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Who Ever Saw More, Better,
Prettier Linen Dresses
Than These We Offer
AT $3.45 TO $23-50
IT’S BUT A SHORT STEP backward to the days of two seasons per vear! To
* the days when everyone supplied her wardrobe twice yearly! To the days of
home-made dresses and indetinite delays in having them made! To the days when
tailored dresses were a rarity! To the days of indifferent style and even more care
less fashioning!
T*0-DAY—IN THIS year of Grace, 191 f—we ask you who have dress needs to
* come step into the dress all ready to wear, fresh from the tailor’s needle, and
the presser s iron. We invite comparison, style-for-style, qualitv-for-qualitv, and
above all, price-for-price with dresses you see elsewhere and dresses you attempt to
make, or have made. And this news concerns Linen Dresses only, though there are
hundreds of all other wanted kinds awaiting you!
Dresses Dresses
of Linen of* Linen
Pure Linen—every thread Linen! Dresses that come forth bright and cheer
ful after each tubbing! Dresses that dislike starch! Dresses that are fashioned for
coolness and comfort all summer long! Dresses that answer a score of purposes.
Dresses that are an ever-ready part of \our wardrobe!
LINEN DRESSES in white, pink,
blue and tan. Self-belted and
with lace-trimmed collar and
cuffs ..
LINEN DRESSES in lavender,
tan. blue and wfvte Y’est effect;
lace trimmed collar and cuffs..
LINEN DRESSES in tan. blue
and white. Karine collar and
cuffs. An extra smart frock..
LINEN DRESSES in blue and
white Bulgarian linen collar and
buttoning slantwise at front..
LINEN DRESSES in white, blue
and lavender. Collar and cuff
® of self material, embroidered..
Cable gather at belt forms a
distinctive feature; at.
f LINEN DRESSES in rose.
blue, tan pink and white [ •y CQ
linen. Embroidered yoke. I ^ ^ f *
sleeves and flounce. J
LINEN DRESSES with cm- ^
broidered linen collar and I Cl Q
cuffs; elbow’ sleeves; but- j ^ | ^
toning at front... J
LINEN DRESSES in natural. N
blue and white; tailored and L $1 0.50
belted; white collar and cuffs J
shoulders, ball buttons and
Bulgarian trimmings. Blue f
only. J
tailored coats style in simu
lated blouse: belted; tan...
LINEN DRESSES, natural, 'j
sturdy crash; green collar L $10.50
and cuffs; long sleeves.... J
LINEN DRESSES in natural *|
rose and tan. Ratine col- L $1 C 00
lars and cuffs; leather belt j
LINEN DRESSES in blue, pink
and white linen. F:.mbroidered $0.00
collar and cuffs; belted. J Q
Linen Dresses Built to Fit!
Nf> sagging, baggy I inen Dresses are sent forth from this store even though
upward of So per cent of all Dresses sold here require not the slightest alteration.
And it’s the tit of the linen dress that helps it play its most brilliant role in the field
of general utility.
* — iimii iTiiiii ■mu—iiin i— ii in. urn—
Etate Con'miaaion to Meet m Eair
moet Today—Secretary John C
Day a«d Roy Naylor Will
B» Rreeent.
Th< *»;. a anti me n« ’omtni'tre of
the }*■ mH etitetitii.il «imrai- lnn will
he h'i«t fotlav «t> ’me fund* to meet
’he e\i.e;.«e« ttli.l'h mill |.e lli' lirn d
during I he ri.rmrr event Hetefal of
thw merntiera of the fommiltee hate
lAen Tile’l a* work for «ome time
yettim k'lhaeriptu,n» and while the
•erponte haa heeti falrlt littoral, yet
yreaf deal metro money wilt !>• nee>|
-I fn make the aTa.r the aii#i< *h.if
I W»«t Vl'klnlai • am • i[h > - nr
Her refart lint ll Xa lor. of th<
'-.ard of trade •» I ro to l-Nfirmont
|a fU'irtlltl* f < l>’ e«<-fit In* lor .il tfltef
< f« and attend a meet I nr of the
» ife mmmitlee. w i it h mo lt In f fi.«t
t fo-da>. fit 'li » |. tariou mat
t ra pertalfllfiK to *t.• Semi • enieti
f a Heeretary lohtt K Inn. of thla
Warm Weather’s Coming
f"»i* ' 9* .f tr • 90 r.r»l* r fh- • .it a*
*9' * *»*•'! »• l* a 'i|ll • . «* r» M#•
r» if *1 •ftirf f - ftrtftar fA»-r < *ir»*
yet* %'*f» • r f«f • h' f
«*> m« r-»'I *-f » «*„ in *b* «
C. floss N Sons
• ga Citit Tan ora and Firnlahere
U3I 1191 Markat atr*»»
*c ty. a of the *taf*» rofntni
eton. will also |»e present.
Five La* Breakers Face Judge
• Hundt Tuesday
Kl%e offenders were arraigned in po
lire rmiri ve«rerds». morning and »»f 1
thee • fire, fr»»ir had fu-en arre«ted hjr I
[Officer wider, i n#.*A man #n th<
fr»r# e Oeorge f'arrnll. who »a d that'
h* is an undertaker from T« nri«,v re.
Pleaded guilt-, *(. a charge of being
drunk nnd vns us*ee««d the minimum •
Mrs O Neil mlio Appears In court .
with each chance of the coon. w«e
again arraign* d on a drunk chare*-j
nnd this time was dl«fvtt»«ed on par*d*
on Ac* mint of her old age
lotin I*** was finer! the minimum •
for disorderly conduct, and John I
Mmlfh and John lister. arrester) f».r'
fighting were ear h fth* d $.% and in U
or thirty days
Ste*en Overrode r>n Chap
flee Street Yesterday Morning
While Marching .n Pun
eral Procession,
While n *r* hlng tn line with the
M'- i* rr» Woodmen of AvneftcA the,
t. trrifv '< rir-ral veeterday tnnrnu.g '
Hit %*en Fletch* r \»k»* suddenly taken
ill at»r| dropped to the ppremr-rit at i
lhe rr,rner r,f Twelfth And fbaplin#*
street M* •* a« taken into the offue
r*f t»r f <*-* r h F 1 me raft in tho Mr ,
)*'• re hot* | .tn*l after re -elrting medl
' al at ten firm was re more#) to his
home at Eleventh and ChAphfte
Streets |
CASTOR IA i* v* 1 t
11)8 Kind ToU Hon A!»a»i bjugfll
!{•'•. |> H |»y*,n£i r v. II l-ad |n th>
*"l«i of ni'lt Hilhfl.iv or I .ml |-**on
W.*lnr*Aay rvfiiihe ;.t orlork at
Mu- V. VV i A room«.
t.fn.i It.liln rlNKH Mill niff» at th
Afttiimllf rhap-l Thnr-liv rvrnln*
f •» orlork, Mlfx \nna Krrd-rl. k
ln«trift \o nr, m|| tv oof with Mr*
".iKirr M T«.lfM, (fart Tlmr-dai
-w hirr ft 7 ' o rlot k Ml** fniob*.
ln*trlrf No mil a, fh#1
Kin** Ihinrh’-r* I»f> \iir»fri. Thnr*
fia rvrnini at 7 ::n orlork Ml**
Mary K-oft. I-attar
I »i«t r *r-f No I .’I will mt ft with Mr
.1 V ftK-ho I'otnt. Thnr*'lav *'
*• moon at 2 .... o'flork. Mr* f I. Si;
I •‘iUiff
I»i*»rir f Nft in » hi m-jt mih Mr
•run, l|l> Hof it h I'rnn *fr—t. Thnr
i'.ty -wnlnr *» 7 tr» orlotk. Mr «
1 Hmith. l-ndi r
if II A HIM- rla* will tna-t at
'h- V W < A rtforn* Thnrwlar rwn
nr at * o’flork for thr a-ron.| ?-rf tjfr
l*jr |tr llarr in .lour*
C'f'fd on Ch-on 0 Can*t .pat.an.
"Ha fw*r.* .t. v-ar* | atifffr. >1
with rtimnlf • nn*i .pa1 i..r. ..a\* t \*
ll'ihlnflnk, if t or iff a. s i1 in \t-tv
off.* t* l'*,f nvannif .1 n m—«t a«rto n
f-rm. r-Pnlflnr In tfifttar •• inti, i ll. «
nn I n« nraath-nl* I if. .,, n,,,|
i. rA-n t.. m Two fan, .. . phv«i .an.
ni .1 • Iff *| - lalut with a I lh-lr >t> i* 1
♦ I" A»nr* -ll-fl r-. h..||. n„ * ft> m
“I* *"-A tn. tn «rlw f .ml . tl iin * |
Of Board Created to Investigate Flood
Conditions—Gives Views cn
Reservoir Theory.
Major F. W, Alsfaetter. corps of en
gineers. was at Wheeling yesterday
and was interviewed by one of our
reporters aa to the progress made hy
the board in its investigation of flood
conditions. The major stated that
the board had visited the cities which
were most thoroughly devastated by
the flood, namely. Dayton. Columbus.
Hamilton and Zanesville, and the
newspaper reports did not fully de
scribe the scenes of horror and ex
tremely bad conditions prevailing in
these cities He said: "Take Dayton,
for Instance. Major Khoads. the
President s own aid, has had a force
of k'.MHi men for two weeks cleaning
up the city of Dayton, and the work
as yet has hardly begun."
Discussing the subject of preven
tion of floods, the major seemed to
thiuk that something could be done
toward limiting the heights of floods
“Of course, no one has yet been abie
to limit the amount of rainfall, but
by means of reservoirs, levees and
widening the channels the crests ol
the flood may be considerably low
"Much faith is generally placed on
a svatem of reservoirs, but the board
is of the opinion that generally such
relief is purely local. For example, a
reservoir might be of some assisfancc
to Zanesville, but would be practical
ly of no assistance to Parkersburg.
However, the board is looking into
this matter more thoroughly. The
principal cause of the great distas
ters is due in many eases to artificial
constructions along the banks or in
the bed of the river At Hamilton a
bridge blocked the river to a certain
extent and forced the water practical
ly over the city of Hamilton itself. At
Columbus the levees narrowod the
channel of the river, and when the
great amount of rain raised the rivet
above these levees an extremely sw ift
current resulted and the destruction
was very great. In some cas*-s enor
mous boulders were found in the
middle of the city streets that is.
when you could find the streets. Con
crete pillars or brick pillars show
where the houses had been In most
cases foundations of the houses were
carried away at the same time as the
At this point the mayor spoke of
the interest taken in conditions by
the president. The president is very
much interested in a scheme for flood
relief, and sent the secretary of war
out on a special train with supplies
during the emergency. Not less than
S'kt.000 rations were given away by
the army in the city of Dayton alone.
Continuing, the mayor said:
Interests Complain.
“Now that the extreme emergency
has past. It is feared that the local
; Interests will not co-operate with the
, l'nlted~ States government in its ef
j fort* to prevent a recurrence of this
i disaster. When the United States di
• rects that no encroachment be made
upon the channel of the river it seems
| generally that commercial interests
| involved invariably feel that they are
; unjustly treated. If the United States
engineers had. in the past, allowed
the various mines and mills to follow
their own inclinations in the matter
of narrowing the channels along th«
river 4i Wheeling, it would be safe
, to say that the flood In this city
would have been something like 63
| feet instead of 51 feet In the past
! no special attention hag been paid to
I the smaller rivers, and. as a citizen
1 of Columbus, O . stated, no worse
| scheme eculd have devised by
■ the people of the city to raise the
J cre«t of the flood than was actually
' constructed, pnu tlcaljy forming a
II dam along the overflow section of the
However, it is now thought that the
l local interests realize that the euor
j mous loss to everybody from these
i floods are far more disastrous than the
1 advantages to a community by non
• limitation of cei-'aig smaller interests,
| and we believe that thees local inter
ests will be of great assistance in the
' future. There are certain limitations
;, to the authority of the United States
i government and assistance Is a I so
! lutelv necessary, in Dayton, the city
j government expressed itself as will
i lug and anxious to co-operate In any
.possibly way with the United States
i government.
| As the president of tii" 1'nited
Slates and the secretary of war nre
; both very much interested in this, it
is believed that something may be ac
complished. Of course, as was said
, before, no one has yet been able to
•top the ra-n when It will come; but
i the extreme flood events may be low
i ered somewhat
ELKINS. MAY 20. 21
AND 22.
! Interesting Program of Cons’dorablo
Lenytn Has Been Prepared—
Many Deogatos Expected.
The f»»rty-thir<t annual convention
«»f th« rhuri hra of Christ in w ♦ s?
Virginia v» ill he held Tuc*da> \\ »•»!
resday »ind Thursday. Ma> 2*». 2! mts«l
::2. in the Christian church at Klktn.s.
Hraclit ally every Chrlcttan « hurrh in
J th* nt.ite will he represented and
• iruo' local persons ar«? looking ur
j rjngement* to attend
yultr a lengthy program has hern
p»* pared for the lesions. The tn:«
j sfnrnrv work will l*e featured. «?»*1
( 4HHdcn§ Will he devoted to the West
Virginia Christian Missionary s*ri**:v
, nn* to tin* Christian Woman's Hoard
• *f Missions
The program f.»r the rnnt> ntion »s
HM follows
Sunday, May * £
Hreo< lung h\ Itivltrd In llir* n in all
I ill#- church# - *.f HI kins
Monday, May ’9. 7:30
In'ormal meeting at Hirst Street
I • I ur.-h S«>ngs an#l «;h • h* *.
Tuesday Moving. May TO. 9 s. m.
W Va. M A.
! \V. I>. \ an\#».*rhts President
j c. f* flute.Mr Sc. refill V
I Motto "Pray \ therefore, th**
• l ord of ti . loiry. st :b»»* tie thrust
I forth lai.er. r* mi»» the l»ar\• *» "
T«*pi# TL. ktn*<i >m «<nd it* Mul
let rv
"Th« J».> of the Ministry"
J f MorgMti. fn-thany
'The spiritu.M) |jt. ..f th* Minis
ter** .! w V#*h«». If nut tug* <*n
* The chit*h fl# rutting |», Mint*
A ppo.r.tno nt of * onirnltf.
11 a* m — C W 0 M Conference
W. V • MS StiC« Hoard Meefp
Tuesday Afternoon. May 13, 1:3(1.
I Mott.. Not Slothful m Ifustto
|f«rwnt in spirit s*r\ifi« t . !*•».
Message* from 1st .frht. .f .1 Morv.'
C W B M.
Mr* f| ft W • itf»« Hr sblen
Mr* f{ .\. fii* bard-m fj. s* •
' Adores Mrs I: If. W • i
I f*or»fi»r * |(« port \f i * s life Via I) filth*
Appointment »•( Committee*
Prat«r s# m h • • \ .larr* it
u. \ • v. ?* i.
.1 M Htivnm* m • •»#■» !• • •
*' l * M If * • , y- . r • f*• r r
Hu; IfMH .»! * • \\ h **
| Ttfitmtrrt f m. Nul«l>
VCr|«,r>« «•; ft..nr I
Afjflffff, * \ M*r * »• ••!** »,itn»n
W |* I'lrn • , • ,tn» t ii
| t)w
Tuttday £v«n»n<j. May 7 0.
I*,ln. H* «»l"l
M'**!** I' ll •• In fhf *i» l*i«* :.»r
• l.» liprvepf rtj- Kim* •!
»’•*»» n. f**r i*r» * N f ill f«i»«
. f.»r fh* if *»«Ur«fiM P* Ik
i?^* pf ’*
M* • /• < fr• •»*» .|**l«fi .1 .1 M*.f, «n
• * \\ H %l. Vl«)rr«p
T! \S h«t,n.,| » i# «l In f \ ir
min * " «} \% »»«
"A M'fpii; »r f»* ►> * I i «tf» * <»
l *1
Mm* M-f* r».*| »;.•*■ • inf*
Wcdfifitlty Motr rq May ?f, 0»p.
♦ W H M p - ft
^Pr|p#«lpy AMerfOOP. May 2V 1 V>
'9»«! f »• I 'r !• r .rid* »h »»i . , «, *
♦ 1 •••» \» *f Ii.* • If.../
f»* \n«l I’hlHr* #.fI.* m* i i
!»*•« ifi»* In*? ffptn fli» rf|»9«tr
|t»rn H **| Imp* J. t»a
Ml •♦4;*^* « from i t . l ? m f;
.n ,.f \i p f»y| v. an* . m
f.ftMc •
MM** H hfM.f fit
Ip- »*l r If M H*’f*fci* - « n< inni'l
> It f
Th» H|14« S I -i Tf a* hu I* «nf.
ilf f*
W I * \ mV .» rhl«, I’irV* r Mur-j *
Tit • im i»- S» It* \n l* nn«. IMt.
#*. |« »•;,«,« |l| „ f|r: |
*•'•«« • I r» ut fftf f>>t f
\ »f« » I; i ii >| \ • mi
«... of*. p*» ,» p#*.| t» *, ,,
Wednesday Evening. May 21, 7:30.
Motto. * Ye that by worki i
n.an Ih justified, and not only l*y
MrfMgfH fmm lnt John J. j. Morgan
AtsimilMfIri: »h • Koroigncr'
Kn'uTf v!«»|,kin». Cincinnati
The t’hiinh Arslmllating lit
Y"iin« ]*e«»p,e*.
H x Milk r, Botha ijr
N Otlf
| lonoird
'v. >? («ornc. *’larks**-,"^r
• ■ (tin
Thursday Morn ng. May 22. 9 a. n».
’ V ? • * I !• t u.s n**i Im« w arv
!• " • !l do nt:, b. • j|, due «. ?«««.n y%.
►t.all if w. f.itnr not.**
M* '>aKe« from !-» .b«hn. .1 .! Moraen
YA • A. i*. M Husiiiop* S* -sioii.
ISep*»ris *f t *«mirnllt« •»*.
K* 'rt tone.
, The I . r\\ ird I>».*k of Min *t. rial
lb lk r
At. I; \A rr< n lndianaixi!* •
f*h* r • v« : • t»n board will ni**< t
for or tn»;: ri-n. Time to l*e an
I liotllli »*d.
Thursday Afternoon, 2 p. m.
T*»i b . • *.»n-s«|. r»r.*r tin* <*oin»trv
Chur. h. •
Mot*o "Thor f.-r»- thri that wero
r-•.»11♦*r| abroan. v • tit abbin prt urh*
, inu thi s on},
A’i gMi. s from ?..• .bdin .1 .1 Mor*nn
TV* »*o*iftr 'b in *» in Northern
AA * •*! A :ri?«».i r
At• •«*.|* i im ir«b. iMhmy
b *ti *n>r »r ./• d •*oiintn l|f»*
Mo*.-m«nf I*,., . ide in Wvnt Air
AA H K* n irt. k«. .Morgantow n
AA ba th, <’,»i:.«r\ « hnr* h « an
A A It AA lk« r i>. »».
•hr b Kr-iai-t, end flu rinmtn
AA erh
\A Ai» J.J, * K ii mm * |rv
Thursday Night. May 22. 7 30 p. n*.
i t *. .. hath Hi** world*
uoo.j «i mI«|, m hi* broth or m
’• •d »nd i’ it * b t* * >* • ••niY»**«'«»n

•ii.t.h in h'in *•
>1< • « «!■ fn.tii |-• 1 J. Mniv.n
*••• ‘ : ■ I ••■in !■ .m
A ri
T' Htni'".. I...f.iml«v \fri. a
0 Win* I I' »f• r , .■ llotn> A
9 ' | f) A
4 ^
a V ni' ' !'«. tlf 0
0 |
0 0
. I# > r
0 < IIT. • ••
4 1 m*' ' • 4
r if i>I.- t> 0 [
0 4
4 SIMM IM^>m».k% < il» Wall 0
* l*J»l»cr I li'inrr, .Me* a ( an. ^
J V. A. Priehorsl Co. Ji
m; market street ’
1 - « II V b
when ' ou want to know anythin#
about Trusses. Mo knows tho kind ot
truss you need, the one that Is easy to
wear: the kind best fitted for tho
worn you have to do. and the one that will under the roost trying conditions *
give full comfort and safety Tills Is what you need and are entitled to for
the money you pay. We don i fool you—you get it from us. but not from
the "Experts’"
Logan Drug Co.
Pictures of ih»* Mt n> \olcnt Association
J. II Mohortcr. t*v>
Music. Ministerial Glee Club
final Words.
Eighteen Cases to Be Presented at
May Term—Six Pistol Toters
Included in List.
The list of offenders who are now
under arrest and against whom
charges will be considered by the
next grand Jury were tiled by Prose
cutor Addlctnan with the circuit clerk'
yesterday. Although the list is un
usually lengthy for this ti rut of < rim
| Inal court, few of the defendants ar •
| charged w Hit serious offenses. Fol
j lowing is tlic list:
William .'firtin. felnnv, charged
j with embezzling money from the local
lodge of brick layers of whi<b orgaui
■ ration lie whs financial secretary.
Jerry Kvans. felony, charged with
I purchasing junk and copper wire
; which In- knew had been stolen from
.the mil Telephone Company.
Kred Love, felony, charged with
I forging checks and attempting to
pass them upon a local business firm.
If red Kunico. felon;., charged with
stealing artub-s of clothing from «
South Side store and removing them
11>> It# linin'.
Mason i-cmasters. felony, same
I < barge as above.
I<te Soldan and William lirennan.
feloug. same rl.arge a above.
William ftiwler Avres. felony,
(barged with removing furniture be.
longing to the I’alnce Furniture Com
pany. out of the state.
(• I. Keenan, misdemeanor, charge
with selling liquor without a license.
Kate Keenan misdt meaner, same
* *w~ it •* HIM** * .
' Thtenuw Hickman. misdemeanor,
I same charge aw above,
i M. and K. ItCinweber. misdemeanor,
l ( barged with welling intoxicating
lu|in>r on Sunday
| lam Joseph. Antonio l-tmonte. lo
* pit Itcpch, Martin I at vo, Ateclc
| Sukoff and John l'ntterson are all
charg'd with pistol tiling. a mlsde
I tneanor Wtllmr Simpson tw charged
with (.< rjitrt
in Case of National Telephone v».
Henry Scbntulbaeh Until Th.»
Morning—Unusual Suit
The Jon in the case of file re
velvets tif the e.National Telcp'ion
tom punt v» lleim Scbmulhaelt. a*,
ter ronsiderinc the evidence In the
ease for «ter a half lieur yesterdav
afternoon, r*'ported to Judge New
man In purl one of the circuit court
that they were unah'e to reach a
verdict and were • xcilsed until !• a
o'clot k this morning when the cs**
'v 1,1 again In- given to them for ton
wtderat Ion
Ity the -lilt the pl.aint'ffw to
rover money in the sum o' fi.mitt (or
damages done to the lines of t h>
company hv a recent fire in the
Si hnmlhio ti building where rue of
I * is of the National Telephone t'oin*
patty are located The idainttTs al
lege tliat the tire was caused by mu
ligerree on the put of the defendant
who. it is alleged, allowed waste pa
per l,t at cumulate In the ha-entent
o; the I uihhng When this waste pa
per taught Are the cables of th,. t.,
panv were mc|t< d and the lines dam
mo d to the t xtrnt of >l.*«at. u p
t la . on d
Tin «ult of t'handler vs Jebhta and
la’pre.te. (oral pt-st n •• men hants,
will be tried in the rourt todiv The
-tot Involves Jl.otv. w hit h the plain
IIT claims | due on a i eowignm. lit
of -1* barrel* «>f potatoes Sold the
•!• tend inis sir'. the defendant* |
cbitm that the potatoes had b» on mis-1
represented to them and that they I
had ref ti *u| In accept the consign*
Yesterdav moriiine Judge Newman
rratiti-d Andrew I* Scheftler. recently1
admitted to flic Ohio l o..nt> Har A I
(s lat ion per»i I-shin to practice tn 1
Ihi* court Th< motion to admit wasj
matte by Attorney Smith. j
Your selection of wedding
gifts is more easily and satis*
factorily made when you see
at once, in their different sizes
and styles, all of the various
articles which are suitable for
such a purpose. You will
therefore be able to choose
'our wedding gifts better at
\V. J. Lukens Co.. 1314 Market
St.. \X heeling, because they
are now showing as large and
\aried a selection of suitable
wedding gifts as can he found
in the citj.
-r A1v V. h»*.tn».
Brotherhood of St. James’ Lutheran
Chur-h W.ll Elect Officers at
Gathering Thursday Evening.
The annual meeting of the SL
James brotherhood of St. James’
Kv angelica I Uitfc-ran church will b«
'"■'■l 1,1 fhe churc's tomorrow evens
mv officers will tie Hmipit for the
ensuing war and after the fransar*
tien of any other business that may
present Itself a luncheon win he
serve! following ilie luncheon the
meet.nc will l... addressed by llev W,
1 ' henj l a . on the
siibjer t. r; . M- tn tit of the Organize*
tarn io the Individual Man
Tin- men of st lames’ rhurch,
whether member* of tr.e organization
or no’, at- all c-riftallv Invited to at*
tend a llev Schramm Is an oratof
of note and a pleasant evening it
promised all
J1 *■' • r -hitto, slur winter ts ovei
•»’ l '<:'*« e s: *
•i-hnnv i»|. i.K ms am
Th. e w* ' *!•• s • i |.H.fe for?*
« Miles. miin"—St. .
Just cut a wheel of Imported
Swiss, 'tine flavor, good holes—in
fact, it is the pink of perfection,
and the price is only .'.Sc a pound.
Fancv U hitc Clover Honey
made by expert Bees f*-om Ohio,
J'»c a frame.
A clexer -ire Queen Olive Crisp,
JOc quart.
Domestic make xerv fine. JSc a
Imported. f>Oc a pound,
II. F. Behrens Co.
7217 Market St.

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