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^ T-hc .Wheeling Intelligencer Has the Largest Morning Newspaper Circulation in the State of West Virginia
■ J II IB IB . B ^ <B Local thunder shower* Thursday;
I Friday probably fair and warmer.
Elaborate Floral Pageant
And Spectacular Fire Run
Were Features Yesterday
Industrial and Military Parades Will Feature To-day’s Program—
Sham Hattie Will He Staged TTiis Afternoon and
Fireworks Display To-nighL
Today’s Program
(Industrial, Military and G. A. R. Day)
10:30 a. m.—Industrial and civic parade.
Afternoon: Troops in camp life, exhibitions of drills, wall scal
ings. etc.
Evening: Informal campfire chats and talks by veterans in I. O.
O. F. hall.
8:30 p. m.—Display of fireworks from barges anchored in the
river, followed by serpentine parade.
At the Fair Grounds
Flight by Prof. Richter in forenoon.
Beginning at 2 o’clock, six motorcycle races will be run.
The motorcycle races will be followed by the chariot races and
the regular afternoon aeroplane flight.
Sham battle during the afternoon between Boys* Brigade, Uni
versity cadets and United States troops.
— ~
With a beautiful floral parade, a
spectacular tire run followed by a dis
play of fireworks, the review of ex
hibit* and 'Mad* in Wheeling” ex|*>
sltion at the tair ground*. In uddilh n
tn a Marathon race, modified in form,
followed by the usual program of
event*, yesterday, the fourth day of
the .-eml-c^ntennial celebration, was
h> far the greatest which ha* passed.
However, a glance at the program pr<
pared for to-day Hnd tomorrow Is
enough to convince on" that the two
remaining days will even excel those
already passed
Yesterday wns flower day. hut this
Is Industrial, military and <1. A. P. day
combined With the arrival f -ster
day of two companies of 1'tiited States
troops, followed a short time later by
the arrival of two companies of cadets
anil a band from th.- I'nlverwtty 'if
We r Virginia. Who ling, or a part of
It. a' least, the Island, has the a|e
' pearance of being under military law
The white tents of the cadet* and
troop*, rals- d In silhouette against th..
gr--en of the fair grounds. re< all to
the minds of the older resident* *« ft..*
of the central and northern part of
the Mand during the troublesome
time* of flftv years ago. when th«
state of We.» Virginia wa* form'd.
Almost within a stone’s throw fr tn
the spe of the present camp tr ops
wer.- encamped during the early -lx
ties. on what wna then the o’d fair
Creeds Are Larger.
tie crowd* already in 'he city <x
c. • d »h* • trl\ • xt ctatp n* of 'he
commi'tee n cl.arc* Hundred*, ever,
thoi.sands <f visitors tip- irrlving
dai’ .. and tht- m«rnlne -p«-c|ai *r • It.-«
wl'l b< g|n to poor largo dv-egations
Into the « it v. Trains arrlvit.g her
yesterday ft"m down tat - p< t.'- w re
crowded to tneir full'--' < it ■ •
s’*’ ling room t.n th. p|«'f rn - mg
n" i premi'im Many wp-'ial *r. "
ar. due to arrive here frida) morn
■In*, and Wheeling wilt entertain on
state day the largest crowd by far 1n
her history.
Final *1* tails for Stnte Thiv will la*
■ '.ijii'li t* <1 jit a tnr.-ttng of th-* West
Virginia Seml-<Vntennlal romml-slon
t*» la* hel.j this morning In the private
rooms --f the IVdlar Savings & Trust
company. J|on. Henry tj. I>av1s.
"West Virginia's flrand old Man." and
chairman of the < orninhislon, arrived
In th*- oily last night, while o!h**r
members of the rnmml*n-n are ex
po ted on an early morning train.
Features To-day.
To-dny will be replete with fea
tures Thia morning on- of the lar
gest parades will h- held, consisting
of Industrial and civic floats. Th s
.ifterr.noT- th” first military parade of
, the e-lehratlon will t-e given, with
• *iv ■ | War v*t-rans In lin** with the
11-• v s* llr ga-l- a.flr.g as escort. The
Fnlver.-lty cad. ts and Spanish war
veterans, together with the I'ntto!
States troops will p-tfl-tpate Th**
parade will Is* followed hv a sham
' i attic on th- Fair grounds. In which
th. . • r"|.Ian* will participate. This
evening an tn'• rm.it - imp ( i<* will be
1 held If. the I ICO I*, hull.
\n unusually Interesting i-romm
w ill be carried out at the Fair grounds
hi- afterno-n. In addition ! - - th- shun
• itf'**. Three flights will be mad* f*>
Aviator 111-ht-r m-l b* -ld*s th** regu
lar athletic et<nts. se-.ral motun v
- le races will be run T---nlght the re
wi I be a spo t.i il r p;.r-'theonbal
-l!*I-lav from barges statb-ne-f In til
• • f ' . river, t-t-ts -It. t' I.-. -.1 wharf.
Floral Parade.
l-arking tn numb- r«. the ntitomn
l-llos in the floral parade which fea
tured yesterday's program of the petnl
. f-n'etin'-al celehrati> n m.-fe than ti.adt*
up »h |t deficit with the exquisite
he.uiitv of tbelr d**» orations and ar
r .tig. n*. i.t The parade, while shorter
than vvha* I, id he .-ti {fanned, formed
(Continued on Papt Ten.)
General Strike In the
New R iver Field Soon
* '• ! • * * • • * •
« IIAftI.KST<»\ A \ . I t
A tf**fi'-r;il *'rlk«* ,h*> mir.»-r . • >■ .•
N< * rlw r f'< !*!. If' • • k in *!. • v .
}!' |*nH '! Mi' • I . . | . t \ •
« ill I•*• < .ill« | tin i h ~ •
Mi" uTifi' in >tiii ii* »i ii|" to • ..»■ • >.
Tt if. 11
fri« ruin r. *»Mi ifti !• 'I .1 1 * » 1
t*i" iliHtrl* ' ■ ih • ■ ,i I <■ • i
l:> • !< y •.»! ■
. • I i ■
l.ii III ! • 1. I . 11 1 ‘ . f|* * • *•
Inr 'ip»>ti • ft* ! • ■ r
Ifnifiiiil I »,fm *•• 1 l,i- i.fii-. |i. •
f*I'h n ti • t "»i f."A *| • \\ . .
• tfii-i •. | 1, 1 1 1 1 1 • f •' v ir
• I it »1"|.| i,I ii *1 ■ * • * *■ I i. MV.f
1 iv*i tr;i *i i|i fi 1 Ilf] mi. I ’In •• i.|«
fffl i r« • ■ -
Cm it N**' V'fii
T • i Mi*r : : r • •* *| f. 1 1 •
lfi«f >* Ii*- k|i . I M ti. tr,l" :i. i .
. ’■ *• Mi* * Mi 'if i.|i •• *
*t • *t *fc f" • • '* . I ■ f'llr r
* | I
' • " • it. ...
I. *l. *l *r.' * 1 Ml
T \> a iruif oi-riti.fA ir. 1 i,t
• f m :i" .1' Mil 1 1 . 1 l.i|*
r. • ii .' ■ 'irn * it,. ■ * 1 Itii lf |
If,, ll.lnli/ .tfikf >. Mil «
I' ■ r r,i ■ *(,. 1 i. i| ", r. . ji* ,
r-f ■ ,i| ■ ’ Mi. Afrit i.fi rj,| In hi 1
I ' # " I , » *1 f. , '|*'fl. * . ,
f • . * ft,. . *:. . , 1 f t*.. . : ». r . I
«• »*ft*f. 1 Mf.«»l. If th" l-.in*
Mti < mI. 1 ' r~ . * if. r(, „ . 1 A
»■-» I- ■. 1 »i>. V ir • r *. n. * I..
'll *l| •'•'.II If'.Ill If I.,
if. J*
Wuhl'iifl .ii. D C , Juna in.
1*i. -t-lit truant.. .11 m|- i >lrM««
■ 9 • ■ - * •* rr i* i r - * I ft in- v.-- r tt *« t.y
• f. .I» mi -i if. f 1'irv in «>tf V|f(In *.
■* t i. tit .|.|tft| I. tift|. f ..f Vit.rtty
'.•ft V It- fit.;.I. 7t i. af.-,fr.
v f-n-: .i*l IT. • .-r J- f.f, i*
‘ • » Ilf mill, r . .1 I-Ii n.,.| l, « a'
• f' ■ I tf. I - ■ if ft V. It! 1 •
t - » "lift •» f - Itfffl f Mf.ai.ry
t. fi- fif.t f-. rr - . f-.r *h,. .ii
ii. -.il >.f ft.. Ifi-ll. tff,*»if«
... ..-.-I'
ll . I- ■ • r ft. tftlf i.-t Ilia n
r'l* ri - n i|. : i .n f- r «bt r
tf ft. ». * alt. „r that
iw*» r-ccukr.i)
U-n.-.t. a
Attorneys for Defense Fieht for
Delay and Quite a Wrangle Re
sults—( omes I p Friday.
I Special IHepatch tulle Intelligencer.
SPRINGS. W Va. June IS—With
counsel for the defendant Insisting
upon the presence in court of former
Governor William M O. I»aw.*on. Co!.
William Seymour Edwards and other
. witnesses the trial of the statu sena
tor. Men A. Smith, of Roan*- county,
charged with the acceptance of a
bribe. »m temporarily halted by
Judge William S. O'Brien this after
l noon.
! After the Webster jurist had over
ruled the motion of the attorneys for
the defendant to quash the array of
: Jurors summoned to try the Indicted
members of the legislature, the fail
ure of certain witm sses to appear in
j answer to the process of iho court
i brought an adjournment until tomor
row Charged directly by Prosecutor
, T, C Townsend with the Introduction
1 of dilatory tactics for the purpose of
, Preventing the trial of the alleged
grafters. Attorney 8. B. Burdens, for
'the defendant, asserted that "we have
, l-t-.-n sincere in our efforts to bring
j !u re Colonel Edwards aud other im
portant witnesses who could throw
I light on a continuous transaction
«btch culminated In the arrest of
these m-n." Congressman S. II. Avis.
• I the prosecution, advised the court
thut former Governor Dawson, who
lia-1 been 111 fur months, was unable
to be present In court and had filed
a physician's certificate Informing the
court of Ms disability. "That certlfi
cut#* was fill'd two wp# Uh aco'’’ #-x
claimed Burdette. I saw him a few
i days ago sitting In a hotel In Charles
ton lister,lnp- to tho sensational lines
Got Job Same Day.
! "And on the day h« fii.-d the physl
elan-* cert Iflcate h** was appointed
f-> and accepted a position with a sal
ary of *' <« o per >.-ar.'' added Attor
. nev Gregory, f,,r the defendant An
agreement was reached a mote conn
se| that two physicians would b-*
a-'sed to make an examination of
Iiawson this afternoon and make a r.
i port to Judge O Krien In wire
' Judge Burdette declar.-d that the
(Cnntinusd oa Pag* Ton.)
First Trip
^I dHK. .I'm#* |* TIi-*
I «hl|. lrnp«ra*or. tho giant of tho **••.«
J *'|"f I'loto'l Ik r million vny.n 'n
p!kI'*. arrlv fi* "ff I ho Sanity M o< |.,r
at nrn- hour in<1 tw>|*« ni Inn tor !»•
, ■1 i“ midnight Tho now M.ittili try;
\m* rl> an itttor. th** larr»»f «hip afloat
< to-soii from l.'uropo in tho nnofltrlai
tim*. of * iv dnyr. olghfo* n hour* rnd
o|*l • mttl'ltia
>i I* ft t'hi rhonrg. Kr.inoo, j.n*t
Thursday fomtt'inn. and tonur,. r
ttorn.n^ a* iit.lmkrn. V .1. will it. J(t
(tor flr.t Amorirati h. — !i She |.| an
f i Sor' d ft* night at d'larrn'lno
Tho t:o|K ra'nr N a | .. Urn r.
ntN> f, > t in lonr'h. fo, i u arn to :
T« ot In bright nr<| ,a« mt m<da' ing
.."'Hi |nif.» riforti .-iho d. i l.o o. '.it.
' ton* Hof ,ap* od |« rot lit i’Jhj
► tiotr ati hour
J WASHINGTON' I* t' .|„r,. |y
| r<Hirt> on Amort* .n mldlor vn r* lull
'•I In t'.o fo.ortl tour da. firai.m • >r<
i .tol'i I Ulid. 11,». I’l |||d>iiK . 11 . I,
* »• f" fa! I’or fittii* * < otnrn.i'- I f *
rnt»lwr*d and d. arm'd IS d' lr
Morn, ao'ordlng to a ripriil today to
tho war <|op»r>ln' • >
tlti tho lirt of d. ol woff. t H,daln
Twylor A \ to Indr. of ttyo |’hltt|,|.|tio
hmiti , . • i ,, | ..
y«*«M «.f ri.o r-*ntar nti. i. on** of
* Itony «»* l.ijti * ili'i.i ,rr « ,, \j
*tii Infantry, who- ft'hor |. Il.tiry
II ti-rharr >,f H< Hi nr Is,
VI IV V . .1?
I. • • i
1 ' ' ■ i Alt lUnr .. I
W. Va’s. Grand Old Man
| Chairman of the Semi-Centenneial Commission, who arrived in
1 the citv last evening to participate in the festivities. He will preside
, over the exercises to-morrow atternoon.
Senate to Investigate
Report That Lobbyists
Would Settle U. P. Case
- 4.—
WASHINGTON. I* C. June 1*.—
The Senate's lobby investigation
fc:ich«-«i out in’o new fields to-day
when the Senai*-. rioting on a resolu
tion presented by Senator Norris, or
dere«i the Overman committee to eub
i««na Judge Hole rt S. I.ovett, <-hair
man of the board of directors of -he
. I'nlou Pacific llailroad. to explain a
published stnteno ut credited to him
yesterdav in New York, that lobby
i ists bad seiictif to secure ernidoyrnent
fr<>tn -b<- I nnm I’aeiflr on ib<» ground
; 'hat t!iev would be able to luJtu*-nee
1 a s*-ttb men- of tile I'nlon I’aeiflr
1 Southern I'acitlc dissolution r ise In
Karlb-r n the «;,t\ th.. committee
[ hnd made p ibiic. <.\er Hi pr> tesis of
: a lawyer repr< ---ntitiy Henry T Ov
nar,| and Truman G I'.dn *-r. a series
of letters written to these two beet
sugar r.-pr> • ntritiv<s. sj,ew ing a long
< ont.nued eftort to In'bt- ne«- b-i-nd.i
| tjon in Washington, to cotitn 1 ivn
rrmslonal committees nnd i . direct
(National political ffitrs in -uppor*
I of the continuance <- a protective
sugar tarlif
, Mad Nht Derided.
Ghatfm in * »v.rn.-t!i h.-ol not defer
I mined to right w I < ti the rallroaii
phis.. ..f ti. inv stik-ald-n would I.
• op- ne'l \ -tun mo ns wa« sent to lav
| t*> Ghnrles it Warrei, of Is tr< if. pre«
.»!• tit of tiie Michigan Sue;'- I'ompanv.
and *-f.e of th<- m r to •« I. tn man* of
Mo* Hamlin letter* produetd yester
•lay. were nridre < -I Mr W arren
wa* asked to a|tp*-ir l-.-for.* Hi*- c«»ni
in "• « to-morrow. and ' I- erpected
•hat to- wlP to a>k-d fnr more de
tails of the bee* silg ir p lMbitv eatll
la»i<* in Hie -'fterno'-i th< eomml*
fee alia lidon**d teiiipt >ri*rll > I be -ug-ir
priiterlaiTi lobby, and ft-oh lit* tin- free
-1near sab i illtng I’r-nk * ls»w rv.
of N. w Y. rk who .( reel. ,! much
the If..- sugar p it.fi* iti nnd* r the a
oeiiit.on nano- of tin ■I' lutnifri. of
--1 - esali t-f - - . *
li\ »h»* Siti'ur ♦*. flnlnr
• iitnl nii'ii r •],*••«, mu t>\ s> ,i
• nlur * urmii ii". acrml fli ,, **,.,. m ir
« ' I • t,• *li I*,, i hi, i^.ir r t'iii r.
Tin (itii.ifil I*.11• r I *'i r pi'n'iin.l
I* i in. !■ f-f ihi i *iTi‘,iin* ’ mi.ft
irnr •• Inn. »••»••• ifii rftuf f, ti'iir, if
■ • x* (fill,: dal Tin ■ I'm-ri'l n
l' r««1 from I•••••; a'uii llil.ippln,'
Tnrli" rum up ,'ir.iip ft »h' f i|;ifn . ,,f
fill! Him I,l!| f|l|li*>! t'.lttm,. 'll,.
III. ill I if ,in|'f| *'« I ' .11),| |„|.|
T.ifi .ii|in11 i i r ,li"ii
AfVc*r, L faii'.ilion.
\f<» I l*f fit** Uv *r,| • a , rr
urlfl.fi Iti Ini.,- li.iml. r.| |Kn,,|
Mi’fira 'I *>Mii,r I " Sin • ,.f ,i
I’.ilnu r l*'ffi r *»fi fip auffiti i ir
li’ii I.ipfi . »mf v I r. I'linl i f •» },,
ll.inv \ \u n,i iliit. u, Mr j-,,|
n**-r a • f :<. .
*• if.if, • fti if i. rt» -i t,,r.
»i.i,l't I. i.n fhr mal.- f'Hilif t>,m
luinnit .p ||, i* -11,1 i*,ri,, *,
'nr 1,-ft »ii,fur,n it . t ri-.il pm,,,
fK'fit»la" *"i fIf liuti ••• . ],i,,,
"" "• rot*, miff* ", ,,,.
|'frr«nrr Ii.ipil • I ml « linuir
••*!■*,rfl* In fi- 1,1 tipmi lit, Inin |H nf
Ui»h in , . in Hi u'fpli fi i.irkin*
ICm- Imiifi na f««> T*n *
Tlr »i »t,ii:k
^ 1 I**OT*'W. Jim* If. r riikfl ■
OMo >1, l Wunrn fn navlrant* *• ifr
•a.' a. tn,*Mi w. ■ ■* Ti'ir.Ba* rmlar
pr hiM, lair; I all, vvrfaMi* «•,*,, ,
_Wia* vita,' la tor.I *h.>a,l,
Tb'ira.nr, rtf, a, pr....ai,l j fair *a,|
Go After
! .. . I
KASTOX. l’.i. .lime IS.—A profound1
[ sensation was caused at rlje closing;
exercise* of lafayi-tte college rom-!
menoemont today l»y the announce, j
[merit of the resignation of John M '
Mechlin, pro'essor of mental and nmr
•*' I’ll l'si>|>hy. whose teachings are
v‘‘i'l *" Itaie t ot |» en In arcord with
t1 . View- of Presldi tit Warfield. The
!.itto' presented the rase to the trus
’ »''•■■ I he Institution and Is said to
l ite d •clar*,(| that either the resigna
tion of Moekitn ir that of himself
woulil hav.- to | e accepted
1 ['on the .innoiineeiueiir of Profes-'
for tleek ;iis resignation the gradual
' !a.«s pf.s ceded to the Merklln
r> -Idem e. « ho red the professor „nd
j adopted a resolution demanding a
et’anne In the presidency of the col
Pc* f'e tmard of trustee i Imm-dl
' i| pointed i committee to look
Into the Ititertal affairs of the msf|.
ttitlori and It Is openly stated that the
cdministratiori of I‘resident Warfield
H*o t! '.roughly investigated
•I I tf l to Ih.. a rad VI
' * t '••*** f•*!!»•%% •
. '' ' < I is« ,r tsnn > ihor
, '. ’ ' f'-»t 1‘lcSMrnt \'. | r
» Me.' - •••• ••i •«•»*>
'' . ’ • ■ .
f • V »-f« f ■"» ■!•*«
I . v , . i V’' i' * • >» ■ I I •■».« I
ri . , j ' th* H«irn»n rtr if
I, I'llAM'lh *m j.ir„ r.rM.
1V'11'’" • ■ I'lr.-n Hirli »■;
• »■ -t i t f Mr*
' !, , ' " 11 •'••»» »»’ »»n<ti»i* i i
' '' •' 'r •.* t«i ft...
i «•■••• • fi.t,
l-HII WtM.t'lll \ l\* In,., t« I
• -r I lit. . ..f I
’ • » • ’ k Hr I hi .t fa, i t
V" ' »'• «• rfhtl} tnjiirr I
> Mint, .. v •*»!,' ' |i,,Ta,11
'' ' i'1 •* 1'iir, in tlr i*r. |
• ’Ilf Mr **
»' • 1 ft*
I •• 4. t
» rhf* If t
t' 0
* * ’» «»..! M »»« V imt* o|.|
• * I* * trvjitfl#*
M-»U I Vi II lltdtil^ »|
Senate Mine Probers
Terminate Inquiry and
Leave For Washington
" “ -4* _ _
Some Radical Chaimes Made Over
the l ndenvood Schedule—
Additions to Free List.
Washington, u. June in.—,\n
eleventh hour discovery that the sugar
achedule of the t'nderwood tariff hill
had a "Joker" In it which would have
operated to make all refined sucar
dutlule-1 at 2 cents a pound ;md nul
lify the provision for free sugar tffer
three years, resulted to-day in an
amendment to the schedule by ma
Jorlty members of the senate finance
Eliminating in th© t'nderwood hill
the Dutch standard of color which
has been In tariff hills for many
years. It was discovered, made ap
plicable to all refined sugar a para
graph taken from the I’ayne Aldrich
till relating to confect! *uery which
Included the following words. "Sugars
after being refined, when tinctured,
colored or lu any way adulterated, 2
cents per pound "
The majority members of the fi
nance committee had their attention
called to this matter by Senator Shep
part, of Texas, who was petitioned
hv the ehanibi r of commerce of Green
... . " to. U- iiimi * II# proviblOn
which they b#»ll«*v«#d might defeat the
purpose of the administration and the
majority in congers* as to ultimate
free sugar.
Th** question struck mem!*# rs of the
finance committee #m. fnrcii.lv that an
Invent igatlon was ordered. and PresI
dent Wilson. w!i«n hi* attention was
called t*. it. agree*] that it should be
1« °ke<l into thoroughly.
I#ate to-(lax th* majority numbers
of th#- committee r*-* * iv#*#j • Xpert r» -
PTtS t«» th. effect that the language
might operate as a jok» r and th» y
promptly struck #*ut the language as
It referred to th#* reflr.«*«| sugars an#!
left t applicable only t#» confection
faf les.
Iwpcdant Amendment.
Another important arm ndm# nt to
th#* 1*111 agreed upon !*v th#* «i>nimirt*e
could r#*p#.ii an act pass* <1 in lv*«* «x - ,
empting l*rancli# s u: I i»y mum.ft tnr- ]
fContinued on Pif# Ten )
fWhhAS. T# vis .littie tv \ i\
Kl'i# . r.ianag#-r • f *h#% #■-.»]#* «!• partfit# at
• #f th#* Mag*)«*lta |Vtr**t#utii # #*rnp
• *f T# x *s, fe.-*tlf\ trig t*. #i,\ in th* #»•!««
t* r and | • ri lit \ •»»# in«t;r*it. 1 I t*e
Slat** of T* \ .i*. ! tr.it h. « **f
aloft'- pr«\« nt< l » < » imj mv
from itif* rint **fh» r youth* rn ft.it- n
«• nip*’tin**n with litarvlfinl * «*! tu*. n
*I*’* H*» »l« • «| th.il in h.o| pl.iru • *1
t»$ ,’omi't .folm l» »%r* hho|«| h* i r*
makirr »t«ch .1 m«»w a ml ... . rt« \ the
th* MNvm>liii if plnfifl me «•» «t ».*;
Ilnur h*n«lli» 8 S’*** I-1 r• I i*:i pr. 1 »• •♦**
nr.| r# |»l*-c th* in n th brand- **f it^
on n.
It *» th«* ront^nthm #>f r’ o «if*1 to t| ,t
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vent in* r*»ni|H tit loti. Mr \r* hhol*l
nnd II 1* K Ip* r. Jr. .ir« fh*1 principal
rfm khohh'fH i>f th** M rtm! a * • m
!••**•>• 3 *»*| it I* char *1 that ;m effort
If h* In* Trn«|e to *lri>* fh*’ l*i* r *•
Ponlyr* Oil ;r wriiMoti out of htifino -
In •*•■* urc a tti«*nop«»U in T* \4* of
St'iinlnr.i oil pr *lticla for th** M.u
l hie h’Mifie*i that ft • M.'icn«*1 1 h.**l
pure h.»w<l products from loth fl.**
Standard * f Men \ ork m<| fh* 4f/i* .1
afd of VfMft tfia A* fn the ridt.'.T) e 01
price* of of 1 flnr.ni! file la**? waf. Khe
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mark*’! «*.- r» **p«»n**ihle,
Sl»' <1 ri-t'Mt I I*. tr|rV -frrr*
MINT..X, \V \ . Itn 1. T.-.Itv
**» rpr nt lrrr.lv n-K-.rl nilnt: fr--n
It. rrl*.-r Will 1-n t»-«- .i, i, „r 11.
•rrrk.n- of I hr* *' ilrlif. ).». t. Smith «
U« ..-r . «i.fit* it.ti-.i tli.- | i| , r i|l( t,
rrirsr ra-i-rta it. t.tiunh>,
11*.• Itrni* ».-r>- t:.V. u up to.,|j..
rhl- aftrriuM-n tVlt’i iuu. t. .1 1 ,,| .v
J--I Will f. atr. -> -ii . '.,-1,
hr.«- .In. ■ ha*f»-v-- ih< fj.tl ir-- f
lV»l*«-rs r11rro.1l.1l Smith - | r.- ta-ui
t frw innn<h« ti. fur*- thr f.tllure. |n,
ri«l mi) Uni a •t-.-k Ion*. t |
Srnator Martinet Near Fight
May Start Controversy—Oper
ators Introduce Evidence.
< HARI.KSTON. W. Va.. Jun« 18 —
The senate mine strike Investigating
committee closed up its work in
t harleston for the present and started
to-night for Washington. The com
mittee took under advisement a re
citest made by attorneys for th« West
\ irgir.la coal operator* that a sub
committee b • allowed to return to
( harleston at a later time to complete
the taking of evidence which the oper
ator. d. sired to submit. The inv-sti
gat on w in be resumed In Washington
jlthln the next few weeks. Senator
Swanson, chairman, announced bu
lore the committee adjourned.
To-day the operators controlling the
mil . s on faint creek and Oahin
creek, where the troubles of fhr rust
.'ear have resulted in riot and blood
^ ne.i. continued the presentation of
n*ir *»f th** controversy. Wit
n ses Were called who contradicted
■ contention of the miner* that thn
pie-once of the "mine guard*” in th..
district was the cause of the trouble,
other witnesses, rnen working in the
m.nes on faint and Cabin creek*, told
he cotmniu..,. that wages paid and
t he conn It ion* of werk and llffe on the
creoles wer*> satisfactory.
NVill 09 Controversy.
When the committee resume* seg
Finns in Washington a controversy
Wl.l beein ov»r the attitude of Senator
lart.no. of N'ew Jersey, one of rim
!e?nLo’rM'f ,h** '"'mtnltte. toward the
ln\estlgation The opePator*' attor
neys in-day ask. d that, following ye*
• rda, * near fi-t fight between Sena
or Martino and Witness Quinn Mor
fen one of th- operator*, thev be n!
lowed to place in the record’ new*,
pajer art Id. . one of them Including
• i wr.tt. n staten-ent l>v Senate- yjap.
t n- criticising Hi.- operators rfs» m>
finest was made to Senators Swanson
’ nut i.oin argued with lh
"(•• rators and persuaded them 10
l--'p.>n.. nnv action In this direction
inm IIIo committee returned to Wash
Incton. A rloiis controversy over
Sen,n.r V..rime's activities here wilt
probably result.
Seier;,] employe* Of the Baldwin
! 7 I ...trrtlvo Agency, w ho acted ns
mm., i- :ar.1s |n the strike district.
.r*' ' b-r ,hn °rpr itors today.
,, "f ' m Offended the action of
• ng that ♦ Vo origin
r !r7t .T" bv ,h" miners.
, , "s"'' ,hfir niw onlv
«'C«-ed to do so to rrofeet them
' , ":f’ P‘‘r,nle under their charge,
and tl.e companies' properly.
QUme ‘•Mother” Jones.
T nffcrnnt n ihe operators put
o*i ...s t., .how tho activities of
riti.'I miners throughout the strlkn
ICo-.tinned on Pag* Tsn.)
'T| * * the Inteltteenenr
Mom; wtowx. w v». jUt» m_
1 " rt’ tfh atonal commencement
ev. r. es of the West Virginia tinlver
i In w.re h> Id this morning *• in 30
o c|or'w 1.. fop.- one af the largest m
. 0 tic. « that .'V. r not llpled Commence,
m. tit H'i 11 Th.- . ■ r.'tii. ntes wot*. very
impresive. li e gowned rratlunfcs and
in piper, ef the faculty adding sn|.
*" .mi , to the .cm. ion. The pr« res*
.Ion i.f th. (.unity and graduate-,
torn:...I . !>•• . . p. mti.T were then
• ’■< re cadet corps
;’T •* •* ‘ «m*i <'nnin« nr'-mri* halt.
' ‘ n:,, 'l Vi I’rn and j.rofr.ii, rn
,f’,T l < I h '»«•!•« two mnka of th*
• iol.t . ,rj-.. tl,r , ,.| >■ ntaiMUnn -t
(r•.with »*.ir.d *i. „|d T!v> dlvy*
'• " :i ‘.rnilu.il* * i» k dr-ntd on tb**
tnafrun . .it d tin i t.rrid... oprnod hjr
a rr.n r t I ruv. r«lt> < baptala IV.
™ ft I rot It S r iitffMI
t r-dl 1. til ..f ri-. v l( Cnllng* of
' tt *‘| • r. I •'ii* « otnrm n. onirnt
|,f* M*. - vt ii|n n tfin «nbj»rf.
’ I lto
to'! lb. m.v . fur.ifi •>« ‘of if,..
biMCitlon. nn.l i i,.| * Msb
»!■,. f,ijr am) official* ,»f
tbr df it mi., or-it v Tbo ri itrnta fh'-n
'•.him • ,i dh ,rt i l lTi •-.■ Si,j i rtr.
tcndrnt v p Shawh , n» nktna on
lb.- rro.-r. .. ,f ft .. ,.,|fi!fi dchoold artif
Ho't I' H it lob;,,. Wboohnv.
Jfotl I'll M|ti|. .-f o' lll fll lll'tlfr Vo’
low I- w rt .. it.fr IV. - !. 1,1 IHtM
t'fi wnt..i| tbr >ll| |',fnti:« and anrninr. |
'! ‘ > ’ Mat m . * t'.Mrrfdit] .,f
bn l« «>• til |>;i:,, I'.an* an.l Ad
rntr ,| I h tw W. . | . | rfralt of Hon.
' • ' r . ., I 11 T r. , .
rri- , ,ni|M on. *%a In raah. wn
'" ltd d to St.-lla I 'ic’c Card, n of
'' ' '■ to, \ , and 111. Hu-Mdl la * o
I r ... ., ri.it and tnInina o«Mttnror'n<t
wo»>f f.> flmri,. Tn lor TV . \rr,t • .
broiirbl to ri, . < no of fho m«*|
‘inr. .'d \.ar< in tho tin tor> vt ib«

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