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0=* The Wheeling Intelligencer Has the Largest Morning Newspaper Circulation In the State of West Virginia
packs the weather
^ y^/^ ^a,r and warmer Friday and prefe.
r'&ssage of Dili Will lnwilve an
Appeal to the Courts 0%er
Treaty Rights.
I . ~~ I
i r
WASHINGTON, May. t.— t
' Just before leaving Washing
| ton for a two day trip through
j New Jersey today. President |
| Wilson sent what probably will
! he Hip last word on the project- |
ed California alien land owner I
1 ship bill. It was a message to '
I Governor Johnson suggest ng 1
1 that the Webb o»ll. which ts.i ‘
1 Progressive-Republican major- I
* ty plans to put through the i
GH'fornia legislature tomorrow ’
' woulo involve an appeal to the I
cei rts en the question of treaty t
I r f.hts and bring on what miqSt •
be Icng and delicate litigation.** 1
The governor replied imme- '
ri.Atelv that he "would be 9*- t
' trrmely grateful for any tug- j
I feftions that wsuld avoid the *
l objection you mention.**
! This came after the president 1
had left the Wh te House.
I At the state department ab- \
solute silence is maintained. It I
is made plain that there will be '
no announcements before the
return of Secretary B^yan. The *
Japanese embassy is equally f
ret.cent although it is gener- '
ally understood in official c»r- '
I cles that the Webb bill is re
aarded there as even more of
fensive than any of the previous
drafts cf proposed hfillltillV.
FACRAMKXTO. <*al.. Ma> 1—An
indication of th»* form flic l>emo
< ratic opposition will fake to the
Webb redraft of the anti-alien land
hill mhs given iu the senate today
when the measure came up for final
It whs the original plan of the
ITogre»*lvo Republican majority In
f* :iSHiir.iiic»- of .i «.iirre-*nil i&siie to
torce file bill to a vote at onre, but!
at the request of the Democrats a ;
I ostponement of oi.e (lay was grant-'
•■<i at th<* lust minute. The matter f
'•as set as a special order for 11 •
o'clock to-morrow morning.
In return for the delay the admin-1
I tration leaders received a pledget
irom the minority that it would abide
by the results as shown in the final!
loll call tomorrow, and not demand
a reconsideration Thu- the I'ris
gressives fee! t ..it. although appar
ently they lost a day. In reality they
saved several by checking further ef
lorts to Impede their plans.
The brief debate today on thi mis
tion to postpone disclosed the fji t j
mat tin- I teniot rats have hearkened j
to the advice from Washington, as •
delivered by Secretary of State
llryan. and will make a formal stand*
in suppoit of the national adminisfra
tion. In order to meet the Issue
■quarely. Senator Curtin, democrat,
introdueed a resolution setting forth
the fact that President Wilson Is op
posed to the alien land bill, and m
< hiding the following declaration:
Strong Resolution
"Re I* resolved, that th* peopl • »»f •
the state of California do hereto re i
icr to the wishes fit the President of
th*- I niteil Sfao . and this legislature,
will not at thi* se sion pas* the bills
herein mentioned
if Is believed generally that to the
< Cent of si|p|Mirtlng Curtin s resrmi
• Ion the Derma rat- will defer to Sc< •
retary llryan.
Senator Camln*ft|. Democrat, work j
ing Independent!' (,f hi* <oi|eagiies.
is preparing -everal amendments to J
the Webb hill to he off' red tomorrow I
Wdson Telegrjm.
Th- folinwing teli pram from Pre»| ]
dept Wilson «-<- rerelvpd h<-re today!
In ilnvi rnor .lohnson
I take the lltn r>> of falling in ir |
attention to the U ebb bill. which!
would Involve at. tp|»-.i| to the courts j
< n th»- que«*lon < f tr*a’v rights, and I
bring on « t at might tie long and del-1
I*ate litigation
Governor .l-ditisfin immediately re
I than on verv much for vonr
suggestion The fault may b* due to
fCoaf‘mawd oa P»gs Eight >
Window Glass Men Appear Before
Senate Committee and I*rotest
Against the Tariff Bill.
IntaUigt&car Ba run.
Washington, D. C.. Mi y 1.
rnit*rrs»miui Howard Sntherlan I.
r>f West Virginia, today introduced hi*
maiden hill, which was the Chiltoll
measure i.rovidlng an additional Judg :
f.*r the Fourth federal elreult. Its oli
le. I I* to give the Fourth circuit thr..*
.iudges. |t now lias two. The |.||!
passed ihe senate last Mondav follow -
ing a vigorous speech In It* behalf by
Senator tjoff.
It th. I it 11 passe* i he house within
th** next few weeks it Is understoo I
that the nomination of Judge < •. It.
Wood*. ,.r south Carolina. f,,r th> <iotf
v.o,h.. Fourth circuit, will bj
withdrawn and t'ongr- ssman John W.
Havls. of West Virginia, named for
that place. Judge Wooils will I..- given
the new plan-.
I irwv.-ver, there is onlv a remote
han. .• for the earn passage of the
Ml. l.y Ihe house Judge Clayton,
i hairmari of th.* judlplarv eonimfttee
Mild tonight that ih,* .han..* for the
' III in the present session are "stun "
Hi** judiciary committee has not been
organized and It |* not likely th?
house will consider ’he bill until tint
committee ha*. l*>ok.d Into It. Judge
'•lavton iai.1 there i„ „nlv a r. mote
eh..lire that the house wilt take up |he
hill and pas* it without the ...mmlfro
iir»t making an ln<iuiry into It.
Window Class Men Protest.
«>„< Virginia and Ohio window
tlass manufacturers arc making a dc.».
aerate fight against the Cnderwood
aill rates on window glass Today a
arse delegation of manufacturers
rom those states called Aipon mem
>ers of the senate finance committee
and vigorously protested against the
rates carried in the house hill. There
sere about a score of manufacturers
Ml the delegation They did not rest
’ontent by laying their complaint
with the sub-committee handling the
windou glass section in the I'nder
wood bill but they divided themselves
into small committees and person tilv
ailed upon every member of the fi
nance committee from Chairman Sim
mons down The window class man
ilfacturers are haunted by the fear
i hat the Itelginn class makers will
Irlve them out of business They
rlalm that If the ta-lff on window
d«-s lip to inch bracket r
■ffi* <>d. as proposed In the t'nderwo id
hill. Itelginn competition will ran«e
I he Mg Industry of West Virginia to
shut tip shop.
Congressman II H Moss. .Tr. in
Irodueed a hill to day asking direct
Ing the war department to turn over
>o Carl Shatta. Pns' (l A It at Ripley.
W Va . two bronze or brass cannon
nr field pieces for ornamental pur
News today from Congrt -man fas
\ Hugher. of Huntington. who wen'
to New York sta'c for Ms health. Is
that he Is rapidly improving
Congressman Motherland has oh.
talned a rural r mte for Hotton«vlRe
Mrs. Walsh Testifies
In the Graft Cases
NKW VfMlK. Mu. f Th* pri.^ni
t r»fl |>rar t .r,f|| V rompl*t'ff It* « a«r ffr
•lay again t fh* fwr former pollr# In
*p*ctor* Thovii(i«*ti, Mo «*« y. Mtiftha
»w| * ho on trial for nl
!• g#*r| #*on piracy to oh*frnrf
fhro igh brih«r\ of |»ro*porftv# gram!
•ry nltn* tgaln-t fh»- H'«***m
* wftr»o*r» - t«*f|mont In
»or rot mm* on of I »orna W \\*l*h,
;«n *•* * .«pt.|tf> •» ho 01 f« « <| fit Mrmft
itig *f »t »*• that th** tp fffirt^nt*
• Al**'1 fitrt'l* tn an rfToff to ke»|» *
iernfi fiPr anr| i graft tahrr from ron
Walnli •» t * hit* «t*n* ihg *t flr*t
*hat h#r antr>rn«»bfJ**. hot#*! «Vtnn*r*.
j»nr| nfh#*r ' »» . rp* * t rr* pah! for out
of graft tnht|tr* -Aa* finally brought
to n'lmlt. ifa|r-r t ro- '-umlrnft'on
'hnf *h*« hnt'« WnMi I#*vl#»»f on r#
Wall I •opp« r» f <||/| Into * tha* I
••a* 'Ivlnr on rn hn*haf|tj grafting/
■ *»*• mM rHortanfft
<4h** tr 4*|f|#«f| a to hf*r ho h int! a
•t.rirr* In ’ll* al • g* ■! • •«* / of I,rib**
fo lit*|» h« «»rn»* A rtlpp ;« r*> aft
nwr>»>r. who ha<1 matin rtmrl.aiirna,
frmr thn roiirt * iuri->l|rt inn Tim .|n
fniuiut.it „r.- nhargnri viHh hating
Jolnnr| *l'h W al«li In thfi* r ntlnator
T*ld of $ipp fund
Kiilt-nr l"» a pafrnlnvnan a« tiling
•nntan* n af'np |.hurling guilt v In hrih
•Tv if - iif|w| p< m ,|,f. > t|i|i fun.| a tiff
'•f a ll'itw.'i tiin-l ra. •••! t.. knnp thn
wllnrva hlftitnlf frntn ron'riv |ng
Tbnm|.«nr, nttiriiI him ft •» m<nth
*•• k•**■(. allnnt. K..v • •nrn. hit* tk|n
a a* nn* «-rin>ipli, an<l h- fttrnntl Htaf* a
• vW«-n«-.. ahmi ninn<a ‘a- nut rnts.ut
In .ar,* f.»r Ills family If hn a nnt to
Jail I'ax tnl»| «.f grafting ami »>f
• haring thn tnntmv with W al«h trbn
•m 'a*,I frtltf hltn that I* a a- «|.||t
• I'h thn lntf.r.<tnr nf th.. ilisirirt
•^ll>|. '1 tlfl.-.l t,, paving graft fnr
imlh'n pintnf tli.n It.- ,|. «, r|l.. ,| h..«
•in a as hrilx >| In ftn, tn \rn Irrtrv
rntiirnlng «nnn It t...amn nvlflntit
tha* In- a a nut gntng *n rn.nlv*. alt
nf thn fuml t-rnmlanrl him Hl|ip ••!•!
X«n«nnv ami lluoarv a.-rn thn -.nr
• i.i thn. tin afr.H, • M*' 'u -up
piy thn hfI!>•* rniaiv
SAY?' j
LONHON. May 1 -No date has yet
J been fixed for tht» re-assembling of
j the pt*r» ronferenre at London but
| 'he powers are urging Turkey and the;
Halkan allies to send tiieir delegates
as quickly as possible in the belief
that th" conclusion of peace will H*. \
slst in the settlement of the other
A It hough the tension arising over
the (ale of S« utnri has been lessened, '■
• th" danger Is not past it is under-1
stood that Montenegro is willing to
evaluate that town on condition that
i territorial compensation he allowed,
but Austria heretofore has insisted on
unconditional evacuation, and ir she'
•'•till persists in this attitude a pea. -j
ful arrangement hardly will he tM>- ’
sit It
Th.- Austrian emperor has sum !
moneil an extraordinary crown coun
cil for tomorrow, which will include!
the premiers and »ar ministers of
both Austria and llungarv
Keport* through Vienna say that!
the Montenegrins are preparing S* u-1
1 tart tor a siege
Formal Demand.
<•KTIX.lL. Montenegro M..v 1 T .
HiifttUii) rmnwtrr to M<*nt. . ..
* ......
f'< • :i\ >.r<a*irm’ . ..mi . , ,
M f t.•?»»•* rr» w!t . t • •• 1. »n .r ! < f t .
Kiari»f rnn r »w« • - f r • . . •.,. .
s■ <thm .»• *| irit niMfir.ic fh.it .« i •.i \ 0r i
11 r ft ft tin • > . ti|4
M’ftit* ririe i o
Huntington Minister* Crusade Against
Vice District Is Unsuccessful.
,] | Mat it, I, t , |i. Intel) «.• ...
HIXTIXITOX \v V* May 1 -
The crusade i ■■nilili led li ythe Muni
• Irigton Mini.i, rial Association tn rid!
Huntington of If* »ice district has r.
suited in complete failure Th*- grand i
Jury adjourned this evening and liv,
l*s failure to return a striate Hull, t
rinnt again.- any women of the m [
j der world Ihcnrrdh aliv reached lli-i
vcrillcf that ilie y|( e district Is to be
I regarded as a necessary evil The
mlnlstera min lined that they would'
continue their crusade anti would at I
tempi the »IIy authorities to take
some action to eliminate that se lloii 1
of the city
Killed at Farmington When M s Foot
Caught In Frog and He I* Cut
In Twain.
! Ape, l» lUspsf- , to II.. Infelltg- fi- .
, FAIRMONT \V Va . Mav I The
t>ody of William Matthews, at com
p.lined hv his wile ami father III law
K l» Workman, of Ih-Hatte. Ohio, will1
leave on an farlv fraln for It. Hair.
this morn Hit Matthews, who ws*
II" years of age ami married, was
killed tit flay when hi- f#a»t ranch* |t,
a frog on the im, ka at Farmington 1
Mis train ran over him and he wa«
rut In twain Matthews was a
. hrakeman on the It a n and resided
here III home was m It. IIsir. and
the find - will Ifc hurled there
\V AXIIIVITUX, |i r, \|a» |
Tw#fit\ one of the surviving officer
w hr« fought under Admlial ficorv-I
||N-w.y In the battle of Manila In.,
celel,rated the II ff# rri*h annti errn't !
of rite famous fims • iig-ic.-mmi i,.-r,
I to night a' M,> annual reunion and
! hanrpiei of the ,H I.I| of Manila hav 1
;Th. r.ffi, er«. im*idm. It. ,r Admirtl
Aaa M’alki i ,
cn er "I'oe-ot,1 .ml fh< nl« »ur i
I vivnr r.f lk*o fleet ra|.laltis. rath
•-r»-d a round '!»• harw| jet tuhle to
I honor to \,|nura| l*»n presld, n* of.
Illie • >«u *
Of Either Miners or Operators—
Says Strike Must Come to
an End This Week.
Sr»c it »,. t'e Intelligence- I
« HARIwKSTON. \V. Va . Mav 1 —
That Governor Hatfield will no long-'
er tolerato dilatory or evasive tactics1
hy either the operators or miners In |
the industrial strike district was
made v|-ar late this afternoon when'
lie isgue.i a statement, declaring that !
would no longer tolerate methods'
that are not Intended to restore and
preserve p»*nr«
' I ant glad to say that the strike s|t
nation Is clearing up The men are
rapidly returning to work nnd I fee!
that Ivoth shies are noting ami will
act in good faith, with hut few exrep
ttons." said the governor
I hop ■ it will he ||ie desire of those
who ih> not believe lit law. order and
good government to rake th-dr leave!
,n so. other country I have been
patient and have i|-ait leniently w ith
those who have heretofore violated
the law, as well aw aided and abetter'
•itnl gm n their influence in perpetm I
at mg strike and discord
Protection to person and property
’** »• •• piramount <1utv of provpftimt’nr
and I whall Impartially and faithfully
carry nut these principles | hope,
that I will not he forced to th- pain
fill duty of proceeding further under
til.- power vi-wted in me hy rhapter
... I'Mi.iiiMiiaii* arid
maintain the standard of law and
ord r. uhlih is a guarantee of pro
lemon, safety and comfort to our
citizenship. hilt I want It thoroughly
understood bv all that I shall con- ;
’Intis* vigorously to tarry out mv In
t* nitons id hrlr-iltig aho?it such con
dltlofis forthwith a* will enable the1
local authorities to assume the r*- i
sponalhllll) w hlch the |ieople pp-ctcd j
fhi m to fill "
’Ihe governor concluded Ins state
tt*c»i* with th • following declaration ;
•This week must • nil the long drawn
out Strike In th Kanawha coal Held
Those Inside and outside iht.i section
•ho disagree with me relative to law
and order will not le temporized with!
further '
L'ttl* Interest Taken at There Was
No Issue and No Oppos
ing Tickets.
iiKTll \\V. ir' Vn Mat I The an
final municipal elerllon was hc|<| to re
la da* with loti tilth int rest Its*lug ,
t iken. i- tlicfi w,*. no tsstn* at stake
There were no in kefs In the field and
ho'li land' t- for mato, were If• ptih
Ik an*
The election rr idled as follow's
Por inavor W IV Pilchard. Th. I
lohn Ultra n, .‘T
Por recordi’r professor K I. Perry.
Pr .fcssor p T McKvoy, 31
Por council l»r W T lioohor, T«. ,
tlonao Wells. c.f(, Professor VV It
Tailor ttl, tVilttani I Moore, and
Professor I P Workman, >
The following wife defeated for I
rouin II Pm! l,nuik, I*!; J. |t Por ;
tiev I.1 M It .lone’- *tI Pdn srd
H > It h, 1’*. Mh-rt It Wells. ::. Mfrnt
I .a tit k I*!
Titr wccrwtt
WAsniwoToa Mir l.-Per*cssti
Ohio sail Wsslsrn fintarntnls Fair
»r t »srm Frldsy ana r re ha hi y Watur
t«», moderate aonth wtnda
wtsr trirrmie Petr and warm r»1 I
tan and nrohahly ggluxdj. I
ATLANTA, tin. May I.—Ten rom
fianl* s of state militia tonight were or
dered held In readiness hi the audi
torium armory here as the result of
l»* rslstent rumors of a probable at •
tempt to storm the cuunty* Jail where
''»**' I-ec. a negro watchman, and l.co
M. Krunk are held In connection with
the murder of Mary Phagan Th
military on! r < ante from a«jj .i»nt
• icr.cral J van Holt Nash ufler a .-ou
ferenee with flovcrnor Itrown. Police
leser'es also nre being held ri ad;, at
Held As Suspects
lam M Frank, superintendent and
Newt I^'e. negro night watchman at
the National Pencil Company s plant
where the body of Mary Phagan was
found Sunday morning, were held as
‘■Suspects pending the coroners In
.1 M (Irani, former look-keeper al
the pencil factory, and the only pris
oner against whom n murder charge
was made, was released late today
with Arthur Mullinax. held on a
charge of •Suspicion Alibis satisfac
tory lo the police were established
The session of the Inquest this after
noon lasted only a few minutes Two
hundred and thirty fixe employes at
th. pencil factory, where the body of
the girl was fount, were sworn but
tit. wltmsses were heard
Another negro employe at the pencil
factory, .lames Connelly, was placed
under arrest today in connection with
the rase, making the sixth arrest
Sl «" fuap*'* to 1C** InirlllirtiraP,
new feature waa iidop'cd at the aec
find day a aeaalun nf the International
conference of the Itnard nf IHahopa
nf the Methodlat Kpi*<opal church.
In ing held in thla city when If wa* de
i uli'il to have the National fonienlton
of .Methodlat nun hi Indianapollr. In
diuna. (ii'tnher thla year
The I Ini e and place fnr the negt
meeting nf the Hoard waa al«o dccld
ed. !<i I/nil* being aeleited. begin
filrur October ‘Jh
Owing to the failure nf Hlahnp Wal
dr in. of Cincinnati, to he preaenf. the
memorial addn -* al the unveiling of
the Hlahnp Morna tablet «t the Mnr
rla Memorial ehuri h. al Malden near
'hi* Oil v.i delivered hi Iflahop |1
II Moore Till, evening Hlahnp* Ham
limn and Hughe*, ladh native* of
V\e*i Virginia and 'lovernor Halfleld.
delivered addreaaea Tomorrow fhe
MHlIaterlnl anil laiv Conference will
be In Id and the eiening milling open
In 'he pub'll Will I*, preaided over b>
Judge C \\ l.i nrh. of fhe Supreme
Mllvltf.KTOVVN N V. May I A
plan lo rentage the bailie nf tSetfyw
burg on it* fifli th annlTeraary In
July with hand ahaking taking the
plai e of bullet* aaa announced t«v
flight In Henri M Howell who foughl
with fhe 12 If li N**w V of k reg Intent at
i!etty*hiir« According to Hrand
Vrmi of ihe lli'piitdtc men h* re thi
' of Mr Howell blmaelf a ti A |
H mem to r I* meeting with the ap I
|Toial of main men who look part In
the battle Afr Howell ta endeavoring
lo arrange tho contending armlea" a«
Ihey w- -re on the eve of battle and
liale them advance aero a* the fimmia
field and < lasp handa.
But Democrats Go Serenely On
and Vote Down All the
WASHINGTON. May 1 —All efforts
of the opposition to disturb the '.Mar-1
ket basket" reductions In the Demo
cratic tariff bill failed in the House
today, despite the fact that Rrpuhlt
can orators sounded warnings of ruin
ed industries, enforced idleness and
empty cupboards to follow the enact
ment of the I'nderwood bill
Still championing the bill as the
greatest that has ever been written
for the benefit of the people of the
country, the Democrats were deaf to
the ideas of representatives of the
beet and canp sugar constituencies
| against free sugar in three years; un
! moved by the charge that they legis
lated Into the hands of the beef trust
I by placing duties on live stock while
I free listing their products; detenu j
Ined to rush the passage of the bill
at the earliest |K>*sible moment
The first break from the solid front
of the tnalorlty came, however, when
I-oulsana Democrats, led by Represen- •
tatlve Broussard, appealed to Reptib-1
lican leader Mann for a share of time
in w hich to speak against the sugar!
schedule, and when Representative
Kinkead, a New Jersey Democrat, tit-1
tered a prediction that the Senate
would strike out the Ways and Means
Committee's ten per cent rates oil j
live stock.
Increase on Cattle.
When Representative Sloan, of Ne
braska. introduced an amendment to
Increase the rate on cattle from ten to!
fifteen per cent, after a 25 per cent
ainendmen of rordtiey. of Michigan,
had been rejected. Mr Kinkead de
clared that he belived the Ways and!
Means Committee had kept the plat-1
form pledge to the people when they
had reduced live stock rates t<f ten j
per cent, hut tp. felt that the Com
mittee should have placed live stock!
on the free list along with meats
"I believe and hope.’ said Mr Kin
kead. "that when U conies back to us
from the senate the duty will be cut
off and that every Democrat on this
floor will support it.’ *
Benefit Sugar Trust.
This arrMsed prolonged applause1
from the Republicans, w ho earlier!
(Contlnned on Wage Steven.)

Hon. C. W. Oaenton, Candidate For
District Attorney Quit* on Account
of Health of Law Partner.
(•pedal IMspatch to ttie IntellUdirer.
HI’NTIXGTON. \\ Va . May 1 -It
became known here today that lion.
•'. \V Osentnn. of Fayetteville. pr>m
Inent Itemocratle leader In the State
who was regarded a* the leading ran
dldate for I>1 strict Attorney of the
Southern district of West Virginia.!
and who Is known to have had the I
endorsement of Senator William K |
t'hllton has quit the race The reas-,
on given by Mr Osenfon Is the ill I
health of his law partner A .1 Horan '
made It Impossible for him to give his !
time to the position
Read, collector of the port of Phil
adelphia In the second Cleveland ad. I
ministration and a former fnlted f
(States district attorney, was serious
ly Injured to day wrhen he was struck I
■hv a trolley ear In West Philadelphia i
lie wa« removed to the I'nlverslty
hospital where |t was found that the
skull was fractured He la seventy 1
years old and a prominent member t
of the bar
ALLKNDAI.K. H (', May 1 Ulrh
ard \ustln, the negro desperado who!
attempted to criminally assault aj
young white woman near here y-ster-l
day anil killed two of a posse of men j
trying fo capture or kill him. had an
other brush w |th a posse.- late this af i
tertioon In which It Is believed he t
was wounded He still was at large!
late tonight
dispatch from pittsbcrgh
Local Man. Informed in La Belle
Affairs, Says Plan Is to Mer*e
Plants—Schwab Not in It.
A Pittsburgh news bureau wired
low lnte,llgeneer ,a8t evening as fol
Intelligencer. Wheeling.
It became known here to-day that
!nharoCh.ui Schwab- President of
the Bethlehem Steel company, is the
ruling power behind the syndicate
that will m all probability complete
the purchase this week of the I.a
Belle Iron Works plants at Wheeling
and Steubenville and the McKees
port Tin Plate Works in McKeesport.
Negotiations were first started last
»?|bniH'X b> iA "Indicate headed by
Albert Tilney. of Harvpy Plakp &
Sons, of New York, and C. K. Wib
Ka,l<I. J K ,,aull> representing
Httsbutjh capitallats. for the pu*
heT 'r Aon,r,,ll'"K internal ,n
but b T f'll' -'*cK*’,*flPr>rt plants.
ut th. deal fell through owing to a
disagreement over the price
«.,T „ofrer n,adf' at the time
*20.00°.,a.o ihnt the controlling in
♦ ••••5oUCHk. hV*° <orl,ora"ODa asked
*--.400.000. It was learned that .
„h , Nchwah syndicate would
y *;rur*' ,h" Plants for *21.
si,: lh>‘ negotiations for tha
sale were reopened a few days ago
KTn. rromMn'«d
a. S ' 'V,llock and Pauli visual
Steubenville and conferred with Ih^
executive committee of the 1^! Ben!
Iron Works company. Bp,1#
Members of the no«.,ii.
,or ,b« Purchase oTthe ptanm
T,d b*">,.'“‘re R'ven assurance bv Mr
Titney that Charles J|. Schwab of
hhh< Steel Company w„
behind the deal. y M
No Newk Developments.
Relative to the above It can ba
stated definitely that there has bee£
no new developments In the mat
he T"ple,*‘ Publication of
the details of the negotiations in this
paper last Tuesday. There has been
correspondence between the Interest,
ed parties and the promoters have
agreed to furnish the names of tha
principals In the deal but they hava
not yet done so.
A man well informed In lg» Bella
circles stated to the Intelligencer last
evening that heretofore Charles M
Schwab has not appeared In any of
the negotiations and is In no way
connected with the present deal.
The plans of the promoters are to
purchase the La Belle. McKeesport
an<l Phillips plant, merge them Into
one concern and operate them as an
independent concern hut as stated
above there arc no new details to
the proposed sale since last Tuesday.
Senate Confirms Hit Appointmsnt At
Commissioner of Labor W'th
Sbgbt Opposition.
WAHMJNlJTuN. |>. i*.. May Tha
senate lab- today confirmed the nom
inations of Charles P. Neill, as com
missioner of labor statistics; J. F. a.
Strong. of Juneau ns governor if
Alaska, and M. M. Smith, aa commis
sioner of rlshrrtes.
The expected opposition «n TV. Nelli
rtl.l not develop much strength. Sen
ator overman confining himself to a
statement of his objections, but refus
ing to resort to dilatory tart lea. Near
ly two hours were spent in a dlscus
sl in of the r»tMif*«(' policy of Secre
tary McArtoo to make < hangea In th<*
* ust * >ms service slid replace present
Incumbents with men "more In aym
path’ with the administration." Sen
ator Penrose wantid an tnvemlgatloa
made of the -asr of t‘heater w HIIL
• clb• tor of the port of Philadelphia,
who was asked to reatgn an that a
m»n mere in svmr-athy with the *d
nlnistratlon could be given his jnh,
11* publicans were anxbuis to hnntr
nhm being in sympathy meant, and
whether or not William If. Rerrv,
m m'tiatrd by l*rcstdcnt Wilson for
tin post, had that sort of a disposi
tion. a resolution to Investtgat#
IMr* resignation failed, and adjourn
mitif was taken with this patmnaaa
uucstl-in 01 til utset||ed, Horry was
not confirmed
HKKINfT, May I The rnlted*
State* will recognize the Republic of
f'hlna tomorrow The f'hlnear goe.
ernment will tesilfy t„ its apprecia
tion by an elaborate reception and
him heon to the legation s‘afT at tha
winter palace
H ouse Republicans are
Divided on Committee
« AHMIV<-.T»*X. Ma> I. lkpiihil-1
ran* In the house am dli Idrd ,.n th.
ounsllnn or nhrn (hr MnpuMi.an .on
■ rossioii.il i ampule?) rommltlrr shall
1.0 rooms, ixo.i ri„mo of thp party i
Isadora ihlnk Iho n.mmlllio nuchi to
e*' t-urothor for orcanlnatton nn-l
work immediately rrhllo ..thrrs insist
ii|s*n walllna unlit the rnllnn.il torn- .
m it too ha- nutltnod its plans in «>r.tor
?. h.iso ,-n ordlnalkrn Instead of <1 i
I ((ration of effort. j
& MON*
• hiirrtla. Iniml .. atal. m»tH toddy
rimurv ■?<*» Mmarlf «• a . amlldat# Rir
• i i rninr f Hi.mmii'rr ami urrtdff
In m.rrorrantrattnn MHmS i
tun.- M»or<- ..f IV nmi l> . <Ma. now
■"Man and Hr|.ro»«-nfatlv«
Inv "f S-» .1. r»« » auditor. haw h#aa
• >t>d na laaMMIHIra for IlH* 1
»hairmanohip It i* im<lrrai<airt that j
**'•' |>rra.nl . h.iitm.*n It. pr. -rntath «
I nthr. of Prnna> |\mu • ill mil oT*.
for rr-rk*. lion.

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