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w " YORK.
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Exact Copy of Wrapper
For Over
Thirty Years
All the Old Officials Chosen. Suffrage
Address Made and Round
i Table Stssion Held.
Yesterday, tin* final day of the two
day annual convention of the West
Virginia Postmasters' Association was
filled with considerable business and
much pleasure, running from an auto-j
mobile tour through the suburbs' to an
elaborate banquet in the evening?- Dur
ing the interval a business session was
held in the Federal court room at 2j
o'clock. Officers for the ensuing yearj
were elected, several brief speeches,
were made, and a round table meeting!
was conducted by II. M. Zilliken. post-;
?master 'at Wellsburg: 0. C. Kinir. of:
Elkins, and J. W. Wellman. of Mounds
A feature of the afternoon session,!
"wh fell came as an agreeable surprise
to the delegates, was a ten-minute
whirlwind talk on woman's suffrage by
Mrs. A. C. Huston, national organizer
of the Woman's National Suffrage As
sociation of New York. Mrs. Huston
was presented by President Irwin. ;
ijust before the close of the meeting
Mr. I'win delivered a splendid brief i
address, thanking the many members !
for coming and with much feeling
commended them on the loyal co oper- |
ation of all the members of the organ-!
ization to bring about better postal >er-i
vice, which was a credit to the coin-!
munity they represented, the :?dminis-i
tration they are serving and the loy-!
altv to their country.
An elaborate banqtiet. compliment- 1
ary to the visiting postmasters by the!
"local executive officers, clerks and "i*r I
riers, was given in the Hotel Winds)!*!
last night.
The Day's. Doings.
The final da> was a most enjovnbie!
one. At 10:S'? yesterday morning anl
"automobile tour was given the :?osi-j
masters through the suburbs and the
great industrial district of Wheeling.!
through the courtesy of the Wheeling!
Commercial Association and the Ohio
Valley Automobile club Prof. \\". r,.
Elliott. Postmaster William \V. Irwin.
Seaton Alexander. Frank Scrog?ins.
Balzer & Balzer and the Wheeling Mo
tor Car Company furnished the r-jirs.
There were about J." in the tour. The
trip included a \:.~>lt to th>- Country
Club and a long drive up f iit; Wheel
ing creek. I'pou the return to the city
at noon, luncheon was taken in the
Officers Re-elected.
A two-hour meeting was held in the
federal court room beginning at two
o'clock. Much business was transact
ed and a number of brief addresses
The old officers of the association
were re-elected for the ensuing year?
^William W. Irwin, presiden'. Wheel
ing; Simms Powell, vice president.
Parkersburg; Floyd .1. Brown, seer -t
ary, Bluetield; W. H. Hornish. treas
urer. Wheeling. There was no opposi
tion. The association sanctioned t ie
appointment of Mr. Hornish, succeed
ing L. M. Rowan of White Sulphur
Bprings, as treasurer, who resigned
several weeks ago. Mr. Hornish was
formally elected to the office. '
The round-table, conducted by H. M.
Eillikin and Charles Lively, proved to
?e of unusual interest to the postmnst
trs. Many minor but important ques
lions for the betterment of the ser
! vice were taken up and 1 lie future
?work re be done by the association
was incidentally discussed by nearly
jail present.
; The next meeting place will he deri ti
led upon by a special committee. com
.posed of O. t'. king of lOlkins, anil
j(.'. Higgle of .Middlebottrne. Col. J. U.
! Long, postmaster at Huntington and
ISintms Powell, postmaster at Parkers
burs. made strong bids for the next
; convention, but it is not likely that it
I will be held at either of those places
as the last two annual meetings were
; convened in 'hose cities. It is prob
able that the next session will be held
in Huckhannon, t'iarksburg or Fair
Woman Suffrage Speaker.
To ttie surprise of the convention.
Mrs. A. C. Huston, national sufferaue
organizer of the Woman's National
I Suffrage Association of New York, ap
peared anil was presented by Po<i,
master Irwin.
; .Mrs. Husii.n spoke only ten minute-!,
j "hut she told more facts about the
i quest ion than I ever knew before." re
i marked a veteran delegate hi the close
of the meeting. She said that "h
[only thing the women asked was jus
[tice from the men and that that jti ?
Jtice was a representation with the nat
I lot and she believed that the men of
; West Virginia will giant them that
(justice next November. Mrs. Huston
j briefly reviewed the woman in the
J years gone by when the courts did not
'inilici suffering upon her for violation
I of the law. but that the woman's lath
er or' husband was the "court." She
declared that now woman stand equal
with man before the lav.* that she
should have a voice in making the laws
| under which she and her children
llive. At tile conclusion of the- address,
[Mrs. Huston was loudly applauded.
Dinner Closes Convention.
I "This i< indeed ?Th- Kiul of a !'???
| tV.-r I tay." " was th- op-ning r-tnark of
j fust inast-r William \\ . Irwin. toast
master. at th- ? I ? ? i i < - 1 ? ? 1 1 .?< dinner given
I last -v-iutig in i In* 1 1 ? ?t ??! Windsor. Mr.
I ttwir. spoke- of enjoyable two day*
! with tb?- visiting posunast-rs in this
i?ity. II- <i<*elare?l ilia: Me- ?linii<T w as
i imii ' il PriitKini: t-'1 a ? !??*?? a. most ?? i ?
1 jeyal'i- 'lay for biin and li? 1 ???! !?? v ???!
[ f ? ? r .1!! : It- m-mb-rs pr-:-i lit. Th? !>?
I Ii< 1" m|' .Mr. Irwin was affirmed whin
I r vi-ry mail, also -very woman, pr-s-nt
| in speaking told of lite enjoyable con
1 \ i III lull.
| Tin- ?linn-r was attend-d by all the
: in em h-rs ? ? I" tit- asyociat ion who could
j possible r-nmin in th- : 1 . 1 he li-aiis
; <>f lit- various* ii-|iart m-tii s of th
1 Whi -ling post office. itic hiding the Klnt
[?trove ami Kenwood branches and the
I three postmasters from across the
| river.
. To know who spoke is to read the list
of names of those jii-s-iii. Then"! w-re
J ihive things thai the speakers 0111
l phasiz-d particularly. tti-r service I'dr
! r *;??? p. ople. the good of such an associa
tion for social intcrmiiiglini; attd to ex
I change ideas for nior- efficient work
and the high endorsements of thepres
I i-ttt administration. The name off Wil
I M.n prompted applause, while the m-n
| firming of the name of Postmaster Ir
; w in also invok-d applause.
\niotig the speakers of special note
; v\ as the veteran postolTiee -ntploye.
| .l?din T. ''owl. who for forty yi-ars has
; l?c-ri in the Whe-ling i-ffie-, "and there
was ti-vi r a tr.or- -ffiffeieiit' and inor
fiiligent work-r than Mr. i'owI." said
Pr-sident Irwin in presenting him.
Mi. ?'owI is th- oid-st postal employe
! In W- st Virginia. in point of service.
I and tor many Ions; years has been sitp-r
| :nt-t-der.f of mails here, lit responding
io the beautiful tribute paid him by Mr.
! Irwin. Mr. ('owl said that he had. served
I in the Uh>.'"!lnir office since the early
One block fhm !
Completely renovated, refurnish
ed, redecorated and under new
Single Rooms, $1.00 to $2.00
With Bath, - - $1.50 to 93.00
In addition to a la carte service in our
restaurants and rathskeller, we serve:
Club Breakfasts, 25c to 60c
Club Luncheon. 65cr
Tabic id'Hote Dinner, 75c and $1.00
The Colonnade
Famous Orchestra
X Homelike hotel, when* yr>tir rnmforf is as
sured, and uniform courtesy the keynote.
SAM ADAMS, Manager
Wa> ATjont to Boax'd a Street Car "When
Driver of Machine Struck Htm,
is Allegation.
A. \V. !? razor. of North "Warwood. was
brutally la-atcn about. the ho:ni ami face,
last I'M'innK 111 Fourteenth street. War
woimI, I \ .in unknown autoist, driving a
Ford ?' r oA.il sier. bearing u West Virginia
license. sair. to bo number 737 1 .
Air. I "ra:'.?T is well Known locally. be
ing i uniK'.itii with the liobert Chapman
Advertising Sp< eialty ("itmpany, of
Itrooklyn." _ J was .standing on the
street. near, i he far. I racks awaiting for
tin- s'n r' ear wlnm the uuto approached
at high i i|. \\'h"!i tin. driver blew
iiis horn. Mr. Frnzer waved to him with
hi- to I n rn out. ii is believed the!
drivt-i n'i.-'iook tin- friendly waving fon
an ;i< t <111 pi 10 hit iiis machine jis he
passi d. lit- stopped his rar, sprang out.
and running back, knocked -Mr. Printer
down and beat his head- upon the pave
ment. thi-n el imbed into his auto ami \
drove rn idly away. The conductor on
the street car secured the machine
license as he drove away, and claims it
is 737-1.
Officer H'ee was notified and be^an
an investigation. wliihc will be contin
ued to-day.
Mr. Kra/.er Is suffering from an at
tack t f locomotor ataxia, and eonse
qune'.ly could not move out of the path
of the incoming automobile quickly
enough to j-uit the driver, it is apparent,
and neither could ho protect himself
from a? stail t.
? "A M l*;i J? 'N. W. Va... Sept. ? it is j
now claimed I'm- certain thai the IJ. At j
11. shops wjll he rebuilt. It will be re- 1
111 en 1 be red that th?> Companies' shops all
ibis place were dest royed by, fire about |
two years ago and up to date have not.
?been rebuilt, lint -within the last few |
? lays several ear loads of mnuK'il have'
been placed upon lie ground and worn
of constructing liie shops will be begun
| in a .short time.
I The 1. adies' AkI society of the >1. K.
church will hold a social at the Par
sonage tomorrow afternoon.
Mev. A. C, Craig of 1 he M. I".. church
will preach his fan-well sermon before j
leaving for eon fi rence. next Sunday.]
Kev. rraig has. during his stay here
made many warm friends who will ask I
the conference lor the return of him-l
self and family for . another year.
A little son "f Wifi. IMckson was M? |
by an automobile Sunday night but was
j not seriously hurl owing to Mr. ?*h<?m-|
Iters who was driving the machine liav- j
I ing it under perfect control and it wasi
1 noiiit; very slow. I
j Policeman lias Murphy and \V; T.
'?'.?ill spent Sunday wnh friends at Wind
I Kidge, Pa. I
Vest'-rday was a hig day in police
j court. Four cases were disposed of. Two
j were plain drunks and two *.vere for
I disorderly conduct ai the Church of
j 1 ioii Sumia\ iiiglu . The fines were all
'mad" light and Me- two 'young lads wire
I giv-ii a sever.- lecture in 1 It*- caiachism
? as regards the rules of worship at
' church which lhey evidently did noli
| know, . |
K. M. 1 1 iiieriinn of Moundsville was
a business caller in town yesterday.
Mrs. Margaret C ray of Wheeling is a|
.sues! at tlie borne of Mrs. Posa King.
I'oliceman 1". K. King was at Clen
Kaston on business Monday.
.lolin "Welling formerly of this place
J but late of Wheeling was a business
i caller in town yesterday.
j l.'f. M. A. bowler, and W. K. Clayton:
I of tin* North Knd of the county .spent
I part of last week wt the Miller camp on!
I l-'isii Creek.
I I iav id Call of Illinois is h?re the!
[ luiest o fliis Brother T. W. '"all. Il?|
j will leave in a few days for Creenel
I'ouniy. Pa., to visit friends before re
turning home.
Mrs. liosa King and little grand-!
| daughter, spent Sunday at the home of
1 .lolin Oray at Kasooth.
i Mrs. Mary IVwell and little daughter
j have n turned home Fairmont after
! so. tiding several ? days wjih friends In
1 town. ? ]
i Ceorge Dallison of llaneytown spent j
; Sunday wiili friends here.
I S. W. McCardle and J. .1. Kerhv were '
! at M'-ighcn 011 business yesterday. j
tli-orKc Phillips was at Win : ling on
! business yesterday.
j I J.itehinson llannen. , left yesterday
1 for Lincoln County where he will spend
I tie- winter with his son.
j I larold Srnit h. the young son of "W. j
t V. Smith was very painfully hurt hy j
j running against a gale near the School
j Mouse on ilic South Side this after
? noon. I
? 'has. Howard iias begun extensive:
repairs 011 the M.,-near properly on Main!
I sir." 1. recently acipiired by him.
Mr. ami Mrs. -W. W. Stiiiger. of
j M.iundsville were here today calling
, "ii friends and attending the reunion.
! Sheriff Hutchinson was up from'
j Moundsville on business and attending
| the reunion yesterday.
Street Commissioner Frank M?rling<
I has resigned, and at lie.- present date j
j iiis place has not been filled.
! (iuli f ies . that lie had given tho bos*]
I yi'sirs of lus lit'"- to tltc pi-rvio*. "Ku' . !
j .ill ;h? post mast its und'-r whom l!
have \Vii||,. ij Si ?|||f 1. 1' Ull'tVlffll piftit i ? I
( ? al atltilluUon there Mas nolo- \\lo?|
i. !??'.?! i ii| iin ii> kindly and ?u ph-asam ;> .
as tli. present official, Air. Irwin." Mini ]
tin- >.jn akiT. Mi. (.'owl said iliat ho whs j
proud iii be in the government service.]
proud iii be in the best depart ineni of
tlii- uo\ eminent; tho best postoffice de
partment in tho world in ih- greatest
ciuintiy on the face ul the glob--.
S'-iator iienry M. Zillikin. ? ? t' AV'ol I .?=
] burg, surges led that at 1 li ?? ii'xt annual
banquet Ihc members brings their wives |
and .sweethearts. 'J'his was sanctioned |
by the applause.
Thomas W. Kocke. ol' I nuiiit. spok"
at some length. saving thai tin: day had
gone when postniasii-rs w? rv appointed
by political pull, .thai appointees are
men who ji i ? ? competent in fill the p.isi
? *? ? Oi iff T. Srniih. of I't. I'leasant.
pa vi' a iimsi humorous and interest ing
addres-s, on "The K.olies" without refer
ring touching upon tin- subject.
At". Irwin, in callign upon i'ostmastor
W . i?. Uatnbrick. ol WVirlnii, said that he
wanted to Lear Irani ihe "baby" ol i h
assoeatioli. Air. Kumbrick said thai In- j
was tl.e youngisl second 'lass postmas
ter in West Virginia, and was also th"
yonngi si in point of service, having re
ceived his appointment less than two
mouths ago. tie does u<>t appear to he
i over tw> niy-otie years old.
Thy tlirec. postmasters from across
I tli.; riv? r ? J. K. I'.lackford, Marlins Ker
i iy; .1. '1'. I'iviiii. Kellaire. and T. M.
I iuin a'; <?! Bridgeport, Ohio. thanked
th'-ir Vi* VirKiniu "brethren" for ex-'
t' li'i'i ?: in'\ 'tat nuis to attend tho dinner.
Th.- i.ili' rv |ir. s< ti! .spoke bril'ely. The
alia r v. {?.? i liisi-d by Toastinaster Irwin
[tailing .|"'ii Mi.ss I'eetlia Scahill post
| misiMS'- i" < 'nail Dl i. and' Mis^ Mat y
L\i? i !?:. in i\a:i s- i reiary to Mr. Irwin,
ulin v.i-i- among ilio honored quests at
i if ? > t . Iii'ih responded with brief j
i.ii . i . i . i v speeches.
!? i'.i.w iv.g I. is pay in if a beautiful com
pliiio tit "Ins boys" as he hi.- terms
them. Mr. Irwin called upon . Charles !?'.
Sch ii 1 1 .??.-si stan i superintendent. of
mails ol' ili>- Wheeling office: Thomas K.
Shields. "i th'.- money order di-parimeu'. ;
II. L!. l-'eug. foreman of carriers; Hay li.
.Nil} Mil" rintend'-nt of ihi: Him tirove
branch, and J. K. Kinsley, Jr., supetin
tend'-IU i'f the Ben wood branch, who
came b.-o-k with many complimentary
remarks about Mr. Jrwin.
Among those present were:
Fred S. Hathaway. Orantsville
.1. I'. Healty. Manninglou
llenrv /.illikin, Wellsburg
lirifl T. Smith. I'oint 1'li-asant
.Arthur \. Merodiih. SistersviHe,
1 1. W. Mi-, 'onaunhcy. Cameron
ii. I*. Swi i-ii'-y. Si. Marys
V'ni. \V. Irwin. U'liei-linjf
.Miss .Mary Meek. Wheeliiifr
It. |'_ I'att'on. Harrisville
Mrs. H. K rank l'atlon Harrisville,
Thus. W.. ?:?>ck.-. Piedmont
J. T. Klynn. Helluire. Ohio
T. M. Huncatt, HridKeport. Ohio.
J. K. Ulaekford. Marlins -Kerry, '"bio
\V. S. Hanilirick. Wi-irimi
T. E. Shii Ids, VVhei-lim;,
I .1. S. Kinsley, Jr.. Wheeling,
II. l-!tieg. . Whe.-linu
John T. i 'owl. \\ heeliujj
K. i^. IJohrhiirsh. lii-lmcion.
J. It. Kinir. Klklns
If llornisli.
Miss 1'i'cilia Seali i II. I'oa'lion
' 'has. I-'. Sehultzi*. I'lly
Kay O. Nay lor, City. j
yi.ll I I 1 wwi?ii3<wnw
Was The Widow Of Prominont Wheeling
Banker ? Mrs. Roy Rogers Has
Passed Away.
M i ?? Jane 1 !. Jefferson. aged 'S'V wid
,.w ..i the late Jacob A. Jefferson ??.
dead a! !l'l' home at 1 h 1 ",r' 1111 ' ,
National pike. near Wheeling park.
I th ipirurn'il yesterday morning at
4 : ::t? o'clock. following lonr
ness. The passing of Mrs Jetforson.
who was one of til'' host known ana
highly esteemed women oi that section,
.am.- as a severe shuck to her many
friends. I let" eoiulitioii was not be
I io veil lo have l.e-n p rions nntil a short
i line before death. .
Mrs. Jefferson was the daughter ot
John 13. and Mary Murrey, and nail
been a resident of this community ncar
|v ail h-r life. She was born -May
is:,:. Her husband was lor several
years cashier of the old Hank of W heel
inu ? now i lie National bank of \\ est
Virginia; prior <" which he occupied
the same office with the Hank of the
< thin Valley, lie wys a member of the
board of education for twelve .years.
Mrs. Jefferson was one of the most
prominent members of St. Matthew a
Protectant Kliscopal church and had
taken an active part in church work
since a young woman. ?
Surviving beside one brother, John R.
Mnrrev of "Washington, 1 '? t'-. are the
following children: Misses Hdith and
lane jvffvrson. Joseph S.. fieorge J.,
Harry S.. and J.ouis W. Jefferson.
Funeral services will be held in the
fami.lv luyne Friday morning nl 11
| o'clock, interment will be private in
j Hrccnwood cemetery.
Mrs. Roy Rogers.
Following an illness of several
moil' 'is with Bright '* disease. Mrs. Roy
(Stillion) Rogers, aged 3*. died in the
family home at -I'.' South Rsoadway
sii'i-e.. yi'Hi rday iteming at 1 :;!5 o'clock.
Mis. Rogers was well known on the Is
land. where she had lived for many
' Year.'.
She v.aK born in Salesville. Ohio, where
?he 'spent lo r younger days, and wa? the*
i daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Stil
lion. an > 'u family of that community.
Her maiden' name was Minnie Stillion.
ILi-r mother survives. Mrs. Rogers was
a member of Thomson Methodist Epis
copal church.
She lives beside her husband, who
i* a member of the Wheeling Carpenteis
local, five children. Misses Kdna nnd
tla/.el iJogcts. Ueorce. Henry and Barn
ard Holers, all at home.
Funeral services will be field in _the
faniiH residence this evening at 7
oYloeK vith i he Rev. William M.
Sluilt/..' of y.ane Methodist Kpisco
i.ul elr.ireh, officiating. The body will
l> taken to tlie old home at Salesville.
Friday morning, for interment.
James P. Armstrong".
l.ocal relatives received a message
I ves.eruay announcing the death of
I lames I*. Ai inst ron.ir, a lormer res i den.
Ilil" tins utv. at his home in Pittsburgh.
| Nortliside. 'Wednesday morning at 10:1''
! o'clock, tolb-wing five months' illness
ot" heart failure superinduced by uroii
c hi ill asthma.
Mr. Armstrong was born in this citj
?lit" vi.-ars ago and was one of the test
known pottery workers in this commu
nitv years ago. I'pon the passing ot the
poite'rv industry in this city, he went
to I "ii tsburph 1J years ago. where bo
became si ciinvasser. lie was a member
of t ho I're.'byterau church.
Mr. Armstrong was never married.
Surviving are two sisters. All's, Sadie
McLaughlin nnd Miss I. aura Armstrong,
"both of Pittsburgh; also two brothers.
Samuel, of Jlanibal.. Ohio, and llarrj
Armstrong, oi this city. '
The funeral will likely he held J*rld?i>
a ftcrnoon. with interment in Pitlsburgli.
james Nicholson.
Jam's Nicholson. aged a member
.,1" oil, of lie most prominent lam Hies
st**ulN*nvilk'. < Miio, < I i ? i in I Ik* IViitr
tins Ferry hospital late yesterday ttltei
1 1 ? toil, following a week's illness. Heath
was duel to complications ot the stom
ach :.-nd{ beat l The fat her ot ine de
ceased iVian. F.d ward Nicholson. dud Ml
l t.s \ngeles. I'alifornia. recently.
Mr. Nicholson is survived h> one sis
ter Mrs. Harry Stewart of North 1- mirth
si reel. Martins Ferry. The body will be
taken to his old home ill Steuben Mil
today, where funeral services will be
held ami iiiieineni made.
Tuneral for William Prank.
Funeral services w . re held yesterday
'i ileriio. .ii for William Prank, the aged
local citizen ami war vMcran. who dieii
\lotlda v in He home of Ills daughter.
Mrs. Thomas K. Smiili ''I* R* S'-yen
ni It str-i. The Rev. P.. F. I.. Milder
,-,f Si .Matthew's Protestant Episcopal
chur.il, oifi.'iated. Internient was in
peninsula cemetery.
Pvuieral for Mrs. James.
Vesterdav aflernooii l In- Rev. S. K
Mil' of the HI I ii Ilrov Methodist Kpis
i..i>al .Inn ell. .ondiici.-d funeral s.r\ i
res for Mrs. Howard iHebolll .lames ai
lie- faltlilv home. P'l'S I. Hid street, wllero
I, el- death Interiiieni was m
McMeeh< 11 cemetery.
Funeral for Mrs. O'Keefe.
Vtdlowing funeral services ai the
fainilv . home. 2 T -1 I'hapliiie sir- ei. \ es
urdav morning re.|iti-iii high mass was
, . |. bra ted in St. 'Mary's church for Mrs.
M..IV O'Ke.t". lie- :ig''l res id' ill "t
South Wh-eliio.'. Hit rial was in ..It.
I'alray '?nietcrv.
Tiuieral for Mis. Mlnteer To-day.
Fuih ral s. rvices lor Mrs. W. II V'"
te? r, aged Ml years. wtios< oeatli oc. ii:
veil Monday night at I l o'clock, wit! b>
be'ol troll, the family home on the Na
tional P'k". this :ittorii",.ii in
o'cjoi I, Internient will b" in Mt. /.in.
cctneu i y.
M WXlXCTi'X. IV. V;i . S.-pi. ?
Clayton ami Company. < >i: i Willi.
Hays farm." in lite l?>ms run field, >:ot
tlii- svi' >ii'! pay lai>- Saturday itiuM ami
have z producer that looks good for 1
barreis per liny.
I Ii ckiMin. Hoffman and Smith Xo. .".
en s A. Kendall farm, mailt' 320 oa:
ivls tlif first 21 hours.
!?'. v.. !iaitl<-tt X" l <>n i In- c. t;. i.ai
s-'ii turni. is still making barrels per
Tli-- i'?-xt well due in ill-- sand is ? !h
IVhtiur oil Co.'* X?. 'J I. on t h?- A .1.
Hay# farm, which should ranch th<
.sand late to-day.
Funeral of Bernard DeVore.
The remains of Iternard DeVore. who
loss his 1 i f? ? in an accident at the plant
of tin: l-'airmont Mining Machinery Com
pany. Sunday. were brought here on 2
o'clock car Tuesday and tak<Mi to the
homo of l is araiuimotlicr at rtyni-r.
\vh'-:v the funeral was held and inter- 1
tifiii maiii in JJynier cemetery.
.1. I-'. i'eattyis ali'-ndiin: tin: post mas- j
li rs ( on\ . iition in Wheeling.
John 'I', Hopkins has returneii from a
business \ isil to Canton. O.hio.
Mr. and Mrs. Will l'.o^gess and son. J
Climbs. have none to I'-nnsboro for aj
visit With I In- latt'-r's parents.
M:\ and Mrs. Arthur Clayton and
If you have- Catarrhal Peafn.-ss
or |j vail noisvs go to your druiiulsi
and get I otiiKV of 1'armint iiiou
hh- strength*. and add to it (4
pint id hut wati r and I ounce* of
granulated sugar. Take I table
spoonful four limes a day.
This will often bring nuick re
lief from (lie distressing In-Hd
noises. Clogjred nostrils should
open. breathing become easy and
the mucus stop dropping Into the
throat. It is easy to prepare,
costs little and is phasan! to I'akv
Any one' who has Catarrhal Deaf
ness or head noises should Kive
this prescription a trial.
THE October list is the greatest list of
great records ever issued in any one
month by any company!
You need only glance at these names to know
it ? or to hear a few records to be convinced !
Kathleen Parlou)
plays the Thais "Meditation" ? a wonder-record,
a miracle of tone.
Pablo Casals
puts the soul of the 'cello into his interpretation
of Granados' "Spanish Dance".
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
makes first recordings.
Graham Marr
American operatic baritone makes his bow in
two ballads.
Lucy Gates
Coloratura soprano prima-donna sings Ibsen'i
"Solveig's Song".
Johannes Semhach
Greatest of German tenors sings the great
Sword Aria of "Siegfried".
Otto Goritz
Metropolitan Opera basso first records his
mighty voice for Columbia.
Margaret Keyes
beautifies two ballads with her rare contralto
Maggie Teyte
Daintiest prima-donna sings "Home,
Sweet Home".
Frank Gittelson
America's violin genius makes his initial
Columbia recordings.
Ballet Series
Under personal direction of Ernest Ansermet, con*
ductor of Diaghileff's Russian Ballet Orchestra.
Al Jolson
Greatest of black-face comedians makes
America laugh again.
Then there are eighteen unusually good popular hits, including
"My Country, I Hear You Calling Me" and "Pretty Baby"; ten
sparkling dance-records, with "Walking The Dog", the big fox
trot hit, a "big four" of march hits, two patriotic songs, four beauti- .
ful recordings of the Columbia Stellar Quartette, orchestral triumphs,
quartettes, trios, instrumental novelties and sacred music? everything
that could make this the most ^varied, as well as the greatest monthly
record list ever issued.
New Columbia Records on sale the 20th of every month
HOUSE & HERRLx . ?.?, fourteenth j^nd Market Streets
C. S. BAUM, Elm Grove, W. Va. C. W. iDOLPH, Bridgeport, 0.
G. B. MATHEWS. Barnesville, 0.
j for
I gj|s WX tVUc<S
| jBKs*
. We urc enjoying t lie reward be- '
' slowed Iiy toe public upon a faithful
servant. our reputation for integ
rity ami painstaking urc brings
; business t<> pun door. Our moderate
ly-priced service will meet with
> ??very man's approval.
| Palace Undertakers
1 13CH-06-08 Main St. Botli Phones. j
I daii^hi'T iiru visiting ihe former's par-i
I <-ni V*. in K tngwoi ?l.
| A. I\. Modi is u business visitor in!
I ? *l.-v vl.1 ncl. O. ;
Miss Anna t'urran is visiting M'rfSj
j Mary I :*?.:t?.-i ( . in < 'omeron.
Mr. (i Mil Mrs. Iliiy Merman and ohil-j
I di-fii visiting- re'l-uives in Akron. ? >. ;
\-Tiai Wauph has 1 ? ? l* t for Ada. Oliij.i
j \vliiT" he v ill nii r i lie Ohio Northern j
I I'niversity for his last year.
I Miss < v I i.'iy. of Pi i tsburKh. is thegiostj
|of-.\|i-s Marguerite MeCantz.
i Mr. and Mrs. T. \V. K)cnnng and son.
j A. S. Kb-ming. motored here from Fair-..
| nioni. Sunday. I
Mr. ami Mrs. J. S. i^ir.-tt are enjoying]
I a motor irip to Michigan.
Mrs. M. K. Hurl and daughter. Miss
I l.atiia, aro home after a visit in JteiT.c-j
I ley Springs.
I Dau'ey S. Jones has purchased the v.
K. Smith store on Kdilroad ? street. and
will earry a full line of sporting goods.
I Mr. Jones is well known in Manning'.on
and deserves a liberal sharo of your
Mrs. }?:. Smith, of Clarksburg, visit-!
ed hor mattr. M r?\ .Markhere. Sunday. I
J u\ and Mrs. \V. I.. Mitchell have n?
' turrn1 i from a visit in Ib-rkeley Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kerry are visiting
I relatives at Kast Liverpool, O.
Mr. IJ. \V. Martin, of Tiffin. Ohio, is a
visitor in town.
Miss ICdna Warden has returned ro
her homo in Kulrniont after a visit with
relatives here.
Miss I :i?s liennett has returned home
alter a visit with firends in Fairmont.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Quirk have return
! ei| lio-iie after a few days visit at Pitts
Mr. Soray Sturm is a business visitor
in t.'recn county. Pa.
20 ? The many friends of Miss Louiso
Jacobs will iio sorry to learn of her
death which occurred Sunday at noon.
Miss Jacobs has been ill with typhoid
fever for the past live weeks at her
home on North Street.
, She was iho head nurse in tho
Sehmeid Hospital. The funeral service:*
Uirt> lii ld Tuesday afternoon from her
li in >. conducted liy I {??v. Frank S.
Townson of the First M. K. ??luitfli. In
terment was made in Williams < ?.?me
ter y.
Xcws was received in i city Satur
day of I hi? marriage of Miss Ma?\v I.a
ti nt:'. .Sehmeid and Mr. Hary Italzell. j
Tin? bride is a well known and popular |
young lady of this city. Mr. Palzell is j
a resident of Mnundsville. The news i
was a surprise to their many fri'-nds. j
Tin? wadding took place while tli'-y were i
attending a house party in llaltimore. |
Til.* new euuple will at home in j
Moundsvilk- after October first.
Misses Masim- Obcr and -Grace Knch I
pa \ ?? it shower at tli"- Otter resldi'ttre ?.n j
North Main street. Tuesday afternoon !
in honor of Mt's. I.. K. Marrett. Many!
beautiful pifts were received by the |
bride. The gii'-sts w?-re very pb-astnt- |
ly entertained by a reading by Maxeine j
i >b? r and a piano solo by Kvtlyn Clark. J
At a reasonable hour a delightful]
luncheon was served.
Miss Kloise Clark left Monday morn
ing for Morgantown where she will at
tend the university.
.lames JcdiflV of Pine drove was ai
business visitor In the city Monday
Miss Florence Williamson left for.
Pittsburgh. Monday where she will at
lend a domestic science school.
? Frank Ftlake of Wheat, was transact- :
in;: business in the city Monday.
I'aiil Stumm of Clarksburg spent the
week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John Stamm.
C. < Smith of Middlebourne, was a
Every victim of Hay Fever. Itoso
Cold, Nasal Catarrh, etc., should in
vestigate the NOSTRIOLA TREAT
This simple, harmess. antiseptic,
cleansing, soothing Balm quickly
reaches the sore inflamed linings or
the air passages, purifies them and i
strengthens the membranes so they
are able to resist an attack of~ Hay"
NOSTRIOLA casts but a trifle and
you willfbe agreeably surprised and
pleased when you learn how quickly
it brings relief for those dreadful
spells of sneezing, wheezing and
Don't fail to get a small tube of
NOSTRIOLA of your druggist to try.
You'll wish you had tried it eooaer.
business visitor in the city Monday.
Mr. Fred Skinner left Monday for
Staunton. Va.. where he will attend the
Staunton Military Academy.
Henry Stamm left for Erie, Fa., where
h'1 will transact sonic business.
Thomas Johnson spent Saturday in
AVoodsIlvld looking after business mat
Miss Dorothy Duerr left Monday eve
ning for Warren, O.. where she will
attend college.
H. L. hmith of Smithtield, O.. was
visiting friends in the city, Sunday.
Isaac Smith of Moundsville was look
ing after business in th<? city Saturday.
Justice Price of Princetown. was a
business visitor in the city Monday.
Charles Younsr left .Monday -for Mor
pantown where he will attend school at
the university.
Leslie Auknow left Tuesday Cor Jlor- ?
gantuwn to attend the university.
Miss Eleanor Denton of Wheeling
has been the puest of Mlsa Lottie Bruce
over Sunday. ,
VIOLA, \\". Va., Sept. 20. ? Helen Na
omi, is months old daughter or .Mr.
and Mrs. Vint Gray, passed away Tues
day afternoon after a brief Illness ?(
infantile trouble. She is survived by
the following brothers: Harry, Brady,
Presly and George and one sister, Zu- ?
lika. Interment at Sand Hill cemctery
Wednesday at 3 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. T. It. Ewing and little
daughter visited the former's mother.
Mrs. E. L. Archer Saturday and Sun
T. O. Marple. of the Suveyor's camp,
visited his family at Steubenville over
Mr. and Mrs. William Keyser. of
Wheeling, visited the former's uncle.
Mr. Winnie Dague, Saturday and Sun
.Mrs. Sam Coffield. of Grand View,
is ill.
Mr. and Mrs. John MeWhorter. of
Upper Sand Ilill. visited relatives on
MrCreary Ridge Monday.
Mrs. John Hazlett and Miss Anna.
Ewing visited Mr. and Mrs. Will Hazlett
off IJraddock. Pa., over Sunday.
Messrs Writ. Dague and Sam Slicar
visited the lattor's farm near Atwater,
O., Monday and Tuesday.
County Committee Met Last Night to
Arrange Plans for Hon. Chil
ton't Visit.
The Democratic county commitUsi
met last night in the board of com
missioners rooms in the city hall to
arrange for the reception to be ?e utt
ered Hon. W. E. Chilton, who wttl
speak at the Market auditorium next
Tuesday evening, and to discuss the
general situation in Ohio county in re-. .
gard to the fail primaries, " '*

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