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jljp*lhe Wheeling IntelMtfencer Hm the Largest Morning Newspaper Circulation tn the State of West Virtflnlag^~Xl
^ F*‘r W,r,w
- *
Oil Men Trusted the Colonel Because He Said He Would Pro
tect Them When President.
Leader of the Bull Moose Party Announces That He Will Not
Testify Before Committee.
Probe Will Be Carried On by the Committee and Rottenness
of Teddy’s Campaign Bared.
(The complete testimony of John D. Archbold will be found on Page Nine)
Intelligencer Bureau.
Washington. D. C.. Aug. 23.
Before the Clapp investigating committee to-day John I). Archbold. or
the Standard OH Corporation, corroborated in every detail the charges made
on the floor of the Senate yesterday by Senator Boise Penrose, of Pennayl- j
vanla. These specific charges were that the Standard Oil Corporation,
through Mr. Archbold. had. during the l!»ni campaign, contributed $125.0011
to the campaign of Theodore Roosevelt, and then when the Roosevelt lead-1
ers asked for an additional $150,000 the corporation refused to comply with1
his demands. Angered because the Standard refused longer to dump money
Into his coffers, Roosevelt made his four-flush prosecution of the corpora
The investigating will not end To-night it was announced that the
committee would continue the investigation nnd would summon additional
witnesses Roosevelt has sidestepped requests to appear before the com
mittee The same Colonel who has been continually clamoring for the
“truth." seemingly for once his j earning* are to be fully and fairly gratified.
X'n'il Roosevelt appears before the committee and produces contradictory
evidence of the Penrose charge* that can he Rubstnntlated. he will In the
eves of the nation be the ehatnplon anti-trust buster and the new president
of the Ananias Club, and peer of slush fund recipients
IBy Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON. I). C. Aug. 23.—It Is believed here to-night that Colo
Del Roosevelt will take the stand in a few days before the Senate sub-com
mittee Investigating campaign expenditures, to answer to the charges mad*
to-day by John I). Archbold. that Mr Roosevelt had knowledge of the use of
Standard Oil money in his campaign of IJi'i.
The committee *a* divided to-night over its futuri* course of action. j
X'pon the arrival to-morrow of Senator Luke I-ea. one of the absent Demo- :
eratir members of the committee a meeting will be held to determine wliWm ]
to call, and where the next meeting is to In* held. Several members of the]
sub-committee favor transferring tin* hearing at once to New York, where)
Colonel Roosevelt. George W. Perkins. George B. Corf cl you and member* :
* Of the Standard Oil Company's bn.*rd of directors might testify
The siafement Tr.arii- 1rvit.iv hi- Johilst*— - ■ ■ ■ - — -
D. Arrhbold. financial head of the,
Standard Oil Company, made a clear
cut Issue between him and Colonel
Roosevelt, according to members of
the aub-committoe who would discuss
the matter tonight. Mr Archboid
testified that his understanding that'
Colonel Roosevelt knew about ami
endorsed the Standard Oil contribu
tions came through former treasurer]
Cornelius N. Bliss, of the Republican
National Committee, who is dead.
Although Colonel Roosevelt public-,
ly stated that It was absurd for him
to appear before the Senate commit
tee. it is understood that he has con
sented to take the stand, if desired. In
view of the direct charges made to
day by Mr. Archbold. If Mr Cortei
you is recalled, it wil hr* to explain
the statements inndc hv Mr Arrhbold |
that Mr Cor*elyou. as chairman of
the National comm.tfee. knew of and
sanctioned the Standard oil contribu
Pcnator Pomerene of Ohio, who sit
with the sub-committee to-day to rep
resent the absent liemocratlc m<m
hers, probably will he made a perma
nent member of the committee in
place of Senator Payne, of Kentucky.
The sub-committee will then consist
of Sena'or Clapp, chairman. Senators
Jones, Oliver. I*e.-i and Pomerene.
The committee is authorized to con
tinue its sessions after the adjourn
ment of Congress, and the conclusion
of the session tomorrow will not In
terfere with the immediate summon
ing of other witnesses
Talk* For An Hour and a Half to
Newspaper Men Making Denial
of Everything Said Against
OYRTKR MAY I. f. August 23
Colonel Roosevelt s.«t on th" pofrli
At Sagamore Mill for hii hour and »
half tonight and dl« tn*e.| a st.i'v
tnent In reply to the testimony of
John Archbold before the Senate in
vestiga'itg r .mmlttwe

he knew nothin* of a contribution by
Mr Archbold or the Standard Oil
Company to the H* publican ram
paten of Ikd; declared tti.it h did
not "for one moment believe that
Mr Archbold a testimony id trith
fill;" charged Mr Anhhold v ilh a
"wicked as>ault on u '''ml man." ad
ded tha- during many tails ah eh
Mr Archbold made upon him while
he was President to urge hitn not to
prosecute 'he Standard fill Company
Mr Archbold never reft rr< d to pip
ronirihutlon to hla campaign fnoV
and concluded with the suggestion
tha* the ii'il'e committee should
make both Mr Archbold arid Sena
tor I’enrtrse testify at voce concern
In* the] /relations while Mr pen-1
rose w-as a member of th«j ust r, a I
Colonel Roosevelt * statement In
part is aa follow*
I do not for one moment believe
that Mr Archbold’* testimony iv.
truthful Me apparently possess*
*«' h a moral stand that he d'r a not
tCIeeMeeea ee Wave Wiens t
Only the Question of a Brief Period
Until Orozco Will Be Captured
and the Revolt Ends.
Jl ARKMex.. Auk. -■! Caught is,
a mouse in a trap, although the trap,
if IPO miles wide and 2©o miles ions.i
Is Pa-soual Orozco, comiiianiler in chief
of the rebel forces In the nortii This
!s declared 'by advices received h**re
by (ieneral .Ininiuln Tellez federal |
commander of this zone. The official,
annonneement is verified by railway
reports and other sources.
Orozco has now only about I SOdj
rice lie ta surrounded t>y Mt r.il
forces aggregating in.(mu that arPt
spread out from the city of Chiphuhua!
ftt the south to the border at this'
point and along the Mexican Central,!
runnitiK directly north to the border,
anil the Mexico Northwestern, which'
runs from Chihuahua City wist and
north to Juarez.
Editor of the North American Make*
Weak Statement. Say ng It I*
of No Interest Now.
I’ll I I.AI IKI.I’I IIA la. Atnt. A
Van Valkenher*. editor of the North
Arnerlean. tonittht lemn-d an open let
t«*r to Senator l>rirt*e. In tshlrh Ik*1
k to hi* ver*loli i t the pro*eei|finn
for hrit..-- hniflH HriM Mm M
>**ar« mn, wlileh wax referred to hjr
flie Sen .tor tn h;a addrea < to the Sen- ,
ate on W edner.lny
In th« letter. Mr. Van Valk* nherit i
deHart a that 111 — pfokt t ut 'Olt w ak III'*
remit of a ton.plrary
Who |.aid Iht- ir -t. of the ahan*
dotted promeii'lon t.f |•; year* NKn |*
Of no Intern.f to tin nation. k»»k Mr
Van Vnlki nlx rir II- alio kate:
"Votir State m it hltw t.rdered thei
abandonment tif the prnaertitlon ”
LONDON. \nr : Th. last trl
hnte of reaper! i . palrf fhe late,
t.en W in I tooth hr mm ythotirands
Of people today. >* hen hi* tnwly lay
In time at f’omtre . If all, Clapton
Anionk lho»e who khowed their up
pre.lkt ion nt fhe Kanrelisf. ||fe
work »«“ the Herman Kmperor who j
»t * <t wreath t.f ltu< forming the.
Imperial Initial to he pla>- d on th-1
hlrr It *«« nrrnmpnnled hy hlk j
n* ip. tits t and rut moorit* d t.y a
trt.wn The * term an emha-ky nl.o
k-nt a wreath
Bods of Infant Found In Ohio.
PARKKItSIM lit; vv Va A ikokt
The k-r.ind rajie of rhild m>irder
h» re In two w-eek* wan hroaeM to
IlKht today when the ls*tv of a week 1
old hoy hahv was tau-n from the flhlo
river coroner Stelntwefc, after view
In* the remalna. ktated the mnrder
had hern do* — and h«* la endeavoyln*
to Ira-ate the perpetrator* of the
crime. t
News Item:—The State Department is determined to extend the fullest possible measure of protection
to American life and property in Nicaragua.
—— 4*- — — ■
Haste Is Urfted by the Govern
ment to Ha\e Additional
Troopers landed.
SAN DtKfJO. Cal.. August 23.—Tho I
gunboat Vicksburg sailed for Corinto j
today, having been hold until tho ar
rival of Commander Itissetr
Tho state department Is urging the
navy 10 take every stop possible to
get the transport I'rairie started as
soon ns possible for Colon. The navy j
is doing its hes?, hut tho marines the i
ship Is to carry for service In Nicara
gua cannot 1-e concentrated before to- I
The big armored cruiser California, i
speeding for Panama, has been order-1
• I to put In at Corlnfo and land 340 I
bluejacket* and her full detat htnetit 1
i f marines Aft- r this the vessel
will stcurn immediately for Panama,
lo take on marines which leave Phil !
adelphla tomorrow on th-* transport
Prairie The California probably will j
arrive at < orin-o Wednesday.
IMspntrhe- to the state department I
nr#- from 21 to Is hours late in Iran*-'
mission pach seerus to Indicate,
more aggravated conditions Quicker '
probably will follow the arrival of the !
gunboat Denver at Corinto. The ves- ;
s I Is due here tomorrow or Sunday. 1
She will land aliout Did liluejnekets .
in-l ste-rn to San tuan Ik>t Sur. where

Detroit Alderman Implicated In the
Bribery Charge* 0t Wabash Rail
road Bound Over.
l>KTfU»IT. Mich. Auguei 23 Al
dertnnn I avals |:rotn was ihla after-1
mo.n InmiimI in. r to Hand trial In lh>*
rei-ordera ronrt on the charge of har I
ln« |W|||||| a brlhe of (wo in r*- '
turn for nllega-af municipal favor* to
l>o grant'd the Wnhasli railroad Ills
bond ran ra-duia.t from $\ oou to
|l imsi n In the rase of Alderman'
filtnnan hound over on fho *a me
charge several days ago llroxo fur j
nlshed had tfefeeilv. Walter .1 llren
n«n, « ho claims to hav.- hrlh. d Hro*->
and sevenleeen other aldermen, war
the prui'-lp . I w it nets fin hla cross- ,
examination h. den'ed that Mavor.
Thompson a hod him to atflcmpt to.
hrlhe nnv i.f fhe alderman, hut he
add'-d ihat the mavor did reajnest him 1
to f.-sf ffn- ltd# rrltv of varlou- mem |
ta rs of the i i.tiocil
T< rmer f’ommlttee rlerh Kdward
H Schri-lti r. who confessed to hav
Ing f*e.-n Imptlraied in a fiumtier of
"biwMlIo deals ' and who. In his con ■ !
fessl .n accu«-d memh. rs of the com j
m»n cum. II of grafting, again figured j
In *lie (vfocccdti. ■ ftrennan t. stifled i
ihat *«chr»-fter totd him he wruld h«!
ah! - t-i Indip-nee the rnuncit to r lotto |
a .tract at the request of the Waha*h
road ht|f th. • Influence" would cost;
*•’. VVt and he would have to handle
the money hlmseff "This did not (It !
in ”'th mv i.; .ns ' .-.aifled Mrennar., !
‘"'d l -ant '.'I that 1 handle the c>a|n
no self " j
DIVIDUAL honors to
*!•• ■ 7.1 l-tstnt. h to the lntrlllg»n--«-r.
PARKKHSHCRO. \V Va., Aug 23 —
heeling secured half a lo:tf only In
th‘‘ finals of the state tennis tourna
ment here thl* afternoon. Kd Ilowle
anti Tom Cummins won the state
championship in double*, by defeating
llaymond and Vinton of Fairmont,
but Cummins, after be had defeated
M right IliigUi. of \\ heeling in the
finals in singles fell before Kverett
Hrennen. the state champion. Dri-tt
tten d. ft ati-d cummins by the scores
of A-l. f. 2. 1 f, r. I,
Cummins made a plucky stand
against the speedy Fairtnonter. who
hits won the state title five times b it
could not overcome him lirennou
took th'- first two -st, rati • r easily,
aft, r which Cummins bra ceil anil tooh
the * hint set but h** lost the nest one.
It was late In tht- afternoon before the
championship was decided
Cummins defeated Hugos in the
finals In singles bv the score, of AO.
1 15. *5 2 Hj Itgret merit three sets In
s'- ail of five m r • played
Howie nnd Cummins defeated llny
mond and Vinton for the stale rham
I'ioti hip In tiniili --s by th- scores of
- **. I- t , . t‘. t the liif-t set being the
onl one playt-d to-lin The vlsitinr
player ami other guests departed fur
their homes this evening much
pl'a - d nv-r the manner in wlitrh the
tournament was conducted Plans for
next year's championship tournament
here already tinderwav. will Include
even's In Imth singles nnd double* for
I'lllLAItKI.I'IIIA. Aim 2T —1
Tho I'mfeil State* bnti|e*tilf» l<laHo,
whirl! In been iinih'rrotng i'af"n*ii-e
t* l nm at the '•bi:*.|< lphin n,»j yard
1 tl- <1 *!• nl*M iiiuI t •. nidi ordn a
li I* hollered n» -I" juril that the
t* a * la i|>nmittoii |a II I'nplmi
l’«.;l*|, . |>||l III" »»r«t • f» W||l |||(| |h>
f|>- nod until th" blibo fear lira a
11 lot It mile* from the IRIniarr
Tim war-hln hint on hoard h"r full
f< mph ni'-ni of mi i and la under lit"
comma rd of t'ai" tin Howard
IT.KtN III An oaf \ r
worlilr.i all night workmen of a
bridge rfi-w today re-rued f I.
.-irhmtdt. who waa tmprlaoned for
nearly twraty-foiir hnnra In a rnlaaon
thirty f|i.. foot heniath ih" lift no hi
river Th" rnlaaon naerl In fonalrnr
tlon of a hrldit" t la rnrerrd la«t
Utah' hj a fait of mrih ttrtiintdt hint
to be rh,nmfnr»n"il while men dug
away aanil whirh aurronndf <] him n(>
in hla chin
Held I p Train In Red Bluffs, Cali
fornia and One Outside of
Topeka, Kansas.
TOI’KKA. \4g 23.-The daring
'■old up of the L’nion Pacific mall train
near here last night was not the first
big robbery Willis f-onsherry of Med
ford i .el done o.. i... lay la the boa
pital today seriously wounded. Iains
berry confessed he held tip u train
in n similar iniDtier last January at
Ited HlulTs, California
lli.v operations ihen were similar to
those u til last night. The robber
said in ihe California hold up he
boarded the train nt lied HlulTs and
forced the three mall clerks to pick
out the registered mail for him. et
Iledtling lie hoarded a Cullman on the
same train and escatied detection. A
reward of |2.imio had been offered for
the . nature -if the lte.1 Itluffs nbber.
The failure to put off mall at Law
rence led to Lotisberry a capture.
When the train passed through there
and the pouches were not fortiicomltig
an Investigation disclosed t:ie mall
clerks hound and gagged. Word of
the robbery then was telephoned to
Topeka where the robber was captur
It was said at the hospital tonight
lam-berry would recover
Verier* I Elliott Announce* That
Minare and M-n* Guard* Are
Going Armed on Pamt Crook
> #•« l*i I I *i »f*H f * * 4»# llir Ifit* llK. •
•••INHI KHToN. \v. Vrt, All* -
1 riiat th* | fiu urine of hiih* an<l mn*
munition i»- thf »>;w r.iinfji and m*?* rp
in l iiliin «’»••# k dlatrnot bun lw n fully
nmiilinK u* mln« jruard* and mlm-m
la l»rtn« o nt'nuMl, and that fhu ar
il"** «*n lb* r part |p ««>i -it|#-r.d a
tl’daliofi «»f liouri,. r <l!*«o«k*
|>ro« lamaflon. t« t«>dl<»tnd »#v th« fol
lot* ir * «lrr # d riiurnii-nt l««ii«*d l.y
Adjul int < * m ral Kltlulf from. fh*»
ShHt* rim; Arm* h«»pplfal at IMndford
If Ip aa npftir* nf to rnr- tTiat
n* iih* r aid* in ih»* prrp#-ni r*»ntro\rr
py imt * • #<n fb# nfn r M«*r* and minora
n i r.lin f »««>k dtpfrlrf bap fullv
oi.*« r • d. • ib#r in loft, r or ppirlt.
1b- frnor a pro* lamarton f*nird
w»' l*-’ • 'la^ "f Vrr»»*t. iff;, tn
fbi-i, that fbrv iirr «onf Inuin* to r» ♦
rah o # •n«i*nm« ftf« of *>m« and nrn*1
•nunltl »n. ard f#*r thr*. rmamn li.«* 1
and proper!' ntr in J**#*pnrdv. and In «
\ h n of vh»* fa# t that Mh par'b« arr |
r r»l| f*. d wltb cun* and an ah-mdanral
of mnifinnlt» »». If fhrtrforo broomy |
tr* umlK-ni nfnn m#. ,»• adjutant *rn- i
»ral t*» r and dlr#of that in *b*
f itut all nrm« ar« withdrawn and
brdh • or y»f rpon« ab ill !.* and arr ,
prohibit #1 float marrbln* or »*«rni
blloic In #»» n all i»u*dt» ht*h**ava
f ■ l ■ • « Mn a‘* 1 • i**‘n
• rr#*t< » -»r t. fi.pt*f purpiiant fo an
f.l* r in ni’fin* from m#
C. 1’ t 1.1 ,|oTT.
Adjutant * M'fin*1 |
Postoffice Appropriation Bill Was
the Latest Measure to
Pass Senate.
WASHINGTON. D -C., Aug. 23 —
| Plans for the adjournment of Con !
Kress to-morrow were threatened to
night In the House by a determined j
tight of Representative Murdock, of,
Kunsas, against an appropriation of I
$33,000 for mall service on the Had* I
bridge across the Mississippi river. 1
The bridge connects East St. lands j
and 8t. l>ouis. and is owned by flf-1
teen corporations. Mr. Murdock, amid |
exciting scenes among the members
anxious to get home, insisted on a
point of no quorum, and a hurried caJl
was sent out for absentees.
WASHINGTON. D C . Aug. 23.—
Veterans of Congress failed to-night j
to recall another such "tame” end
ing of Congress as that which marks
the present session, which probably
will close to-morrow afternoon. None
of the feverish haste Hnd hustle that
usually characterizes the completion:
jef legislation and the passage of con
ference reports on appropriation bills
was apparent tonight.
Representative I'nderwood. Demo
cratic leader of the House, went over
[to the Senate chamber late to-day and j
reached a formal agreement with
Senators Penrose and Stnoot to dis-1
■pose of all general legislation to
night. leaving only the^onferenco re-1
port on the general deficiency to he I
cessed at 6 o'clock until fi:30, and the.
Senate went ahead with the passage:
of the appropriation bills, so that the'
House could consider them to-night. j
The army hill caused but little i
debate in either branch, and the con-'
fercnce rejort was adopted by both1
Houses during the day. The Senate'
passed the general deficiency hill
after a short debate, and conferees
will adjust the differences of the two
Houses on this measure to-morrow
The post office appropriation bill
was the latest of the measure to
pass the Senate. The general defi
ciency hill as it passed the Senate,
carried nearly I12.000.A00. almost
double the amount of the House bill ;
Many amendments were adopted dur ,
itig Its consideration fn the Senate.!
chief among the Senate additions
was the Item of fAtj.Aoo to repay con-'
tributions to the ransom fund for El- i
len M. Stone, the American mission
nry captured in 1«m»1 by Ilulgarian* I
An amendment off red by Senator!
Ncwlands. of Nevada, changing the
title of the office of supervising arch-1
Itect In the treasury department to
the htircaii of public buildings, wasj
adopted The supervising architect ;
would be known as the director of!
public buildings
The Senate agr. <-d to the confer-'
cere report on the post office nppytvi
print ion bill after a short discussion J
of the parcels post plan endorsed by1
the conference committee
the weather.
WA8HISOTOS, Aug. 23.—OMo—
fair and somewhat wanner Saturday;
winds* light to moderate eonth
Westers Pennsylvania—r air Satur
day and probat 1*- Bandvy; warmer
annlay, Ugbt variable winds, bee om
inf loath.
whJ."*' .Tlf*1*'*—^ fair and aome
what warmer Satnrda). Sunday fair. '
Senator Penrose Announces That
He Will Have the Moose
Leader Summonds.
Author of the Charges States Tha*
Teddy’s Relations With Oil
Trust Proven.
WASHINGTON. August 2S—fti re»
Ply to the statement of t'olonefrftooae
velt In New York today. Senator-Pen
rose said tonight:
"Colonel Roosevelt’s relations. with
the Standard Oil company clearly —
have been established The Standard
OH company, through John D. Arch
bold. contributed $125,000 to the Re
publican national campaign of 1904.
Colonel Roosevelt did not consider
that amount sufficient and demanded
an additional contribution of $U>0.
000. in reply to the disclosure of
these facts Colonel Roosevelt submits
a letter, which In police circles would
be known as a "frame up” and an-at
tack upon me personally. The ex
posure of Colonel Roosevelt relations
with the Standard OH company are
such that the frenzied cry of "H&r”
will nor satisfy the people. John D.
Archbold's statement before the Sen
ate investigating committee today1’
substantiated every assertion I made
on the floor of the Senate on Wed
nesday relaring to the Standard OH
company's contribution in the cam
paign of 1904. Mr Archbold appear
ed before the committee at his own
Members of that body informed me
today that no such requisition had
been received by Colonel Roosevelt.
I intend to follow the matter to end.
Mr Archbold left Washington this!
afternoon, with the understanding
that he would again appear before
the committee and submit books and
other records bearing upon the Stand
ard OH company contribution. I shall
insist that all the persons mentioned
In my statement in the Senate Wed
nesday. including Colonel Roosevelt,
shall be summoned by the com
HAST P.Ot'RNB. Kngland. August
23.—One of the greatest mysteries Id
Hie annals of Bngllsh crime seems
llkelv to be placed on record In con
nection with the four murders and
tuicide committed bv lllcka Murray
here on August 19. Ever since that
date the detective department and »
host of reporters have been Investi
gating every possible clue to the mur
derer suicide, but no progress has
been made in solving the problem.
Me was suppoeed "to have been an
iJtlc.-r In a Scottish regiment but this
h s been proved erroneous. The be
lief rains ground that Murray vit
the black sheep of a prominent family,
although ihere is nothing to demon,
i-trate this In his marriage certificate
Murray gave his father’s occupation
as a barrister, but no trace of such a
person can lx- found Iteyond thh»
certificate and his claim to hare been
a soldier in India. Murray never
spoke of bis past.
Broker T. Washington Elected.
CHICAGO. Aug 2*.— Bor the four*
icnri'h consecutive time f>r Hooker
r Washington to-night was elected
President of the NaMonal Negro
Pusino?* I,ensue Its convention
closed tonight Philadelphia was
rhosen as the convention city for
NKW YORK. An* 2:: The brat
**''1* toward laying a foundation for
*ho .lolm l»oe proceeding* by which
II la planned to tzre police graft in
'hr city waa taken today when Keren
poller Inspector* wire *umrnnn<,| to
the om. c* of aaalaumt diatrlrt at
torner l*c ford The. were nnd> r
antitmonK authorized hy Jiiatlcc Ooff,
who la to prcaidc at tho Inquiry, to
hrtng with t!t«tn all da*a pertaining
t i rambling and other lilt gal reran*
In th'-lr rrepertlve dUtrirta. Thta
data Include* the addro**o* of re
aort*. tho name* of ihetr reputed own
er* atnl record of all arrowf- anil con
vtettona In the aeveral dmrirtx dur
In* the .1 year*. Including the recent
period during which police Meuten
»nt t' i.irlea Pet her, the accieed In
atlgator of the murder of Herman
Roeen’hal, l« charged bv Ha aelf con
geared accomplice*. with tutting
profited fr m blackmail
Thl* matetlal will he tiaed hv Mr
I eford. who hac been given charge
of the Inquiry t» a r found work for
the inreatigation for the atimmonlng
of wittier“ew and the cron* examine
tton of the Inaporfor* them«elvca all
"f whom. It ta expected will he »um
monad before .luatlce tloff former
toad* of the police depunment un
u;er Mayor Gaynor'a administration
uro among those who will also ha
asked to testify, as well as a number
<>f deputy commissioners. It la no*
unlikely. If Is said, that Mayor Gay
nor himself will he catted.
One of the irspeefors. together with
a high civilian employed at police
h« ad'iuartora. will be asked to ex
p ain all the proceedings, the reason
foi the ntinawalty large hank account*
which tho Investigator* have found
for the Mattict Attorney, aa well a*
their reason for recently engaging
safe deposits boxes Investigation "I
• h. *e *cr mnts. as well ss those of
other police official* under suspicion
of grsfting. wss continued today, but
nothing could he learned as to the re
The sending out of clrculsrs by Dla
Irlct Attorney Whitman offering a re
ward of for the capture of “Gyp
the Blood" and "I-efty Lands." the two
fug fives wanted for the murder of
•tosenthal resulted to-day In the re
ceipt of dntena of "near" clues fmtn
v'l over tho country One of them
had If "IWty lavule” had been found
Ip the Colorado Heckles, hut It was
•tented s» the IHstrtct Attorney's offlee
• hat anv authentic track uf either man
had been ohtatnwi.

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