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" I
Don't aputl your I'hrte'ryaa for went of a Itttla money We will ■
•upi.iy you with .11 you ..e., ■
Iw.fl'l let t tie Olfinttwar -to k 'UP of >p pur lo\ Pi) ones go empty ■
elmily tperau.e >ou are t. ioLp.pf.rll> Short or muiir) ■
‘ 1“ up We ran '“if you nil them IB
... "" "l“ 1 "■*" >• '' " > *< will loai i Bri Mhn '»r> ted
«P.liars, twenty-nvo dollars ..r s'lto.r amount \op may n.e| MB
Tour hcpuaetiol.] k1 M'i". I t.n.. t.atn or other ;—t»oo.pi pf .a.rty
will h- go.ol «.••!. ity and tt . ir.ools elll rettaln It, . ur poaeaesUplC M
■°» ha.e plenty of tuna la which to pay oK the loan. yj
*°» eat hare Ima one to tweleo months time. n
can pay weekly, or manly or aa row may desire K
tea make permeate ao email yoa will not feel them. H
We will glee yoa fall amount yoa aak for la cash |u
w* will allow yon a Literal rebate if the Iona la paid before B
»*tme of the tertne ..r our t.e» weekly pe yroenl plan. B
allowing y.o, nrtv k- to pn> off I an M
I i °ur "**'■ «'* " ■ an.e to . v. ryt.tMl> We do not tary them
5 Our contract- aI. easily understood
If you need money nil out the following blank and mail
It to us, and our agent .ill ..ill
• NAME . .
A! > i. i •: .... _ m
CIT1 lilt Tt l\\ \*.. ■
A Mi "t' N'T WtNTIlIl . B
• —■ .. . ..
ill in 1'! I
*' *^v^^*^* SW °*' *\^ III || n ^
£ A Watch for Christmas \
’ j ! j ^e have experts who give their »n- J
|; II Op/ tire time to this department. The jL. !i
‘ I'O I.ukens reputation for quality forbids Q I
l|j pT that they show any time piece tha* is >Kjj|,
'll nor of the highest grade. Ws£M '
''!y^ Repeaters. Split Second. High Grade rjjjj;,
• 53k Swiss and American Varches are dis- TSo!' !
'jiitTj played. Cj|{
■W' Your attention is directed to a 17- ^Hlll
'1 iLQ jewel adjusted watch for r.en whirh L.jJ j
MT sells at #17.00. J
Also to Ladies' small Chatelaine mod
,i|j els that are exceptional values at • J’L I
|| r\ 910.r>0, *12.00, #20.00 and #23. j
■j iii<Vy Select vour Christmas gifts at Lukens I
j| Our store is open every evening.
II |||inK5^^QrG|r I
. ■ ™ ■ ..... ... ..... ... tiiimii j
For One Week Only, Beginning December 9th.
Weslin^house G]A lb.
$2.75 Each
Regular Price $5.00 Each
Latest Improved Type, Guaranteed.
Come at Once. Price Good Only While Stock Lasts.
H. S. Sands Electric & Mfg. Co.
47 11th St., Wheeling, W. Va.
Open Saturday Evenings.
of Wheeling.
v' ah Assets of $3,000.000.00
its Patrons and Depositors that Security and
Service which is possible only in an institution
of Iar?e capital and conservative methods.
. 4/c Allowed on Time Deposit*.
Open Saturday Evenings 6 to 8 o’Clock
A List of Our Customers
A Complete Business Directory
Wheeling Tent & Awning Co.
1202-04 Water S*—•
Beginning With tr>« week Preceding
Xm*e Everything Will T»k« On
An Xmu Suggestion.
At this season of the year we are
all more than keen regarding the hol
iday affairs Whether old or young
*® are all affi-cted by the Christmas
coming and there Is something in the 1
very air that stirs us and makes us
happy and wish to do things A little
poem runs:
Every day is a king n birthday
W hen Lot- 1m ten n.
And b.-st of si I alons life* way
The kine conies to rest sml stay.
Whrn love la (xirn
—Waiter U. l>oty in Pu k.
This Is too true and we should all
stop to consider it and apply It. Now
with the Christmas spirit pervading
the atmosphere w« should all try to
celebrate the King's birthday In one
way or another With children in the
family it is Impossible not to become
Imbued with the joys which the com
ing of the Christ child brings We all
wish to be children and hang up out
stockings and dream of the days when
Christman seemed more real to us.
Society is busy one way or another
arranging for the holidays
Every lunetiou will take on a Christ
man suggestion from now on.
tbw m**ri> • 'hristmu* chopper.
Ilut for K*M..]n**i»'< nakp don't atop her!
L.ct her hike alor.* her jaithwav.
1-et her pa** y..u with a emlle.
Though > mi k*i her. don’t detain her,
^,,r ti e fact could not he plainer
That IT you two not to chatting
Vou will merely block the aislw
[>*» n«»t a*k her how* nhp'n feeling.
It her eiater'a baby’* peeling
hr.im that awful scarlet fever
or If twill afTcrt her mind.
i»'*nt ln«iulre about her mother
Lir lor nephew or her brother.
Fan the Idle iro««dp. lady.
There’s a crowd of ua behind.
I »o not n*k her what’e *he knitting
i»r * hrorhptlnic for a fitting
f.lttle f'hrtstmu* rift thin *ea*»on
If >'ou *•* started she
” 111, relate her whole life *tory
All It* trarefly and rlory.
And there * full tw • hundred people
Trying hard to walk on ine.
See the merry Oiriatma* whopper.
,5\\!.r"r. «‘M,,lber»* * ke don't stop her!
**Jl’*‘* ** n° **b't that you ran think r*f
That is really now worth while.
I.et tor ro about her buying.
Thoughi to rps-ak to her vnu'rw dylnr.
Cut thl* out this ('hHotmai xe^on.
1-et h have freedom In the a:*i#
Clover Club Masquerade.
The Clover club will give :in enjoy
able Masquerade party at the Bridge
port Opera house on the evening of
rw-cember It The committee s com
posed of Philip l-entr and Clyde Tice.
A fine time la anticipated and there
will bo many young people in attend
Sophomores Entertain.
Soph.-m.-re Clues o' Wheeling High
school will entertain on Friday even
ing The girls In the rinse In the
domestic science deportment will
scr\- the lunch and the affair will be
In the nature of a ‘‘get acqulnted*’
Arion Kaffee- Visits.
The members of the Arion Society
will enjoy another of their kaff.r
\ idles at th-lr club in the South Side
this afternoon and evening. The
tables will be decorated in tiny Xmas
trees and oth. r articles suggestive of
the coming holidays Euchre nnd
Five Hundred will be played from 1
to 5 and handsome prizes w III be
awarded. Mrs. Chari- « Xort-man la
chairman of the Committee In rharg •
and a tine lime Is anticipated bv all.
Th.- menu will Include delirious bsked
^ Irglnln bam, msshed potatoes, aspar
gus on toast, potato salad, pickles,
hot biscuit and all other delicacies
with desert of Ice < ream and rake.
Th- Slipper will be served hot „n 1
plenty for all Th- committee |n
charge Is Composed of Mesditm.s
Charl.-s Xort.man. president. Ilenrv
!■-II. Mary K<e h. Edmund Klrchn* r.
Robert I.lnsey. Can taing. Merman
le hman. George l.ob. nsteln. .? hi, .
Medlrk. George Philips, tlu- Xort. man
August Ro.kal-rnt.d, |>,r|c| Reeves
Kate R-th. Anton Rleberson. Miss
■dura Kratr. Ml-- |r. tic Kr-ltcr, Miss
Katherine Horntg.
Worn in’s Club Meeting.
This tifternoon In the »>. P. IV.
hall, th- gen-rnl me.-ting of th- Wo
man's Club will he held nnd will la
under the ait'plcrs .,f the r'l, || j(,..
p irlment e* th- Woman's c|uh. with
**r' A Wlls .n cbnlrman. Mr
■ harl-s Weller. S. r.tnrv of the Re.
creation und I’ln-grounds Aesocii
“Thank Heaven, That
Itching is Gone!"
“One Tench of ZZMO-and the Relief
I* Sublime. Try It, Folks!”
**° my. O my, what a blwwd
IfW" •ufT-rlr.rf th»* m«»«t
awf il tortur* for months. arvl
ihlrica raJora. ZEMO la magic. Tha
flr*t ttma I applied ft. avi itrhlng
•topped. Now I ran slarp night*. and
llfr Is worth living'*
ZfCMO Ip g n»n- w »ndrr—* ttnnfd,
”**' *• #»«ran«rrd to nl p It hinr.
AWnf I'l r^rfpd, ar«rm* |nin« an I m,rrt.
16 »f»«pa daridn f? In a hurry. It li tm.
S«|u«lrd for prukly baa*. Irrltatad and
fnrt*mad rktn. •h'n t|<trk^s. aoras,
bttra, at Inga and pimpt.-* You <ao*t
flnf anything Ilk* It. atrrply brratiaa
thrra a nothing Ilka y.KMo known or
•nil t«day.
ZKM*» will hr g aurprlaa to you fti«t
aa It haa l»*rn .<% mrpr.-#- to fhouaands
wrh * Vttva *lr- tdr tr »| It.
I'on't mlM It f«r 26 «anta Whan
you h*v- pnvn with o .%-,*»♦
tla >, V r. . h.«t. , KM. | la In your
own satlafi-t ‘-n, than you * an hoy a
• - «M
•»»» h aa tha 2}.rrnt hottla.
Z# mo |« *o|d and g*i traofard hy f*l *•
f? «|oafrr 4 * « >f|t 4 f|r«*.|. 1»rl lr.
port and Martina V-try. »»hl«. J.-t.n It
t :-*m. WriM ,rf. \\ Va Will I*. ,
fo.ind«» lla. \\ \ ,» I »irik«or |h |
iifo> i l»arnia<y. IIHIali*-. « »h»o.
The bad taste in your biscuits, cake* and peatry comes from
mierair Baau* Powder. You'D never find it when usir4
the purest and best at any price.
1 lb. 20c.—;; lb. 10c.—% lb. 5c.
__ AH good Grocer* *ell it or wiU gel it lor you.
tlon will be pre*-nt to give a talk
to the ladles. All members are urged
to be present ss ih~ talk will be of
interest to alt.
Supper and Social.
A supper and social will be gives
ai the Trinity lai’h>ran church.
Thursday evening, under the suspire* '
<»f the Woman's Horne at 1 Foreign
Missionary Socle! i There will he
plenty of good ihlrir* to eat and many
fine needle work articles for sala.
Entertains Class
Members and friends of the Key
stone llible Class of tbe Stone Church
Sunday school weer delightfully en
entertained Tuesday evening by the
teacher. Mrs A F Kuble. at her home
in Kim lirvtve. The home was arils- !
tlcallv decorated in the class colors
and the appointments were of a pretty i
nature. Games and music were the
dlvt rslon of the evening and at an ap
propriate hour a delectable luncheon
was served.
Those who enjoyed the affair were
Misses Ada Caldwell. Ida Woodruff.
Katheryn Baird. Cora Frasier. l.eora
Campbell, Anna Robinson. Kthyl ■Key
ser, Eleanor Stein. Mary Walter. Hen
rietta Smoot;, Jessie Coffleld. Eliza
beth. Jones. Wilma Hrltt. Mabel Hal
left. 1 wra Lindsav. Anna lluchon. Ed
na Atkinson, and Ruth Ruble
Messrs Peabody Atkinson. Jack Gra
ham. Lester Crow. Hugh Nichols.
George Jones, Guy Lind.-uy. Harry Hal
leti. Elmer Mondal, Oliver Pryor.
Willis Crow. Sidney Hildreth. Otto
Ptec liman. lister Waller. Russell
Ca.-h dollar. Raymond Bower. Roy
Hawkins. Elmer Vanre. John Creigh
ton. Raymond I-ewell'n. Walter Hand.
Fred Mushon. Clyde Rice, and William
Rev and Mrs 1„ » Leuellyn. Mr
and Mrs John F Farrell. Mr and
Mrs Harry Douglass. Mr and Mrs
t.. C llouglass, Mr and Mrs Harry
Mrennan. Mrs Ella Weidman. Mrs
Douglass and Dr. am! Mrs A F. Hub
Alpha Pi Dance.
The Alpha PI fraternity of Martins
Ferry will give their New Year dance
nt the Elks hall. Martins Ferry, on
Iwrem her 31. I lent field'k orchestra
will furnish the music. The commit
tee In charge Is composed of J E.
A Drama of the Moment
Extracted from Every r>ay Life.
The Cast.
Jonh Stoneface. an efficient shipping
Susy Stoneface. Ills devoted wife.
Their wise baby—and
Miss Polly Shlto. representative of the
“Klxem Capsule Co.**
Karly morning tn the Stoneface rot
tag© In the suburbs of Columbus. Ohio.
John Stoneface (Struggling with n
broken collar button, before the mirror»
Cosh darn It all’ Most times I can’t And
’em When 1 (In, they’re the kind Satan
wounldn't bother with
Susy Stoneface—(I»n her knees look
in* under the bureauI. Satan doesn't
use Vin M > I nM Thought I >a w
one. hut It's only this
(She fishes out a bent gold hair pln>.
John—(Coldly». Pine place to keep
hair pins’ Susy, wont you e\er learn
that collar buttons are collar buttons
and as su« It are sacred property, worthy
to b© kept In « INK place’ Pasy to see
that there wer*- no men In your family.
Susy—(dtggllngi ou forget l»ad
Somehow UK never swmrd to have such
trouble finding tiling*
John—(Curtly • fortunately, no. Of
course, your Mother wasn't always los
ing things, either die gives a vicious
tug to his collar, it rips wide open*.
11*— It* There, now it’s done for’ And
| 1 suppose you’ll tell me that the laundry
hasn f come bark.
Susy—( Frightened!. Maybe It hasn’t
I’ll Just run down an see
«She hurries down stairs while John
go* m tearing around the room i
John No <*dlars* No collar buttons’
Sl*»p. dust, dirt—Are kind of a ida> e to
! live In.
| Susy—(Coming bark. woe-begr*ne) I’m
so sorry, dear., but the man forgot to
, get the laundry ti ls week. I thought
i pot it riel t out • n iIn bo ^ i oreh
I where lie rould m- e It. hut somehow—
John * Kxnsperatedly i Somehow he
! wrent blind’ Now. Susy. I don t see why
. It should l*e hard to run this place'
Susy — 41 learning » la, rum* right In
•“ **>u must e*. us. the look# of the
pane, l haven't any girl.
Mis* Shinto—4 Walking Into the par
lor and noticing the dust and disorder)
Now >ou re the very p. »• n Mrs Stone*
fare, that I want t* re. Why. what a
IfVely hnh> ! i*«*ochy! gtMi.-h) ' goo—
Sus\ - 4 liea ruing » Yes. isn t he
sweet" lie# the I test thing* Never cries
at night or disturb* his father!
•Miss Shinto I'm nun he h just per
fe«t! Well, as 1 was saving. I huve
h* re a n.ost wonderful aid to young
housekeeper*, warranted to help ' them
In theti work, seep them bright arid
hupp), restore sunshine to darkened
homes ANI» pirt ttielr husband# In an
eternal good humor'
»«■) i i>elightedly) What* How
*'an ANYTHIN** do such a thing" It
m4t*t he .i work of genius*
• Suddenly remembering a warning
against agent# r
You W"ui<in't f«*o! me now"
Miss Shinto—Way. how • an you think
sucti a thing" When you've h«rn pointed
out to me as one of THK aim i intelli
gent. lupnMe A NT * Industrious young
won.en In town*
Sirs- Y es’ Yes! I><» 1*-1 me hear more
about It*
'll** Shinto—(Opening her satchel and
drawing out a small bottler !»•• you see
thi- little hot th of white capsules"
The baby—«S»r*trh!ng out its .and)
O—or.! i loo—rp>ooo—
k Miss Shinto No, darling. go*j canT
great, grown man. Then. MoU.tr will
give you some, herself.
Susy —Pont mind the hahy. Miss
Shinto, just tell me all about the pills
i Mis* Shinto « M> steriou*! v i You see
this smal: bottle" it contain* l*> i *ni «ll
powerful, white pTJs You regulate ..ne
to tt.e fifty pou* .Is if your husband
weigh* !*"• pounds, you give in> two. ;f
he weigh* I2»i» three—and so on!
i Platt* rlngly )
Itut l*m aur* he d«»*sn't weigh more
than a hundred and fifty
Susy « Wonder naly > And then what
Miss S'.into (With great authority!
Y"ii must follow the**. .nr• tlons. a mr
at.lv First. y.»u c..k him a nice in,, er.
Just as nice a* you know |mw Then you
J»ll l*.’*
HUS> I J'l«t feel like | m going to > |>
| I*n»i*t I try Ju«*t a* liar.l ua I know how**
Home! hi it g g »« a wrong, alway* at !»<♦•
; l.iat minute. • v«-r aim» Man Ann left
John Well, hav.u t l tol.i <rmi to g-t
another g rl? * »r w nilH you like >|»: to
i * oft.e hovre and run It.** bona. f.»r you?
• •. 1 H
•ure thin*, a ill i .hi i.g t , - -i
as the l»..I v K' fh a lillk obi r 1*4 *e*
I haven l * a.I mur 1 time. lately
John 1 Tr urballv *. It the meantime
am I to g.. d wi» loan W ITII M T a rol
lar button**
Hu*v W*»v, r » IM| Jn*t fix It up for
you with f |- v* |y g..| I h *i»y pin
John Well fire ahead u* V Ouch*
You're etb king »m *
1 After u»u- h wr.xgMng John c*'t* hi*
eojiar fl*e»| Hu-> run* itown glair* t->
flrn*h hr* «Hfa*t 1
John *tn th* 'lining room, (Having
Wl»h I e 1 .1 by 1 »;•..»• by ' I#.**. iy'
Ah. (here, p i»). hurry up, w.*n t you
with that to.ai *n.| « . fT- • It* eeyen
thirty, til*v.i| know lm p«»t a
king of high tlnar #
* iry ii’cniM . . k|* g mto t e H|n
•g to n will. 4 j h.i • . f I iri.t t‘»aar r
*■»'* han«l. a (.of ..f « •» .| .off..- in the
'they Ad el... mar* t . lath « .e |ri|.«
an «tnlrro.ni ftdlu 11, J* n. dear. f*ru -•»
eorry, w lie | tv »p fair* the toa*f
J**tin v.*. 1 kn ot, burnt .tain' Sever
rnlt 'l I w gotten *• iim I to It thi* wav
I .ot.IHr f m* tt any «.ther I wmjltn t
kfow how to r f if t uns* wer* |>« rfer*
W* >1. I t <| .n t e. e
John « I’dtlftg «*.t |)» | kto<w PHj
•ton t. J II get v • ■ 1 .« 1 .itr *.f rf <• t*>.1 , yt
•■9% my w iv i-offte from the f.»- *orv Th it
an‘ u n* w cwli, I sure will bring .die
I • ,
Hu . YnUb Jm tt *w «t. » thing
I*0* • mf, John. I think on re Harttrg n«*f
to*,** . r»iM hut d-mehow lat* »,*% .>•
third* l.e»n gotng w.ihuk
1 Hhe (.Uk* up th* I hy nnd lug* It »
It*. t.ouri#l to b» all right in. igli
•••». riowr that W ha% r- Otir 1««VI
John * Hmllh r lit* buhy » Ooor-hy*
• •mo h ' g . . I m gl *.| V* ». r• going to
»•* a MAN*' »tf if la* fall- r T..ou*n
ihvr tf 1 * you w ill h.« % e .mflsr button
f routd. i»k»
« A- h* ffoee Wit • It I v 4im f# SWfe
to look for a roitple of «l»«ren >f thn*.
hut tone * I .v * ev r« in t». i ,,f
tn. » lylfi * .«n* t He how*
HU a' I Will Hart «* «*n.*d-bv'
A* team a« h- k •*-• Ho \ mu tfown
Mt'l b"» ' the ImI v f il t h' g at the
!*»■*( and • »ffer
tn m lirrb while th* *|oor 1 * it ring*
u-v 'Tr.* I *e t». th* .| «.r t \>.
thi- te Mr- Ufon* fa. *
>!«*• |V lt Hh.nfo t With a little
Mar k *- tf« t ell I Hi .» mf,, ,
IV.II' Mhn.r • r >r< denting ft. Pip
* . p* u|e * - It* tern ». ..mm. r,«t. . 1
to ' «*»» a* o»»a * r »he m.*«« t'r»i.r*«*|. ^ !
voting m n ri**H w on.* n in u c ,.a*r ,,f
Copyright, |>|J, by A la
ret the pi., e all f t* I up. -pi ik and r pan
in«! flirti right h.fui* it’e time ««>rv»
• Unne *i drop two of t ie-* into h *
** *f • 't PUppo-e wr *li»fi‘t have *i»u|i ’
Mi-- >h:Mo I ,»t ..- t..» .1 ff* r
-n* e. Y*m i jn *lrop It lit coffee. l a *ir
an> i!*|Ul*l which .ii- dwp f. rape hi*-.
«»f •'Hire. v<* i «*y Doll mu *t at it
** MI'I* lot j\ «t wait an t w*t If
. *|o. « •••■* , mit thi- p. .. ■ w th a
<nul». ♦ at d» i t rti* *.fr
mi*) • I'ell* .te«i|> » I II i ke .»
hot t lea’
.'He- Hhltif 1 «IMvinsr »»«• . r ». ...
I '.* <o*l l« very eitg.vf 2b rent- a hot
Je* V ♦»v iltt . t>. | «> for \r »• »• an I
t ippln. *• li t - j;. rn* ■ • r. j i .
f*>. t-*w ^ <11 r* M'Mi* a Joint i . n, u: the
j-laee an I conk fine dim • » an I *»«
if >*»•* don I w.rk wond.-r-' Krn.rmla ;.
tWl. to (I »• illH 1 • 1 poMUdp'
*• .-V I i| .|o . 4 ,m JToU -a)
Mia- ** l it.. * \i itfi a * hf. -11*. i amtle*
i II pf*»p a*.gin nett month ,«n 1 I .1 t
thlp |opf e will he < l.ang* l -on.e tiwmf*
1»\ <lepr Mr- Monefa *, p* .| | (a. n,,i e
y«*u have l-<t- of 1 •< k w .tn the pm*
.\p p**«*n a— -n* go-* i uettep
•1* it th* friar. Nh< make- evert thing
l*i» k *ii*l -omii an.I . *M*k- a fin*- din
ner If )- all ready when John r.*m* p
r***me at pit o'r|«.«k. h* ha** u gr**u* h *»n
444 thi k > on < an rut it
John I|e||»*-— | inuMi t get P • «-»k M
a 1 anl g*-*h dam 1 forgot to
4t|«% ' .*vfiihi k i Mew f rn n*1 darl
ing I .an g* t a tone t>* atitifull> without
to*- girl
»Sf-. perve- *t>e entip i
J ) n ‘Suddenly noticing h..w nt*-*.
-ft l*** k- • M» t*tiT mu do |«*«*k eweet
t* o ght Hi# An l Mi * » || , rf
ttuiii . ir g -«>m«
<h<ppirioWp|> i
^ Mid >« i.r 'la min** over to «v t
.«if«y i Tearful! v» Why how rm
>«••• at -it* h t Ihif g *
<h»- bring- in the real of the g--*d
hot *1 tuner *
Join It* ami* g i Mv. hut fhl- afuff
Ip *r - r,M«l' Thfp ip p-iref* g<- ug -..no
&■;*.,h,;r n *"r-"«
“'*> I---Ilr I r>f.n f iMlhlnt
In- I l.r. flr,.
►In* ' «KI4, t »»>■..»|.» *.«>■ *..•
M Inoir» l.- tr- r thiii «... in «■
J '•>. * ftl.a I » •• ■* II nil lip
.. hn. Wr>N r «.•>! »..m< nmr.
POtfp .*
4*1h" iv*’"■ ,"n • *• o'"
Th lla-r »».**-*.,* rnrh.' ft *«-*.. |
da da
John iPtegir g htm up out of th# f-mr.
* 1 .pe . <;.*..♦»-• • ,...M *,, • « .p, Uhl
|o*.k he** |H|*t What do toll *M»g
th'm Tht- littir f.iiPter miiPt haw- heen
hiding the-e in hip buggy'
d»»-% ll'ii,Mf ,o*.r and lotting t
U h«» eter Would h.«ve tl ought |f 4
U her* did he g*f hold of all rh.—e gn|.
I*r button- And we net*r ••«thm
until Imp* now'
• 't»*l*len!y i
" *,"bn d*«ar vo»» Ml HT tak* Pofne
m .re p.>up
na Ntw-p-per Hrni««.
Smoking Jackets
The stock that’s ready to be shown you to-day is
beyond doubt the largest and choicest in all of Great
er Wheeling.
BEFORE BUYING, make it a point to see what
we have to offer.
SMOKING JACKETS. $5.00 to $15.00
BATH ROBES.$3.50 to $25.00
Head to Foot Outfitters.
Fourteenth and Market Sts.
A Usable Gift
I tie Electric Iron
A household necessity;
f a time and labor saver; a
1 jcitt any housewife would
Gee Electric Co.
Nos. 18 to 28 14th St.
Frailer. J W Mi lard and F* M Plank.
The affair will b« the most «la borate
to be given in Martins* Kerry duriDc;
the holdiay*.
Shook*. B'tzer.
The wedding of Mi** Florence J.
Hitler, d.iugh'* r of Mr and \lr» Wil*
Ham Bitier. i.» ar Wheeling Park, and
Mr drove.* Phrok. a prominent farm
er at Peter* ft in, were n>arri**d at the
parsonage of the First Kng.is-h Luther
an church Wednesday morning at 10
o'clock. Rev W S Pysingi r officiat
ing Ikdh are well known young peo
ple and have a ho*t of friends who
extend b**iit wIshei for a happy wed
ded life.
Baraar and Social.
A bazaar and social mil! he given
on December 1$ in the Fhaptlne street
M K. church by the girls of the St
tTolx Sunday school class Manv
things will be sold and the d ff* rent
tables will be in charge < f the follow
ing named |w« pie Fancy work. Mr*.
| Fgrrlgan, Mrs M«C.Hough and Mr*.
Harry Rader cendy. Hannah Raker
and Margaret Storey, j i. ; Mr*
Th tlbt r Ml Ml 1 rtf I
cream. Mr Harry Th rher. prlae «r
anye tree. Misses Klitabslh Miller.
Hazel F ood and S I •* Ryan flsb p t»d
Ml** Martha Mr!»i rmoa and Mi***
Klara CYoper. sandwiches ; tni vi ff«»r
will be served with Miss Moore and
Klon nee Thurber in chant" Those
w lio Will wait on the tables are as
follow*.: Misses Iteulnh Snedeker,
Moore Klirabeth Miller, Hazel Flood,
i Lyd:;i McDermott, Mrs Cunnincham
and \\ illiarn Voore The proceeds
from the bazaar will be used for the
benefit of the church.
Monday Afternoon Club.
The members of the Monday after
CContlBed on Far* T*n.)
Hea th and Beauty Bints
If f*r h skin trouble of any kind
M ..»n . »ei! \ l*. r-tn-.li, i ly living up
lV f . “• v-n f -er tial- of I • with for a
’* rT I* •■'"I r •' *h»* proper cImdh
u i .*»;* nt* and nunr «<xk1 antiaeptlo
*c A . know of just on*»
i' ' * ► * nllns that will really
,' I" ,i' li'*!* and h**al h I most sv*ry
**'"• r -kin «li-. ... and while It has
..ft . n r«:..’»s .le in the country It can
i t i.- ot.tMlr.-i at stores as a rule. Ho
riot r. . - run., nd any store but
1 reef | mall or
• • n r a ^ ff.-rr; th»- *• n ral asrrhf whn»«
.. V !* •• I T Sfr.. f Wheeling.
" \ • National I*» r. Ini4 M Th .us
.. “ t" b. wi « urrd by it and
in it. pro).ihiv do not know
, r * * *• t it w t - I fi. *d**r] hscauan
" ’ J •• m »f r\er advertised or sold la
California Medicated
'*'1 .1* g*Ml|fi* MMtlS.p.
I whitens
1 * • • • 1 •» Cure*
’ t I* (idle and
rh sham*
j ' i ’ » falliojr
_ . . * • • repetition r..r skin and
m I advice or
I r i ill at
• >ns !*3i m Kational.
• y SUM
’ • v ,,|d have this
*T' ' ’ •! **• >al f, | *r .J „f *||
' »»• «n 1 lleauty Club
rr .mm. ds thi*~-Ad<\
On Back of Head. Small Eruptions.
Scratching Made Sores. Great
Deal of Dandruff. Cuticura Soap
and Ointment Cured.
f»«i* n nxrrtaesd M1 My inr.' I*
tUBM tap I* him of (hr » mJf* anif Ions .f
my hair In |»« rm >m fhr Idm A 4 my hm I
My hmir tram to h'1 nut «rmd ,*|ly and
thin tins ly II ln>4i the fnrr.i of •tr>.»ll
tti.p'nitu M l ItrMm My r«Jp lia beet M
Iwdly that I rrai.'hhl mnd rtu.Je «irra and
three warn a |rm« deal of dandruff <m ay
"I If1nr| sirmtM rewrite* fnr *r\
mofttl.n mud I <amm ru t frftiM My lw».'ft*
I read the advrrti-eww nt for ( i*l~ r* '..map
Mid ‘hiittnw" nnd w*t fir m nwpk W< f.r*
the * »av>|4e «M hrnlf |<W I felt m » relief
I pm anwe fno*e maid kept *.r» mmp# « u*t irm
Atmp mod tHntment for r^srly •»» month#
mmt D»«w heth the akin aid «aip fr»u*»*e
•re entirely r*jr*d arvt nay hmr d-*e nn|
fwie mat with r mihtvMl horsed> Mr*
•auh Jutiamm Mmr 14 i'»»J
Vitrli hy For wtml year* any far*
•aa <*inH with dry wain It mad* r »y
fare err i«h hur inf and ttehtny »rt| r*e I
4a4tm*en» I hmi rend »> m .« h mhml
( utKuni "-mr mvwl ointmwil I tivuiah* I
w. *id try them mod tn two wed - m» fnrr
•m well • I'h-iwh Imp m» I Oint«>-ni
rurel at hy n ** 09 H waft maid iMl uff
Rlfned Berry MrOmry l»er 9 |«»||
v »i4ar'im *eap mad «‘••fir irm Ointment are
rt l Mare-mhooi thm world I ftremi unp r >4
dmrh mrH free With SV p PhHl B-*>h Ad
drawynot-emed fDUnira l*wplT Horton
•FTmnder fared fare «fc r. m if i 'iit«ru. 4
Bwap Ahmvtng »thh SSt .HaMpte free
E*. Fancy Small Groan
Lima Baant. a can ... 'So
Ei. Ema Nava Spmaeto. a
«'** .10a
Ea. Fancy Nam Mam# Coan.
a can . liv,*
ii-u rtrtnnTi arsziT.
*•' PPnaa 1M Ball P> ,a# a07

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