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Cetaty Court.
BpgStwJ MMtwn and the u»l> *k tel
county ofpl.ers will before them
iTh* n#» incumbent* ar- Hi.*rtff. l»r
|C K Hutrliine a Assessor. Will Nutts.
•Prw uttag Attorney, J [» Harriott
!Tha du'tea of their r»»|»e t|«« off* «a
will Ml M assumed |*oa e\ -r until Jar -
Mrjr 1st. as that la In* date fled by d e
•A A
Nolle hav* giver »ui tha name* of Uitir
4*f>Ut|e* hut th# list will likely t.e mad#
fvblli this afternoon H>»*ver It la
J Howard, now <>f tie prison g *ard for #.
(will be tha new jailer .»nd Fr* I Vl' N.i
,of Frank!.r. d.**rl«t «l.i int •».« of llut
Iclilnaona .|*p iti*s
Mrs. 9#Ua loioek.r Dead
* Mrs. It* lie liodo eei as* i 4; >*ars.
[dial yesterday morning at > 4 * »• < I " *
1st hsr Ista horns on Morton a rnu*. ful
1 lowing a Unstring ;lln--a of • **mpi
* tlou of ilia* .
entire life m this rlty T * «■ Jr *a»* I
I Is survived by four o. did ret \.t Mra
■Mss l*evy. Ilenj H: imp. • *srI 1C ••lock• r
land Ouy H*-docker i naertl aerv-csu
I will be h*!d from th# family fvelden* •
fort Friday afternoon at two ,, . |>>. h K*->
iH. I*, lihoa-lw, pas ’or of 1 he l ust M K
Ichurr-h will off . late Interment will
be mad* at Mount K«>*e cemetery
Farole Board Met.
tlar v met yesterday afternoon at 1 »•
star* Inatitotlon in 1 a . > at trie
uda of -
board bif pnvnt md «
on s* v * r a I application* f.*r p«p.ie ll.w
sver. the report Will pot be made pn till
.until the »ame Its* l.e**n sent to *io\«i
Bor Glass n< k at Charleston and re
turned Th"»* present at the meeting
w*r* War let. M 1. Ilrown J A »'..♦*> I.
. W. I>. Alexander and He«'»tary Roy
To lit* Ent art element.
Ths board of the ,SuIi<Im> • ...| of the
First M K church of this city la rmk
lug extensive prepsrat* p« r«r a big
Christmas entertalnr* nt to !*♦ h.dd
.ths auditorium of the 1 hiin h on Xn.a
It will be • ailed. pay «ia> and
rmill t># very beneficial to . :l m**inbet*
rOf the BuniUy ath«l Following la
.ths members of t\» committee In nrg
for ths affair Miss Helen Henderson.
»Mrs. J H Maker Mra a \\ Wit . r
.man Mra B F It n '* and Mrs A T
LA mold Th* commit »*.• will hold a meet
ling In the very neat future art I »n»
T>lats plana for the affair
Bad Cross Stamps.
* Th* sals of the little Red <‘rnae Heals
waa Mailed ip nds « iiy yeat«-rday ami
wilt nn «a!e at (ha different stores about
the rlty The committee in riwnrce of
thu sfTnr are working hard to make t *; »
7^ar a record-breaking season and many
hundred ataims were dlspo*. | of ves
turduy The Worn ana <*luh of the First
M, iu Church and th# fnluetrl.il i*lrc|#
of fhe First Presbyterian church hav#
charge of th# sales
Democratic Club to M*et
Th# Mar- all t ‘ mty I »• mo. tat Flub
Will meet Wedne***' .y evening f> ••vnt»»*r
1 • t h In the dr« uif court room at the
cnurthnu**#- T’ . ornt’i'tt* •• appointed
at fhe I • 1 ». ##f nr t 1 copal
tlon and bvlaws will mb-t in the after
noon to prepatr Its report.
To Z.*cturs 9 >nday.
Arrangements have 1*. p completed
for 9 lecture 1
turn of th* First M H rbur* 1 on n \t
Sunday evenini Mi . am |*n
Held organlrer c*f the Y'Mirir M**i
Fhrlstlan Association wilt deliver :
of this city |p ;»n ortranlxatlon of t a
kind for Mounds* 111*
Bull Funeral Today.
rant ml service* over th< f
this afferpoon from t e In t hnm* •* *
1 Sh i#'» lock T* # p t n r .f f,«. f*o|,
erts ftldge 1 •
ferment will ♦ • run > m t I: . rt *
Midge cemetery
Toho r-marsl Thie Wornlag.
TtlVter.it •*:*».** «,Ve- f». r« ntaln« of
th# late I,erni;. | Y' ' will I. . Id r» 1
Morning »t ' n «*' ’ •• ' fr t* . 1 ,?.•
rsgld. rp-e Tr • vr. n \\ t.k*n
TlCM Will I ft, I vMIt I
nusd# in t 1 ur vsrd «* ti . lery.
Monndaelils F*tsfs.
Ths f' c: •■iMu.ii i*. t 1 s \ n
Will hold .1 n nT . f , . Mr . ■ s f„,
the Jl-t. | n ■ t *•., «| . f r..*r
•Waa anno.in. .d t . .. c .Jur • ^ \ «
f#rda >
Miss Forest If-.l* who hns hern r*n
hn#«| to *r I •*!>.. w't nn illness is tri>
proving *d* v
Ib-ib I of Ut.Tf.-n. W ya .
15c a Pound
N>» lit* of Knxiah Walnut*. IV
can«. Itrazila. Pillions a..ii Almond*
Pure. fresh anil aooil We have f,n
Jurist le» of c r-nm anil »perial mix
tures eellliiB for
10c a pound.
Chocolate Creams. He a pnnnil
Fanrr manra'onl flr In five ,inimi|
toxea, 05c.
\>» iota of I'htliulelphla Cream.
Neufrhatel and Pimento I'hi-**'
Reliance Flour 70c a «sek
“Pure Food »tore’*
I*?. Slther Phone 1044 Market St
And we couldn't do ih *t
unless we won your "nod will
this year.
So, you see, we have a
strong, selfish and impellin
motive for wishing to surprise
you in clothes values.
Geo. W. Fox
C krthtrr, I iirni«-h«-r nnrt flatter.
No. l.'tIO M»rW St.
iWt K (V» r» ••
McFadden’s —The Men’s Store
Ihe Men’s Store
girts you the choice of hunched*
of articles that will make accept
able and useful . . t %
For Men and Boys
srrr cases
or Traveling Bags make
handsome gifts. We have
plenty of them—imitation
leather, matting or real
leather - *11 sizes —
BN** to 915.00
Soft hats, stiff hats, stitched
cloth hats or velour hats for
men or young men—
91.50. 91.8*8, 92.50
$7 velour hats for 91.BS
make ideal gifts—every pair
good- tans, blacks or pat
ents lacc or button—men's
or young men's—67 styles—
92.08, 93.50. 9 1
Special value shoes for hoys
— lace or button—black, tan
or patents—all sizes—
I for men or young men—
P white or figured vests-all
B sizes —
91 to 95
japonct. cambric or linen
handkerchiefs, with any let
ter. A to T, for—
10c three for 25**
12yzC, 25c, ISC
for men. young men and
boys—all colors, all styles,
including the new large col
lar style—
ISC, f»Sc, SI.DS
82. DS, 84.08, 8«, SS
fine balbriggan. cashmere „
wool, lambs wool or silk
socks some in fancy Christ
mas boxes —
12' 2<*. 25C, 50C
Golf Gloves at 2V and IV.
Fur Gloves Sl.oft to S.‘t.*>G,
and fine Silk Lined Kid
Gloves for—
DSC, 81.50, 82
New patterns just in for
Christmas plain or plmtc.1
white or fancy—all sizes
ISC. 75c, DSc, 81.50 I
The Store With the Prices
■ 1122 and 1121 Market St.. Whet line.
i»n f»|.. ndtnc a few d.iys with friends an I
M'iatd l*M ill » !:|S • tt> .
S. T. fourlw right. «ho h«S l.ren lilt
f-»r th** p-tw, mx we* k*t in Improving. I
ami i;*hy \»slte i Is stura on j
J* if* i e« r. avenue
Mrs \.i . M iMfw f. | ! S‘*n ha\e re- i
t iti t*. t .r home ai I rtchei tile. •».,
• . Paul f • m ■ w »t i !
i l.» five* n t!»l« « It \
M." I'i .• II.*pp. t* n- her in the
* J1 •• n«t ile k .••ots ..■* . online*! to h**r home
* tit ;« s. v. re * old
i*r \: r • .it.f.ton *r i wi> mil
: . . it • i
• • »t at d!... l.»f..r** going t**
\\ ■•*•* Usr to |* wide
Mi-s Mi.Ik "iii• *11 is will return to her*
l "nii- .*t Akrot . ul.m, t •»*!*»>. ,iP*t *|ien>l«
lux tli»* past f- w days with friends at. I
relatives • I
Jess |nii«.-v I* ft vest* ntay mornlnc
f r Kvrren St..1: to M .-T.*l .* few!
•»;•>• wit* fti»T.d- ,r*.1 r.latlv.s
Th - h-touts It'd *»» or. .sir... whl.h
atf. .1 r.l at f•.*•*. . ..| i all Tt*e* l *y
• i * • I* ft > e ii • r lit rig for S: - -
I t# Ills
Hayden Marshall. » f «’hhago. 11) . is
•.- •i .nr .i few days w, \lr. sn.I Mrs
" A I- I m!/*-IJ .»i«l f.i n.. 1 y of fifth 1
i m *?•*!•
' l* Ault !• fsnflned to hi* home on '
Jeffers..i av.n-ie wttt, an illness.
J S' V.txwell is spending a fear da vs
t* t . friend* .ifd relatives at Alderaon. i
\\ Vh.
'■ ‘*11 M • k* v :«n 1 daughter are,
' • 1 1 - with frlcnAs .-»t
•'I1 I* I" I'hitk left yesfrr'iffV iwirtt
I** r'T dr.ttt' i. w -r** Mir will spend ,
| *• w •**'* wit» »<*r Midland. w o is
employe 1 tb*te
. * *r ' J H ,ft f‘ 1 *"‘*rlv of this city.
I t now of Ii, • ,»*.?. ., npet line a
J wr •.**» with relatives I * re. I
!"•' , T. .. lor ,J I
• M.ittri
Beulah Poynter
i n.
* I I
I. .‘*5. 2S In ?*> ]
M ni*p and TuMlay frai . Dar. 1*.17
COWAN * MAflRll Pr*f»r ♦
OFFICER (if,*,
Or IK r ,->«< 1»V'/
■ nrtulnii Yor» c»«t
»• \TB TltmiTHT: »Sr to |1 V*
T: Ktioa Ti.aa’r*.
1 • ^ . ' V
' »»•! • • ' • . K t A- f
**• «> W*"» K*t*H
*» !*• Ma* • r* , pr|
• * . aM !» f§ f*rtra*, &», ia«. si,.
Th. b«-»f I.lurn in »♦,«• elry to ti„»n
i of an kln4f, oi idlflnf, laf|ti**r*
. »r r an*l n* Holla »w at fbo
Wheeling Plaling &
Polishing Works,
Comt, toff and Allay 1$
National Phone *j4 f.
Bet Mg Collection in Altai Monntnira
Siberia and Mongolia.
" ASII1N.;t.T\ — j_|>r
• MSM, ..r the Mu-*.Ur) ,.f
i HiDllvt loolnay of Harvard ColS'ic*. ul.i
\ llollieler. ■ f 111* divleion of niamii.nl*
’ N 11' r • M o | , ,
l"r lour itioiithn .ti a al c\j.*d'*
No- lit •• A 1 * al Mount i . .. „ „.
MmssaIis. have returned to thin rout*. >
'•in* -in-1 rf dm. n* ..r rVia'i'it.' ►
of • • A T MT.iint.iln r. . ... . -r
m j!j?n.,:r.’.'t«* n''.",nN
Hl:i th# r> i-etim A! »lar\*r.|. T a «• -
l.-t-.n u . ij hr di%v-i ... u....n lh«Ac
h* • .riwtitufi«»n*
, |,T • n.l M VlflliAtrr I?, f
fr .f,. Nru I .rU. M..v 2J fV
»• n. »*• |f r ; .

• »lan Krt*h\i'il h «
t ' M'»| tr!;. int.. V .rtf.rrn \|. *(4. * ,
•" % u I I. . fUr native N.»>r*k* ,, ,
a t'.. *i ..f 14 h<>'lie a Ur rr t ,k n ,.t
ii r# neni
1 tobaccos j
blended tosuit
the taste of
those who
know, accounts
for the enormous
sale of FATIMA
Cigarettes. We
can givej'ou that
extra quality be
cause the pack
age is simple and
Bau'ae Pointer To-night
- r-u.ah I'nynter m h-r la'e*t
^ucc e**. \ Kenturkv Romance. will I
or *’ 'h- “»»« <be«trt
or three day*. «'art!ng to-night, with
j Qik'iQfc on Sftiuraay
The. play develop an lnt*re*'in«
Plot of an art|. . Kir| »ho f,1;, lu
Move wl'h. and secretly marries the
! »<>n nf « proud widow, who had picked
another choice »..r him Tb- widow
.emir* of her *„n s supposed mar
r.age and the *#.r, in turn, in order
to secure a n#-.-d. 1 »utn of money,
deniea that he m.rried “Cynthia"
Ttis breaks uj> the drat part of the
romance; i ynlhia“ goes to New
>«rk. become. * Mar of Broadway,'
and l^e Jameson her huabatid. trai-1
el* ati-oad. hut In the end. of course,
marital trouble* adjust themselws
** rl» f*c tort !>
•‘Offsetr 666.**
At th*« Court to-mom>« morning
go on fur *h«* «*tigag< turnt
of “Officer wh'ch will be here
on Monday and Tuesday. December
1C ar 1 17 ,\ most engaging anrlea j
of Incidents, sustained b> a low- In
terest that appeal* because of Its slu- :
cer'.tv. a proper tangle of plot, which
Is Ingeniously raveled and then a*'
artfully unraveled, a number of sharp i
dramatic clltnaxe« and r»t >hnii*. aadl
above all h sustained, wholesome and
refreshing qual.ty of run combine to
make "Officer t'.e.O" tli«j le't fare#* In
year* The piere furnishes many
mysterious moment that are ail the j
more enjoyable because of the »ub-1
ftnntia! ad laugh compelling quality 1
of It* story. The #-ntlre Now York
nrclnat cast, with George Nash and
Edward Abides in the prtat Ip ii roll ■
will be se< n here with the complete
production direct from two y.-ars at .
the Gaiety theatre, v w York city.
“Girl of My Dream*.”
Frank Smithson. th* veteran stage
producer, declares that the musical
play. “The Girl of My Dream*,” In
which John Hymn* and Leila Mr i
Intyre an* co-starring, and which he'
stared for .lev M. CM*on. I* the most 1
perfectly constructed pt«*ee that he
has even seen So far it has not been !
necessary to change n line of the houk *
or lyrics, or th** position of any of |
the music. This Is very remarkable.1
is most musical comedies cf to-day
are hits of artistic theatric mosaic In
whlc hthe producer is the master
mind, aided by th* manager, actors,
scenic ariists. costumers and. lastly,
authors of book, lyric* and music.
Mr Smithson is an Englishman,
whose fir<t work In New York was
“The Girl from I'arl*,” which lie pro
duc'd In 190% at th»* Herald Square
theatre fnr K E. Rice, playing the
tart of the irrascibte major Sine**
, hi r •cord ha* been one of con
tinued success The play return** to
I fourt for matin**** and night per
formance* next Wednesday, Decem
ber 18.
At the Orpheum.
The excellent K« itti vaudeville of
fering that will open at the popular
Orpheum Theater with a matinee thi*
afternoon and continue for the fast
i • f of this week is a* follows: for
nell and Wilbur, comedians with aero
' ha tie stunts and knockabout tricks.,
Smith and Zito. expert musical niamp
u la tors on many novel muHiral It*
st rumen! * L ng and Foster, of Yale
and Princeton Fullege. playlet. Mor
' ris :»r.*l Dean ley. in a rip roaring
laughing comedy talking art Owing
to the big PticcesH of the It C Whit
r.*-y “Maid of Nicobar” musical com
edy art. th*- management is holding
it ov* r for the entire \\»*ek. This act
is a most delight,ul one. and eon-!
tain* many splendid musical number*
that are Mine in a read prlma donna
f. -Iiion by Mis* Maud llomer. A new
'nature will be added to the act for
the Inst three days of thin week in
the way of a !ob*ferscopc. a great ef
I* t. at the tlnlsii ot the act. showing
all the pretty ciris :•* dancing
witch***. The matinee this aftern«*on
will start a* usual at 1!:30
Two Negro Attorneys Angry Becsjte
Champion Married White G*rl
and Refuse to Serve.
rilK'VJO, I»t II l;trk Johnson s
atoms)!*. W H \nder*'»n and K II
Wright, appear***! in the I n|t»» | States
f|.-frp-r mur* |i><lay to ask that their
' name* he stricken from the records
] i: 3 for the fighter
The lawyers. who t»c** hnth colored,
'said t!»•»! Jobii«otu recent marriage
to I,nr tie fvamemr a white girl, wan
4 -approved hy them to hh extent
that thev did no care to be longer
associated with him.
Wright and Anderson represented
Johnson In the white si five* ease** vet
to In- hoard
Johnson appeared In the mutifeip .1
court today to answer to m rharg**
of as .nit and battery brought hy a
newspaper photographer, whom John
son |h alh ged to have struck With a
Hearing of the case was d* ferrod, J
Oscar Undsr^ond Oesirsy to 5ss the
Tariff Hearings Concluded by
the End of January.
H XfMIfNOTftV ftec II 1 want
to see the fadft h«* .rings concluded
hr tl • of l of January 'l he ways
and mean- comm tier* will ' ne a
rh iii«’*» ft* work out the rough drift
of n l»;tl for the ur** of the nr* »»*«
end p'* at fmi ffilttse after the pres
♦ tit cm rrs * spir* «, March • -aid
Item ^Ui trader rM"ri<»od today
The rrr mitfr-e. of which he Is chitr
man. already In fortified wl»h sh*»
Mr f'nd’rwood r# * »rd« as v*ry full
Information r» cardlnr all the tariff
st h* duler hill the eomtrlttre. hy
ad. |MtJf a *eh |ulr of hearing*. he
litu nr Jatiusfr •!, profwe. s in allow
eye^\fH*dy Inter# «*r.| an opporfim tv
to g've Itiformation on anv puftlrutar
st^eduh Mr f’nderw»-»od poiknhlf
y 111 introduce, tomorrow, a resolu
tion ’o authorise addlftonal oyprrt as
•Winner |*» C'»na**cfiou wHh the pro* j
posed tariff r« vision
XreaU—fn*t *1 MindWerrh'Sfs. any
•U*r, 10c 12 >c, 25c McfADDCNS
Worn Out. Run Down Win Rjpidly
Recover* w-th United Doctor*
It is surprising to know the num
ber of people • ho seem to be forever
out of sorts for one reason or an
other anil not know the cause of it.
Sometime- it |- 0m- thins and some
lime* another, bul It i* nearly always
some ailm* nt directly or Indirectly.
Mr. Reynolds. In mentioning his
ease. say-. Iti part "There ari. msnv
people throughout the country who
are af!1le'*-d as I haw- been, aud thi*
mc-»»ge to them should g is them
"For the last eight months I
haven't felt normal or healthy nor
hav* | enjoyed life as 1 should have
I had a nervous breakdown eight
month* ago and this may b n- cans- d
this condition, though I had also a
l ad v-ought for the !a«t three months.
I always felt out of sorts since my
sickness and if was my good fortune
to Immediately And ■ good doctor
who could aid me at the brat turn
Friend* recommended the I'nited
I Hit tor* f the specialist* who have
their Wheeling institute in the Mc
Lain building, til Twelfth streett and
I went to see them 1 have taken
their treat no nt only one month and
now I feel normal and fine and mjr
couch ha* left me I w II continue
treatment n little lonio - and 1 am
sure I will then be entirely well."
(Mr Reynold* lives at Tenth
street. Htreator. Ill t
The I’nited Itoctor*' work i* well
known to Wheeling people, for they
made many remarkable cure* here
a* well as In other Inmtltute- through
out the country. The I’nited ltootom
trent amorc other diseases and ail
ments. deep-seated and chronic dis
eases of the nerves, blnotl. kidneys,
heart, liver, spine, bladder, skin. In
cluding rheumatism, call stones,
goitre, indigestion, dyspepsia, neu
ralgia. cancer, tumors. paralysis,
epilepsy, and diseases of men and
disease* of women.— Adv.
Primary Election To-day.
The voter# of W ..I wdl l old a
primary «.et tlon to-.iflv betwe*r» t' •
! our* "T 1 an-l #| ni. to m.m.iw?* fmri
I i!t;*.(ii • ■ »r.didNte- t-.r t ie -fiiu? • -*
mayor, r- • ..r b r -ml * ..tin. .1.... n TI
vtitthK* p» »• • w»U #t the • «Mer War
wood ||M«. l.oU't < • •» | men have teen
>i-KKi Stol for .v.l the |<l.t« *» I • I'M filled
rio I : m* pal f.* t w.il he op » *• no:i..
r.at on f*.r mayor. between t* ..ill - II
I •• w ler. t‘ •• prewelt! fit t 1 r. an*l U •"
Kuf.r. .»l pn#* nt m e ol ti e t*«»un< In** n
tro ii North M .in»un.| \1i 1 *ow ler ha#
proved liltt.-eir a t.or...urhly • ;»p:»« l
'.fi . »i dt rllu.* Ms In uriit — r. y. d*v-t»h*
i»o:< . ! . turn- at.d attention t town
.41 f aire. ti li t a uu* nuiu-ei *f • itifcen#
i!• ► ir. hih • ••ntlloiun e in to office. Mr
Kui.r .* #l*o >« competent man. wnii
or.aider.i • .♦* Mt|*.rien e In f»ubll<* affair*.
botii in \\ ..I and in iblmi*. oho
w l.e | entiled I efi.ro • .»lh TUC ..efe
nil * *-.e hi*# .1 etronu and rnthu# •*#tt
follow In . who |.r*-dh t h:# noth nation
Vh- tig t f .i i • • order will al#o be inter
--’.r.. . a- Kr.ir a Klim hi.<I ii A Alexan
der «.if dhl.it. # for the rn.rr u it •!» »r**
hidh men, and rain will ier**nre a
laifc — Vote Mo) * ti ah i do/.»li (.Mine#
• *v been #Ua-« # le>l for toe muii iOiifi
. iman:• p ■ •#ith»r.«. nnl th- fi»r"t fn
bon.in.ition iwtw«-**n sfo'n*l «»f CV* in will
l.e far from tame.
Moving p.tturo Photograph*.
I *urln«r t » p et f* s day # protogr.ip «-r«
for fiiuv Tik p lure film • *ii punl* • have
. •-f. h:|*-y Me.ul .hk #t#n#* «d jnter«#t ft*
i \. in.tv. In addition to . t: . r view*.
irwl t numbs ■ r i*«od picture* w#r<
f -k* n of the men . t wor# lrt th* vat to .s
ft:.lent# ..I t i- VN.irwo.. I Tool W 'k
il i# under#!--»d t • -• ph t - are h. ••
- own n tne mov ii** j u ture -how t«. e
opeiie 1 In t • «M> >..«rk*t A uditorlt.:ti,
\\ (.relink. totter It# • olnplvtlon.
Brirfu and Personal*.
T 1 metal of Andrew K.idler w *#
held front tile I'hurct, of |f e **., red
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wi.int It*' lather It'.MMiiiH* . t ■ f •
tot. • •-.*'• • *ed i re-i i>* in niM-M in wm-b
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■V. ... Will#. Martin of « amhfi.lar. ...
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tri W^f* rnt.1
a* »«*»>».: *.f / ith Ward •»»•!, l**ft
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n^nl i' *• a*t.t-.r d-i»n r. !«tu.-»
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f • ' * a • • ■ ia» .. Rtur.l) ra ..
Xmii-Mtfi Dl.irkdt f)a#H PobTv,
S3 SO. S4W. $7 SO. Mcr ADDLN S.
Th« n t i><* m..n.*»nr(v In fh* lifn
: d r n t'io rn*m#* a m.^n to r«
Got fht Original and Gtnnlna
Tha Food-drink for III Igatt
For Infant*. Inv.tlidt.and ( ',rnwm * t hiklren.
I’ur<- Null iln «i, up buiklinp the whole body.
In* iynr,M« the nurMny mother and (lie ayrd.
Ill'll m l, malted pm, m powder form.
A qairk lanrk prepare ' in a minyfr. .
Take no aokatitate. Atk for HORUCK S.
Hot In Any Milk Trtami
American prepi* ma\ hr extra'stent in th* r *«'••*: t th. k
f | . j
th«- h kk« vtloos whrh follow ar** in ipkkI »»rl r
Kvery housew f# has trouble with ir.*n pans and about* »- k. c.
and with enameled ward's, craok rc Wh\ r.**t m*e her ^ r
kitchen set of aluminum wrare which csin.d rurt. era* k . r t rr .t.|
is aim* «• wrcai pm f?
IWe ha\ • a ful* line of thla w.»re ► h as j ■ p.%ns r . - a
kettles, skillets. coffer |w»ts sfkvina, * h.i* i r h*h* «•**, j.. r x
tors. etr„ also rombln.ttion purrs which *- r . as »• .» k j
doul>l* holler, dinner bu< krt. fr>1r.g p«ns in«| keu
This jk thr ware that save* jjm fuel an I letup, r *. v. ia
Here’s More
Co*ee MacH.net
Coffee Perce 'atore
Cat sere lea
Carving Sets
Fmeless Cookers
Asbestos Iren Sets
Butter Machines
Power Workers
Food Choppers
West# Basket*
Kitchen Cabmets
Table G
Hot Roll Baskets
Porcelain Caroal Sets
Sp ec Cabinets
Baking D>shes
Chafing D>«hes with Forks
and Spoons
Universal Cek# Maker*
Universal Bread Makers
Bitse's Carpet Sweepers
Clothes Hampers
Work Basket*
Open Stock China
Hot Water Plates
Sternau Coffee Machine,
Copper or Nickel (fir in
$7,50 Value . ©0.4o
1126 28 30 MAIN STREET
J + #
John Friedel Co. J
! Special This Week <
J #
50c Character Dolls. 35c *
^ 25c Salads and Fruit Bowls ,. 19c ^
* 75c to $1.00 Chop Plates. 59c *
J *
S i friedeus \
0 1119 MAIN ST. 0
S Special Holiday Offer
Sewing Machinesj
9 This machine is acknowledged the peer of am on
I™ the market, with many distinctive and exclusive points
ot merit. The reason the
price is not so hkh as
other Jirst class machines
• i> that the I’alace i« satis
I lied with a reasonable, or
dinary commercial profit.
And from these low
prices you are allowed a
Discount for
Cush of lO(jt
But This Christmas Otter
is that you may secure any style machine in the line at
the com price on the CLUR PLAN. We will allow the
Wrr to be deducted—
you enter your name—
pa\ $2.00, and at the rate
of $1.00 a week for the
balance. Does this not
solve your Christmas
problem ’
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