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Coanitn* Room—Boll . Ml
Cowet.riff Boom—Notional . Ml
Tho lato:itcoacor rar«|v>« noth tha
day and nlft.i aorrlco of tha Aaaoclatod
Friday. December 6, 1912.
Yesterday In police court two of
tb« proprietor* of drinking place* in
the City of Wheeling whose places
were described In an article appearing
In the Sunday New*, w*-re fined each
•20 00 and costa for violations of the
city ordinances. Th« significant part
about this transaction I* that the evi
dence on which these men were lined
wa* found by private citizens, acting
upon their own Initiative; that the cn
tire cast! wa* prosecuted by private
citizen*, and evidence secured and pre.
Sented In court without the assistance
of the Police Department to the extent
of lifting a finger or securing a word
of evidence
The offenses charged in these pros
ecution* have been carried on morn
or less openly In the City of Wheeling
for months past. It Is a notorious fact
that some of the wine rooms huve
been run In open and flagrant viola
tion of the law. The difficulty of draw
ing the line between a restaurant anil
saloon properly conducted and one im
properly conducted Is recognized, yet
there are well defined rule* which any
Intelligent person ran understand, and
there are well defined violations which
•very observer can identify
If this evidence has been so easy
to secure, why has it not been secured
by the Police Department of the fttv
of Whieling before this? That is the)
essential question li violations of the
law are so open and flagrant that even
a private citizen can secure proof of
their going on. why have they been
tallowed to go on"
For the first time In many years the
Penafe of the finited State, is dttlng
as a court to try a Federal judge for
alleged misconduct In office. indue
Iiobert W. Arrhbald. of Pennsylvania.
in the defendant, and the charge* con
cern his relations with railroad and
coal companies of that Stale im
peachment proceedings In the fnlted
States have been rare, probably too
rare, ft Is hard to believe that among
all the Federal and State judges there
has been such general matntennre of
judicial ethics that impe.irhment
should he a novel procedure. Possibly
If vigorous effort* to correct judicial
shortcomings had I.. more generally
made in recent years. *n:n< of the pop
ular distrust of the courts, and some
of the ezfremo attacks upon their )n
fegrlty might have lawn avoided
The legal frat. rnity of the I'nlted
States In particular owe It to the pub
lic to preserve the high character of
the judiciary Too often, however,
members of the bar r< < m to regard Ju
dlclsl appointments and eection
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acre throat, mucous catarrhal Jik
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tism pains and other distress vanishes
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dir-cicd. with the knowledge thst
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out any other assistance or had after
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Cold Compound, which any druggist
<an supply—contains no uulnlne- te~
lonas in evyry home acept no substl
tute Taste* nice arts gently.—Adv.
merely as a mean* of advancing them
selves Individually, or of strengthen
ing their Influence The liar Assocla.
Mon, and particularly the National
Har Association, should take the lead
In AH matter* that pertain to judicial
procedure, and to the character of
I lie court * Prom them ought to come
the Inspiration and the force necessa
ry to simplify legal procedure, to make
law more effective, and to maintain
the courts on the highest plane of ef
ficiency and Integrity. As a matter of
fact, however, the organized lawyers
have done little <>r nothing along these
line*, and the present prosecution f
•Ilinen ArctlboM seems to be the result
of the work of individual lltleantu.
rather than by the ftar Association.
Dr Alan J. McLaughlin, of thi^
I'nlted States Public Health Service,
declares that the ravages of typhoid
lever In this country are worse In
some respects than the plague In India
or choleru In I'ussia. Twenty-five
tnousand deaths result annually from
typhoid fever They are accompanied
by a quarter of a million rases of the
oisease every year. These cases cause
an average Illness of four weeks, and
often si* or eight. The economic loss
runs into the hundreds of millions of
The typhoid fever death rate Ik high
< r in America than in any other civil
ised country ln Kdlnburgh It is I .1
per 100,000 persons. Munich 14. I.iv
erjiool y.!*. Paris 5.6, Cincinnati i> S.
Itoston 11.11, Chicago 1:1 7, Iluffalo 20.
Pittsburgh 27.8, Milwaukee 25 7, Min
lira polls 58.7. In fifty of the largest
American cities the typhoid fever
death rato averages twenty-five per
sons per one hundred thousand, as
against d 5 per one hundred .thousand
$300 *2.75 $2.50
At $3.00. $2.73. $2.50
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1047 M.m StrerL SATISFACTORY SHOES Whrd.n*. W V*
(By L J. Edwards.)
Blaine’* Epitome of His IVesidentiai Ambitions
fTvfE Mtirui lfalfti-ad. wuo. th# *Hl:tor **n<i propr.e**or of tb*> t';nr:n
j I natl Commercial, was for twenty rive yearj o:.e of the country's rad
•t'U Journal.«ts. and a stanch friend and confidant of James O BlaiZM
I once ask'd Mr Halstead if he thought that Mr Hlalne had he beet
the K. publican nominee for President ir. lk*8. would have been elected bt
a larger p.urality than was given to Oenerai Benjamin Harrison
Tnd< ubtedly.- Mr Hils'ead replied. And 1 am also persuaded thai
It *v Mr Blaine's own conviction that If he were the candidate of the Itc
publican party he would be e.ected President which largely influenced hlrr
to say peremptorily to hi* friend* that he mu*t not h*
nominated for the presidency In !»*« I am certain tha'
Mr Blaine was convinced that If he wer,- e'erted Presl
dent hi* health would •uroumb. and tha1 the anxieties
• mbarrussmenta and difficulties of the office would inteti
Hlfy the organic trouble which only he and a few of h;
In’lmate friends knew had seized hold of him
"As Interesting a personal Interview aa I ever had.
Mr. Halstead continued, "wa* one which took place wttt
Mr Blaine In the early spring of ISk* He wa* then it
FJurope, it was at hi* tetnporarv home In Italy that I me
him. In the course of the Interview Mr Blaine used tw.
expressions which. I think, very graphically and conclsclj
epitomize his own relation to the presidential nomln.ttloi
and also the manner In which the nomination of tlener*
i had been asked by some of my Ohio friends, who knew that I wm
making a brief trip to Europe, to see Mr Blaine and cautiously sound hirr
so that it might be known whether or not he would permit hl» name to gt
before the Republican National Convention at Chicago in June. Mr Blaine
knew instantly after I began to apeak that I had been commissioned to leart
how he felt regarding the presidential nomination
HaUtead.' he said, with his characteristic earnestness and emphasis
. 'you mar tell h!| mv friends that I must tits appear as a candidate before the
Republic at, convention If 1 find any movement In that direction I shal
| certainly write a letter which wrlll put a stop to It. You can tell my friend:
that 1 have said to you that If they go so far as to Ignore my wishes and
l-laee me in nomination I shall peremptorily decline to accept the notnlna
[ tion
"I asked him why he felt so strongly opposed to the nomination
t e. ’Halstead.' he said. 'I don't want to go down into history as a Tlch
| borne Claimant for a Republican presidential nomination You know rd
I course.- Mr Halstead continued, 'about the desperate attempt to claim'the
Tlchborne estate and title In England by a man who pretended to be
the h.ug missing heir. Roger Tlchborne For a time the- words Tlchborne
claimant- were frequently used to signify that a person was making con
|llnued an<l desperate claims for some valuable thing or other
"A few moments later Mr Blaine epitomised bv a single word the whole
story of th*» nomination of Oenerai Garfield for the presidency m ivs.i i
had said to Mr Blaine that »omp Republicans wondered whether the ohm
delegation to the Republican National Convention in lkkk might not really
be In favor of the nomination of Governor Joseph II For»ker for Preside'
i Instead of John Sherman, for whom the Ohio delegates had been Instructed
i to vote Gulck as thought Mr Blaine answered
•• -No. that can t be done the miracle of Garfield's nomination can never
be repeated In our day Foraker is a young man. nn able man. a popular
i in an lie will make a good Senator and some dav he is likely to be the Re
publican candidate for President. But as 1 said to vou. the mirac le of Gat
fle.d s nomination cannot be duplicated in our day •
"Mr Itlalne. of course, referred to Hie fact that the Ohio delegation tn
, the Republican Nutlonal Convention of Isko was requested to vote, as a uni'
i for ,he nominal io* of John Sherman General Gartteld was the chairman
of that delegation He made ;l great speech placing Sherman tn nomination
blit after mane ballots Sherman was abandoned and Garfield was nominated
‘hat was what Mr Blaine termed the miracle of Garfield's nomination "
II op\ right, l'.tlj. by E J. Edwards All rights reserved I
To-morrow Mr. Edwards will tell of "The Wise Men Who Acted Fool
1 ishly."
1 lor thirty-three of the lending cities In
This Is an appalling indictment of
American sanitary conditions and of
American indifference to disease.
I Typhoid fever Is a preventable disease.
| The means hy which It U carried are
I now Known Every death from ty
phoid fev.-r l» directly due to tndl
| vidua) negligence or to unsanitary
condition* A rich and enlightened
; people like the people of the I’nited
I Stntes ought not to let their great
■ cities continue to he centers of a dead
j ly disease which may he checked, if
not exterminated, hy reasonable ef
' fort.
The members of the charter com
mission. at tbelr last meeting this
I week, adopted an amendment which
seems to he of very doubt fill wladom
Heretofore the holder of a certain
amount of properly In the City of
Wheeling has been entitled to vote in
a city election, regardless of his i-c-i
denre In the city or not 1'ndcr this
provision many of our substantial elf
Irens living out the pike or In the
terrltor- north of Wheeling have ex
errlsed the right of franchise In the
city. The Intelligencer liell.-vis that
th new charter ought to contain the
same or a like provision Anv tax
payer In the City of Wheeling ought
I to hiv« a voir* in th»* man-»n**mrnt
r*f th* rity> affair* Any man who
| rontribut** a substantial portion of
“ --—----rr
Ids Income to the maintenance of the
1 city, to the carrying on of the city
i government, to the support of th.
police force, the lire department and
other public Institutions. Is fairly en
! 'Hied to some voice in the expendV
Hires of the city. Ttie accident of lit*
| individual locnlity has no bearing
whatever upon the equity of the prop
It can he safely assumed that no
j man who lives at come distance from
the city is going to travel that dis
tance and exercise the right of builot
' merely for the sake of peddling out
. his vote to some vote speculator, fiu
the contrary, such ballots will almost
invariably he cast for the mainte
! nance of law and order, and for the
I cultivation of better cixic conditions
The Intelligencer has no sympathy
whatever with those citizens of
| Wheeling who make the|r living in
I this rttv and yet refuse to take part
I in the municipal activities of the city
it believes that a city that Is good
enough for a tnan to make hls living
' In is good enough for that man to
elalm ns his own and to vote In. It
, believes that these localities which
have groxvn up nround the City of
Wheeling should he Incorporated Into
.he city proper, hut It also believes
that every Intelligent interest should
ho represented In the city's govern
ment. and certainly no man has a
'greater Interest in the welfare of the
cltv than the man who helps support
it by paying taxes.
Norn-al Training C'att Spend* Ve*t*r.
day Aftern:on at Wheeling Void
A Foundry Plant*
With the object of heroin In* more
''in: -ir with the tndu*lri. of Who I
Itit! the Normal training < la** hi tli"
Mil l Mchrol. In < irie M. . i
iilieih lllanehe Merry, tpent ymterdav
uMernneit at the plant* of thi Wheel
leg Mold to Foundry company. rl*it
iri« the t irlona d< I'artmcnf* and In
epertn n the working* of (he hlg far
i tory
Yeaterd'V'* trip ia< the flr-t of a
ter;. i? v • •* |i. l|.. large n F and
firtorta* ef rhi* vleinii,_ »tid otfo*r*
will |*. taken often in the future The
Idea h.t* grown out of the revn w* in
« nra|in>. and tt i« I-.I fo he,
ter a 1'ialttt the inn d« with local
Ind'ttirtM and trade rendition*
£■4m>n*t'0ns for G»ty Te»cher» Will
Be Httd Thi§ Afternoon end
Tr*rh«*r* < lAmlnntirrm f* r cffy
*rfww*.* .sill |k* T*4>!r| tin- Afl«riM*ifi
«n*J tomorrow Tl»t aft«-rn« «>ii -
*i«»n will I,** |»Hd in tf,«• board of #d»»
f'V>• n room ;»nd lb* l»r;»r.f line tn Ik*
#.t .M »r slid \| Tomorrow * \
nmlfinti n* will »»*• */Hd In lb* lhi:li
liofil ' fiMlv half ArKhrnrtir. f,l*» •
H*'irt. and ortl»orr?fphv will !.«• »h#»
•fiidlwA il irtfir fh» n»ornlT»r end In fh*
iffoincHirt rmotlfUKIft will tw* hWd
In ^»f i>rijihf, IlirUiry find I’Hairorv
Thf ridmif • r* »n* II It Work l >r
h»hw If l»Ukn> «nd Ik Andrew \V||
T* • t'lfP* * hnr» h f>t «*hr»«f. >** i«m *
•:*f. Uh» . ;if f. \V Va. AWftonrw«’» 4
fr- - fMiifr * hrtettnfi H« l**f l>|.
•s< . fa. mi:. by \o*M O.
*sirl#kl« r i H. fl, rn* fnlwr of tti**
» *Mt.| #d f.« < Vurt »hlf» of fh. nr«t
• hir«h * f • hrtm. K* irr»fl«t. fVwNf,
•"•I ) “ »» fr* r 'In Hti< <
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I Marriage Lniutl
C ri.irt- l iH II ,• ;i. and J»
»i" ' •nil- .. I>«*th ..1 la lljilrr. • •
W . . II.I , a* Of fa I .. ..
,»r«l <»•••**■•!.. !.<• ..-a ,.f IlikIimu. ..
Realty Beeda Filed.
I 'hn 1 * itto. t.h .n . f Sarah
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•Julia Hummer. I t Nn .1 in H *
. «X111*-n tn i - t city. . .rj-i 1. rat ..»» f
John T tJmv.R nn.| %%if. tn Julia
I Hurnm* r |..t \«. 2 in U>
;!.•?» tn Ihl- * lt\ i uti«|<|e rutlnn f."
'•'r,rsuli.tm iit'il nth**re tn Krunk
Milw.it. |».ir« * | ..r around in Him timv. .
t n**ldetHtion fio
Deeds of Trust.
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|| UNCLE WALT: The I’oct Philosopher. £
fhat''-™n™n!',<l *"r‘‘ ,h." "" fo"n'' »To dlsm.,.^
hn . ..ooo goals wer.- stolen, lost or strayed And some who Inst their
treasured goats were grouchy, end and sore .11,. threat,
.OOlt Mishits came smoking Tom their throats, they pawed 11 .. ground
and swore Wo were the victims of a clique i( m.tion
I °.r * r*nK* t <■ v»*n >vt." they »bfiek. Ktirn! our kn.ws \*v
| llnB- i,ml wh‘n the traitors, vill.ilns. knaves, themselves tor ,,ffle.. str t
I their goats Will nil dishonored graves as sure as we re alive” The also
rans wn„ talk like this but till their frl-nds ,,.|. ache, folk.
* ,‘t “b'’ h,",\ llk", lo,°*‘'1 garter Sink..- Some ..(her Inst rs go Hround .
ng .fr of trt r ' fr',r" '""'r " "" n" “••"•I «t too.irn
ng or of grief ttur goats nr.- gone, so let them go- . x, lam. the- da.in
(less men. but wl,ci, we have He time. know. w.-i, rn„.,.| 7h. m " ,
"o " i ' £m” °'h,’r , i,V ,h,‘ I'*ople M vote. In our behalf rna. fall then w' l
b",V’"r *nnd ring goats with whiskers, horn, and all! The per., ••
mark the Joyous sport, and on some future .1 it when h,. t| . r m . • . -t. ii
court. the.r votes w|| rofne his wav. WAIT V \-u\ '
Copyright. I(U. t.» as*. Matthew Adam*.
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