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the a4»inAy»t:oa af sbartffs rhanged
•bag^al the —ale Oa red-tair
B* MW^arf hg the auditor tiger
Ml Taflff . received Slid#. »«< oa
■ag— fra— tho cMowiMr if
safe**! '41—. $4 .1 Sheriff rknui
hai —wad K 01 »n forfeiture* pa.d to
bln hy Be —ata Tax t'oomlsaioher.
aod Mil *0 oa —a'* actoool anooey.
On ather tzjaeelts neous receipts Sher
* Tgytor received $977 14 and Sher i
1- $*2J*7 both
vffa Rscvvad Leas
lu° them from the coun’y
. fund* for commie*ions on
hut in their settlemen's
e 8'a’e they received commit
ho’h ra'ea and redemption*.
IX Comm -floner hold* that th«‘
1 tg entitled to rommUilnni
■•V og the sales The tindlnr*
agaloa' the sheriff <n the Htata fund
Bora 'l»*n offset* what is held to be
dee thrift from the county and school
4 ftftee of th» sheriff refusing to
■hi apt the orders turned to him by
tbe board of commistdoucrs la shown
in the handling of the question of Jail
fee* daring SheifT t'letnana' term.
The glvprllT not only refused to accept
the oHbara which were issued, allow
Ing 3V cents per day for keeping pris
oner*. out arbitrarily took credit In
his Mdtletnems for SO cents per day.
Kn order by the Judge of the criminal
OO'lft fixing th<- rate m 50 cents a day
■no entered January 1!. 1912 and does
; aot refer to any prisoners confined In
*be Jail prior to ‘hat time !n his first
- Settlement .Sheriff t'lemnns took credit
frith $8.5$0f>S more than was allowed
by the board of county commissioners,
and In hi* second settlement $2.888 80,
Baking $">.918 85. which the tax com
mlaaloner holds that he must refund
* rn« couniy.
matter has been settled by the
JlMl of commissioners allowing the
.dhsglff part of what he clalnfed and
‘w *the sheriff paying back the bal
On* Item for which the sheriffs re
ceived less than was due them was
for empaneling juries In the criminal
court. The law provides that the
•hertlf shall he paid one dollar for
each Jury in a felony case. SherlfT
Taylor has $58 due him on this ac
• count and Sheriff Olomans $*57.
Discount Question.
While only a conditional finding has
been made relative to the discount on
taxes allowed Sheriff Taylor, this is a
very Important feature nn.i ts likely
‘ to result in a very interesting suit In
f the courts. The discount on the 13*15,
J IPdfi. 13*17 nnd lung taxes allowed
fc.heriff Taylor amounted to $13,888.43
and that amount is held against him
•ubjoct to adjudication hv the courts.
If the courts hold that the ex-sheriff
■was not entitled to this discount the
funds of Ohio county will profit to
the extent of $13.888 43. There Is no
dispute relative to the discount re
ee.ved by the sheriffs now in office,
the law having been amended, allow
Ing them credit for the discount. The
discount is held subject to adjudica
(tfc n py the courts because of the fact
that the Info Dark May. while hp was
attorney general, held that the sher
iff* were entitled to > redlf for the dis
count In thi* county the board of
commissioners did not allow Sheriff
Taylor the discount when he pre
sented his various settlements, but
after Tie (lost of his administration
Mttwg u» the Bam at the tkfrtri
WUllPlBU kM Ml bkM ‘ -
•tth In Ohio count7. It Mt| pointed
•ot I hot (h« idtlihttm have mi been
mndn at tha Uat required hi las **4
that k haa not been practiced la Ohio
eouaty to make a record of the aher
Iff • eettlrmeata It farther states
that strict compliance with the law
re la’In* to the making of the sheriff's
settlement ahoold be luiiooe* la Ohio
Clemana Makes Statement
With reference to the above. Hher
Iff Clemana laat night made tbe fol
lowing statement to tbs papers
When I took bold of the shectirs
office there waa absolutely ho defi
nite question •allied regarding coo
missions and compensations I slot- •
ply followed the precedenet by all
former sheriffs for years back, and '
• very finding against me could be
found against every former sbmff
of Ohio county.
"I have been constantly In court
since tbe beginning of my administra
tion trying to get a basis on the set
Dements of nearly every fund In the I
office. And ns tbe audit of my ac- 1
counts extended over the period of'
two years and six months, to July 1,
1>11, the moat of the tax commission
era findings were ut that time in tbe
hands of the courts, without a decis
ion and as soon fs tbe supreme court
decided the points In controversy tbe
credits were given tho different funds,
but of course, tbls audit does not
show thst fact.
"Relative to the Interest on dally
balances In bunk, lido* rt?. when Mr
Rlue, the state tax commissioner, who 1
directed this audit was In Wheeling.!
hetoro the board or commissioners,
about a year ago. Mr (leorgo Wood*,
a member of the board. Inquired as to
the Interest on daily balances, and
whether or not it went to the county
Mr. Hlue's reply was that no action
could be taken on this matter until
an act of the Legislature had decided !
the question Therefore, there being
no law compelling me to deposit my
money In a bank. 1 did not suppose j
there was any law. and do not think
So today, that would compel me to i
pay any Interest over Regarding the
Item in the audit marked excessive
Jail fees, amounting to 15,918.85. ij
( wish to say that this is the fifteen
rents difference on the day for keep- j
Ing each prisoner, this amount being I
In question between the board of
• commissioners and myself. 1 charg- j
Ing the county on my books with f.o
cents per day. as every sheriff in the
; state received this amount, and 1 feel
] Ing that this amount was not an over-j
charge, and that it was not up to the
hoard to set the price and the board. 1
taking the opposite view of too same'
and offering but 35 cents per day.!
which finally developed into a court j
opinion, and upon the result of the j
same the board of commissioners and
myself settled this matter on June 21 j
last, long before the result of the •
audit was known.
The county court and myself never]
made a settlement of my accounts
with the county until June 21. till?
The jail controversy prohibiting a
settlement The Item 13.170.69 held
against ine In the audit being 15 per
cent of the earnings under the salary 1
law was never In dispute between the
Isiard of commissioners and myself
and as aoon as the settlement was ’
made tJune 21) the county was lmtne :
diately given credit upon my books tor [
Summary of Finding Against Ex-Sherifl Taylor
p _
Ini. Tin.
< State. County.
•. Dlecrr^ana-y "n imonn' «.f taxa-a <\,ar*«-l In
■H taxi | Mil l.lll.lt
Biim f tarn . . ft) g| 4001
kr>rr\+ of lvo* I«x#m- lu« from Mate ko.«)4
Net r'»? * y in am - int i»f 1904 <l*lln‘|iient r«<m rredtt*
* 1 ' I jji
I -• - ■ f of »hrriffi til Miff and n
*1 • . ,-nt 2*: '%
Dtecr*i*nry In i» <• intinc for morexs r»r«tr#r| from rom
n*t -Mner of Mrijooj i.tn-S !.*•■* e«*rt!e»n» nt ]Vt4 r.ix.-n 2 !>S
in' * *1
•m.**"t,.*>n r*ffi'«ter . 2l<V7k «•>& 79
' lln*. °n l t xi^t ..... H*X!t ho/ m?
Mime, on 1'** 7 taxm ...... 1 f $ 73 1 *•!>J *7
Sam. aan •X tax— 1«ft .'x '■>:*&%
Int» • * '
Ml a ml . 1 - f, » 1 1 x . ,,1 ... »,wr,
wT.~ r>s 2514
Corr* • : • • • ... .•.».• t,,r **>►. 1.
1 * ,
Cmr* non tn < M f «»l* • ml t*. *h*r ff tn |'*h* r9|.
, til
J** - *1 «|
Peniwl tut. . .-,
c*»».«.||a>n 'af a .nmix* n "fi .h.rlff a rax e.laa an.I re
T Intri". r.aatir.1 fa. abrrlff .1 o. .r.lr.f ty ,
Int. : | allowam *<•
J’tr' •»' i ». 'a.| am! n. t »«a mantarl for tn ■rttt.m.rr |«g no
Kin.a rn 1 *■ a. I »n-l mat aia- aimt.'l fair in yatilanwit a Kb
j »: t»
»•«••■ V..I «... m.an.y .|« taoalteil it bank ..1 I
an ib«. b. « at »n "b.rif' Tn.v.i . a.i«.r
er. .nt alt "int.iaat i train* <|a»lfr«t«Nl tnt.r.at •
fa.r .rtnlfi |. .Ill a, |.y ..riff, a-.ieh I 1. .I1 ant Mae f.r*h
tw « < ii-ii ir a-. a.t ■•«...wn l>y l.-.taa < from J*in. t *.»
N 1 - I.- *alna. I.rn a- at'a naat ehaaW for What
I' • .'I 'I la amavn.f -af Iniaraat ... ra.-alva-l It i.
.vlJ.ntl- Ini.ra-at on .laiaaaata and |. treated a. atj. H. epj| 11
' ■ ■. luriT iit.ii
r# * • ' , . » - the * mafcmi t * r*t
l! IPS .1 11 ft. 70 < ...
TabercaMi Mtdietee
Saved Tfeli Maa s Llle
faaaWMu la a aariaoa *—g— and
la># n.« IwonAativa far tirawi
1 '•« irwlW women**** Tutarrulacu
roeu.tg Af’ar IVuiwiU. or aaj
rv*a ee ttaUws raid. II Id dat ta lad*
Atfcmaa a AlUrativt
Iht • wait fiwd wat wbwUhar Mia
iraofeta it g* '.ting »o’m. kui »«■« ft* a
* Alterative iw tim« *n| a*oM U»e
• of dwftM. fttoao aX U.« rawer)
>o I!.* * «*t —
’K>o Hat 9t. Philadelphia. Pm.
'lAi.eam. 2 am getting t«af rare
siij falMkf atrewgt . ail the time
I how wa.gr !14 pa iad* a gala tilu.«
id. of ;i ;-mi«r4» ao>r
**hr» a Ian 1 ftr»t atarte i to tad* tho
Alterative 1 a .at. i had a now a of it
l*“ ytAia ag<» at it wt»ild have aaveJ
me muh nuser> and distress
*'I *n suffering fr«m a v ery aario it
il-hr**r • lung, wiiidi folio*ad a ha-1
• tta<k of pn»um«i.i« My physician and
i a|*t allot <te la rad me <a»« hopeless
I ratuiot but ie \er> taanaful to you
ini toe Almighty 'kid for the great
Meeting and iluijt of haalth it hat
brought rr* **
Slnca writing tha above statement I
Wlar, to may that | have fully recovered
mv l.aalth having been cured fur over
three years'*
< signed Affidavit’ THOU KKIL.I.Y
Kckn.an a Al’erettv** ia effa< tt\a in
Brom hltia Akthrua. Ilay Paver. Throat
»nd hung Trouble*, and in uphulldirg the
nyatem I N»es not inntakn tM'lkuna
• p.st** or habit forming drug* For tale
by t'hmm K «2oetx* A Co. C M Wyrlck.
North Knd F^srmary. Ftellatre, and other
leading druggiata Aak for booklet **f
cured cases and write to Krkman I.*bnr
ktory. PM’.a l'lplua Pa. for additional
n idem a
tha shove amount and showed In the
settlement as of June 30. 1912.
The Hera marked Interest collected
on taxes amounting to $1.3(3 67 van
In the hands of the supreme court of
appeals of this state for a decision
»s to who that Interest rightfully be
longed. I at that time was of the
opinion that was an extra compensa
lion for extreme efforts in collecting
delinquent tax and I spent every cent
of that interest to make my collections
of all tax charged against me In this
county the greatest of any sheriff
proceeding me and I accomplished
that end at least for last year 1 col
lected ninety nine and throj-fourth*
per cent of all taxes charged against
me. The supreme court of appeals
decided this case in January of 1912
and the different public funds were
given the credit immediately upon no
tice of the supreme court of appeals,
this amount being credited six moths
before the audit via completed but
the auditors have made no tnetlon of
that fact.
With respect to the Item "dlscrep
ancles In the tax books ntid settle
ments of 1909 and 1910 taxes" amount
ing to $042.90 I wish to say that It
would take considerable time to de
termine the accuracy or inaccuracy
of this item, but It will Is- looked Into
and If found that the auditors were
correct there will be no hesitancy on
my part In making that amount good.
With respect to the sensational
charge In last evenings News of me
pocketing the Jury costs amounting
to $362 which the sheriff collects for
the empanneling of a circuit Jury. I
wish to say when Mr. Julius Scherr.
one of the accountants first came to
Imts, Mr Welch my chief deputy
asked Mr. Scherr the question “What
should he done with these Jury costs
nnd he replied It should ko to the
credit of the county and Mr. Welch
In my presence turned to Mr Scherr
with the remark that his books
showed that money to be credited to
an account styled “Jury funds'' and
that he would go immediately to liTa
books and transfer the account to the
credit of Ohio county and Mr Scherr
hit mod lately said '<) no. do not do
that, we are here to audit you ajid i
would not make that credit now, but
later" la them anythin* In tha’ can
vrrsatlon that would Indlcatn that I
Intended putting that money In my
pocket? but the Jury costs on my
books were credited to tNe county ns
of June 30, 1912 nnd appear In the
1912 settlement.
In regard to this Item of |R0o fines
hy courts not turned In. I wish to
say that part of this IVin was never
collected by me at all, but by John
I. Ktnghorn, the clerk of the circuit
court, and was not reported to the
state auditor, hut turned over to mo
June r. 1912 Three hundred dollar*
of the $f»uO was a bond forfeiture paid
ln*o my office hy Mr Kdwln Kline,
attorney for a client of his, and there
being no report mndo on this forfeit
urn* to the auditor hy the circuit
rlcrh. the auditor, of course, had n.t
charge against me. and I being over
In that account $100. called the tax
commissioner's sudltcrs' attention to
the fact that th>* existed In my
hooks, and there being no amount
against m» In the state auditor * of
fice for that amount, wo were able
to trace It out that way. and had this
been reported as other fines were re
ported, tt would have been pall to
the state long ago, and was paid In
as soon as the auditor a attention was
railed to this matter by Mr, Welch
nnd was paid In to the state treasury
June 30. 1912
"I wish to conclude this statement
hy saving that Instend of me paying
hack some’tilng over I* o«<l. as the
Kvenlng News had I*. I had paid to
Jhe state, county and school hoards,
not because of tha result of this audit,
I kut «■ account of tbo nyiui court
aud circuit court decisions. da well as
my has! Mttwussu »uk ^ couuty
cotwt. IlLtMll. prior to tbo tuouit
of tbo audit f mr books, sod this
of tko audit of my books, aad this
*'I uiok to deny tkat tkora kas
beoo say looseness la tko conduct of
my offlra | ha*, tried to fttlfui tfc.
duty of sheriff of Oklo county aad
feol tkat tfc. inicwissi la tbo
Evening News arc *ory unjust Tk.r.
ha*. b*«a matter* a con trovers* that
M-quIred court derisions to derIda
Sheriff Ohio Co.“
Makes Statement Later.
IV p H Taylor tras called upon
last evening and s.ked if he bad any- {
thing to say In regard to the die
> rspaarlee rbarger against him He
did not even know about the publics 1
tlon of the story, and after being told
about It stated that be would not mako
a statement until he bad gone over the
proposition carefully Pr Taylor has
employed Howard Wilkinson to look
after hla Interests, and Mr WltWi
eon will start the work of auditing Dr.
Taylor's booka tbia morning
Comings and Goings of People In the
Little Normal Town—Brief
News Notes.
a lecture win De given in the!
Me'hodist Episcopal church Sunday
evening by Mr J Howard Holt, of,
Moundsville, who will speak on the
subject "Temperance ”
Rev. Mr Reaves, of eBthany, had
charge of the services in the Chris-1
flan church lust Sunday, as the pas
tor. Rev. Mr. Glenn, la on his vaca
All the local teachers are attend
ing the annual Ohio County Teach
ers' Institute, now In session at
James E. Biggs Is In Wheeling, at
tending the reunion of Carlin's Bat-j
tery. of which he was a member.
Misses Adda and Harriet Dunlap, i
of the Island, are visiting their grand
mother. Mrs. John Gardiner.
Mrs. Kline, of New Martinsville. 1s
the guest of Mrs. Louisa Jerome
Mrs A W. Curtis and children, \
Helen and Montgomery, of Sherrard. i
are the guests of Mrs Emma Speare.
Mrs John Mitchell and Master I
Clyde, of Wnrwood. and Miss Maude
Johnson, of Mozart Hill, are spending:
a few days with Mr and Mrs Payers. J
Mrs. Estelle Sheets is visiting her i
daughter. Mrs. Kim mi rut Davis, of
Kim Grove.
Mrs. Kintna Speare will move to
Sherrard on September 1. where she
will make her future home. She has
rented her West Liberty residence to
i Prof. Boggess and family.
S S Gardiner l« on a trip to Ni
agara Palls, Canada and other points
of interest.
Mr. lllram Montgomery, of West
Alexander, spent Sunday with friends
Charles I’olter, of West Alexander,
called on friends here on Sunday
Hart W1U be Turned Loom cf
Ground* and Cftc'mi Put on it*
A feature of the Itnrtan.lrr*’ Flrnlc
whirl, will !. h«M at thn State Fair
MSround* WHn-.rliv of thl* week will
' he H rnhhlt rhaae A *rore <*r n»«*re f.f
I the b**et kmwn •■port* In till* vlc*nltv
will b** i*re*»-nt. with their blo«le«l
! h« unde The r.thhlts will l»e turned
- |on*»* In the rround*. and Then the
| f Simp* will begin Hint If will he m treat
'••ut «*f the or dinar*. an.I ule.* one w->r»h
I watching r.nr KmH* a local h;»r
I he*- h .*» loomleed to rlv** nil The pp.-rf
Iernen a turkinh hath free of rlurr*
nftrr the Mg el.ow The following
| chiropractic I
!j| A Dniglesu or Natural ![>
;!; Meth.nl Which Remove*. the ![
<]> < inw of the Disa'S'.
j Practice includes acute. X
chronic and special cases of X
| any nature. !|i
i Investigation will convince !|!
! you of the merit of the Chiro- X
X practic idea A booklet will ]
i|i bo sent you upon request iji
X Fxamination and consulta- X
X tion arc cordially extended ;!
X without charge. X
< j The Time to (itl Well Is ]![
iji Russell li. Skells jjj
V (Graduate Chiropractor. |j!
1207 ( haptinr St.
- - ■■ ■ ■ " " ■ ■ gga
Progressive Farmers
“New Castle" Agricultural Lime
Wheeling Wall Plaster Company
747° Semi-Prim esse Gown,
34 to 4J bust.
with thrfe-pifci? skirt in tfnic
The gown that is made of two ma
terials to give .the tunic effect, yet
which meant orlv the weight of one skirt,
is fashionable ami a great favorite. This
pretty model will he found good for silk
and washaole materials for any two
that contrast effectively can be use d
In this case, striped silk is combined with
plain, the material bring the very thin
taffeta especially designed for summer
wear, but a charming gown could be
made from linen, voile, dimity or anv
material of the kind. The panel effect
at the front is especially good yet it
dues not mean anv considerable labor.
The blouse is made with the sleeves
stitched to the arm holes and the front
edges are finished and lapped onto the
renter portion The tunic portion of
the skirt is made in three pieces and is
finished anil lapped onto the front
•nd lower portion.
For the medium size will be required
3 cards of material 36 inches wide for
the mam portions; 3 yards 36 inches
wide for the pane! and lower portions,
with 1 i yard I* inches wide for tne cottar.
The pattern 7470 is cut in sires for 34,
36. 3*. 40 and 4Z bust measure, ft will
be mailed to anv address by the Fashion
Department of this paper, on receipt of
ten cents
well known men wtll enter their
hounds In the rhas»* finery Paradis#.
Jim Hall, cleorge Nuu, Kt Michaels.
Chan. Trsbert. John l.lebert. I.arry
I enntap. Frank I»o«rr. Frank Kline.
Mol, Welsh. Itnrry Vces, c*ti*j» I'aih
ard. Tim hpellnnin, J*»a Worfzbtuirer.
' Sits' Norman Will Hros.- will Shaf
er. Joseph 'ireen, Jin, I'nie Pack West
Fred Wrc-h. Will Frltr J,.» Mr
Padv Clary. <,nd Joseph Teufel Th»
*•'« ehse.- will stun nt I o clock and
etc follow rr wtll he tie oog.'k Frrnk
Kluy T.-m Hprll* ;*e. Adam c ehenhaeh,
Frank l>o.-rr will t,e the niaiiH«er of
all contests
Mr \V K f'.uriealua. a farmer living
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Chamberlain* t'ollr. f'holrra and
IHerrhoes Itemedv In his family for
fourteen vesrs and tha* he has found
It to b» an pzoe'lvnt remedy, and takes
pleasure In recommending It. For
ta'e by all druagls'a.
j Latest Improved pattern; guaranteed seven vears; will
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>••** will tempt the trios- impaired ap
petite Is a dish of Kloss's delicious to.
cr<-atu For ibe Invalid or coavataa
cent or for retreat] raent on porch or la
the evening, there l* nothing that la
more appreciated It la both food and
medlrine to the we** Tty our vanilla
or atrawbcrry lee eream as a sum mar
food from Klosaa.
Both phonea 1710.
Fits th* Test.
(From Juris** Ml'ttrr I
Jnhnnl*.' a*k»<l th* tearher, "*»hat
■ rin voii think mav h* meant hr th*
j lest. I nto his that hath shall l>* giv
en «hll* from him that hath shall
s- >sfc*n away *\*n that with h h«
j hath' T'
Tnrle Bill save It means fat. teach
er.' anawrra Johnnie "He aays fat
folka keeps a set tin' fatter an- thin
one. keep, a soilin' thinner. In spits
of all they do.”
Mnaf men*, ambition, are too M| for
them to handle.
Mutt’s Always Ready to Help Jeff Out jg
By "Bud” Fisher
• ANt> .
**(M4 r*» <xrr >m th«. \
«mo t \ .
%T**-'r ,T 4^,Mi Iia. ^ I 4To»nTl
* V*M»T T***l Mo» %*rfS y T"f
2 - Hi/jT IT _^-T« ***<> Nf»*l 1
< ^ CA#r T MM1
rr 5a ft '•*
f-—1 I
X ooerr *■**<»* 1
pIHlWi T*»« I
wrrTK wim tr [

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