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nrtmM't Smoker.
A* rang* me cits hat* Uchi « ompieted
by tile committee !n charge of the R*li
SH« • Hrr t’ompany ' iiui*r ami a** lal
t'un An ess session to i*» held this even
ing in the new station in North AV'
u »--4. to have Pror. H h. «Mlg*rs. prin
cipal of Wheeling High school, to de
liver an address Thee** will be other
speakers The affair will he noesd with
a lunch son.
Birthday Party.
One of the largest end most *r **»yable
parties given In this ' ommunity lor a
long time was that field Tuesday even
ing by Mis* hid i tli Oil*, daughter of
Mr and Mrs lhtvld ii June, at her
kerne In douth Warwood. in cetaoration
or i er ninth birthday The hou** ws.h
beautifully decorated for trie nappy oc
] ceaion. <«ames and music were enjoyed
dur tip the early hours. followed with
(a dtUrious dinner Ames* thus# pres
ent were Mlsse* Catherine l‘urscfi,
ikla che Alfunnd. l*»rntity M« Nabb. I.ena
Kuo nson. Marie |(oUens«*n. Irene Hilton.
Mu' is Kind*loerger. Inez. Illlton. Louise
Aist*ad. Virginia Kindelberrer. Alma
Heir (ter. Muhel M'tirew, Freda Mctlrewr,
Anna «*urry. Anna a Sell. Ain »* Hclffter.
I k.1 zubetn Kindelbei ger. t*harlott»- Van
( huk. Vera Rot her m«»n i. Lilian Stagger.
. lAMothy Lie :i. Kllxabeth lteilly, Tiudina
, him jaeger. Jessie Sailing, Flier* How
man. Margaret V»«t. Margaret O'ltrlen.
baiillg lladen. Mary Uiuu. \ rsnn a
i ole Masters Robert Kiddle. Kdward
1 O'Brien Janies O'Krien. Kouert linden.
Lous Rive. Kdward Kb e. 11 .ward H*lf
!ne» ilsrI Weaver. William Miller, Mrs.
Vu>t Mrs. Holland and others.
To Build concrete Chairs.
It la reported that tlickoiy i *evore.
a l«Hal concrete « •ntrsetor. as wor-aing
on MW 1 • v •
(bring him much reward f It van be per
fected. The Idea is to make park chairs
thac are left out In the weather from
) season to season out of concrete. The
(frame of t chair will be • onst i ucted ol
wood and covered heavi|\ with • oncrete
# Th* *ul\ antag** of such chairs is that
they • annot tie conveniently removed
| from park*, as one in.gut as well at
I tempt to carry off a small safe They
will 'ast until time snail be no more
It I* believed that the *>n* ret** • ha r.s
and also benches, will prove a hip *uc
\ .ess Thev will l»* sold about a* cheap
ly as ordinary iron or wire chairs.
I Ore#n« runsral.
Yesterday afternoon a large con ours#
Of ft HMHfS .in I relative* attended the
funei.il of Herbert Hreene. at t »e tamny
J re*in* nee on tJlenn * run The i{©v .1
• C I'ryor, pastor of the Warwood hrl*
trail • hurifi. officiated at the service*
Interment was in Snort Creek cemetery,
lie*hie* the parents of the vie eased
tt'.eie survive the following brother?
and slaters McserM Benjamin. Flank
and lldwin «ir*-«*ne. all of this section.
- .Mi* Jacob Kden. Martin** F**iry. Mrs
- .I«i»h Kunts. New MurUnsviln- and
JL Mr* Harry Barcue. of Horn© Acres,
Local Knights Attend.
<t I.a-t eve* n:g , . < •• 1 n*.mber **f
£ Knights of iv' ms of 1 Is town attend
ed toe visitation meeting giv*n oy toe
W heeling Iticii*-. K -»f I* N»* 11*. in the
W.« brnrf building Several **f t ** W*r
ve...i Knight* took part it the steaking
t. and *nusual program* The next visita
tion -r.eetlng *il! be ,*:vfn !*v Baltimore
lo ia* . N * k. of W cehng. in tile Kger
5 t-r building. l.Uvent* ai.d Market
• tier is.
4 To Build Picture K^uss.
A party of NVheehng men was her**
>e*t> rd*> afternoon looking over the
in'vii w.tu the intention of const rjet mg
f a motion picture io*u*e it »•* likely I
trial tne> will purchase the llem> Kirch
per site, yuat south of t o \\ .11 wood
bakery, an Center Main street. I*
, Thompson, of Wheel ug. some mouths
ago intended to buy th« sum* lot for a
pi< 1 ire house, but .cft**r making .» souia
l»«\»ient on It. the proposition was
given up.
Warwood Brief* and Personals.
T e local Martha Bible !a-s nv-t with
Mr* Frank Wl ard (respite ff.e dts
ear* eable weather. t..»* meeting was well,
alt* iided
It w.»s report* I last evenmg that
Thomas I* Klndelberger I* urptdly re
covering from an* attack of t . grippe
and In a few dive Will he able t* be out
The ice gorge that formed this week
in the Ohio opposite South Warw*»«»l.
nearly closing the chan©!, was f«.wmr
out rapid I v last evening
The Veneer Manufac turing Coni, any
wl’l begin r ,«• * rec M**n of their fine
new butldtn .n Hoot War woo. I near
t !*• old n'ant the latter p»rt of
11 • nth. If all tdans • .in i»e compl*‘tel
.'faster William Doan w.is slightly j
te- , - * • •
Harry K-nneu is recovering from
*e\ era l weeks Illness.
—All Week Special—
7 Bars of Swift's U'hite
Lauxjdrv Soap for
Visit the
Pure Food Show
In Wheeling’s new
auditorium all this
week, both afternoon
and evening.
While there d<> not
fail to look up our
booth and to pay us
a vi>it,
ruse rooD stoke •
*SS. *lth«r pb'to* 104* Market S’.
The Best
On Earth
Just Now
ror YOU—U, peril »p\ an
Investment in * r»e «.i these
SUn s and (A I k( (j\'| s.
We are celling ill '-l IIS
and OVfOCOMs at onc
fourth t.fl the pl.iinl , marked
Geo. W. Fox
Clofhirr, h urno-hrr and llstfrr.
No. 1.110 Market St.
Pnger*. IWt A fn/s P |
For Men, Young Men and Boys.
Double texture coats, full ce
mented, sewed and strapped
seams—will turn rain as good as
a $20 coat. Our special price
only 95.
Other Slip-On Raincoats for Men
or Young Men, 93.09, 97.50,
910, 915.
Sizes 6 to 16 .. .
A nice, dressy coat for boys—
fine tan cloth surface, rubber
lined—very serviceable and as
waterproof as can be made.
Boys Tan Rain Hats, 50<*.
COATS. $1.1/0
A regular $2.50 value for $1.98.
The Store With the I.ow l’rices
1122 and 1124 Market St., Wheeling.
-itTinr-tii—r 1 i» ■ i iiiaiiam n 1 n |M,i
Friday Ntjrht only. FVh 21
Il*nrv W Kavacr ■ llu" «al <Jnlrty
“Little Boy Blue”
1<»» Ptoplt Ki-wrinM. Cwl-Rlp
< "rr.ioatra
\V* ln*«.;.i> Pn.'.o r |o |; Op
Wl fo-4 aarita'I
PLAYED one solid year
. AT TPL playhouse. N.y.
■ fats tipudit.
K*t 8Sc to tl.OO: Eva., tie r" II.M
M rr V iM fmi \Fi*«b '
W*n A Fradv Fr#»a*nta
T •* Fur,* .#•«! Flay Bv*f Wr tfpn
s. if. p'r 1H- 2 to I >..! II.. II so
K-n> Vau<tovlll»
n r H-.-Il f - 1 .• 1 •
' to*i*i wn.D k miuui •
Af.'l l-th. \ I Star Ko th A la
<t.U It-.... •, T v- 'rt„. K. ffi
V\M> It* <• • II. So*. tt|..ro* t-...
I .V 1 T« -ihoa-o r v *t •
: k in-i is p:.**. . |.» :
I* «h»r
A Night at Maxim's.
I -* Reena’s Dancers,
rhe Great Martella.
Fay and Tenny.
David Gladhill Trio.
Victoria sc ope.
Admission, 10 Cents.
I In Operation.
Tit*. local ferryboat Charon i* again
■ ir. operation after I,. nK -tispeud* u the
ptst few days. ilu<‘ to the large How
o! ic« in (lie fixer.
Steel Department to Rrsume.
It Wits otfu lallt annoiinte*! ye.ter
tl.-ty that * tie puddling <1. partment *.r
Wheeling uteri and iron plant
will rrsume operatin' in full on nex
Monday morning, jitter being el< ••••■I
f*-r the past two week*, due fo ex
tenaiTe repair* being made
Will •‘Hop’* Some This Evening.
Tile (Otltinuous • Imp this i\ enlt..:
IS tiie talk of M • town, ai d one rf
the largest crowd- . »er attending i
d.ir.ce gtv. in tins , it .iMtcipated
Tw*» first i las- orch* *ra have hcen
engaged for th" c\ ni.ig
Atterded Visitation.
I>*ca| liwlge fix i rnnir Star, No. Is
Kligti sot I’.fhlw*. att* lei. till* third
annual vtsitaiiori m< "tinu la.-i eveniio.
at tl.*' Waldorf huildiiig in Wbe.iing
To Pay Saturday.
The erntiloye* of th*' Wheeling
Ste. | Mild Iron Company in the plate
and tube department* ail receive
• heir regular hi monthly pay in x
•Saturday morning
Bentwood Brief*.
j The « ty employ.n received the:r
regular M BHWMblj pay i t-.'i I . -I.'
I <la\ morning
< harl-s illske l,a- accepted i po*
tir-n i- a-rtstant <lcllni|U<lii tax rm
le* tor.
coartsuTiON rox cgrtaiyts
x • a* > f ii l
Chronic Constipation Cured
I *1 I id tv* , li troutil. 1 with rhrrinl*'
'■ roil* M pal inn for t*»o year* lid trh d
i ' *he *e *i phy*p ms In tfrUfel
I T*"iti . and tpi . ml,I ,|o rn 'Mug for
in- Two t , Wap. s >.t * Paint., rl.i t. <
1 T .t'U I . I tired r,|. . r *. Our* I
| r M ' ' K filer
rale fit ill d> aler \dv
•T!rd and Ko(T Slrrrl*—1»n Hu \ an<l<\ ill** \«t>.
7:.Ml and !> II«K and IV; Ut\r<v. 2V. NutiMt s 2 IM I<m K
«v (.>n«-ial A.lniv>Hni,
You csn surely end Grippe and
*’p*‘*k up the most severe cold either
in head, chest, back, stomach or limbs,
by taking a dose of Pape's Cold Com
pound every two hours until three con
secutive doses are taken.
It promptly relieves the most miser
able headache, dullness, head and
coae stuffed up. feverishness, aneea
lng, sore throat, mucous catarrhal dis
charges. running of the nose, sore
ness. stiffness and rheumatic twinges.
1 Take this wonderful Compound ns
directed, without interference with
your usual duties and with the knowl
edge that there Is nothing else in the
world, which will cure your cold or i
eml Grippe misery as promptly and j
without any other assistance or bad 1
after-effects as a 25-cent package of
Papes Cold Compound, which any
j druggist can supply—accept no sub
stitute—contains no quinine—belongs
In every borne. Tastes nice,—Adv.

■ooten Gets Verdict.
The ciuit* of Attorney A. l>. Hooten
ajtritnM the Wheel'ng 1‘enter <’oal Com
A'tniy. of Wheeling, whirl, ha* been »n
the « Ircult court here for the pant two
•lays, was decided to-da>. when tl.e Jury
returned h verdict for the plaintiff In
the sum of $704. Attorney Martin
Brown represented the plat Miff While
Attorney James T. Miller appeared for
the ri»al company. The action w is
brought by Hooten for recovery of cer
*ain fees alleged due for services rend
ered. The Jury waa out about two hours.
Special Seeeioe To-night.
, Mayor J M. Will lamaon announced
yesterday at noon that there would be
! a sperUI meeting of the city council
this evening The exact bu*lri«-s» to tie
transacted at this meeting has not is
yet been given out. but It s hmt.nl that
the sewer officials will be on hard and
ready to turn ttie new sewer system
over to the city The mayor will also
issue hi* proclamation for the coming
ele. tlon and council will designate the j
pla< es for voting preclncta T a draft !
*.f :4 •• ordinance governing the tnj , *rg
of the sewei will likely be presented *•»
couth H and th»* session promises to be
very Interesting.
Hold Special Meeting.
I mat evening there were special public
meetings held at ti.e Calvary M K.
f nun’ll iind will . ht.nu** unt'l Saturday
Ti»e parlor. Ilev J«- n lleddow. delivered
.1 very inter, stihg o rmon On PTblav ;
evening I *r M I «*omptou, district Hup
erlntcndent of t • Wheeling dial I t. e I
conduct the «ervt<es and following the j
prea. hlng -crv • es ti.e regular quarterly.
• conference will lx* held.
Contract for How Bank.
Th< • f tl»e sew City
I’ounty I.»*nk n et l ist evening ar»«i let 1
t he • c*»nt t;» t for the new **af.« til
Installed t • ti t M«s|er .'*fe !»*•. i
<’ompan> The iontra<t f--r 11.# ttxtur**
t«» be installed w.*> et Tf» Mead & *'•>
i \\*>rk on t emrxftelt ng th* old H »h** 's
1 building, rn Jeff e« son a.enue. t**r : e
bank4* g quarters will be stalled w it o«: i
a v er» short time at I rushe-i tu com
Fetrc*a Funeral Meld
Funeral serine* over ti.*- renm ns of
tie infant « tdld of Mr and .Mt- Sato
I'etroS w> r« l.el.l yesfetil.i afternoon
at 11.- St Xav ei - fut "ii, chur* n It* '
i m: **r Flanagan 1 ad « l arge of the sc:
!u-m> Interment was made nt t' ••
i t*r* e.ilww *1 . «meter>. The funeral
I Largely atteiided
To Me-» Sunday.
; \ \ s .4 lb Will
I tribet h spiidal .-e-siori to\t Stifrtlav
Iaj » •»«11. at ib* iieadquurt* t * in th* Al- :
l.*rt imilling All member* »*•• utged,
•* t r i- r> i i- .1*11 v 11 • n several «-w an-;
|.|,r (n>- « f..r ii i ••»* 11». i r Ii 11* will l*« taken
..nd two row in* Mbers w.II le ttSi* n ip-,
j t.» the » lul*
To Met* Tonight.
! Th* \ lr. «!*1 M irxu.itl n .i-h it
* Ini. will t. * t tin evening at it- b* id
._ I
City Comuntta* M*t
| The l; I |M : • ’*• * xer ttn ^
H*r.n . t the off-. *• «*f th* . *»UT|fv ele k
. f l t ,r * . ted * *»nsldA*r,l«!.‘ •*»• sine *
| • *■ f.. tfti n^r < I * * • l. i • w
»-f. 1 ir i ».thi » r».;•!♦•»« «*f -l
r * f;.- • f. i* ./ • ••fi v«i» kU»*» ,
FI*'? Cfnf'rt* Arr.T#f1.
' K > * i.»t \i. i‘ fr»r* V. r.»» rM*«r«tt •
) t \ .-.1 im t . -!.»!.• » • f*l I *•»* f «* x m
t *Ji»\ n >>.trir • lu *
1 **rj * » I f»ir V -I »r».«r.i • '*
T »,.• r’l.tr-;. rt .^u»• !«>* • v*r»ir.ir f«»r if.**
• :«.« *!»« r n • ? «* inf •
0noljiU9t« H»M M**tin*.
T !••• v • • \ | . s • . * • , »* tv » • l
r ■ i :**«l ’• ?.!,«.». «
ft | !.«* «• fr.r ft • •oritllll *‘t»v • »••• »|.*f|
V *-»*• .Hf*iih*.1 * •» ft. iffai tnei.N
!h? fi -f fnr* »*«?••• »f fh»- J f •-iit»:
. ■ ;***.• «*»•♦ • •ln| 1**t*-'T S?l»- • I I
i * « k. f-4 r.»* ?».•* I#, f.r. *. . «r*t» » «i» i
?. ..r c' • »!.. »» ♦.• »» h laif . M»t» 1 •
! * * . f* • *«»*•»»..I *f»r |# < ftjr. f*. •*« »: • .
n«-kf • *' !•» F*%F»»tr O* • i*l ♦ I **i •
* I I *.f lt»# « ■ f .. tV«.| •’
To Rtv? Dry Cmir»l|'
1 » - f \f I »|rrli T <»• *-•!.« * *■•. ** ».
m«* fc** tiffin r i*r i riftn* nf • f»*r iEf* *'>••
» jr » if • I. ♦ '■ * »».# *|r »•*«•#* | *
|fv *• r.--nr* frr fhttf *tu h« •**.«#*
».tii • t.* ' *i !l *? .aiif r» ft* *
' *» i rt n* ’ ** ? •» • • it • • *!• •*
lllf »tt* i'rv ri»t « f.iVIf'jf n-* « ' »o« «
Attend the
Pure Food Show at
the New Auditorium
ll Mill lv «»( oxci’ptinn.il iu
lcrt*1l I** lov.il hniisCM iv4*s.
And Rrmrmlyr, Plraur!
When uw want pun- lard
Schenk's “(.old l<eal“ *wll fill
the bill. When ton wanl
beall hf nl meal*, Sebenh'«»
fn «h and cured mm', are
nilhmi a rhal.
All reliable dealers sell Schenk s
'mats and lard
> 1 L U |\ U n l\ 1 , / y
end they are to wage the campaign and
will be- prepared for same If the quest*
litt doe* come to a vote.
agonadarlUe Briefs.
Delegate E. M. Hlnennan arrived
home yesterday from Charleston, where
he spent the past two months in the
Mrs W. W\ Reid Is at Cameron, due
to the serious lliness of a relative
Harold Knight, who has been con
fined to his home on Eighth sfteet with
an attack of typhoid fever, is Improving
Miss Arna* Tlmblln will arrive home
to-day from Cleveland, w here she has ,
been attending the millinery opening »
Mrs James Tasker, who has been ill
at her home in the East End. Is slowly i
Sirs F. T Moore will bo hostess to !
the t»f^ortunity Circle of the Christian
church this afternoon
The regular Thursday nlglit dance will ‘
be given this evening on the second j
ff]o«»r of the Rig tftore building
Misses Margaret and El . abeth Ket|v.
of Fourth street, who have t*een til with '
tlie measles, are able to he out again.
Mrs Ffenny lltgglns, of Ninth street. »
is spending a few days with fi leads
and relatives hi Toledo, o.
Mrs. R. L I.vgHn is sis riding a few :
•lays with her son. (iil-it. at Cleve
land. O.
Mrs. T J. Sullivan, who underwent
an «»perat*on at the Cb-ndai* hospital I
a few days ago. is improving nicely.
Roy Higgs, of liar her ton. **. is spend-]
It.g a few days with his parents on !
Center street.
Mrs. T L lai y is rontlnnl to her
home on Tenth street with an attack
or ,rT,p__ !
Will Lecture.
Arrangement* have been completed
for “Mother" Jonea to .-peak In the.
auditorium of the Central school
building in this city on n*-xt Sunday
mt* moon. The lecture will beam
promptly at 3 o'clock, and a very
large crowd Is expected to attend.
In Circuit Court.
The appeal case of the city of Mr
Mechen vs. Or. H II. Sptirr. "of (Jlen
dale, will be tried in the circuit court
at Moundsvllle this morning.
I y 1 J.t._ ;
Wooden Matting
The Best far Meat Markets. Bars, kitchens. Etc.
Elevate* from all raoature and ru>.
give* thorough ease of standing. nap.
For service In any capacity isMa.
»here Dry Feet or Ease of Tread j
are a consideration. u
Hit Mat TTut Makes the Feet Glad.
Made of clear, hard and thoroughly seasoned Maple Wood, •
I'/e inches wide and 15-16 of an inch deep.
Non-rustablc metallic sash chains are used for the connect
ing cables which extend from end to end through the interior
of the Matting, same being securely held by substantial key
methods—one that locks and will hold.
Note the cutout portion on underside of Matting, which
gives a restful elasticity to the tread and also also giving air
and drainage space underneath. All sizes to order at 35^
square foot. ’
H. C. Franzheim Co.
1126-2*30 Main Street. Visitors Welcome.
Two Foreigners Receive Fine*.
A free-for-all fight took place in the
Keffer saloon on Tuesday evening, the
two principals being two foreigners,
r.nd both were arrested by Officer
Morris after much difficulty. The twn
"ere arraigned before Mayor Morris
l ist evening and given a • heavy line j
for resisting an officer and disturbing'
t ht p- IN of the city t
To Meet Tonight.
The local Board of Trade will meet
this evening in regular semi-monthly
session, and all members are urg d to
attend, as many important matters are
to be up for discussion.
Knights Held Meeting.
1-oral Knights of Pythias attended
the third aunual visitation meeting,
held at the Waldorf building in
Wheeling last evening
McMechen Briefs.
•flay” Kincaid and Puss" Jones
If ft yesterday for Cleveland
The members of the I.idles’ Aid
society of the First M. K church met
yesterday afte-noon at the home of
Mrs. Kd Morris.
The small blaze |n the 1’ngerledicr
tali ion on Tuesday evening attracted
a large crowd of local people to the
Cecil Nickerson, who was badly
burned on Monday evening, is im- |
proving, and will recover.
Promises to Be Wheeling’s Chief
Amusement in the Future.
The opening of »h«* new roller skat
ing xink in the new market auditorium
last evening, marked the opening of
one of the chief amusement places
it. the city and It is certain that the
place will hold up to the standard of
’he opening nigh’ The floor was
crowded during the entire evenimi
and with an orchestra as an accotn
t ilnment, a fine evening was spent
iv ro ler skating fiends. The rink
will be open e\er> evening in the fu
ture and with the small admission
will prove a popular resort during the
entire summer.
WASHINGTON. hVb id —Th. aenate
will no wtfon nt thla aesMon on the •
treaty recently negotiated with the
U-i uKIh <,* vir ,r 'gin. by which th.
i nltatl St it»-s would aaeure, for th. *
.om of 93.000.000, a perjretual and tx
rl-iaive right to I.U1I.1 an int.r-or.antc
■ anal through that country. At a meet
ing of the foreiKn relation* committee
of the aenato today. It was determined
to r.command no action on the con
vention during th-- prem-nt comer.**.
The treaty was negotiated la*t tke
rember by American Minister Welti.-i
at Nuaragnm. because of rttinors that
■ the. nation* had from time to time
Considered the feasibility nt building a
waterway to complete with the I'oitim
ra rial.
To Be Put in the Field to Advance
Publiity Work of the New
> !’tjMtr\ committee %e|s>rT'«i
' no eting of r.io New Commission
< • #\ »*ri• • .I niinmrtn- w ti4« !: no t
,r ** l'i• ih*11• i« Improvement league
P.r.n.s la#: ev. -uitg. nr.il commit
• *'U-' ifTif iiU-t In th*
id for p'lrj ni..k nc piib
. • Mite* inil view* of fhc r.tmmi*
n i*' rninout committer
\i i i< tit#-. m,,.| important
-- -.Ring vat (hr ar
r.m_- i: • t.,r brinHn ; th< n< .. . bar
- ' (>'lbl , - ,
iii.-an-. ni Mildi, it* w.-r- Miec.-t
fnu,na,'li-m l. ; f *}, . a Hoy. paraph
I* Id ln.r.1 .id\* n■■!.:£ and pnlillr
n - .*tfn-‘ Ti* In-r.-i w ill | . t,< i,l in
’bo bon h *it*t- in til*- d.ffi-r.-n
"..r-l- .-lr.1 t .-ak- rs wfll b* arr.tr -.1
... it. si ..if , ... Tl... datoft
P ' ' ' '•' - ■ ■ - no i
'*'i ;.,v v ill i.uirlt tJi»- . rvi.c* in!
r .-ft1 - .|.-j. .r-.ir, Mr:ir>
’ r " b.i w ii, v-t, i r.-p
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100 articles displayed in our Main Street Win
dow will he given to the first hundred ladies
• _r entering store, Saturday morning at 9 o'clock.

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