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NEW YORK. Auk 19 -TWIN f>
Hlllea. chairman of the Republican
national committee left her*- for
Washington thla evening lie haa a
number of engagements In Washing
ton with Republican member* of
Congress He will have a aeries of
conferences tomorrow and plana «o
go to Utica. N. Y.. to attend the
Sherman notification He la not *i
pected to return here until Thursday.
Earlier In the day Mr Hlllea had
among hla caller*. John H. Hanna,
chairman of the Maryland Republican
State commute*; W |» Johnson. Nat
Innn! committeeman front Maryland
and Representative Thoma* Uarrln.
of Maryland They re|r>rted that all
Roosevelt electors who were nomin
ated at the Maryland state convent
ion have been given seven days to
announce their loyalty to the Repub
lican ticket. If they fall to comply
It was declared that the atate con
vention will be reconvened bv Its
chmalrman and loyal Taft elector*
Wilson Talks.
REA GIRT. N J . Aug. 19.—Gover
nor Wilson *ald today he had re
ceived many telegrams naklng him to
explain hla reference in hla speech
last Saturday In which he said the
9orce behind the new party recently
formed, the so called progressive was
one of the discontent with the regu
lar parties.
Governor Wilson's attention waa
called also to a statement by flrlonel
Konsevei- interpreting the reference
»» an endorsement of the tbtrrt party
The governor declared mat ter force
of discontent to which he referred
prevailed before the Baltimore con
ventlon when the Progressive wings
were seeking to control their respec
tive parties.
Illinois Prog esttyVa.
rHICAfiO. Aug IS—Illinois Pro.
grerslve leaders today held an at
tended conference to devise come
plan that will lueure tee placing of
the names of their candidates on the
state ticket under a party circle, con
taining the name "Progressive."
Kepublican organliatloo men Insist
that if the Progressives oh'afn a
circle from the secretary of state on
the official ballot, that circle shall
contain the name "Independent" and
! not "Progressive." They aay that
I the Progressives are not regularly
organlaed party within the meaning
of the election laws and that under
the Statue covering nominations fll
ed by petitions, the word "Independ
ent v must he used.
Attorneys for the Progressive state
committee today went over the
ground with a view of the possibility
of filing a mandamus suit In the su
i preme court to compel the grouping
of all Progressive candidates under
one circle on the ticket so that thev
I can me vetoed for with one pencil
■ mark.
aaitt maruM ia»a made to
Air Turtfylng System Being Installed.
Oenerai Hews of Mounds
Superintendent Georgs K. Hubbs. of
tbs local schools end the corps of te.ch
era for the ensuing year are busy -unk
ing preparations for the opening of
school, which takes place Monday morn
ing, September fnd As this Is I.abor
E>ay, there wtll he only a brief Session
held and the roll railed, after which the
pupils will be granted permission to
return home. Supt Huhha Is communi
cating with each of the teachers notify
ing them that the meeting of all the
teachers will he . e. I on Saturday. Au
gust 30th at the Central school building
for the purpose of making final arrange
ments for the opening Work on ttie in
stallation of th» new atr-purlfylng eva
tem In th» First ward school building
was started yesterday morning and w-|ll
be completed within the nnt few days.
Tarry Changes Hands.
The MoundsvMle t-tr> was sold yes
terday morning : » lt . ;ard Brown to .1
A. Cresap of this city Mr Cresap has
been in tile employ of the Rcho for the
Nil ten years and Is a natural horn
rlverman an I with bis s-veral gasoline
launches together with the ferry boat
will . arry tie litis'nees ,.n in a very sat
isfactory manner. Klehard Brown, who
so.d out, ,iaa not yet decided *• to what
I sir.ess he will enter into, hut will Ilk*,
ly remain In this city. Mr Cresap took
• curse of the boat at noon yesterday
o- 1 ns services at the Krho wtll be
greatly missed
■«rf« Badly Cut X7p.
John M'lcptn may l*»m§ one of htp valrj
«nl» horse* a re*.;,t of I* being fright.
en»d at t> e blowing of the Fostorla glass
fa'torv whistle ves'eriny morning Mr
Maupln left the ,orse standing while he
went into a nearby place of huslnasa.
and when the whittle blew the horse
became frightened and fell into a wheel
barrow, also on some broken tile, sever
ing several arteriea and cutting a large
gas- In the horse s re-g | .r Brsfkr
of Wheeling. was called and Is doing al
he poaalbly cjn to sv s the horaa from
dying, hut it is thought that If cannot
Uvs The bigg • was damaged consider
ably when the horse fell.
Jornar funeral To-day.
Phineral services over the remains of
the lata Mr# Katie Jonner will he held
this morning at in 3n o'clock, from the
family residence on Third sf-eet ft. ....
John Feddow. pastor ..f the '‘ajvary It
T. church. win officiate interment will
be made at Mount Ruse cemetery
Xsargs Crowds Attend.
rhegplte the threatening weather 'set
•waning a very large crowd attended 11..
Chautauqua see- r at the camp groun I*
rv'Ibv one Of f‘c w orld's greatest car
toontste w-aa We feature of the evening
and was greatly appreciated hr the large
audlance The motion pictures being
shown by Manager I. ft Thomas of to.
Orph.um theatre ,r. b.i„g c,.mr .m,r,.
ed on ever* hand This evening th.
famous F iwanee F|.-er Mels Quartet , ,
malts thstr appea'snre and wll: undo ibt
sdly draw another large crowd
**ra Funeral To-day.
_ru—fal -rv,.. ... rha - mam. of
*T y • r‘*y wr f* t mt T.«rrM*sf.
I A., the past few years, will he held this
| afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, from the resl
I Uence Of Mrs George I.each. on Third
street Mr. Hl.-e resided In this city
quit* a number of years and followed
i the trade of plastering Itev .Tohn lied
dow. pastor of the Calvary M B. church
will Officiate Interment will he made
at Mount Hose cemetery
Knights Sold Meeting.
White Idly Company. No. 13. I'nlform
Hank Knights of 1'ythlas, met In special
session lust evening and final arrange
ments were made for the local delegates
to sttend the state encampment to he
held at Charleston nett week Twelve
delegates from this local will go next
I Sunday evening
To Build Addition
niggs brothers of this city were
awarded the contract for the erection
101 1 new 23x50 fool addition to the
etching room of the Kostnrtg Class
plant of this city The building is to
he erected on the esst side of the ware,
house under course of construction
rhe Increase in this line of work has
necessitated the building of the new
room Work will he started one dav
this week and will be rushed to com
Two Pockets Picked
11 Archer, of Cameron while a*
; t» n.ltng the Hryan lecture on the ramp
J grounds la*t SnturrUy had his pocket
contained four dollar*. .1 return
1 Mrk**t r<> •,inirron valuable paj**-rs.
..no a receipt from the t'umeron water
rompsn' He *fate« that the party
rhat *«»*k the pocket book ran keep the
( money, ticket. and p.>< ketbook If ther
tettirn the paper* \\ M R|gg» of
I X?r ^Imeaton* experienced the **me
'thing and was relieved of hi* purse.
I HI* puree contained thlriv dollar*
Neither part have any Idea who com
I ml ted the theft
Mound ■▼111* Brlafa
Mr an I Mr*. I If Kink# laft vaatar
(1,,v m«irnin* for Woatar. ft. to vlalt
talr aon. Haoric* for a faw dava
-1 McBIroy raaaivad a "Ra
plJ ... fltl* from * ‘’hlruimnn will*
n rtfrah'irir U«t w**k
*$ 'V^rd and wlfa apant vaafardav
w) n frl*nd* and r*lat1v** at \Vha*Hn*
M.aa Knox of Fnatnfia. O. la apand
\r.? r»,* w**k with Mra Mara*rat Oa
rkoijn on ^a*htngton av*nu*
** J Shaw of tha Foatoria Olaa*
f/»rr* la confln*d to hta
horn* at MrMaohan with an attack of
Mlaa tiartnida Radd. will laava to
morrow for Pltt-hur* wh*r* ah* will
h*^n»!r rW,t r,#fnr'> r*»urn1nx tc*
h*r horn* at T’anvar. C7»|o
,. ” *l‘,dr*<1 «f r»nton. O..
aif#wWi#1»v» frlanda
and ralatlvaa in thla rltr
Ml'* KIU Rranin.r ci Fourth St
l.rt p.at.rttav mnrnli.g fnr Rarh.rfnn
wh*"-. »h. will vl.lt h.r *|.t.r for
a. f»w waaka
Prank * 'la rk of Wrrh aranua la
SE«»« ,h' ,K—k •» Morn.ntown on
,vhr. :,rvk *,,h w-«« ^
,nVZ.AT?nmSn r^rrm *h'’
th*r h"m* on h o.torl.
' h t '*>r th. p..t f.w w..k. with
h llln.p. 1. Improving .lowlt
T Fwlrt r.t.lrp..t t„ hi. horn.
Flm t.rnv. y.at.May .ft.rnonn af.
t.r ap. ruling th. p..i r.w i||V| with
f rl.nn. «t,.| r.utlv.. h.r.
I. R Thnnu. r«urn.,l horn. v..t.r
TJ.nm m h.r. h.
* f.hh.-l th. Nation.! rnnv.ntlon of
motion plrtur. m.n Mr Thom., wh.
th. only tf.l.g.t. from thl. .t.t.
.r-.rT.Mn. M"?'' °.r "•.vn.»h.lr* Fa.. I.
S In Th* W‘,h —
K.thrrn Flora of fiarkahurg I.
thUtVl? * ,',V" W"h In
i.r.rg. s Wftt.r l.ft for
;r.k, rV”‘" »h.r. h. will .nt.r th.
* r.*,|a fotirt!.« m*nt
. * l..wh»r. In th... roliimn. Will h.
.VTh. r""-;r"l"« *»t- Amlin,
f IhP. *’!* William .»r»v
thl. rit, m f.w w.aka ago
'V* '}r.h«i.t»fr who h.« h..n
1.1 fur »h. p..t ..v.r.l w..k. with .
■mpllrailon ... -II...... w„ r.mov.*
th. f)|.n<1.l. h-vij.lt.| r».r.M,_
momlnr for fraatmanf.
Pacoynn auff~arf fnr •<vt[», mnnOw nr rr>ri r-xaro with
r?'rw^ ,r# »ftr '"■*"*-«* m tram and prr
.at-. ri»'T ■ • .ft d-apair Thousands .W arr fK,„
■ .«r thr-vn fhia «amr aiparwmra. At I art thay
■1 I • «r>. , (twitmant arid f'ra,n,J S.*p Dvr hraT
25 jsrs
Let Resinol stop
your skin-trouble
Itching forma on hand 10 ynara Trial frna
WHEELING, W. VA., SEPTEMBER 2-3-L-5-6, 1912
The Horse Show, the Cattle Show, Sheep, Goats, Swine,
Poultry and Pet .Stock Merchants’, Manufacturers’ and
Machinery Display, Fruit and Flower Show, Vegetables, Do
mestic and Farm Exhibits.
All the Latest Sensations in the Amusement and Novelty
Field. Booths, Concert Bands, Bazaars
and Entertainments.
A. REYMANN, President. GEO. HOOK, Secretary.
I WASHINGTON, Aug Ih Republi
can members of the house today re
eetved telegrams from Chairman
••Hies Inviting them co a general con
ference with him tomorrow.
In anticipation of the meeting
Chairman McKinley of the Republican
congressional campaign, railed a
meeting of the committee to discuss
matters wlrh *!r Hilles A plan tor
dose co-operation between his com
mittee anil the national committee
during the campaign is being worked
Penro*a to Talk.
ASHINiITOX. Aug 10 -Senator
Penrose of Pennsylvania declared to
night thai he would make a statement
In the senate on Wednesday relating
to the contributions to the Republican
campaign fund in
"The statement win he surh." Sen
ator Penrose declared, . that ihe com
mittee on privileges and elections can
not help hut take notice of It "
The senator tonight would not go
Into details, bur said that his state
ment would he enlightening as to
contribution*- to fund which preceded
the presidential election of that year
To Notify Marshall.
INDIANA POT.I8, Aug. I*. Judge
Alton n. Parker, of New York, who
tomorrow It to notify Formally Gov
| ernor Thomas R Marshall, of hli
nomination for Vico President of the
I nlted States on the Democratlt
ticket arrived h"re today anti callec!
i ut the Indiana executives office. Th<
call was short and afterwards it wat
said politics was not mentioned
Zell For Taft.
HOBOKEN. X J.. Auk. It*.—Cover
. nor Woodrow Wilson today addressee
th** annual Pnrnic of the Platt I*etit
scher \olkfrst Verein. a Herman
American organisation from the en
tire metropolitan district. FYequent
,lv there was interruption by remarks
\ "We are asking ourselves thii
question." said the Governor.” as wr
face the coming elections in Xovem
her. which Is the open road to gel
what we can?"
A man In the heart of the crowd
answered "Taft", there was a mo
morns silence when another voice
nearer the front shouted "Wilson." the
crowd took It up and cheered.
Th* h Governor motored to New
V>rk. where he had nn appointment
with Holla Wells, the new National
treasurer of the Pemocratlr campaign
ar.it Henry Morgenthau, chairman ol
th*» finance committee
Governor Wilson will en to Trenton
tomorrow, where In addition to his
regular administrative duties of Tues
dnv. he wfil address a rally of the
State Democratic league
(CoifliiMd from Pint Pact)
being violated by the treatment of
foreign workmen
Americana end foreigner* have been
barred acre** to the Mtirklow. Wes'
Virginia, poatofflca. arrordlnr to alle.
cation* quoted In the resolution, 'hy
the nee of ga'ling gnnc, club* and
strong arm men known as Ilaidwln
The resolution. wblch v ** no* acted
on today, carries provision for ...
for expense of the Inquiry It call*
for recommendations as to whether
any federal official can he of service
In admitting strike in wt.lch. !> hi*'
been alleced. the mine operator* have
held American and foreign workmen
In peonage.
Voting lawyer- I haven't lost a
case vet
Friend Oh. you'll get a rllen1 some
day l.fe
Mr. and Mra. C. Howard Slmpann Enter
tain at Country Clnb In Honor
of Son a Birthday.
T! » *'nun try <*Iuh wna lha a- ana nf a
m "at an.loyahla avant laat a.anlr* whan
Mr ;.n.i Mr* «• II Himi »..n antartnlnad
vnim« m<n and ’a lia* in honor nf
fir' *.n lord* |a»nM.f|r»l h1rrhd.iv.
Tha . III*. U .<* Iraiit'fully daroratad for
• •• o i *in anl thr rvrnlnc *»» plana
nra iidy *p*nl In dan* tne and nthar ao.-ial
d!' »r»lon*
M I*|< »n« randarad hv a mandolin and
*r *‘n«l r * nrchrmrn At
1». ia *hr vmifur f*•.n*r** umhrr+<1 In
I •» <1 nlu.* hfitl a mimp«
tM'mp l in*N* 'n w*« Mrvs*l by Mnn**«»r
I *irrtv* v \ »t op *• t* + rum• 4 w f f + u
of out *»f t«»%n |>enp}#>
f»i • •PPMcffitb»n of fh»» ln<r«A«tnR
,f •'T »-n th* In *n.| w:it«*rwn«n of
I*•’q» irn. on Intcrprovlnf |«| rommti
• b*fi r.-iM # r rcr rnflv or«nnl7**i| nni
hn* * n project for Improv
Ir c rh'» krrporf»nt n» *w« rk of mmih
or I *n!ari *.iw route* in thM coun
1-— 2
%QiiAKr MOTir roil m *»r*i ncA»r
v*»- hft • - I ,« » (r-*.| • .*•••. ... m ,.j. ,n f.Orr.H nf t no
Or « t, . *■., . Mrnri^(,| »-*. i I u • I.
r " -:— '
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< •J*’U IUU ran11 pmi)li>3)
of the L’ntted States
The President was told that action
by congress would have the effect of
abrogating any treaty previously
| agreed to. and the decision of the su
! premo court over the Chinese exclu
sion act was given for the statement.
It reads as follows:
• That nothing contained In the act
THE CANAL ZONE shall be deemed
to repeal any provision of the Hay
I'aticefote treaty, or to affect the Ju
dlclal construction thereof, or in any
wise to impair any rights or privileges
which have been or may he concurred
hv any foreign nation under the treat
tes of th« I'ntted States relative to
tolls or other charges for the passage
of vessel^ through the Panama Canal
and that when any alien whether nnt
ural person, partnership, company, or
corporation considers that the ebarg
| Ing of tolls or the enforcement of any
‘ other regulation tinder pursuant to
I the provisions of this act violates in
I any way any such treaty rights or
privilege*, such aliens shall have the
right to bring an at Mon •gainst the
linited State* for redress of the In
Jury which he considers himself to
have suffered. »n“ the district court*
of the l nlted States are hereby given
Jurisdiction to hear and determine
such cases and to decide the appro
priate relief, and from the decision
' of such district courts there shall he
'an appetal by either party to the
ne» in of the Supreme Court of thet
; I’ntted States
I "Tills language," cln'lnues the mes
sage, 'negatives absolutely any desire
May Paunceot* treaty. or to violate
It* provision* bv th‘* lcg|*|.ij|on and
leave* open to any person who deems
himself aggrieved by the provisions
of the art an opportunity to appeal to
our courts
‘After full esamlnatlon of the
treaty which preceded tt. | feel ,onfl
dent that the • «> mp"on of coastw so
| Vessel* the I nlted State* from toll*
t to ftic Imposition of toll* on ve**e|»
of all na'lnn* engaged In the foreign
trade I* not a viola'Ion of list.
| I'aunrefoto treat* llut distinguished
!aw*er* In *he house *nd *en.l'e differ
from tie. coettfiction and th< set re
tar of • ve h -a received an informal
protest from the Hrltieh government
, 'h* con 11 mplated legislation la a
*10,alien of her treat* right*
Witt Not Violate Law
”t am sure that it >* not the in
tent urn of congress to violate the
It** l,i*iireefc»*e tf at* or o ei,.*’
an»‘f,ifig Inenn.Menf * -h |t« provi*
Ion*. *e»t tha' It certalnlv I* not it*
port o*. to repeal by sttbaerpten* en
actment the treat* in s-* far a* H
represents the t;, • of the land
The message after being read In
•be house a»a returned to the Inter
State t oft ti-rtr e > Am Iftlt'ee on r*-<t
let <.f Iwmrrfittf leader t nd-re.-d
Th*t rummlttee ha* adlotirt. | for
the *e**hrtn and f hatrman 1'nder
•nod *o.|gh* * • have he bill (eft on
the •peag.-r* t»Me but the house im
media**!* roted . 'to rwise Ha gone
*o tied so far a* the house '* rt»e
r*tm i •#« Mr ddamsons r*marh
Me added th *< he had not been able
to t mm tnd a pvt’in of bis r *mmit
tee ft-f ’**• three »rt|t There I* no
di*so*t«, -n on ttie | art of the bonse'
jlcgu. rs Mi far a* the) n*>u i tntl,. ats
tonight to attempt to proas a reso
lution of th«* character or that re
commended by the President There
was an Informal conference between
HepresentafIre Shlrlev. of Kentucky,
who talked with the president on the
subject, and others who have tak»n a
prominent par* In the Panama legis
lation In the house and the sentiment
esprossel w-aa that there would h”
po further legislation nnd that If th"
president Vetoed the bill, the whole
matter w ould go oo er to the Ih-cem-,
her session of congress
(CostlBQtd from First Pa«« )
• ml * bo Hrhoppa party arrtrod today
In N*’S 1 i'iiv. fir* h«*a«!<)usrforr
rtHi-f fim h< by (Mrrfltr iTs*
bwiMH |t and demanded
j*rhrppr nr #bHr prisoner
I s ill r»rd« r th** Ifin’nrjf arr«*st of
srv iHKr*r *h«» A'tofupfs to tali*'
’ • p|*a to prdfr«« hradqicirfrrn Mr
W hiftn.in f»*M HMKKfrh snd vmi riti
pr.««*nt my romp. nun1* to your • om
n> Bjonrr **
ppm ha# » m». a vstafifafp * »
m ►» into i hr Huts on a piHr** from
ft»«» I ha* h4* In* pr<«tr«‘*rd and I In
tr*»„f t . htm 4#r)ar»H fho
dlutr v* attorns*
»bb arraign** t and h«»!d *»n
s tsrbnbal rbarts of tatfBtrt bis
f* l'*»s in th*. pr vsr#
Hr r*» Mfidfir \% *H>sr and Ihm
VaHon with stinni m* si'hancrd
trusting* in *h* prison today
I m t - *t|f I in % .*u krilod
fir hr tips nhsn hr •p'rNf Hf>«r In A fdi
*n a « indos •< m*• *h# non* tar1 of
ihs pris*«f9
Ms ti>*a rorrobnfstrd fmh Hoss't
***** Mi** Mo#s ss.d h* son d. said 1
%f- * HMsm frm rb* *
Hrhrpi • \|r Mh* mull B.i'4 toftfsh4 1
ssftt#*d Vo a > to ta I to sto^d *h# po
llrr an 1 had *d h'tn that h*» f# srsd
an tinfa-r *hlr*l d^rrrr «t polirs 1
b*ad<|T*ar4ara Ivp'itf <n«r
fy»'i|hrrtt b* aids.4 pr» tha*
Hrhrppa VAB A f**op'S SittSH bs *
fiiif b** bad told b tu
- — I
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