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I ill ■ lijij C * r » S H O I
ij |2 Supplying Engraved Stationery
/T and Cards for All Occasions
I r\ I* a Special Feature of
| J* Our Store Service.
Social Correspondence Stationery or
^ Cards. Wedding Invitations and An
|Dr nouncements. Reception Cards. Busi- <?k 11
,1'lfW ness or Visiting Cards—also .Monogram !'
snd Special Die Work. PS IIL
BP Our engraving and printing is done |j
KJ toy the Chas. H. F.lliott Co., of Philadcl- ^ " i
phia. the largest house of its kind in pt, ,
Ifes. Orders for Visiting Cards can be
\l\LJ filled in four to six days.
HnCT Ask to see our special Letter F’apcr
or Correspondence Cards, with your
H Ij^tL monogram, including envelopes, for
| Q thirty-five cents per box.
1 ||
A Wear*Ever Aluminum
Waffle Iron is t be given I
t<> some visitor of the Pure
Hood Show, Leave your
name and address when
• visiting our booth, No. 17,
where a complete line of
Gas Ranges will be ex
Our Demonstrator will
be pleased to meet you and
explain the merits of Cin
derella Gas Ranges.
AI RIT7RR,(^ Stoves, Hardware and
A AjA>i1\ O House furnishings.
1050-1052 MARKET STREET.
1 -lolls, jars, strains, falls, cause free Examination
displacement of vertebrae.
2—Displacement of vertebrae causes
pressure °n nerves.
•T—Nerves regulate and control everv RUSSELL H. SKEELS
action and function of the body. Graduate Chiropractor
1—Pressure on nene causes ahnnr
mal function in the part supplied 1207 Chapiim* St.
by said nerve—this is called dis
CHIROPRACTIC Adjustment removes
the pressure and health returns. Lady Attendant.
Social Events of interest in end Near
the City—Bndes-elect Are
The Mercantile Club was the scene
of a most delightful and unique event
«>n Wednesday evening, when their
poster masquerade was given. There
were nineteen of the members in ap
propriate dress to represent the most
famous advertisements or advertised
articles. The representations were
line, and everyone tried to outdo the
other iu representing something
known to all. and It was with diffi
culty that the Judges selected the
prize winners. William Schwertfeger
1'eter Habers tick and W. G. Creamer
decided upon the following as the win
ners: Mrs. August Iiuga. as Fatima
cigarettes, and she was beautiful as
a Turk. Her prize was a silver bou
quet holder. Mrs. Leon Klee won the
second, a silver coaster set and tray.
She was flue as Dutch Cleanser
woman. William Mayer won first
gent s prize, and was National Bisruit
boy. in yellow suit and high boots
i.eon ,11. Stein was fine as Colgate’s
■ ftiwl one of the best In the hall,
and won the second prize, an electric
light. Mrs. A. M. nice won the prize
for the most unique, and was the
coon in the Cream of Wheat adver
tisement. Amelia Bachenheimer was
inn- as tin* Gee Gee doll. Mr. Stein
delivered the Colgate products, and
others delivered samples of articles
they advertised. Dave Kraus, as the
Faultless pajamas, was fine.
The committee in charge was com
posed of Messrs. Dave Kraus, chair
man Leon Stein. Charles Schle
sineer. Louis Kraft. Kdwiu F. Kline.
Clump’s orchestra furnished the ruusla
Pair Tresses Man's Imperial Race En.
snares". Says Pope.
The greatest >,f feminine attractions
« a beautiful head of luxuriant hair
t.iortous hair' (Ir.-nt poets have sung
Its praises; artists have endeavored
to portray it accurately, but have sel
dom succeeded.
Are you a woman?
Would you crown yourself with gior
; ln,ls ' air? W ould you add doubly to
>our pr<-sent attractiveness?
Then go u> the drug store counter
and ask for a bottle of Parisian Sage
the great hair tonl. and beauttfler A
large bottle costs hut .V) cents and In
I one week s time it will change harsh.
! lusterless, untidy hair into soft silky
[and luxuriant hair
i Parisian Sage is fully guaranteed
to stop lulling hair, cure dandruff and
1 ' oi Hcalp in t\no wf*«*ks or
raoDfv buck
It till., the microbes. tha''s how It
cur. s dandruff ;* is a pleasant and in
wgorating h ilr dressing, and Is not
stick! or greasy
"I have used Parisian Sage two
w.cks only. \-t |n thin time I find mv
na.i . an* wonderfully fnrrased in
thick".-ss and luxuriance Hut
v. at surprised me most was the dis
appearance of all dandruff It pleaseR
me to .wninmpii(| such an efficient
remedy to all my friends Oratefullv
yours. Mrs. Maud Hagar. t'.lT West
1 "th Si . New York city."
P< r snic at drug stores and toilet
roods counters everywhere—Adv
1? Light the ,
Path to Prosperity
Merchants who use Tungsten Electric
Hgns never lose their way t*v choosing
the wrong road to success. You sitnplv
cannot fail to attract new customers if |
vou use an Electric v'ign. It acts like an
irresistible magnet, drawing all the trade
within its reach. Tungsten lamps give
over twice the volume of light of any
other incandescent lamp. I hat is the l
treason they command the attention ot
For Every Store Owner \
nn mutter how small his business, the Tungsten
Mccfrtc Sign is the cheapest anJ most fTcvtive
Phone for nur Sign Designer in cat! an.l |
submit a sketch
V» Trouble to Is S» Expense in You ( ■
Wheeling Electric Co. I
bw* fencing the diversion. R*
freeftwtents were served, and the aJTai
was the most successful given at thi
club for some time. Thla Is tue Brs
attempt to give this demonstration li
this city.
The following were those advertla
■Jsv? Kraus—"Faultless" Pajamas.
Marie Heymsnn—Wheeling Register,
r annie Hermann -HpearmTnt Gum.
AsweJIa Ha. henbelmer—Gee Gee L»oU>
,ll*ain Mayer—National Biscuit.
[f>n Kl**—National Lr«t<1 Co.
1*’a Klee—Dutrh Cleaner.
Julia Mayer--Heinz S7 Varieties
Irma Srhwalb—^uakerrtele Springs.
Heon B Stein—Colgate Toilets.
Mrs. l.eon B Stein- Gold Medal Flour
Mrs Albert lUre—Cream of Wheat.
Mrs August Hun—"Fatima.”
Mrs Harry VanBergh—Fatima.
Ar.na l,>onl—Hldfffwar'a Tea*
Men F Baer— •• Faultless” Nlgnt Shirt
Harry \ aoHergh—Gold Medal Flour
Aten Relt-hblum—"Falutless Nigh
August Dugs—Zu Zu £naps
Tho wedding of Miss Ruth Blsncb.
I’lank, of. Martins Kerry, and Mr
Charles Reynolds Day, of Columbus
will take place on Saturday. Tb.
bride-elect Is a member of the young
er social set and the groom Is a travel
Ing salesman for Heint. of Pitts
burgh The wedding will be quiet
and following a trip east the youn|
people will make their home In tb.
Brady apartments.
Composer Known Here.
Two of New York's latest song hi
successes, which are being sung b
the leading vaudeville artists of tha
city. "Daddy Has a Sweetheart
Mother Is Her Name,” and ‘'Som1
Boy,’ are composed by a gentlemai
who has visited Wheeling frequentl;
and who is known to a number o
our people. He Is David Stamper, i
nephew of Mrs. Leon B Stein.
Arlon Card Party.
The members of the Arion Societ;
will enjoy a card party at the hai
this evening from S to 11 o'clock
Prizes will be awarded, and the ulfal
is for ladies and gentlemen.
Oeoartment of Music.
The department of music of th.
« >man's club gave a most dellghtfu
recital in the A O. t* W rooms 01
Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock, an.
Mrs J tion Merrlman is to be cor
gratulated upon the selection of s.
fine a program During the aftet
noon she made a talk regarding must,
which was interesting and enjoyed b;
ail Mrs .1 p Hanley sang two dii
from "lxiuise" and waltz song fron
' Romeo and Juliet," by Uounod Sh'
was in excellent voice and her alngini
*>* appreciated The opening chorus
"Evening Shadows." directed by Mrs
Mora William*, was beautiful and thi
voices blended beautifully The poen
and music were composed by Mr*
Rlccardo dl Ricci, a well known loca
teacher, and she was present to hea
the chorus and was greatly pleasei
with the rendition of the number
Mrs. Ricci’s music Is well knowi
ou'sidc of the city, and Oliver IXtsoi
company and John Church oorapan:
of New York have handled her com
positions The trio by Bthelbert Nevii
has just recently been arranged b;
Frederick II Martin for women'
voices and taken from Nevin's "Yen
ezia. originally written for plane
This selection was one of the best 01
the program, and two numbers. Gon
doller and Canxom. were beautlfull'
sung by Mias Hess Mathlson. Mrs
Charles Shrevcan d Mrs (Juv Wagner
Miss Hess Carney Is au addition t<
the club and heard for the first firm
In 'In l»eep Woods and ' The Joy o
Autumn Miss Freda I.einer rer
dered Revolutionary study and Rhap
sodle ilougrotse with great expressioi
and ease Miss Martha Trwln pleasei
the audience with piano selections
Mrs. Robert Marshall was in tin'
voire and sang in her usual p'.easlm
wav The Wind of the Heath. Mothe
Mine "When My Carline Has Rest
ed" and The Magpie is a Uysy Bird
Mias Irma Heattie was the ’ aroom
putiist The chorus In "ltove's Itrean
After the Hall" was fine, and Mrs
Williams directed the voices in he
easy manner.
Colonial Tea.
The ladies Aid society of tb<
First I'nitcd Fresbyterian church wl|
give f| r >’| I • ,.-<• V. whirl
was poatpone-l fi >m ,as' week Th«
hours nre from 2 :n o clock and i
Si I • ff.-.n it Wt'l b» * a.< n it t.i
door Ir i Isl oi thi progih.n ar>
Miss Martha A.o'iin. Mrs Fran!
Klncheloe and Mrs Torest Fank
Entertained Lady E'ka.
Mrs Charles Freese, of Woodlawn
entertained the l.ady K1U* in the par
lor« of th»* Elks' c'.uh on Wednesday
afternoon, and the affair was quilt
enjoyable < ards were the diverslot
and the prizes were awarded to Mi*'
l-oretia Heln“r and Mrs imdds. o
FM a'P Iphi.i. who Is the gilesi of Mrs
Frt.-r Fal-ovlk • eterev ll.ibr
t* ' • f 'i i e<| j d d cl el u'c ic ir an
til • fo low ..-is, li.di, - i et‘ prer> of
.t»» (* tio t rn. v? • '.nk
\\ t In I nr I >r k< II ,««.
, M.* it, „f
'.I.,sept, lleutrr. I" ladelphi*.
• .1 Kli, > It — K•••««».
l,orefta If einrr. I.rnnr* 5 herk
Informal Dance.
The following is n ropy of rJkrd* ti
be Issued this morning
Informal a
l'.Iks t'luh Vu.i • .mm
yy>4fles.|.t> uventut \T* r h T»e|f|l,
N liel .ei. II i l-e I *. | 7 litr.n
Hmllli ■ rUssp ..r.e c . .,.ir ,
.■f <•••1.111,..us . .1,1,.
« If
ion mi Use Km. I.„e> If, iges
flrsfi’im. swiff. S|>. . Ste., .man. Sun
n» r..rn
For Met McKee
Mr« l( M Addlemnn ..f fhs island
epfer'alried s,ih Ilitrnhls he«
I Wednesday pffern-.in for Mr* < t*ra
M. K<*s, nf North Main street wh,
leave* f..r St I lulls, lie to make he
home The afierti's.n wa« pleiaantj]
spenf. and refreshment* served
Arm and Walaf Hoeial
An sern and *a ,< ».., •,| * j„
given In tile basement of the Hop.
M V. i hum 1, Sat'irda, evening Marrt
h> Hie member -f Ii!i,', , „.^,
• *rd i<> y cord111 Inv 'ailun Is .«
tended fo all.
Mouse ecu.»• Meet
Mf* 1<>hn S Flannery president n
ih‘- Federated Mirkeung rlnb o
Flo burgh, cornea i*j# W heeling of
Frida' February .* She Is to ad
drea* Ihe h>>me ernnomlrs departmen
..f in.. Woman* .lull in the \ f> r
W hall at 3 p m Mr* Fl*i ner* i
l ilk I* par* ,,f * ...r'et. n 'he ..dura
fh ha! propaganda whirl, the Woman •
riuh ha* undertaken during the pm*
e|)t veer When *he national rlim
five nuisora of different rltle*. rtu
dent* ,.f o, ,,l reornmlrs and ..fh« -■
.ire Invest lent m» cause* of the in
t 'eased eoaf ,.f |ly mg so a* fo *i,gge*<
remedies. It * tim*. fhe houses |f<
should |«u >>me familiar with some o
ihe ,-ondlfIons that eylst rt-gurdlm
Ihe food market*
The Housewives' lei g lie I „ g na
• ional moyenirni for the federal,on o
houses I > es |< ,* organised lo upholf
the enforeemen* of lass which ufTe, i
food supplies fh,. family health lh,
r,e t of living anj fo *«*rure furfhei
legislation when neressarv. tow arc
fh.if end Its Min.* are edue.yiIonal |o
iftsi.»n«- I c nsiruv’lv. The league
Gains 30 Pounds
in 30 Days
Protoms, tli* Rtmubihl* Bow Flash*
Builder, Boil da Up Flash Past sad
Babes To* Flump mad Strong.
160-Cent Package Free
1 i~~ " '
Shirts for j
Special .
at 48c
On a special table in the center aisle we’ve gath
ered about four hundred good looking, well made,
perfect fitting Shirts—all of them usual 75c value*—
and offered to you now at 48c. Light and dark pat*
terns—neck sizes 14 to 17.
Head to Foot Outfitters.
Fourteenth and Market Sts.
I... .
Protww* Wirt Mak* You Round. Phurp
I*Nttr M m Picture.
Thin people eufer a good deal of «*m
’ l»«rrtMmrnt and ridicule An people
t poke fun at a bony horae. t>o are bony
I people the target for man\ humluat.ng
The plump, well-formed man or woman
i* a magnet. Protone make* you plump,
■front, well-formed, normal, put* color
In your rhrvkn. a happy twinkle In your
eye. and a fine polae to your whole bod>
I It keep* you that way It I* the must
aitenttric and effertHe fle*i and
"strength builder so far known, barring
' none
The regiialr 91 no size of Proton* is
for sale by all druggist*, or will be mail
ed direct, upon receipt of price, bv The
Proton* Co.. *066 ITotone Hidg . I*-trott
J Mich.
1 r 1
l Free Proton* Coupon.
, » ft will cost you nothing to prove I
J the remarkable e?fe« ts of this treat
‘ ment The Proton* fompany will
• , send to any one a fre«* 60c" p.i< k
’ age of Protone. if they will fill .. jt
, this coupon anti rn' !oh«* 10c in
i stamps or sliver to help cover post
, age They will alwo send with It
• full instruction*, and t. rlr ho.»k on
I ’ Wh? Vo i Are Thin."
5065 Froton* Bldg. Detroit. Mich.
! • Name .
* I Street .
1 I
. I City. State..
! t
, | The regular II 00 size of Hr r. tone In for
•«> iti iVh-.llur hv l.izan . Tnug 1*0.
■|Jfi|h an*l Ma'n St. . «' l| Crlesi c,,
l ; 1141 Market Street
No free package* from druggist*.
: __
i organized in Wheeling during Mrs.
. Julian Heath's reeent visit is under
the auspices of the Woman's club.
Mr* Klannerv and the women of
the Federated Marketing club achiev
, ed much success In securing reforms
. in marketing conditions In Pittsburgh
r Wheeling women will he Interested
- In hearing about their recent accom
plishment.. ;,s well as other things
i Mrs Flannery will have to tell
I All housewives are welcome, and
members of the Woman's club will be
■ .. ..tstd " the club will
; be admitted by the payment of IT.
■! c» n i.
| tin March 2S Mrs William Almh
j Stewart, president of PiUsh irch ''on
stimers ('tvftneniiiTe n-'^ociatton.
i comes to teh Woman's ciuh Her ad
dross Illustrated with lantern slides,
will be ' The Pa-cel Post From the
Housewife's Ptandpo'nt."
Engagement Announced.
Miss Motile Kraft, of .dimeenth
(Street, entertain.-d n number of
rilen ls (or M ,.s t.ydia McHeor- o'
•I.v'ir,* Ferry, to .. lehrat# her birth
< a' ' rabbit In; t w„. a feature «>f
i ’’ ' . ” . ' tf I o'*-* Kcrest Klsler
y <>n tne hunt and wh—a 11 ad tug the
> " i,. was < nclosed which
announced the engagement of Miss
—i ——w——
See Our Exhibit of STOVES
at the Pure Food Show
We are exhibiting the 8PEXCE-BAGG8 Stoves and Ranges, and
want you to see the different points of merit of them
You should buy a SPEXCE-RAGGS Range or Stove because there j
is not a bettor baker, a better eooker and fuel rater, cr a stove of
nicer appearance. Will outlast most stoves, and is made right hare
at home if you «ise one several years and need a new casting. It will
be easy for you to get them.
Every stove Is guaranteed to give satisfaction. See our exhibit
and ra'lsfv yourself before you buy.
We also have the most practical combination coal and gas range
Both 1'hones*. 532. Wheeling:, W Ya 1012-14 Market St.
• Mol I ie Klizabetb Kraft to Mr. James
! May. of Hellaire. Ohio, the wedding
<o take place in the early spring. Fol
lowing the reading of the announce
tnent congratulations were extended,
and the following were the guests:
t.vdl.i M Henry. Stela |Y>w«ll.
Forest ltl«ler. <{■•».- Schmidt.
Tltlie S mutt. Anna Madden.
Anna Saiiler, I’oae itadu.n
f«n*e Iviatt. Martha Hitter,
, Ktnn a Frttx, Anna .tenet, k.
I'hester Felork. n 1.1 Htv
Wm Heath. ,r Hellatre.
«’ F. Farr enter. Et.rl Fox
1 of St. ts.'ilx I Hetsstiel
.1. H-dtun. Fre.i smith.
Cntle Keck. Ark . Oeorge Kraft.
P. C. P Club.
Mrs Andrew Bayba, of the island I
entertained the member* of the p C I
I’ club on Tuesdav evening, and the 1
affair was the largest given bv the .
dub for mme time and a number of
friends w,-re invited The parlor was
decorated In blue and white, wl’h ■
streamers *'i*i>ended from the reding j
and bearing the letter I’ (V f in the,,
. san:" colors Five Hundred was thejj
I diversion, after which handsompU
>rizes were won by Mrs Alex. Durst,
die w'nninp the first, a half dozen
■in glasses Mrs Nellie Evans won
he second, a handsome vase, and
Mrs Wright won the consolation, an
rnament A delirious luncheon was
served, and till spent a pleasant even
Cake and Candy Sal*.
The monthly rase and candy sale
"if the V \V. C. A. will be held at tha
landkerchlef counter of the (ieorg*
H Stlfel company store on Saturday
miming, beginning at 10 o'clock. A
Ice | no of home-made candles will
ie offered, and in charge are Mrs.
hi gene Hildreth III. Mrs. Fred Fa»
1s Mrs Al«x Young. .Mrs. Hond, Mrs.
lipglns ntnl Mrs Moore.
Birthday Party.
Ti e Indies Aid society of the
~o nh Street M E church will glee
i 1. rthdav party at the home of Mrs.
t D Travis. No 69 Fifteenth street,
n Fr lav evening February ?S There
> ill he a musical and literary pro
x.im and refreshments will be
< rved \dmlsslon. "A penny forearh
e:i- you have lived on this ball." You
re Invited *
When The Dish
Huns A wav the Spoon
Dishes like good thing t<> eat. just as children are fond "f faries—and Maude
Adams has proved thousands of times tha: there are taries.
le children this advertisement and ask them it the\ believe the dishes
smile when Rond things are served in them. Then get a package of Post Tavern
Special, ljic IPe.ikfast porridge. serve it piping hot. and watch their faces
| dance.
Post Tavern Special
is .1 winsome Wend of the best parts <>t Wheat. Corn and Rice. \ most' nutritious
Mi and flavory t.»r the t<»od experts ot the Posluni t o. made it to please par
ticular palates, (.et a package today for
Tomorrow’s Breakfast
S»U hy (iroeers. Packages to and I v. except in extreme West.
Posttim t.orc«l Co., l td.. Rattle Creek Mi.h,

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