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^ The Wheeling Intelligencer Has the Largest Morning Newspaper Circulation in the State of West Virginia *0
12 ©he 3§thcdhui 3ntel%cnrer. lhi*45
Once Powerful Nation Declines to Sign the Armistice and
Announces Intention of Continuing the Fight.
All the Other Allies Hare Signed Protocol and Indications
Point Strongly to Peace Being Reached.
ATHENS. Dec. 4.—Commenting on
the conclusion of tho armistice, the
Athens newspapers express the con
viction that the government will. If
necessary, continue tha war without
* her allies.
According to advices from Sa.
lontkt, the Greeks are meeting with
considerable opposition In Eplrue.
The Turkish army which retreated
from Monastir has not surrendered,
but the submission of small detach
ments continue.
IxOXnoX, Dec. 4,—No news bas
yet bccu received that Greece has
eigni-d i h» arm M ice, although she is
expected to do so. as the protocol
provides that the besieged garrisons
are not to be provisioned Greece
had strongly objected to their being
^ rcnctualcd
The fact that Turkey has agreed
to this clause is held to indicate that
there Is no likelihood of the Imme
diate jairrender of the fortresses.
It la possible that two conferences
, Inay be sitting concurrently st lx>n
don after next week. The prnpc*
for an ambassadorial •onf- 9s**
Iki lutrlu fur-0>*'v' ,o '
to-day auil Is said to b- at
pathetically receiv- ^«trian
cabinet. ^
Count Von Kerr .old. however, is
delaying his reply until he has con
sulted with the other members of the
triple alliance As Germany is known
to favor the conference it Is expected
that Austria W'ill embrace the pro
posal and tho ambassadors are likely
to meet at the same time as the peaco
with respect to the dispute be
tween the allies. It appears that the
Greek government addressed, last
Saturday, a dignified and touching
i appeal to the governments of the al
lies beseerhtng them to take no ac
tion calculated to weaken or endan
ger the league. At the same time
Greece offered all her naval and mill
tary resources in case Turkey <ie
| cllned to accept terms less datnaglnr
CContlnMl on Page Tsa.)
_ ^
Forces of Mexican Rebels Mobilizing Between Juarez and
Chihuhua City With View of Attacking Federals.
Railroads Are Being Blown Up and Towns Burned Down by
Rebels—Tate of Passengers Unknown.
! El. PASO. To. lv<- 4 Keb«T,
'groups under deneral Pasguat Orutoo. j
tr. Mareelo 4'armvoe and AbiobIo
j Rojas have tom blued along the Mexi !
.ran Central Kailwav. midway betwwn
■ Chihuahua City and Juarez, making
a command of more than !.«•><> men.
I led h> C.eneral llrotni. fhe p. i ~i—r.-n*
revolutionary leader of northern
I Me\:. o TIim Turin . luu.ii lurg. r
i mobile force than is possessed by the
I federal* In this state
I In addition to reporting 'his refu
i arriving here to-night say ilia,
i in attacking the north bound Mexi
can Central passenger tram lalow
Clallego yesterday the rebels believed
they w.-re assaulting the armored
troop train, which Is carrying ,\o»t in
fantrymen on a continuous patrol of
j the two railways between Chileiahua
City and the border Of the troop
'guard of thirty four, defending the
I passenger train, twelve, including
| Captain S I-mderos. w.-re killed and
(eighteen wounded, besides two of the
train crvw anil a numb- r of paw.
So far the Mean .11 ii.Tthw, wt, rn rail
*■>'. »n Atmrlran owned mad. re
main* open I’ltwii-n tlie aiate rapitol
and the Ittir'li r iilthough Oeneral Inez.
Satarar with 4"ii a*|i|itlenal rehela ih
Operating along that line
MKXK-o < IT\ in, « 4 Dark
gi'ii* r.,I man.ik. „t the \|e»i, an Na
tieii.il Kailwai 'iMi'iii, In- «ite and
' diilren Mini «* \\ Kish, traffic tn.in.u;
• of tlu* Nat 1. n.il K.iilwui*. who were
ledleved to b* prisoner* in the hand*
“ rebel - und* r Oroezo .irt* now re
ported to h.ve returned to Kl l*a*n
Meagre ad\ :••••* indicate that the reh
hav«* d» tr«*\• • 1 » long ‘•’retch of
tr.* *k on ih«- Mi \i* .1 vi t’entral and cap
T',t“d several urmor*>d « .ir- A largo
number of bridge* lia\»* bf*>n burned
or dynamited
\ pasaenger train from rtithuahu*
has been burned between f.agun.t and
loa«**ra Th*- fat*' of the pa “senior*
1* m known A large band of rebel*
b is 1 limed th*- bridge* on a branch of
Me* National Hailwavs In the Mat#* of

flew Jersey Citizens Offer Reward For'
Brute Who Assault** voung Girl
—Victim Unconscious.
» -
TRENTON. N .1 . Per 4 —Miss Iai 1
rlla Marshall, the young woman who
was assaulted early last evening by a;
negro on the I*enn>ngtoo road. Just
outside of this city. Is still in an un- j
serious condition at Mercer hospital ,
The young woman, however. Is show- |
ins some signs of rallying but not I
enough to be able to tell anything
shout her assailant, who as yet has |
not been apprehended
The young woman's condition Is
eMIl serious and It Is by no means J
certain that she will recover
This afternoon her uncle, p.-wis A
• ■ marshall, a retired store-keeper, offer
ed a reward of $5o0 fur the rapt ire of
the assailant of Miss Marshall The
county hoard of free holders Is ex- \
peeled to offer an additional reward of
, t* like amount and the township com
mirtee of Kwing township, within
whose borders the assault took place,
will offer a reward of |10»
Wallace Panning, one »f the men
who discovered Miss Marshall In a
field after the assault, believes he
will he able io identify the colored
man he saw running across n Held
just before Miss Marshall was discov
ered The county detectives have tak
en plaster cast- of foot prints which
they bcltve to ho those of the assail
ant of 'he vonne voman The foot
prints Indlrntc shoes alsiut 7 1-2 size,
miss Marshall is a relative of Asscm
Wyman-elect Erwin P Marshall, of
this city.
stockholder* of the Union Pacific and
Southern Pacific to Meet Today
at Salt Lake City.
SALT LAKK CITY. I t*h. Her 4 —
Tii** fir*l party of Harrltnan line offl
rial*, who will hold a meeting here to
morrow, arrived tonight, headed by
J A Monroe vire president in charge
« t tram*- of the I'mon I'anflr Railroad
CWher parties front the Kaat and North
vest will arrive tomorrow morning
In spi'e of rumor* from apparently
• Iltheptle sources, Mr Monroe denied
tonight that the meeting tomorrow
was for the purpose of reorganizing
the llarrltnan line* in compliance with
the recent derision of the lolled
State* Supreme f'ouri It was ad
• nutted, however, hv minor operating
ofBctal* that the preliminary work for
the reorganization of the llarrlman
l*nes would he based on report* and
#1 -eusalnn* made at ih*- gathering to
Un ted State* Judge Grant* W t L
E Minority Steel*holders' Petition
to Make Wabash Oefmdant
• I.KVKI.AMt, M Ih* 4 I nUe*|
Utztei .lodge I toy today granted the
p*'irtnn of the minority stockholder*
of the \\ heeling a lathe hirie railroad
t*i make the Witha-h railr«*ad a party
in the defendant tp the tight between
fi e rival Itoarda of director* m «fr
* * our' The minority stock hold
*r* . barged that the Uihch Pitt.,
h irgh Terminal t'ompany own* a tna
ferity »if the stork of th< Wheeling
road and l» in turn owned l»v *he
V abash railroad Thev allege that
the Terminal t'ompany, hv control of
, fh* W he. ding it Lake Krte railroad.
• " «'ed *n |* ooo opo loan, which
Wa ii***d t<> purchase erpilpmcnt for
*Jt' f*rtnira| l’om|piny
Senate Committee on Claim* Vetter
day Rejected all Weat Virgin.a
Civil War Clalma, Num
bering 200.
Congraesman Brown la Critically III.
Breety Veat Virginia New*
at the Capital.
4 Members of the Weat Vir
ginia delegation who have ar- r
rived in Washington for the
Hivers and Harbors Congress
*"V .' i
8. A Norfhcott. Huntington.
Major T E Stalnakcr, Wheel
ing. Randolph Stalnaker. Phil
ippi; A W Wernlnger, Hunt
ington: Thomas G. Brady, I
Clarksburg; O P Marshall. ,
New Cumberland: M B Burn
side. Point Pleasant. E A
Burnside. Point Pleasant; Geo
W Atkinson. Charleston. I> E
Abbott, Huntington
# Int«lllir*nr»r Bureau.
W»«hin|fton, O. C.. D*c. 4.
West Virginians who suffered losses
during the Civil War on account of
the l'ntnn army, and whose claims
have been approved by the Court of
Claims, may not be compensated by
the Ended States government To
day the Senate committee on claims,
beaded by Senator (Tapp, reported the
omnibus claim bill Every West Vir
ginia claim, numbering nearly 200,
and ranging In amounts from $2fiO to
$2,000. was stricken from the hill by
the committee.
The House, at its last ee«*lnn. I
passed the omnibus claim* bill with
the West Virginia claim* Incorporated, i
(Continued on r>« B1»U« )
Jury In Bribery Cate of Ohio State
Senate Returns verdict of Guilty
—May Take Appeal.
fOldt MfH S. O , *ftec 4 State s# n
ntor George K I’etonr of iHiyfon waul
found K'tlllv #/ a* reyit Inc .1 bribe of I
$2»ki from 1 let arrive Frank Harrison
Smiley in a local hotel on April 27*1
IVII for his V of e tjpnfi the * *et one
WhlMemor# Insurance hill In the last
legislature, today l»\ a jury in crim
inal court
The furors received M « ir charge a»
I |h o clock and at o'clock an
i noun*» d that fh« ) had agreed tifKMt a
verdht Mrs Olone, the af.iv#* sen
ator’s twelve sear old Im»v. Iv»ac Muff,
man the state senator who was con
v|rte,§ on M like charge, and Mrs Muff
man were in the court room when the
verdict wa« read
Neither Mr nor Mrs * • tone mad4*
aim «l*,monfi,ra' nn when the verdict
of 9 itlt* was read Sentence will not
he pas-«d ifMin Mr « d* u« until after
his attorneys have had time in ap|»ea|
the case t» f|te circuit court
WASHINGTON ller 4 Nearly
five thousand widows and minor chil
dren of veteran* o' » .«* Hpanlsh tin*
if in w .ir if t*i* Philippine tnsurrer
tjoti would receive |*njinn nudey
ftw f Win Mil | »r*ed tnd&V h\ the
hot! e wi»ho»tf «|eh;|te
Th< MU provide* »h;«* thr . Hki- of
r * ;o *i mb- r r h d *...» % |.|«. v
would receive $2 and in case of he
death of »he Aid"-* the f|j would le
paid to thn child nr children
|i * estim*cr| that about fl »hsiihm»
would be added tfi t»* n ion aj-j-ropri,#
’Ilona l>> the Mf curf*
Commission, After Fifteen Minutes'
Meeting, Approves Design of
Gotham Architect—To Be
WASHINGTON. I). C. Dee 4 — j
After 15 unsuccessful meetings the |
Lincoln Memorial Commission to-night j
decided at n conference 1n the White
House to approve the design for a
monument to the martyred President
submitted by Henry Itacon, a New 1
York architect President Taft, chair- '
man of the commission, presided, and 1
Speaker Clark. Itepresentative Can- |
non. Senators Ctillom. Wetmore and !
Martin were present.
The President will send to Con
gr. -s tomorrow a special message
transporting the minutes of the com
mittee and recommending the accept
ed design It w ill receive the support
of the rnmmlsston, and It is believed j
will be accepted by Congress.
The design approved to-night Is for i
a rectangular marble structure in Po (
totnac Park. 15C long and M feet w ide.
surrounded on two aides bv Ia>r1c
columns 41 feet high and T feet r,
Inches In diameter. In a central hall
within the strut >ure will stand a he
rob figure of Abraham Lincoln, stir ■
rounded hv Ionic columns 50 feet In
height On one of the walls of this |
central hall on a bronze tablet will
Lincoln's Gettysburg addres ; on the
opposlt.. wall his second Inaugural ad
dress The statue will he on the same
axis as the Capitol snd the Grant and i
Washington monuments
< IIICAGO. tier 4 John Hobart
fired several time* at his four little
daughters today w-ith a shotgun and j
pistol, hut because of his poor marks- I
mnnship none of the shots took effect |
and be was overpowered bv ftetecflve i
l.niiehtifi before he could do f e chit
dren anv harm He w ill he examined
«« »o his s.anltv
The children * moiher died four
tears ago Neighbors t«»ok charge of't
them today.

1 “- I
ronvfrwl at noon
Nomination* by tha president
{ Included Walter F Freiir. hi» *uv- I
ernor »»f Hawaii
| Senator lirlstnw Introduced
resolutions for ih* Initiative and
| recall of Judirt.il decision**
Hub commit!••* on commerce
heard representative* of capital
• and labor on rropoaod seamen'* . i
luvolantary eervltude bill
t’ourt of impeachment be Ran
tukinic of te*»lniony in trial of I
Ju>Jkm Arrbbabl.
f*onvene4 at iioon
Anninl report of Secretsry of
Treasury w*»* re.id
‘’halnnan I’eda^tt of Naval af
fair* committee Introduced bill
to confer title of Admiral on I
• comm;«nders In chief of Atl.tntlo
and Pacific battleship fleet*
New > ork tie (elation caucused
and decided ♦ opfios.* ft-irn«tt j I
immigration Mil |>re»< rlbtnc l:t
era« \ test for l m ndffrrwit *. al*«»
i disapproved irnv» rnm*,td purchase
of Montlcello -
Mr*. Burrows Pleads Guilty and Is
Given Five Years—Her Soul Mate
Given Indeterminate Term
I.ISItOY O, |ter 4 Kvents moved
speedily today In fhe trial of Mrs
Itlrhard Harrow n and John Coboum. i
churned with th*- murder <.f the wom
an's husband, when, within five hours
after the Jury was Impanelled, ideas
of guilty were entered. the Jury was
excused, argument* bv the attorneys
were heard and sentence was pro
After pleading guilty to manslaugh
ter, Mrs llumiw* was sentenced to,
five years «t hard labor In the penlfen- >
tlary and Cobourn w-as given an Inde-1
terminate sentence In rhe Mansfield
CHICAGO. Iks- 4 The storv of an I
Indiana village of 262 inhabitants. 1
with «x protested Christiana and only!
rhumb members, atlempllng to sup I
port three eh'trche* wras related at ,
fh** Federal Church Connell to-day. I
So Declares Mayor of Boston In an
Address Before National Rivers
and Harbors Congress
WttfsriUl of Dos ton tit adr tin- start* 1
ling declaration In an address bore]
today before the National Rivers and
Harbors congress that the I'nited
States should own the roal mines of
•bo country He -lid not agree, how
ever, with Senator Townsend of Mich
Igan who had preceded him that it
might Ik- well for the federal govern
ment to take possession of dock sit- a i
on rivers improved by the govern
ment, «o as to keep railways from
preventing water competition
"I would Ik> in favor." said Mayor
r ItzRerald "Of having the municipal
ity or the state and the federal gov-,
eminent co-operate In the control of
dock sites, but I thin:, the local au
thorities should have soon- -my
The railroads of the country cannot
carry all the business, the mayor
said, and should have plenty- of wat*r|
competition He declnn <1 that mi
$.To.oiai.oon worili of coal Itoston had,
Paid I7.0fio.eon in transportation
charges and that something should he
done to improve these conditions The
Rovemmcnt coulil take posseaslon of j
the coal mines t)r the country in a'
foyv years, he asserted, tf thing* kept I
*>n a* they had been going during tin
past few years.
Ali waterways fo which congress is (
contributing should be Improved at
federal expense, said Senator Town
send, and at the same time the ones
lion of water power, as well a- nav
igation. should b<- considered fo help!
defray the expense* of improvement I
Ho declared that when there * i*
competition between a railroad and a
boat line the former should mu he1
allowed to make rate* over any part
of its line lower than compensatory.
In an effort to d<~troy competition
liork privileges he said, should h<*
open to all. and should I*- owned
either by the muntrtpaptleg or by the
federal government
WAXHIHOTOS, Der 4.—Ohio—Rain
Thursday. Friday rlsarlng and mnrn
colder; Increasing south.ant »„;! sonto
wind a Probably becoming high
West Virginia—Ram Thnraday and
probably Friday; cootar Friday.
Western Pennsylvania—Rain Thorn
day an I probably Friday; colder Friday -
moderate to brtek soothfast winds
__ Am- --
I' HI w imufl fM Upc 4
Frank M flyan. tmllrtmf iirrntdriM of
tli#« Iron *ork#»T*‘ union. f***tin**.| at
•ho 'Mvnamlt#* rnnpf»friir|r** trial to.
ila% that ;«f»#*r th#. ,»rr**M* of th** \l«
Nonwrap h»\ on «»Mf »> »*f roiiniK>|, rr '
*<i*>t»*«1 tti#» r*mo« il of rvM«*n#*#» p.tnl**«l
nt lAP Anr.*l«P. alrtr »hr- Mr.Nama I
r«* »rn» rMrrni wftfi mur<»**r ami j
il • namltlnr
’ hnowinr Ion*** fl Mr Samara p.i
*bar****t * jth mur<l* r m f»**twlvic »u»
th#. I»* %m*. If* Tim* • l*t»il#ffn«r. «n»l '
•hat i»lm I Mf-Mamam nrrrfW) of I
inf *c. \».'i pr#*« *r«ll|riK to fir#\*»n* •
♦ h«* rt-movn of « *if|#>nr«. pHnt#*r| a*
t*>n Anrr-h *4*'l f»iMil' f A*tor
art f v v if*.f
"I an pi 'in* to r* t »hr rrntrr »f ,
r»f f| ■ i- * t»« r* an% p h»*r#*, l«*»ra»ir** I,
wa* ih 'Inf throtirh my p'lornr*
an l Mr If «n
ri'»« i* *|»» r* r* tr-rr**»| *,» n#>r«* htm
rlf#'*! • rtf l*tt»r i ml rffifd* aff#*t
".art! f*ro#*ur* <♦ hy »m« **rfim«‘n'
*n f onp*#.# tion pnh th** ifi'ttrt n»*aVit nf |
fh*» I? ni**n n«»p #»n frta Th** pon#***-*
ri:*m**« «*» th#* attorney «ho ti*oli i
1« oi I ho union a affair* i/o >|.'
Happaports, who hit ft testified that
after Interviewing .1 t McNamara tn
jail at ls»a Angel.-*, |.e return**,| r,,
Indianapolis anti destroyed a small
liluo cheek h.tok That rheck h.Kik.
iho gorornmonf rharg.-s, contained
tho dishtir somoni a hv McNamara for
tho evpen«ea of tho ‘dynamiting
Orn.oa Charge*
'tr R>an was ask.-d whether ho
was eon-tilted ahntit lt»pp»port«' de
•'rurtion of tho thttk laatk ||„ „„
Micrnl ho had not torn, and he n.-ver
hear.l that Me Nam .ra was drawing
*1 'Smi a month from tho union « fund
tor which no accounting waa given
until the night of McNamara'* *rrc«t
in April lft|i
Iho witness st..fed ho wigno,| varl
ot, p.t,' on i„ onahlo Rapplporl* to
resist the appln ation of 'ho Yustrirf
Attorney of Im.m Ang.-ir* county on
Marion t oitnt in Indiana, for I he
union's loiter hies ,nd records, and
to r, *, t the IVdotal government In
’akmg to r the papers ftthcr wit
fe testified the paper* aft.-rtrards
were turned user to fhe government
by ll. rh.-ri S ll.u kin, a defendant, |
•harped with ' douhlo ero*"ink** tho
Union'* Fund*
HoOtrine to tho nlleco.i n*o of -ho
linltni* fund* for < irrt lne on a .1 \
naml'o pumpmen." I»Lotrt» f Atiori . \
Mlllor i«ko<|
llo« murh mono* w.i« paid to Me
Xamara. Iloekln. Frank t Mold., of
Now York, and Hneono A t'lnilt v. of
Sun Franolwo.. that w.t* noi nooo inf
oil for In Ihop talano. and o*p. ;,», . ■
I nor or fleurod up anaworr-d Mr
If van
flrun loaflfl‘-d ho *uw W in K H**d
•lift, hn»lne*a aaont in Mllwaukoo. t o '
foro »n ovplorion thoro in Man h
ffil. and > ■» Frank i llieetn*. ft. a 1
ton. Now f'nelund or. nntaof of fho
inm noth' r< and Mi> h*o’ .1 Voune
Horton a hmdno** aaont it Hartford.
1 nun h* for ■ an o«plo on tt sprlrr
fin'd. Mi«, m April |«M 1. hoforo ho
dot. . d know'. !*. 11 . tpQ
Whon ohjoetIon wa« ntado 10 1 rope
HMon of ouoati.ma pip in Ifi an ft I
trior Vtortiov M ter *nld k !l I
th.- witrio-. ha* ho. n dodelne tho,
rino«t,on anil I .uni a *trsi'eh'forw ard
r»r '*
lodae \ndorron tnlod that Mr Mil I
lor a charactorUafloti waa improper.
Accused Jurist Was to Profit by the
Sale of the "Katydid Culm
Dump" to Williams
Witness Testifies That Archbald Was
to Receive an Interest for
"What He Did."
WASHINGTON. I> C. 11».(* t
Xdmissions lli.it Judge Hilbert W
Arrhhald. ol the Court of Cominerre.
had been Interested with him In a
d**al lor tlie "Katydid rutin dump."
near Scranton. I’a . and would have
profited from the rale of the property
were drawn today from Edward I.
Williams, of Ininrhore. Pa., before the
Senate court of impeachment uhbh
la trying the Jurist, for alleged mis
Mr Williams was the first witness
summoned in the tmpeai nment of
Judge Arch ha id Standing at the
1 Jerk s elevated desk in the Senate,
mid lacing Judge Arctiliatd. who had
been his friend, he said, for thirty
years, the aged Welshman became a
Flleiit witness for part of the time to
the duel between the House mana
gcrs and Judge Arrhtuild’s lawyers ns
to what evidence and what testimony
ihould in- admitted before the court
Chief interest to-day centered about
tile fir-' article of the charges, which
alleged that Judge Arvhba d bad ex
crtcd Influence ut»on the officers of
the Krlc Railroad, which then had a
lighter g,. case pending in his court to
■ otnpel them to give ait opt.on to Wil
liams upon its portion jot the Katydid
refuse coal licit pa, owned through its
subsidiary company, ttt.r Hillside Coal
A Iron Company
Damaqing Evidence
Mr Williams declare*] Jud.-c Arch
bald had nothing to dtf with -ettlng
the option, further ihart to art ns tils
Irlend, and rei-omtiicndPd him to ihe
officers of the Hillside company
teller, however, under [the question*
Of Representative WAlih. of North
fContlnaed on fio lUfl' I
In J*ffir«oB County Cltftioa §c«n4»f—
Official* R*fn*t to Disc t- aa
th# riadiBfi.
H!»••■»*I l-H, tf. li t. th« |nl< III.’, tw Rf
j‘TM,i;k\> ii.m*: •* i*... « Tt»*
» with win. It fort\ witm -*r*
M r.» a r»*Uft«i ittil t»% f hr *J|.n . Jurv
It I K ? i lit Ira l f •. r f.|t v
f»«. Imi rrt-i.mi th;.t ...... • \».
f>rr It- forth . •mmit fn.rti Wtft»ri- »•*
1 ho kr . M ti-.fl.lm; V»»ir ..f th* nI
ft* Ml* Motil.f v#nftirr i« alatmirfit fur* I
" ' r th;«u th.it th* Brir fn.Fti*
*!•»•* Ift rr.'..filing • or Miff i r.«. in. * 1
*g*»n*« . ir .h.l.tt. •
*Mrf.#| Mill, —rn of vr«»,..|,r «r|.
1 iMlr«l|\ rr<.llr.| »...», x <,r. r.w rvl- 1
for .1. r.t in. M -nr. afntr.l
ih.i h.. i not ». II «h.u ». knew . .r
r <«M« r t.. i.,r ir . . fir i . •» . ..'1
h< h»l* witn# **•#•* mm., m • • m» mh. r* ..f
. or.l . • » hi of • • ■ in* ,n
1 1 1
Of *l*-f1\ ♦ • *• Mill \|r if.'l III • r M • • *11«|
• ' • Ml" ••»* * I *W* « . of*.
' ♦»" - ** * * hni. I
• » '• tfr ! .-% uw ..fit .Mll.|,f.«
” t I • *.*»r « !• | iih»
" '.'•HIM.Ton |Wt » Th^«r .•
*in*lr ftfi.nrta! trinnMrf ir.n ri »hF
h.-,.r> of th. I nttr.j S'v.-a rnn
.>?.m Mrd at • .o n a ir\ <t-i>»ftir • ,<
•...Im Min i ,il ' Thn»ni~orf tnri
iii.m It* Kftrrt of f ho I ntfj.fa.r»
. in. i .... Mfi lnnr it« i rrdrr r>.or »
ri-r..f|.f for 4 I . I :> 2A.\ .%* . ; -r|.-r
•ontiti* 'hr moon an*' rrnrl'f^a In
fhi. (uraonnl rn«foi|» of thr fmanror
ftt Vovi-mhor 21, «hrn Mr MrClun*
mi irrd. I
Reached a Total of *t. 159.446—Sena
tor Wation Gave *7.500 of This
Amount to the Fund.
W ASHINtiTON. I)ac. 4.—|t coat ihn
flemocratc national committee *1.15*,
44fi to carry the election for Wilson
and Marshall, according to Its final
statement of contributions and ex
pense- tiled with the house to-dav.
Charles It Crane, of Chicago. thn
heaviest contributor, with Ito.noo,
closely pressed by Cleveland H
I lodge, of New tork. *:i5.0flu. and
Herman Rlddcr. of New York, as
treasurer of winds collected for the
committee. |::o.«;.i The total of
$1.1 ln.itr.c in contributions was re
ceived by th>‘ committee fr >ni kii.Rol
separate contributors, of w hich all hut
l.h'-'i were in amounts less than $10(1
William .1 Itrvan gave $1,0(111, as
ilid llaviit It Francis, former secre
tarx tif the interior. Mayor John F.
Fit/gerald. of lloston; Senators Ncw
lanils of Nevada, and O Gorman of
New York Senator Watson, of West
Virginia, contributed $7,500. and Gov
ernor Foss, of Massachusetts, former
Senator William A Clark, of Montana,
and Roger Sullivan, of Chicago, gave
$r,.(tno earh George F Itaer presi
dent of the Philadelphia K Reading
railroad gave *l.ooo. r f Yoakum,
id New N ork. $2..r»oo. and former
Mayor .1 ft Phelan, of San Francisco,
John Rarton Payne of Chicago, put
$l.T.tsai into the committee’s chest.
Judge J W Gerard, of New York.
$13,000, Jaeoli Sehiff and .? M
llaruch, id N.w York. $12,300 each
i The $ 1 o.iiimi contributors were
Charles S Guggenheimer. Samuel
Cn'crtny. r James Speyer. Jacob
j Huperi. Ilcnrx Goldman, Henry Mor*
Centhasi. all of New York F C pen
H* Id. id Cincinnati. Tliotnas J Jones
' Ihivid It Jones It M Winston, all of
1 Chicago, and Hugh c Wallace, of Ta
i omn. Wash
" R Craig, of New York, gave
S'iimhi. \\ R Rust, of Tacoma.
Wash. $7.ooti. |} F S Peabody, of
Chicago. $6.43o and .1 C C Maxo. of
I Kent inky, and 'V C R**er. of Yonk
i ers. N v. ft; immi each
I Representative Thorns* J S*-,i||y.
I of New Jersey, gax o $2.isrtl
* A mot i. the $!.uoo rontrlhutors was
St Ijcorge Tinker, of l-evmgton. Va.
" hmimston n 4 T>t*Kar»kflil%
; . . I». .Hi* n<hi(1«wl
- nf
»it at..! tr»# •«.
lot bf «P|
1 »•* • ' % t> ».f ,.f w
*« • m >• u r II.>k .«tnlth.
■ ' ■ * -• • - t * ■ p i • *i • • p<f.
I h Vf i < »* ft j % 100.
• i KrpiUi k l\ I'ImI-T- Mmn<
M#»lf » * » ».r U I • pfrfr f , < nf».|
if»t, Wn •' Mt|. «.* i...tiT», .
»» -'If. I-- »..» U «v , ...
ar»*f • * raf u an >»»
I. ft,, rfiiti 0.00

” ' “ * r* 'U t t * i« • Th* rt».. fr m.i tm
•mi M i > a. i . i ,
** • ,f f Jr H K.. lr Harm *>*ak *
♦ ‘ . i(i-i l!T|'.r«PM4||L«
1,1 1' " * ’ '*■ ' * ».f % I • in* mj% \t%
a f i ft.rn •.rf.h.f.rd).
* \ ' t tri f r*M
\\ ..||IV.tTo\ I1" I Th" ru*
"in d.-.-id'd to hmr «r
1 ' • ' * 1* maardln* fh«*
' '• l"*'P "n'l i'"pr 'A"*'* in wfiirti
• ’• r "lot, < ’ - m th*- n*h» to
. • on-n>.-.|i*n into th» T*nl
< s- iti • fr- *■ ... d ilv nnd-r th« • mn*‘
,r« I r H-* of th*dr irnatlAA
i . 'r.-o ».ntr» * rmn-od C«nad*
" t - ’ r-"»o •<-rtlon Ot Ul
L «d in r*-<-iprfA-|tjr *ar

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