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^^The Wheeling Intelligencer Has the Largest Morning Newspaper Circulation In the State of West Virginia*=d!
14 ^-|ghe HW&ng !
oAnth i nr, bti M .mi
Pennsylvania Senator Announce',
He Can Substantiate All
Charges He Has Made.
Tells of Efforts of Moose !>eader to
Steal Nomination By Buy
ing Delegates.
WASHINGTON Aug. 22— John p.
Archbold of the Standard Oil Com
pany. will appear to-morrow morning
before the sub-committee of the Sen
ate investigating campaign contrlbu
P tlons The annmneement that he
r. would appear followed a day of bit-;
ter recrimination on the floor of the i
Senate, in an effort to show that
former President Roosevelt knew that
funds contributed by big corporations I
were used to help elect him in 1904.
The attack on 'ormer President
Roosevelt to-day originated in a col
loquy between Senator Reed, of Mis
souri. a Democrat and Senator Boise
Penrose, of Pennsylvania, who pre
sented a resolution demanding an in
vestigation of circumstances set forth
in his statement to the Senate yes
terday in which he charged that $in<V-,
, non of Sfandardt Oil money went into
the 1904 Roosevelt campaign fund, i
with President Roosevelt's knowl-1
Roosevelt is Flayed.
Senators Pentose. Roeq and Wit-1
liams each attacked Colonel Rnose- |
v< It and Senator Poindexter of Wash
ington. a supporter of the new Pro-i
gressive party, came to his defense, 1
Senator Poindexter chared that a
combination of Republicans and Item
ocrats were at work to defame Col- '
anel Roosevelt.
The decision to summon Mr. Arch- j
hold at once was made by Senator
Clapp early In the day. before the in- |
‘errogation of Penrose by Senator |
. Reed began he got Into communication '
with Mr Archbold in New York by ■
long distance telephone and the Stand- *
ard Oil official agreed to appear Sen.
Pomerlne of Ohio was designated to .
sit as the Democratic member of ih"
tpecisl committee, until the return of
either Senator I.ea or Senator Pavti
ter The debate between Senator* i
R»ed and Penrose »as marked by fh«
readiness with which the lat-er re.
plied to Senator Ree,l's questions
(Continued on Png* Sight.)
Member* of the County Court Who
Bought Bridge Pattern* Indicted
—Grave Charge* Filed.
Fpcr'nl r»l*r«'rh to t< . Int»ili*»n-er
HCKTINGTON W va tii« 22
Indictment* were returned bv the'
Wayne county grand jury to-day |
again** \V R Smith, fromer pr* *1
rient of the Wayn** count) court nnd
John R O*horn" one of the m* rnh r*
of the court; the . Indlrtnvmt*
charge Smith and O*horne with hav
ing accepted bribe* R th mem her*
of the enurt tendered their revigri.t
tlon* a few day* ago following the
ln»titu'|on of imp< lehment proceed
lng* acatnat them. If ua* thought
tfeat f (he two m<
ber* of the rotir* would prevent any
f'tempt a' crlmii it proceeding* anil
tv.e f tiding of fr.dir'fti' nt* ranged a
dl'tlnct *iirprl»e
Among the allegation-- mud" again*! 1
the metnhrr* of *h. eourt l* that they
p ,rt ha*ed (2rt.t>oo worth of hrdge ma
ter.al 'run ■ T-rr.. Haute Indian*
bridge company, when the* utio had
no need for the bridge or h id made
no provlaton In the levy for the jav
ir.ent of th< money, the inter i~,n*t|
Turing a flu a'lon of the St tfe I*-*
I* la charged that they went to T< rr
Hau'e a* g’ie*t*i tif a representative
of 'h* hrdge company and •>'rt lav
lahly entertained there
I F Fount, onr of the member* of
the mur' tit * tic id'-d n the yifr po ll
tlon haa throw n < onatder hie Itgh* on
•he inner working* of the bridge deal
Ha *t*»e« th.it a voucher for M*tO
wa* forwarded *o h'm hy another
tn*mher f *g ro-irt hu e reffin ■ d
It. "r*ft|*ed ' fI*home * a -ged to
hare hired men to work on the road*
and that after d' ftp a few da * work
0f> the road* *hey were frill 'if,.'
to hi* farm and 'h ’ the , •. r„,rt
would l«a*ie voueher* in parm»nt for
fbla • ro*d” work
R H Fanaom and •» F ptalea .ert|.
Tiwmorritt have be,* • >'l | If, fid
t’l* la' at.rlr a on the ei.tir*
•Part*! Dtarate I- • .~T- .*•!,,**<-*,
A'ayleo Van Re.t. of f»t,k III 1. wa* to
lay appointed Judge of the r reult
"our* of Fayeffe com** | rir.erncr
F O'aaaeoek to ure.ed Wiliam
T Rennet’, recently r«a gned fo’low
ng the fi''ng of < large* aga n»t h n
ind a ren ieat that the fjevemor , -,n
,'er.e the |egt«tgture In *p"c|*| *..<..,
»|tt) to mpenrh Rennet*.
Van F*!t i* *f year* tif age * p*
publican and will a»m e un'l January
let M.' vppo1r • -nert «a re. -.-a
■ end'd I l/Oth l<epllhllCIM ar.d
Xj&bur i a ,
mn nun nr
HOWARD C1TT. Mich.. Au| II —
Dr r W Joelln. a big Grand Rapid*
dantlat. hi* wir* and four yaar old aon.
Howard, wer* killad; hla mother prob
ably fatally Injured and hla aon. Burr.
11 yearn old elUhtly hurt tonight when
a freight tral^hraahrd Into their auto
mobile lean than a mile from her*.
Two Americans Killed Yesterday
by the Warring Faction
in Central America.
Already Large Force of Marine#
Will be Reinforced by Oth
ers—Ships Depart.
WASHINGTON. D C.. Aug 2t —
The State Department Is determined,
1° extend the fullest possible measure
of protection to American life and
property In Nicaragua. It wajs i-»
nounoed to-day that If the naval foice
now in that country, even when hear-'
ily reinforced by the large marie®
contingent now being assembled at
League Island, and the several hun
dred blue Jackets en route to Corlnto^
i on the California and the Denver, ara
| not sufficient to assure that protec
tion. more forces will be rushed for
ward until that end has bepn secured.
The State Department still Is un«
moved by utterances in Congress, re
lying Implicitly and confidently upon
the long line of precedents wher®
Americas military and naval force®
j htive been employed without congrea
i uirmion in cases wnere Amen
; can life and property were In jeopar
i dy. The officials dec'are that that
j is the sole purpose of the landing of
j ’he marines and blue jackets In Nlc-i
nragua. It ha* not been found neces-'
I sary to send any of the special In-1
I uructlnns to American Minister)
Weltzel or to Captain Terhune, of!
j the Annapolis.
! When the reinforcements which.’
I "'ill be forwarded to Nicaragua before.
| the end of this week have arrived atj
I 'heir destination, the navy will have;
I ashore (n that country the most nu
1 reerous force it has ever landed In an
I American republic In time of peace
Admiral Southerland, who will com
mand the entire combined force of
blue jackets and marines upon hta
arrival at Corlnto on his flagship
California, has the unlimited conlf
dence of the state department, based
on the manner In which he handled
the revolution uprising In Santo Do
mingo about five years ago.
The marines now being assembled
at Philadelphia for transportation on
the Prairie to Colon and then by rail
and water to Corlnto. are being
drawn from the navy yards at Boston,
I Norfolk and Charleston. S. C., *
j and will sail from League Island Sat
1 urday night.
I The reported killing of the two
| Americans. Dodd and Philipps in Nlc
| aragua. Is being thoroughly investi
gated by the department. Dodd, the
I MtsstFsipplan. who was slain, vas
"el! known to Representative Sisson,
, of Mississippi, who said tonight that
• both Dodd and his father were law-*,
1 yers In his congressional district.
Colored Teachers Objected to Being
Made Targete for Paper Bui
leta and War Followed.
HT'XTINGTOX. W. VA . Aucpl 23.
—A ram war broke om here today !ai
the t'ahell county teachers' institute
end for a time serious trouble wu.
threatened County Supf-r^.'enden: ofl
School petit put a quietus on the dlf*!
Acuity temporarily, when hn threat,
ened to revoke th» certlflcst# of any
teacher who made a move toward vio
fJoarded to desperation by the con-,
tinued annoyance of white school i
teacher*, several ynnng negress, teach-,
ers made public complaint ft* the su.J
pertntendent In the midst of the pro-t
reeding* Over two hundred peda
gogues were »n the room and at one*
a star session began, many Indicating
that they favored the Instant rejection
of the rr'r.red teachers from the room
The :| ^-sse* declared that they had
been tonstnntljr annoyed hy being
struck with .paper pellets and that
their protest had been received wlt|^
sne»r* A negro mate teacher Joined
in the protest and this made the slt
ua'lon all the more *< r^bu*
Superintendent Petit made a state-,
m-nt In which he said that the negro'
teacher* wr compleled hy law to at-,
tend the Institute and lhat any out*
break towards them would he pun-.
Ishrd by the revoking of the certlfl
raie* of those Involved \ committee
w is appointed to investigate the
complaint of the negro pedagogues i
and State Superintendent Shawker
ha* Itciwi summoned here to adjust
the situation
**stTST.TCAlf cowograsTOWA*.
cosmt-rna niLo gisngo
T* eew RepiiMicsn cong r sss least
ir-imnlltw far this district *t a meet,
i’-s nets this afternoon fn-mslly nr
gsnised and formulated plans for tha*
fall < R'p-.rt* recstved frenv
cr.y e.tatv In the district tndfhata
thst Judge H H Moss. Jr. «f
• rshurg th* Rsp.iMi an nemlres win,
he elected hr a s-jha-ae'lal matnrlfy
..ver Congressman Hamilton W y|.
vy-ife * rremtne-t attorner of this |
rttv was elected chairman nf tha near t
committee The other officer* are T 4. j
Oa!»v of Rq-nlng Spring*. Secretary I
c.e - r> IlMMn of rarbershnrg. Carre. f
»r ndtng and Recording Secretary anf.
AA s i*-gg, of Parkaratnvrg treasbrar.
Resolution Adopted by the Com
mittee Yesterday to Allow
Regulars on Ticket
CHARLESTON. W. Va.. Aug. 22 —
That they will support the reguisr
Republican State. Congressional,
county and district tickets throughout
the state, but that action on electors'
ticket is to be decided later, is JUe
substance of the action of the pro
gresslve party's committee headed'
in « \ -Governor Wm M O. Dawson,
who was empowered to work out the
details by the progressive convention
held in this city on July 30th. Tho
action of the committee was an
nounced to-night by Mr. Dawson when
he gave to representatives of the
press a ropy of the resolutions adopt
ed by the committee, a meeting of
which was held in this city today,
and attended by a part of the com-1
Mr. Dawson, who is chairman of'
the progressive State committee, and
was also chairman of the regular Re
publican State convention committee,1
a- well as of the sub-committee, said i
that this action was but carrying out
the action of the State committee
taken at Its meeting of July .intb.i
which left the details to the smaller'
ronimlttee He expressed himself as
heartily in favor of the endorsement
t Continued on Pago Nine )
Will Leave Sunday Party When
Tabernacle is Built —Big
Meeting Planned.
(By Dudley S. Hawkins.)
"Ten thousand souls for Jesus Christ,"
Is the slogan adopted for the ap
proaching Billy Sunday revival meet
Ings. which will open In this city. I
for a period of sit weeks, on Sunday,1
September 16.
The field to be covered by the'
campaign Is all of that section of
Eastern Ohio. Western Pennsylvania
and West Virginia, lying within a ra
dius of from fifteen lit twenty miles
from this city
The great evangelist s advance man
A P. (till of Lawrence. Kansas, hav
ing arrived In this city about a week
ago. is now busily engaged in map- !
ping ou' th« preparatory work which
must be accomplished before the at
rival of Sunday. He |* assisted in
his work by his wife, who Is also on
th« ground with him
The erection of the tabernacle will'
l>« made within the very heart of
East Liverpool, hut a block front the
Pennsylvania railroad station. In close'
proximity wph all traction lines en
tering the city, and on a site, which
until the past few works, when If has
been cleared, was occupied by one of
the oldest crockery manufacturing
plants. Id this, the Ceramic city
Th» old at rue'u re h is now been'
razed to the ground and the first 1
nail, in the erection of the massive
fab< rnarle. will tie driven at g o clock
Thursday morning. August 2!* Bv
Monday. September ?. rive da>s later
».ii n- rnmpifftrd and'tho
Intorinr «nrk will bo nmrfrd Th
dix.r* *111 ho oponor) anm,. frw dava
lat<r. but tho brut anrvim In tbo tab
ornarlo ■*•111 bn a union pravnr moot
in* to ho ho|,| on Wo.Inna,lay.
tomboy 11
Tho auditorium »ll| bo an orortod t«
to popt rom' .rtahlv p,rM,n, |ty
■‘n »fran«om*iit In Inti', r do* r, .ho I
rldoa of tb ur inurn, fully |n.nAO ran
t" within tho 7ono ,.f if,,. rvanRoliafa
IContlnand on Pa<# Win. )
Is iftfw .ft A .iff :j Thn rnliminatmff I
■ fnb# ' f th* « » |rfj fin* rrlpi It.l *
ihn Hrlfiih mirrl. r l> mln^M dtrrinir
M»»- I* it 1*1 ) rtf* |« f ti ' * f,y „f.
. »*f * **' fUm Mff-rr *nf i !#» \9 irtn*
Th« <}nvi>ffim«-nf bfimn «rh*n !
»*)#• ft^«lv fnfinH 'inn n ft »htp m*«t
r «a I bialfi" I'fMrnt thf> i
r» ,fl» Hn*t
* tUl»itf T * fff . y h ■ 1
• tr '• ! and lT>n union nd-.t ht«
% Mtfh«tl« «»♦. « «« nil
t- tn»«1 hv «h** rnfi»inAjf, h«»r, *rvf
Ih* |»ff |.oM
Thn <»lf»r.ro arn «rll nraammd and
Rr« thnrftufhtv ,f rt f*rvt#-i ,m«| pTrt
i-■** i»» r«f »h*r#f ,n *n#i ;
th# w«r *h»f *h*v rnn»|.|ff fh*tr
KlllUf* m»#t I
mi »h* | »rt of «h# «*ip n«n»r»
fhrv »t h* m#f bv m •fritt*
• m#v Rurv** • *>* vMiffmi
Milurt** l* th» fnr#m**f
*h* ft-mfi’t o| •*.■!*»•• ,hf.
ir ihm wl>*
f-OSDON, Aiik. UU.--Gen Rooth'*
body w;ih removed to-night from the I
evangelist * late home at Hadley wood I
«>• Congress Hall. Clapton. -In th
northeast of Ixmdon. whore u will
lie In state Friday and Saturday. The
[Ian* for the lying In stale ar<» thek
same as those carried out when the)
body of hi* wife, the "Army's .Moth
er" lay In state
Th#- roflln rests in th** same spot on
a catafalque, over which a hug'* cano
I'.v hangs At th" aid" of the roflln
an ot: portrait of m* wife |* displayed
Flags of all nations adorn the wr^i
f t th" hall, representative of the vas*
extent <>f th" Salvation Army n opera
In connection with the funeral. |
Senator Chilton Wants
Constitution Amended.
WAJtHINOTt IN, Auk Hi! — j
Senator Chilton of \Ve*t j
Virginia today offered a hill ,
In the house amending the ,
constitution to the ..ffert that
a majority of each house <>f
rongrt-s.i might pas* a meas
ure over the President'*
ve'n Thl* Idll I* the out- (
come of the feeling against I
the President for hl« veto an . t
of the tariff revision hill* |
and th" varlou* appropriation
Idll* that have t.een returned
from the White House dl»- | '
WAMl'tNOToN, Ane Ti What
«'.*• f*i'-i**1*r l»v manv ni*nit.* ra an a
>!*• larallon f I w m-.. r,it|< i-.ll. y »|t*i
r 'f.r-r.. * in mnt-r ait* l.-emla
MM* «h.
lrri'1. r f'r r a <»<r1 . tiaivif>|r.n#.f a hid
ymr • r e a |m.». r •>>n>|>am rh* rlrM
• 't im i’i . • *.. |||vrr In Alabama.
T* • n. r* ««« |>a« ■ I ri« t'., *J. i '
rOy|*r>fi mrfnMra (.r.**n» "
Willi* Mr. I n<l. rarmla IMVi«-r.r-a
t*‘,*n ih* 11* inrv f-»r in* Mil, manv
1 • W" ra" n.« ml» r r.-t.»n.<l
Mr I'r.A. i*.. .| - r..|*<l that th« . ,
l.l. rnl yninnmrnl I. ,,| 1
' ■ < ' r 14, .....
*a' le rrlr.fi ||, h«-M thnt th* pint- !
*>'*»'«• *na In ..ntf.l ..f rh« i-.w.r in 1
•’r'Mm • »n»1 thmt thn Viiftonal •
r* \ *rr>fo. f.t M«! no n m <•» ,»
■ r r.‘nr *■l'*f»»nir fh«t * .
■**r#*r i»' tr ft n t*fMri h#« *) n
ifo«1 tb* trr fo«|f /»o of at> ^x•' 1 wr fit
fi or frT.f^f Ir.r.M ft ft? rn’.mh* r
* *' i«i ftm * rn*on« *f • t^rriAin/ *
■< fitfr.l, r
Tf of Mr f'n4*r«on4 «
*•»* ^r .f -nfrrf «h*rpH » f r*
1 I r
**^r *0 W'llly, of *n>l -
tin** fwmnorai * t4
there Ih under ronslderatlon a sugges.
tion that the coffln he conveyed to
Abney Park cemetery on a gun can
rlage aa symbolizing the militant
character of the evangelist's work,
tjuaen Mother Alexandra to-dsy te>.
graphed to Itrnniwett |ioo>h. the son
and auccysaor of General Itooth, the
following message;
I beg you and all your family to
accept mv deepest and most heartfelt
sympathy In the Irreparable loss 'o
you and the nation have suffered in
the death of your great, good and
never-to-be-forgotten father It Is a
l<*s Which will he felr throughout the
whole Civilised world, but. thank God.
his work w-||| live forever.
"(Signed • ALEXANDRA."
WASHINGTON. Aug 2: -The con
trovert- bef w ecu Colonel Roosevelt
and Attorney General Wlrkorsham
aver the Ql|e*f jnn of tae InefTj, tency of
Pr» vident Tarts administration of the
Gherman ann-trust i»«
uni tonight with a rtntement hy the
attorney general, referring to the
former I’r-todcnt'e declaration* at
WllKeaharre *|aet right "Mr Roone
'•elf/- raid the attorney general, haa
rhlfied hla ground very materially
► Inre he began Jit* attempt* tn he- j
little the work of thl* admlnletrafIon
u enforcing the hherm.n la*
Hr \\ l'h»rrhani again mmmended
lo the pern**) of the Colonel n mag
trine article hy Crank H Kellogg alio
crutt d the Standard Oil, raying
he tru»t had horn actually dl*«olved
ind added
I al«o commend to him th- follow
ng piioaage from one of hi* own
i peer he*;
There |* a way* a tend nr\ to fee!
hat tiotnehnw ly |ee<«|atlon. hy thoi
'nartment t.f *om<- law hy the tri I
fig of rnme patent arhente, tl nggt
an !>• tn id<- permanent iy |H ter. I
aomethlng t ail tie done hi law
' good deal ran he done hi law
•iven more ran ho done |,v the hone«t
i Imlnlatratior, of '»>, *„ admtniatra
Ion flint know* neither fe*r nor fa
tir. Which treita e*. f, (n*n eyarflv
i* that man « record wnutte* Mm to
e treated I would ill that fre*t
lent Taft-* admlnl'fration ha* ar
ompll*h^l Jn*f that '•
the wriTttrg
**»»i»fiTo* an» aa, Wrwtwm
tanr.aytranla. r long 7 ang *omwwtia«
enter Ertdayi Erlgay fair; moderate
erthweto wind*.
owe E*tr Etiday and Eatargayi
nor*hv»«t wlnilf
W#«« - fair Frl- »
Police lieutenant Becker Ref us <1
to Plea to Indictment—
More Money Found.
NEW YORK, August 22—To former
members of Police Lieutenant Charles
Becker's strong arm squad of gambling
raiders. Detective James White and
Charles Stelnert. were Indicted for
perjury today in connection with the
alleged "framing up"; and Jake Zelig.
the East Side gang leader, who is said
to have suggested the names of the
gunmen In the Rosenthal murder plot.
Their Indictment came shortly after
Becker, charged with Instigating the
murder, had refused to plead to the
superseding indictment against him
and four of hts alleged too's. "Whitey"
l^wls. "Dago" Frank Cnrocifi, Jack
Sullivan and William Schaperol. had
entered pleas of not guilty to the
murder Indictment, Becker was allow,
ed to delay entering his plea until
Detective White aad Sietnert were
immediately suspended from the po
lice office by Commissioner Waldo.
Stelnert was looked up In the tombs
tonight and White who also is under
arrest hut not taken to prison. Dis
trict Attorney Whitman will ask to
morrow that they be plared under,
$5,Oh bail. The prosecutors Invest
(ConUnnad on Klnth Pag*).
liONDOX, August 22.—Kid McCoy
‘Norman Uelbyl, the American boxer,
was discharged from custody by the
magistrate of the extradition court at
Mow street today He was arrested
July 2* on a prorlslonal extradition
warrant charging him with larcvpy, al
leged to have been committed at Os.
tend. The proceedings were tak»n at
the InstiE.it 1 ;j of the Belgian -ga
McCoy had appeared before the'
magistrate on several previous occa
sions on the same charge and on An- '
gust 2 was relens, d on hail while
awaiting the arrival of the documents
connected with the case from Belgium
McCoy's attorney. In addressing the
magistrate today, said the depositions
had arrived from Belgium and after
carefully studying them he considered
there was absolutely no rase against
McCoy it was most extraordinary, he
added that McCoy should have been
arrested on the unsworn statement of
an Intoxicated woman, who. when she
became sober denied her own state
ment The reason McCoy found him
self in that position was that he hap
pened to travel to Ostend and stay in
the hotel where the theft was com
The magistrate said he had read all
the papers nnd had come to the con
clusion that there was not sufficient
evidence to Justify extradition and he
therefore dp missed the case.
Sper'nl Mrpnt. Intelligencer ^
22 -I'rrpldrrl Taft ran now ,
tegtlfv 10 the tx-anty, *ire and
quality of the Weat Virginia
apple* Today f'ol J William
I*e Grange 1 repented the Prov
ident with a barket of apple*
pent by l»r S N Mever* and
P M I_imar. of Martlnaburg.
Wept Virginia There were
t"n apple* In the backet and
each wetrhed a pound Tb" !
fruit eame from the famoti*
Wept Virginia apple belt
“ I _ r
I'BKIXG, Auk'ipi 22 A force of1
2.oo»» Mongolian froopp bap occupied
1 h*' clti of Taonan. Manchuria and
hap l>egun looting hollar*. and plnrep.
aeeortllng lo p t hitu *e report received
ht re a detachment of t hlnepo trnn|»g
from Mukden, wlth_a numtwr of Man
ehu gun*, attacked them during !he
night of A'lgioi 2'i, an.l fighting waa
• ‘III proceeding on the 2ip|
Impeachment of Proident Yuan
Shi Kai ip pttij under dtpctieglon in
• he t'htnere national aepemldy The
m<tnbirp, huri-ii.^ are Inclined* to
await the arrival here of |*r Sun Vat
Sen. et pm\in *-nal president, from
Tien Tain.
WAMIIYOTOV A tm ?? Th# \r>rr!«
•Mcil'iflon nf 'nqtilf I ft 9h» kt|Jfnff of
?**»#*• f^nniMtr r^r>frf ^<1 *.» th#
' ' * - ' ' * ,*<»,
rr-'tf^A T> • manure m#
t* ftjmith »►>* *u t 0
n • v n» e cNfi *ni
mumibrnm inr a- imn 5aa l>*«n tAk»a* •
WILKE8 BAR RE. Pa . Aug. 22 —
A irterr attack on Senator Penrose,
of Pennsylvania, was made tonight
by Colonel Roosevelt The Senator,
he said. *u like a cuttlefish which,
larking the emfragp to fight Its ene
my, squirt* Colonel Roosevelt re
Prated hi* denial that he had known
of any Standard Oil contribution to
the Presidential campaign or H*nt
Colonel Roosevelt's speech was
made at the armory, at a meeting
held In connection with the Jubilee
of the Rev Father Curran Ho *ald.
"Recently certain and definite and
specific charge* were made against
Senator Penrose | personally kuew
nothin.; of ‘hern, and had not even
looked Into the C* irgo* until Mr
I'cure ■» succeeded in riveting niv at
tention upon tb» in Yewtctdxy h- got
tip tri the s. unto to deny those charges
at- . brought In boareay charges
against me "| cull your attention to
an a'ogn.a tfi Senator Penrnae among
'be inferior forms of animal life
*k ‘ cuttlefish, when the cuttlefish I*1
a'tacki-d by an enemy which it tacks
th" courage to oppo.' *, it squirts ink
anil fries to e*» a|ie, trusting that the
enemy win at'.uk the Ink Instead of|
fb** cuttlefish I now propose to
< b ar away th> Ink and attack the
culticfish "The statement of Mr
"So much for the ink Now for the
riifttcflsh Mr i’enroge state* that lie
received for use in Pennsyl
vanla. stlil that he used ll to h» Ip me
In my id"<tk>n |iy running 1 helped
Mr Penrose He did not help me |f
be doubts that I ask him to compare I
h'r experience* In lf*0« when he was
helping mo. and In 11*12. when h« went
'' »lon« It was Penrose banging onto
Roosevelt In 1?'04 aid the ticket wen?
'hrough with '.no/inn majority It was
Penrose without Roosevelt In 1*12 and
he go* Just about * or * delegates. 1
I forget the number now "
On leaving ihe armory Colonel I
Roosevelt went to bis trsln !o return '
lo New York. J

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