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j Council Meat*
Z* 'he city council met last evening
Z ** regular aernl monthly >ea-,on and
T bronaac1 e<| regular routine buameaa
M Tha curren' bill* for the month were
'* ordere<i paid. Several report* of the
-g committee on street, mads aud ml
• P*f* reported the completion of the
» Paving on Higth afreet The aoneg*
tlon committee also tiled its report
* hlcb Of course, was not favorable,
aa the Kenwood council would not en
l,rt>*n 'he proposition Several other
committee* filed their reports and
the meeting adjourned
Sailing Rap'dly.
The advance .ale „r tick* a. both
reserved and regi,|ar. for the enter
tainment to he given under the
auspice* of the local board *if trade.
la the auditor tm . i .
ar-hool bullulng on negt Monday even
ing. are selling rapldlv and a *rr*
i rrow'd will be on hands The lro*iuo
• Indian orchestra ts tin attraction and
Aka Iota I people are promised a rare
llveat In this production The Red
iMen of Kenwood are planning t*> «t j
iVend the affair In full uniform
Funeral To-day
Li Fine:. I aervlcea over the ■
e, *h“ late Harvev William*, which1
fcffertit.oii. were postponed un»ll this
mriernooti The services will he held
*•>* 'he Williams residence, tin i>rinf
k'reet, ai _• o'clock Rev K l> Ke|
7 lera will officiate Interment will he
made at Mr Meehan cemetery. Ins'rnd
of at men Kaston. as was originally
• > .planned
Meld Onartsris n, . -r_
•— The members of tlie Queen K«ther|
Circle of the Firm M f: cliurili held
I their quarterly due ten last evening
' ;•* *home of Mr- FV I m, ITer
f.n West Sixth -treet The meeting
*** largely attended and a splendid
^program was rendered dtirtng the
; ‘ Commandry Installed
) UM .
-ffleld Council. No it, Jr O. C \ M
Jmet In regular session and held »
kjivery Important meeting Following
’ |the transaction of business a ront
mandry was Instituted by the |nival
, ,I.eglon lodge. No -JJ. of netlaire
ttSSeveral catidnlates were Initiated
• fjtitO the order The meeting was!
Ilsrgely attended and a mu al session '
4* losed I he session
McMechen Br>efs
9 * Melvin, lit** young son of Mr and
* Mrs James Real), underwent on a per ]
mion yemerdav morning for an affile |
* ®l<*it In his leg. and t reported as:
r veiling along very nlr*-lyr. I
Ijj The I .adits Aid Society and the
fw' A l.orentx Rrniht rhood of the
• iMrat M F: thnreh will hold It* week
tv social tomorrow evening at the
jjrolherlux.d hall
Mrs Renjamin King left yesterday
•for Kansas * tty. where she will make
flyer future home
• Mrs i; ft M.ni '
■Fepi ration at the Rleinlalo hospital
I*esterda> and is reported as resting
C-jory nlcelv
Iv All the lookers have h'-eti ius'alled
• rtn the first floor of th> • iv I .ild i.g
*■* the busy woman s day
—It ft begins earl' ends la'e .uni full
. J'f work She often In- kidney troll !
V ole without knowing • Ihr haek
Ac ache*, and she i* 11 r«*«I and worn
,, tint. Sleeps I'teriy. t r- vou i
Liiauiliflllf ller btsdii'r : us h - ,.u
- (hlo l*io Foley Kidney Pills will i ire
all that and mal e h< r strong and
Id well. Mrs l.en.i lleyer 1J Frederu 1 '
J- Ht . Auburn , S - I \.
of Foley Kidney pills were ill that
“jjjbere needed to make me strong and
.-j (Well " The- are the he** tneilirlne
*. made for kidney find bladder d sor
ders Try them F'er sale hv John
Coleman A Co \i|\
Talk on Teeth
By Orian Hcdrh k. I). 1). S.
W hy Not
Beautiful -ound teeth a'e nutrs
almost for the asking li reqiir -
a visit to our office and an txju.i
nation of \nur teeth by one "I
our expert-, foi which we make
no charge- and a short and c*-n
fortahle time in the chair p..«M
hly a matter of two or three sit
tings in all to re> tore all the
- teeth you ha\e lost anJ tn g;-e
>ou all of the ben. tit- wht.h f.»f
low beautiful teeth VJtrolir
teeth our -penalty. All * k
Uya- ant ' j ft, :
ats work I1 a'l v i t • i a
gone anJ vou must wear a r'tte
r. -et u- make n>u one of our,
” smooth Suction plates, gra-an-'
teed never to drop in the mouth.
Painless extra.ting • r ni *• • j»c. 1
fiold frown-. up frown
«nd Bridge Work fffll up. Plates.
S.% up. I’orci la n I nan - I | ,||
ings .Vie up fi j f t|i .
B I .OO 11 p
All instruments -tcril /cJ at th*
chair l.adv attendant He-: at. I
fenrion paid *0 ch Idrcn
Office Hours Hu m to '• p ,n 1
Sundavs. in a m to | p m
[)rs. Hedrick Bros.
^ HM.'i Warn -treeI
IVheeling. We-I Virginia. |
McFadden's—The Men’s Store
Is the Right Store
When You Want
For Men and Bovs
with large collars \Crv popu
lar with young men. or with
out collars colors grav. navy
blue or maroon all sizes.
»*«\ Use. *1. IS, si.tt*.
92.50, SI.OS. SMS. S*H
lx*. OS«*. 91. is
Men's and Young Men’s
Pongee Silk Shirts r
French Flannel Shirts
With loose soft collar to
match—all sizes.
and S1.50
with any letter. A to \X fur
25* 12' ,r and
HtC. 3 for 25c
Men's Fine White
Linen Handkerchiefs
in Taney burnt wood ho\cs.
91 a Box
Men s Soft Collar Pongee
Silk Shirts for 98c
fine white plaited bosom or
fancy percale and madras
coat stvie shirts with attached
cuffs handsome patterns
I.Hr. .Vfp, 751*. fwp,
81.15 and 91.50
Boy*’ Shirts of
Every Kind
■1'Hp, 5Jfr, ;>wr
Men s and Young Menf3
Silk Socks or Fine
*ualbriggan Socks
in fancy Christmas boxes 4
pairs in a hox.
81 a Box
Men's Fine Cashmere m
Lamb’s Wool Socks
-5r a Pair
Bearskin or Plush Fur Gloves
with long cuffs and warm lin
!W<*. 81.50, 91.f»H,
I And many other useful gifts for men and boys
y The Store With the Low Prices,
| 1122 and 1124 Market St., Wheeling.
(Ccsiinnru front Ftrut Page)
i he country must |>e prepar'd for
.11 No i.er-on of intelliitenee who
• a: -1 leht'il im.rna'iondl policP. can
In I'll till to the I It 1 that the pimue*
■ oil of ureal wealth. r»*hOiirri s find
I'cptil.,!ion ilee. not carry with it itn
ipiinltt from attack alioiild H e na
n . h wit ,
•tiler heller prepan .1. '
The op.it rm of the Panama I'anril
Mistaken Diagnosis-Doctors
Guess Wrong Again
•Mm ||» ft V • k* ||N i*Co f tor*’!** to yotj
I h id !»••• ii i !•• * ||» • 11ff• i» r from
kidr** * it ml l»t.. M»r f r* f and that
i‘*> l*h *t« .in inform***! rn** fn.u m>
* it ktdnoy to,i4 in • mi I .i * olidiMon
'ii. t rlji r* «:* nn hop*? for my rt*co\ <
r> * w •' 3»<lv|r«*d to fry your amp I
»:ont ;.d n fj*.r r. dort. and nft»r takiii.* i
our tifM o r.i sir,. hotf|t*<t, | |.,id *
u. iv« I s*ofi» v | t it n. L'iu l ?**n |
f aff rto.mj. for* »rdrd you
it ra\#*j sfo h t\f> had n»» r» turn 1
t ,
Dr liltuff ft C-»
Unfhmnt n If. Y
P-Ove W*iat S/ramr d of W I Do Tor
*••!»<• '*• I ^ Ar «*.« ». ; r! an
k‘ I li€* Hose .Maid**
T1 • W t« r. mM7 Q ,4/, *
r»--»r c»t»*rr-n
<" In no .,..„o .ln.,1,1,, ,hl. American
„ ; «« • •T.i.f.j- t„ S**i r- iary At.
Increase it* i ,,
..air. n' ..•
" ■ ■
, n"-'1 P'-’oi.iMi Without t!... .
St'< i' - -. Al. j.-r < xix't:
•*’”*»••■ < »it .i s.ato, r„u‘i
’’v •' *•' •* "'‘I'1 'll .' Of a . ...iri'r
<oa, hn,. j, roiitinuoue
I In- Secret»r> e,timat,.H tt|„
"Ml ol 41 W),tl H
■ •iiMiiary >, -I,. ,(|I. j ,
uoi.i.i pia.-,. ,,I1K Iy „„ n
r,,l."it*n* Will. Oth. r ,
l"""" 1 h|e tie, l shotllfi 1,0 I
m• *i r-' i.
r.. . ,* , "• -“'I an*! I -
f u 1» ti**i;l«i |»,. Ififlijif ||||. ,| I,v .
. , '"‘•""■n. annual pro r.
■I l ie \ w H pjirtmoat
< tori • i,, . ,i. .
. f re. ox pro", •
1 ",i,: “O'll wore .. oM ,, .
Nerd of Stops.
A, ■<} :|-o in. I I,an?,. ,r„ _,.r
' ' ' the firm , .
Naval <.* n.*r,.| luMr.f
• ■ i .1 ,4( , .;
> * f» • »•«!
Atr-tjdm. *
► ■ . i .,
•»" iir. i , .
v) . f.
■ ,| t. ,
*. . • ... ,
* 1 ’
SJ*t. 1 • * r ' 111’* , i-n-e'
rxiUhtOST u vm.. i»c „.-The
anr rot**tu.« ot u »• \\. #• Virgin 4 !
* ,»h 4fi 1 (ianif m»Mjr;4noD * im** r*> a
< .« '** !.•?•» comw in .»n <*.abor»t>*
f and is am •• banquet ar the Manley
t ,** . r 1 'i»r 1.1*41. mount* 11
a:. l oth-r <1-1 • . .. of th* Oe.d
4nd -tr-am formed th** :r»*n 2
'* a huaines* m-fUUK tbs* mornirK
•h** -nnlhn* 01 th- offir**™ «*-r> < hov
•n I . th** .iKPtd . i'Kin tor ttiv •‘Umiidk
fr— den* i \ Vui***.-’•.*•* of R« |
, ri, *• * r**t.ir> and tr«*atuK»r. Ii If
K#*r*or of M-ilink* »t>
Tot* county « i.-rk- of th- ranou*>
«o*it,t:#*.- in aliirli t;.*- ta*K>n baa
irssiii/u’ -ill* ar- rained ... i :**i» pros
Ideals ’_
th»* commit*** uf legislation. . iiii ’
1 >»*■) id • liitr* - S In.- 1 0 McNeel
’ ' 1 <**" ''I ' • ii H.ii.l.in an«l xnd
" It • * *.is 1..i cd in miik* efforts
i.< secure better ri-ii and gatne law
u 1 ;.*• sts'e
1 here v cr* i j., i,. " members s*
,«ir..i at lb- - i,,* , p-ed tr.
■ eit] Of 1 11 iml - . tie I • l
"ere from Marpu. . ii «»»
; I is< tlcatlv decided to hold tin- n-x*
m. *nn< at Alum. ha*, i Springs
Pocahontas conntr. although this wan,
• ft to III* president to <1*1 id*
V tli.- sessions ti.if.iy tnaltv we*''
•-•<*11 s;m 1 ■ • 'iiit'ii d< ..*••?•• d »'i.Ir*»si s 1
among thorn Janos ft Samson editor.
In th* open. <•• |‘litsburgh. I*n<!lt|> I
s I atnhain of Ih* \stiotuil sssorts
i • 1 with hendnu.it-t« 1 in New York
1 ■’> *.'» present today and addressed
1 - orgafu/attor. The hanuuet to.
.•ht s is a liniltan* affair Man* of
,. .*;»(•• s foremost si*ort.m**n were
I.tit ai d rescinded to toasts The j
e*i(t— gathering proyed *er\ success-i
Ifefor* adjournment th* as social lot •
•s.-d a set of resolutions asking the
. ''.‘I.* to etiai-t lietter la >» and lake
greater efforts towards it,* protection
1 ,,f state torsts. f j> h and ganie
Heavy Discount on Pianos. See
Baumer Co. ad., page 3
Orders for Cars.
, pimi.ahki.piiiii*,- «,rrtr„l
't ale Just be. n placed by th* Penn
.syixanla Railroad Poinpany for l.r.no,
gondola ears and 1 coke ears '
t'l iiTacls for the gondola ears, m lots
of :,nu. w. r.' awarded to th* Pressed
Si. . I Par i om|euiv. American Par fc
I rntm.it> t‘tinttinny and ih- Ralston i
Steel Par Ponipativ. Of til* I..'.Hit'
euk- r .r th.* eontran.- were award '
•d as follow* Amerlran Par K
Poundry t'otnpanv. -m., Standard
Steel i r • • ■ i t- :. v dun i ‘amtirla .
Steel Par Company. fell Thee*, ears
are to apply on th* I'M : eoutpinenf
program as replacements
strong where others
are weak. .
2 for 25 cents
lust t. relieve the ninnotonv—'
mu km u Did mu ever get tired
ot seeing someone ALWAYS
aring one >uit until if ht J'
rassi-d the seven ages' of
.lothcs r
Get one of the e suits an 1
overcoats anJ s.-l^t -| fabric and
model that veil! he somewhat of .<
contrast to the one you hateb^.n
vc .armg
Geo. VV. Fox
I Inlliirr. Furnisher . ml Ifafter,
No. 1-110 Market St.
Tens I’eel K Co.'n f t • -o
To Join Navy
Harold foster. who former v v,,|
1:1 ,s«-w York, but f..r tp.,.t f. „
months has resided in th s iim. - ft
■ ust ewMiing for Norfo K V.i ... r.
I «• w ill board (ho I'nitcd si. ai;
■ r Nsplutis. a hlch sails the
iht- we. k lor a rruiae l onsisntl
uofoo foster has t» • n appointed h 1
file I n !• I States Na.v I r*. .
“* 1 '<*«!* ■» > s'Toer n the I n i. 1
Navy II. , I fttn of up •
re. i n . .I diploma from t\. w
York Nautical Schoo lie .,j. |... n
attending 'ho local H gh n ho . - •
ID mg In this clly
May Have Y. M c A
Thu State committee of th. >o pg
Mon s Christian Association . .....
State has decided to esta* in h Y M
•' As in m. , • , sew y
SiHtersvIlle and Si Marys \\ t I
rtan. State Secretary, and t i Cam
den. field Secretary, w.l| hold three
or four meetings at diflerent maces
III this city Sunday. Ih-ccmbr i f. |n
111., evening there will |„. stcreopu
• till lecture delivered by Secretary f ..
rtan In *he first M K . hnreh. and
sill show the (hr*.- building.- ,• over
ti e entire r.ountr'. including th, .
at Wheeling and Clarksburg
Filed Espense Account
or C K Hutchinson, shci dt **iect.
Kepiib.lcan candid ite. fi;.-d his st.it.
ment oi expenses incurred .,i tb« last
general election The stm-m, „r
shows that the Doctor s|n tit $.11 ot
which amount *_■ u u ,s contributed
1 be Rtmubl... con . v
committer-. Quite numb. r ol :he
candidates have not ft I. I their etati
mnits .ut.ii may be d.-.tlt witii a,, ,rj
mg to law. as each candidate is ,,
(l u I red to flit* tti.. statement within u
'lays of tkt elm • ion d:.v. mid ihe last
'1 V was rest. Hi ly Th, la* mpt . -
• penalty rf from to . ., fr,r f;
i*ie 'o file et iti-meti' Tin- If. |.uhhran
rininty executive committee sp.-nl
: I and i's toia! receipts were
P-avlnc a halanro oi $ I s h;, The
Tile ratification ef federation (or Mur
"1 '• • r.-c- ived ... itrilniTi. t,s
amounting in T.', mol expended
' '"I having a I,..lance of
Elks Gave Dance
I.ocbI I-edge \.i _* X j. |t |' it K:k~.
guv. i's animal hail and cntci; ..mmont
l:«»t owning at lit. it I.Hlgo room m ti...
Srhauh building, and iho analr wait
in ns I successful nne "I lie Trout.;. -
ilour Musi, al . oinpnu> furnish.*.l the
m'I*le for the ew-ning. »i«l danring
was- a feature During Ml.* evening
refreshments wore sorv.il.
Fit* Protests
K I* V.thn an.! K X oho. Imii nl
Prauk’in district wore in the . ii> w
l.-rduv and tiled proie.-ts will. in. in
lo r. oi the ..in Illy court agains I th>
Hope N. tural (».i> < nmpaut l r ,g
its lin.« lit rough tlio hfshwnt .« oi
franklin di'-trict. The gat. company
It:..' one I it*, ihr.nigh this district, hut
before fhev so. i rc.l the right of wav
'hoy were compelled to p..j ilic dls
'rw • Fault, and in securing the right
•I wat lhc> Iaile.l to make the word
'■he plural, hen..- the prol -sl The
M- | . . .nut iy now wants to put an
rstlv-r ,lne through ih>- distri.' The |
i ..v.r11y f-.iurt will take the matter up I
it tin next regular meeting
Board of Trade Met
The Inral Hoard of Trnd.- met last I
wt ug in tin- llrst meeting In-1.1 f..r
'i.e past s< v.-ral months, and much
mm t . business «... transiici.-.l s> \
1 ml committees repert.-d nnd the re
I"." were f!!>-d Ih.I I.eerpt.-.l While
nothing out of it ordinary was tram.
■•‘•■•I the m.-.-ling proved w-r* -ntei
-*ing. i* l nia, . ini. resting o, iti.-r -
V. re taken under rotirld. .;n on
Has Delirium Tremens.
It I. 'i> clier. w 1 oni will.. i;.-»rg,>
i .ine. arr.-wt. I I. w nicht ago at
le iron, steps o! s- Xavier* fat ho
In > bur. Ii on Tenth street. is in a
■ ' .1 ...I.lll ion at Ih. rniitili jail, j
inn mu run in-iir in If. mu At
(inline in lefli r* fiitiiul on hi* p. r-nu.
!i Imnii* 11 n WulInhurK Melihrr
A nr found n*-»r llie> rhurrh tv t!tr
hii-m-I • - i nr iful hhifhrr Klan -e.-en
"-hoel him in vae nti . mliKh hi- re*fu*"i|
ei (In
MnundtvlPe B' r(».
I *» ll'-ltn* Inti Li«t i t mine fin
-I 'IIir. V h r» t |,i- . I - p, m| .. 1
Tl. I M W||| | --Til .1 -J- ..ll Hll-f-l
•: ini- #!• nit d Intuition hnn’
►■Ii n- it . |t In mil nf fit a || nu i.thor*
n i i ei ml limn I* null'tp ife-et
" llll.im fllnyil l» ff hui cn-h.iit fn
I* i Irfriliti-. ih- i- l-i» tt : I Ft Hljm* III*
i-'! • • I In- i - i-i%
r' It- ili • Kr-r nnd It i-l \nil* ruin
- mrt i m- fn |i»lhi(
.*1 In • niph . #"i
- . i i .• r ip | •
ii if. r*mi iiw-finr
TP.- find ■ i»« » imp* ill he- p»r
i 'ii ih#- different Aurfii ii mn |i-i i
i hi* I * -re n
I K III ' III- I n lurmil hnnte
' nn nK from I'lftr lurch »h- ri fi
le* nt the price ■. « it 11* u |m . nr**
■|m. * nt tin i
I -p tn • In ihr r « n
. «• l ■ 1 hell * l»e.* coi>4
! - in tf * i |f»
I I "1 l.-.r S
Ihr f
A cufi rfi- nt < i» err-c p,
4 * ' I' ir f; n I il IV -ti •
•i (»* .in «p. n.( •
GttMwnrhei- P itlrrt
<rt t rt»;N\tf.i t ,, |... ,[<
I 1 uni , ii cla»*nr*rkrr
* nut rPHtit and I dfr.| innuht
Ihr r i-ral i n thr -r*. It*. ,
Just At This Time
When gift selections *'c
somewhat ru/zl'rtg what
sould he more satisfactory
than those two attractive
poees sele«.TeJ from o.j
Willow Furniture IVpt..’
H *h khair and rocker a-,
finished m liaronial
itrown hcavilv upholsre'. d
both sea' and hack n
French Tapestry. Th
shairs can he used in any
rart of the home R* ;t
I.iving |{iM>m. lied Rnont,
Reception Hall or iH-n.
$8.75 We have lit till up a com
plclc department d.-v. J
entnlv to Willow Fumi
' lure. You c u!J n« t find
a more contf "table or a*
tractive selection of Itm k
eis. ( hairs Couch*1*. Wait- i
a/ine Racks. I H-sks, Tattle*. 1
I-amps, Settees. and ti e [
I beautiful French Tapcstrv
and Cretonne*—which •
used for u^hi'tstcrinc r*ir }
roses tan be found in "it
isfactorv colorings to su.t
every demand.
H. C. Franzheim Co. i
Where .shopping is a Pleasure. Visitors Welcome.

Dollar Savings & Trust Company
'» UMR Ml ... .
f .* • ' in!.! -fit** t ^ |
«*% •■Irift*.. »*«•• ir« *l ir.it tat
WM I \ I4-| jn
>!■•• K* .in*! urit.»*fi an
• v , . . ,
1 •• ! I .•• kin** II-• 1. *•• -
•-2-* \l4iK*'t :t 6*.<>•*•> n*.
t ' »r i* «l • n\% n«**l.
ISi;:-1 31 :• M.:u* t >t »«.n noo «.<• .
r i«- fr..n ttiink - ; |»;». ••
' '•• k** alt.I ..ft • I .It. It* 11)4 t*..
I % hMI ICt'K 1 *.■»! • *
t*«. i: *•: <•
-* xx » il Mnnn !(»■«« rx’.~ in
, *•""« I!.1 *1* I i
' *P* «»•' I ■ ] . ...
-x. x» r - I . X.... I'.irn .
* r+ ,in«l »•’ \ nwk ]n,, *i|
T,,r*: . .. .. Ii IK,':; 4*
♦ i I ♦ » St n* k I • * .
-* -ft »“ fun I , . ,
I M » l«l« Ini* Iflp.tl 1 .... «... •.
: t •! I« ! | • f I . . ’
I ' * t • • I t.< ,H. S
S».l» • - to
*;*» :. i ::
* !*»••<* tl
*«' »iic- . .7
Tin. . rtifi
• -it* T.r i- w
Sj«\ ’H*£H .t.
• Vrt f . I n *. . ;• . ...
* V»h « It*?. 1
Total ..If.
■ " 1 ■ ■ 1 •» r'» « i* **'■». * oun? . * r * »tt ••
’ v • I* St.N'. S«-« r*tnry .«f |h« n - >v. > .« * . ,
*' |T * * .. *»«:• t*-m#n? >•» ft t . k . . . i . ♦
'* ■'' ' **" "rn t** l»rf*>r*- j-i*» (Ml* 4t>l May .•< I »f * »i ‘
MV || T».\ N N*.ia».v |* o||
«’rtrri*.i \f». t.
•’* »i i \ \ iir.ss
.1 AMI S I' M K I K
111.N K\ M *. -.1 » t4.
I Mr- tnr«.
Why Should Your Wife Do With- j
oul a Hoosier Cabinel When You
Can Join the Hoosier Christmas !
Club For a Single Dollar.
Mr. Husband, answer that ijuestion sc|ti.tivl\ before I
you buy Christinas gilts. Nothing you can give would |
please her so much.
Your wife wants it.. keep her health and strength, her P
1 eauty. tor you. She has tar too much to do. livcrv jj
woman ha'.’ She needs this great labor-saving ma’hin.* p
that will save her miles .»t walking and cut her work
time in two. She want' it hist as much as the halt
million owner' w ho praise their I footer Cabinets
every da,.
•r-* PLAN pOR THEIR wives this i
u U-- HERE is limited to so mem- I
the Hoo'i.M \\t ( ... ha limited the number to 50. K
loo nierin* I
I'he m.uniia.; . ers • the p : ■ > that ou et full 5
he regular cash price.
Vou p 1 y merely si oo to join the .tub. I hat applies I
ie price of your , ibinet; balance h pa1 able in 'tmP I
w. .k! d if', cabinet i delivered whenever you ehonst. I
v" .et now or d t. before < It <lm
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