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When VACATION Time Comes?
Kerauae you can (te« any amount from *10 00 to *100 on your
Furniture. Plano, \ehlcles, L1t« Stuck or any other personal
property, without removal.
No doubt the poor work of tlie lam few month* has caused
aevera: small bill* to accumulate, and them- small debt* inske too
mat.y place* for one's money to reach on pav-day*. consequently
thers la none left to take that Bummer VACATION.
» • — __ f,T» yew j* lose oat sad as easy pay*
W/ M bav* Svoty facility for qalchaoea and
w ■ b*ve th« only private offleo and cow*
fldoatlnl methods.
dost only amt bat boat all competition
CITY OR TOWN.I*.*.*.!!!.!.”!!.".!..".
amount wanted. .!!!!!”!!!!!!!”".!!
T>* to blamo If yon lotftt tho name.
214 Schmulhach Building. Wheeling. .W Va. m
Bell Phone, 1335. Nat’l Phene, 1333 I
m 70* UR.
:» P'S* o'.. * »-°® 8-rnom Belle lair •>„
M?««,Mi?e.Sh.- :::::: d:2\lrr™™ ,Vs*.:h";r,7, A11~y •• V°
|ft.i7Sw'lTnHt8' S8;fcE::s;t,:^1!}r : Jff
& %SS£ "V :::: 2i:8! tSS {5*-; fckh %■■■■■■■■ g
1. K ' IX®1 ?* St- "■■ 825.00 i 4-room* M.-inrt Heights - „ ’
F .h„ TMe ,y . 10.00 | I-rooms Kenwood i";;
lino ?! ? ? .. . 5-room* 16th #\lc('nll()ch st r.h . ,
* Jan! SSM? *SL •••• *-"*>»»* «;rrggpviii». . V.on
Vo'* . R 4-room* 1** S llur«>n .st n »
3400 < haplln# St. 10 00 !3-rt>om« 213 K 12«t St . J \ *
Pleasant Vallay . 65.00 li-roonM ::•» Market St. i::;;;:* H m
OPEN EVIHKO. 3,U- ,U>or ^mulbacn Bldg.
W BEJ.I. 471. NAT. 538 (
roomVu.df ’arc* !; ;::;:r
I* room.. 13« litli .tree! ’ s r.„.m"' r',!'’
; ess; — ; =- <—
rooms. 410 Main street « r,„„ 7 m.I.l.eJ. .
* r°Thom«. ° M*‘n gt" Stone* : rooms. iv...n»»n, f.ir".i«vi or unfur
ls room". SVV;f «« Wood -tree,, ren, very
il l™™- K,'rW^"nr"n‘' ' r ' ark View
{ . 7“"’ ‘•'i'tT'- i‘7'^ Id roiini.. 10-7 . 'ha pi me .tree,
' l !£u Apartment*;. Stm £tF^"'
_ , _ . Xe A. BOLP AOENCT.
Plre and Plat. Olan. Insurance. 33 14tn Street. Money to 1man.
_ . .. to-day. -Tin foUy to defer.
_N.ow U fiyFcerlel tlin. to secure a I . .
nf* V ‘ ° 14 t#t7 flaa g.iP p.p—t f.n f ,rn . ill ... ....
• ?« f*'n,r> *mMlt : •• front rant if rtw»r
Sr* OM« nlamen".;"'-' t . all.;. Whole honee flul.h.d In oak.
•' w g*r.iic*. ni».i room ror - hors. «» t ip»-r. ! J ... .
na-.T -Ton tin my
Boom 313 Schmulbach Bid*.
»«• 598. b.u 471
See us about lots In the J. B. Garden Addition to Wheeling located on
North Main street. Sewerage, gas. water and concrete sidewalks Lo. aHnn
good. I'rices right.
7013 Sen mulba ch Building.
T'9 acre farm. t«, miles fr<>m
Cadiz, Harrison county. Ohio This
Is ft splendid neighborhood The land
lays well and Is well Improved, with
plenty of fruit. If you are looking
for a home farm. It will pay *you to
visit this farm. New oil excitement
In this location Should 1* prove
good you will have a splendid farm
for nothing, as the oil would pay
for it alone on quick deal. $.V> per
acre, fee simple** oil. (las. Coal, ev
erything. up and down This is a rare,
G* O. Smith
Both Phone*
National Exchange Bank B'dg.
E. A. GRAHAM, Reoresentatlve.
Fram* houn* containing *»t mom*
bAtti »n*l laundry. M**n» fo'inlattT. ► !*»*
roof, ftvnpnt walk*. flnip*.*d attic !,ot
40*120 Hi»«iat*i «*n ^ * * u t • iiro.i ia«x,
*bov* ordinary hlrh water
Alma fr;t* * h* ** cr,n« -• mr * f *i«ht
room*, launiry *fr*nrr<! fm *wo fa mi
ll** l.ot So*l?o. #»n North Wab»*!i St.
Bar**lr. to q'lkk bny»r.
Room 206, Nat. E». Bank Bldg. Bell
Phono 339; Nat 802 R.
Prices on \\ irwooj lots, for
cash buyer. Ml pri.es must be
in by last of week.
Security Trust Co.
114^ M trkct Street, Whcclin.
1*Sth Street
} V 4 f**nm fr(K«n» «t 88 *> | i n« * < * <
#*|<#» f« • rg ,
I- •• • ' • «H - . . ,
ft JdftF t»* •» '>w Vo<4 tr,,a |
•••' •••»'# «R4 |h«' rt»f •
CV*f ten It4 Harlp* •
•Mft m
■fA FOB Bl K4
• **• I f ' M ► e <*• • r •
House $850.00
In McMechen
Onlv one square from car
line on nice street; five room
frame; side entrance; on
level lot.
Reduced Price for
Quick Sale
Money to l oan. If.20 Market
*100 Relow C ost.
Several choice Suburban Homci
with beautiful grounds, IS to 20
minutes' ride from the City.
Three fine properties on Market
street between 12th and 14th rts.
nr* insaraoc*.
® 4, City B»uk. ?*koB* 144.
rom bcbt
»• •' » ' •«t - • f it
' I • n t \ I rn *»• »a

H» nr> W. bundling. \gf
•»! iMinnn
Rat’s at Ran as R
building Lois
rM,w* •* Nt*M» VoVTlLf
d ' Vltlrli If I
la l*rs#» *•«!
Thr Vth» « lin«| K» ali\
TMri a »r tHmitiaa S.<f .
»•’ 1 ». < • Ml • I
- Mark Wheeling Tana went to
Pittsburgh yesterday, where they wit
nessed two exciting game* between
Pittsburgh and K«w ."V or ic Many
others are planning to go today, when
the same teams play another double
- While cr« sslng the ear trark on
the South sHlc yesterday afternoon,
a foreigner was struck by a traction
car inj kt.erked to the street, sus
taining u suin lji cut fare and mariy
brulaes. It wna first thought that
the man eas badly Injured, and he
was taken to the North Wheeling
hospital, but an examination ehowed
no serious Injuries.
—The Wheeling schools will open
this year Just one day after the open
ing «.r the state Pair, and although
the children of the grade will have
hut one day to attend the fair, the
teachers will be lenient and the
greater part of the day will be their s
during the time the fair Is being
lion. John T. Mi-Gray, Democratic
eommltleemau from this state, was
In the city a few hours yesterday
afternoon hating returned from at
tending the notltlration of Governor
Marshall at Indianapolis.
The 1 o.ird of i ommissVners
stu nt the t mire dav yesterday on an
inspection trip in Hlchland and I,lb
eft- districts. The purpose of tha
trip was to ascertain Improvements
necessary t • place the roads In those
two districts In first class shape for
winter travel. The board will con
vene this morning at k:3rt o'clock
to take tip several matters of a rou
tine nature.
— With six additional girla working
with the force permanently employed
in the sheriff's office, work was start
'd yesterday morning by Sheriff1
Piemans' preparing the tax bills for
the anntnl discount period, which
will begin tn several weeks. The
work will require five or six weeks
as almost 3a.nou bills will have to
be made out.
Make Important Hunt.
1 AlltMtiNT, W Via. Aug. 33 —Harry
Purr, charged with assaulting llav
tuond Mi K tl.n.-v u 111 Inf — . ... 01.1
Wa" ar«‘*t«-<t tonight at Khagtown aft*r
t*\a«llng tho officer a for three day:*.
Monday night McKinney. who In niggt
v at< htnan at fh** Itarnoa Mrtrk ward
I ••urd a woman arreani. He tnventl
y »t. «l and found Carr and Mamie Watk
ins hgntlng In a Held luar the plan*
Carr s»-t upon McKinney with a cluo
an»J th** woman MolNted him McKiri
r« v w is had!\ beaten. Ilia aemtllanfa
cMt-aped l ut the woman wax arreetej
th** n*xt da\ McKinney fa now In •»
hospital, hut 1m recovering. He has
a broken Jaw and non# and In hudiy In
In the lower Southwest Helds of
"Vat Virginia, the Blue creek devel
opment has increased Its output mu
terially both bv the completion of two
ro*w good wells and the cleaning out
and shooting of a number of ihe old
producing wells located on the farms
controlled by the larger companies.
The South Pen Oil Companv has
completed its No. 4 well on the l' c.
Myers farm, located on the waters of
I'tnoh creek, in Klk district, Kanawha
county. And nhout 6!(u w*»st of
llie same company's third test on this
farm, and it produced 45o barrels in
the Hist 24 hours.
Ihe South Penn Oil fompany's No.
■■ "el| on the Fr«d tiardner farm, lo
caied on Pinch creek, in the same di*
irict and county, is completed in the
S<iuaw sand and Is showing a go-bar
r<d per da,\ producer from that forma
tion. in the same field, the South
Perm oil Company gave its Bannister
10 irs No li well a shot and increased
the production from 12i barrels per
day to 37j barrels.
The Old liens run jkm>I Is to the
front again with a good Maxon sand
prod lie-r Hclilegel * Fried have com
pleted their well on the J S Wells
farm, located In Pnlon district. pleas
aids county, to the Maxon sand an.I
It Is showing for a 100-barrel per day
producer from that formation.
In the Spcno r Held the South Penn
011 company has completed Its No x
well on the l.ucy .1 Webb farm, lo
cated In Smithtleld district, Itoana
county, through the lug Inlun sand.
Hnd If i* showing lor a J•• barrel per
da> producer This location is sou feet
west of the Hann company * No. 7, on
this farm.
iu Marion district. Marion county,
tin- South Penn Oil company's initial
test will on the Nancy lirown farm
which Wii* completed ill Ole fifth sand
and tilled up S.fmu feet with fluid, was
given a *hot in the .to r«M>t and Ilia In
Jun aanda and will not make better
than a barrel p. r day producer from
all rands
Tho don tie development company
has completed it* No it Weir, nil the
Itavld Sim*'tin farm, local i-d In Smith
field dtnirlct. doitne county, and It t«
show me for a in hnrrel per day prtv
•hirer from the iuk ln)un rand This
location ir h"t, fee, to the west of th<
ratite company * No r well, on tht*
In fireenhrter district Itoddridge
county, the Smith Penn oil t'fitnpmr
* drll'ed-lt* Initial f» *t «el< on tha
W o Summcrttcld farm through the
fifth sand Till* well |>. producing
J.trtio,’*0.1 c-itil* feet of per I|i*y
from 'he t<* Pont riel Oordon randf
on Vandal Pork. «*f left fntk of
Spring creek. It* Stn'thflc'd di*'rl«t.
home county. IP*' Mnane t'oun'y Ir»
t etopment t **mpattT haa rontplcted it*
N*> to well on the Oat id Simmon
(arm. and it Ir a l« barrel per <ta>
Or, por* fiter In fVa'fon diairtc*
hour,** count), the South Penn Oil
1 ompnay ha# completed it* No 12
*e|f on the It T smith farm
df led as m off re* the Ilea. Jim'n
i* in * * *^e | \ ‘id after *t*o« * ttc
ha* * . Iwt** ,h f da) pf>e)*e*'r from
the |up,a rind
In Sto.tfi'.et, |,>frvI. same , uHtiiv.
**at‘l* • *e*l ,*t •«<! 1**1 well on Ote
• I* * h' ttning **rat. b«* **ed on
Hear * Pock *y, West Pork rtter
be* | tv aat.d ha* r*o »*...*
Th *»•*>-• of ’ke wells te the ftiae
' t»»* ffetd pristnr In* lairret* of
' OP** pt dat sr* s* *'«tlokU *,<*'k
ffeno ic -nyatc • V item' %f > east
Vo* I !*• • «-> hat* | < vt. er
Noe I ••• A. A ***d « Sc t.hl* o M
• uA * •!% M» • Finn9i••
# i • im ^ Hffl« %
>1 1 *.. bbto «atlUl 1
Estimate of the Town
of Warwood
An ordinance ascertaining the ex
,IM* rt*»ng the levy for the town
, »»riMOi| for ths current fiscal wear.
I r.» ,°rsr all municipal debts and llablll
!r^.^M‘hiW# during the said ysar. tn
| eluding probable expenditures sod proper
i *,i(mM»re» for delinquent taxes, ex
°t collection and contingencies
Be ft ordained by the council of the
1 town of WarwtMHl
i Section 1 That the following sums
I »*re hereby estimated and dev lared to be
and to become law fully < hargeable on
!*? °t "irwooi for the fiscal year
1912 and ending on the 30th day of Sep
tember. 1912.
That is to say: ,
(estimates and d’abursements. maxi
mum levy, jo cents on $l«o t»o valuation
I>ebta and demands owed by ths said
municipality which will become due and
payable during the coming year
„t\\urrTni *rcounl# dS** »nd unpaid.
I I1'1; du** .t 015 39
. 1.543 50
Street* and alleys . 1.500 00
1 Street com ml «n loner . 4*0 00
; Salary of mayor. 100 00
| Salary of recorder. 100 on
Salary of sotic’tor. 100.00
Salary of health ofricer. 50 ho
I -A. rebate on taxes . 125 77
< ommloalon for collection of
I . bxxra . 190 M
.lanltre** service . 20 00
Heal estate . 13$ 00
' Sergeant s salary . 35 Ofl
| Contingent fund .. 445.*?
1 Section 2. Sources of revenue from
which nald sums mentioned In the first
sections of theo rdlnan< e are expected
; t*. derived are the following, namely:
personal property in the town
of Warwood. assessed by
vounty assessor, assessed
' , '«|n»n..n- . » 1»«,121
HnU In th» town of
Wnrwnod, tMNNd 1»> ih.
county assessor. nssessd
valuation . 1.549.2*0
Property in the town of War
wood assessed by the state
board of public works. 27T.492
Total taxable property . ..92.1 12.897
Section 3 To pay the said simps set
forth in the first section of the *»rdin
rtice It l* hereby declared by the conn
• cil of the town of Warwood that it Is in
its opinion ne. -*«ary tp levy on all real
and personal -state in the town of War
- wood the sum of 3u cents on each
1 1 Sion out one hundred dollar* valuation
. Therefore and upon all dogs the sum of
31 00 for each male and 12.00 for -ach
ternale, and it Is tost* fore ordered that
said levy be made.
Recorder of the Town of arwood.
auk 14-16-20-23.
..- ---uru-LT-u-u-u-u-t
AUTOMOBILES for oak, 1912 model;
first class condition, will sell cheap
r**r ash. Address, It. K., care lntel!|.
*»*nr#r au-21-m
One of the best and best improved
farms In l<elm«»nt Co. Ohio Located
• •n the I lushing arid Cadiz road. \ -ml
north of Flushing in Flushing Tp. and
2*ml from R a n. R R sta. 13-room
I rick also l(>-r<M»nt frame residence,
l»oth equipped with mo«kru ronvt nlen
res. arid three five-ro in tenant h<>uaaa,
'I wo lai|Te barn*. one modern dairy
barn other horse and dairy combined
< image houses and out buildings, all
nder slab* t.**f Good ao||. farm wall
watered, and plenty of fruit. The No
, vein of coal goes with the
r%iiu We will also sell the No. S
Pittsburgh \«nn If purchaser wo <Ja
-ir^s \dtlresa fcl. V. HOLLuW'AY,
a ll Ml
i’OR SALE—Farm of 2*0 acres ll miles
*ast Of Wr eeling, on Nat. Pike h or
j1' H It and motor line, 4 miles from
I I •' 1 street With 2 good hoifei s, 1
I i «Mis *«4'i;p| e«l wit . ha> forks, will hold
I1'"* tons ..f ay. 2 Stable* and all neces
•sriry n> thuddings. 2 orebarda of all
Mn Is of fruft and vineyard and. fruit
• »*\er falls S:u^ grove of abou* 2*'0
trees Nil newly fenced with lot usf
; o«ts ai.d never falling spring in ea-h
’ eld All in grass with except! *n of
►>out "ix acre- Will tell a?l or any
l ff. and w II! ex« hnnge for city prop
*rf; Make terms to suit purchaser.
Ifow man Kr*s. Valley Grovn. W Va.
l ell poor# 281-R. 12 K G au-»-r
, from guakrr «1ty. «»bl«» Fertile soil.
I K‘ *"l result-nee. two barn- and other
; building* All kinds of fruit Good
( I oplar, ••ak .tful walnut timber, oil and
|c»«sd»il lies g*H»d. forty acres tes
t»d coal, nothing reserved all g.».-s tor
A genuine lair gain reason for
• Inc » losing up estate Address II H.
rnn *A*.ls I * ii i- Traction l.i.mn.
2 F.nterprise s.iw Mill Wood and
4 ••' Ktug vl.i' hinerv for sale or
<\ iming « . •
Moii«>ugahela. Pa wug -22-1
FOR SALE—i • ■ rc »f. , < franc* dwelling
1 ••.!*»# .. d 1 •! Fronting op Main
fret f feel running rack 1 • feet
m *n or l> »■« Ibtrongh of West Alexan
•r Pa U.»t#i at,u iiuit J f* Waltz,
Agent. au-lst-t
rom BALE—. | *r«|||g H' » iilnr,
b*Ap N" r*l 1 4th Ht. AU'20-j
: O* SALE— ,i ,i bar gain. h«»u#* tn
|tro«ik«M#. prl* e on Hppllratton M
rah. So* 1 to fc. 170 bbls.: Ohio Fuel
Oil rompgfi) f* li.»r*h A Hehwarts. No*
1 to 1<>, lit** Iihl* . Chine Copen haver.
No* 1 to 17. i'ni hbl* ; A P. Ilav*.
I No* 1 (f» 1 Of 6oti bhl* . .1 S Nrwlioimo,
l Nos I to 3. ‘JO bbls . Kthel I’rire. No*
I tu I so Mils , (trace K Myers. No*
1 In 4 :.o liMs U W While. No* I
to 13, ,'i3o hhls . Thtiimn heirs. No* I
•O .t. .’.Ml hhls . W I. Hooker. No* 1 t»
,3. 125 bhl* . .1 M Young, Nos. | to 1,
31" libls , J It Cnprnhatrr. Nos. I to
t», J'.tu hhls . Ivory I* Jordan. receiver,
Kdtia Myers. Nos | t„ S. )4n hhls .
It C lleslop'n Nos I uni 2. Vernon
Jnrrett, i& hhls Tiskewah Oil rotn
pany's l're»l (ianlner. No# 1 to 4 44»
Iihl (tsnltirr Oil A tits company's
I'reil lierOtier. N<>« I to i, Jit hhls
Heymoiir, hd sards oil oempany s i;rs
horn. Nti I, :.n hhls . K }t Jones lots
*•' hhls . A I* Mole*. No I, Jo hhls
Walnut i r« ■ oil company s Coal a
■ k* rtclH *1 \ .* i to 11 i
«*hi M'ior*ell (Ml a f,ns company*
l(oh> rtson JarreM. No I. ti hhls Os
ytdson A (lifts*. | INI ntsoa Oats* Nos
I o S. ISO hhls
lautsy.ityni Otl
On 'he (i to sIde, in the |*isel| ptsd
o WaahlM'ori ffeitiiy Anrlius tusn
ship the !:«-H (Ml sn<l (is* lompony
lias I "#i|iV'm| 'a No t| sell on the
II M Iter * fellow farm and K is a
■ Ian*e in thf / .it run »snd
la t* e 1 . f|h.. f n< i Cameron fs,fr
c n ^ a th-ir »em4
'*• •* ’hi I O *He», tarm
’ • ■ hares' 1-er day iralisef
'f».m the (». re, ,a’ 1
is ie-r* emrtnrfirm '* f'oAl trrnn
st | I f re. ii’iyli the I hsrrees (Ml
• I ee'l No u m tpe 4 nt Il ls
A T i''r,ari trait (nr a shot %e*
'• ’■ ‘ tha^e * httrsl# IS teenty
• b«r Mfti* r% f*%, ar * a V> J*J rm rgta
,,M* • ’ w ** • *• •« a
• r a !«**’ .^iftiprr aft#’* it ••
• • et ffc# f*nf» (*fn|* (*#**
H *s# fi »f»
ygfi • i f Aft •#*, - u. ^ A >f bar
i ..so. ■ « ■
Am ordinance ascertaining the expen
•ae and Aging the levy for the Town of
t-4gwood tor the year eowimewrlng on
the flrat day of October. 1*11. and en
d'ng on the thirtieth day of Septetn
ber. nil
Be It ordained by the fopmon I'ovn
ell of the Town of Edgwood
Sect l. The following sums are
hereby eettmated and declar'd to be
end to become lawfully chargeable on
the Town of Edgwood for the ttecal
year commencing on the (tret day of
October. 1*12. and ending on the*thlr
tlcth day of September. l»l|. that lg to
1 Redeeming one bond and
pgylng Intereet ..11.150 00
-• for general purpoaea estimated
■e followg
Rebate on taaee 0 2%. .1 50 00
Sergeanfa commlaaione
® ** .I 240 00
1-ights and maintenance.) 400 00
Salary. Street fommU
etoner, and Sergeant. .) «oo 00
Salary Recorder 1 year 5 100 no
Solicitor Salary .• 100 on
Street* .*1.772 13
Rent. Town 11*11.( 75 no
Contingent Expense* ....* 300 00
Hefundlng of Tax**... 5 75.00
Total general purposes . *3.547 13
Total for all purposes.. f 4.**7.13
Sect. 2 The eourcee of revenue from
which said sums mentioned In the first
section of th|* ordinance *re expected
to be derived are the following, that la
to aay
Personal property In Edgwood as.es
j I'd by County Assessor A*
I eeeeed Value .| 1.540.25
Reel Estate In Edgwood aa
1 sensed by Tax Commissioner *11.»S4 76
i Property In Edgwood assessed by
I State Board of Public
Works .* 752 52
Total aasesaed vglue of pro
! t>rrty . 114.277 52
: Estimated number of dogs.
Sect 3 To pay the said sums set
forth In the flret section of this ordi
nance It la hereby declsred by the Com
imnn Council of the Town of Edgwood
thht It 1e In Its opinion necessary to
levy upon all real and personal estate
In the town of Edgwood the eum of 25
| cents for general purposes, and the sum
of lo rents for redemption of bonds and
payment of Interest upon each One
! Hundred Itollars . llo«) valuation there
of. and It Is therefore ordered that
such levy be made.
Recorder for the Town of Edgwood.
^ aug 15-23
State of West Vlrglnla.County of
Ohio. Town ef Woodsdale. to-wtt.
At a special session of ths council
the town of W<x>dada1e. Ohio county,
held In the council chamber* thereof.
»n the Mayor'* reuldenre on the 13th day
• »f Aumi»f. 15»12, ther** were nrcuent.
- i-vwirr, r r. rmiruster.
recorder, and « ha* Klein. Chan II Wad*
dell and Geo. J. Rogers. members of the
council of said town
In accordance with aertlon 4, chapter
9. of the Acts of the extraordinary ses
sion of r he legislature „f 1»<*8. the coun
cil proceeded to make up an estimate of
the amounts necessary to be levied for

municipal debts and liabilities payable
• •i n » i» sa d year Including pro
*u» le expenditures for municipal pur*
pv»s.»s, and proper allowanrea for de
linquent taxes, expense of collection*
and contingencies, but deducting there
from the money in the city treasury ap
plicable to the service of the year and
municipal claims and doth determine
and estimate the several amounts to l*e
levied as follows
' Estimates
Maximum levy 35 cents on the Hun
dred l*ol.nre vnluatlon
Estimated Kaoelpts
The amount due the said in mlcip »ht v.
ond the amount that will become due
and collectible from every source, ex
cept from the levy of taxes to be made
for the current fiscal year.
(a* Balance in hands
of the city treasury S 84 84
<b> From Sidewalk* $ 200.00
ic) From t* nr o I lac ted
Taxes .„.S 600 01
Total estimated receipt* f 850 85
Estimated Disbursements c
I»ebts and demands owed by said mun
icipality Which Will become due and
pa\nh.»- during the current fiscal year.
Including interest on bonded indebted
I' ness of every kind and character
ta» current accounts
due and unpaid S 221 26
• bl Interest on bond
ed in«fehtedne** f 2(0 O©
40 Sinking Fund S 30133
1 'll) KlectloCI Kxpen
Me* Salaries f ion oo
•fl Fire I •epartment S 60.Ou
, i g> Health 1 part
S •
»h* Street* and Al
»*>» |3,72i* hu
, •!» New street pav*
• ng . ..$ 6no AO
• <k» Street Lights I tdMioo
I Total estimated disburse
ments 87.384 2!
i Amount to be provided for
*»>' l*vy 86,812 2«
, It appearing to the council that the t.»
; tal valuation of all Taxable propertv in
I this munh ipalty according to the last
assessment thereof. Is f^ 171 12" . being
•real estate to the value of $1400,2*0 •*«
J personal property to t .• value of $:*»6.
1125. end railrosn and other propert> as
sessed by toe board of public works to
the value of $64 71 5 , H* «er titled to t »•
council by the officer whose duty it
is to make such report, and it appearing
from the foregoing estimates List it Is
' MC4SMI f t m b) le| i
Iotpa! purpose*, therefore it in d*t#i min
ed that a levy on h »*n* llundrn! |m|.
!«»• valuation ..f Thirty • mi* «3<-. » f,,r
municipal purpowea will br n*«*««ary
I to produce tti* »— fmated amount an
aforemI«I for th* **n*ti!na flaral \ • .*r
stat* of Want Vtrrlnia. • minty of
11 lilo. Town of Woodndal*. to-mi
I I K K. Arinl*ru**r. Krmrdrr. In and
j for ft* ni«|nl< Ipa 111 \ «»f \Voo|«<|«l* < ,n
»V of Ohio, and Slat* of Weal Virginia.
I t«> h*r*t»y certify t tat th* foregoing in
\ a tru* ropy front th* record* of an or
[d*r mad* t*y th* rodtt-|| of Maid muntet
jnllty on tn* 13th day of A igunt. |«*ii
i UlvAit >md*r my hand thin lllh lay of
Augoat. |>12
V K AHMIIRI HTKH. I<*« order
I M inl« tpallty of Woodndal*. \% Vn
FOB MBMT A v *r j dealrahl* offl. * lr.
j th* fb-hmulharh tddg , No *<•« wt||
I t rartmf*r three.%**r l*a** redined
rat* Addrrna B»»* hmulbat h l<ld*

1 I't.m ftatn with bath. tor hatt hotair*
i keeping lent reasonable Ap| It 3* \
YOk BBRT-N>'f howa* I t- on. fit
l'"ttti) and laundry. Ann H*».,t»i Y**rk
fn»|M»rw •n,,i H V rk Nat phon* 1?|* ft
Miwwrrr nut
«"»••• m »I.H.ll» Ml M«M4I
*'l «•«• Ww>■«. »Mlw«l >•<
•"»*»' *rnr*»«nMF
kO Rc*mi 200 with Bath
■ «TB« $ | OO Pin OAT UP
awM^JwtwwwjM <
-win -4aion nt! and <;*« emmpwnt a J
* VVrw • Sn Hnrr* m J M
Ad.wk No J IV hwfr* • Jnl a
Ma«Wlftr*W \o • * <w ft
Nat >rwl t••• and T *1 ro
Apaffww N* |# Ian Ha
° awd Caw *>*:••*« i A H %oh r«
f* *
mod, No |# 4«i bifr#i| J
•J_*s d**>y II and II weekly and up.
**i idinai A»w spacious groaads
adJwL. hewle^ awd huard walk. Only medium
pruwd bate where (wau way go In, houw. to
•arf la bathing store wttb->ot using stroeaa
aralab h pruh.hTted l sw .( bath
attaaiaal u ear* for aulta la free. Kaa
■ la* water la room a. Imkaud aee water
l-atfce. public and pH,ate. a peel el rates
• 1.00 and up dally i la IllTjweek”
car •£ss'Z£tt ■— J
f Resident physician Tonic and
Curative Katha. Special diet klt
1 chen.
Lessons In Basketry and Weaving
I An Ideal place during the Fall
| and Winter months
t'nder same management as
. ITS NEVER too HOT at Mountaii
“Alt Bark, tin the crest of the Allege,
tiles. In a while oak forest H alls* am
Bathing In the Lake. Coaching. Motor
lug. Bowling. Tenrle. Oolf < anipmeet
lug July alh lo 14th Chautsutjss. July
lath to August 28th. Hummer school
July 18th to August 29ttl. Missionary
Institute. July 18th to 2»th. Bible f.,p.
ference. July Jltth to August S»h Ooo
not#*!*. home-ilk** rhiftiilni itounea, wiu
every m<»'l«rn convenience
Summer home* on rensonabla terms
Electric natural gis, mounlnt
•prlnc water, sewer*
Ad<Tr«**« th« 8wper1ntf*mlent.
Hid* will be received b\ the Board of
< omnilsNlnners of the County of Ohio
until ThursUav. August 29th. ut Ig "u
u • f°r putting <»n mH« artnn on the
following roads, the amounts listed be
low are approximate and may be
changed by the Hoard.
Ni me of Road. Yards.
Krown's Run .. 26
Chayei Run and Springer** .... „’r>
Covenanter Church . 40
I Kim 'drove and Hogg* liill . .. 125
j l.Hldlev's Run to Penn’s State line 76
Middle Wheeling Creek, lower end f.*0
Middle Wheeling Creek, upper end 100
Monument and Rig Wheeling Creek
McCutcheon* to Ittn-hanau s Mill o-i
Peter’s Run. cement stone. 2*. >
liter's Run. hard atone. . 160
Sa mple .. 25
Stackyard . I! ] loo
Stone Church . . . 200
Valiev drove and Middle Wheeling
Cn 7 |
West Union and Roney’s Point. 1st
two miles . 200
'V - * t Union and Roney's Point. 2nd
two miles - 150
West Union and Roney's Point, lust
thre** miles 200
Wheel.ng and Kim drove 1#»0
... . - Cubic
Name of Road Yards.
Hoggs 11411. Springer’s and rush
field s . .... ... . ?5
| Boon* and Hedges, cement stone... ;>n
• Rrown's Run 25
|« hst»e| Run and St ringer s Hill 26
dlennn Run and Cherry lllll. west
end . 250
[ dlenn'a Run and Cherry Hill, east
• inO
< Ireggsvtlle. Clinton and Potomac —
| First Division
Cregg s to Pogue H Rut) 5‘»0
Pogue's Run to Dean * shop, west
i . -*•*• .ut
| Pogues Run to Dean's Shop, east
I end . ... 100
Dean’s shop to District line, ce
ment. stone . . . 2ftft
| <*• At U to cherry lllll . fto
* Highland »<-h«*ol house 2A
I H uff’s Run. cement stone 25
KelJev’s Hnrn and Dement cerneter** f.l
I Peter s Run. ^no
II ogue's Run . .... 1 ?.«»
Kelly and Delaplalne .. 100
Blsckytnl M
I Short Creek N'orU Fork . 200
Short Creek South Fork . 1.*.0
, short Creek Main Stem . 4«0
Waddle «nd Warden a Run l«» I • \ p •
! Waddle and Warden * Run 2nd Dl\ 160
Wheeling W I,. A R- 1st Dlv.
cement stone . 150
| Wheeling W h A R 1st Dlv.
hard stone . 50
| Wheeling. U I. A |t 1st Dlv .
I cement stone . 200
.. . . Cubic
Name of Road Yards
Patti- Run to i} CAP road 76
I Ixon s Run to H C A P road 76
| * Jlltnore's Crossing to Pattersons
, «.reggsvill-. Clinton A Potomac—
• l In\
District line to llarvrv'*, lament
St«»f»e i r.A
H*rv*y « to I'otomnr jot
Krll*y a bum «r«1 !*#»mi-nt tVm*t*ry 75
!.ons Ron to 1‘otnmnr f,,»
* Klin to ♦». r A r roHfl I5*»
Mr«,r»w n Hun to ||ir** ami \\ *i«J.
mnn’a . .5
HI" will I'aVlaman a Hun ip
Mtuhlh" « to Wot tli findrr *.>
Tr.ntl.aa.rk to Rn.,|oa
Vall.t Ur..*, a Ml.1.11, \V| „|t. ,
M'.Mman'p to p a I* ron.l.
n»*nt wfon*
l/Wrt| iM p r,,i
l.ltortv an,I Ijirtv « Point Srt
M ,«t l.lharl. mii I llarvar'a 1t<0
Ml,-Ho* V I. a It 2n.| Mv
"m»nt at..n, ' jto
Wh„lina W I a I! 2.1*1 |,i*
har#f aton# o
^ S* _ a . fublc
Nam* of Hfiii 1 y ,r,i.
> harHn* Will 7f
V rMlfr m K<IT)
I Wh**1tn«r A Kim Oro%* ««*t r»f
■ h*"i1 hoii««i ... 71
H'h**1in* a Kim Orov* %»r*r ,,f
I •fhiMtl boiia* jsp
Wb**Hr§ *.n i K*frmont i-.„
\vb**hr.a *n*f ftiMa> •«
Till \ I .*•: f. I-n I x .* V |. l.llit.HTV Itlfi.
Tftl* *TW
l Vam, nf It ,*l
Hm>,)'a Po -t to ft, K A Tt
th* follnwln* top.la |.|i|a will |,.
aak,.1 fo.- .tuarrl.A at..n, ,n a«m,
a mount a a* t>r«k,n .ton tt.. t„ ,f,t t.
,1,,t a nl.H th.r |.r,f». Mit.tt. ** >,,,|
* "•* Ion.. ,n I th. th.„ Alvt»
lo.. Of .h. \t ■■•• I'll, n a- .I ft.an.. a
1 oif ♦ ro-iA **l*n« I! in *n I «’h*rr* Mill
. to P..»U, . Hut loan, . Hun to
t..ana ah > r.l.ta Hhn In MtrhlaiM
• n. ». till.. ... r Mhort I'rok ao.|
It.a Ml, Hun to U P A P
Tt , at... . i.. .f th. to..* uu.lltr of
Mu, ■*a It-■.•t..n, h,. a.n t. ,..
*h> ..UAh a .1... o.h .t-a m, .M
• a. «.a»k t.. tw ■ .>m, I,i,.1 ,.n or h».
ft f* N • fmf.#t (I 1 - | . |M1, | a r ,f
' * 1" • f * h* NWltMll* 4
o 9 ft|f » ,ffl fr#.r f n.
•* * **• * • «»♦*
' « i»r»?
*'T ■_ V > • r • •
K »R S XI J OR TR \I>|i ‘
fo» MU OS TS*t>» - * a T ...-n
• • a i
• » «f»4 of v- i .sfAtf.
m*r • w ’ll *» I »*»!> mr !»• 1# tff •
***** ^ «*•»'*• M VI \.Pf
t*i mis* FV*- » o-s fittt
oftnvoTowi f*
M,# r**f* »■( ,•
«* M M.«s% o •• • at.. »«
WANTED—Male Help.
Man in ftmin,
w>4 milk <talry llwi !» tr*hl. to
maloL,* Mux (tv* *kp*rl*orv atxt r*f
*r*nc* Adlr— Ho* J»7. \Vh**lin«.
W Vk _ KUflH
WUTlk-• > lohorors. at Rathanv. SI M
p*r J«) Iona Job. building atrwta. no
tmuMa H.—Mint Smm is ir-'unA.
An>*rlrsa m« n oaly. Slikr M Mahon
WAVTIB liot* for ■ Mppinc l«*pt at
oar*. Whf Can Co-. «*th and Watvr,
1 Impt. A. , a-l&tf
Whg. Mold & Founory Co,
WAITED—Wf have a Rood thing to of
fer to energetic men. toot t hours, big
money selling household suoda. Qtl(
1140-ai«2 Alain 3L. Wheeling. W. Vs.
WAITED—At ooce sever si good deliv
ery and ealee noy*. to work before
school. Apply at Circulation Depart
ment. Intelligencer, between 4 snd 0
P ni. __
WANTED Traveling Salesman with
dry g<»*d« trade acquaintances for
• .... - art soil ' ■ lldei log >‘U < OOP
niUnien baste la*ndon Importing
Company, I'lttsburg. I'a aug 23-h.
! WANTED Men to learn barber trade.
An army of our graduates are run
ring shops, depending upon us for bar
bers. Many Job* waiting Can't be
had elsewhere Few weeks completes.
Write today Moler Barber « ••liege.
Cincinnati, i *_ NUff-l«-L
»k*T.Il A cook Apply Mr*. M. P.
Wilson. 1’ark View. Elm Grove Motor
l.lne. Both phone*sug -23-tf.
Positions Wanted — Female
WANTED—A German girl want#* a posi
tion as office girl in a do* tor * office.
WANTED—Tb secure a copy of tha
Journal of the aeseion of the Wheel- 0
ing convention, which convened Febru
ary 12. 1S43. This Journal was printed
ard bound bv Campt>ell and Deimott,
end la eunted for the State Archives of
Journal will perform a public servlc*
by communicating With the Intelli
gencer. or with Mon Virgil Kevin,
State Archlvelst. Charleston, \V Va
C*«n paid tor cast off c loin In*. Writs
' or roll
. . M. LI7T.
Wo. 10*7 Market IL. Whsslin*. W. TW
■ w*;—‘ usd Hills. Buy end Pell
I Llalms Attachment* carefully placed
lan l executed. Ws adjust claims and
| ms# i collections on a romml talon haste.
I No o Election, no pay. The Buckeye Mer
csotile Agency. 602 Board of Trade Bid*..
I wllDk, W. Vs. tf
!P ATTI\IT^*ecur#d- TrmA^
» *1 1 Lll I J M ar ks registered.
Boo*i«.t iter. Fifteen >ear* practice.
*• e Dvvuy, patent attoknet.
National Exdiaugi Bani Bid*.
WbaeUag. W. Va.
WANTED—To buy copy of ' Chronicle*
on Ikirucr War fere.' a book descrip*
tlv« of the e*rl> Indian Hare in West
Virginia ani other portions of the Ohio
Also wanted to buy any copies of old
histories of Virginia aud Weal Virginia,
or county hiatoiles, that may be on the
market Persons having siine will ad*
dree* History, cere Intelligencer.
| Sealed bid. alii l.e received at the of
flr. ,,f !he Heard <*r Commissioner* of
! the Count) of Ohio. ..ling. West Va..
until In o clo. k A. M. Wednesday. Aug
■ n»t fkih. I#|; for the p.iving alth brl a
|< f part- of each of t . folio*.ng roads.
I STIlKMtOli ..rid Mt IHCllX.NTAIs
J lAlkMoXT I'lKK
H pee i neat Ions !■*. tlier with approx).
tmi'ic iimount. on each road are on file In
: the office Of the Clerk of the Hoard of
I Commies-..m r« The llonrd reserve* th»
| rl*» t to reject any ,.r all hid
(ISO W OI.DH.WI. Clerk,
j The H-iarrf ..f Commission! t» of th*
j u.
■otic* tc Mar.afactura.-a. Jobbers. Mar.
cnat-t* au-l Othar Wltoisaaia Honiara.
I MrTlLK Jr. II Kit aH 1 UllKN. "I hat
l. ur Control or the dial*
of \\,at V fc-glnia will rec. tve Id.la dally
•* “tfldp at Chariest, I,. Weal Vir
ginia. for furnishing auigd.aa for th*
aeveral Slat, Inal '. utlons n.a financial
Horn (2 Contract* «lli be ««ftr Jed to the
• lowe«t Mirier p qualify ror%idereri end
ofi.er thlrgp betnc equal. Weet Virgin*
rtr*l*r* will be given preference.
»»upphe* nee lei Will b fuf
niehej biririeiB on reoeipt of request*
elating * he line opened
•• < *f Charleeiow W. et v ireiola.
(■i:\i r\i.noiii c.
Sntlaa I* haraby *11.9 that Juba
Arinina n,i» rartlPK a aanirii.a In tha
' " a*t V iratniln I .-ti11r 1 ■ tInr> . will ac
l|,|\ .in nr altar Mr 1 lamhar in IMIJ. tn
tha IWrard rrf l*arnla t'*r a ia -<•Ttimrhtl
ntloli ti> tha ' bivarrmr for |.ar,.la.
■M I. Hl|i'«\ \\,n,Ian
LOST «»n \ugu*t between 11th
• n*l Murk* I StP nn«l Ur,.\* Point,
i mone» |e.k* •fill ,nr m* Nutn *-f m«*ney.
Kinder will !»«• rewarded t.> returning
• Uf •SLl
LOST ••a
l*rrr>. »•* > *' Mue •* rge coat, Mr.
freer' *■ trade maik Return to Mm
pfore in M.irftn* I rif), or et<*re In
■ HfI.LT \t r.iwlly raalriana. Vo
«» I "url.-r nt aira.t ... Tn* Briar
2" l»t:. ■« I" «» c m M Alt*
•lARCT^ wlfa ,f tha I a' a |>|a, Itailly,
In the dtb yt-mr of her egr
runeral on Kndav morning at ft 4k
orlork Re*|i»lrm m«pp mt m Joseph
t t'athedre) .,t * friend*
wry *a
Louis llertschy
1122 And 1124 Mam Htaa«4
—I'All* Afi»w*rw<! t«, «rf NiffHt—*
B1 Ufa I'V'tiw* A25
Vir l. In r*achy UMl fh,>t»« J?***
|C J IW'achi, Nat Pbwn* 12»T
Bruemmer 6 Hildebrand
r u aara, Mawt.1. aa« Hataiawn
*BKr' anil IWafltr aa. . *< «<b
T.W»"WI» »T art lar mA a fbt
QjLLZJ Awe -w^r'ao^ aJl^^

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