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f Resinol stops
itching instantly
It ia a fact that the moment Resinol Ointment touche* itching skins, the
Kchiru/r and healing begins. With the aul of Resinol Soap, it
quick fy clears away all trace of eczema, ringworm, pimples, blackheads, or
other tormenting, unsightly emotion, leaving the skin clear and healthy.
And the best of it is you need never hesitate to use Resinol Soap and
Resinol Ointment. There is nothing in them to
injure the teadsnst surface. Resinol ia a doc
tor's prescription which for eighteen years has
been used bv careful physicians for all kind* of
sk in affections. They prescribe Resinol freely,
confident that its soothing, healing action 1.*
brought about by medication so bland and gentle
as to be suited to the most delicate or irritated
skin -even of n tiny baby.
Resinol is sold by every druggist in the United
State*, hut you can prove at our expense what it
will do for you. We will send you by parcel post a
liberal trial of Resinol Ointment and Keainol Soap.
For FREE TRIAL use this coupon
S«B^M«pU of RmiacI Oiaftasnt and R oaiooJ Soop to:
5 (root
•nd No. ■■■.
Cut out ood moil to Dept.
Koaioul, R*!'imo<c. Md.
I Um a post cord if yoaa prefer.
-- -—--I
Had Been III About Three Weeks—
Connected With Northwood
Glass Company.
Krwl .1 l*ar\. Jr. imr »>f the best
known and most i>r<>mint-nt vnunu
business ti'• n of tins ,i".. -t. retarj
01 the .\onhw.. tlhiss i ..:ui>;inv, tlii'ij
B’ lh> home o It:- parent- Mr an■;
•Mrs Kreil I I’..: . S' :r Krlio IYiint
About a '• night tie had
been ill for thr* • »■«•••,,.- ntnl d«;Vti
was tinallf i u.-i d li> diphtheria
IBs i :isei| w,i.- in tt: lwen»> -ivtii
Var of Vi- nee. pml v - Ihiiii • :• 'i.i
rt’v \fti-r \n.' i , r< par.d»r>
education a- 1. n- > in.-•.t ,i |p. i n
ten • •
renew HU.
witli In.n 't - 'lo t. I p. :i tl'ii-hitm
hts eolleg.. .• I,VI-11 It.e Ho- s.-e
i*an . hr ii
F -I ■ ,. ' ! '.i M t.el
trade Pet
Frrin y. of this cin >n i lute •
lie w.i- i i 't|s|ste|i' M'.'inh. r i
the Va t
An aetive part in the wor • all
■ It ■ ■ ■ ,
j ■ *
Arranai in> . r i • • fm.er •• : ,;.
Kit bt-rt
natttr • .. • i a • ■ •.• eh caused
til ,|th SI! V '• . ||V |,r 1 , | T. >} W ill
t. . I
pnstor of th. V ine*- M-t • , ■ it
Inter! ■
t« ry
Tuu'. x;
| \fli«-rth:a, 1 •• \ • .it - * • l • I tiatiieht«*r «»f Mr.
* I Alt* I. u • i|< | r*i . - i
* • i • t #•' I Jan, Sat.II.|a lolloHUiK hr ,»-f 1
» \vt i* In hi ft mn the tanulv * • - -1 - I
. ..I W •••••! >tr«m at “ •• . 1... k \*s.;
»»r ia> inortiiriK I|H1 •*t:i h»*!» ru.**> <
u ir. • • 1* hta*. *1 ft mil S' \lt.hmiAUs* i
* atltilt.'il at ** *. rim I;, all*! »r !**t Un lit u i
nin'li* lii M * i’al\ai y r**iii**tef j
Hamilton Oseqtnea.
Til .a,.- .
jiat-.'i.t .“..ii ..f Alt ai.«! ill- William'
tlauitlt t,. vv !»*>>,* tl.-ath t».-t aii«.| sumi.is
:«.lhi\\>:!K illl t.|». a• n*i*. w.-i. intfir.-.l n
Af V.a.I* .. ii >•-^(t tt|a> aft*-Min..i,
j "II- I'll Ml\H'in Wei.- I!, la t mil tin
r .III.; i.-.lt ia. ••! \ I.. I at a
.•tin. k .Hal t •• m : v 1. e> A*-r*. t • * la! i it*; r«l
»•* l:. V W || t*\*|ils ,.I in** I'.i-.; fin i.'.. i
flail t I Ul . It.
Oarrity FuneiaL
The I n« tin .
v\ . . hraUti H-.|«|rnt >•! tin S-.Ulll
a I ns. at.»th t. . urt.-.i Um Mill.!
... - i.': Hum tin* l.tlUii’ I* -nl.-tf a
. .l it .til ,||. . • • . -f. r.l.tx Iinirn.fi; •»
' ..I n 1. l;*«|Un Ml |. .:ll It. I v A ts
J • i a '* I !»..♦»! S» * t 11 u**t| tat
| at :• • .... til.I tulft ti.f.l A.IS m.i.n- III I
LHl.au Hazel Pr.ul
i i. i| H itf r
: n! a . M .«■ II. n l*. a , . I
j ;»%! a* . I . la.. •... • . « ) 1 I. at
. • . .. Tin . l! M .!t . A. r t‘ all .1*1 I- 1
' ' • .• • • • •
w » * * ,r . I ra • l I t l.ftin ll.t a
I : -t la II «t.iuihtas \ . i «
Wheat Obsequies.
I . . : ; n i> . . ... - f: . ns <
\ • • . I.■ 1 • liar t v I. Wht.i, {•: mt.tr .-at
, '■ r * s s 11 , i ■ r • - » * u • ..s,. »|.« • h
.. -I if •* .- - t Wi • • Unit i • lai
- ••• n A. • r . hi •-.* m* t .' tan!.i " i. *
. • . • • • •
hrlti-vr, - «"f St l.an '• !• *1 .■*» ‘if. M.
‘ w i tf . .fir. . if .r » ' • ift.l it.t- -
, r- t tt ... • it.- - a -*1 , .-in. •• r\
Thomburj Obsequies.
*1. in I.- .v.t\» .... T» ■ .Hti '. m* m A! •
| - l..s a T* m til. .* tins*. .1.. .til
O CoDuer Funeral.
Other Note* of Local County Dietnct
Courts—Woman Committed on
Lunacy Charge.
R. Colburn and Celia Morgan were
given a hearing before Squire Rader
in the county jail yesterday afternoon
on a charge of fornication and adul
tery. the couple having been arrested
by Constable F\il|erton. Both were
found guilty and the man was fined
<1 and costs or ten days in Jail while I
the woman was released.
Barbara O'Neil was incarcerated In
lh<- county Jail yesterday on a lunacy I
warrant t-worn out before Squire j
ilobhs. She is a resident of the
South Side, this city, and an examiria!
Hon of her mental condition will be
made by county physicians In a few I
follow ing an extended Illness caused by
.."ildiiatlon of diseases, were inter-1
t*"1 "• Ml T’alvary cemetery v.st.rdsv
rnntn ng Kunenil services «rrr held
fn-tii the family residence ..n Wood
t’rcei at S..T> ••'Clock, and requo m l.igti
n ii-s w.i- celebrated from the t'hurcti
• 1 'he In.mi. date Culiirpllon at J
u cloik.
Ross Obsequies.
The :-ad i i« mei i e r. main- of
the lat- M.S- Mm \ tiraee I Cose daugh
** ' "f Mrs KB. It..-, wti'.-e .testh oc
curred • the North Whet i ng Imsp ...I
la-' Slllei.o Wer.- held troni Ih. f.unllv
eetdei oti Twenty -tblril street : i |
• '•'tin g at s .. . lock Rev I. \V .<
1‘11'ke Is.s’.o of Matthew'S I' K
.'iiir. • eon.lit. te.l the services, and In
terim n' will lie II. M' /.Ion Cemetery
th s morning .it 10 o'clock.
Can’t Help But
Admire Babies
Every Woman Carte Loving Glance at
tha Nettling Cuddled in its Bonnet.
A W'-uinn'e Tioart na!'iri!ty rotpm.lt »n
thr rharm and at t.
■ad m r. > ■ t oda.t t ban n r before |U «
ti- mtv>nt uf Mother* FYlriiJ.
Tlilt |» a tn -sl wonderful eitoma! *"'9
t DIM I • :< I -l v l B * 11 p- L‘ t: u'
►<* th*--* !» no l.»ngrr a prrloti of pjln. 4N
ctcnforr, Ntrain'ng. na*i'.« « r «*rh*r artnp
< fl.ti Uth’.niiitSg UtalXg l- IU.- §
w* -*k*. f • ip***tan y.
M< *h- » s l*rl.nd pr*par*« the *T«t*tr f r
tti*» • ruing ••▼♦•nf. :tr.d it-« u%** I»-ingM . »n>
J. rt. r- -• and r*i» >•• during the frm I ».a
liit. a m*r~t marked !ntiu*-u< • upon tli«* bahv,
► »; Mi - 'till- *'*4 a apf*ndtd gr*-* ~g
kja’-rn • f tor\- + and d1kO»«tl?* fun M a
And p i-tI ularlv t . t.. nit mother* I* tl 4
iTttrh. and *!»*» r.-nutto* a pr**f<r m.r r
I' j.MVlng uv»l<|fi1 all th»- *»u*T*-\ng «r..|
I nt|| f
f nn • reunion. Mother’* Fr1* n l rh.»r
1 luM tad • • lure | ten*
f r • aktr * f t*»— t ••U'»«
>11 will f.nd f I • •• *pl*s<lf‘f r» m»*dr ..a
*«’♦ tf u dr *r *■ -oh «• «l <ui H >.
a* t 1- h!„'l. \ r 1 • nd* 1 f-»r r h** p 1 r«•
Vk r11•• Hradlir1 1 iP’gulai *r « 1 i r^truri
I ' 1
d h v-ry UaUU tif|1 |*M*k Iwf tipig.
The Lady or Gentleman
with ihm hair cr no hair can make their appearance a* good as their more fortunate
sirter and brother with luxuriant hair. Drop in and let us show you what a perfect
match we can give you in WIG, TOUPEE, TRANSFORMATION. POMPA
j DOUR, SWITCH, etc.
show a rv.riT I . o' our beautiful rtrfrct ft- i- the manufacture of U'ig* and Toupee*
ting nigs Half Uig-. I an formation*, eft . Perfect fit. matili and quality guaranteed
and 'how how iffictivi and true to nature Silt measurement blank and instruction
| thev ate. upon request.
No I show* wavy pompadour wig which »• , . „ . .
can be Jnw I n either high or low toiffu.e f ^ 1 h"* ' " ,uM w’« u,,h •‘Pushed
Nr> 2 «h"w parfcJ v g with turly Pont
hair an ! full wa., ■ • h Nos 2 and ' show* the appraratne before
No. \ how a rr.rnpailot;r transformation amt alter wearing one of our arti- ficaliv
mad' of natural tirly liaii a f-guri No i made Toupees .
No » how w.g with tent* r part giving No 4 show- one of our perfect Tnurcc*. I
a •tra;* vouthful appearance maJi i.f slightly wavy hair.
IOI K Hr. \ l H l'\RI ORS
»’f piff. •!- i u rr< j •'« ! »• < in charge of 12 arti-fv »hn specialize in artis*u hai-d'c vine.
v.alp and fa-e f; cafment and manicuring fc have the most successful method for remov
ing; mote icart acne ns, etc
II al-|i,a t( , tot In.poll. I Ifa r O • ,im« nt* f ■•fumes and Toilet Attufes s„|r ai>> niv
for th» \* 11 I r, n.m n< 1 I .n v 5.riant. '(.ream f’rintama." also freckle 5.ream, which re
moves freckles or montv refunded
J. FRONT, Prop™
At the Mile 1105) Main Si.
1 Bell Phone .{07-J Nal l Phone 1092 X ;
Mi-o-na Builds and Strengthen* the
The stress and strain of the strenu
ous life in both city and country tend
toward stomach trouble The frantic
rush for pleasure, money and excite
ment is bringing serious results.
I-.laborate food, late suppers and over
eating are some of the causes of stom
ach weakness.
If you are one of the sufferers, do
not despair. Immediate relief Is at |
hand Mi-tena Stomach Tablets, soldi
In all drug srores. are a specific fori
out-of-onler stomach*
Mi-o-na Is not only a digestive, but
a stimulant and strvngthener of the
stomach walls It Increases the flow
of digestive fluids, soothes the irri
tated membrane, and puts the stomach
in shape to do the work nature intend
ed. so that all the nourishment is taken
from tiie lood and the system is sup
plied with rich red blood,, meaning
perfect health.
If suffering with indigestion, dvspeiv
sia. gastritis, or any of the various
forms of stomach misery, usually indi
cated by distress after eating, head
ache. dizziness, or smir stomach, do
not wait—take Mlona today—delays
are dangerous
Mi-o-na is always sold on money
back if not satisfied plan. Ihuiggtsts
everywhere. r»Oc a large box
■ ——
-Problem is More of Men Than of |
Women.” Bays Ciiairm&n of
Vice Commission.
inilUI»WUllii v. I', \prll .. Dp.
• .. rifie i •.»i fh. -prohlt in *> i• i«• r• - »»?' '
:»»• n t* in ..f u.»tn*n. ii; \ t»,.,i 't m
-I *• ,l|*f“*: | t M, a n.v t i o-1
fifutt«*vi | r. • • l
ft;,. tn„ .,| u.iv .• .in, > .,f
" * »' *•«* 'T 1. iti , f th* . .-kl v
v\itet > .*r <*•.*111,; e r!-. tm v;« . . .tuiint*.
“1 i ».«r. f.v
If ..re. in il- r. j .. t
I- 1 iM-rrelif tn. k-^ ki.-ut !*..• i.-s ilt?*
N • r,l .ft*. tr».| f . . »,a t
’ •»* •••net I. *.»ii t •» |.r.. t, r..r
, ’ - F’ m. nf ..f ;,'i ..f |h«.-« xi no
»• ,,f t »•: i: MJ.-r. iMlixr I \ . r? »• . Mfll.
n..>**;» i*. *»>;« t n , onij .* .• ft.-ntv.
I'1' * * *1 ' • H »i n aiui v*..ri,.n, • »,. ».
• • f ■ r y. • >
! ' ■ ' i. r..*-in it T.v him tat ,r,. ami
• ' ' * • -. Sppet mi . • ...
i‘i iliHtn “.''.i* I l-y t • it iriv* Mi
I •' «* •* »• l-'f I.
FMnnAnent Com mission.
l‘ t»’n |Mrks '!»nr** •«*:!*. m<«% nz m*
! • - •• •« *‘t it* r ujii.-.-rn-i t , .
* " y ^*r P*••••»•> of \ »*, i c , ,,fii.
To Represent Washington Presby
tery at General Assembly at
Atlanta Are Appointed.
W AMKIMiTON l \. . _ \ •
(inlays -••--Inn of spline meet mg
of the \\ ashiugtnn Presbytery or tin
Presbyterian ihuri-h in tin- Seroml
iTesliyterian rhuri'ti here • ornuii.-sinu
• rs m re ilmsi n to represent the
Presbytery -it fin- meeting of tin- gen
er.ll a- •-IIItils 111 Allan!.!, tia . next
in < »rt f I § I In mil. i -1 • • la I I'ominissioii
It- l I |. \l, K, .- j,|„| the
lift. T W Tonne, both of Washing
ton w bib- the alternates ar.- the |{. t
vt II Hays, of lliireettstown. ami
I he Krt los.pll Hamilton, of Huff,III
village The la) rommtssiotiers - ■
••il an- KMer- It W. Parkinson. of obi
t oin-oril. amt It S Winters, of Wash
ington. while the alternates an- \ If
►•‘an-, of Ten Mile, ami A II Samp
son. of Washington At today's meet
mg the establishment of a new l*res
liyterian ehurrh at the village of pan
•-ike. • .1 t of Washington, wns • nthu
sla-tnaliy endorsed The appliratlou
b-r fhi t hiirt h rami- from a little
group of the Villagers who hate been
a< c iistonn-d to hold s' rv ires in a
m his>l house.
I Hiring the ta-f few year**. mndl
1 on* III all line. of l.i|.|n<’**, et e 1
IT* f* »unli.ll It*. I,U-.. < I .itlK.al *1.
ionifil<l»ij »hut H»fj niati |« tt.ikin*
•*l* »" »he fart t!i i* In order to t»ln
*iii i <•* * In- ii.ii t -|>*il.|i/e afi*J l<-am
to d« >nm< oru- Hung ami <lo il «..||
S*i it i- with any art trie iliat i*
«oal to th«. |m .>|.t. |i tnii*i have
genuine merit or no amount o* ad
trillion* tt‘11 maintain flit* demand
for tli*. •rlli'li'
K.'f n im ><<ara w. have « airbed
ttiili inu< h ini- r* i the remarkable
i.aor.l fnalitialiieil by |ir Itiliiur*
S»iiin|. Hoot, tlo great Kiilni I,Iter
nut Hl»«t*l. r II. in* ilt from the ten
te*|fii,ini> flu |.ro|oieior* had »<»
mu. h eonflderu. in n Uni the- in tit
ill •1' ill me In le I ||, free of not.
I a* i of * ■ |.ut. • aunt*
It I* a |.l *ti lull |»fe-u r'fjllon
Ihit l.ut*. »>n 111* lboil ami* of |ei
•i* r*ri'it*i| from imn • * lifter er*
tli** are non enjo.ln* good h. a!th an
a ferulf of i*« to*.
Hottitii • ton ttf.ii flr*t f. irt
a * iiti|"i'. In.Mi* uil.lr* * Hr K inter
a i'o, liiticl •mfnii. \ \ , and no n
• M» Hit |ia|n i Tint till rlnllt lor
|«anf vo'i a knni.i.. b',lt|e hi mail,
.i*. a»lnf« It fr«.
Hen,' • •!/(•« for bah- at all dm*
i i-'ir* flfftienf, and tine dollar
fad». i
lusricf or THf pt *cr
110-*!* • of tlo fear* filfooit • . *1
. el it Im a . f I* # fed to oft|r». from
i lit ill tint on lb. t|. nublir m fieki t
la*f tall fa r> I*’iii'il til* |...■-1M..11
afi'l tiirnial ot * r hi* dork* f« l*» S*|*ltre
la# f I *ot»t. Wllnte off If I * are m
i In- I'.rerter building
Mr • ahlvell ret • r.ilt w.lit In'll tie
I rokerar*. bmln*""* in lb.- linn of T
Mini ini"! t'a 1*1 vt* l| ami Ii *« r* mo- . I
Ii r> i*l* in *• from flu* ntv *<■ \t .»..|
I * » n I mler Hie '»a*e rinle. upon fee j
i mot.ll *.* a III" lie III ft Iir aM ]
ter tod ot ••* to * t , ..*• .r a * . .. .... * {
■d'btt" ■■•me *1 •' i. I. and tli. Iran j
in fe* Utn mad-, j
Or*tl« and l«nrUiu Amaf* Tan Dtj
True# Witk Turkey.
« • *\ST\.VT!N« il'LK. April 22 - The
••xeek.H and Servians to-duv ronrludnl M
agreement with Turkey Hm Ur th.«t
rnrid#- l»ri«i*-n HuIkhtu nn«l Turkey by
t »e terms of «rhi< h rmstllitiea art to ut
sui*j>»nd**d for ten .lays
Th* dnrian and Turkish governments
».*•» have agreed t<> begin the r**p ttria
t on of Turkish prison, rs t.f war. T ic
first butch of i.wi has i*een sent to the
ItnkiHh seaport »»f M#rstna in A*'*

ti'ent stipulate that the men must not
t.ike part in further tmhtarv opeijt.un*
ur I t al ti.e i*re« k transports ruitnt nut
t»e nodested b) Turkish warships
I'osal *»f thy Turkish government by
«;.-eeie for t le «'onVe\.«n<» of "..'Mill Mus
sulrn.ins who desire to » migr.ti- from1
Salt»ttiki to Seatanova in Asia Minor.
VIKXXA K mi «. \; • I 22 Honk
lG.oOo Turkish e«dther.H with w tnini are |
1 *i<«vid I'uwXia and all Ills generals tfjei
i emnants *»i the Vardar army and refu
***** from the Fortress of Janlna have
arrived at fhera on the const of the'
Adriatic* s. a.
Ti e refugees are said to he in a idtia
Me St It- Th. troops are mostly III and
suffering from staivation. They are
complft* ly demoralised
The wh'd*. ,,f s«>utliern Album* bis1
**een « leare*l of means of subsistence by I
throng i the terrltorv and famine reigns
among the reniaintng inhabitants every
Who Will Have Charge of Campaign
to Rai»e Big Endowment Fund
for Wath-Jeff.
sI, ia! "it*. th. Inlelljge..
WASHINGTON, Pa. April 22.—
The men who will direct the soliciting
team* in th** campaign of Washington
and Jefferson college tor an addi
tional half million endowment were
selected today Kight teams of from
t<-u to twelve members each will
formally start work on next Monday
morning, and for two week- the com
I'aign for funds will l»- waged here
The nieo selected as captains are all
prominent in the affairs of the town
They include the Itev l»r W K Sietn
tiions. Attorney Alvan Dorman. Men K.
Moray. Attorney It II Malov. Attor*
tu-v J. R Mct’reight. It M Murphy,
Attorney Kdgar It. Murdoch and the
lt**\ \ M Gutter y Th** latter part
of this week endowment fund head
quarters will ]>., opened in the Maz*
lett h'lllding on Hou'h Main street,
where luncheon?*- w*l| l»* held each
•lay of the campaign
Opens at Washington. Pa.. Over ths
Claim* of Certain Heirs to the
KcKeuan Estate.
S;..-. I».s|..ii to th*- Jnt**lltic«.»ii'er
" N-IIIVIToN. IV. April T..e
t wh • Mrs Anna .»r
" iMungton. ulll u «k»* p.m l
a 'i«t Iri- lastnant** !•» t .* .-Mat,. of
f;»* I ••tin an.I S.t.a'i M» K* «|U ii. of
\N ashif kftof. ui. rotatv \ al i^.| a? .» u.fi
• • •
t ' iimri.ii a U-t. ' i ,x t ... t i». souu
"* f •* M‘ K* its. \\ tarn a* i Staff
■M' Kwtu n. of \\ u -htnacton. anti Jan.**.**
M* Ki . of Franklin. a
i r..ii. v » * . i . j . u ► an.I m> *
•f .I'.hii Mt Kf»\vn rreitltritc m l?.,.»nl
I. Ui.l« It r pa. I fla-.-M . I.ilmiir f- r -
• Jfn t.f • Mr- lire.!.!,. .j ,,l4- -
Nr of Mi . • \
r »rs it.' i i i.t \ rjruinor.t-. u ,»..,ii»i
t* la > iri flu- n . for t.f i
Uejn • * .
ini;N»i .tiU . < Ma\ of iMtf
' • •• ft* th- lam .nr- M: - '
.j. r. . .•’•»— t • .-• Uarranf *« a- it t f t.f: . \ 4.j..
r.t vtf'-fa* tori Si.*• ., I - •. .1.ma t- - tn
• t ..1 I- ..f ff • . la.tn ant- I *i
T - < • nr • • .. • • atl«.r n**\ ■» fo
• !a% «•!.«••! f ..f •• fi.nl In t . et Jlt.,
• •f t* ♦- a I lr.*!-s. * s;\en oft S.- ..ml .
tf.-li. .iml four,.! t *at.f of ,v% In;..
^. tfltr ollftto u a?> if 1 r • r. of,l\ .is San
l*•* »•** M K.t Uit |..n
of ft. .» I trtn u.-.. Kl.-tr, It laf l
r f ut t It. iTiif lo-.iav pr..»i > I :o u
ui. I hilt* r t.f.t
Cathedral H fh School Baseball Team
Unable t>- Ge a Chance in Yes
terday's Game.
, v .. I u p. • . | „• \\ ,
• • »' ’ • t •> t • r u . ... ft.. \\ ,.*f
:«• ! •’aft *lr.il htKh
" ' k '»•* r.. tn. Mla rtv |.ok s ;i: .1
uta ft, rit.al tr MC u.^ plak.,|
lallv ,*,r f’ . re-ul* -tin u. | t •;
n • *» ft • * •• if.t I . I.. .iT».| ru.t . r
. • .t I- l: iitof! t... I oh. • r of
1. 'r.ko ijf ...i.t | niff k fof I *., 11.« '; I,
I ...I •• V ‘ n >f i ke ouft.
Smt.brr and Bnalnraa Saaainn Raid by
Ifrmbora «,f Wliral ng Nra* Ttira
day Bvri.iug
' • • * 1 • • 1 i a ■ it Ir a t • - l. in.
"f *M»1' Ii I lilting 111 lh*' .1,1.
t.i KoU'li alrrrl »'!T i cri Ik, ..
■ ■1«. I f. r tt . n a'ltfig ifim ,«n.i ,< *..
w ■ In ' i Tin* at*. I tvt. at*
t g f I* - W • , I In* I I , l'|*in«.« a. a.
*;• t .,'i't , (*•!*,.,I g»*>*'l i an w* i-n
1 II* fn- .tin,# r,t- .ti-l rmoke* w«:,t
**It. I
l • ’ I » I t • ll I* I tf< '1. * *
Washington. iu . Aft tt ::
l.nt*. I I" Tatlnr. of the ttn-him;
tt.n . inihi r-mirts. roturn.-.l home in
•lay Iri.rii Hallmn.ro where for ikr
l*n*t lliroo «n'k* llo h.l* heen Inking
treatment .< Ih« .fnlmw llfik tlt* III*
|>il;il lii.lgo Taylor I* rtiueh Im
firmed III.* ftliyaf. inn ha* advi*ei|
him tn -. i for aome tune and hi*
Marti. *1 tin. at* ,in*> n vinning lit* dn
It* on the In'ti. h ul |.r. ..tfil Tho
;nt|.. t .i*-I tnd,it In* ainiM not d* ft
nllolt <1 l.|.* .iImmP tho time o' Ina
t.t*irti to hi* off*, ini tlnfioa until U»
l'»tl u «ofiforoti. o with 1 *r• anient
•Mill .1 A Mrlltalne
I • ■ !• n ' * • lie Intoll art., r.
V\ ASill MiTtlN |‘a . April
M.trt -I | lit.oft, 7 ■ team of ,ig<* and
.» tf.rmn of rite t it ii *.ir .lio,| a*t
t, hi* hop,.- m Springfield ate
tun follow lug n long illner Mr lien
• ' • • rten • \ NlttfEl W.t f
\ trrlnla V-danteor infantry. mllating
*<• it,, onti.ronk of the war lie again
.nll-te.1 after r.rving Ihfoo year*.
:>'d i tnnited n.th III* romman.l until
tin ,10*0 nf tin* gfe.it • on diet llo
I* .*toa M* wif., ono r«.n an,| one
•I, igh" i
SheTIIY Andrew swoonot h.ta doter
mined t.i put «top to nolo operating
In the ririt the |.lko iINtfl.t mid ha
I"1 '"I .. ter.,| depttlloa along tho
f" "I Tint.* .loptr. will In* on iluit
•I*.' *t"1 night and w,|| arro*t all
t», e,l* i r.tertl of tho olTlt or*
;..,* **ii|tf.lt.-<| wtt|i mnl.irne|e* to in
’I..- tho < .(dure ,.f t tola tuts ol li»o
MK'Otliim Id a A i
Oh Joy! Oh Gladness! WHEELING
Coining to Town IVIAY 5 I
2:00 AND 8:00 P. M. RAIN OR SHINE
3 RINGS CoIom.1 Steel Girted Aren. 2 STAGES
Koyal Koman Hippodrome
48 CHAMPION EQUESTRIANS—The greatest bare
back riders the world ever seen, including 4 CONNERS
Human Hirds Without Me- The Most Perfect Formed
ehanical Assistance, ( ham- Woman in All the World,
pions of All Champions. She’s a Circus Venus.
H« slides down s silver wire on Ms bead from tbe top of • lofty pole
With Many New and Cp-to- Pretty. Bewitching Debutante
Date Pantomime Acrobats, in Evening
Novelties. Costume.
IHACFNRfTITC Most Wonderful Trained Wild I
U/iU£11D£UV 3 Animals. A Zoological Paradise |
Reserved Chairs and Admission Tickets on Sale on Show Day at I
At Exactly the Same I Tices Charged on the Show Grounds. |
Wheeling Clergy Closes Two-day Scs
sion—Reports of Departments
Very Encouraging.
The annual spring meeting of the
I’ri bytery of Wheeling closed j »
iterday afternoon with a short st-»
son. starting at i :.o o'clock in the
Third Presbyterian church. The
II i cling-* this spring have turn most
ucceasful and encouraging, reports
having showed all the local thurifies
of the organization m good condition
in both linances and membership, and
a wonderful amount of good done dur
ing the past year in both home and
lorcigu missions.
The afit rnoon was spent mostly in
disposing of routine business matters.
Home missions were shown by the re
port to he larger than ever before
and evangelistic work and conver
sions to 11aVe In C|, eipiallv successful
Arrangements wire also made to take
cate of tiie weaker churches in the
Presbytery during periods of financial
strops winch plan will lie conductive
toward a much stronger membership.
Hefore Hie close of tile session a
memorial was h« Id for llev. .1. I..
Heed, deceased, former past or of
West Alexander church, ulio died dur
ing the past year.
I uritig the morning meeting the
following commissioners wore chosen
to represent the Wheeling Presbytery
at the general assembly to he held
at Atlanta, tin. win h commences
May i.\ (lev W t llol-pes. Wells
hurg. W Yu and T M Cochran,
htq., <ii Hancock county.
No Quorum at Meeting of Council anc
Adjournment Ordered Until
Thursday Evening.
Til.- rm i line nf the city entiled
wl'i*h nan .>< ht’d'ilcd tn hate Imef)
• • • *■ I 'o'
rinirai.'.i v i \i-niDir ln-iauae a nimrMtn
• In* ■ nr. d in the lir--l
i ranch. Several matters that rail for
, mini. il!at. atti nilnn and whi. h ahoul.*
i Inti hri'n acted ’i|Hin last etrnlri
will conn- up fur mnstdi ration at the
t it "tinir. ..more tln-m In lnc the prlt
t'. rn of the \\ indt-.r Hotel fiimt’iini *
t : InrtninHin t n 'nt a attn parin'
it a portion .,f w ater street, tne
I 'tltm.is tor pi rmnslnn fn «reet ar.
• lt.tr>. v.en. th. teeommendatlon id
ih.- ordlnan. e icmmltfto to ern.it
I're i*h)ef Rii.. tnor. powers for lit
| Inapt i firm nf hiilldlne* and severs!
art away pt tltlntls.
Ti» athlete committer of Wheeltr#
* N*»* • ’ I.*.' ■*! • »rd#r *»f M«*o*«*.
>»• . ! .i ft**-. t»rr trr-t.iv ai«l uft*r-e<l t<;
• * H i• «tn l**r th** -»*H^"n
, *-'13 II !. .W«Vnk#»> wax n>«n*
■ •'***’ 411.*1 r • . »• w •* in thr • lut
I * * •»fr**; ire .1 r, •■} *•#•»-funlt v for ,«nv
1 1 * . » ' »■ .*f ft * 1 "Ip. t.'M > | | «. f t *
i i" I fry - • * u f will hr h*M Hun<1*v mot r
I t* .> • •• lo* k i <1 «• \ m^mbrr ..f
I • |rj , * •• a *- • *• g m
■ .* »•! I «« f tb»* «f*. irtufy^ nlfirt omo(tf)
j Mdf..i|f4*i M« <*onkf'
t '.4 ; \%.J kr, »n of
j \ rrh Mrn • -!«•»* r« . tn t ;.*•
«f - • •* • *»l Hi*- j-»»r«fi» r, ft• »
f-rorte , f . t on I « SfMitn
Nervous Headache;
Chamberlain's Tablets invariably bring relief
to women suffering from chronic constipa
tion, headaches, biliousness and indigestion.
Mrt Emily E. Patchm, 2S8 Broadway, Charlotte, N. Y., try*:
“ If ceer there »hm person who appreciated the value
of ('liamhrrlatn** Tablet* it is I. for they cured me of
a atiinnorn IiiIhmm attack accompanied l>y fierious
headache and indigestion. I had tried many highly
recommended medicine*. Hut nothing relieied me
until I began taking flianilirriam'* Tablets, and it
only took a few doer* to restore perfect HealtH.**

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