd Ir.tin the affair.
MeMtchtn Br.efs.
t'harle* Hauer, of Akron, O.. la
spending a f> w (lava with (rl.rula and |
r* Inti vex in tlda etty.
The ni* 'Heine show at the « orner "f .
Third and Marshall streets cat .< two!
1" rf »man* es last Saturday aftt-rroon
unit owning tu t»" largo audience* I
Mayor I'. <Morn* ha* moved In
to lux MW twHnw OCI Sixth Ktr-et.
whl 'i wax completed last week.
Many »"< a 1 Democrat* attended the
ti.Hsx tit" rink held at Benwood last
Saturday evening
Mrs. .1. T t neratreet. of Sixth |
streef. la xper.dtnr a few dav* with
ftp ndx nn.t relative* nr N'ewark. t>.
Mr* Henry Co. p. r and Jlr« Harvey
Marshall returned to their hr.mea In
t hlx ctty y • xtcrday nfter spending*
Hie oast f. w day* with thetr parental
at clwrlngton.
Committee of Council Called to Meet
Thi* Evening.
A meeting of the committee on
ordinance* will be held In the Kirst
lirant h council chamber tin* evening
at 7 .1" o clor k to consider and reentry 1
mend for pnrxge five street Improve
ment ordinance*
The city Isvard of control will hold
a special meeting tlii* evening »•
7 3*i o'clock
From San Francisco to Take Back
Alleged Embezzler to the Coast
—Reward Offered.
officers from San Francisco, bear
ing extradition papers, will probably
irrlve In the city the middle of this
week to t;ike charge of the alleg.-d
frat man, Charles o. Held, and carry
him bai k to Frisco, where he Is
•ranted on charges of embezzlement.
As vet no bond has arrived, them
l« no trace of the mysterious suit
rase which he alleges to have left la
s Columbus hotel, and his long lost
brother has not turned up; In fart,
none of Ills stories to the local pollcu
have been verified
Kebl was arrested In this city last
Thursday bv Detective Minard. and
and unofficial report lias been re
ived at headquarters to the effect
M-at a reward or $:>.00it had been of
fered by the fnltfronia authorities
for th.. arre-t of Charles o Reid., but
there is nothing to verify this report.
Keid claims that it Is his brother
and not himself that is wanted by tho
California authorities, hut It Is gener
ally l>ellevi-d that ihe man wanted Is
now In custody.
Martinique bout of IS sugar fac.
lories, of which five also turn out
rum. The exports of sugar tn 191d
were valued a* f3.13K.K]*i The rum
'Xpert* w. re tallied a* ll.412.S2S
Palace ,
. Davenport
v i ' f hr tnm,' n rrn.ir <*f thor^uthl. «.<•!«.. rvd n.ik
» V' fvn m* : m ii>i ih(
" kf » cnmfortaHr N\1
• > ' - • v» : a '
■M i> *nv fill . (ithfr* up t
MATF.RIAI *> alfhnil I | __ *3
•nJ ^No Tflrpkono Order

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