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Into 111 gencer
Published Tfelly. Except Sunday, by tht
Int* tllgeru-«r Publishing Company.
Terrna per Year, by Moll In Advance
Dally. <* l»a>* ivr \Wrk>. 1 >e*r. I* ?«
Dally. Six Months. 2 40
Dally. Thre. Month*- .1 30
Dally. Three I»r«ya Per Week.
Dallv. Two |»a>s per Wee*. . ... f.o«»
Dally. On# Month.. 4i
Weekly. On# b*m. in Advance. . 1 wa
Weekly, Six Months .
Its several editions ia entered ?n tne
poatoffne at Wheeling. \V Va., ai* aec
ond-clas* mutter J
Editorial Room- Iteii . *23
Editorial l:*>oni- Nation.*I. *2'
Count Ing Rooms Hell ........ *2:
Counting rtooms National. x_2
The Intel! gen er receives both the
d*> and night .‘er\:«- of t»g Associated
I*rc as.
Monday. February 17, 1913.
The Wheeling commission form of
Charter lull has been passed by a
•tale legislature which knows nothing
Of the needs of our city, through
courtesy to the Ohio county delegate*.
These delegates introduced and favor
«d the hill as a matter of honor, they
having made pre-e|criion promises to
the charter advoiates before anyone
except those advocates knew any
thing about the nature of the pro
posed change
Even if the proposed chance repre
sented public sentiment, such methods
■would be anything but pralseworthy
Nnw. however, the people will have
an opportunity to vote on the munici
pal cure-all mixed up by i»n» Pauli.
Wallace. latKiani et al. Incidentally,
the cost of the election will be about
three thousand dollars, but what do
the charter advocates care for a little
trifle like that? it tomes out of Pa
Wheeling pocket and not theirs, so
let her rip
The Inteilijencer does not presume
to say what the judgment of the peo
pie will h»*. but believes It just that
they should Know the provisions <>f
the proposed •commission form pre
vious to the election In brief, the
new charter abolishes council and the
board of control, and places ail power
In the hands of five men. a mayor and
four commissioners, who constitute
the commission The mayor is to re
ceive a salary of hi a year and the
oilier four $fl.noo curb
Each of the five is to be Ihe licHd of
a department, over which he win ex
crcise supreme control The five will
have absolute "hiring and firing
|k)W«t ov« r all city i tup oves and ab><>
Ill's power 10 pass or reject alt city
franchises ard ordinances The sole
protection of the people from the
monument.il gra'i and injustue to
viiivm jmw.'j ,> 11** r>| *»n »jr»r»r, !**
the chance of c****iry men o’ the ver\
highest tip*, i.f in'etr.' fr>r :,u |iVe
olTlr. a all the t me
It is true tnai the-e is a ‘repair
provision This provides 11; *t when
*ver t wen tv p« r «-n- of the voters of
vhe cit v shrill si**u ,t j».-fj11on for the
removal of a inon.b. r of the com mite
•ion. contains a sworn statement ol
the ClOiimi on »h, h T ie removal i
•ought, nn election -hal! he order, d
The man whose removal is sough'
becomes, ai.tomato alb a «and. late to
succeed himself
It i* obvious i ha', under ordinary
elrcumstancey. su< li a •-era!' method
will nev.-r recall anvlx.dv fir-- of
• II. It will be a matter of egtrenio «|.ffl
eu'ty to jn twen' v p* r «■> rr >' the
VO'er« of \\ heel.ng to sign syob n
petition !• mil he < v< n in ore dlffl. ill
to B» t the n ' ei rige voter (11'f to vote on
tho propog.• ion The commissioner
whose re<ai; i» s-, Kh'. Vei..r will
h*- there t.ei;s on and with | s
well-oiled and power'll! machim- vvor..
I' #» f n. k.#*n if **\rrv rot, r
wrnt to th'» . i* *#vi!r) **»<#• noth
fnar I# *« thrift ;* bnirirnno *»f
fMjblfr inrifffnn* ion to rtv*r*Pron ,if,v
PH** of ’ho-. rn»n ■* *»o p>si< *, sip Ji
|v#.T*rr« #,f j r»t"•**&#* an-l flr.;inr<nl f«.
Thrr* .v« f.thoj* ?♦»*!.trt**, bij? rhl«
«tj|fysfnr r * A *| t ,om#. 4, ,
w hat !■« prnp# -r r|
N * f?i'♦ ttr»r fr*r * oru?r«* 1 ♦* tm
iht* fbo br.9|«r# f< J « fir *»;l
prompt tv und fawtr.V'. • »#, ^ - t r<- . f,«
• ti v ► ' r ». I »», <•,. . .,# r
• n*l jin.hfi * h* * nf,, fjio»i:- v. *!,#•*
t fuffIf
Tpo pr#»*«*r,t r#i.,rtme ft|M
n#fari#«<iw !*•«•>in« * ** f** *jr« * t. b..v»n»
#ft*.nf 11, »*, ’ins. mfxmv i# «;»rr # i
fn r»«jr ri*t#- p :r,n>
• or# »jr* • n f» r »» #( I v * hr, * *tp, lW
e~ --
It Is a positive tact that a dose ot
Papes Cold Compound, taken
; two hours until three consecutive
dose* are taken, will cnu th«> Grippe
arul break up the most sex ere cold,
either in the head. ch«*st, back, stotn
ach. limbs or any part of the bod>.
It promptly relieves the most mis
erable headache, dullness, head and
nose stuffed up. feverishness, snect
ing. sore throat, running of the nose,
mucous catar’bal discharges, sore
ness. stiffness and rheumatic twinges.
Take this wonderful Compound as
directed, with the knowledge that
there Is nothing else in the world,
which will cure your cold or end
Grippe misery as promptly and with
out any other assistance or bad after
effect* as a ;.'i-cent package of Pape's
Cold Compound, which any druggist
can supply—accept no substitute—
contains no quinine. Belongs in every
home. Tastes nice -acts gently.—Ativ.
i niauc ii iiiiuvuii mi nin* in him
! of men w ho live in this manner.
The particular iioint which has per
milled many white slave cases to fall
is that which required the state in its
prosecution to prove that the girl was
1 held in bondage against her will. If,
by any sort of influence, she could be
induced to testify that sin; had willing
ly entered upon a vicious life the(
prosecution failed and the contempti
ble cur wlio had profited bv the
woman's shame. escaped punishment.
The Cooper bill strikes out this
Phase of ihe law and makes it an «f
, fens© to bring a woman Into virions
j life even if she has consented. Tin*
j simplifies the matter of prosecution
| in white tdarc eases anti »<• believe
| will act as a serious cheek upon this
: utterly disrt putable business
I It may be obierfed that the amend
i men: will open ihe wav for vicious
| women to idji km.nl virions n.ni \Ve
doubt this, but if it should lead to at
I tempts that savor of blackmail, the
(average man will have little sympathy
| for the person who by Ins infamous
i means of earning a livelihood, puts
I himse'f in a position where he is in
danger of suffering from iha' class of
Men who have become so destuuf •
of all sentimers cu manhood and so
lost to ail moral sense t . live a
white slavers do, have barred them
selves from ail sympathy nr considera
lion. The i'neper bill, if enacted,
will undoubtedly resuit In sending
many more of them to tlm penitentiary
wh* re they belong
If dispatches sent from .Mexico are
' m.e. inf--rventton 1<> the l nit”i| .-states
' in tie- aifairs nf ihe uu'herti republic
Seems inevitable |r Is greatly to lie
regretted that s-i< li a situation sinmal
arise, but whatever mat lie done, tin
I nit**! State' cannot be an ised ot*
bhstv action. YVi*li a fractional part
of the reasons we have had :n ’h<
j part t wo years, nny hip Ku op«an
country would have established a pro.
tertorute in Mexico a Iona •tree atp>
For many reason*, the I'nited States
doe* not care to heroine iinbrot! -r] m
Mex <-o * internal affair* lu-asf of ad
do we desire to annex that teuton to
' 'i.ir own domain Hitter rate hatred
1 oxr- - tliere apainst \ni"r un and a!
though th-- |»ow• r o' o r army and
navy totiM soecdi v -ubriri’-. the
country, m«ire or less serious revolt*
would continue to i hi- endless trou
ble and expense Tie- Mi-viuns. as
peoj11«• hre fir inferior to i r own
popttlalion ntnl could t-nr t,.- nma!
pumated Tbe crater of bloody revolt
that I* constantly fhfTetrtiing litis
land in India would tie ours in Mexl
oi IV" could lake M» -.iro. but we
don't want It
In ra*e o' ntrrvenfl >n. otir rn 'rarv
opera' 'op« ould In i op fired In mi ,i»
ir»-s ii(< «„rv *o prr.t.-.-t Am-rlniti
and b-reian li-.is and proper*} Th"
browm: BKOTiir.Rs
X i.i port* r«
UNCLE WALT: The !*o«-t Hiilnwiphtr. Q
n-r »r» ►'••irimi -- ,r. ronrlgg hn« ,.|, »
■ttfnrt.mt. f.-m »»Ith ria.t . vn. foth.* f. ,ho
TfM K M ( *1 .. I • , , . , ,
K»rn<-« rh.-m m nothing <» «ooti.inr, r». *n» to h~
f,,,' »* l"*’f »"•*».. Mo-- ..;,n„ ...
folk, who nr- tm .< / n„» Ih.r. ,n th- m-m „ r„, • , „ ,
gn.ghhnr it,root.. l...rrl*.iM* I* hot. »l»o all ih.. n,. w..r
f fig n.-iKing ».»l «, ml.illc - h-il more <O'il0 .« morl.il
1 loin -".'in *1-1 l v/.ot i <i.«. Imrrt In. r„„.| ,.f ,ht. „w,
ttn rnlf, !• » « ,n'< r »• » t . «*.•! <l.i>n till I. ,1,,/,. in.I I I.. .... |, •
t . "in . » l • « — ' ...... ,
Mr‘ . now » i *r,# % •*»'* » » •* M M %1.| M1.SO&
#**g I # «#•*• .ft '!,»»».. %
(By E. J. Edwards.) ^
® »«-*♦*-* i* M-* a-» .A
How the Millionaire's Daughter Obtained Some I‘in Money.
THb late F. H tiallaudet wm a son of the great man ot that name who
perfected the deaf and dumb alphabet and who was identified with the
course of Instruction which ha* made those afflicted with lo*s of
tearing and or speech nevertheless valuable nu mbers of the community. F.
H. (■allaildet. .inllke tome of those who were near of kin to him. ..mid not’
only talk, hut had fluency of speech and an acute sense of hearing He was
lor many years one of the leading brokers in the Wall street district of New
1 was chafing with Mr. Oallaudet a few year* before his death, when
something In the conversation reminded him of peculiar)
lies or eccentricities that were characteristic of some of
the men of great wealth why were frequenters of hi*
One of the common failings of men who amass
great fortunes and who are * oiisplcuous for carefulness
*.nd minute attention to details Is oecastonsl forgetful
said Mr l.allaudet. "1 mean by forgctiulness com
plete losa of memory respecting .owe of the turilies they
"I will give you an illustration of this which came
under my own observations One of the ferry companies
operating between Manhattan and the Jersey side of the
Hudson river some v.ar* ago got into bail shape flnan
. ..... ... ,- oi„]]y The company had defaulted for some years In
I’.iyint nt oi interest upon its bonds Foreclosure proceedings were ordered
by the courts and a time was set for bidding in the property Conrad N
.Ionian afterward assistant treasurer of the Fnited States’in charge or
the sub treasury at New York—was anxious to buy In the property for th*>
purpose of reorganizing the company
...... ... .KHMH irar ran* wan ora*rod a customer nr min#*. ;i man
w orth. I presume. $...ni<0.nr.n came to me and said that he had ten bonds or
this company, lie said, furthermlre. that these Itonds were quoted at S*
..•tits on the dollar, hut that the accrued interest was so great that unless
they were aold at 14" there would be a heavy loss He thereupon asked me
to take the bonds, put them in my safe and go to the sale, prepared to offer
a" much as $20tt.oo»i m excess of any bid for the property that might he
made He said that In this way he was sure that he could pot 140 for his
bonds ,
' 'Veil. I did W hat he asked | raised the first hid at a single jump hv
$200.00" Immediately Mr Jordan got frightened, and lie asked that the
sale he postponed for a week.
• \ day o. two before the week expired Mr Iordan called upon me I
said that i was either going to well some bonds that I [nesossod at it" or I
was going to laise every hid until I got possession of the |tro| erty
"After a good deal of shuffling and hesitation Mr Jordan agreed to take
the bonds at 14" 1 turned them over to him and got his certified check.
That enabled nim to hid in »he property for the parties who were behind him
\ day or two later my .sistomer called upon me and I passed over to
him the check which represented the full amount of the sale of the bonds
for 1*"
"Me chuckled and said that it was a streak of pure luck TVi you know.'
said he. 'that I had forgotten that I owned those bonds? The. were tucked
away in one of the drawers of mydesk. I found them by accident, or at
least my daughter did. one morning just before the sale of the property was
ordered I told my daughter that although the bonds were quoted at Si; l
was going to fix it so that mine would s* II for 140. and when I got the money
T would k.ep th. Tare value of the bonds and I would make her a present
of th" nrrt»ied Interest She deserved that much for finding the bonds which
I had forgntttn.”
(Copyright. 101". by K. .1 Kwards. All rights rserved >
troubles of Mexico have been largely
due to til*1 violent reaction which al
ways follows the removal from office
of a tit rone and tyrannical ruler The
forced abdication of Utaz left the
Mexicans without cutler a strong cell
tr.il authority < r power of self govern
mcnf There exists, among tin- better
classes, a larce party of able and
hieh-mindt <1 men. whose influence will
ultimately control We may b>- called
iipon :o guide the course of th'* rovo
liition, but we should do nothing
On- of ilu- latest and lu st results
of 'he llrdn • r» arbitration act is the
proven',. ti t.l a strike of r.t.ntio loco
tnotive firemen lioth sail s have
a creel t(l meditation and It i* probable
that thi oilfii ui’les v. ill b* satisfaetor
l;>- bo us'* d l ntlero.fl mt theds. this
great army of m* n wt nbl now be out
on a s’rik' tin • b - dic-s of *. t i.rn.iib
mould lu* tied up a-.tl 11 • rotmii* :«of
the entire roui.tr> -< ruiusiy crippled
tlraduaily. nrb.tratan is ■-.mine to
be rerotTii/« .1 a.s the one best tut .hod
1 of settling ill d.'p'.tes I' is an o' 1
and trip- saying that tli<-re are t t
sides lo #nr- tpo sllon. and 't
I e«|Uail> 'rue that the a \ * ray • luan t o
see only his own side in .iitereV-.-ti
turn of good imlymen' and with ar
t urate Inionn <'ti>n r an u« . «ll> arrive
a* a last setth-nifti* «>f any cotitro
v ersw
Itig indttvrl.il ill. i u*< are o' > .# Ii
nat on w ide import.it i .• that it ~ per
f<-< tlx propi r fur the itdera govern
tnent tit provide nr an ’ i preven’ ut
end them The Krdmatl act Is all
i right «o 'ar a- tt y • . hut the tum
Will (u> doubt c me win c i*it|it|l«i I
.arbitration laws w:.l la- applied ’•
I rerr li.g .'.tlis’i; of Irouturi
Sot lt bbi .a uti is i; ar .rd w|»h t'
• pint of the tune . which fitul;
r Xpre bn rTt ori.Illetl Co'nper.-a
lien. faelorv inspection atul n'htr la
wilt itidirt-i f lx hene'l’ soe.tdi as a
w tv i|e lx hem fit me Imlt: trial wtc,
ei rs d rectly
I* wa« ha<l « t n :*h '-if tlw ,ift)>**r l«
•« it ,ih i* f*i• ■ * ilfrari 'Ti« « lm
ra«i| »>'ii >■'. i *l> -*n in I*
11> -I li'if If mr'a.nlt mM
it B in ’•> nwrt io rtf* • f)<• 11
r*-.| in*. •
f* • ** *• I.1 fin- i if,'ill- |nM*hi*mV
l»al fart, i! i 'r inai fan aftit
x|ifiTi|T.: ■ it'iiT" Hi in ri* ,i|T lH\ui),f
Ihf > h.nln • , ' I (in i l ' <• f. IT! III
ha I '• am mu t in it . , rural,
Virginia f. m • i I* nit . i*i 111
in ill ft, •' 11 1. r ■ i,« | , HI M* i'
f'lFfal <nmr i, fin |tiill \ii ■ • •• i<
a ii .ff if** n **• r v al inti
f'a .1 in \ • V ■ . ||.. *•

fi . Tn) Mat •Mini i , • i it ■ i •
U hat*- r l • n »» i # «. . i \V ’ am
Ki fiimif f Man' t . • ••Inintl i i
hail nn |il* f Ii i> •
l In* I in' i | * i • | in
f‘ Ihtw m 11»#* i a*
if *
HI*<| I ai'irnli : 'll* • -1* ■ f« , , ;
Vr hini IT• nf t.i . , ,
* « I
j Opinions of the
State Editors
Legislative Invest g.ition*.
1 * * a rnatt. r of *in< • r*> «**ncr,i
tulatton Vli*il th » l»‘k.is,at r*% with a
I Kepuhlh an mnj. lit in tho House,
and • '• n hi th» Serial*. f *
•kh. and w itnr. it a \ni< c king
ra • I oi»j« . tt..n, arfnpti-il rvnolu
,,"r- l'r *vldift»i »"r an immetiinio I. u
r*\ «• itiv . itiu .ii »n of * hante* of
T*• • 1' d !•-'«*itivt * T»i* tn. ml- r ..f
thf -• Mit*.- 'h i four tn rnli.-r* of (hr
hoi ... , full ,ii i .i nf of whi* ti has up*
I1 it 11 ••i** i "tuiiiii!* 11« r--tof.*r* .
1 pi • • • different
, • • nf ih*
1 • tVhei
[I*-I*|. r ii* tr .i>•*? It\ tn t»„. house.
* • . th« senate
r . .1
ti. t.. inx • sitpur.. . »Mit ^»«« of tirih- |
* r' i’ 1 ti ipi.«»ii ;,e.i n*»* ;
.\!» <«r«- i i loll..., mu.| »’t.ir*n** |
\' W.itsot . in.lidar* f..j t».. i f,.i* tj
(• ** S* fiat. • n|. -it n .
• I» * *.r*M .hr! ih t, ,T
i n 4 ,f pun r ’•port*. lie* ►into- I
Your Corns Go
lust Like That-Y^en Ycu Use
V ~4»v»|r ra f~Ti are*
T v * * p •f r- » • ••*■••
I -*•* * »’ • • *li » • ■ ■ me • i <• «n ? . I* 9
»• A»II.I *» f • *■ • *- . 1 r;r'»n ... ••
I ' M.,H ( Wt < .r«.( .Wi.NWw.
,0** i ! •• t f %• %» > .1 a*
* ' '' r,‘ •' • « # • *1 *.# R •• |wie.< • * '» •«
r»'• « •<»* .» . « t . |>o» ., • ►», • »>«*•» y 9m ».
iarx «n * fin.n #" . e^r* L\'',W*'T *T
tA)nl> h»sta >4 *-«W • art* *• r»« a* rhi
| • •t*ra ra" n • +1* fr|* ,*,. I ^ „
****** of . a\ ♦•'•iffnir a
fort c t aai «* a f>* .r* , .'r .,rl
U.«ra *o S ..• M^ftlrul A,a i t. ai i.j
Ml sl'N*
I’.il. t ••)!. I’.lii. Iu: l i|j sh'tk’',
M/i It* i<> 2,
U-.t t. **f net ory Shoe*.
JC17 Main Si. Wheeling i
Wonderfully Beautiful New
Trimmings and Laces
Just at this moment—right in the middle of February, with the Spring and Sum
mer Dresses being planned—what could be more interesting to thousands of women
than these handsome new Dress Adornments?
Especially prominent is our display of the new Bulgarian types. The existing
hostilities in the near-east have given Fashion the opportunity to feature the rich
shades and peculiar color combinations of the Balkans. Among the new ones are:
Bulgarian Fringes— Shadow Laces, Spanish Laces
Braids, Bands, narrow, medium Venise Laces. Flounces and
Allovers. and wide. St. Gall Laces. Allovers—Silk.
Bulgarian Buckles— Macrame Valenciennes
Flounces with Rhinestone-set. and Ratine and Mechlin
Bands to Match. gold, pearl, etc. Laces. Laces.
Garnitures— Orietal Laces Torchon Maltese
Bulgarian, Beaded, from norrowest to and Cluny and Filet •
Pearl, Metal. widest Flounces. Laces. Laces.
Among new shades features for Spring will be Sunflower Yellow Beeswax. Putty. Garibaldi Red.
Vi'atermelon Red. Chinese Red. Nell Rose. Bishop's Purple. Chinese Blue. Taupe. Gray, Brown, etc.
New Spring Suits
OF FRENCH SERGE y » i t h extra
OF SHEPHERD CHECKS | value-giving at I
Introducing Fashion's most approved .Models ind Shades.
New Spring Coats
OF COVERTS V «12 ."if j
OF DIAGONALS c ^ ^ ~ ~
In the endorsed models, both of three-quarter and full length.
A Special Line of
For School Wear.
Two Patterns in
$10 Wool and Fibre
'Specially lYiced .
Away I'nder IVu-e Now.
.Many Sprightly New
New Silks
New Voiles
New Wash (ioods
mrid*. *• limitmnt radiations and
ro on. fr**tn ih« Slat** m|vital. in t< ~
ward i" »h»* ullojr'-d l»rllN*r> *>f tn« m -
lu-rs *.f t h *• f oar tala tur** in thr* ina l t»*r
*»f th. Senatorial th#-*
St:*ta J"iin. il. whrtt i* the* truth. th«*
r.;il (-ogdifioti c.f nff.iim. !t I* doubt
ful, ton, it' th** u I.• i*f thr transart t«*n
:** tj f*. putdtr \if» As tfc»* mir
t itii.rv c<*. tfifv ;«r** wflrul, in«-oni|»a
• IMi. r* t . • 1 • von r>d;i i.dons th it j
v rn d not for ihr* s» ri*»tisnr«s f thr j
thlnsrs with whi* h th#*\ at** « onn»*trd.
• • i am lli
’bn* :!rnu »r> mdrnt how
•*• • r at d that is th \; H'^n*>n of .1 ,
prlxat.- «..»»• T*\. svst.tt) «i it .s<.vr - .
rod on •;» omn • non w.'h publi •
• i amt i Hrr#
! «w •*«»-• ■ i i • • • 1 • - ft! * s. d«« • fwlinc to |
;.r* t» -n<* d t-nl *: .. and il. is < it< h im
w**..ix iron • V-< ti-il » th* !•■*.'1-latur**
to uh<>i:i ;\ tloui^.ird or »*.. d-lints
kii'k ilk • a Ht'-Ht f<»rl ufif*. I•' a|»p»*n l - •
it s t• • th*».r * ui»m. and nnrulnv f*» *
*ii» m that what thi\ at • !.ir»»*| t.» »*.»
t -t part h ulari < if T* • worst
of th* marui m that if tb**s»- w.-ik
tnti.ibd *». i *.**. nh . nr. thus t.nijd
• !. w.;»- ;• ? th* would l.**h.iw
' to n.«*. !\* «* and di«. hat: . th- tr d»»t.. 4
:ti ho?o»r lido w a
• • rtn.nh it U dtfP< lit to . th*- *
r#».* and tl»* t tirht »f nmkirc • timm*
• - •• it .f m* n. f- i r<.o .» .*»».*» that*
W. id f.r r .Alt. If Th‘> V|( :* s nirth-ol
w. r * ».♦ r* sort* d ;.
M**atiu till* n" .* Swv •- •
’• * d ''..ft. ~ .11 .*» «-r>*m*lt« at. d. flo*
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'■ •'* *|. *|- n.h'ht • " r t r n „ , ,
am! , nr* | ,,, , ■ ,
ill i|i r V'.
The Pianola Player
; used only ill the Steinway 6c Sons. Weber, Steck,
W'heelock. Sfmvesanf and Stroud Pianos, and is made
only by THE AEOLIAN COMPANY of New York City.
I Read the Following Letter:
Aeollrm ' 'it ' j
< .ent lemon The vi'rt fart ili.it nearli four tear* ago ■
w ent.-r ! into an arrane-tit ent with tour hoi.** to bn to
the I’mtfla Player in»t.<|lrd etclunlvelv Into the Stein.
. '*«' I laiio I- |.riwif iHwIiive that wo pgarded tho Pianola
:stlie f-f> hiiihoat t)|M of plater. unapprunrhed n> air
r ina-i-r Nothing hat> Iranapired attire t> in.tko uxe
tlietige our opinion and he lief
Your* vert trtilv.
t har.ox Sl< Inw.-tj. Pre*ident.
. ;,rv ‘.’whisive factory representatives for the
Pianola Player Piano in this territory.
VV. A. Miligan, Mgr. 1416-18 Market St.
I lie I ti evsl stuck oi l iu's ,m.I Ncccssorics in the H
< >iti«i \ .illc\ between Pittsburgh anJ ( incinnati, I
9 -1,;> "»r pricc> are ju<t risrht. (.ive us a calf. @
The Lavender Auto Supply Co.
9 Dell. 119 J. 9.10 WARkpt VT. Nat /M-Y. ffl
J "hfflim:. W. Na. H
* , • . .... tEs *1
t LiUle V/hiffs \
f From Stogieto<u'n J
0 <nv tnr. omen nor » g
' MI > I ' .ITrtff 11 *hi"!i »" r \V,•(
' ’’ • * • 1 .«!if »• h.i\r m
»• :< « .
*1 I ■ • n •Isrlllnr Mmti rn’t
l\«-n i. i k |.r>«n1. nf In
•llll-tl ,|| ..( , hr) |.,f||K,
" h " i* ■ * - * * mnl,. a Ik nl »n. h ,
■Ifin riflt I "I «f «,.niifi ,n j|
” 1 * *1- nrr m. It Kill r
ii r,l, n- c . nnni'M
'' •• •• 'll •: "ii limln* Kfixlhcr
* • In Hi' '1l*‘ lit fillur«.
i'|.«# ,|i.i a frafi. - mirwff
',r " ' Tl •! nit III, cnni"
- • t’n n'* ►,ir.| I K
T ir *M| CTQn Vatlnrlaa
I 'mii* •i«..i| i !i imi»' ,ln « Croigti
I <•> «!r r | httc N‘i>n l«. e\
i iiv" ..hi I i II mu • , f Mur
' i 1 *t ‘ nf ifl-‘
• .. , | n«r , *.->| \|, rf,,
•n .iw> I^Vm I Hill • anrl,
•' r ml.U in ! who..,
• \« . •! t ot •air
i■* all di .11") . A4>

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