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Jn Resolution Tor Inquiry Into Allsffsd
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tern R‘ ads
WAMHINtJTON. I*». II Hearings
a. i«* I'ltnrltHlH fonli t by the House
Hole* «on i •• «»*S' atifn -s \
resolution |o provide f.»r «• • rgr»*sinn
sl InvestiKHtion of * proposed tram
agreement letwcrn toe \•*vi York New
llaven and Hartford and (Irm i Tr •« K
railroads which i- al eRi I < , ■
suited tn suspension • f work on »t.e
Ron them \- a Knaland Hniln>id »*h.iir
msn Henry ann.oin. ».l * «n tin < nmn. •
tee n<lJo'irti*-.i that a report i>r-t»it*li
would not ready f.»r s*-\«t.»I rr..>*
About a s* ore of N.*a Kmri.tud State**
men and • tty ofTh-laN and tin'iibeia «r
rortRress (.stay a*Me.I t . r p* fttions t<»
what was said yeeterdat tvi fav«r ,it<
H I * n Ihi
Vice-President K. * *. i:u« k? »n*i. of the
Nrw Uavw road wind* a statement
which he promised that hi* *omp»tn\
* mild *»\e ati* >i aid as it could tn an
investigation of it n r.| .ti'>t * with toe
Hand Tr»i. k or Mouthern New Kngt m.l
rmi. il a- t . H o se I ..mmiftt-e .<n M#i
ihsnt Marine and fisheries al-*ad.
<• m*iulfe in*., r»• •• v. a
to of steamboat lines
. flint anything . ouM
..' i
r *k\< t.e. im -i.gati » .ntin .
•nisly for *»* Ve .. Mr rmkl.in! said
end it secm« » .*• then- should he
Meeting of t«e Sheriffaelect of wtn
Virginia Called for Ntil Set
urday at Huntington.
npe. ial j. -1 *• , to dm tt,t.i: ■ .,
ill MTUK1TUS, v \ . Pm ii -
Kheriffe-.'lnrl t»f iwim m In \Vr«t
l Iralma will m»i in lliiiillnaton nn
t»c*t Hftfttrrla\ i, ouf!tn»' t« plan nf ar
tlnn In c»ppn«irtK ih#* » ti*« *rn»-nt of n
p.opovci county /-alary law. which
t.otrmrr iilit.nKii hat m
In* i nil for .in t raorrlinarv
ol the I/'kI* itMirc in fanuart
Tb*' Nhef iffy, will c »»nf* n«l that in
• be etent of the ena« »mf»m nf h
a law It >bo<i|rf not heronle effective
rl'iflnir i*-. tenure* ft p re*.erefe«|
a probable that at the meeting bore
a new «l»c iff*. a hh iH'lon will be
organ /"I The meeting tt< caller!
I.% Sheriff cp . t Itoun* r 91*11 of Ka
t.aw It* count I* i Huffing* on. of
l abefl count* *ih) Ifo a y ftfniif, nf
Marriaon rtmtifji
W»U It**t T^ttf to Oti/QM M>n« nf
Inrraaatng MamHerafelp of the
▼ M. C. A
I’ ftfl- >f> lh t.. | f |gf .it. '..r *
tr "J * • »*“ ' *• fy (|» Kfrrwir
* tt»* v M • \ Ih't Wit' O. ft,,. ,,e«i
* trfttlt Will ft, t| r|v
Otf»fO| ' «(.•«- in* ft t -ft mt.r-r
Tm **»'» te-w.. I*,,. rtn/fer
♦ *.e tapflt- • f W f M l Will n*e#r
at ».’ I*, a*i W* ♦, *»v Mr
n iihtmt (i ..I*, • ft.., ,
learn • f-(« lie ?• 'I War'd * Kre.,t
r*-T a* ft II „ , , , ,f ; K
to owVItVt* Ihrif t , k«
•°y 50c McFAOOEN A
CtfiFmii—,o/i’ Indian or Cow
NEW YORK. I»ec ||.—Cleared:
Steamer* l.a Lorraine. Havre; Kaia
eriti AuguMe, Victoria, Hamburg;
* edrlr. Liverpool; i'arpathla Liver
pool Sailed Steamer Zeeland. Ant
llrow head — Siaiiulied Steamer
Niagara. New York tor Havre
Southampton Sailed Steamer
Philadelphia. New York
• ape Bare Iwlreleaai —Sighted;
Steamer* Prance. Havre for New
York Crnaner Knrfure*t. Rremep for
New York
Over Dispute At to County Seat—
Governor Called Upon to S«nd
Troop® to the Sc*ne.
Ml SKfHJKK, Okla |mt
triii l‘»di»* lobii M i'ltrhford toTiucht
A i• ii«.| to t Governor « nice* fo j-end
troop* io Ih'ltwirr county where fac*
»ion» from the tow<n* of Old and new
• »; .»r* report'd on the Tfrg# of hat
tie a ; e« 11 f of the dispute between
the two tow in at to which should he
reman veil a* the count? teat
Judy* Plteliford went Him me^ate
to the irmernor from Hf dwell in the ad
wiiait e county of Adair, w hero he ia
l*lr«T« rnmmnnlrMkia with Jav •
not poaglblc tonight bnrauai of a
hr«nh lit ihn tnlrgraph »lf# IHapnfrh
••a ironi tiroro, th*- former county anal
how I I i>f. mpc if t Ihn ailiiHtmn aa
critical and that Sheriff flogan ro
-igpod todnt la n«aotnblmg a pout*
«Hh thn inintuion of marching to Old
lay and dtaporalng «hn nmn roiiorind
fo bn patrolling ihn atroofa Then*
rontondlna against »hn mmoTat of -ho
record* to Non lay aro holding forth
in thn conn bontin and noarhv rnal
dnnr-na Thn raldora, tintlnr thn load
orahlp of Sun llonny. a l hcrohnn In
dian <trn an Id to untnlnr about |ftn
An » precautionary moaaurn. i ho
Ijfnvn do«i atrh »nya. thn ahorlff haa
ndfland that women and rhlldrnn ho
r'mmoil from Ihn ilrlmly of tbo court
rofign^r m Critical C^atltfA-n aa A«
•’ll* of irft|4«tit at WhMlfiff «nl4
' k * f'«l* r^ft* At
M»»H an#| Kotin'lr y t om
*-t|' !•! n »frr| yaafanrlay
In ti o- cMj.pin* »h«»1 ahrn fha
* r.| p,f| «hi. h ft# ««i ah trr»a»»
•f a »' ••!<• hr/.kA af A 1,10 tn ft, w ,.ff ,l0r
.f>w - r-a » ra. *.,r| r,. .
if »ti in m cnfi
i«l won- . v/fe
excellent flea «v national
At Maatmg Haig Last Evening In
High School—Spooks at the
Soarg of Trade To-night.
Declaring that the school houao.
used sad supported by the pooplr. aod ,
I belonging to eteryone. in the moot ]
democratic institution In public life.
Charles F Weller associate secretary
of the National Playgrounds and
Recreation Society of America, spoke
to members of the board of education
and directors of the Wheeling Play
grounds Association last evening at a!
meeting held in the high school on
the subject ‘The School House ae a
Social Center Mr Weller addressed,
the meeting In the Interest* of the!
1 movement to u«e school houses as so
cial and recreation center* of a com
I munity
Mr Weller said that the school* of
Wheeling represented a tremendous
expenditure sod yet they arc used
only about half the time He added
that people ever*here ara beginning
to realise this and to use the acbools
| for social and recreation centers a*
educational development# He re
viewed what la happening In the edu
rational movement, and whut the
rural schools are doing to stem the
tide of migration of person# to the
cities by instituting social activities
in both country and normal achool*.
Told of Other Cities.
He described social centers and
told of what they are accomplishing
In other cities and said that the main
thing is to have competent leadership
teacher* or supervisors to have charge
who will follow the wishes of the
people He advised them to follow
the wishes of the people, but to see
I that the spirit of recreation—the nat
I ural activities and not the compul
i aory activities—is the spirit that al
I nays prevails.
| Wheeling has made rapid advance
ment along civic and social lines in
the last four years, declared Mr Wei
| ler. and also along commercial lines
The establishment of the Associated
Charities. Playgrounds Association
and Tuberculosis League, he added
f proved that Wheeling Is paving the
way for school centers and play
grounds which will be supported by
the city as public policy. In the
mentime. he said, if is for the people
to contribute funds for the support
of such a movement, and that thev
way to Invest In future citizenship.
McKinley Explains.
At 'he close of Mr Weller's address.
J C. McKinley, president of the
Wheeling Playgrounds Association,
explained the proposed Idea of con
verting the high school building into
a social center during some of the
hours It is not in use. He said that
I It is proposed to have at least two
and perhaps three paid supervisors,
acquainted with playgrounds and kin
dergarten work, to tie In charge of the
building from 6 until 9:30 o'clock each
evening during the week
The men and young men will or
ganize debating clubs, manual train
ing classes, and Indulge in gymnastics
i and games from o’clock until 8 30
• o'clock, while the women and girls
! will enjoy drills, light gymnasium ex
erclscs and will organize clubs and
domestic science c lasses.
Prom S 30 until 3:30 o'clock each
I evening it Is propo*ed to use the as
sembly- hall earh evening for lectures
alone civic tines The lectures are to
J be on music, art. domestic science and
j other interesting subjects, w hich w ill
I be an educational value and an in
1 -piratlon to those who attend
! Prof 11 l» Work, Superintendent
of schools, and many others present
1 took part in the discussion of the
proposition This evening Mr Weller
! will speak in the board of trade
rooms on the same subject.
To Several Claims Is Bankruptcy Caso
of Jo baa on-Cart or Co.—
Otker Cwaoa Board.
At * meeting «f the rrntu—* ef rhe
I. inkrupt firm of Johnx->ti-r-ariec ---ni
unro of Kollanebee. held ' ester-lay
n ..-nine before ttefrree In Itank-upt* v
Henri A Nol»*. ... h im K I* h*ll
h»** filed ..bJe-lli.CI t.. the following
1,1a,ms The l*„r -I Ice rompanv.
1 Heaver Palls, l-a I. It smith Wooden
(wire tompHnr. nf Plttsburgli Porte
J ni-.nth Pane* an-1 Stove company. of
Wheeling: National llreeder. - ompanv.
ITiffin. O vv I. 1-,-rter f Wellst.urx
h-iank I. Johnson ..f ! ..Ilanslie*. >t»u
lah P l..hn*<n ->f t ••llat.ehee vjnesn
ii. ghi eninpsnj nf ntlsb,ieg*i. and *lc#er
!a l.lar.g of When Mr x Tne trustee |
XI> authortred til eell ihe properev of
<be bankrupts ... n I
Another meeting ■ 'he a** wnll h«
[hebl sallirdsv Ile-emtier 21 at whlrh j
h.srinss -in ih* obje. tmne w<ll h* h*l-' I
and 'he . redttor# will look after the
( mter-wte *f thete < laims J
Other Baakrap'cy Cues
| In t e hsnkrtipfci ina---e of W 11 sm j
r *« hrM rftrrdflv t**fora lf*fara«* Noltr j
Vttornrv Harman A Ifuurft w.i- *r i
fHilpfad iPHlrr \i a w**rnlnnt n«n of
♦ ha bankrupt «n« ha|.| Tha J \ |
• • a** ».»ntlnua*f until tin*
morning «t 1A . im k T» ** I, V Kl. tr j
lax ^m»a wan tirM nrmr until »* %• Tua«.
• dur rnnrr- ri* * * 1A .. . lo< ► Thar# - *«»* i
I wrrm al«M fna«| hafora ftafar*»a Nolfa
»#praa*ntattraa r»f Moral Film C'-mpan?
Complatinf Wort of Taklaf
bocal ?nwi
' Vi
I t a# • k Mf n»<> Ilif I'lU'ifM .,f t . «r j
k.arat-r,,v ti."11 '"i ■ ■ ,,v' *"
I l«a«kn* Mr I- . fa* «»? | !, t.r Irtfl
If. turaa of t o llH«t <}|,..« f.l • r • .
Martin* K*»»x -*m.a r-m , .
I f r loo tba fmliia lap* ^fr? ar.t «, | ,.m
M. l-otla *tn»a.t ♦* ,»* .. . ,.f*f * *, •-»
IflVaraaftng fltrr.* *4 -tan a r • . 1
»aftavt In ffia yo|V.. k •♦ .| la r, . ,r v
mhnmin* tha pro .«« of mH«in« * .
«f «**• »■ r..t Charr.li
#HM »•« a»lnr m- T«l Wal
earn* Un Bvaatnf
Wheeling Citneng Cannot Doubt It.
tk>ari a Kidney Kills were used —
they cured
The story was told to Wheeling
maiden is.
Tim** has strengthened the #*!
Mas proven the cure permanent
The testimony la from tbi» Iocali
The proof convincing
Louis Taggart. North t'pper Town.
New Cumberland. W Va, say* I
know that Doans Kidney Kills lire
up to all the claims made for them
I sufT**re.| for five or sla years from
a dull pain aero*-. my loins, especially
sever* after a hard day * work I
tried several remedies hut not one
of them helped me Flnallv I pro
• ured I loan . Kidney ptM« and In a
short *|me after I began their use
tn' ach**e and pains disappeared "
Mr Taggart gave, the above testi
monial In November I9uj. and when
Interviewed on June •-,5. 1909. he ad
ded “There has never been a re
turn attack of kidney trouble In mv
case | value Doan '* Kidney Kills as
highly as ever, as they cannot be
equaled in curing kidney disorders “
For sale by all dealer* Pries. 51)
cent* Foster Mtlhum Co. Buffalo.
New York sole agents for the I nit**d
Remember the name—Doans—and
take no other —Adv
Lou a cHtraca
Talksi ob ••Inltiatlvs. Befsrsadnm sad
SsoaU ’ wad la Wsll BksIvm
•dads loturmry Msmbsr
The Men's Chih of Kt l.uk* a Parish
hsl.l Ihrlr regular monthly mealing jn
lecture room uf tb« « hurt, t lant
cvcnin* drii) mu.*, business t*f Import
unc*- wak transacted a fommlitr* wN«
npputntfij to 'i4*s arrwntf fiiif nts with
tno Southern Mai* <*horu* for a rnuu'f*l
mlnatrcl to be «tvcn in t .*• , hwrch at a
time to h# TiiPil lAtei An.I .« <ommitt*»
who «)»«• appoint**! to nuks urnrift
for a *upf>*>r to b*- bv tiio
l*,r ' *‘un l1 within Us- near fM
Aftcr thp b ihinnwt >f»h|un, | »r «* la.
Jcpfton rooil a :«|iPf on the Imt.Hio*.
Hcffrcmlum nnd Ko. all.' which w*w
verv entertaining infer-m,m* an I r.jUr«*
lion* I luring h.H paper. th** . omr -fer
dcf'lnrc.l mrrurif to mip *r h*I\ m
f IVOT of ft*. I hit 1.4 live idf,.t '.f.rs.ehin,
"no ****'• In raver of the re.-all e\ .pt n
the c«*< of judges an t judicial dr.
the speaker staling that n«< Judge
give true decision* When he knew | t
he t.ughT he removed from the u |.\
persons whom lie would offend t» his
decision* even though thev wet- jU*t
After the paper was read, the member*
of the cluh extended * hearty vote of
thank* to l *r Jepson ami made h m an
honorary member of the organize?.<<n
R#Ad.«d Yesterday at Conference of
BCinera and Operator*—They Will
Meet Again This Morning.
\«.*ter<lu\ afternoon the seal* commit*
tee of miner* and operator* of .*i.|»..
district No Kaatern «dtio district. ;.el l
a *e**ion at the Mrl.urc hotel and a
controvert over the rate* paid for Mo* k
room twrntrg sme up for adjustment
l«J,i k room turning s the work of ex
cavating .» room at turning point* in the
mines and the miner* claim that t s
takes double time an*l the rate* are not
high enougtl \ set t letnept <0(11.1 not he
reached last evening an I tie . ovnmttte#
adjourned to meet at ** o’clo. k thi* morn
\mong the operators present -.ere
Ton, and Kdw«r.| Johnson. • oiurri. « \v
M‘.< t.aelsou. rittst.uiir \f i.allag < r S
11 1 » ■ I v. \ * ma n an i • h
Manner, t'leveland
In th* Y. M C. A Senior Leagus Will
be Decided Tonight—Prof John*
to Re f*ree
1 nusuat int# rear |« being taken in
th*s evening’* basketball games at the
' •'* ** * because Of (lie fact that
t * v w n «ie. u|e Whether <<f r-.f t e Si
lent IIV e vein, win me . n implon
Ship The Client »• Iw- Will p)M\ tie
Kaveus Ntid * e « ’ripple* + re mat bed
agslnst tti# Ibd*
I'rof fo n*. fnrmerlv of t -e ||,g
* bool Will refer-* the gan.es in III*
ahsen . of |*rof I »• Heltiers th. p! v
-I .1 director ..f the > Ml- A who
• ■ ti I ton attending the funeral of
a brother.
Employs of Wheeling Mold wad Foundry
Company Meeta With Yery
Unfortuuate Acddaat
T *M<la% evefinig w die work n* at • ,e
ivouis'iIm fo.ivltv. Alvin • *al\• rt. near
rria«|e|p- ;a wa* severely loll pe l if,.
*n<l -otoe other e*,iploves Were Wot'dng
.o the a op -art of t| ► fo #r, Irv . »
something fell .m«t hur*te<| m »i*g- a«*
pip* m l it taking r re flashed up f..*rn
* •* f •**♦** • *»f It) t t» f«t|. »r> pM%KI
• i»n *n»* Ufrr r»m«iw.| |» tit*
lt««fh :r n».|, if * n » ti ,*
ft. t.. ..f ^ •T'l.-u- n*!t: i • I • . 1 I- ,r
rrt#*i#l|»||l«. th- Nlt^ri<1inff fm«i t.m. r»*
|t«trf« mm irrffir** »i«tnic ni* -l>
»•<■» Oiran Awajr by tba Kniarpr.aia*
•tot Firm of M It A ML
Ti - »l II « M ~"w ...in,.,,,, .
Ibalr i.a'rona ., i.r, bar.l
«•••„« . alar.,'*, HI ,I ,| |» n, r Ihnl a ill
*i «f|. r. rha . »|. .,o». i. ,i
lb, ha.I I., a .1ijj.ii. ,,a «.f ijr, a . .,|
tu' -al .1 iwina i I rani, H l—.. ,.
■•••I • tltla.l X XI ...a It..*,
*Hi.f».. ..... r ,,. hH-.l-.-ma n..,b* ...
Wnmna «h# On'tnmi of Vn nrl»a of Man
Whom It |« CT)*rf• i Thtf
‘ ..flM ft I M»«» HnUf ml^rl
•fKa* f«-'ltt«| * rfr»tnlt« mrnr» ftrrr* ?r/1
-*•' r rnin* Jp.Af (x i r«iti«tf fc.i
V n f»»* H>tftiR« mn
Hint h
Hba trtarl aart UM. tbla tk,u that
••t’tf than tba othar rhiM All no
fw Than ,ha thought of Ttair, Bair
Talk art with hat tartar ah.il
IL Than hnnght If, naa4 I*. Bar hair
•tof pa4 falling -ait at oaaa Tow aha la
tailing Har frtanrl, tfa coloring or ata<n
*W of tha halt >ikhar
—ft l. ari.a»mant |
Two X>»|>« Muid u.
S‘*-r« itiMd of ■»coro1**P—
'!■" 1"HK lw~ 11 T.i» ».» <U>
' *• >cl* r*r* at tktuare Garde*
m** half over tomgut w t a remar sable
shoa rig of et«min« on t * p-ft of a •
» <!er« The »»njy mer miaalrg from tha
original 'h»r«\ wer* Magm and l.aw
tar. e .? tt»e • *Mf«*rni«-V w Jara# .
team AUg.n broke bis collar »*>n* in
a taint e aa - v in tha m-.rnlr g and l.aw
ram# mu* for.eg to withdraw aa ha h-*d
W) "the: i-a'tner to • *11 ti|«<’
* *1 ff»e other leant* twelve me*-#
tun* had a n* n »he list h.*vir a- «-re a «.
{•ostad •< it %■ • |iek at I4!l in»»* and **
aps *-,g? t »n lea ah* •*! of the Wad ho *•
* ' liiae re* »rd of l>n> The ha -- team
©t rt.a >uter h» • -there mas two laps b*
hint the lead are and I'ar man-Loft e»
«.f l*r y ten« a-Jamaica team war- e
lap behind.
Tie Swim team had J.*at one lap early
n the da ar «t atth the i*ai man-l«ot t*-*»
• omhtna*>«*n Tail behind another lap in
a *ar.*j»ti..n*1 sprint just before tan
0 rlo* k tonight Th*- apt I ut lasted fur
•esr. •» n minutes during which every*
rnan • -» the tr*«k »-k**d for relief four
lor fixe tin..- Kramer at.d Moran and
Hill ar.d « .ark figured most prominently
(•* la.*d* i — \ fast pace wa» kept up
for the nagt hour a* a*a* shown by the
23t mile* ahnti tha riders pedalled in
slaty m.nute
Ar midi a' t the . 2nd hour, Tha posl
IjjMi* f t »e •* - were relatively un
changed f - 12 Nidi tied for tha ‘a*-!
haying traxeled l 44S miles a laps while
»he re. ord of carmen an l Ixrrtes was
1 445 miles 5 laps and of fie an tar hrot*
►r- 1 4 4r. rnHe- « lats Tha leaders y*are
five m* !a.« ar.d eight Ups ahead of the
rac.»rd of 1.4V* miles ft laps
A bad spill o« curred on I*ead Man's
r*»ir\a s-mrtly after midnight and * **»a
an e far man of 'atratra N V. was
pi. kad tp inanimate «*n*l apparently «er.
ous'v ‘n;ure.| Jumho Walls m ' •» g|- •
tumbled. man temporarily laid up his
partner 'lordon Walker tak ng hi- j la-a
George • ameron. whose fall .’Mined fl at
of tha others, remounted «nd resumed
• ameron s mhea! skidded as ha round
ed the t'urye and Wells fall over h:m
-'srmsn .*ama nryt and want down with a
thud landing on the back of his head
lie appeared ompieHdv |aralvz*-d front
tt S effects of the fall
Tha physicians examination revealed
that far man was auffarlng ..nu from
a hock lie began t<y revive under treat
ment and It was announ- - I ?♦.«*• h*
mould be stile to < onttnue 1n the race
The rt\*r continued to fail yeater
da' and In the aycning registered a
aiMkrc* «*f !» feci No coal was sent
down vefltrrda>, although aeveral of
the boat a. w hi- h carried tow* of < *nil
down th** rl\c*r. returned yesterday
with towa of empties.
I i» estimated that almost
bushel* of io«| w*>rc at nr Mouth on
| th.- recent n«««*. The rise. coming
;•» i? (ltd just liefATf th#* cold weather,
| i»* considered mi>#t providential
K barge which broke from it a moor
| Ins* at the \Var«no«l dam Tuesday,
and which wan landed opposite Wheel.
»ng rviand b\ th#* Admiral Dewey,
^hirb a as in the local wharf when it
drlft#*d pant, was returned to the rlum
\cMtcrday by the *..n«i boat * Waggon -
• r
The Admiral |w*wev. from Parkers
burg. is scheduled to pas* up for
Pittsburgh at an c-arl\ hour this
Wsdnstday'a Boats.
Kanawha. Parkersburg, *; a. in.
t.ll»ert>. «*lartngton 3 30 p m.
Tb traday’a Boats
Sonoma. Marietta. || M m.
I.ihertv, <*iartnvt..n 2 30 p. m.
Secretary stimeon Announce, That
Land i. Being Purchased Here
for Forest Reserve,
IN ASHINGTON, 1 tec 11 .—Secretary
Htimaon in submitting to the house
today the report of the National t'on
servation commission |iointeit out
that the purchase* of land under the
N\eek» Appalachian reserve law were
•■-Inn considered at present only in
the Southern Appalachian and White
Mountain* anti in tho*e region* only
within re >ain de*ignated area*, where
the fore.f had spei i.iily large Influence
la protecting the flow of important
navigable wtream* lie said that IS
> f these area* containing (.ns.ufto
ar re*, have been "elected In N'ew
i Hampshire. Maryland. Virginia. West
Virginia No th t'arolina. Tenneasee
[ and ttenrgia. occupying ihe watersheds
of the imi>ortant navigable *tream*
Turks Burning
In Gallipoli
vrilK.N,* In-. II II I, arm.-offl, lal
; > "htii nie.t 1.1 Ileus, Tl. > „
mil.a vIU.tsr- *n.l tnar-Hcr.in,
||. mnar.itsnli In th. n.i* i.iiriiiw<t of
i.ailipr.ii and l.al,... simiiai air., it ...
T* t a< « nh^rr 2»«* (ir*#K • ha«* 4p •
* ra«l T i* f<>« ii of K^-Mni an t -u»
r«Min«llra tt'fnar* iiair lii'fii I'urnf'i
To Bamaia la Loaton
\A *M«»\ 1*4 |. Thf (Irani \ /or
K amil i'4«iM « or«iin« f.» th« I'dnatafi
f nopf#. . ..rrr.pnn knt of t» r |v*iit ; **
im|iim|H T**wfik I'jiahM to n in
Mt pfNtl >
"* Trtflh 1*4 .. «>l fhr t|> oM*in**l
n tarn ffwirj* *. * !••«%»• »f «h«rn. ** from in
!«»•» ,in.f intrml. <| «.. pm.
lfr 1 *•» * »*n*iant m«.p> iturtnt tha toai a
1 r*M.at .-.(»•
r:«r • .i! .r. |« • •• :* I 4 <1# Iff .«nfh'»r
-.n« i • *naml*at« ».f Hit mp* i ial fam
In v.«lt thr M aiHlIi A’mIuI H<*<hhJ
Arntrlcana to Ttau tfca Scan*
Ht |,«»K %a»K I* * I Thr «(,
• .t r f fim* i 4 4 4- I .r.»4.| <kp*f 11 pr -
,n'- - *" * • *•'» ’* ' Mi' 'TlonVa' ‘
rM* r • « ”' »»»»'♦'»♦ a n a»r-f»t
, ,f f. r« »•. 4f l M Hint . of
lh. • **«r •v.in'tiofi
Bniplojo of XIU"HI Tu.. Comptlf Bn*
<*••• (Blurtoo of • tot» Borv>no
Wat art
w Ha f.t IlMIM J rr.pl..- r | in r
ltltor«(r|r Bora. »-f thr Ntf o. nl Tub*
*«*fP|»an» 0 44 |>rr.ap« fatally tf|ltrro«|
rnatatfU . r nrlh alin a hop ••
*•* •• >*' * M«o»i a rnatia '.fin. if,*f
a rallroa l *•# ard »»• . nta 1
• ^**’**t tf»r lrt».|jp If# mi ratveM #-I I., f |i«b
h«»4pMwl vfi<T if »4 i# » flint *.r I 44
•orn4 , hanrr for rn nmv
Chltf of Wriira luilt Oar-rtf Arrtttt J
O Wtwttrl Who it W«ut*a*
in •• a Forfar
rfiff4ran» | a-flan n « rrnr
r.» hi* r* 1 m* a* » «. Nrakum an- ar
44f4t ia«t 4i 4p . * #f f ,|.4r
• In'rmv of •‘.af ft) V r n't* - r V. |r H
•f.»rir»a I hr Mff#rn/M4 |n pa«« 1-14 r It
at f Hr il#ro an hank In Ifiia - if* an<f
a«rt t- i>i# »< A «» •# *V |t4»
« .01 f». mil o* Hflrl ft Motannl p* r .|
• Ha an n\rtiifafat la tht tha 4.
ixir.i 1117 .71
Promo irs Diijestton fWrtfJ
ness and Rrst£onuins nrairr
Opium Morphine i»r>luar*l
Not N'AHCOTir.
Aperfcrl RtttwiTv for Contflp*
lion. Sour Sttunach.lilarrtna
VNormi f MTvulswns Jmriih
ness and LOSS Of SLEEP.
TkcSwatr Sifnararr </ j
dLtfjzs* ]
The CtNTAi n CoMPatt
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
|»e. II -Wh.n asked t|
‘light II* It Were true that a deal had
I • ' «H mi rartg.nl b\ Prank Ch ill * for met
! manager of the Cnhago National l*a
Kali club, would g.» in New Yolk a
I manager of i he N-w York American
W'resident Kartell ..f th. New York,
Club, who IS attending the V ria l P a I,
league no * ling in Chicago a old nntn
*i den> rlot affirm Hie »|..i v
Will Chance man <g. the N» w Yt.ru
Club'’ Mi H *•: r* II was a.-ked
"lie t a>n’t been approached vet was
■ t*.a r* pi>
If Chance ts given hi* tele**. w.ll
•«U KM attei hill. Ml t-rrrell w»
I villi t sav another word 1 won t
**»> any thing until I -#-# m i.|m< k and
white, that (Vance is a I ie« agent
he repliwdL
Chance was recently sold by Ckh'ago
to Cincinnati
Meanwhile it t« expected here that an
[iffiriHl Iinnn.ii.crmerit will I. t.»
, morrow or ih> .Pal wlier. b> •’ham •• is
isiated to !•#•• ..me in max’* r of Ihe \*w |
I York \merman- al a -alary t.. be th »
j bilg. st e\ »• i pad .. tall piav.r
Detroit Waivtd on Curridon.
At the meeting tier* ... • 11.*- \ m- 1
I ert* an leagu* rlub owner, they waived!
j'lairn to Shortstop Corridoii of Herron
I sc I 'i e side 111 Nnviti *.r th. H.fr.dt club
| might d.sjH.g* ..f him to • iiicitinati and I
c • trad* '• wl
and four ..flier pi.•• t.. x n. the
• hi* ago Nationals in - x- h.mf. for I*••
[Tinker of ChUago. to nuin.iK> th* Cm
uinnatl «*lub.
| Club owners of tin Hague held an
ege* Utl\ e session III Ih* .('feth«M.f| .ml
adjourned Ht 7 •• c|.»« k t mu M ? • m* • j
again tomorrow morniil|c c v\ s..m- j
jers. president «*f th* Cleveland . iub wa* I
appointed \ I e-pt* Hblrrit I the le .g o
and {'resident* of the Chb »*p N* w
\ ork «*le\eland and l:..-tor* « l ibs w.|.
'appo.nte I tiiembeis of Hi* board * f »*i
rectors for l'*n Kesoluf l.m* 1*., W r a
, a«lo| te.l regretting » d* »th- ..f to)
T Itrush. !.•»♦ prei>i.b r f . f tb* \. w I
York National bag n >lul ..t.l Thoma
;C Noves. presider t .d | . Waslungt* •
rlub of the Amen, a* I glje
At the regular wr.klv n.e.Hng d * •
AV *v s at .1 Me,11 - Co .rvi. • \ . .f » .*
Hoard of T^ade hr id .»t t . M. l.nre •
tel at »».**•» n ■!.. i*. - .* w,»‘
prtn. ipallv . oncertiit i ti . propose i f.*
t rat u.n plant hi <1 t . new • * an. t f»*r t» e *
• itv under . omni. sb*n government »»b
• t» disfran. blsitig at t».- m »:#. t,ons'
person* nr.t residing ir W *e|mg I
w as ite. Pied to i. g »■ i * . orr vml f r * to f«
H»g property* », ft.. • r mil. sf m I* .
h i pm I el-r f|or s
Me*iit*ers of ’hr i opftf 1““
Were i* If f*..w*<»
Ha*ids «*tfo w, «nk v
King* orn Hr »• \ r.
retarv ftp* t: k ,
Will Two Hut ftuu.a lotoiirtU?—la
Qurati u Orovluf Out of
E&jrlisfc Strike.
1A *\ ! M »V I ** i 1 \\ .,1 tn •
tnt *fti. ate * Th.it t»* : • all a .m.i <
'41 .| . -? .. grow H,*. out Of the N
. KrtfHt Kalin «> j-tnkf li lt uk tutin*
I |K.»mk‘n.m r.-tji n ,\|. k. nt a.* ...|Tif ti."
ttiat tne iriKine drank tn.. ..r min,
i,«*I<»re rfjMiriltu rot .lutx. t »t
that he Will* not drink. n**» 4li>
Vi* ar lain* drunk
I’h* l *>• il x * 11/ • ti .. i*pr*iM»ntat.v.
labor put*!,ratio* in hii oilluiUI lo-.la *
Indignant lx I. pad..lit 1 | . (...pillar •(«•!
of KiikUii,! xxei*- -lllk Ilk t** ip 'll
t'o tr l k|s t In gr| drunk T «• edit >| al
• I. mor, • trrit*- their and i hat i . \
fa]•*••]> ..r met.riet > Kim. *ald ti •
nrwMjmfni d.*ni*-.| i .«* i u < «lt .n*.
and a(.pealed (<• tha *.*• . rn*i*. nt f,.» an
o( port unit \ t< |*r«.\.* * into* , n e
l . * I rffi ,i
the Mien *fe. laie.J t »t it »• **,ild i|»reM .
further T iK h.r i max.»r ,.f N- ncastle »x
P al in*' e\.r\ eff**tt hrinj* the Milker*,
rail wax- off. mIm lo-ei .,
Marriage LictftiO.
f *»t id Il**n aril, Jr, «*r Parker*
InirK and Pearl Smith. : . of St.
hriitrr Shook ?.*. nn«! Florence lilt
*cr. luth of < »hl«» •*»unt).
Realty Deeds Filed.
k rank \l* Million. a''tttiK a* spr, m
commission* r. to Mary Hermann,
tr o t of land in Triad* Iphta district.
• or,-nl# ration. «10.
S.irnn* I Math* u .4 a fir* a- olmnlf
trMt«*r. t»* lam#* Msthees, tract of
land in Triade|ph;a «listri«’t; comdd
« ration. fin
T S fill**' to tin- Fid* life Invest*
m* n» nml '#*»Hn At■*«»<• tati«*n. pared
«*f ire*"ind n Mr wn*<d, • **nsM# rail*.,*
f 1**
Deeds of Trust.
« *t» *t • *1 of trust nnla left for rre
r*l with the countv clerk ymterday.
A f»o* Moiw* man bad an attack of
musciilur rh* wmat ism In hla should* r.
A frh nd ad*. i **d him to r<» to Hot
Spring* That meant an expense of
$!.%*» no or more ll<* sought for .*t
«|llie|cer and cheaper way to cure :t
an*! found it in (’hBitils-rlaifi s l.m*
mcnf Three day - after the first up
plication of thl« liniment he v* as wilt.
For **’• hy alt d*»al#>r* .\<jv
t i t
Come In And Enjoy
a Free Demonstration of
Post Tavern
— A Ho* Porridge blended rieh and ere inn . \ new
and delieimi" combination «>t wheat, corn >nd r\k
Instant Postum
The New Food-Drink with a snippv eofUv tliv *,
hut without the drug “( atleine’’ and costing half t>
much as your usual table-drink.
Non arc welcome to stop in am d.tv this week.
I he Postum ( o.’v representative will serve \ou liber
33d and Eoff Streets

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