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<0—*■■»« fro; first rags.)
arsenal revolted, abot Its own officers,
end nude a break to join Dias.
, "The mutineer* were overpowered
and forty men taken prisoners to ths
National Palace.
MEXICO CITY. KebT H.—The pri
vate house of President Madero. situ
ated at tbe corner of Liverpool and
Berlin s tret is. was burning at 2 o'clock
this afternoon At that hour tbe artil
lery firing was only casaal.
MEXICO CITyT Feb. 1*.—Vnited
States Ambassador Wilson waa twice
requested today by Pedro l^scurlan.
the Mexico Foreign MthiwCer, to move
tbe American embassy to another lo
cation. The Ambassador refused to
consider the suggestion.
The object of the Mexican ogvern
Hent’s desire to move the American
embassy Is to permit the federal
troops to place their cannon in a po
sition which would draw the federal
lire from the arsenal directly In line
With the embassy.
A kreat number of residences oocu
Ced by American citizens would thus
> endanegred
Despite the refusal of the ambas
sador. It Is understood that federal
batteries are being placed there.
MEXICO CITY. Feb. 14—The fed
eral government gave a general order
to cease firing at 20 minutes past 2
O’clock. General Jcse Maria lie La
Vega, commanding the Maderlsta
forces to the east of the rebel posi
tions, says that the government troops
bave been unable to advance
ft was the advance of the federal*
down Haldera- atreet early tn the day
Which provoked the first reply from the
mutinous zone.
tllaz waited until the federala were
far down the line, then threw Into their
tanka a hail of shrapnel, and swept them
With machine (tun Are. Few left tha
street alive.
The government troops attempted to
Carry the rebel position from other dl
ractlons. but always with the asms re
sult: tbs federal* fell tinder a wither
ing Are or w»re driven back to shelter
At 2 o'clock In the afternoon a general
» rder to cense firing waa given, but for
two prrredlng hours the Are from the
government lines had practically been
General Pa !.a Vega, commanding th
Itr.e directly to the east of the rebel
position, admitted that he was unable
to advance. Failure had been encount
ered In all quarters.
It wa- ro'ncldal of this session of
firing that a batalllon of twenty In
fantrymen revolted All hut « handful
fif these federal* succeeded In Joining
Troops Mntlny
This batalllon was stationed along
tndependencla street. Tire men sudden
ly turned up on th- officers snd shot
them, but the sound of these shots did
sot attract general attention in the
seavy fusillade. *Tlien file entire natat
ion broke for the rehe| lln-e reaching
hera in safety. Thirty-eight of them
were over powered, honey er by loyal
:roops and were marched to the palace
a here thev probably will be executed.
Although the Artng on lu.th aides waa
Ighter today, the total number of she'ls
feed was enormous and the Incidental
leatruetlon to property great The los
»f life among non combatants as a te
•u|t or the shelling probably* wa* lc..*
han on the other day*, because eyery
ire. who had strength enough ..
JOt or too dlatn fa war tli- a.one ,,f the
•deration*, ati-l !i\ ri.aaon of tho fart
hat too toI..:- . : m mi,rv
K'tlon fhrrely t.. tho afreet.* th'eitrned
»v a**., uli Mullet* ahatled lioro and
:here In all part, of tlio ei«\ They
I ere fired nrro** th» loan |„.th «.do*
#roiTi the houao top* *..| other plno#--.
eherevcr aharp ahooter* . .uI t l.o aiat
Te-rlfle «rt»'
What Wai prom>«o I am. n m t ■■■. -
eminent to tie .1 >u of to r i.; in'*
aioi.t for ■
into the v#-ako*t atf-mp. at toe suit
ration. Madero a attidoiv ■ ond i :. .. t
ettark half l.rari.dly, aithoi-n ,« ,n.
fantry at time* a owed deape. ..'o ... •
Itel.el Hhfltii * •••»• thrown rtf t • * ;«•
t (»rm! :«*•*• an.I • ;i«lot«ailv* n •• !
ecrov* tr.f town tnmar*! t •• r.»l
•#rv on i*»m p\nam heform* ue**r t»*e
<"olonl* rail**} -tniton. 1.»it f »r ♦ •
moit parr f»ia* m te*l unt I tne a «
moveri well int.. ranee of hi* u .n»
rniArdlna t ■*• appro • * • ;
place fnri'jmerai.i. rime*, tr.i **
the ttr****’* were » Tf.-M ,1. »**ar..| n
abort order
I ' I I.’ ’. •
the new* waa bad for the v*»\ ernm**: r
• lenera 1 Afftillar, an uk«"I offi. er f f i.
w»uhr army. * ,<% revolted a few
month* **". and ini n*d Iv |,;« KIa\o
alao formerly aftai*f »•* i *• rrv I t■ «•.
wi*o ha* br«n in revolt f.»- *r»rne month*
t'*ok the nf I
Mat* nf the ram*- name. nn»l |»to. fa)m**d
Oenetal Torts govern or. They were as- !
slated by Francisco Fred! lie. the gov
ernment chief of erne in that City. .1
Althougn few outside for«-ee ea*e er- .
rtvetl In the capital to support Dtaa tnere |
!• evldaor# tnat many quarters of toe
country ere participating in rlaiaae in
hl» name.
All trains leav ng ths capital sre I
crowded with refugees of every nation- j
ality. bet Mexican fugitives predominate.
A change of tactics marked the < loe*
»»f the day's military operatlone. The \
artillery duel was e< ecteded by a gen- *
••ral « ngagemenr at closer range, lasting *
for mo re than an hour.
Federal reserves w# re tailed down the
line and from all sides Uenetal Huerta '
prepared to attack, gliort range cannon |
were moved cloaer to the fortifications. •
but tbs battery of heavy pieces near the '
railway station was left to play a prom- ]
Itient part.
The rehela Interfered but little with
the preparation* They appeared will- l
lug for the fight and when it was in- |
augurated seemed not adverse to try i
Hull Jinx* within rifle range of the 1
rebels* i>«»a't1on* sheltered machine guns [
and Infantry, while heavy detachment* »
mx«e*ed In the e*rests approaching the
portions from east and west.
Kebele Were Aaltos.
j When the government forcee began
this attak both the cannon and email
arms of trie rebels ei rang Into quick
action In two minutes the city wn
listen.ng t»? the new note In the long I
symphony of battle. The heavy craantng j
I of artillery, to which the inhabitants I
had been accustomed, was toned down :
by the rattle of machine gun fire. How i
many fnl In this engagement cannot be
told, but tne number was undoubtedly
large The federal lose was unquee- 1
rlonably much greeted than that or the
Occasionally sheila from tha federal |
I battery at the Station fell with accuracy •
, in ti « big pleat In front *.t tha arsenal
I.itv)« damage via done to tne etrujure '
I lseif.
The federa's were st a disadvantage
i be. au>« thev war' compelled to ad- j
l vanve. and to do >u they had to leave J
1 their shelter maid crowd down tne !
; streets. ;
| It l ad been said that the Maderletas
i had planned to dynamite a path through
1 the district lr. order to make this at- ’
| tack, but. if so. tne plan was abandoned
and the attacking party In the narrow
street* wo* swept bv the rebel guns with !
deadly and demoralizing results.
Amwlow Protest.
MRXICO CITY. Feb. 14—Ths society*
of ths American colony In Mexico City ‘
today made a protest to ths American
people against the proposed plan of John (
( Barrett, director of the Pan-American I
I Union, for mediation In ths Mexican !
I struggle by an International controls- !
, alon. The protest reads:
' The American colony will be grate
| ful 10 the Associated Press If It will lr.
tHcati t.. ths A—rlcsi psopls ttnvtgli
i its agencies the xurf harm that Is be
I fog done by the Indescrset comments of
John Barrett on the Mexican situation
and by Mu proposed plans for Its ameli
oration which are published here.
• This is not a time for discussion but
| for energetic action. The American j
government's energetic attitude Impres
sion here both In sobering the two con
testanta who ate waging a savage war
1 are In Mexico fTty and In arresting
l*nic an ong all the foreign elements."
(Continued from FI rot Pare.)
’ Iron company of Wheeling. W Va.,
both Individual and corporation ludtet
|«'d; Th« Humpbre)* Manufacturing!
; company of Mansfield. Ohio; J I. . j
Mott Iron company of New York; J ,
■ K. McVay and Walker company of:
I Uraddock. f*a . and T'nton Sanitary |
Manufacturing company of Noblenville. |
Kighr defendant* pleaded nolle,
contendre at the (in>t trial, and to-day
they were summon* <t to be ready so
ni.ri.-nr In court to-morrow mornittir
for sentence They were: .1 H. Cald
. well anti .1. J. Mahoney, of the Cahill
Iron Works. of Chattanooga; W. C.1
Winfield and A. (I Ward, of the Dnv
Ward Company. Warren, ft .1 A
Krauenheim and A >1. Krauenheim. of
the Kener Manufacturing Company.'
tof Pittsburgh, and .1 W Arrett anti
; A. II. Cline, .lr. of the I'nited States
Sanitary Manufacturing Company, of
' Pittsburgh.
Ahrens. Itawe* and Ituryea were
| discharged at the first trial by Judge
t Angeli. bet they said they preferred
to Maud trial with their friends, ami
| now they face sentence.
Restraint of Trade.
i When action v. a- first brought
. against the defendant* the Kedenl
grand Jury returned two indh tment*
I against them, charging that by cnih
| Inal conspiracy they controll**! per
' i nt of tp>; annual output of enant
I eled ware, by patent license acre**
, ment* combined to restrain trade in
' manufacturers' and jobbers' plumbing
j supplies, refused to *e|| to jobhe**
: who handled goods for the so-called
t Independents, and attempted to m:i\o

I act SOt Rath
L‘a3‘ imi SNppeM 39«
_ _ _ - Vk Bedroom
Call! They88^ 2k“K',,m'
Sock*. Me
Are Going Like the Wind! 1
Mk Cuararrtrrd
A chance still remains for you to buy a pair .vv'k"^*' **
of the Newark shoes in this sale at the ridicu- j.»7«y«w.y»c
SI Broadcloth
lously low price of S I .!).*>, but if you want a I1 v>f
pair you must act on the IN
STANT. They arc going like a
house on fire. Only twice each
year are Newark shoes reduced,
and then only for the purprrse of
disposing of odd lots, broken
lines, discontinued numbers,
samples, etc. Come to morrow if
>ou can. Sale positively ends
Saturday, February 15th.
Every Newark Shoe
Value 1157 Market Street
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nnlform prices throughout the coun
The conspiracy charge, which
comes under .section one of the Sher
man law, was the one on which the
deiendants were tried.
The government contended that
in April, 1K10, at a meeting at Mount
Clemens, Mich., the defendants put
into effect a conspiracy which they
formed, which resulted In the making
of the unlawful patent practice agree
Kdw in 1*. (irosveuor appeared for
the government assisted by District
Attorney Clyde Webster and former
Attorney Frank Watson. Special
Agent Joseph K Darling secured the
evidence for the government
Mr. J K Wright, of this city, one
of the convicted men in the bath tub
trust, was in Detroit and could not be
communicated with last evening.
Poisoned Chicken Eaten by Three
Famines at Gathering and All
Are Taken Very III.
; |*•*» iit 1 luspatril to t' c lnlrlilgrnrrr.
WASHINGTON. Pft.. Fet 14 -G
W. Hinton, his wife and their five
small children are in a critical ecu
ilition at their home in Western
Washington county as a result of
eating chicken cooked in a copper
vessel. The Buxtons were among
those who attended a dinner jester
day at the home of Mrs. Buxton's
mother. Mrs. J. I* Adams, the din
at given • , honor of nlail\ es
who last n'ght left lor the west. Word
was received today that those who
had left for the west hail all been
t-ik« n in ttiia morning although it
• •ms tui-lr condition is not so sort
V the htsr family dinner at the
Adam*' home ■ h:<k> n was the prln
< *pal «ti*h The turd* w hich were
from the Adam*' rnnpv were rooked
in a copper kettle which had frequent
ly been used for the purpo*e l.nxi
night nerrral of the IPixfnn children
became III. Physicians were sum
moned and diagnosed the trouble
from the chicken
While the physician* were working
ov« r the soft' ring children the other
little ones In the ho'pehnld been me
violently ill and before the physician*
had left the bon**- | r and Mr*, lint
ton were writhing in pain. The en
lire family 1* no wonder cap- of
l>hy*!rtan* and practically no hope i~
entertain* d for the recovery of them
Harry o# Oh»® County C«*t H»*
Vot# r»r Hubbard—I'birPt ®nH
M*nn Continut L»»dmg
leto))i*#n<-#r Vtirtun.
ChJ»rlM*on W Wit.. F*b. 1\.
1 't. filpth irn'M ink' n b\ ih** \N* -t
\ ,r : i a r*- #•*» I*, j< *#nn!#*r«
• #.«tn *i’i- n r bruit m« l»l* n* K*«r ?h
r i »ini* p n< tb#* I'rn *f l*«i Tn* •' I«.
ih< fn * * »f*’»* rn n|i|t> nr> t| fi tl;« «
■ tp>>h’ f*»*l t'.iif Ih# It* %#•!#*, Tiff**
»tf th»* f|\** I! A Smith »n*f
« f?*th *n«l r* f »!.
Kbmfr* lot# ft ftr |*,| t#.?f \#v »h n»f
It. -dilM IV M A»burjr nn#V V* »«V HIM
•ot# | ft.r Klkfn* All bml bl»b.*rt *
f*» f| f'*r »• fin
Vh»r t> • mr»##pint rh.»ngrn It*
*V». pft f«fi« f/ fh« ».tn*l d®t#-P. I Ikiri *
wfid M«r.n ♦•-#! f..r M«t fdarn «Mh
It • h It bbnftl K.i.riiil tf,r+0 m«*r *
t*i ff • # «t# r |j» v iffi«| r#m iiri^d 9ft9r«l
' Mn i*fl« hf 14 fr» the ettrh. bn h# 1*1
i' f» fi|«\ .‘fid fni|p*h tj#»rf
nn* ft fib ntth four m t*#l .\»»r|h*»»M »n#f
| \VHit** •• r#» IrtftV with f br#•#» # 4fh. t *f
1 *!•#» I N'm u# r« * e, f.rii f»-if i fitffl f«»r
W#.f«*»n .1 I*!-.*- Silllr* ft« r I* fd fn*i
;ird Jr,hn W I M *• If* iff** The rhii^fM
n * rr n« f» '.n» S* n9,"f ft I® fid. Mum
I It or* In PHItr* Smith. K4
'« \**rf h* **»• |m|«*4ff« t’Alhonfi.
Ii i M - 11 • m m M
1 wef-i* t*» I.ik9fi« 1**1 fwm** Ibtff, **f
Ilf. * n * * * i K4kMrf9 »■• North
* » Inl.k i*t* Writ*®. Whit® In Hub
| bare k
WASHINGTON. Feb. 14 —A hot at->
tack upon Democrats of the house for
their "extravagant'' appropriations was
delivered on the floor to-day by Repre
sentative Ueddenberry, of Georgia,
who declared that the appropriation
bills should die at this session and go
over to the next congress, when "they
could he properly pruned by a Iiemo
crallc house and senate.''
"The agriiMutral approbation bill,
ihe army bill." ho said, "both show an
increase. The rivers and harbors bill
is nearly twice as lareg as last year.
The big sundry civil bill is yet to
come. The naval bill Is increased
practically ... Where is the'
hill In which we have carried out our
pledge to the people that we would
reduce the expenditures of public,
moneys? Where are the reforms we1
promised win u we denounced the Me
publicans for their gross profligacy in
the expenditure of the peoples funds
Hut wo have jet time to cut down
thest enormous bills A Democratic
President will be inaugurated within
Mu next three weeks. A Democratic
House will si; her** and a Democratic
Senate wil *it at the other end of the.
Capitol. Why not let these new men
coming In. who have been charged
with the re.-|K«nsil»ilities of govern
nu nt b the people shape these
chnrxe* against th" treasury.
Shall we |tt our President come
into power facing the most profligate
• xpendituro of public money Unit this
republic has ever known? As for me.
I am willing to Jinn any of my col
league* in a eonrerted crusade to de
mat Mil* legislation Mutt violates our
platform pledge* and our faith with
M>e people, nnd if not, concerted efTort
t* made henceforth until March », 1
, hall in far .. I ......
I thl* rrrklpR* ri(u«Manrr '
\ round of Hiiplaiitc erupted Mr
I HpddpnbprrVs spoeeb attacking thp
' • ' MR. il* < l.ir.nz tlMi Ii nn* at
I leant cup third too high
To add to fhp »ro,third nil nation tbp
f.'tbllr buiid.iik appropriation bill, car
rjmg about f;5.»<iu..«a* will bo brought
| in tomorrow
Chicago C^ntrtl M'if» Auto Bandit Cali
Woman .mj Vfotinaw PoUca
— Bail la follow*.
* ’ll M * \« d » I «t» ♦# fCohort \\>t*h, j
ftiifofiti !• j|f* ... Ufifl of foil. .
Tl *•r* •VVr M.«H r.m raf«ttir#i| h**r# f«t.
*'• V h 11‘\ «*|\ #T f»»tfM* H*i | a *I#-p|»po.
rl* hand to hand to whw h ilia
* . I if tc! If,to * |.
* 'fi f v 9 .«If * d«»9*-it |<t*h, pfncti
XN ft-h nftfiNf* nflv I r,| lupn h.din* nmr1
old htitn'M on for Not, if, Mid# alnr#
SfoM y«mnr.al.
►».«. ii l.ord nf ,
Kr |*r tn» Ifi d I* ' #r *r-**r ! ».« fl r \nf|.
O •** fond* ..«i„n wit ,
flir . ,.*f j • «»f# *«M * tt-af Itrfofr f r
* it,Mf|»,n of | rm idifif t fn#mf*rUI fa ron
al frrod n# .t»* fl ;,**», ».» will t.a UrnlH fo
t* #. t in* «* ti, •an*flv-« Itr«r.|ftf • m ir-rnd
f f * • r*#d*» i t rid •** frllrvf I p r •
f.*f« «f f*np«.ttn M. oft w o |kl#d«#i ,»
l.irr» r nr* on of Ma own and Mr* Mr *tf a
f or ♦ t, • r « t » fl p» «\| rna#a of |i m %Of|ft|f#
ff will l«r i-r* ia*u*r *!•«« *n |»r»*’ «.|#
for fit* ad#«|Hafo foddt'*f Ion n* fhr rr|M|.
fldr iM'itf* • • .* taly rn||prfr.| an f
fah<iia«#-l by rajilmn protf up to *iiwo«t
t* o !*»af ' 0*1 r of hfa |!fa
l',,r I f'lr-.n a it r* at a that fha mo
n * ri * n«i1*| t ' p f"a fotrn of a ha '
. » ■ ♦ *H«l#d T »» a, off MrrrtfRl Mr I"
• »«t I' *• •• ,| I f»p tfp,|'t afp.| to fha
I J-f •? •« if'bR ..f f tp. a. r»t r f*. w PH I aft j
* y »f an 1 a c>'m|-ink>n * «ia«l
Ihrlf |i i et j
I'enpite the .-old weather, operator*
the »<>uth*r«t producing »< tmtie aie
grtt.ng active In »tarilne new work
• ,uorn f‘“' **P«ng|«M» In
• Dine of the lower oninur* than m any
K.?r.rahf“? J’f , W>’,t Virginia . m
fof*i V"'*1 diatrlot. h.rii'uln
40 1,114 • *< reek l»e;fi(ipnifii( «'t»-n
l-any as drilled No. lu on thr M.
7* K tl.e B»-rea fcrtV and
• s a ..o-harrol pr.Hlu.rr In th*- Same
naT. .r.M 1 lhr Ml5 <’»■*••* 1 **-V*-lt.pMlcni I inn
pan> is star tint: No. in. Octave n*,;.,.r
*'r«"r -H I No 7 • *ti f
»»• tatr II-ker farm is dnlllnr
* »‘i Hhi«* cr***k. K.k district. kanawin
th** Hlu* i :.ek «'•»*:% ulhla to I on,
A- 4 ias « ompanv has «lrill*-.f ;fs f.
• *** ;• ° Mv**r» farm t .roi.mi the .-autiw
►and and has a K i^.-r with *«i e*tl
, 4*?"4,t4 •* 1«M... rnlitr l**.|
‘ \ "l ini*» .»f j;us «i>'\..].*-,t n
" 7 **■.kirir'r than previous K.i»p. ~ <
!!' f!i41 4,.,,,Ir r Maokh* ny ru .. Hi*
• a. f\ district. Kanawha <nui.it. t
•» »»n- *-l «•: I <*omp«ny ».!»s set No#
.:ldl ; • • • 11 fir IgoMhorii he.rV tla. t The
f,ri-f was increased from &«• t.• «» and
tne latter from II* to 1.::. lariela a day.
Outers la Ltwls County
* »n taoveherry run. Court Ho.k* dis
tMot. L.w* count*. t r I fop*- n.»: il
\*o i the
• i••*■• A hue farm fhr«*uK•' tile fift Sand
• n i -as n lijhf itne-* r. < »n Smlt • ri”
* •' 1 • - ’ •«-■.•.»*• I* .1 id. i| t,
• o:t,pan' lu* drdlei r*.*t on the K \\
Si,nth fcriti thromch , .. o<»r Ion earn,
an.i jus p fair cuMr- On Stone 4 ** 1!
'* *7; 11*.use diet, »• t, the iri.dr
i» * »v*d«n> uas dn'lf-d 1 —st on th
I a\ •! F .lit* r^' h farm tf.ro ik i all .-.m l*
an t ns* 1 duiiti r
4 *n Hen* run fr»fon disf irt. 1’V* r. t *
• * ir»t». t. \ Hr iffnrd .,»* drilled N., ..
**n 1 •* K'drh.i* fa* n, fir..,:** . r ...
.;* *'* *r,v ,n * • • s* a *f»a*--el pumper.
4 m >ti».Wel| . r.-k ft ..*1 d.strif Won I
••omt*. tf.. Whdl.i.-l, <ni a iia- * .»o.
1 p .lr Hr.| a I-St • *n t ie .f.. n
'' *4' ’ f • •» t : inirh t r w. .. | ,#.,kx
linn s.iml ard i «* a duster
,,"r' •Hllesplr run *iiant .1 *tr . t.
• * ‘Ur inunt*. the Ameiii .r, II I
opn.ent 4*m|r las complete I .,
• •n f- - ?*ai4lj K Mull n. * farm »> I aims
7. !.*•** P'**nt**r 11, the v.ilt sa-.ui «m
i>;u nio X urldar, dl«tt » t. f.iihoon
< *• • * 1 • t; t e t.r.at t k 4»li A 4»a« **o»ii
I «nv * * drilled \.. |« no th*- M.im .el
H;« » nian f irm , i s t * m i and
W«at Uniform Loflclfttion.
\*«a I hi*: the h'lremi * of untie* at
'V iihlilurtufi |» r ha- taken up the
o«t#*iu»n • driltng nit nml **« w* I *
through tt.e «'oat u * ;*>tire* and I* urek
Ing for the Mdoptton the |*e«? p.eth*
»••!* with a » ♦ » of rerommemtlnff nt t
loioi |eg|N'..*|, ,n the \arlntf* et.lte*
f f» *'*!»)* t he* on #•« one of vital imp"
tel • e to o f and gn* Op* rotor* * .
>? H t»ier tl) u held in the local off;#:**
• * the t tireau **f rttl’o * la-t f. t,Ja\ H
i oother of nm^r* m* . »# | t,.| e *t»|e
POf,^ g,. .1 oinr.f *•*'•* oth •«
• tm «'oti* *le»e.| triple, liml on- n«
tlat all at ofi«|.*tie I v* ||» he oil gged
*le bottom I . * . f • *, f f he fiofe
/•fi«i|!»rr Vii> I ♦• »§ a • *i *»i « f or f.i«
romiwn* de*»»ril »‘.|, ». | ,. ,,|»in
of fh* I.maI'm* “hoi*!.I I... f.|bri -tied a
‘•'imntiMioti mi I f i'»* vl«*tt9ig the ||».
» .»»**n nri't I* w *• ap. ro* et ),* the rom
ir «»!<»•. .» fiermtf would he grunted the
.er.itor I* «t.i* at*#» aoggeef***) that
•t.e n.nt .f t. . required • „ give * | «.* |
IdyMfv »ev to** Vhltf to ghr l<«
. .med ».• drlli -*g thro-jgh f»e rop | ,ir.
d* riving fhe farm m l the Iht | to re
natn to fnf.-r til ».i. h ffov a* *hr we|f
v a* n*«at *1 *nr I
\t *h». general n.n.imtop m-eting fo
le f e*d IVtiriMM fi.»ee fit vph '« n tf
»• pee»rft* fhr oil an! f»e
■ »»*»'t.e f|»- r»* iefere**- Tto grne-al
M frn»ll»*f w *11 *|«o If..’ fife fh*e* a-.
.. .g if* fh-#. min. .* -.e'tdO fl.fr*
ne*ote'« ».f «h# h*ff**U of tp"o .» »
I evident f'ot I ao** Per ret.*’ ?!*•..»l «»f
f » huregtf #,f fn'ne«
Portion of Adrfanople Abut And
Largo Number Killed
Oiiring Fight ng
lAfNI tls I'll. I. lira tv Aahflnr
• lt!i r»n»i<l.'r»hlf> limr. I» r. t« rt.*.l to
hnvn nronrrrd at ll'ilalr Thtioday
I’orffnn* of tho to* n r.f Adriano,,in
nm «%jfl to bo In ftamr* from th« bom
Fofla ropnrfa that n il.i.rhini'tit
from tb» Turkloh i»rr.«nn »• Adrian
opln ha* doortod to thr Itnlmnan
Turkr, la npoltlnc r,|*ok« wh.do
oa’r from ronaiantluople and around
the Unrdantllo* i
New Move Made by the Eastern Ra.l
roade to Prevent Strike of
34.000 Firemen.
XEW YORK, Feb. 14.—A new pos
sibility of peace between the 54 east
ern railroads and their 34.000 tin men,
who have threatened to strike for
higher wages and revised working
conditions, appeared to-night with i
Iresh arbitration proposal by the rail
roads, and the break that seemed im
minent during the day was averted,
temporarily, at least.
The railroads, which have insisted
upon arbitration by a committee of
seven men. similar to that which de
cided the dispute with the engineers
last year, while the ilrwtnen demanded
arbitration under the Krdman act.
now propose arbitration by a board
of six members, two representatives
of the roads, two of the firemen and
two disinterested members, to be jp
pointed as the Krdman act provides
The roads offer also to retain in the
arbitration proceedings all other fea
tures of the Krdman act which the
firemen may rt quire.
The railroad's proposition, given
oul by the conference committee of
managers, was immediately submitted
tr the federal government officials.
v> ho have been trying to brim* the
parlies logelher. and at once placed
by the mediators before the repre
sentatives of the llrotherhnod of ho
lt.motive Firemen and Kngineers.
Reads' New Move.
The roads made their new move
after a day of many conferences, the
chief of which, perhaps, was that be
tween the presidents of six of the
largest lines Involved When a break
men made ii known that they had a
s'rike order in rcarilne>*. and intimat
ed they would wait no longer than
midnight for the roads to make some
concession. President Brown, of the
New York Central, sent out a hurried
• all lo such president* of the other
affected ro.t I* as C'*ild he reached.
Presidents I'ndvrwootl of the Krlc.
Willard of the Baltimore & tlhio.
Trueidale of the lairkawanna. Mae of
Hie Pennsylvania and lt«er of the
Bearing responded With Vice Pres:
i». n Pester »•< the Central Hallroad of
New York, they i onfrrred with Mr.
Crown, joining the managers shortly
afterward* When the presidents ad
journed this evening they sail they
would not take the matter out of the
managers’ hands, but would he satis
fied with whatever disposition they
should make of the question
The Statement.
Thus fortified by the action of the
presidents, tee managers resumed
*1 e*r conference tonight. The result
was apparent win u they Issued the fo)
lowing statement
“In order to avert the possibility of
a strike, the man.iwer*’ common'»
row offers to .-rhltrate with a hoard
composed of .wo representative* of ihe
*lrem< n. two representatives of the
ra!lre.qd companies and two dlalnfor
e> sd member* to be appoint -d in the
same manner as the board provided
for in live Krdman art
Vc have rcefWesfrd that this otTer
f » placed be'ore Ihe fir* mens' com
trtlllc. and hair *"krd the mediators
t» • ndeavnr in brine sbon* an •ft'-*
tnetit to arbitrate with such a instil,
preserving all other feature# of the
Krihtian ret whir h the firemen mav
(h s ,re
"Tie maniaer* mtnml'lie ere
e»re.able I-v nnv m<up flea 1 .on of th
<■ trove pian whl. h m.<> provide f»>r a
* eiatil of more <han three arhltta
A representative of the manege.* <
evpla'ned that one- point for which
the firemen purlirnlarly have con
tended was embodied Inthe offer
made I nil' r the Krdman act wit
nesses may f>e subpoenaed and wen
stties foe false testimony enforcerl
These provision* If was stated, the
roads were willing to adopt
At a late hour Judge Knapp, of the
I'nited State* Commcrrc Court ami
c W W llanrer acting eomml«sion
rt of labor, lho federal mediator*,
were ,»iii m conference with President
Carter, of the Brotherhood of Fire
men and Euginemen and the other
representatives of the firemen.
Fair Marchers Reach Trenton On a
Ten Mile Hike—Attend Meeting
of Suffragettes.
TRENTON. N. J.. Feb. 14.—"Gen
eral" Rosalie G. Jones is awaiting
an answer from President-elect Wil
son to a formal request which she
made today for an audience with hiui
on the arrival of her marching army
of suffragettes at the national capi
lol on March 1. or shortly afterwards
The request was made in a letter
which one of the general's aides,
Mrs. John Roldt, delivered at Gov
ernor Wilson's home before the army
left Prineeton this morning.
Governor Wilscn had gone to
Philadelphia. Mrs. Roldt was told,
but promise was given that the letter
would be delivered to him.
The "army" tonight joined with
local suffrage advocates in a demon
stration in favor of the proposed
woman's suffrage amendment to the
constitution of New Jersey. The
measure comes up f<*■ hearing before
the legislature rest week and tonight
the women attended a theatre per
formance as the guests of the .Trenton
civic and suffrage rlub at which fif
teen minutes between each act was
allowed them to make speeches In
favor of the measure. Miss Elizabeth
Freeman and "Colonel" Jda Craft
spoke as uorrsentatives of the
"army." Earlier in the evening the
i pilgrims were toasted at a banquet
given by the Iocs! workers
March Ten Miles.
Today's march from Princeton to
this city, about ten miles, was de
scribed by the suffragettes as easy
In comparison with the arduous
iwenty seven mile ••hike'" of yester
anv. It w.n accomplished in a little
over two hours of artual walking
Half way. a atop was made at Ijiw
renceville, where the students of
!.»” renreville academy gave the
v.onun $ reception that rivalled in
enthusiasm that the collegians of
Princeton university yesterday.
, •Torporai' Martha Klatschen was
1 voted by Hie army tonight as “the
pluckiest of them nil" Although
her feet were so painfully blistered
when she started this mprnlng that
she r as obllg l to hobble, she stout
ly refused lo ride in the "scout" auto
Tomorrow the pilgrims go on to
Iturllnytor. twelve miles distant,
i rosain.- the Helawar? river.
PslL Tonc'isrg sag San won Tketr
■atekes—■srrarl gtar la
NKW TliliK. IVI. 11 T It l e t. t •
"lyi*ipo pfkier Otietev |* Tom-1 a -I. the
totn.rf ee-1 Matter Merr.lt
Mull won i!t«* t r« |n f |g* 'ntirfM
fot.nl i»f i !*• nRtlnml 1'iiinor !*tn f#m i
• »*:n|*irtn» t»|- fl>|l ilrffrlH l»»
H’illlitni |;t*#rt Ivfi'irrt l»j- thw iiwtfp #»f
4 \ • rrr> | Tnu tjr.l 4'«f..•-»<! ,,f
lir#nt#n h#i»k. of f*tr |\ rt Hlu*. C|u4#.
» > ft# «•»*## of 1. - J. ft A
Mull i’J*«#«f i« o tntt> iip« In (b# flrrf
* mt ri >nt \ r i h.t \f !,»* of
lit# Hamilton • } »n*s> M ft | ft—§.
T • n »»# «frfr*i#.| in# rntfrin. i.arroll J
Vo*t ft- 2 b- 2.
TH# m*H>« inipr#«|iAf nifrh in tha
sls-tit.|#« «.|« l*af m whir'. H .1 ml
w livi r» |i t rnftin. Jr, <i#f#*f#«f tv «i«on
M V' •« • • t..- ff«r\nr1 ataf,
an.I JiiHh * «'•>#*man «. i ft — ft
N KV\ W»liK. !>■' !• ftrr|v#|
MtPAmi r VoMtirft ftotl- r*fam •'lrir#1
Rf#j**n#i Mfnnrm aoka. l/'n in*
f'g.ltl# I alar. I * wlf•i#wfi • —
Rtram#r K »»#*•#In A iiuvl# Victoria
M.-itliiifi; f-r \>n T'lfli
• ’at*« i frtrrli ad F'f* t#<i
f*l#a‘-rr N .a Arttaif t«lant. »{«ti#r*lMii
fnt \>» Y. rk
Hr>»ai»M I !*l«ni.l!#*1 Sl-itm— 14
Totii.* n* N'M» York for Mat r#
•ji»*#n*loo u .%rtiif 1 r*t#am#r «'«ltlc
Nf# for l.n^rpprtl
l|otiPfi|»'it Arrlt# i *st #•*▼*#- |;<rn
•!a»» \## V.*tfc *ailr*t !*t#arncr ram
|nr>p| t» \ri» York
D##r#r Adopt a Coir nttftoi Form
t'KWKlv 1V0 Rot* m Rt , r»**#
of in** t«» on# f’»# r*tfpfa of t o «Mv
ml .-mm** **f V*#n\#r tf/'. *t^.| for <nmt
m itlnf) f*»*-*it i f loffi’ninnif b* < 'i|* |rf
* •' 1 • • » '*•»«*>! ii.tii bjr l>«
ch#ri«y it»nu f <•«»

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