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Have Music in the Home
House’s Popular
Viclrola Outlits
Have sprung into favor by our convenient purchase
plan and wise selections of each separate priced outfit.
(Courteous and confidential credit given to customers
that makes buying a pleasure and paying no burden.
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
• and Saturday
VictroU No. XI, Price.$100.00
24 Selection*—12 double faced 75c Records. 9.00
97.00 CASH -91.26 A WEEK.
Try Our
1305-1307 Market St., Wheeling
Sound Proof
Parlors for
Council Meeting.
The opening and clou inn hours ot
the saloons. which are to open In
this city next Monday, were regu
lated In an ordinance passed by coun
cil last night. The ordinance pro
Tides that saloons shall remain closed
from 11 p m. to 8 a m.. city time.
Sunday selling is prohibited under a
penalty of a line of <25 to $100 tor
the Brat offense and <60 to »200 tor
subsequent offenses. The time ot
opening and closing is one hour earl
ier In the evening and one hour later
In the morning than the ordinance In
force when the city went dry undef
the Roae law seven years ago.
An ordinance to amend section L
of Ordinance No. 327, relative to re
moval of screens In places where in
toxicating liquors are sold an a bev
erage and Axing of <25 to <100 nne
for violation, was passed.
An ordinance authorizing the direc
tor of public service to expend -iot
more than <800 for the purpose ot
relocating the coal road along Korty
flrst street. Action was deferred un
til next meeting.
A petition and recommendation
signed by the Public Safety Director
of public safety and the police de
partment, Including the lleutenanta
and potrolmen asking for an increase
of <15 per month. A motion by O’Toole
carried that the petition and recom
mendation be concurred In and an or
dinance be drafted granting the ad
vance The patrolmen will receive
<80 per month and lieutenants <85.
Petition of R. T Rankin for a skiff
ferry at Pinch Run. Petition was
tuw me ngnt ana water
relttlVA to the ircriitaDCR
of a part of street by H. 8 McGregor,
on condition that city pay the back
tales and the coat of recording the
deed, be courteously refused. On mo
tion the report was concurred in.
Mr. O’Toole said there was con
siderable complaint about -he poor
lighting on North Jefferson street.
He recommended that the light at
the corner of Forty-ninth and Guern
aey streets be removed to Korty
elfhth and Jefferson streets. No ac
tion was taken.
Ordinance committee was instruct
ed to draft an ordinance calling an
election for the issue of bonds in
the sum of $16,500 for the purchase
of a fire auto trurk and motorizing
the present equipment. The motion
carried unanimously.
Destructive Fire.
Fire about 7:15 o'clock last night
destroyed the two story frame resi
dence of John Metier In the Unwood
addition, west of the city, entailing
a loss estimated at II.MO. The ori
gin of the Are is unknown. The need
of an automobile fire truck was dem
onstrated last night. The firemen
responded promptly but owing to tbs
distance, the building was destroyed
before the flremen amved.
w,cn"n,ci Mart Fins Mealing.
Ohio Valley Council No. 21. Jr. O
c. a. M.. h#M a hie mo#»Mn* Monday
♦renin* and adopted the new by lawn
drafted by a committer appointed for
that purpose A r|*«s of p»v*n randt
datea wsp also Initiated, and followlna
*nst a luncheon «a* perved
Collecting Revenue,
r*npii(y Internal Karenue Cnllertni
Ouy R I.ynrh. of Woodsfleld, «„ m
the city yeaterday. arantlna antrrn
fnent license* to the prospective s*
kwn keeper* In the r|ty the Keene
Ina year end* June .10. and each appll
cant wa* assessed 14 17 on June :i«
license* for the nett year will he la
•'!«1 The collect,,r will make ths
” Indaor hotel hit headquarter* for
the neat few days. where Keen***
may be aeeured
To Obaarva Mothtra’ Day
Mother*' Hay will he observed at
the Second Presbvterlan ehtireh In
thla city Sunday, May 9 A proaram
I* being arransed and »he pastor. Her
H H Kina will preach a special aer
Junk Dealer Melt! to Court
William W'cfey, a lno*| jnna dealer,
who wa* arrested Monday eventna
eharaed wt*h hqylnr stolen brass was
*1»en a hearlna before Mayor Was*,
man ynaterdav and held to rotirt tin
der t2hh bond A quantify of hr*»«
fl'tlnas aPea»d to have been atolen
Be sure you have the
proper Glove. We have
the selection ia Bali
“On the Long White Way.”
fiom a B. a O locomotive, were
found in Wcier'i Junk yard. He re
fused to tell the name of the party
front whom he purchased the brawn.
Idle Hour Club.
Mr*. J. F. riherry wan hostess to the
members of the Idle Hour Club last
evening at her home on Belmont
street. 1'pon the arrival of the guests
needlework wan taken up and enjoyed
for a time, after which cards formed
the diversion, the affair closing with
the serving of a luncheon.
Junior Choir Entertained.
Members of the junior choir of
Trinity Episcopal church were tho
guests of Airs. Ben L. Morris at the
parish rooms last night. A variety of
I diversions were Indulged in and an
| enjoyable evening resulted, with a de
I lightful luncheon served before tho
j conclusion of the affair.
Playgrounds Association Met.
I The Bellaire Playgrounds Associa
tlon held a well attended meeting last
night In the ( ommerclal Club rooms
and give attention to many mailers.
May* and means ror providing funds
to carry on the playground work In
Bellaire were recommended, and the
recommendation will be put to prac
■ tlcal test In a few days.
Examiner*' Meeting.
I«hhi evening. in the office of Super
intendent J. A Jackson. a inrrlloi; of
the Melinont county school examiners
»»* held and a lint of question* «at
prepared for the teacher*' examina
tion to be held in this city next Hat
urday The hoard la com potted of Su
perintendent Jackson. County Huper
1 intendent G. M Pogue, of St Clalr*
ville. and H. U. Murphy, of Karnes
Lady Elka' Affair.
The Lady Klk* held a meeting yes
terday afternoon In the Klk*' home on
Itelmont *treet. and completed ar
rangement* for the 'May Klossoni"
dance to be given in Klk*' hall on May
ft. Following the bu*ine*a the after
noon wan a pent In card*, and a de
lightful luncheon waa set t ed
Director* Meet To-night
A meeting of the director* of the
Hcllatre Commercial Club will be held
thla evening
IMome xaient rroauclion.
kvirythin* la In rendition* for the
, Aral performanrw of the immtral
I drama. "Mrene* In the Cnion |tei«»t. •
to be given Ihla evening In the Klk
| Grand theater by the Oratnrlral no
j clety of St John '* Cathollr ehtirrh.
The »ee«»nd perfttrmant • wilt be given
! Thursday evening
BallaJr* Brief*
The Mlaetonary aoriety of the liyirnit
| iTeahyterlan rhtirrh via entertain*!
Ia«t evening at Ihr hem- *>f Mr* H ft
King on flravel lllll
• Ml** Jnai na Itay, of mile* Bottom,
hae returned horn- after a vtatt with
I frlemle here.
| !***• Hr t>atif*rher of Cntumho*, |«
landing a few day* with relative* tn
' Mr* A A Stephen* rva* ratted to
W'etrton y**t#rdav hr the lllneae ,.f her
! gra ndann warren Stephen*
V«»t Monday hae lo-en t.-Mr i a* ih*
j day for opening the aalonna tn the
'three river front t..wne
Mr* <'heater ftohtoaoyv wae removed
I tn her home In South ttetlalre from the
Martin* Terry hnelptal. el.er- *he re
rootly underwent an operation
I Mr* M M Smith, of \lo >nd*ylll* t*
, "trending a few data with friend* In th*
| •fom f'aroy and I, r T-aBoeh* ee
I turned laal night from a huatn*** trig
11a rviftimMta
Mr and %frm H+nrv Flffovi hmw rm
turr*M from a v|fH at \f. K~#ap<.rf. p*
K F Workman of «| . UU^avtlt*. wmm
A vlaltnr In tha
Mr« I, F W’tMMfbri^i# |«
MM on Palmont •?rs#»
Mrk In# Af Vnfcla «fr##t ««
•w*1n* a fmm /far* with fr'ania' at
CASTOR IA firHirturfniM'w, *••«»*• _/r __
I*i KM You Hin Almn Boutht
rltiu^ST for CO,Uml'u> * vu.t
Mr« D. T Cowen. of Fluahlna Is
thMJt ,,orrr' of Woat Twn.il
*?’!?* •f!.r"r,A *' antertaln the Variety
club Thursday evening T
. " u**hr1nifton street
last eieniiin Miss Nelle Campbell was
t0 the Morority club.
,K*P"*r; "f °r*v«> Hill. iert
yealartey for a visit at Cleveland
Mr and Mrs H. Bachman, of South
Hellalre. are the parents ..r a baby Kiri
Mr J.ou II u t chin son, of ilravel Hill
:«hrs,r;^^t',,„:rum *vuu w,,h
Julius Josephs, of New Torlt. Is arend
clty.a f*W d“y" wUh r**»Uvea In the
Former local Kan Injured.
Hold was recalled in this city yes
•• cite. I that I. . Holt loan,
citv . a ,0,l",’r resident of this
Vlt>. hail been Sei IomsIj n.juied at l.ls
home In that city. In some manner not
known, lie fell down m« cellar stairs
and was not found Uil several hours
*“l'?r P? hl1!. w,r*- whu beard his aroane.
It Is thought that he la hurt Internally.
Will Open Beat Monday.
.sT.h*.*alo<',‘» "* oily -III open
their doors to the public neat Monday
mornlne at o clock and not -Saturday aa
Itrut i-ipecltd. This wttl ku«- mij
a cijmrue to *el their fixture* «nt stock
In rt«<lititti>i tor the opening day
Two tnors wholesale *pi>llest ions »er«
male to the commissioner* Monday Ml
Baetanraat Mo.xl.
I The Mrglhla realaurant which has
{been localwl for »..mr urn* In the South
; ''Ullilln*. hue been mm.vrj tu the build
[ it* acroaa the etreet The South bulld
| t»s will be used for a ealoun and a hoi. -
-ate lluuor house and the old llkture*
I ueed W*re *llU *“ ,h* bul|dln* will be
I »*w Officer Appointed.
Ueorge t ole ha> been appointed b>
Major Schaffer to nil the vacancy caused
by the reel*nation of John llowlej . who
II a etockholder in the llrtdgeport
IJ.Iquor Company The new officer en
fnLr<leUi,'uV .’I1" yeeterday morn
lb* and at the neit meeting ot council
two more offlcera will be appointed.
Infant Child Dies
naro.T rdu? H‘ ,h* borne of the
ParenU. Mr and .Mr* I'harle* Welle. on
Hench street, occurred the death of their
•ev.nu.nth month old rhlld.after a
short Illness of complication of dla
easea I* uneral services will be held
from th# late home tomorrow afternoon
and Interment will be made In itock
Hill cemetery bark of Hellalre *
„ . _ Quit Btrainees.
„ , J*"* ^rankhouser. who has for a
'onducted • grocery on
»lnln street, has dispose | „ff his aim a
Th" ,,M,m whl “
ft Will b# tj#er| by th# Mam
Street /.luunr f'ompanv 'anrf they *
for buslnesa Monday morning.
v ,*? OecUl Meeting
h*id° .hT'1* ffeetlng of eotincii will we
held this week as was esperted aa all
of the huslneea will he laid over till
wMerr*-.“n ^‘nJh.'r of tha body,
n e' hs-r,n b* h'1'’ "**' Tuesday ev.n
Itjt Th# matter of app. Inline two mors
officer* to the police fore, will be taken
. , Many in Attendance
th- ,!?Tf" *•" sf'endance at
fn*» ronf#r#nr* r»f th* M#tho<H-t ithueck
Of th# Rarn#«v||1# dUtrlrt whic h mmm
In th# Kirkwood M F! « hutch v.V
• hr *Vr i *^f#rnoon **"l ov#nln* All of
W#ll Known t^Aj m#«
T»«f#>r#fa)r #t fft# hiitne I...
j»nnth#r, Mr# Kllttheth Wa«*mh#l«n •
jtrawforl Height. ..cc„r".,, ,he V,"h , r
her daughter. Ml.e hat- W.,,,7h
|h»M from tb# fat# h»mr to morrow
It^rnoon and Ininrimnt will h* m#«i* i„
, ##to • r#m*t#ry. * ,n
»ama Today
rr"*Lh,,h haa. hail
•tit r* t<* Martin. trrrr thl. aft.rrr, n
V h,V MU* th. Mar
taant or. »h»- nra halt nark
Til. Inrala .III taka tk.tr afrnnp...
Hr. nr and will ft> .. „„ f„r
«£iS"mw * ,h* ***** '•**
City CVaanad tip
j Tklai rtiy f.rra.ftt.d a rl.an .pimaranrr
Tr.,.rd.» aftrr h-ln. ,|vr„ TjTanln*
, »*«1rr th. a'lapir*. i f .hr Wnnana
, l^arti. ttrirki and «•:» r-.nt.rdav
MaMa w.r. n.it with thrlr hr
aav. th.tr hark *a..|a a «r-,.d rUarln*
wkll* arm. par'a of th. rltv wr... n..t
Pt.ar.Ml a> writ a. .a* ...j |,
mak. a daptd.d dlffrrrnr- 1
Tnn »r.wn (arnait Ttma.
At fha m" tin* of i ho court y n>i
• Ir>n*r« h*M if Mt ftaimviild M
mornfn*. fh*r f..f (h* pen*n*f t*»nra forn'
iltfn fh** ffotMt fhit *«« r«iM | in
ra#*rd to th* '1<-in* i««v wl*li thr rnim.
tr r,„r»c Th* romr I—ir.n*r. ,n.„. fh*f
thian«f»»r nor** V|T*rp«n ruuif *o.
for Wnrltrtr
Th# )ac|I fwltr* W*r. » nln* **k
ft h# ofi *h* loofcout for th* Miffin
• hit t»uif(|^f^<| another mm m Malliira
aifllar In lh» fv^nlni It w•• • «,.( thnt
tha man «*• hra4*d tn*ir<i ft,i« h«v
h»*t at a life hour iMt *\*n>n* no tri<*
«»*uM h* found
BrU««VAti Briar*
\V r»*b«rna of gt. « ialr«Mlla mmm a
It» Springtime: ( 'imin your torpid
llv^r and sluggish bowel* with good,
hartnle** Ca*<ar*ts—They don't gripe
or *lrken Give your tnaldea a good
'spring cleaning'' and rid youraelf oi
•headache*. bilious apella, dimness,
sallowneae, bad breath, stomach sour
n**s. cases, etc. Chree up! Get a
10-e box from any drug store— Best
cathartic for children.
h"?*"**" v "'"r *n tfcla city yesterday.
oh,n Zslenlc* of Hrwiuiat went to
yesterday on business.
* • Hardesty of >'ol*ratn was In this
«»ty ytKttrdty on bunlneM.
Irwalon Hufhra of Farmington wm a
bu"*2SS \;-JJor tn till, cliy y*«Urday
.h.K bT.rt *• * business visitor in
this city this morning
e.n"sti'".m "f for this paper
5? ' V,*‘» **>e IJell phone or leave
Itsm it Hubert and Kr««lrUh drug »tor«
ir k,,WTU lllg m«n WH|
charaes! IS and cost ..n a disorderly
cnarg** yestsrdiy morning.
tin K-T°FU|l?rsprayer wrvlc«a
mill t* held In all th« local church*,
this evening
*,*> ‘'',y a IHvault or Farmington
spent yesterday with local friends
ooM.hn>.lcri*1 f*n" W,U "U"u’ the gams
on thy ball lark between the local high
and Martina Kerry high this afternoon
timer Kobertshaw and labile Johns
nlll g«» to sNteub^nvlIle today to attend
ths Maaonu doings. a
__ Sahools Close.
Sf?J. KUJc,Ki.° AI>rll *7.—"Chest
£lo.srf,'!La“nd "cod" school
M Miipu'w.W **rrCta- h"'
The excellent menu was splendid!
nn,') »«rved and thoroughly «n
* AMe- the noon hour,
fine literary program was carried oui
and severs! Interesting talks were ms.Ji
Ihc speech given by Mr. W H. Sean
was greatly appreciated, as waa show
by the good attention given by |»
EM'1"' *nd also the visitor* Mr. lu
Sibley, of llsrneayllle. gave an Interest
Ing talk Mr. * larenee iiundy. of Ta
coma, one of our very best voung met
was present with his kodak and ;h
crowd In general wore a smiling counts
nance for a little while. At closing, hot
teachers weer presented with a fin
present, given by their pupils
.* *and* Mtdf BH*fi
Mr Ji-rt S.-. r.Hi In HI «t lhl» writing,
threatened with pneumonia.
Sir Ron UcNIcIwll ».■> « Harne.s tills
caller Sunday.
Mr and Mr* Andrew Jeffers. of
Oaahen Kldife. were shopping In town
Mr and Mr* Lewi* Naylor and rhll
drrn were out for a drive Sunday arter
ateed ,ry,n,£ ,h* •I’*'-*1 <>f their new
Messrs. Carl Moore and Mansel Mel
lntt. of Pig. on Point, intend-d church
at No 7. (loshMi . HumJay
Mia* ora l.ynn. of Harnesvlllr. was a
visitor at the home of Mr. and Mr*
Janie* Peddlcurd. of Pigeon Point. Fri
and attended the <loving exarclac*
of the arhool.
The Warren township teachers all met
In town Hatrurfay for the purpona of
hevtng their photograph* taken.
Miss Mildred Halley attended .Sunday
school at No. 2. Humla\ aftern«*on.
Mr A H. Peddtcord and daughter.
Miss I -aura, were visiting relatives m
town Hsturdny.
Grandmother Naylor visited at the
Friday'* h*r dHU*h,rr’ Mr* w- M. Sears.
Mr* A r. tVprnt.r believe* In
always taking plenty of chirk, n to these
l**t day* of school There I* always
dang.r of runntna short.
Mr I So,.ran Fisher I* suffering with a
very sore hand, threatened with blood
d in n'n*’ ,“u*<‘d **>• " ranking his nia
Mr Ftenrh Wiley and friend. Miss
Fth. l Fisher. Mr uK|e Wiley and friend.
Mis* Dorothy lotri.ai and Mis*.* liaael
and I Aura I'eddlcord. were guest* of
Mr and Mrs i’l>arl»y Iv.ldlaord s n Vy
Messrs Fred I’eddlcord and t’arl Til
lei. were Harnesville guest* of I* t;
l**1»her Sunday.
Mr John Mrooka wa* a business caller
In town Saturday.
Mr Kugene Stewart, returned home
Saturday, he ha* spent the winter In
Idaho, and he and Air* Stewart will
now occupy the home farm Mr and
Mrs Phillips will move 10 what Is
known a* th* ftoudna farm
Mr* Simon Howell ha* been quite III
for several day*, but I* n»w better
'Mls*e* Helen Howell and Tillle Cope,
land of Somerton. were guests of Mr.
and^Mra Lake Howell Friday and Sat
I* H Foreman was a dly caller Frl
Mr end Mr* lake Howell were vlalt*
Ing relstl.e* In Somerton Sunday
Hubert Graham wa* a business caller
1n town Monday.
Greatest Event
in Woman’s Life
AH human nparlano# look a to
la the w imlrr of «nn«Wr«
Tha p«M»n« a, the fortltuda. th« «uMlma
faith dtirlnf lha i-erlod of aipectaricy ar«
only to th*’ mother love t>c#towA|
M*on tha moat halplNM but ro«»*t marvel
•ua creation- a baby.
Unman ara o»irk In li'im from each
nther thoa* helpful np-nriM that aid to
rom fort, that rovtaarva (hair rarrmia
rn*f|y ani yet are parfeofly unfa to uaa
and amoni theao thay r~.mm#nd
' Mothar a Prtand. *
It la entlraty an a*tamal arpbratlon
deat*nad ti lwhrl ate tha hr wd. fat
muari^a and akin that protect tha
abdomen It ha a been In favorable ua«*
fo- nearly half a century and la known
to mofhrra In ilm at every tfllM com
munity In tha t'ntted fltatca who highly
rr' mman'l It Yota will find It on aala
In dm* Mnrw "Mother a THand" la
utfarly hnrmleaa. contain# no deadening
dm** and yat lla Influence In tha akin
and muaclee hanaath aa alao upon th*
network of nervaa hanaath tha ak n la
vary t’onoflctal. ray aoothlr* and a
wonderful help Tha muariee evpand
naturally and ara not e*Hect*d to tinner
•m%rf atirfaca efrala and pat*.
< w a bottia of * Mother a Friend** to
day at any oru* at ora and wrlta to ua
for our invtnirthr I it t la hook to motfcar*
Adder#* ftradfirid ftafmtalor Ca« 411
Lamar Bli4* Alloa la, (ia
Action Brought Forth Much D<acua
•ion—Body Turned Down Requtst
For Bond Opinion.
A resolution providing for the per -
lng of I'ajB street from Twenty-sev
enth u> Thirty fifth streets, submitted
by the Board of Control, was passed
by counrtl at its meeting last night
This resolution accompanied a reconi
mendation providing for a supplemen
tary ordinance, transferring certain
funds from different departments to
this one work alone This recom
mendation and resolution adopted
opens the way for the improvement
of this street.
Considerable scrapping was noted
on the resolution, several of the roun
clln.en contending tbai the passage
of the resolution would bind the city
to lavs the Above street as pre
scribed In the resolution, even if an
overdraft developed In the face of
thta. council voted 8 to 7 to pass
the resolution The recommendation j
for a paving ordinance was referred
to the ordinance committee.
Voted Down.
City Solicitor J. H. Itrennan in a I
message front the Board of Control
submitted a series of communications
| that he had carried on with tba law
Crm of Story. Thornd.vke, Calmer A
>odge of Boston, Mass This firm had
I been asked for an opinion on the va
lidity of the bond ordinance soon lo
I la* voted upon by council, in their
communication they stated that they
I would give the opinion for the sum
of 1250. City Solicitor Brennan said
i lhat he believed that round! should
have this opinion, as the widespread
, acquaintance of the firm would prac
ttrally Insure the sale of the bonds
1 A motion to have the hoard secure
the opinion was lost by the vote of
I 11 Hues to 4 ayes.
The dog ordinance came back to
council for Its final action and was
held up in the second branch by the
failure of the two-thirds vote neces
sary for passage being secured A
vote on the ordinance resulted in
; eight votes for and seven against the
measure The ordinance committee a
- report was received and filed In
: (his report the ordinance for tin
Itodgers estate's marquise was sub
mitted and passed.
I morning at 10 o'clock the cr»»dur>rs
t °f \V Smith of WVlrton will hold
i a mooting before Referee In Bank
I ruptcy J W. Cummin* to confirm the
sale of property made by the truatee.
H. E. Met; inn la.
four prisoners were held at the city
workhouse at the close of the ^ai|
week, according to the report of Su
perlntendent Haller, which wan filed
with the board of control yesterday
State Bulletin, issued by the West
Virginia Sunday School association,
has just been received at the office
of Secretary A. T Arnold Owing
to the fact that the edition will cover
the convention it is one of the largest
ever published here. Kive hundred
copies ware received and will be dis
tributed within the neit few days.
According to a statement made yes
terday by Secretary A. E. Sinks, the
settlement of -he coal strike In east
ern Ohio will greatly relieve the sit
uation on this side of the river \Mth
the resumption of operations on the
, Ohio side of the river it will be
easier to find work for the uncm
I ployed than at the present time
|bi»d dog. at one time owned by Mr
John A Hownrd. and for the past few
> years had belonged to Mr. Joseph
••Yost'1 Lowery, of the South Side,
was killed by a traction car last even
ling at Thirty slvth and Cbapllne
. street. The canine attempted to cross
the track befrtre the swiftly moving
' car. and before the niotorman could
| stop the poor brute was rut In twain.
! _
*T CI.AIIUIVII.LK. O. April 27- The
follow log marring*. licence in
; the I’rohate Judfp'n offlre on TuumcIh) .
John J. Kune, a |laa>work«ir of !<•!•
Inlre. and rfuaue May Mitchell of the
ram* place.
Tuesday At Court.
! The < m»« of Anton Xovak of Neffs on
the charge of ahnottng with Intent t«#
kill though atarted on Monday morning
i « ouId not he Anlahed on Tuesday and It
[ will likely occupy a part of Wednesday.
Senior* Practiced.
Th« Henlor rlaee practiced their play
last night inattad of Thursday night a*!
waa aim >ii• red The Mortal at the rhtirch
f*n Thuraday evening prohahlv change.|'
th^ date The .la»- will practi.e on
'' edn*a»iMV evening nan «>rk Mio
Tavlor the ir>nl leather who la d!rerf-,
ing the play will tr> and rci rvery on* I
j ^ practice every night during the
Flay Frotrtdaat.
The harebell l>«m of thin Place will
t'lay (h» Provident team on wnlnaadaa
avenin* Th* local pitcher I'ur llandrr
*"n la dolna good pltd.uig amt tf ha
hc"P" It IIP Provident will h»> r« ahoa
The parara a Marton credit for tan
data Ford.
Th* apaadara ll. thla |o* a It t y will not
have »•> much to fear now if th* raying
la true "Thai If you have an auto you|
will do a* the auiotata do" for town tow. •
•hat, John .'ai.ara haa (ottan a Ford I
auto It will rao<aln In he r»rn If Mar-'
ahal Sriarr will h* nr atrlct n|,aanar of |
tha apaad limit an ha forraa othata to ha
Hut more people *»p*. t |» aaa him burn i
up tha pitta and will ha greatly aur-1
I rlaed If ha diiaa not
oamm wits wuijirr,
Special ld*i>atrh to th* Intelligencer
«’A*MI VMTitN. Fa April a: rump,
poinimmi ralrn* at TVarhlngion and
lafferaon .olira* mar the action of the
manaaamant of the Alleghany inllaa*
haraball t*am In cam riling tha came
roh*d'iled to I.* pta>ad hr th* acatecr
tlon raprarantlnc 'hat Inrtttot'oi and
tha local i ollac* nlna neat Saturday af
larnnnti Th* manacamant of tha loenl
laatn racalvrd word from Mead , III to
day announcing that It would t>a Impoe
• thla to malt* tha trip aa prevIn inly ar
tancad and racrata war* erpreaead to.,
• aired of an^lnahlllty to roma to Warh.
bemaivi or ratri. mott
I Mra Paul Mott appacrad at tha
Mrodai 1 ’ n dar tamn ■ anahltahmant yer
tarday and rlalmad tha body of th# float
ar found Monday evening, aa that or
her horhand Taut Mott Th* ramtln*
war* than taken to tha Pantnaula came
t»ry and hurled The body waa found
floating In th# rtyar Monday evening bv
Manry end Jam** ftatiara and tak*n in
rharc* by Oirnoer Mltehatt Th* enr.mei
tendered a fnymal lardlrt of daath due
to drowning
Picnic T wist s*!** ][»*»«•
m tk« Juttm Dna
JJF.RE it is—the modern container for the
finest, mildest twist chewing tohacco ever
known in this section. A yellow drum printed
in brown and red. It will tie imitated. Every
success is. Bui don't be misled. The taste
of the tobacco—its mildness—are all its own.
"Tho Tbinbort of tko Country Ar* tho Tobacco Choumn'
«id on« of the (r«tM thinkarw ihucowntif trm piudiMWit
E>tenaive Improvement! Under Way
and Other! Contemplated—Large
Puraea for Speed Event!.
The extensive improvements being
made and contemplated to the State
fair grounds were outlined to the di
rector* of the State Fair Association,
at a lengthy meeting held last night
at the residence of C harles N. Handl
er. tleorge W. Lutz, president of the
association, presided, and explained In
considerable detail the Improvements
under way.
A large amount of sewerage has
been laid, several barns and sheds
have been repaired and a number of
old barns at the norm and east sides
of the grounds has been moved back,
making much additional space for ilie
use ul the public. The cinder walks
have been uuderdralned. while a large
amount of new walk has been laid.
Architect P. K. Karla submitted
plans for a handsome fence and new
entrance*. This Improvement alone
will cost several tnuusaud dollars
The main entrance will be removed
bark a short distance to avoid conges
tion A similar arrangement will be
tarried out at I'enn street, where two
entrances for footpaths distinct from
the carriage entrance will be erected.
Another marked Improvement In
the arrangement of the ground will
be converting the driveway which at
present la between the machinery hall
and the exposition building to the east
side of the former structure. This
will give considerable additional room.
Large Pursea Offered.
The speed program has practically
been agreed upon, and It was an
nounced that purges for the various
speed events will be bigger than for
merly. K .A. I pton. of Charlotte, N.
Y., one of the best known horsemen
of the country, will be on hand to
start the races when the fair opens.
This announcement will be received
with pleasure by patrons of the fair
At present the track la In excellent
condition, and twelve or fifteen
herses are now being trnlned on It.
It la likely that this number will be
Increaaed as aoon aa It becomes gen
erally known that the track la In
good condition and will be kept so
throughout the summer
The directors are enthusiastic over
the prospects for the future, and feel
that the people will view their work
as an earnest effort to give the pub
lic the best fair possible.
Traffic Over Panhandle Traction Line
Delayed Last Night by Breaking
of the Trolley Wire.
Traffic over thn Panhandle traction
linn wae delayed aev.-ral hour* la*?
erenlna. due to a break In the trolley
• Ire between Ktona Noe .1 and 4.
Booth War wood The wire wae tow
down hy a paaalnc ear ehortly after -<
o'rlock. and It waa nearly 10 o'clock
before It had been repaired
squibe aom to *r attar
with two o*«aa today
tfohhaa t f et« rt|«t etflilnf rftfl
III •• |M -t«t. ..f B#fi »• /
Mat* Koao1f«k| until this n«H»n
The* ♦ jtrf^Bfrtl f.f| I fit i • ft f t It
• rtf! h«Mtry ,vi1 urrt f.a h;»\e rt
M# will s|«n hrar Ih# t«> • of Thtm .«
A HiiMd* An nutffr^Wth of |b»||(P ctill
Arfion of \|o- «i«> Hr rpdir |« rharff#<1
with non • .f.jioet And *•» *rr»*te| b>
• lafiAlnMA Hirhl#
More Thin 400 In Attendance To Con.
Older the Scale Propoaed by
The Scale Committee.
With at leant four hundred men In
atttudance. Wheeling local. Street
t ar Worker*. No. 103. went into ses
eion thin morning at l • 3o o clock In
the Trades Assembly hall That more
than usual importance i« attached to
the action of thin meeting this morn
ing. can be evidenced by the unusual
number attending the session. The
meeting is executive.
In fact the windows In the hall were
all closed by the workers, when It
was noted that a few stragglers on
the street stopped to listen to the
1 discussion. These discussions rose
I to a high pitch at times, motion*
would be put and carried. None of
the afreet car men when seen jester
I <*»»■ would advance even the slightest
1 conjecture as to what would be the
possible outcome of this meeting.
It ts known that It Is railed to act
: upon the scale that takes effect May
1. It has already been arted upon
[ hjr the scales committee, and the
action by this mass meeting this
| morning will decide what scale will
1 be In force.
BAROTWVILI.E. o. April |T._I.#wl«
" rt*hl. a well known r*at<1rnt of thl»
! city died __early thin morning at th*»
He had be«n In poor
ftr Hotel. _ ...
h.i»lth for aome time but suffered
stroke of paralysla which «u the Im
mediate cause of hie death He wm
about 70 yeara of ajt* and had been a
resident her# for the past 15 year** for
merly living In Belmont. Hla wife died
i many year* Ago and he I* survived by
| the following children Kay of Jack
eon. MIm . Ouy. of Brookvllle. Md . -me
, daughter. Mrs Gertrude liussell of Ksn
sas «*lty one brother nnd slater Mr
; Wright was one of the oldest Masons
J In the count) The remains were taken
I to the M*<*lelland undertaking parlors
I *nd prepared for burial Funeral ar
| rangemer ta are not complete but the re
I mains sill probably be taken to his oM
I home at Belmont for burial.
I Miss Nellie Barrett entertained the
I Hen lor rises of the High school at her
I home on West Main atreet Friday even*
; ing The class colors purple and whit.*
were used In the decorations The even
| tr»a plcaearitly spent In games and
| muslr^ and dellcloua refreshments were
| The death of Hamuel Hay re an old ao|
■ dler occurred at his home on North
' Arch afreet Monday from an Illness mV
erlng a r*rlod of several years Me k h
the father f five children and was a
former resident of Quaker 1'lty where
th.- remains were taken todav for hurls'
Mrs I’lvde Martin of Pittsburg has
».e^n spending a few days with relatives
! In this city and Homerton
I'harlep Nowell r»f Newark a former
• t has been attending a few day*
* r.dlth Porterfield Of Rethesd*
was a re.enf visitor with the family or
Mr and Mrs liny 1,It tie of lljirrls«>n
M ynr G t Colpffts was a business
visitor at the county eeut '*n Monday
Mrs ' art Gibson of I’herry afreet |s
recovering from an attack of the grippe
Miss Mavme Jot neon of west of town
apenl the work * r»d with relatives and
friends In f'ambrMge
Phil M ragg f /aneevUI* was a huel
t dw .rd P»t*i .trick of Zanesville
• pent Sunday at Ms home on Hoorn
Menton !*».igias of Homerton was a
Mr Hrattnen of Htewart and Ward
Wrlhl'p calls don hie trade here today.
Millie i '.M.n of this city at til contin
ues seriously lit
In a new a* if watering flower pot an
ar**h of tubing above |t conveys water
from a ^ont^lner at the fop of the
arch to the ronta of the plant.
Bothered by Catarrh, Bronchitis,
Asthma, Head or Chest Colds?
Try lU “Vap-O-Rub" Tr«tm»n( Ra
h*v*« by Inhalation and Abaorp
tioa. No Slonuch Doting.
Ho fianrt in rfUtnrH your t*om*i-h wUh
tntrrnal moll, nan for thr«a trnnl'laa
▼ ink a "Tt)4illub" «•!", noB1 iota bj a
apaoial nr •'•ana— Mnnthi.l. Thymol, I'll*.
I yptol. Camphor mi.I Finn Tar. an that wb»D
applied to the ban* of tha tiody, than* la
graknita *ra ral. aaad in Iba form of rapnrn
Than* (nothing, mob atol vapor* am in
ihalrl all night long through tha air |
ga* to tha lung*, lonaaaing tha ph
•thing tha m final art nanlinoa, an.I aid
ing l a laxly rail* to drir* oat tha invad
ing gartna.
In a-l.l.tion. Yl-k'a I* ahwM through
tha porta, railnaing tha Inflammation and
taking oat that lightnaa* nod >.rt»«
ah*. ■'»*«, or 11 hf>. At all dmggiM*.

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