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^ The Wheellng lntelHdencer Has the Largest Morning Newspaper Circulation In the State of West VirtHnia-CT
I 2 2 f>ACKS * r jVY| ppy the weather I
—■— -1 pr I 444k 4e (Me tmm,: r~., j
volume lx., no. 3,. wheeliyo. v Ova., Thursday, august TvTT rticE two ^ehtA
! Tho addreaee of Senator Suther
land, notifying Vice Prooldont Sher
man. and tho addreaa of acceptance
of Mr. Sherman will be found on
pago S. together with deecrlption of
I the notification ceromonica.
Roosevelt After Obtaining Ovei
$100,000 Emm Standard Oil
Aked For More.
Leaders of the Bull Moose Party
Did Everything Seemingly
But ( rack a Safe.
AsHINfJTON, Ana. 21—In a care
ful. deliberate speech In the senate
late today Senator Penrose of Penn
sylvanla, replied to the charges made
regarding; a certificate of deposit for
I2.1.000 sent to him by John Archl
bald of the Standard Oil company in
Senator Penrose admitted receiving
that sum from Mr Arrhlbold but as
serted that it was pnrt of a contri
bution of *125.000 made by Arcbibold
to the Republican campaign fund,
*loo.noo of which amount, he said,
went to the Republican National com
mittee and *25.ooo to himself for use
In Pennsylvania.
"President Roosevelt had been
vised of the contribution.” Senator
Penrose declared. He said that later
Cornelius N. Rltss then treasurer of
the Ntional committee asked for an
other contribution of *150.090 from
Archihoid and his assistants
It was represented that the request
came direct from President Roosevelt
declared Senator Penrose forcefully.
Penrose Scores Bill Flynn.
« dliam Flvnn. Roosevelt leader In
Pennsylvania was scored bv Penrose
The senator charged that In 1!MK
FI' nn offered him and Israel \V. Pur
ham $1.000.000 or $2.'WO,000 If they
would favor his candidacy to the
senate to succeed Quay Seuator
Penrose read what purported to he
copies of telecrams to show that
Flynn asked John 1). Archlltold to as
sist him in securing the election
Senator Penrose attacked K. A.’Van
Valkenburg. editor of the Philadelphia
North American and referred to the
•‘effrontery, hypocriscy. nnd mendacity
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Asks Sheriff to Allow i-iim to Witness
Execution of Slayer of Hi*
Little Daughter
Spr ■! T-|atr1 to t r- tnfrlttgenrer.
WASHINGTON, Pin., Auc :-l -Au
gust Funka, the father of pretty Ce
lia Funka, who was murdered nrar
here on the mom in it of August 2. de
clared today that iie w ish'-d to lie
(•resen- when th>- slater of hts ditigh
ter paid the penalty for Ills crime
"1 he father, who Is a well-to-do tier
than, to-day ea led upon Sheriff 1{ (i.
I.utton and a»ked permission to at
f»rd the execution of ti man who Is
convicted of "he most fiendish crime
which hi s ever sf ir’led this county.
The sheriff gave no positive answer.
In view of the fact that no one has
yet been tried for the murder, al
•nough ot.e man. George Green. Is in
ffc“ county Jail held reS|Kinsil>le by
the coroner » Jury.
"I would not want any person to
suffer death on the gallows for the
brutal murder of my daughter un>.~
It sere proven absolutely that h> wa t
gulltt beyond the -h.ido* of a doubt,”
r.. d Mr Pmlu 1 only JumlfF,
I b*l|r%r »h#» myUtofy of • Vim 'a
ror^Ff will finally ho nm !♦• rl«-nf.**
News From Washington States
That There Will Be No Con
gressional l*robe Soon.
Special IMapalrb to the Intelligencer
! CHARLESTON. W. Va., Aug 21.—
Peace in the strike district Is no
nearer a realty unlay than it was the
llrst day when the state militia was
sent Into the strike district. If any
thing the situation Is deepening and
widening, and no one familiar with !
condilions will be predict a time (
when the difficulty will be solved The i
operators say with emphasis they will i
not recognize the unton even If every j
mine must be closed. Miners who
have been asked to varate the com j
pany houses are offered transporta
jtinn for their families and household
goods to points where employment!
| may be secured, and while many are I
accepting the offer many insolently I
i refuse to vacate.
Tonight Company I of Huntington, j
Captain K J. Harbour, with Major .1
I Pratt, left for Dorothy oil a special j
train, in response to a demand for
troops from Sheriff C. I*. Cottle of |
Raleigh county.
I rive nunureu miners are r*|>ono<i |
to be out at Dorothy »heri' the Four i
States t'o»| Company's operations are I
located and In an effort to Induce j
many of the men to quit work today j
five men were probably fatally beat- |
. en by striking miners. The militia
will reach the scene of the new |
trouble about eleven o'clock tonight
WASHINGTON. IV C. Aug. 21 — 1
The proposed Investigation into the ,
Paint Creek mining strike outrages
i by a congressional rommlt'oe will not ,
bo ordered this session of congress. .
This decision was reached by Con
gressman Hughes of Huntington. Con- ,
■ gressman Wilson, nuth<ir of the reso
lution and members of the house. The
I rules committee held it conference
1 and member* of the rules committee
told Mr Hughes and Mr Wilson be
fore they could put out a rule or- 1
dering the consideration by the Iviii-e !
of tho probe resolution It would be j
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ItKIU.IN. Aug. 21 routiless I.ouls
de Cent nut I’iron and Miss Nancy
l.ei-hmnn. 'lv two daughters of John
G \ Irishman, the 1'nited States'
ambassador to Germany, were seri■!
iously Injured in an nCTomobile areal
dent today near Ingolstadt, P.nvarta
Mrs I.eishman. who alro was in the
machine, was not hurt
On* of the daughters suffered a:
light concussion of the brain, and the
otb* r was Injured about the thighs.
The three women were taken from i
Incolstsilt this afternoon in a special
t.ir provided bv the Munich Sanitary
Society to the llavarlan capi'al.j
where they were lodged |n a hotel |
Vmbassudnr Irishman left It* rim at
oclo- k tins afternoon for Munich
The chauff* ur of the autnmhtln, while
endeavoring to avoid a wagon, turned ;
to*. abruptly and drove the machine
In'o a tree
rrrr.-jurn*;. !•, Atiit rt i*
rlarlnc that rho tmit.i notoof nrh<>
on ’ l. * i»t. r| *ui< -la l.v
Jtimptn* in"* tti« Alla(li*n; n»< r *1
fh* fra>t of flmlhtm North
ahJa *a- h»r <la'i» 'nn<! not Vn
nl- Con tv **» of anti \\ Va , Mr*
Al'r* mi. ti of IS H' i.'n»T'f> mro t
N o.. **,*?. • irt I I»r O.'II.’J
rv.rr»t« thia n. .rmti» pro) -h.-.l to
ha»* at in*aati*o-io in*' ’<i to
iurcri.n If ttra raaa tt»t Oil" of
mu'akan itt*ntit*
A.I \l1a*hany .»»:-.•» aaa *i rrM
• r,4 fho'i*ai.4« *.f pat.j.o )«...} in*.
*»—»»» a* * ha ' a 'ft (M hratv
*»a aa»<>t >'* • • «
ha for a tt «a« |ar» f...j j
I* , har rf 4a•» , A a r. r...*f’|
fha Mr »• il,*f » |.i> - . ,,
A • -
k*a* lt Tha Ir-ll ttia* * .. *h l*|a rf
t/. -ha *.»' r .« ■ . 'A o \ r, ,
Tha raw ot a ..* • * * #• rr
•rtwat naf * •* a >4 »r*-ir..* <|aiM
fl»na tiara *>afw1l*I >1 ta»r* If
InaaA r tonal* n*> tha |o :• t -V a. •
•arr ••irrr.u' 4,r.« tha • it 4 * >,,,
I **1 *rf t'hflntfna I'kirr tw * f*. *.t
«>f *ha N rth fttr|a float.o« rt 'ha tt
rtr ar
Ta art tin aaa tifa*' t. 1 a* la
nt“ f wr.. o aa* • n to |a*|, at* .a*.
r*»ar *•»«.» lv af*ar |o arhak r.* • ».
nt«h* of f ,|* « 1* * m.iat n «
ft'-m 'ha N • | 4a f~|t* <fa>ar
'• • / j <4 w. t
f i < •■Iw.-ll afrort *.•111*0, whoro fhn girl
•g* nail i#» *i t v»* rir.fi cH, a rut ih
i n#.i«* "ail ’(.#• w ri'or Ifif »'iif|««| it*
• .fill out l|i« ill*
Mr* Ill'll wIn* « itlod a* Ifw I
., n i Mi*
had linatt working r »inro th» Ik«I»!
»"» fowl *«> pro.#- »tia* it wa- 'ha' '
of li*-r daughl.r »r..| "aid rhaf *ho
now had |>ra« ’loalljr .-n. irh o»idotwo ,
•o ahow tt *• tin. girl wa IK.I Ann;#
' "tin. r*
• h ■ . f»i r» ii « r Joi n
Mnw> hall, Mr- Itat# h -aid I know I
*• r and fm* iiiniii i . ..r* of W opt 1
\ rg.r.la h-ur*| i mr naighhop. I
..-I '••*•• 'I (tin know '
rot da..*'<«-r j.r . . • t.r <
r ' rrnr ra •!>. n •! - .. i || nwr* •
»av jpoa.' i * 'I • * m n| g’fl I '
■n r. ,<t *o j., , (. on.Oi l" ,nl I
• • * • • *• »’ I If I- *
• ’ ' * 1 <*i.-a.n , | h< .ft ,
’■ » r* «• . | a n.ji • |,o|~ In •
*• •« »* a* * Ifapafg .
' o|| •*• i »h«* <«• < r, to,.
• >«t;d i,, • p«,o ••#wm ,.f rk«
* in I t.. r prti ,<• do *
r— to to tg. wf \ ,r, ait and •
•» * wp *1.0 r ,-o r ,.rr .
*»• aw >« a.. a.
• * J '»«•«.» *
— •
;vtaFT-s labor RECoi-1
rTghTTo sue railroads
establishment oe a I
BUREAU of mines
and mining,
ChILD's LARno T 0F
|^B,l(Tr jJ!
Funeral of the Dead Commander
of (he (ireal Religious Army
Mill He Held On 29th.
LONDON, Auk. 21 — In the presence
of nil lh« Salvation Army commission
ers an<l the principal officers In I.on
don m the international headquarters
j®n Queen Vlctora street. General
Booths testament entrusted to the
|Army's Solicitor, twenty two years
, ago, appointing the iat« t'oniniauer In
t hief's son, iirui!iw<-|| Booth, to sue-'
ceed him. was opt ned to-day an.| read
Bramwell Booth, who has been chief
of the start of the Salvation Army
since 18X0. accepted th<* succession
| formally with much feeling. His
speech was a prayer and the scrlptur
ul reading was followed by an Impres
sive service Mrs. Bramwell Booth
and Mrs llcrtha-Helberd and other
well m.sh Army leaders were among
th«- party.
Booth Funeral.
i «e neral Booth's funeral will he held
In the afternoon of August z)» nf Ab
nev park cemetery in Stoke Newing
ton where his wife Is twirled The
funeral prore.vton from the Interna
tlotial lleadqiMrtees whlrh will ,)HM
thrrugh some of th- principal
Jthoroughfare will start at noon
Many thousands of pcr.nn* r,r* „
p"te,| fo participate m the funeral
sertif.. foe the armr. «hrh will |m>
ted on the preceding night at th
I : .. '"l”'*. anirn haa horn
! rhonnn for lla aparioti»nn««
Mramwoll Month pmatifart
m«im« hM,| m Mu international
lieaiiQiiartora Th<- armv aoin-itovi ro
* 'I * onaeiop.. A,,
I i'l ialn In hi* aafa Jtia- 7; rnn fo a
'';ij- It l»orp in fhn (irnoral a hat».|
"Tho apiKiinimont nf mr -nrrraarr
" IVmtIt. ’’lal Atigimt,
Solir|tf-r H.irtr>f then IMlnmiaml
All thn ln*,| fo- mailt In* haring
li-n thua oharrtMl. (Irani w I | loot I,
la Ingallr Inatalfml anl |g no, m fart
A rm%
Hrnm«r|| »rr*jt*inr *!»#>
rr«hi . of th« am.» Mam* -r|
h> Ma father In par’ «*P|
VI, r. n r«|o, I anrpt it,,• appoint
tr -nt tinranan It „ n.r a-n-r»l *
»n«1 I »tn "oiK'lonMl In iha*
['•irprian Inram. „f fp„ f„.f »mr|, |
l,»»t not hinra an'll a fn» nwn«h«
** *t .* thla *■ |w>inim<-nt aaa ma4r
•Inrln* tlm |!'.nr« of mr M-iorai
mott,nr | ran ontr tw>i « tn the *
• h »• t • a.|.’tn of«...A m an, he*
n»n i>, •tlwP,rgn in* r«pr>naihilHf I
• fp r> • « t#> I nf n, «n m » t * "
K n* ftanrga aaa i . f a f|r.r to
fhr fl f«t. M* •
«,*■•« aar*. mrrirn* (•„
near 'an *h th». an1 kMiop nf i*an <
mrh r, amt o<Vr |>rn|atn of tha •
• *> ir> nf Kn#l lla. Ia,m Vtaroi
f >•• i,-o H II • mat, • hn Itkfl nf
M.a", .1 ••,, for nf Ahar.taan »n,1 ,
tn.« »v fitbrrt ‘
r»t v( ib« Jrw ii, 4
U«u i4
HIIAN'iilll V, Aug 21 That deeriitn
fighting in In progrraa at Wuchang 1m
mntkrmed today »■>• a dlepatch from
llankow At the latter place the na*
Httr of the outl>reak la unknown. thnugli
It in taken f..i grunted tliat It grow*
'•i*t of 1'reehlent Yuan Sl.i Kal'a re
1 * nt killing of two !<epublic.in Rrner
ille Wno hull he. n Invited h> him to
I'ekiu from uptountry to arm him.
Wuchang l» Vice 1-reeldem l.l Yuan
lluiura nraduuarterk It, Hankow und
Hu n > at, r conrtltuta virtually un„
* .. • They are aep.it,, *e I from
it another. In wever, t>> the fork of
i* *• Yangiai anti II.in rlvera Ii. nkow
toe a large foreign nett lenient. and
Have Uioaklneea la felt fur Ha eafetv,
Y i (5 I'reetdriit 1,1 line eup|Mirt«‘<l
I'ree: I* nt Y uan hitherto. Put It la un
r -11 it til in have In i*n eelfanged fr<mi
i.un In Yuan e attempt throw rea
I • elMIII) upon l.im tor the ex. uimn
• t ttia two R« riel .ilk. when Id illecoy.
n-i lew unpopular he had iim-le him*
»e|f hv ktlllnK them.
< •* them i ia th.it filer In ,.f the
le.i.l general a, nereptlng Y mini »rr.
• ‘H* k. ! M Another IM
that Yuan a frlende Initiated the „t
.1 Iw.'M'iee he hie he ,me the I'real
lent a enemy Aerordlng to other re.
(eifta I,| hd« decided to throw iff
i i. (iR. • ng t
i«*t**r'm ►ui-j-.r t «t
At I It t*xo t.’if.
timrk * m ItfHitnfilloi) »»f «|\|)
Nl.\\ MHiK. \ur 21 I'lurcln;
’•»«» ' nwi" mrmbrni'* of tho %•#.*■
Vor« itrpart maul hixmlnxlf
[■••rtniiiml (hr •«, *po of • *;>t, ,hr
rTl"»»«l «n<| |stt|i>' thn ml-aln*
aru-'or* ln*!io*m| f,,r »hr» mnr'lor of
l<Tt in Dnn’lhnl, IMa'rnt \MorT,. v
' *o rnaht i r non nr ml f hr off.-r
»f .t r* *mM i»f . for f*m rij.iiifr
»f ihr f Tho I'rowrutor in
i formal ►**'rmonf »»i«l
'I an RM tn MriMMI 1 . I.ff.r 1 p
■ ir'* of $f '■ i for Him jtj.j - . t-• nan .
f"il* Ho*opbrr« or liiiputp *. ailaa
<»f. «ho I in--I or I. for H,m af
• • '
T !ir g*n»m«|' of (If »a*r t If iro a
naih If |**nli|r fi f Ihr iHafrhf
►m. . *.• offor iho ro«ar«l l rr.,lar»
loarr-h n« fho *».. n o,, . p*
iri-aih fkpiMt • 'o rm" r,
'»»'o« * M -rok.i a-o,„,.o. •
** -•
WASHINGTON. I*, r A lift 21 —
Complain arrangement* to ttiiow ,t
tor* e of 2.o*'i blue Jacket* an-l marine*
Into Nicaragua within IB day* to pro
lect foreign live* and property an I
ktep railroad communication open fropi
the Amir|i«n legation In Managua to
the I 'nr I Me ocean were made today l»v
He Navy Department
Secretary Meyer today ieeued rush
order* for th. hig aim<Tr.i crulaer
t allfornla at San lu*ro, c*l. t.. j.r.o
< red to I'anama Meanwhile the trun*
l*.rt I'ralrle ha* been ordered from th*
I'nrfhmoulh. N II. navi yard t.. I nila
.1. Iphia b> take, aboard Tio marine*
and *ail on to Colon Thl* force wii;
l-e rent our the I’anama I tall rood «>
I angina and be taken on board tlic
. rul*er California and be ru*h".l north
r.ar.l t.. San Juan l»e| Sur and Corlnto .
Senator lla.nn t.aiajr aaked the I
Serat* to authnnie it* committee now
lion* In Cuba and M.-*|.,. t .,l been
promote.i t.y American*, to It.ycetigate ;
II* l.iridlng of the marine* and blue 1
Jacket* In Nicaragua and re|*,rt tij*.n I
whal authority Intt.-d state* force*
had been landed there a revolution 1
lo that eff*. t wa* referred to a coni- 1
nd I tee to report U|*.II the probable «■*- I
^ addition to the marine* and b’ue
j®.ei» **hnre * \ ci.rn <r. ir„
Ihr. e American naval ve»*el*. th.- i
Tari.mil and the JtiXln i
\m-rtran Mlnlat-r W.u».| la* wM |
*"* •'**»>!• *' <’«rlnto an.) al n-n Juan
l'-l Hlir, la.fh fin the arret c-aef It 'a I
f.f canary t.. hidd M,-.r po. ta In -rdcr j
that mniffluHra'Inn rna > I— main- j
tyftiad t—tw-rri thr r»hl* elation and I
ih- A mat if an legation at Manafin
tJ'MiON. Auk I -Th- d-a'h of j
Hi- rl-fh UK |n>«rh-f. dim-a Ward
Nn*-ra. a uall\- ..f W a* la fid. All»*an
pnuntjr. M rh . a hll- h-ln« |turai» d l y
i a|>lain «' V K<>» -n i fflc-r «f th«
llriiiah army lit fly— l!rtpif*iii a—rvic—
in • rnital Afri-a la im?i lili-ly in r- |
»ntt ,m Ini. rna'ifitial complii altnna *
Ifi lit i*s (/>r rn offlir ha* mu an
F.yr r—« fired an» n niniunit .ittnii frr>m
h- Iniif.l |*>at-a *nv-i nm-n' and
Ih» Ittfim g! la I -mud-rad rlna-d aa
aa * tfy* Hritaln and llc'cum arc i
n—m-.t I ia *iat- | at th- tur-icn
’tt . - tndair tha* h-Cf Ca rrunpaniom. I
afc-a- names are 11-rc- and I .an-.
*r- llniiah ml cm and a-' Amiri
• ■vror monum iilltd
rtr wetntta
wyiinaroi «u n-truiMt
*** Oni- Waataia *aa»a*i*anla
Fr-nahiy fair rkurtUt ana yntay
If! "'d fifcyafy la Iraiymlyr* mod
cay* mu n arm »lr4«
▼lr*ln»a. el-nay Thuraaay, rrt j
la* rata
Other Members of Council Accused
of Bribery by Detective
Bums on Trial.
DETROIT, Mich., Aug 21.- Alder
man Thomas E. Gllnnan. president of
the common council, and alleged re-|
ceiver of bribe money, wan late to
day bonnd over to the Recorder's
court on $ 1 ,<'00 bail at the conclusion
of his examination In police court,
which started yesterday. The case of
Alderman David Rosenthal charged
with agreeing to accept a bribe, was
Immediately taken up.
The case of Alderman Louis Brozo,
of the Thirteenth warn, was taken up
immediately after Glinnan was bound
over After a few preliminary ques
tions wore asked the first witness, to
establish Itrozo s municipal Identity. I
adjournment was taken until to-mor
row morning.
List of Grafters.
Witness Brennan told of receiving
$3,100 from Andrew Green, a manu
facturer to give to the Aldermen fori
the passage of the ordinance and.
urged oil by Attorney James It Me
following list of Aldermen for whom
the money was intended:
Glinnau, *1.000; Tlielsen. $500; Tos
sy. *200; Ostmwski, $200; Mason, '
$200; Walsh. *1U0; f.yneh. *300; llin-|
die. *200: liroso. *100; peimel. *100; |
O Prien, $100 and Gutman. $100. All j
of the Aldermen mentioned are under i
arrest, but only nine of them are i
charged with receiving the money.
When naked what he did with the j
money given by Mr Green, the wit-1
ness said: »
‘It »at counted nit in the presence
of Mr Green and the serial numbers
of the bills, pictures on.the bills, etc..I
u * t»* taken The money that wan given
in Gllnnan. for Instance, was segretod
and the number of the hills were
WASHINGTON, p C, Aug 2!.— !
After a conference with Senator
Works, of California, today. regard
ing the polltleal situation in iha’
State, ( harels I* llitles, chairman of
fhi Republican National fommittee.
issued the following statencnt;
"Governor Johnson and Ills crowd ’
are going to try and rapture t*>e em
blem of the Republican parly and
place candidate,, for electors on the
Republican ticket who will vote for
the candidates on the progressive
tieket. Wt regard this as distinctly
dishonorable. Mr Roosevelt has re
nounced hi* Republicanism and has
left the Republican party. Governor!
Johnson and his followers, under th-i
election law passed this year, will
make oath of their intention to su|»
l»>rt the Republican party, while as i
rr i’ter of fact their Intentions are
to vote for the candidates of another
party. That Is downright perjury."
Representative Olmatead. of p.-nn 1
svIvatiin discussed with the National
fhairman ’he legal phasea of the situ |
atlon In Pennsylvania, where the
Roosevelt fortes are claiming the
Hectors named on the straight Re J
publican tit ket Mr llltteg said that
some action would he taken within
the ne*t few days in this matter.
--- - - . i
Tmft Was Highly Elated When In*
formed That Democrats Failed
in Their Effort.
Generally Thought That thi
Amended Bill WiU Be I’lsged *
and Signed Today.
Washington, August 21—Poe
the third time the Horn* today passed)
the legislative, executive and Judicial/
bill over the veto of President Ta'ti
by a vote of 154 to 53, hut In the senJ
ate it failed. 34 to 27, and aa a re
sult the House amended the measure!
to provide a continuing appropriation/ -
for the commerce court until Marchj
4. 1913, passed it and tonight it Ileal
with the Senate appropriation com-!
mlttee with good prospects that It will/
pass the Senate tomorrow.
The solution of the deadlock bow
tween congress and the White Housn
la believed to have been found and aa
a result adjournment now looks ap
preciably nearer.
There was a marked difference be
tween the passage of the bill in thn
house over the president's veto and
its passage In amended form. Wheat
it was found that the chief executive
had It 'll overruled by a tliree-to on«’ I
vote there was a tumult of applauso!
when it was put through after th«{
failure o| the senate to follow tho(
house's lead there were fewer than
thirty members In their seats. Ther#
was no debate ami scarcely an audt- >
oie voip. it rear nod tne senate too
late to be acted on today.
Judge Mason Yesterd.iy Pronounced
the Death Sentene*. Policemans
Murderer to Be Hanged.
sj.r.-ia; IHspvt.ii to the Intelligencer
FAIRMONT. \V Va.. Aug. 21.—This
morning. Judge John W. Mason, site
'ing'at the special trrnt of the Circuit
Court. passed on the motion of atr
lorneys representing James Wierman.
ronvictcd of the first degree murder
of Ole Shaver, at Monognh. The mo
iion of the defense to grant a newi
trial was overruled by the rourt until
sentence imposed The court sen
lenees! Wierman to he hanged on Fri
da). November 1. . Immediately hlg:
attorneys secured a fiu day stay ofi
sentence to appeal the ruse.
The sentence this morning was tha
first death sentence ever Imposed in
Marlon county. Wierman M charged:
With shooting Shaver twice through
ho body when the officer was arrest.'
mg Jim Wierman. a brother of tha
prisoner Madly wounded. Shaver
pulled his own revolver nnd fired a
Pullet tlirr'igh his brain Me died In
i short time. Many people hold that
■.haver killed himself, but the physl
•inns who testified at the trial, w-ra
ilwiit e'lunl'y divided, some testifying
tie wound in the head caused death,
'thers that th» wound in the body
»as fatal The jury returned a flrgt
legree murder rerdlef and the se®.
enre was imposed to-day.
Wilton Attended Baby Show
at Aabuey Park Yesterday,
SI A t;IRT. N J . August ?I.--Shg
hundred babies, in go carts doll
conches mtnttnre wagons and floats.
1' rorated to catch the eve of score of
fudges, passed todav before tiovernor
)V nod row Wilson. In the annua’ baby
parade at Asbury Mark
NIC*' YORK. A'i*. 21 —John A
' irk .|. fanning rn»hlor of Tho /h*.
I. n« main Hank of Ahtloui Kan.
* *» irroaf.-d horo thla aftomnon hy
dofoptiroa .>f a aurpty pompanH lie
• .'mtit.-d hi* uloniity. and aald that
1 «• amid gladly «o hark and Man I 1
trial Tho «hnrfa**, h*» admit*. I*
.. than |T.‘. *nn tin ha- horn ml** '
mg »inro t*»p«.mt>pr. 1910.
Klarfc >m takrn Into rt woody aa a
r.-a»|it of an a.|w-rt|*omrrt tnaortod in'
> loral pa par Tho advorttaomont of ,
ti rod rmplmmrnt In an Earn Rtdo a*
tnhUahmont. and waa tm wnrdod a* li
!«r itkoir to aftrar* a man In nark*
lrrum*tanro* Flark anawomd tho
■ lwrt«rmon* and aa ho waa about
nwtor tho raiahtl«hmont ww* takon
u thargn hy two dotortlrow paark
idmlt'pd hi* IdonHfy, doolwrtng that
waa glad to hoar hi* own namr
%*»» fflrtYt'
-rtpfofp | |oft Kanawa.~ aald nark. I
it a a* known among tho othrlnia of
hr hank that thorn waa a ahortago in
Ur arpo«n*a | thought, howavoy tt
« i» ... , a Noil* 170.000 nr . non
•r I r:• mr to \pw York *o roat up
nrnf#t|r and phvaldally I **« In tho
paprr* that tbo »bonago waa about i
$.n non, | then my
plotoiy and coaMn t aunrnnn thonorr#
ttf rottirn to mv homo town to frtonda**
VVI'h only lino in hla porkot, h*
ramo »„ vvw York With hi. wlfo for
'V,r fM"’ M»° roara ho haa l.oon a'rn*.
* n* tnr fi'wtonoo doma odd )nha 0*
•ho d-rha. in atnro h,and who*
tho roar of dotortina w.a not to*
cr.at ho tontnrod Into hi.alnoaa of.
“> r. in tho downtown dtafrlota of tbla
rlfjr to r)rfira| vnrk
Tt#^ of B#m| »<low#d
1 *• *•*•« aolna undor • •••■ma*
namoa ho ..Id htntil | afn .t,* „_ot
tltwd of It | lo h, myM,f onr
1 tti toady to r<- harh t*
K.n<t« and faro tho mtialo 1 haw a
ro oy. tiaoa to offrr | did what T kno«
to ho wmnc I loot tor norwo at >h*
•r.*e tnoitM-nt and now thoro ta notfe.
In* loft f,,y mo hat to tab* rat mod*
rlno ••
f ark at'rihu'od hla downfall to iha
land foyor ,hat bo aald waa awooa,
ln« tho y trinity of dhttano ahoy)«
'hroo yoara a»n Ho took tho hanb'a
'nnda ho aa'd to ptirrhaao ant*
in otty roal oat at o w*iofc
••'of turnod out to ha a to#*n« ..
it ion.

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