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Saturday, the 24th, is the Date of the GRAND OPENING
«j» rh" «*«*> furnishings. We have in the Pa„ severa, years a, ,he Pre*n, Nation.
centrally located, and we are positive we will fully satisfy the buying public \Ve are full nrer^r^fTlh”115 °f °Ur c^Xomfn * e have *doPt«| th,s department. We have ample room, are 1
BEST QUALITY GOODS, In THE LATEST STYLES AT THE LOWEST PR!PF<;^ull> prepared t<n sh,ow you °ur line of goods, purchased direct from the manufacturer, made of the
US WILL SAVE YOU TIME, WORRY, AND MONEY. ’ 1 he enure family, men, women, and children, can be completely outfitted by us. DEALING WITH
The prices on our entire stock are 25~ LOWER THAN ALL OTHERS.
n your dealing with us in .he future, as it has been in the past, you will 'iud us courteous at all times and we will make an effort to give you perfect satisfaction. ■
A. R C U S Opp. Stone & Thomas Wheeling, W. Va.
Pionie and Festival.
The Uadi's Aid society of the Hand
Hill M K rhurch will conduct a
pl'-nlc and festival on the afternoon '
and evening of August 14. In tho
large hay I .Id opposite the Mar.lt
••tore at that place. Music for the
affair will be furnished by the Uullus
cornet band.
Paving Read to Park View,
A large force of nten were put to !
work yeaternay laying bricks on the
Park \ lew road, the work of grading 1
will be a mpleted with a very few
A large number of men are ,
employed on the work of paving, and
It will be rushed to completion. !
Amateur Night at Majestic.
A large number of amateurs will i
take part In the evening performance
to he gp en at the Majestic theatre
till* evening. Manager Harrv I Meters
reguests thut all who wish to attenl i
be present, or let him know their
names early.
Setting Curbs.
ork was started yesterday, trm
Iming and s.tttng the curbs In tan
town of 1 lluddphla. carload of
them will b” set in the town. It Is
expected that the road through,
the town will be paved In u very
short time.
- -- I
Degree Team to Meet.
The degice team of Mvatic I.ojce,
No J4. of Ml,,, « • .
evening in ihclr lodge room.- to >lu
T..wn hall Hevetal matters of Im
portance will be brought up for Its- |
ct.a*l»n and other mutters will be
dtsp itied of. It Is reguemted that all :
members b« present.
Street Fair at £dgwced. I
The street fair at Edgwood. given i
under the aui-pices of the Buckley M. '
E. church, which was held Ust tv»- '
Ulng wa.. a grand *u. i .-se. and will
be repeated this evening. A large
crowd was In attendance, and u neat
rum was r. alls, d front tie good
things sold. It is being held on iho
park In flint of the church.
I»t rsuu&l* ud B.atm
'•'red Hall. of West Liberty. IH at
tending the teacher a Institute. at
"Wired shale
Miss Hove Harris of I>l|lnnvu|e. Ohio,
la spending a , .
lr;. c.d' and relatives In the out tho
pike district.
Mtss ltarhra So,1th has returned ;<•
*>ei boms in Alout lavllle, aft* r spend
Ine .. .
at b« r home in Pultn
Mrs i». A. Aschniun has returned to
Ine several months In the east the
g ae«t of friends and relatives
Mrs Janies Johns will heturn to her
hom* In Pittsburgh today, after spend
Ir K a lew Weeks the g’.Set of relative*
It. the rut the pike district
Mr end Mrs J || Steel, of Little
I'nlls. W Va . ate spending a short va
cation with Mr. and Al-s It. At. Itoaa.
at their home at tVo.stsdal.
Aft*. Harriett . ,.r Yonkers.
N ' LVS the g
of Mies Helen tjorby at her home in
F tgwo.od
Mrs James Johnson Is Improving
v< rv nicely ,.t hei hone- In t trcggsvlllr. 1
after a serious Hires..
John I’rce ..f ti |r.g Dire left vex. '
terday tor h ir.hu ill. t, ! jt f. w
d." with Ms family
Mr and Mr* James s. 11*. of Wh*. I.
Ing avenue l.lm t»rov. have returr e.|
t'. their hum. after spending .* f a
da •* In Ohio
jamea Oavli
tei d.t; f..r Pittsburg pa i , spend
few day* th* guest* of r*|st|vr*
Mis* Jexsfe Harrison. . f I'amhrl Ige.
Ohio I* spend!eg „ f,„ davs the g ,
of friend* at Itonev* point.
Mts Harry Waiters, of t'nmeron. is
srendlrg f. » , * (t. guest of re
lative* ia th, out the |.'k district
Mr ar-l Mr f «. 8tr*-hn:an w-ill
rHe borne > m f.w aftei spending a
tew month* touring p i>. |
William ItetSerm... ..f *v rr-au*.. N
Y. ix • pending ■ few dare t* .. meat ...» .
friend* at 'ireggevlli,
Hvrrv P. nlfT .,f film Orore left V,,. ,
’• . I lant
lt d point* in M*in .
I t. Klrkl r..' f \\ dlawn I. f| ye*,
ter.la for point* tn .he West to |.»
t' *»v*ral •
Mis* Flora Ut»M • I Mis* AlMaMe
;N.*" of r.ume
few day* «
Jr . of t *dar Kw a*
Tho average mother he;,ev. i ti. it p
■»f.’l!d bo Imp. a*lh|. to keep h*r son
»■'* • * " • i n * • • Hal - ■ •
pc-l 1* proper|y api.fi. la' ,| t, m
(•Rd mu «oji umijjos)
gators turned up today a number of j
large hank accounts by the police in
■period and a high civilian employe
of the police department which will
be Investigated The Inspector had
account* in three bunks and the civ- •
Ilian In one. arul all of them were'
In tween during the time In which
Jack Koso said that gambling graft I
"pickings" were the best.
Still mure of Ueck»r» bank deposits |
came to light today. Detailed tab-,
illations of his acroun** in nine batiks
show deposits as hlkh us Iti.jou iu one
Pay Tribute to Booth.
NKW YORK. Auk 22.—At the strokr ,
el noon Thursday, tho wheels of all
Ir.lustrles of the Salvation arm^™7n ■
America will be stopped in memory of
Central William Huoth. whose rum-rut 1
takes plat*- at u corresponding hour hi
London l-*or tour hours while services
ore I-- it k held and the funerul passing
through the streets of London, every
member of the Salvation urmv In this '
country w ill drop his task an I engage j
to prayer. order «<> that effect w.-rj
sent out today from the army head- |
•I'uirters here Arrangements were al
so completed today lor memorial for*
y;-*rs to be held simultaneously In every
'•'v “'»• Important town tn the t'nitrl
States at 3 p. m. on Sunday September
|>II> program has been drawn up
,or all of the K7'» posts of the urmv
■ tl i Btatea tod i
ndera hat I •. -. • - • ,
Invite 1 itv an.l State ob-InN
all •
Ktnetallv to take part In the countrv
wtth mem. run Addresses will I,.- tn.. 10
hv cletgytr.cn and prominent citizens
regardless of erred.
Tin Cans
Every can guaranteed.
Dozen.23 c
Mason Jar Caps, doz... 13<*
Porcelain lined
Extra heavy Gum Rings.
2 doz.13c
Pint Mason Jars, doz... 33c
Quart Mason Jars, doz. . -40c
Vl~Gal. Mason Jars, doz <H>c
i One car load Stoneware.
I to 20 g*I, per gal.Sc Q
Golden Grain |
None I tetter — Spring Wheat E
Per sack.7T»r S
Sv/eet Potatoes
Large size peck.3()C
Irish Potatoes- peck... 23c
Best t.rade Cane Sugar.
•25 Ih sack.$1.33
Per cwr.$3.33
Barlow & Co. {
11 til and Market St*. k
Three Stores 0
Bowie and Cummin* Leading In the
Doubles and If They Take Last
Set Today Are the Champs.
PARKERSBl’RG. W. VA . August
2*.—Although the state championship
tennis tournament was not ended this
evening the chances are still good for
Wheeling carrying off tho honors, bolh
in singles and doubles. To either
Wright llugus or Tom Cunigiins. both
of Wheeling, will go the honor or win
ning the tournament and the winner
will play Everett Prcr.nen or Fairmont
for tlie state championship in singles.
In the semi-finals In singles today
Cummins defeated Baggs of Wheeling.
7 and 6-1. Hugus defeated Colborn
of Fairmont in the semi-finals, after a
hard match, the scores being 1-6, 7 \
6-7 This put Cummins against Hugus
In finals, which will be played Friday
Tho finals In Ihc championship
doubles were reached late this after
noon, he coudended by Hitymond and
Vinton of Fairmont against Bowie and
Cummins of Wheeling Only three sets
were played, the match being uncom
pleted when darkrr-Sf. Interferred It
will he played off Friday morning.
The Wheeling team lends, Bowie
and Cupjmins having won the second
end third sots, 6 4 ano 75, after drop
ping the first by the score or 7-6. If
the Wheeling boys can take the fourth
set Friday morning they will become
the state champions in doubles.
Tho consolidation singles were
won by Beattie of Parki-rshurg who
defeated McAdams of New Martins
ville In finals. The consolidation
doubles were won by Beattie ami
Jackson of Wheeling who defeated
Hall and White of Parkersburg, the
scores being 4-3, 7 5.
A farewell dance and musical was
given tonight for the viscltlng piny
I - and ladies who will return homo
Pillowing were tho scores of today's
championship matches:
Semi-finals in singles:
t uinnims nr w heeling defeated Rap
ps of Wheeling. 7 5. 6 1
I Input of Wheeling defeated Co|.
born of Fairmont, 1-6, 7-5. 6 3
Tri-Fmala In Doubles
I>renn>n and Colbnrn of Fairmont
•b b-ated I.anpMin anil Mupiia of
Wheeling. Mi, AH. 6 2.
Chert* »:,d Kays*. of Wheeling. de
ft"iled Rlirt rtI'd Arn.hn.Mer. of Wheel
ing 3-6. 6-2, 6-3
Raymond nr. I Vinton, of Fairmont,
defeat.ladiert and Itagy*. of Wheel
ing. 6-3. i-g.
Itoowte and Cummin*. of Wheeling,
defeaie I Itrei.nen and Colborn. of Fair
mont. 6-1.
Raymond aid Vinton. Fairmont,
t'.-.k the Him f-l 7-2. l-<ate and Cum
n.m t'.» I.-II two 6-4. and 7-f. i Mat h
unfinished 1 The snore stood 4*3 | t
favor of ilavniond and Vinton on the
fourth eet.
And As a Result Family Skeleton Is
Uncovered and One May Be
It has edvelop.-d that a well known
brother come here Inst spring and a
woman with bun ortoti-dhiv his wife
wa* not his wife but a paramotir and
fht* brother was n> yet a divorce and
n.arrv her in this coilnJ-j ||,. hie
f.illeil to do ho and they hnve |»«n
living together at Steubenville o-*
ing to a diangrt-ement between the
brother* the I«m-i| inith has broiiyh’
rharros with the Cl veland Consul
which Will lead to hi* brother* d<
pt.nation \ letjer was received hy I
Wheeling friends Ilf the Steubenville
man asking that n coti . t)nn be t-ilr n
t»» h»Ip him 6yh» the case and 67 w «
«”n* him v onee The onto.me of the
' ■*" will he Inti resting
(Continues from first Pngt y
voice at the larger sessions to be held
Hut for the strict Ohio laws it could
easily be arranged on the nvallablo
plot or ground for the seating of a
couple more thousand. Vnder the cir
cumstances this will not be attempted.
Some 550 seats will bo placed on the
platform. 500 being for the choir and
the remainder for ministers and work
Gill's Last Meeting.
This will be the last tabernacle that
Mr C1I1I will supervise the erection of
for Billy Sunday. I'suallv he stays
at the city which he has put in readi
ness before revival, for a week or so
and then goes on to the n»»t meeting
place. This time, however, it will
I'** a real goodbv. for he proposes, with
Mrs (Jill, to rush to their home at
Lawrence, Has., there pack tip a few
belongings nnd push forward to Cali
fornia. where, between Ix>s Angeles
nnd I'nsedena, he owns a trset of land,
upon which. If he likes the country, he
will settle dow-n. no more to b<> the
advance agent for Hilly Sunday, whom
bn has f.«>rr»-il cn fnlthfottv f... I-,...,
After numerous meetings of the
, Fast Liverpool Ministerial Associa
tion, together with ministers of the
church ’s of surrounding towns. the
preliminary work has be* ti llrmlv
launch*’d and Is now progressing with
r.n enthusiasm nnd earnestness which
augur well for the meetings to come.
Ea*t Liverpool, Wellsvllle. Chester.
W Va.. Newell, W. Va and llooks
town. Pa., bavp been divided Into dis
trie's nnd these districts have been
marked off and In each have there
ben designated private homes In
which cottage prayer meetings will he
held on Tuesday, Wednesday and
Friday mornings of each week during
the revival campaign Many hundreds
of women have been named ns the
leaders at tin se respective meetings.
Organizing Committees.
The work of selecting the various
committee* Is well under way nnd
hhis fair to he concluded within the
week A committee of 20-.1 women to
care for haWks left at the r< st house
and nursery, which is to he an adjunct
of the tabernacle. will he selected A
transportation committee tg already
seeking to secure excursion rates on
the steam and electric roads leading
Into the city.
Km h evenlne conferences of com
mitteis already chosen, are held.
Many of these are addressed by Mr.
fill), who plans out the work to be
In response to n le-ter recently
written to the great baseball evangel
ist. Mr. Oill has received the following
telegram ’ I w !l begin In Fast Liver
pool on September la. Too busy to
write All working."
Ills arrival In Fast Liverpool Is be
ing looked forward to with cr* at curl
osl;y h> the majority nnd anticipation
hv the church workers I siring his
stnv In this city he will be housed
at the home of J n Warner, n promi
nent pottery manufacturer
-I II Spiece of Frio. Pa . chief enn
•rnrtor of the Sunday parly, has ar
rived In the city and will have di
rect charge of the building of the
tabernacle, which lie a*ntes will re
quire hu* four Says Fjich church
will supply r.ne carpenter for that pe.
rh>d of time Four hem u«*ts have been
arranged for thtse volunteer* Wom
en. members of the Ladles' Aid Sis
cteth s. are to prepare them
(Continued from First mgs)
of the St;»*e arid Con nrrssional tick
<ts. nnd *an| that he looked upon
'he*** candidates a' being an much
ih“ candidates of the prcittwaalve as
of the Republican*, because they
were In fact nominated by the pro- [
Respecting the electoral ticket. Mr. |
Dawson said that this wou'd have to,
be worked out, and he might call a1
' meeting of hta State executive com
' tnitlee to consider it Anally.
Will Accept endorsement
| Chairman, James 8 Dakin of the!
; Republican state committee when !
i asked for a statement on the action of
t the committee of the Progressive
I Party raid: "the endorsement by the
i Progressive Party of the regular Re
publican congressional, state, dis
trict, and county tickets, sbow-s a
friendly selection, which should be
accepted In' the same spirit by all
Republicans who have the success of
the party at heart Certainly no one
of the candidates will refuse to accept
the endorsement of this or any other
l party which thus honors him, and i
| *t:ch endorsement cannot afreet their i
I standing as candidates of the Hepubll-:
;can party."
The resolution follows:
Whereas, last May a state committee
*'aa held at KLintijjjton. composed of
delegates chosen from magisterial dis
tricts. which made Xhe convention the
most represented ever held In the
state; which conve^'lon was organized
and ('pnlnated by Progressives, and
which convention adopted a Progres
alve platform, and nominated candi
dates for Supreme Judges, and.
Whereas. There was held last June a
state wide primary election, whereby
wns named the candidates for state
offices and for the office of district
rongressmun and congressman at.
large; and,
Whereas. The Progressives consti
tuted four-fifths of the votes who par
ticipated In said prlmr.rl election;
Whereas. The said vyididatca har
ing been nominate';by said convention
and primary election and placed on
said platform are. If they desire It,
entitled to the support of the Progress- •
Ive. nnd thev must express desire for
such support; therefore.
Resolved. First, that the names of
said candidate# be/placed on the petl. i
Uon* of the Progressive party for the
nomination of candidate* for said of
fices preliminary to printing their
names on the ticket of said party;
Resolved. SeconiJ, that we recotn
mn%l that the names of the candidate
nominated In said primary election for
the offices of Circuit Judges, 8tate
Senator and for county and district
offices who desire the support of the
Progressives, and who are fit men and
entitled to such support, he also placed
on the said nomination petitions.
WASHINGTON. Aug 22—No ac
tion Is expected at this session ot
congress on the "Works Vdsolutlon
for a single six year term for Pres
ident and Vlcp-lYtsIdent Vtenator
Cummins, who has the mesaur* tn
charge, anretinced In the aenste to
day that h.» was prepared to withdraw
It from Immediate action, because he
knew It would not be passed beforw
The most Imposing family trees
have their roots deeply Interred.
Most beer is healthful. Most beer is pure.
Hut few beers have perfect flavor. That is what we claim for
Its most delicious flavor has pleased the taste of thousands and
we still continue to make this liberal offer that you may learn how
much Keymann means in a table-beer.
24 bottles for $1.25. Try three bottles. If our claim of Reymann
«s not realized, have us call for the case and refund your $1.25.
We couldn’t afford to make this offer if we weren’t positive
Keymann would please you.
We know if you try it once you will be convinced.
After all, what you really want in beer is flavor.
, , Keyrn" rr *° >'ou- Fm »nt 1*» order blank or phone
today. \\ e’ll look after the rest.
Reymann Brewing Co.
Both OHO 1
Phones O JL M m \
ri-.-,w.,lc!|T«.r,,neca^. (2«ho»tlea)ofRer^aa.Bw, If
1 .'in'’7r',hi,ol?'‘p,l’',‘*,*",trr,rv,n,I,hr*rbo"l«».vr.ti
will rail lor it and refund $1 23, the tost of the entire caaa.
Street _

Jeff Has Right; A Man Is Certainly Entitled to His Own Room
x By ",Bud" Fisher
If' •■NoT«?r )
i * *-O0r* yov» '
| -'**rr.*'*.
*,«VH C
(I __ ^
I *-— r vcr.'+C
1 »<«sr ?V <1 or ( >»•« b
P«jT I
<5«w» vm/ <» i.
1 T***^ A fc-S _
' v f»'U 4>rr*<* - * ^
y illl
r'LL Yf Aj | •
49. 'i j JvjV’*’ i » |
NJO *.•- 39
i r I ,T,i CN^
• rjf>v\ / * lOOfe U—
Hey* .....
■*«•• ™ +9 r t v
*° °* W or 69 j C w www
OW ?9 f t *y*f»T - Hv A ^
'jo ^ . ^No<sr«itf«o /
oy o« '
si —
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WS LL, t**
**.«*Nfl —
TMtf w «w\t

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