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Fancy Work Preparations Holidays 11
*1*HE holidays are coining on apace and already forehanded tulk> are plaurtfh^nnd making gifts tor Christmas. Our
* ^ Art Department is headquarters tor the leading lines of goods for embroidering and fancy work ot all kinds.
I In this space to-day we will try to give you an idea of the scope and completeness of the offering*:
Royal Society Packages T“'*day °ct*,r 211,11
_ ... ▼*« W«at«er—Increasing clOJd"e»»
The display of this line of Art Embroidery Uork will
up£n the eyes of tho-e not familiar with the possibilities of
these celebrated goods. Each package contain* a stampt Richardson’- Silk Kkws
article, enough Ro\al Society Floss to finish the piece com- ’ ...
plete A great many fin.sht pieces are on display so that . *4 “ »««««
you can see just how thev look when completed. Herewith 'V*' i *r *' 1 r
we gi\e a partial list of Royal Society packages and price.: *»" Silk Comr.nc has «nt us a
Stampt Underwear-two designs in match, sets or ° . P“rc Line" i;r*4h £«.*
^ A * ters. Cushions and Scurfs, each
** * with 5,x of Ruhurdv>*i
( omtwnatKWW at <5e __ Grecian Floss, and a diagram
KIimmd Night t«onriin at i-te lesson sheet with full instruc
Made Up Stampt Underwear all sue- two designs in ma'cht tions for etnbroiderirlK
r«£aat Coven. at 30c Cushion Top and Back with
( tm.binat.ons at *1.00 4,4 >kc,ns of f,os' at ~'c
Night (rfi«n> at 11.00 (-enter Pieces with six skeins
(•arments and Baby Fixings ^ floss at _.*c. I
Babv Caps on white linen and rep at 23c ' w,,h s,x skc,ns <>f
Baby Kifaw at 23c * c w
Lingerie Blouses with sufficient Chi’dren’n Jackets on white rep at 3Ur _ woHc* front " m0ilC °
mutenui and floss to finish com- ( hildrtn^ Drwhfs on linen-finisht lawn ut 5®c
plctc oOf. Baby Pillow > ut .Vk* “ ■
i -- — - _- _ — -
j - 1
T« Mold mallj.
i% 1 *t»-1 Mir*. c
„.i- *: V »nnh; .c pr»l*«rait..f.. fwr ■ iu
T. * \tK”' " !•■%»• lun u. i« i. • « i« ii
or ....icr,.f , .. j 'Jf 0 „
trivt. «.i|| «|»|a%»r a'i*lr»«»
To CU«»
l^*n 1*1 i»: t » . t I
‘—VV- «•• '•'ll l- T t . - .
• «»»f III « »„ till* . ff. • ^ » . •... . ♦
V •. .
milTll . T• of*du* Hlitf n. ..rvl.ri
mom no. 1 1-1,1
Socialists to Mfr
1 •* a| t ,i J aj
arran«* m. nt* t. , , -t .... „af.llJr t
i . . - ■
evening J,unw- j
I»a*t Ev• miog
^ 1 ,f' •• «•* ».• «*ti.rmtu ti t itt«
a <1 unuii#.i f|m> r*. - ... . ..........
t>> ,h# ' ifS « *-»u»u»l tnl« ruimg
■««*g«d Burts.
, * * * ,;,t «'•!• ' v. lo-t re M., ^ 4. i !
**' , 1 *i",*r .. niM | .Jmnk «-j.m „*• J
• *1 tel\ • ti t*.• u» . 11 }| ,n.| if i:,,.i.n,lC
Tf * '.kji.ic *<»n ..r Mr . t .1 »i-, ...... '
• ‘ M Jr " •* »* il* ft.t • .
. . ••***- Mi t * ; .. • .... [ „ ,
*t»ftt» again
M* < M .. Slr „ v
«.rks. is -t il , . nfir- 1 t.. hi, j
Herr i. h - <»niun « h«. fn>m ;
Geo. R. Taylor Co.
" The Progressive Store"
Straight brunt and < I I T' V
Sur/oik style
in rich cloths «»t two-tone diagonal. no\eh\ basket
cloths and fashionable boucle—blues. browns
k*"a. ' **nd greens. all-wool fabrics—with guaian
teeJ satin linings—plain and fancy striped \ebe;
collars and remarkably good tailoring—they bang
w el tit well and will give set vice and smart 't\le.
Standard Grade JJ / Y ' i'
Room Sized *' ^ ,
\ mm: ok \MI TONS—‘)X|2 hl-l I—plendid
showing ot parlor patterns in this deep pile rug—
iJi Colorings—faithful copies <*l genuine <>rientab
in design. Regular sto.So—
* i am pi waist*—open in hack long sleeves, stampt for shad
ow and French embroidery, punch and outline embroid
ery: medieval rose and Appcnrell embroidery with enough
floss to finish waists -50c.
Stampt Aprons—for punch work or French embroidery, a'-o
combination Apron and Work Bag for short and Iona
stitch and filet epihroidcry 25r.
Stampt Set*, on dark linen in huttcrflv pattern*
Cushion* or Center Pieces at 50c
Scarfs at $1.00
1t-Piece Match! Set*—
Fourteen pieces to match, but sold separately, stampt on
cream linen for embroidering in shades of rose, pale blue
and green and lace applique
Calendar and Key Racks. Telephone Pads. Laundry Lists at
25c each
Whisk Broom Holders^and Double Work Bags a: 35c each
Bureau Scarfs. Pin Cushions and Laundry Bag* at 75c
Pillow Top and B*ck. Glove Cases. Necktie Racks. Collar
Bags. Handkerchief Cases. Pin Travs, Center Pieces etc
50c each
10-Piece Match! SetA
Ten pieces stampt on dark linen for Buttonette embroid
ery in shades of Gobelin blue and green, old rose ar I
Indian red
Shaving and Telephone Pads at 25c each
Necktie Racks. Collar Bags. Pillow Tops and Back* Pn
l rays. Center Pieces, etc., at 50c each.
Shirt Holders and Laundry Bags at 75r each
Scarfs at $1.00
D. M. C. Cotton I
— short skeins at lc.
long skeins. 2 for 5c.
O M C. Crochet, sizes \ >s.
3 and 5
— skeins at 39c.
— balls at 20c.
Cushion 1 tips Pure linen
stampt for outline and olid
embroiJerv, renulai 3‘»c kind;
sale price
Flosses —Well known brards
of Floss in cotton and silk, full
| ''nc of colors and different
weights for all kinds of work.
, Fluffe—the new embroidery
work must be seen to appreciate
its simplicity—very little em
broidering makes an elaborate
show -something entirely new
in Centers and Cushions
. Weaving Stitch — An old
stitch made new ancf very sim
j pie— makes the finisht article
look like punch work.
Pillow Cases—stampt tubing
of best quality, variety of de
signs, 50c quality; saic price
Royal Society Flosses, all col
ors and white, skein
B Center Pieces stampt on dark
linen with floss to finish 50C.
Abdul People
* Movsmsnts of Individuals to and
From ths City.
Mr* H. r Morgan, of Went I.lbertv,
|* visiting l,er daughter. Mr*. Harvey
Hick#, of rnmernn. W*. Va.
Georgo W Halley, of Ohio 1*
Spending n few day* ;n ihl* ritv ,,n
Mis* Mela Hirch. who l* amending
high school. |* ah*ent for a few day*
day* on account of illne**
Major liu>her*. „f Parkersburg ha*
returned «fier apendng Saturday in
• his City ln*pecrlng the loeal recruit
»n* #fat|on
Mr and Mr*. Maude Ambrose and
daughter, Mi*a Virginia, or Xortn
Seventh street. Martin* Ferry have
returned from a visit with ^lative*
<if * am«»ron
'*■ ■"* Mr* Hlsane. of William*.
' '' '*• "r“ »be gue*ta of John
K Ootid*, of MrCivaw* R,ln
Mr* J |.other Kitnmln*. of Kim
Grove. Who underwent an operation
--- I
-Ian Salt! nifty at tlie North Wheeling j
1 ilospiT.il. is reported to tie recovering '
nleelj .
Mrs fSeorge Kay. of Cadi/. Ohio, is
tlie guest ot relatives and Iriends in'
i the city
.Mim Jennie Caldwell, of Vineland.
, N J. m the guest of Mrs Men Id)
| dreth
Miss l.illio Worlds, of Fredericks
' luirg. Vs.. is the guest of her mint
| Mrs fteorge Woods, of Woodsdiile ,
Mrs Jesse Bren lien, of I’leasani
Valley. leates soon for a tislt with
| friends In New York
Miss Begins Mathison. of Barkers
luirg. is the guest of her cousin. Miss
Kathleen Maihiaon. on North Main1
street. |
t h .rle* \\ Kranah-iui is 111 .,t his;
lioui** Hi n« ho I'oinr
Mir* Margaret' Mood ha* returned
irotn a vi*lt to Marietta
MU* luamta CitTIn ha* |,e.„ *,
\n." Vn'T ” >""> .t Pittsburgh
Mir. ... List, of Washington.
’ ' ."*•* K"est of Mr* H. nr% M
lt'i**ell. Jr. at Highland Park
"r. Mr*. Kdward Johnston, of
Pittsburgh, ratne down to rl*lt their
jiarent*. Mr and Mr*. Theodore Rot
ler. on North Market rtre..- Thev1
inade the tr,,, their lluirk rar. M,„l
Mr and Mr*. Roller anil Mr anil Mr*.
Doctors llsc This tor Eczema
I"- tin, , •.*-« ..>nini»«i..i,*r
<!i«llli Tt -I- i. .ilm.. t ,
juMi.i, M*..„ .kll. ...
, r,‘* "*'n circl (hr..'in .
''' mk ' T>’- e*rr « mti-t n ,.h. ,|
ISuf"? !•—’i
J . T .,r, ,,nw
th.« hv.I »r< t iblfiK Z
(Vf wl,lJ',«r--n thrni..I ar .l
r,,f *••«• ("• kd.l Dll ..(h*.
I • l» l» I * f*r»«c for K‘ *+TV t
,M ir*lm**» fhr wrii known «kin «r»*.
w:li? | a, mal ft - !
I* refl '*'l> f**r >**r« It will trfk.- *
rr;.1" if,h.r' ,Tm" •* *•<■• »- »
, ' ''"'a •••an I.ran. rit.il,* ft,, t, I
|f. |, f i m |y,«|ati( \ ot|
' ** a- af|r• ..f «UI It i. I
J mill .1.1 r..r fill that „r «,,| t„ a*.«it
I.. I*t V...I hata a tl l-.tli.
rfa. !• n ! '* ■'•■a- •'<- *•••”
.. '■ * 1 " •■' lairimi. • \|
v »*■•*
Geo. E. JOHNS Co?
man-tailored suits
$17.50. $22.50. $27.50. Upwards
Attention Is Directed to Our Choice Collec- ;
. tion of Selected Furs
" c"“- sags*~
or Vomen. Mi.ae. and Junior.. ,n PU|n ,n<J
$7.50 $H 50. $10.50. Upward
. __/"ew garment. Received Daily
iwici neres—
18-inch Centers on pure white linen for punsh *o.k a.ij
French Embroidery at ilfic each
22-inch Center* on pure white linen for evclct work anJ
French Embroidery, at fiOo each
Bureau Scarfs and Pin Cushion Clovers to match for
I renen and punch embroidery, at 75c each
Match Safes, Dutch figures stampt on cream linen for
outline embroiderv. at
SOC'C,y at *** each
Han Jkerchr f. Posrde and Jem ( Marat, ,,„
linen at ~.»c embroidered models to work from ‘ °f,er* h-K' -tampt on Ja-k
t^otnbmg Jackets of fine linen huck suitably stampt it l,nen »th enough floss t„ |jM, ,
-embroidered model to work Trom r
_ tMir,
Frank Srrnsit.ns went with th-m tip
far a* <'annon.loiry.
Mi»- Lula Hrhmmhrl haa rrtiirn .1
lo ''Virago. »hpf.. aba will r< .unit lor
»>Ci*ltk>n n« num»v
l ha rip. UcHtbpr. who ha. Ip- u ||
I" rp«o\ print; nk-rly
Mn.tpr Willi- liriPiioral. if North
Mam str-pt. »•„ .lightly ill on Mon .
1 ■ i. i
nnmp from a hii.ima. inn ,,, \«ar
- it:,
F II Mri oikx li is .1 au-st at th
" a Ido hot >1 .
in IV- hiirii. ;.pstpr,l:i
< II WotTh.r wa. .toppthK .t the
Monongahrl.t in Fttt.hurgh Sun.la -.
John K*'p,| wa. in Fairmont Mumlat
Mtrndlng thr r.mpral of hi* aunt
Mr. \manda Mr Far la ml it. ti.Hp«|
hla niotlirr. Mr. j:. F. Ki-pd. «hil« In
mat p|ty.
*» II la-lipw was rrgi.trrrd at ilo
hancpllor in 1’atliPr.bnrg yr.frrtlay
' X \inp» ami || XV l.pirtin,.,ri
'1r< John It t;ard»n he* ro,>irno.|
liomo afior \ inlnnr Mr* Frank li “
Trot lor. of Morranitovt n
i.oorro VIf WM n i*i,..i In
,r»torday to Wlorton
Mi*« \..r« Kidd ha* roturaod from
• Vh.it to I'arkornburg
"ll*'"r I'aKa* ban b»-..,i <ho gu.-t
>T rolanvo* horo. and rod, mod
IVunh.loff to roaiimo lil« Mtudto*
Mr». .lanto* llntion and .lattgh'or
Harriot, of S- lattil*. vfo. aro
nr Mr and Vfr* Thornu* t lino on
'haplino «,ro.<
Ml,* Alton Ja*knon. of »« ;\|ar
Ittaviilo. i* tho giioai of f, on
ho Inland
l.lojd Know and Mth-k Imnaidnon j
■'•lurnoft vo-ordoy from n t mil with
Honda «, Hoihon.li, Ohio
llarrlnoti Wllhnlm. of <ho South I
■ ' **lllng roiatito. |„ Miron. <»
Isnila» Wilnon, of Klrit'oonth I
* root, ha* roiurt.od to lor lK>m..»fior,
i vlalt with f*l,i*biirah frl.-ndn
< l.arlo, llngho*. of St t'lntrnvfllo. '
m* a buninnnn vlnitor In do «nv to*
Mm* Mom Tlllnmo. ,,f ll.ninttnti,
o*»* m «p.-.i.i nr "it. n.l. d Tint
Hth roUtitn, ,h«, |*l..nd
Mi** K'hol Mo. otmurhv. of that,
i. • ,-r*. . ha* ro iirnod fr.nn a u ,i ■
> It i
O'. Ohio. * a* a tin inn* tml,or In “
ho otljr » onforrta v
'••Ml.'. ,,, £
!*n 'ir»- . a th> n o *1 vf M * \ tr I
min I ,a*i.l.
... of. I
"d M V k'sv .n. of l«uiM||i., k. |
. "r an'i nuiK r
inm-n. tI. Mrs IV || l>r M , ;
son !■:< . "ho sajs "| know rrom • «
P-tIpop.- that t han la-rUin r..utrl,
RpmptJ} is far rupprior an, oiloi
I or rrmip thnrp Is numini; that • s- ,
I or sal.* |»; all rli*al* rs
U .H a (..r an r Urnd. huntinv
*!• ’• points I,, >. ii. n.-au\. < allada
III y. nr. h of i. a aim .
liawd II Mm - . . .a,H ..
^ ’’ ',1* 1 1,1 ,r * :*d on lh" Sonin
'll .ionii Kiriiii.il has I •mm.,I ,
r .. '-r. all. 1 m . i.du.a a u.
Mr 1 Troti.-r. Ill Morgan- j
'ii«s II.,/..; Morrison. ..r ti., island.
/ .isil.ru- in hai l LJvprpnul.
• l.-ii s r Kims, s i.n, „ | is::,.ys'
si'..i In i lpsplaiol. ... ...si.-rds . !
1 ' |» J. |l ;
'"r ‘"harl. sfon to r.- mi. hist
loti.., on .1. sit .... Mm, ..>iiimiss|..|i |
**•“. 'V. I- Kll-voy a ./ in, .......
f Irl. n.ls ... KaM |.|\ ,. .. | . „t, r,;. j
William Wit. tor l.oram.. ... ,,f
... ..n il..- |s..,n.t
•li. -I Mrs IV ill in ns ii.,;. i .
1 • : ■ y.- Mil s i: a. a I -1,
>i. i..|s m .Mu, -,.
• liyy i.i.-.r. is t.•■ndinn mi .\
••tal. ,| \ i ,1 wltl, flaih.y ,n l-oilaris
* *a.- ll*.*|,sr. I*.. .t,i,rR,
a oiisln, s v isitor in til*- rit, s_ I
or da,.
'Its. ■*. ,»|o aolo I |. |||. nil* st off
1,r- • I. V > lor. ai Wf list Ills
'Ii ipd Vr-. .r«no • I I ,.f £{,.iiih *
I'iron -ir, ,. ha,, roi'in.p.l to , ,,|r
lo.ii. u.t- a ,ii, wul, |>iitsl,uii; . I
ri. nds.
Pure Jersey
Ice Cream
Fr?sh Home Mad«*
VkY. Du rst\s Sons
iI.hO ever, j
I *v h Sati-'action
John Dinger
I— ft
Why He
Save You
W . *•>..«
11 ' i,i
;:i7: :: '
John (oleman fo.
Cb#m*a»a mn<t nmggtmf
rmmr.r trot//
* **b atA |0i n
m»,u ■* «stb » cbapiia# ftt
i »
i. td. MenJel O Co. 1
rnm%m*t, run r«a» **b
• '!»■•> *>*r»*1. •\li.-n k. Tf... I
Can nlabt ®r i.t BMii.r »►...«
-1 /-ini <>1 Hotly Rrttssc/s
v I I Mi Ob BMjN BRt SS|:I> in allover anJ
Jallion pattern'—authoritative copies ot the most
lam .ii> (haemal carpet.'—good showing ot color—
a standard make ot rug that will yield vou service
and enrich the appearance ot your home—Regular
Reversible Scotch Rug
a ihree-ply wool rug—particularly adapted tubed*
iooin the patterns are woven through and
tin »ugh and rug is sightly either side—conven
tional and Art Noveau borders and mostly plain
center'—it B owing also to the rich colors that sug
ge.'t this rug tor chamber or nursery—a complet
departure lrout the old lime tloor covering—worth
M l.5u—
A Line of J tipestry Brussels
•'utli ill seamless and some with single seam—me
dallion and small allover effect—recognized stand
ard grade, ''-wire mesh—a dependable rug—pos
sesses an extra heavy lace—coloring rich and ef
fective—worth Sl4.su—
Szveeper I Tacs
Ho-Beck Vacuums
Duntley Suct/ou Szvccpcrs
Vz: JO sell up to S' ».m»
vofy.TO regularly.
OUT IT* Ml your friends by
this time have a vacuum sweep
er. Many «n them bought be
fore the price broke and paid ill"
limit price, but not one woman
so tar as we have heard would
take a twenty-dollar note tor her
sweeper if she could not get an
other. she finds it almost indis
pensable. economical. l.iNir-sav
inc and realizes that her rugs
and carpets were never really
clean until she got it.

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