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i T H •
[ Intelligencer
I frtlEM n»llr. Barapt Sviaday. bp th*
“ lBt*nt«EBe*r PatUahlM Company
Pet Toe*. b» Mail la *<tu«
Poata** It a paid
IP. <1 Pay* J’ar w**a>. i yoar . |( T«
y. Els Month* . ■
ilv. Tbraa M»n’h* .. l It
Ur. Thro* Data for w«*a ..... I
•ly. Two I >o y* p.r W**h . I •*
■ Ity. Gao Month.«•
ooUy. Ob* T-.r ta Advaae*.
**hl». Rla Month* .. . «•
K ITHE lNTELL.IUliNr'KU. *<nbrarln«
'■ it* *dt*EEJ adltlona. I* *rtarad IB th*
t yoa»off1r* at WhaollOE. * Va. A* **c
• tBd-rlaaa mattar )
CSdltort*! Room*—Hall. (tl
BJMttorUl Room*- National. (II
JJt«ti-tln* Room—lt*|l. Ill
Ermntini Roam—National. (tl
A Th* I*tailtc#nr*r racalaa* both th*
■ j«y and night sarrlco of th* Aaaoclatad
Tuesday August 20. 1912.
t . A few 6f»» ago, when the House
•Vaa considering the Dillingham bill
for the restriction of immigration,
Mr. Roddenhery. a red-hot Democrat
from the Stale ot Georgia, spoke of
the dangers threatening the country
from conferring cltlrenshtp upon, and
giving the ballot to nn illiterate, law.
le*a. criminal class, brought here
every year, from alien lands, by for
eign ahlps. with foreign flags The
eloquent Georgian called upon bia fel
lew member! to 'stand for the integ
rity of the American home." and to
protect the country "from the vile
! vomit of the dregs of Europe." lie
cited the deplorable condition in New
*'Y«u tike T*rnrr.iinv '« political round
ers-up. her w.ird h****Urn. and go into to*
Plums and dives of that great r|t>- and
corral this degenerate corrupting nuts*
, tnat extend* like t p;«ll over thi* wh«de
1 ™untry. and give tl.em the ballot, and
1 > »*i can make almost any T.immanv
nayor tremble and he in fa\or of any
Mr. 8abafb of IHnolg, a fellow Horn
eergt, challenged several Mutemenfs
* made by Mr Rnddenbery, who came
hack in this style
"Mr Chairman. I decline t«* v»el*l to be
•at right by th- .*mf i.-t rum
to Chicago, kiunis. her den* • f
• fee. her ce**pool* of corruption. w» ere
I they buy and sell lotted States * .«
f tors like a southern r.» kcr buy* .1 >*.
| and set them right **
That statement having been denied
, by Sahath. the Georgia I>emocrat 11
* lhhfrated Chicago depravity by hand
ing out the case of Ixudmer. and de
•’The verdict **f a court it t •* ..thcr
end of this rapitoi *how« « 1 ign.cnt ‘ %
•Mate men and k--«i t *t nvru.c w h*
' bin# p 1 *
* her politics tlie most ,» nr** I t*l «h* fo>
barter and of » igh offl »• in 1 of
e4titen*hlp with which any cM.ntry has
•ver been defamed
When the Mon 8eaborn Anderson
Roddenbery rend* the record In the
Wgtion f'hllton ense h<‘ will n<> long
er say tha* I.orimcr» ch»* I* "|h«
j»> »oat accursed blight f<-r barter and
sale of high nfll. M anil citizenship
f with which any country ha* ever been
defan ed. ‘ for. bail as was I.orlmer's
caa*. It roust bn remembered that no
)one ever charged that h« personally
waa guilty of bribery, or had used a
fountain pnn and check book.
* Chicago and her politic* mm have
(been defnmed h> the T,orlmer Iniquity.
. bat the State of Wear Virginia stand -
' dishonored hr the degradation and
dlngr*''* of th>- \\ ii»nni"h lion crime,
and It will so stand nn*il the door of
the Senate of the I nited States 1*
opened to .11i*fleg
And Goaernor Glasscock hold* ti.c
l p • 1
From th« audit reported by the Tax
• Commlaaionera Ofrpo it appear* that
Sheriff T*)b>r and Sheriff (’)emana
• re both lndebt«d to the fount of
Ohio In very lam* a in ■< of money
Fortunately it appear# iha' moat of
Tbia Indeb*edneaa art*, from loop*
. And uncertain Interpretation of II,e
Iaw. and frtim lax method! of aet'le
■t»ot. None of ih* apparent wrong
do|nr whleh baa been found In other
. COAitten in thH S ate u revealed In
Ohio Countv vth e ih- tum< elalmed
from the two afi*rlffa ar< v*rv run
alderahle tbey are not l»r«e in view
Of the tarn* amount, of monet hand
ted hy them The fait t|,a ix, foon
tf of fir lata whoa* p, rank,! hottealv la
rweopntaed and >• not aeaaiied in the
feport are I tide bied to the ron nr v an
■tatty 'houvand- *.f dot i-, nd • >'ea
Ibw value and n porianr* t« . - . who e
lit the <M«t* of tf« work doe t r »he
Tax ' '-mm oner a 11e -r, r t m * n ’
•rd*r the m‘form . ,• -,r ta»
If we ar - -o have 'ee.t m. xl« In
•trad of . at *d w < • - vt. \ r
* • .*
I cinU. It la doubly important that ab- i
solutelv definite and fixed ltnaa of set |
I llontatit with aurb oBctala should be
established Tbe Taa t'ummlaaloaer a
, Department is working to do tbla
I However, tbe whole system la Wrong
] It appears from the Informal Ion fur
matted by tbe Tag, fommlssioner s !
i Office that the income of a sheriff
of Ohio founty Is not leas than $t*.-i
•100.00 a year After all proper ei.j
I<enaes are deducted, the sum of from
! IM.ooaoo to $l5.0o0 no per ts«r is
\ l*ft to the fori unate bolder of this of-1
flee The absurdity of tbe < onn'y of.’
I Ohio paying from Slpnoouo to $15.
"On. 1*0 per year to an Individual off:- '
clal Is to<j glaring to admit of dlacus
! slon. There are other counties In the
i State probably in which the sheriff's
1 office la equally as fat as It Is in this
, county. The whole Iniquitous fee
system ought to he wiped out and all
| our sheriffs, county and circuit clerks,
l should be put on a salaried basis
Governor Glasscock's effort* to dis- ;
arm both the strikers and the mine >
guards In the Painty Greek region
1 seem to be measurably successful, j
! The ready revolver and shot gun have
! played too prominent a part In thia
; mine trouble. The practice which 1
prevails among mine operator* In the}
southern section of the State ofvem
ploying mine guard* for the protection !
of their property ought fo be dl*eour-!
aged. If not absolutely prohibited, j
W hile men ought to be allowed to pro- |
j 'eft their own property, should it be.
come necessary, these private guards 1
; often become merely hireling* nnd
armed mercenaries, willing to com-j
• mil any crime, ami to perform any !
! disreputable service at the behest or
I those who pay then)
The law of thi* laud does no/ oon I
template the maintenance of n pri- I
vat* armed force by any Individual or
set of Individuals The courts and
the State authorities are supposed to
afford ample protection to life and
property Ot^the other hand, the In j
i discriminate possession and use of j
^ fire arms hv strikers only Trnd to!
I create unnecessary disorder and |
, crime Governor Glasscock has taken
the right course |n disarming them
j Mottl strikers and mine guards should
he required to give up their weapons.)
and th»n. under the protection of ihe j
• law and the State authorities, peace)
■ end order will he restored
I A solicitor fur newspaper subscrip
Hons made thia remark of his person
:*1 experience the other day
"Some of the> keenest critics th**
I f.cwspapera have met are people who
rarely buy a home newspaper at 1
>asr never patronise It regularly
t They borrow It from friends or steal
glances at It in hotels, barber shops. *
or reading rooms |f there were no
l newspapers here, thev would b»* he,
very rtrst to deplore the lark of putv
I lie spirit."
The newspaper makes possible all |
, kinds of private and public enter
pr>se if you want lo get anvthing
done. -A Pel her it he your children edu j
rated 'our products mold, nr your
gospel preached *. oil have got to tell
j the people about It In some public
way No kind of organisation Is pos
sihle n 11hoi11 public discussion
' on can sell goods for more and
l>u. the* for less through th.. ,,
j change of Information which th«
newspaper makes noaslhl. i
A non 'paper ran perform then..'
great aerrtrea efficiently only «hcn
it Is loyally supported by the public
| Th.* rnn„ , ho refuse* to contribute
hi« small share through a newspaper
subscription Is like one »ho hay r„
joyed a feast, hut nho dodges th»
, contribution ho*.
i Although an eitra session of the
l > gislgttire mBv he somcnhat e*p>-n
K M ft ft S' * V as it Vo s» ret
«*» ever key! T er. are »
r ret# tit r. I H . TAff "flt.V'f
• s' Vs . t T»t!.'.f»s
M r.t |.t« »*l vs. A I.KU r
I S: A I - T«l KTr.U
1 420 Market St
Asgsee SO ISIS
t -- •
^ LNC1JL WAI T: Tkr IW« I’Mo^rr •
P‘ • .•
• 'r • « -r . ,r^ I»r. n
•* >H M * : .. t -,n
_ ’* 1 *■ ’•**• • 9 I' * | ftf •» • r.-t, #1
»’ *• •* * ' ' * *- r ... n»B h. ,
•***» ••• ■ - • *■#*• » H • 1 ,K,
••*#M*^* * • i .».r- . # '?■•**¥
• * • I# . • **■*• r»f •ft* r> 9 I , v # ,0 '
* "** * <r ■ • ... . ,,
' ' * * * * » * -B * .„
• *' '■ ••• • ' . » >. |l#,k
t* . *4 * I • ' ■ ' »' ' < - < , . . . ,, , ,
«*I.T MA*I»
«rkt. it it. kf ■§•(••«* ti*M
(By E. J. Edwarfe.) If
How Blaine Gained Hi* Knowledge of Marne and it* People
IN AugTist. DC*. when the State campaign id Maine was at Ha height I
spent several days at l*rwlston. having beard that tbv final rally ul the
n la r»Irpo«n70,, *i ,,k' ,,,ace ,n ,ba* ,own and *h»t Geucral Jaw*. A Gar
held. Rlns H Roberts. then a prominent member of Congrex. ,„,j afterwards
r": ,°f !" 1 D|,wl General Jueeph U Hawley, a vear **ur
I D ted Stales Senator from Connecticut, and Congressman William P FT,,,
ater Senator, would address a great Reuubilcan mass meeting The Green
back party had. in fu.ton with the Democracy made a vigorous ern^
I nPed States Senator James G Hlaine was than as be
bad .lone for many years, directing the Slate campaign
| for the Republican party
K* Governor Nelson Dingley. who-afterward* gained
national reputation as the author of the tarl* law that
bears bt* name, was editing a paper in I**wl*toa. and him
a*H*d how ICaine. a national figure and engrossed In
affairs of state, fount the time t0 direct as difficult a
campaign as the one then In progress in Maine
•Tllatne." Governor Dingley replied musingly, "baa. I
think, the most detailed anti encyclopedic knowledge of
the Plat- of Maine of any matt living or who has ever
tired in this State His mind is of such order that he esn
nstantlv make use of the resources In the way of kuowl
_ .-. ttt’d information which he has stored up in his mind
this ZV“”OU comparatively easy for him to direct /campaign in
hi. .LZ?^rr, 'l y°" Tlf,ld llk'* ,Q ,“*ar ,,f »v ln *hlch Blaine ob-alned
State’* ^ nform:l,,on of ,h'' bfop<« nud of the characteristics of this
flflle«B1r.!."‘t ‘ iT ,r0n‘ !‘“nn*>lv,n,a '° Augusta, Maine. t„ ||v«» |n the early
fir es He fed been in Augusta on'y a little white ..accepted a prop
now>m.ner in A '.,0 ,^cotn** °"f of lh" °f »!>•• leading Republican
nowspep. r in Augurta. Ife was then only 21 y.-ars'of age
he » ?" ,y “ b-w day* after h*“ to accept the newspaper proposition
n-r! of ,h‘‘ s",lr ,n brln* «>>"» bound volume of the nnm
be.s „f . .. newspaper for the first six months after t, wa* started When
this m- Itared before him he remarked that It looked as though it had not
been op. ted for twenty years. It was yellow with age and covered with
' Blaine »eur c.refuilv through this entire yolumc When be had done
tat be r.i led for the s.*con.l volume. ,ml that volume was followed bv the
third, and so on to Hie Inst volume He sp-nt every spare moment for about
",x mon hs 1,1 reading diligently from end to end every copy- of the news
paper from the first number HI* power of assimilation was very great h»
read understanding!) very rapidly. And when he U.id finished the last
bound volume he said:
' I know now the State of Maine In history and the State of Maine as
*ne ui today.
■■He did not overstate He held that vast ma*s of informat.on as com
pactly and perfectly assimilated In his mind as it wou'd have hcen had it
been collected and published as an encyclopedia and well indexed
Afterword Blaine learuerl the State of Maine bv personal experience
Now. I think, you know- the reason why he has b.H master hand In direct
ing the polity* of this state and I thir.k you will agree wit me It, saying
that had ho not been diverted from journalism to politics, h- would Inevit
ably have become ver. Inlluentinl and very gr-at as a journalist perhaps
the greatest the I nitcd States has ever had -
(Copyright. 1112. by K .1 Kdwards. AT rights reserved t
To-morrow Mr. KdwardH will tell of A Hit of Hitherto Cnwrltten His
sive. ami it may bo a cumbersome
method of determining the fitness or
unfitness of a Circuit Judge, the »eri
oti* charges preferred against Judge
W K Hennett of tlie Fayette Circuit
certainly justify drastic, not to any ex.
treme. niesitres The charges are
signed by a large number of inHtlen
tlan and responsible citizens These
men have undoubtedly seriously con
sidered the matter, and are acquaint
ed with tlie farts If they have the
evidence to justify the accusations
'hey make. th« legislature cannot
too quickly remove Judge Hennett
from the bench If they- have not the
evidence, it Is simpli a matter of jus.
tlce to Judge Hennett that he he ex
oiu ratid The expense of the extra
sssion to the S'ate is necessarily
quite considerable Quito a share
of this expense could, however, be e|
tniinated by the early and complete
preparation of the ease by the prose,
cuting attorneys, but regardless of the
expense, the clttTcns of the Fayette
Circuit a recent It led to the service* of
an honest. Impartial, and lust Judge,
and no reasonable expenditure is too
great If it i* to insure proper regard
for th* Judiciary of th«» State
Butt Moots Idiocy.
In all the hlsn.ri ..t political par
ti.* in Aru. rl..t th. r- ha* never ni-.
• d Ini' .-tie parti entirelv dep.-iHl.-nt
upon the f. rt'in-H ,.r ml* ..rtt,n. , ,.i
"tie man It IP*.*.-wit wet. o. .|i»
• •r stump id* t... an.] I....mi- dl*ul.l.-d
III. Hull Ml O*o party wold pa*s ...it
qf exi.fun. e a* com plot. Iv a* If th"
earth h»« swallowed it up
It bus h. trr I-. n a fa.-ulii with
the A inert, an people to align tern
selves ni.O'er ou»ll with n partv .f
thl* »>rt. end w.- mi.. ..-ir gue** |f
tlie ;{eo*ei e|t parti ha* h>.» air. i I -
ton Its high tide Fayette Journal.
Col. Edwards* Caso
ft looks a. If Col William H.immir
K.Jsrarda l>rofera p. t«- throw r.rt rh>.
Hepuhllran Natioc.l committee
qnt.-rl. r. signing therefrom xx , u it
Is alt th.. s»m.. t.. th. remitu'lo. . .j
* is
tost as s-.oti ns If meet* I'ark.ra
t.'irg IM-pat-h f.si
Th* Hums A Church Trshaf.-d com
psny hsve pur. based th* outfit of
the H'lburhsu Hi pres* Th s in con
nectlofi with the r ri>x tr»n*< r hue
ne*s will eii*h »- them to g i * t..-ft.-r
• ersice ft. out the pike f *i H t a thsn
t. •• been given heretofore
Tgisphoo* 4 *<!
majority or corqressxoral
Wilson Escapes Personal Censure, but
Assistant Secretary Hays Is CrlUi
ea— Mined* y Defends Hays.
"ASHINuThN, 1> , \ UK ]»
The li .es (Stmmntee today presented to
Ifc House iu.i leports of ns invest)
f""1" of the Florida eterylades i Iihi
Res and the subsequent In.piity Into loo
dralh.iae division „r the I tepar t nient
• <t v it r !< 111 ti re The icports take up
the •liaise Hat a .eilain ilfni.i: uu
favorable to the >ul.- ,.f evcrfrlad-ii
lauds nils surpassed In the I'epml
inetn ... I|tt il * ri Ihtoiigh Influen
< t A estnt. • ! • :a|oi .
’ ”h "f to lions lets... i. Assistant : -•
retail Ha's. .,f the depaitment. und
J '• W ns.it. .1 forme i sot er n me rtf
iimI.m. , , land project at lake
Mstlamuskr-I. \ >■ th. .j ,, ...
ha I of I* li Ml oft anil \ l» More
house fioui the dramas, division ,.f
Ihe department oil rei-hnli.il • liaises
involving Ihe triiMfer of gotettonent
Minds from ore account to an* *» r
Secret-,rv tvils. i, escaped person il
s r ri* I s n men * m the hands 0t u,
major it in ih* tin>ithg« ..ft t»,.. »v*t
k'hiil. M '-hurr** Th* *l**j*Mf iTfi* fjf »
POlkv I* w,iM th* *v*t u.i i
• hNff«* •*•-!/. f| nm \ n-.•) 11.,r - *
»inf**rt»jf..4te." «r»«l h.«vln-; •«*l>j*t*9H«t ih
*l*j**rtm*r>t f.t !tjtir|i «,*i«ptMon art#1
r*f#r) \V||. .r» hn<i .» f*1 with*
In hi * !• g >1 iDm-i • ♦ it
Wan i -n.1*iiu.. <| |t> th* major
' •• t*** •••litl'.f* with iV'.rht m
tr*.. N..)th <,ar»llna project whit*- th*
M 1 ',l 1' 7 * ’ I hi*. int*r**t m ty i ,.j ,,| .
"" ■"••'i'. ..'I his welt known
Interest In drwlopmenl of tuiil
i omm inlli life
•*“tli tl ijorlll .ml tine ,||tt Us,eel
!' it th. dl- tins- ,; ,,J kriott VJ
; ** "r ■! • '.tiffs » w ... .
Ti • rot 1»|. » tMliitnnf
• ' »• - »«i ■ iitur il lu i „t.
• ’• f*laM*»f)- f. -fn-, I”m;< Iff
Kiiff ir* .• T % i Wr!|ht **v«-r* th* «uhi*. r
’ I «♦* iM»ntl.n h\ th* rofmntft
•• n*' «'• *« fnn»rP\ *i».rt
;,r**»*ntr «l !•* • 'tiMirimm | ipfno<
»? »t ti» hitv* not r>*. »i in iiMrm*tiiv
I ■ • I
.MutU. * ' •» *f , k!, l(*|Hthll
*•* . rt*.| on |h* # th« - hn* J *h ,i
*"r" n of , * tr*.- Ih*
•iMf't.tl #*M f *l» ! t * .« fist hfsfis *f \ ,.f fh<,
oimrr’tT*#* m*mb# « than
t itit H*« r*t.«r> h.ivm
N-* r-*| **rttlri*»m ..f x*rrrt.«rv Wll
*,f* * *- «**ntMin**! In th* majnrl'v
*' h»lf#|*fi ttf brlfli lufr, hr ,tiff
Awinutt S** r-fMf II . J. TI •
'» n »lt f |an on t»»- s.thr r » •
*• •»•!»* I »h- 'f»fi** fhi»»«ri«
"*»* I*l«*«l .ill r*Nt t Ml nt Ntul ill
• too a#w«r*f. 17np
T** rr.wrfr « »f • » . f j . r n i %0
r ^ ^ •* * n
f* 17 • fo .r Idtffoi of i*1#
v h • r 11 . . o‘i . * ^ *’
f ’• * * ■* • »*• *t - rr
l" • • *»• > • ' - • ft, rtit . in l'« » f ,
• < It* r ; m Ni . ’.s * . ♦ J „ t„
* ■ 1 hi • ’' I •%#’«»« ' >
ft* it* • • ; >r . ,
*• •" •*“ **>«■••• •» n«nt| « Vl

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MiiniUnluiui of hie familiarity w.h
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- • . . - ; •• ' t I
•tatiitf th*'je miller which he was en
;*hied *«» * lose s deal Hie transactions
were denot]need t»v the nularlty as
repugnant t«* a high sense of ^mnor
arid Integrity, which would Justify
ulsmi*^*! if he were mill *n the govern
ment service The report aided that J
his transaction* w**re not brought to
•he knowledge .f Pt* superior# of the
drainage division.
! • t« this r nn ihs escaped pcls
• • h Marlfl • : * • i \
1* \ who . *• sp-d from the t »unt> jell
< i igIm have not * i p
pr«b«n<l*d Put the officers "t|*H to
*•*»«• tuein in ctisto«iv Pefoj* tumor- j
r«*w morning, if not before Had th ’
* *a! ne ptlSotar* Pern iht led out j
In regard to the escape. d«pul> i«n*>i|if
* iuriR • (<i*« would have P*-#n serious- •
‘ injured Mtid more ♦ t.Hii the two now ’
The Weisel county tea* hers in*rl- •
tpte omoiiei this morning at ten o- .
c lock ami it promises to n iriwn all J
•theta n fh« it!turn I taat ..err m
attendance last >ears instlttite was
I • I • Ml
1 I I I ’* *. n Hh
• 1 • ■ I this sea ra » *t I
am I * It | - estlmatad
’ w event
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i discount Sale
The anrreea, of our August rale for tb« past two week* ha* b»«u
phenomena' Tb« P.anp Buyer, appreciate that *hui we ofTer a dl»- (
tout.: p mean* a real navtns to »he buyer and not an imaginary one
where infated price* are tolerated This wale will ronttnne for the
remainder m Augu M : ■ i include ererj piano on our fto..r netpt
Ml. Stemw.iy A Sor,. nnd the Pianola P.ano, f on t fail 10 take ad
vantage of tl • me to Inveattgate ,* hefore jou bug, not
after, t i ! or write for pricea and epecial d.accunt.
F. W. Baumer Company
H A. MILLKiAN. M^r. „ 1416-1S Market Street. I
See our line of popular Itkeent mutlc. tl
| This Newspaper Has Seen Selected as the One Paper in This City 1
• ftt tkt Con**NM«t«nr O'ltrikman if Tint Suit Ni k ;
; = ...._presented by the r|:
I 1 ijJIMH Y INfElllfiENCER. Al'fi. :o JfPM \
TMF*a rnMDUimu aaok Trt tut 9m fj^uvCTTSz;fcs ;;
I r ..TV* w,,h Ft" °»>**« «# rn.,M i
4 t vilifies Bearer to This 14 Volume
I TV y zyMzjm -j4 y •*— —<:
****••• "4 fe««e 4w<r«l> i*»—
The M Genuine leather Volume
1 »*c
The f2 < loth Volume
■ f * She ( |
•^t*+M ^ttttaMWmerne ■»■■ .NM o*

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